8/25: INFINITE Love

8/25: INFINITE Love

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  1. Thank you, Ginny! This just reminded me of a saying I read once: "Don't tell God how big your problems are - tell your problems how big God is!" And we can't get bigger than INFINITE, can we? Infinite Love to you, too!!

  2. What a super start to the day - thank you

  3. Tonight I was going to attend our Testimony meeting, but sitting at my desk after closing, (I'm the C. S. Reading Room Librarian), the thought came "Don't go to church tonight, there is something else to do." I thought "No, I belong in church!" But the same message came, very peacefully, so I said, "okay, I'll stay." About 10 min. later the young man who cleans the offices came in and asked: "Can I talk with you about the bible?" Then I knew why the angel message had persisted. We talked together for over 2 hours, and he said, " Wow, my head is spinning from all you've said, but I feel really good about it. Thank you for staying late!" My main message was: God is Love, and He embraces us all the time, and under all circumstances with a love that infinite! The world and its children really want to know that they can feel this, see this, and be this love. Thanks Ginny!

  4. Sometimes is hard to grasp the idea of something or somebody so large, so loving, that nothing can be compared to.
    As a kid I used to imagine a immense space, so full of good —that if even Superman would travel throughout the galaxies to find the end of it still couldn't find it because there was no ending. Of course this was a child's fantasy.
    Now I can imagine infinite Love a lot easier by thinking on the poem... Oops, forgot the author! Help me here! It speaks of someone drawing a circle to keep me out and of God drawing a bigger circle to keep me in.
    No matter how many circles are drawn to keep us out, divine Love is still larger and His Love GREATER to keep us with Him.
    Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook teaches us: “The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love. Without this, the letter is but the dead body of Science, — pulseless, cold, inanimate” http://www.spirituality.com/dt/book_lookup.jhtml?reference=SH+112:32#jumpto
    ESPAÑOL: A veces es difícil comprender la idea que algo o alguien sea tan grande, tan amoroso que nada pueda comparársele.
    De niña yo solía imaginarme el espacio inmenso, tan lleno del bien —que si Superman viajara através de las galaxias buscando ver donde terminan tampoco podría hallarlo por que no tienen fin. Claro que esto era la fantasia de una niña.
    Ahora puedo imaginarme al Amor infinito mucho más fácil al pensar en el poema…! Oh, me olvidé el autor! Ayúdenme! Habla de alguien que dibuja un círculo para dejarme fuera y de Dios dibujando un círculo más grande aun para que yo esté dentro de el.
    No importa cuántos círculos se dibujen para dejarnos fuera, el Amor divino es más grande aun y Su Amor GRANDIOSO para mantenernos con Él.
    Ciencia y Salud, el libro de texto de la Ciencia Cristiana nos enseña:
    “La parte vital, el corazón y alma de la Ciencia Cristiana, es el Amor. Sin éste, la letra es sólo el cuerpo muerto de la Ciencia —sin pulso, frío, inanimado” CyS 113:6

  5. How beautiful and how practical
    Lots of love

  6. Infinite Love and perfect detail - how beautiful; inspiration and joy coming with me all day! So many thanks - x

  7. A very encouraging lift indeed Ginny. The thought of lack just vanished after I opened my thought to the infinite Love which God pours into our consciousness. In fact I needed this inspiration today Ginny and truly God meets our every need, moment to moment. Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.

  8. Pressing the play-button on the Daily Lift today, I was once again impressed by the introductory tune, bobbing along and being greatful for such excellent music, and it got me wondering, if the composers would ever run out of new ideas for the next week. Then I thought, "nääh, God is infinite, and his ideas are unlimited; not only will they keep having new ideas every week, they will all be excellent too!". And what do you know, doesn't Ginny come along and use exactly the same words, lifting us today with exactly the same concept?
    Thank you very much, all the Daily Lift team members, musicians, speakers and those in the background, for demonstrating the all-available infinite inspiration every day again, every day excellent, every day even better than the day before!

  9. Yes - and reigns - that's ALL!!!
    My English knowledges are also small but your pronounciation I understand every word. Always I understand the ideas of Daily Lift.Thank you!

  10. Ah! What a wonderful feeling being wrapped in the arms of infinite Love! How marvelous that we do not even need to understand infinity or infinite Love in order to get the good of it, for it is just here for us, and we can just enjoy it.
    Thank you for the beautiful illustration.

  11. Ginny, I felt as though I was being rocked back and forth too with your INFINITE Love! What a wonderful way to inspire our grandchildren with the idea of INFINITE Love. And God's INFINITE Love is not restricted in any way to these people, or that country, or this locality. Just a glance through our Comments is enough to assure anyone with a doubt or an uncertainty that ALL are included, not one is excluded, and each one is wrapped around with God's INFINITE Love. At one time I had to appear before a tribunal, and as I glanced down before the proceedings commenced I could see I was wrapped in this light of INFINITE Love. A friend said it was the whole armour of God. And certainly it did protect our family from intrusion and interference by unwanted, outside elements. And it protected the others from doing the wrong thing. The whole summing-up was so highly commending of our actions and decisions the case was simply dismissed. I certainly had a conviction of God's abundant INFINITE Love, and it's so wonderful to be grateful each and every day for God's INFINITE Love. Thank you so much Ginny.
    Thank you Nathan and your fine music, the BoL and lecturers, and our INFINITELY loving Lifters.

