Daily Lift iPhone app

Blackberry? Android? Other mobile users? We love you too!

This iPhone app is our first baby step into the smart phone arena.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us: dailylift@christianscience.com

  1. Thanks for these inspirational tresures!

  2. Thank you for these daily lifts! They are true lifts!

  3. Would love an Android App for the Daily Lift.

  4. just downloaded onto my iphone, enjoying the music composed for the lifts at the moment. hooray!

  5. I travel quite a bit an android app would be nice

    Daily Lift Team:
    At the moment, we have the Daily Lift app for iPhones. Christianscience.com has been optimized for mobile devices and made as Android accessible as possible. Please access the Daily Lift on your Android at http://christianscience.com/daily-lift.

  6. An android app would be great! Looking forward to it.:-)

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