  12. Thanks Ginny for giving us that sense of the infinitude of God's everpresent
    Love all around us. No matter where we are or what we are doing, or what our circumstances are, that infinite Love is already there !

  13. As usual ,Ginny, your daily lifts are so inspiring and practical. Thank you so much for the Infinite Love. Just what I needed .

  14. We sometimes forget the basics that we are taught in Christian Science. Thank you for this reminder.

  15. Thank you so much, Ginny, for this reminder of the infinite nature of divine Love - and likewise of infinite harmony, joy, energy, and inspiration.
    Teaching Sunday School it came to me that the explanation of 'infinite' as a circle, rather than a finite straight line, though helpful was somewhat inadequate as even a circle has 'edges', so as a class we envisioned it as more of a sphere, ever expanding as our understanding grew to see it filling all space, doing away with all time. It's one of my favourite healing words!

  16. That´s all what we need, Love for everyone. Thank you!

  17. What a joyous Lift! Thank you.

  18. Thank you Ginny. These ideas have expanded my day. I am so grateful for all the wonderful lifts that give us such wonderful jewel like thoughts.

  19. Thanks Ginny. I love these ideas and the way you show how we can use them on a daily basis.

  20. Many thanks Ginny for that inspiring lift. Yes "Allness is the measure of the infinite, and nothing less can express God [divine Love]." (S&H p336). " O Thou, O boundless Love, forever undiminished," (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #452).

  21. That is such a graphic description! thank you so much, and also for the great idea from #1 of telling problems how big God is instead of telling God how big the problems are. Thanks to everyone for these daily Lifts.

  22. Thank you, Ginny. The greatest gift we give our children is the idea that they are always loved in every way. And your lift makes me remember that today!

  23. Thanks so much for sharing this. It's a good way to start a beautiful day - to feel Infinite Love's gentle presence all the way.

  24. Thank you.

  25. Thank you, I feel that Love all around me and my pets. Thanks again.

  26. Thank you Ginny

  27. Thankyou for this lovely idea easy to feel overwhelmed some days and this Lift has cut through all the Ohbuts!
    Many thanks to all who share

  28. Thank you, Ginny. You've hugged us before, and now sweetly, again. Thanks #1 Courtney, that's a great way to put it! #3 Kristen, nice sharing. #9 Heinz, You have a good grasp of Mind language, and used it adequately to express gratitude and love. Thanks for commenting.
    To a tiny ant crawling to somewhere in it's concept of world, its“here”, the Infinite must seem to go beyond whatever depth of space it recognizes. To us, the same. If we could blow ourselves up like a balloon, one bigger than has ever been seen, our concept of space would not change, even if we saw objects we were familiar with before in a closer relationship, yet the Infinite would still stretch all around us, and we would feel as tiny as the ant trying to grasp it. Astronauts have a higher, wider physical view, but still, in physical terms, are but a speck wrapped in the Infinite.
    When troubles seem close, and I feel Infinite Love is so far out, it helps to instead think small. That ant and it's “world” is wrapped closely in divine Love. The Infinite out there as far as we can see or even think of, is actually right here, so close, so loving. Making a play on the letters I & N as reading downward into one word, “IN”, I submit:


    Loved ones who've passed, are still part of “Encompassed”. I'd never noticed the word included them before. They are still in the allness, the “hereness” of Now, even in language describing INFINITE Love.

  29. Truth is God and God is love, be grateful he puts you around people and in places that all prosper! Robert in Fla.

  30. God is infinite Love, infinite Light, and there is no darkness. I like to gently squeeze our two year old's hand three times reminding him, "God Is Love" and "I love you." He gets the cutest smile on his face whenever I do this because he knows what love is and feels it.
    We are facing a minor family dispute whether this little will be allowed to go to CS Sunday School, but your message clearly spoke to me of the infinite opportunities we have to embrace him in the teachings of CS moment by moment and to know our whole family is only embraced in this infinite Love. "All things work together for good to them that love God." Bible.
    With much appreciation and love, Ginny, and all!

  31. Wonderful lift! I will remember to expand my thoughts to the infinite in each moment!

  32. Ginny: What a wonderful morning exercise I could just visualize you putting your arms above you together in INFINITE togetherness and then wrapping them around yourself. I too, was doing that "exercise" as I was listening to the morning LIFT. What a great way to show infinite Love. Thank you. Bev

  33. Thank you .

  34. Found a small exerpt from a poem by Edwin Markham:

    He drew a circle that shut me out.

    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.

    But LOVE and I had the wit to win,

    We drew a circle and took him in.

  35. "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation" (Eddy, Science and Health, p.468) was with me as I awoke this morning. How delightful to hear this same idea of infinity, from the Lift through you, Ginny, about God, Love's infinity.(It is Edgar Guest, Elena).

  36. This lift was just great! And it reminded me of these verses that I found in the Bible translation called The Message a few days ago. This is 2 Corinthians 6:11-13. I found it very thought-provoking.

    Dear, dear Corinthians, I can't tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide-open, spacious life. We didn't fence you in. The smallness you feel comes from within you. Your lives aren't small, but you're living them in a small way. I'm speaking as plainly as I can and with great affection. Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively!

  37. Infinite Love is more powerful than wind or wave, or any other earthly condition.
    I love the power of God, as seen in the life of Jesus. There is such hope in his example of divine authority over the elements.
    Wind, wave, fear, lack of any kind, yielded to the authority of the Christ truth, Jesus so beautifully demonstrated.
    Today that same Christ truth is with each of us. The promise of God's love is found in Christian Science.
    We have divine authority today, to still the storms of life.
    We are loved.
    The Infinite is still all powerful and we can feel and know God's sustaining love. What a promise!
    We are loved,
    Blessings to each of you,

  38. So very grateful to know that God is infinitely able to reveal His truth about everything in Consciousness ... His teeming universe. No mortal finite description even comes close. Thank you Ginny for your loving reminder.

  39. <strong>Paul, Ginny suggested deleting reference to "my class-mate!" We try not to post personal comments on the Daily Lift. We'd love to post your comment otherwise. Would you either send it again without the "my class-mate!" or give us permission to edit that out?
    You are the only one that can see this message and we'll only leave it here for 24 hours and hope you see it. We don't have your email address.
    Thanks, Daily Lift Team </strong>

    Thank you Ginny, (my class-mate!). I have been pondering lately (I love that word: "pondering") about infinity. To God, there is no space, no time, therefore infinite! God is instant, here, everywhere. We must get rid of the notion that there is space, which implies distance, hence time. God is One, and we are one with Him.

  40. Your voice was so full of joy and love as was the message of INFINITE.
    And a ditto to all of the comments. Thanks to everyone!

  41. Podemos preguntarnos ¿Qué es la Verdad?
    y una voz responderá, YO SOY EL QUE SOY.
    La luz del universo espiritual
    la Vida que palpita en cada ser.

    Si escuchas, si esperas, si anhelas
    si pides... Dame Padre, sabiduría, bondad,
    paciencia, tolerancia, misericordia, entonces...
    La fuente de atributos divinos se abrirá
    y el Amor que fluye inagotable sus dones nos dará.

    !!Y ell Amor fragante, lleno de bondad al alma saciará!!

    Muchas gracias Ginny

  42. thank you so much for this essential message about the infinity of divine Love. SOOOO helpful!

  43. Really beautiful, practical and appropriate! Thank you!

  44. It is a joy to daily identify myself with the synonyms of God.
    We are not separate from God. I am so very grateful to Mary Baker Eddy and her discovery of the Christ Science-these spiritual laws that do govern and guide. I love in Science and Health, marker number 26 in this week's Christian Science Bible Lesson, Mrs. Eddy says basically that the Christ is found in that "still small voice" in silent utterances. Wow. Silent utterances.
    Very powerful. You could think about those two words for infinity.

    Thank you Ginny, for serving the Cause of Christian Science.

  45. Dear Jenny,

    I remember as a child, our parents would ask us children at varied times, "How big are you"? We would stretch out our little arms as wide as we could and say, "I am sooooo big." This was to teach us that we are not minute beings but are members of God's family too. Your loving lecture reminded me of those days of growing awareness of our INFINITE God of INFINITE Love. Thank soooooooooooooooo much for sharing this embracing thought of affection. :-)

  46. Ginny,
    I've always loved the word "infinite" as understood in Christian Science, but the way you expressed it - so big and full and vibrant - was the best "infinite" ever. It has sent me off to a wonderful day. Thanks so much.

  47. You know, I just have to be perfectly honest.....I have never really felt God's Love for me. Oh, I know all the words, and it's all in the Bible and Science and Health, but I, personally, have never really experienced God loving me, like everyone else talks about. Instead I feel a lot of fear and I feel shut down inside - afraid to open up and let people and God love me. Any help any of you can give me would be appreciated! Thanks!

  48. Christian Science just warms my heart. Can you imagine how it is warming the world? Thank you to all and thank you Ginny.

  49. Ginny, your loving description of how you wrapped your little girl in the idea of infinite love wrapped around all of us today. Thank you so much for that beautiful gift.

    1 Courtney, when I read your response it made me laugh, turning the table on problems like that. Such a joyful reminder. God is so big, so infinite with blessings. Problems have no chance of lasting at all!

  50. As #2 puts: "What a super start for the day!
    Eddy says in SH p.6:17:

    "God is Love." More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go."

    That describes God´s infinity!
    Thank you Ginny!

  51. Thank you, Ginny!

    In thinking about the named hurricane that newscasters are warning us about in the U.S., it came to me to think about &quot;Place.&quot; Hurricanes have the useful function of dissipating heat and balancing climates. Cities and people's houses have useful functions, too. We're not living in matter or in a material universe, so collision of two useful ideas unnecessary. We live in INFINITE (arms waving) Love (hug). In infinitude and held by the infinite intelligence that is Love, how can anything be out of its right place?
    The Christ is the path through the waters...the way we want to go, so a hurricane's &quot;path&quot; if destructive is really only a prediction, not an inevitability. Lastly, it occurred to me that the recent wild ride of the stock markets can't impress Love's children with a sense of turbulence that is then seen in the weather.

    Our thoughts are calm, progressive, and their source is INFINITE (arms up!) Love (warm hug to all).

  52. infinite LOVE fills all space! That is enough! MBE

  53. Thank you so much, Ginny. This message is exactly what I needed today, and everyday. It is going on my desktop as a constant reminder. Blessings, K.

  54. Ooh, Ginny, thank you for hearing my inner plea...small, tired of struggle, fighting off grief.....what a blessing your Lift today. It led me to the reassurance that I am still in tune, even when feeling small in power. My closest friends know I have been exercising my ability to demonstrate "a more expansive love" S&amp;H 265:14 including each one in my line of vision.

    36 Marilyn picked just the phrase needed to see my alignment was correct even when the human felt wilted.. Her reference to IICor in"The Message" was perfect to comfort and guide me, along with your example of the childlike simplicity of my place in God's Infinity of Love. The reference in S&amp;H really began for me on line 5 and ended with a glorious reward for the obedience of expanding our capacity to love unconditionally.

    BAM!!! did y'all feel my love for each of you, including ALL of the DL crew?

  55. Thank you, dear Ginny, for reminding us again, that we are loved. :-)

  56. 28 thank you for the last paragraph. Thank you Ginny for all the love you send us, practical points.

  57. What a huge blessing these dear daily messages from our "Lifts" and the comments of our lifters are! I got such a great picture of Paul talking to the Corinthians from the "Message" translation give us by #36.Thanks so much for that. We are not hemmed in by devish thoughts or actions that seem to come at us from mortal minds. There is no other Mind than God and He/She is always sending love to counteract the lies that there are other minds! What freedom and joy. I am soooo grateful today to have this message of God's love for all.

  58. Thanks so much, Ginny! I love the "hug" this gave me this morning. It helps to see that lack and limitation really are nothing given that "to all mankind and in every moment, (INFINITE) Divine Love supplies ALL good"!

  59. Oh Ginny, just exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you thank you,

  60. Thank you, Ginny and thank you #3, Kristen. Excellent ideas and proof of listening for our "right place." I love the Lifts!!

  61. Thank you so much for those beautiful ideas about Infinite Love and thank you Daily Lift for all your thoughts on Love recently. I direct a socially and environmentally conscious creative arts camp and we wrote a song about forgiveness this summer. The campers wrote the lyrics. This is it.
    “We Can Forgive!”

    When someone does you wrong
    It can be hard to let it go,
    But the quickest route to happiness
    Is to do__ just__ so__.

    And though it’s often unexpected,
    It will fill them with respect
    For your high level of kindness
    And desire to connect.

    CHORUS: You don’t have to forget, but you surely can forgive.
    So let’s put two fingers up and say…
    “Peace is the key! With love and harmony
    ||: We can be__ friends again!” :|| (repeat)

    Here on this planet
    We’re just trying to survive,
    With hope in our hearts
    And our faith aimed at the skies.

    So remember that
    When you feel so full of hate,
    And the virtue of forgiveness
    Will heal__ the__ pain__.


    We must all support each other,
    Help in any way we can,
    Because we’re all interconnected—
    Every woman, every man.

    We’re all so very different
    In so many different ways,
    So let go of all your differences
    And welcome better days

    CALL AND RESPONSE: (Can you forgive?)
    “We can forgive!”
    (We will forgive!)

  62. Oh whoops last line is:
    “We will forgive!”

    Thank you for posting.

    &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

  63. Thank you Ginny for that heart-warming idea on the infinite nature of Divine Love. I love the idea that everyone is the expression or reflection of infinite Love- loving no matter what the evidence of the material senses say. We are so fortunate to know that we can embrace each person we meet or know in the embrace of Love 's presence bathing and enfolding them in the Life that is Love.

    On another note Nate, I love the music of the Lift this week. Where can I purchase the track for this week's lift? It is so spiritual.
    Much love to all.

  64. 46: No matter how you feel, you can't stop God from loving you. He is with you every moment. If God is omnipresent, how can you be separated from Him.

    God expresses His love through you every time you show love to someone else. Just try to love someone in a small way -- a smile, a handshake, opening the door for someone, doing someone a favor. Don't look for what others are doing for you. DO something for others. The more you do this, the more God's love is shining through you, with you, and the more you will feel it. Your actions express God's love.

  65. Thank you Ginny for the wonderful reminder of loves infinitude.

  66. Annonymous 46, you don't have to let God love you, she does so whether you know it or feel it or not. Look for God (good) today wherever you are. Ask God to show you his/her love. Do you love God? then you know God is loving you for God is love, and the love you are feeling for him/her is actually a reflection of God's love for you. You are loved...for your honesty, for your desire to know God better, for who you are as God's child.

  67. Oh ,Thank you Ginny. This Lift is full of INFINITE Love. I will remember your example you gave to your daughter to share! To anonymous (46) - The fear you mention is hiding God's Love for you like a cloud that covers the sun. The sun is still shining, lighting the world (God is still loving you even though you can't feel it).Part of a letter from a dear friend said " When you go swimming, you don't TRY to feel the water around you. You just DO feel it because you are in it... Do the same with GOOD. You ARE smack in the middle of it... Notice what it feels like, notice what it looks like...notice God Good, and enjoy God ,GOOD..." Hope this helps you, it sure helped me. In INFINITE, divine Love, no one is left out, even if they think they are. It's impossible for divine Love not to love you, let go of fear and you will feel that Love.

  68. I just want to say "Thank You!" to #62 Kathleen and to #64 Pril! Your love and warmth were felt! I'm just feeling a little down right now because my toe hasn't been healed in CS and I'm feeling afraid and discouraged. Needing to know that Christian Science DOES heal! And that Practitioners' Treatments ARE effective and quick and not long and drawn out! Knowing that CS Treatments ARE filled with INFINITE LOVE! Thank You, Ginny, for your Lift today and to all the wonderful Lifters who give me support every day! MUCH INFINITE LOVE TO ALL!

  69. I listen to each lift and am so grateful for each loving thought shared. I don't always read the comments, but today I did and #46 pulled at my heart. To her/him I say, can you smile? can you look up at the sky? I think you might try to make someone else feel loved and cared for. Each time you do a loving act or think a loving thought about someone else you will be reflecting God/Love and the joy you feel will let you know how God loves you and needs you to continue to reflect/express His being.

  70. How good to be reminded that God's love is infinite, everlasting and penetrating. #48 please know you are most worthy of your Father/Mother's love. You are His/Her valued and precious creation. Your desire to know and feel this infinite Love will help open your heart and thought to the conclusion that you are His/Her precious child--always loved, always cared for-- unconditionally, abundantly, totally. Christian Science Hymnal # 53 says it so beautifully--"Everlasting arms of Love / Are beneath, around, above; / God it is who bears us on, / His the arm we lean upon......From earth's fears and vain alarms / Safe in His encircling arms, / He will keep us all the way, / God, our refuge, strength and stay." God's blessed arms are holding &amp; loving you!

  71. I am grateful for the good already received, and looking forward to receiving and giving more! Thank you Ginny for that lovely big hug.

  72. What a great thought to start my day and really every day. Thank you Ginny!

  73. LOVE this joy of INFINITE Good! These lifts are being appreciated far and wide!

  74. Infinite Love, All-in-All goodness! God's promise is ever present Love and care, guidance and direction. We're never left out or dropped out of God's care for us. God's there before we get there, and with us on the way... He's also "got our back" and is protecting us from all sides, as He holds our hand and guides us so lovingly.

    Thank you for your lift, Ginny, it's so wonderful to know that our Father/Mother Love is always taking the best care of each one of us.

    love you!

  75. Thank you for this loving thought.

  76. Dear 47,
    I hear you. I, too, have wondered what divine Love is supposed to feel like. I often felt I have never felt it.
    Then I did something I have suggested to others.
    I looked for the 'little bit'. The moment when I could almost say, 'Hey. that must be God's love.' First, it was small, like knowing I should do or say something and feeling a sense of peace about it. I would think to myself, that must be God's love.
    Then it was paying attention to someone helping me or saying something that was needed/appreciated. I decided that that was God loving me, too.
    When I felt at peace or a sense of joy, I labeled that as God's love, too.

    It was like using a magnifying glass a 'magnify the Lord' kind of thing.

    Only once have I felt an overwhelming presence of warmth...peace...filling all space. It was after speaking with my teacher. All I could think of during those minutes was: This must be what Jesus felt every moment. What Mrs. Eddy knew.
    And so I keep learning, trusting, noticing. Like sunshine, divine Love is here, close. I know you will know it. Peace be unto you.

  77. What a wonderful thought-that takes care of the "smallness..'
    When we keep our thought on Love 24/7 there is room for nothing else.
    I pray I can embrace the world in this love today, Thank you Ginny it is a wonderfull inspiration to take to the Reading Room today.
    Love to the world!

  78. To our dear sibling #46,

    I hear you, and I'm sure all Lifters and commenters feel that way at times. It can be all too easy to let the weight of the world, and the constant worldly news crush us - make us feel insignificant, powerless, inadequate, unloved, etc etc. When I feel this way, and try to find a way out, that's when I realize I stopped giving gratitude to God for even the smallest good in my life. Then I expand that into acknowledging that each person in my life - family, neighbors, co-workers - are each God's beloved, doesn't matter whether they know it or not, I just recognize that its true. Sometimes this can be hard, especially if this person has wronged me or seems less than my ideal of perfection. But I keep working to acknowledge God's truth about each one. And as #62 pointed out, I do work to keep expressing love in even the smallest ways. Besides gratitute, I've also discovered over the years that forgiveness is a major factor in my feeling peace, calm and love. Forgiveness may seem humanly difficult to do, but the rewards are immense! I acknowledge that each person is at a different stage in their journey from sense to Soul. And if I want people to forgive me my foibles, I have to be forgiving. God's infinite love in the here and now just needs to be acknowledged and expressed, and it definitely comes back to us in manifold ways.

  79. INFINITE=limitless, never ending, eternal, continuous, abundant, forever,all in all. uninterrupted LOVE....... Bring it!.....GIVE IT!!!!!!

  80. To #46-------

    Learning to feel love, is about GIVING. When my mom passed away, my heart was a 'well left empty.' A dear friend said, "Carol, start giving." "Do what?" was my reply. I had to stop and think. Weekly, I went to the near-by library and started tutoring young children. I tutored 4 neighbor children and their mother in English. I baked my mother's favorite cake and gave to friends. I traveled 75 miles every Sunday to play the organ. Along the way, I took a lady to church that had no transportation.

    I did this faithfully for 1 year and 8 months. This was my giving to God. What did I receive from the giving? A sister and a husband.

  81. This morning, emerging from a sleeping dream, before the tasks of the day's "waking dream" flooded in, I waited for a poem, when a tiny bug began a journey across my page. Thought turned to open windows, a broader view, and release, not only for the small visitor, but relative to my outlook on the day. Freeing the bug to explore a more "infinite" space outside expanded its horizons and my own. God's love met the bug's need for a better place and gave me the seeds of a poem.

    Then this Lift, and response of readers from around the world, reminds me that, as God's idea, I can never be outside of the All-in-all, lacking help or guidance, no matter what I need to learn and do in earth's "prep" school. The sense of facing the day alone gives way to the embrace of the oneness of infinite Mind -- gratitude for glimpses of God's (and my) boundless being:

    "The divine Mind maintains all identities, from a blade of grass to a star, as distinct and eternal." (S&amp;H 70:12)

    Mary Baker Eddy writes:(S&amp;H 1:10)
    "Thoughts unspoken are not unknown to the divine Mind. Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds."

    For #46: Now not so "afraid to open up and let people and God love me", your reaching out acknowledges and receives, via members of this Lift community, God's provision, linking Mind to Mind's idea, Love to Love's expression, like Ginny's hug. No one is Anonymous to God.

  82. I loved this lift and all the comments today. Knowing God's infinte Love is where we live and move and breath....forever....is a powerful healing thought. I am grateful for Mrs. Eddy giving us the key to the Scriptures so that we can use the beautiful passages in the Bible as everyday tools to work out any problem that arises. Thank you, with much love, Claire

  83. "This World of Infinite Love" by Julia Johnston in the spiral book "Anthology of Classic Articles II" is a reprint of an Aug 1955 Journal article. I have nearly hi-lighted the complete thing! Here are a couple of goodies...

    "Love supplies every identity with the breath of immortality, the strength of eternality, and the nature of divinity."

    "Jesus lived in the world of Love while walking the roads of Galilee. He experienced its peace, knew its supremacy, and was clothed with its glory. ....He demonstrated for himself and for others the reality of Love's world wherever he went."

    And this one which bears hi lighting, underlining and being grateful for;

    "The ceaseless flowing of divine affection is the life stream of creation"

    When we combine this thought with Mrs. Eddy's statement "Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source", we get the peaceful sense of that flowing of Love which must be showering us today.

    OK.... riding my high horse today. (for those of you who expect another horse story from me). And thanks to the one who headed me to this article!

  84. How inspiring to know life is infinite

  85. Wonderful thank you!

  86. To #46. Have you ever felt good? Then you HAVE felt God's Love. It's all around you, You just need to express it in order to feel it being reflected back to you. I know this is true cause many of us have been in your shoes at one time or another. Just as you can feel the warmth of the sun, so Love shines forth to warm you. Just take your coat off and stretch out those arms. We're all sending our loving thoughts to you. Thanks Ginny for the reminder.

  87. Thank you Ginny!! Thank you too to #60, Pam, for the wonderful song!

  88. Thank you. True and so easy to remember today!

  89. Dear Ginny:
    Thanks for the thoughts shared through the Daily Lift. I must admit that it was a very enlighting word especially when you state: "infinte Love" I have been searching for thoughts such as these ones and they started to come to me as: "infinite Live, infinte resources, infinite grace, infinite suply, infinite good, infinite all-in All and all that sums up as "infinte reality"
    Thanks again! I am writing from San Salvador, El Salvador

  90. An INFINITE thank you, Ginny!

  91. To #46m /to have LOVE, you must love, love, love. # 62 was right on wth her comment. It was so helpful to me and I am sure to you. With love, sister Lifter.

  92. Thank you Ginny for your loving message.

  93. THANK YOU!!!! I opened up and asked for support and love from you guys and Boy oh Boy did I get it! WOW!! Thank you to: #62 Kathleen, #64 Prill, #65 Susan Carol, #67 Susan, #68 Sue, #74 Trudi, #76 Barb, #78 Carol, #79 Ruth, #84 Lyn, and #89 Marilyn (hope I mentioned everyone!) You guys are all so Awesome and really demonstrate what Christian Science is all about - INFINITE LOVE expressed! And here's the "rest of the story"!!! I just got a call from the Principal at the school I worked at part-time last year (they cut that job for this year due to Budget Cuts) and she offered me another part-time teaching job - Title I - teaching reading to kids who need help! She said she just loved my attitude! Yahoo! If I ever doubted I was loved............Thank you God and Thank you Ginny, Lifters, Nate and BOL! I feel so loved and embraced!!!!

  94. Yes Ginny, How much INFINITY is around us all each and every nano-second and you cannot get away from it, do you know what it is ?, yes LIGHT.
    Genesis 1:3 " light ...light "
    .. 1:4 " light...light "
    .. 1:5 " light "
    .. 1:14 "lights "
    .. 1:15 " lights...light "
    .. 1:16 " lights...light "
    .. 1:17 " light "
    .. 1:18 " light "

    How much God has given us ALL to reflect.
    What a wonderful, eternal journey we are ALL on.

    But something needs to be done by us ALL for Him to express His majestic plan, that is to, DO IT NOW.

    " Freely ye have been given, freely give ".

    Have a wonderful adventure.

  95. There is infinite Love in words Ginny. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  96. Number 46-
    When you see a smile, that is God's love. When you feel the touch of a beautiful rose petal and admire its colors, that is love. When you take care of your dog's needs, that is God's love. When you make your bed neatly and keep things tidy, that is God's love. When you see the individual leaves on trees and their beauty, that is God's love. When you see a child holding their parents hands, that is God's love. You are looking to feel human love, but God's love is not in that. That human love is only a minute fraction of spiritual love. Look for love through spiritual sense, through good deeds and thoughts, and you will feel God's tender presence with you I love you and so does God.


  97. Thank you for stirring my thought.

    FOR #46 Love is not something you get, it is something you give. Love everything and everybody around. Love until it hurts.

    #89 says &quot;love, love, love.

    An inscription inside a Mother's Day greeting card read:


    Why do we call it practicing Christian Science? Because we keep practicing until we get it right. All we need is love.

    With much love,


  98. Dear Ginny, My what an abundance of infinite Love you share and my, what a response in return. I loved the responses to # 46 showing God's dear Love in action. Every gentle, calm, loving thought is God's dear Love for us and you all said this so perfectly. And then, to see the gratitude expressed in #91 (Anonomous) and the results of Love in action. Such blessings.

  99. 46...."Gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty"....Mrs. Eddy said this and it truly tells us that when we are grateful for the sun, moon, stars, home, car, job (your new one), clothes, furniture, etc., etc. (you get my point) we have God's love just waiting to bless us at each moment of every day. Check out Hymn #342...."This is the day the Lord hath made...." and memorize it and say it MANY times a day.....I do, and it really has helped me! I walk a mall on a daily basis, and I repeat this hymn as I'm walking! I say it after I climb into bed and it comforts me! Try it, you'll like the feeling! Also, the practitioner does not DO the work, you respond to their thoughts and enter them into your consciousness and are grateful so healing CAN come....and God's love that never ends (or disappears)....just like the sun....even if we can't "see" it, you are surrounded by this love, whether you admit it or not! Enjoy your new (return) job at school and enjoy sharing your love....GOD'S LOVE....and it will come back 100 fold!

  100. Dear #46, I have had so many warm, loving responses when I practice Mrs. Eddy's statement "And Love is reflected in love." (Science and Health p.17) I have found this to be so true. I have seen peoples' countenances change from unloving, sad, mad, upset, weary, to pleasant, loving and grateful when I have said something kind and loving to them. So, "BE love" and you will feel God's love reflected back to you! God IS Love.

    And Mrs. Eddy talks about Love's healing power. In Retrospection and Introspection p.61 she writes: "Science saith to fear, "You are the cause of all sickness; but you are a self-constituted falsity,-you are darkness, nothingness. You are without 'hope, and without God in the the world.' You do not exist, and have no right to exist, for 'perfect Love casteth our fear.' " And the Bible tells us "There is no fear in Love." So that takes care of the toe! We love you and are cheering you on!

  101. 46

    It helps me so much to know that Love is not just all around me, but is the very substance of "me." I am the consciousness of Love. I am at one with Love. Then when a dark thought threatens it is easier to know "that is not my thought or God's thought" and I can reject the downward pull, which would try to make me not "feel" Love. Taking time daily to quietly acknowledge the presence of Love that shines around and through me is very important. This shuts out the lies that would try to rob us of experiencing God with us.

    Love yourself. Say each day 'thank you God for making me. I love who I am.' You are at one with Love and Love causes you to shine forth in all areas of life. Because Love is spiritual, it never leaves you, never runs dry. You feel Love, because Love loved you first.

  102. 46 - Hopefully this won't sound cheesy, but reading the results of all of this love in your later posting (#91) just absolutely warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes! I'm SO happy for you! I've been working on supply lately, b/c I'm tired of feeling like there is never enough. Last weekend a friend of mine and I were talking about supply. She said she wanted to be sure she didn't approach everything in life from the standpoint of lack, like she felt her parents always did. She felt like their approach always kept them in a state of lack in many areas of their lives, including financially. She has worked very hard to see abundance everywhere (from something simple like the abundance of grass in peoples' yards, or sand on the beach, or blue in the sky, to deeper things like recognizing the abundance of joy when people are smiling, or love when people are hugging, etc.) I've started doing this and the results have been absolutely AMAZING!! My business has started BOOMING this week. But most importantly, I feel this deeper sense of peace and love that's more tangible than I remember feeling in a long time.

    Anyway, I'm so happy for you! I know that God will supply your longing heart with all the answers, b/c He/She truly does love you!!! Much love to you!!


  103. I felt fine early in the day then not so good .Now having gone back to the Daily Lift and seen what every one has said since this morning I am feeling much better, I want to thank all of the Lifters for their Lifting thoughts.

  104. 46, Anonymous, (Well delightfully now, after #91, this is for anyone temporarily feeling the same as earlier reported) # 65 Susan Carol, mentions the cloud blocking the sun being seen, but it's still shining for us. That reminded me that even on cloudy days, we're told to use sun tan lotion, for the rays penetrate even the clouds. Also, one can be outside under shade, but the sun's heat reflects off other objects and warms us. So, too, even if you've not yet seen the brightness of Love, the effects of Love are still penetrating through clouds of fear, doubt, and any other blockage of mortal belief. And like many responses above have expressed, we receive Love's rays reflected off the beauty and/or kindness of creation and people, Love's children. The poem, “Footprints in the Sand” tells of a doubter who wonders why God didn't walk with them, because there is only one set of prints in the sand, but is told those are God's prints, carrying that one during the long, bleak, seeming struggle.

  105. Thanks so much for the important lift Ginny!

  106. Ginny, what a rich blessing for all of us has unfolded from your message this morning. I'm just getting to the daily lift late in my afternoon and am so joyful and grateful to have read all these lovely responses to #46 Anonymous.......I'm moved by the honesty of the respondees and the genuine outpouring of kind and helpful thoughts and examples. It's so amazing to me that people from all over the world are so generous with their comments and take the time to both listen to the lift and respond.
    WOW........Infinite Love for sure.

  107. Thank you Ginny, I needed to hear this lift today.

  108. Infinite Love! God's blessing to all of us! Thanks Ginny!

  109. THANK YOU once again - I feel like this has been my birthday! I am truly reborn! Thank you #94 Anonymous, #95 Uncle John, #96 Ann, #97 Diane Ward, #98 Rhonda, #99 Susie, #100 Julie, #102 J.S. and #104 Margaret!!! This Lift has truly been a demonstration of Infinite Love! You are all very effective Christian Science Practitioners!!! XOXOXO!!

  110. I'm #3, Kristen, from early this a.m. Just to let you all know how much Love is sending us the same idea of how to 'picture' love in operation- using the illustration of a cloud hiding the sun, as so many of you shared- I will tell you that when I was talking with my young friend last night, it came so clearly to me to tell him of my experience in college, as a Comparative Religion Major. The Professor asked me to be the last presenter of my 'working philosophy,' to our class. My C. S. Sunday School teacher had shared an analogy which I used for this religion class. It's the illustration of a circle representing the Sun or God in His/Her completeness of all life's best qualities. The rays represented each person, all having the same source, the same fullness, beauty and power, expressed unconditionally. However there would occasionally appear a cloud that came between a ray and the Sun. The ray would feel the coldness, and separation and become scared. The ray would cry out that it had been cut off from the Sun. But the other rays could see that it was just an illusion, and would tell their brother/sister ray- "No, you are fine! I can see that you are okay, you just are being fooled by the cloud. Start being grateful that you are who you have always been, whole, complete and perfect." Then the ray would 'feel' the support and love of the other rays, and soon would warm up and find the cloud disappearing. The ray then shined perfectly &amp; shared with other rays!

  111. thankyou Ginny and all who commented.that's C.S. at work.

  112. Ginny, thank you for the encouragement which this Lift provided. #79, Ruth, thank you for sharing the practical way in which you used the Lift today. You turned two things which I've often considered troublesome-bugs and the prospect of spending a day alone-into opportunities for learning and expansion. There's no time or need for feeling confined or limited when an infinite world of possibilities awaits us.

  113. What a good way to show a child ... or anyone ... infinity!

  114. Ginny, I LOVED what you shared of your experience with your daughter in teaching her how infinite Love is with an illustration she could relate to.....I love the idea of infinite Love anyway!! Just knowing that it's everywhere present, all the time, under all circumstances, for everyone, in infinite abundance -- oh, joy! Thank you for the reminder, Ginny...a dear gift.

    46 -- Bless your dear heart! I wish I could just wrap you up in arms of pure love right this moment. You ARE loved -- always have been, always will be. You are God's dearly beloved child -- unique, "perfect and entire, wanting nothing", as the Scriptures affirm. You already have all you need to live your joy; you need only claim it. So much love to you.....................

  115. Ginny, thanks for the emphasis and beautiful example on 'INFINITE'. So many comments imparting INFINITE Love! It is the 'divine law of adjustment' in action! Thanks to all and to #46 Anonymous : God loves you so much! We all share this love with you and everyone else. I love you!

    En español

    Ginny, gracias por el énfasis y el hermoso ejemplo de 'INFINITO'. ¡Tantos comentarios impartiendo Amor INFINITO! Es 'la ley de Dios que todo lo ajusta' ¡en acción! Gracias a todos y a #46 Anonymous : ¡Dios te ama tanto! Todos compartimos este amor contigo y con todos los demás. ¡Te amo!

  116. Ginny-thanks so much for the love you shared in your lift and comment later! annonymous46- Your honesty touched me.So I feel impelled to write this to you.Every time you have a good thought it is God showing his love to you. When a friend does something good for you,that is Gods love being reflected through that friend.You uniquely express love and fearlessness like no one else does! "We have nothing to fear when Love is at the helm of thought,but everything to enjoy on earth as in heaven." from Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy That is Gods promise to you.a mountain of love to you

  117. Thanks Ginny and Responders. Yes, we are all 'practicing' CS--why?--because it works, it works, it works!!! Soooo happy for #46!!!

  118. One day late listening to this lift. How grateful I am for it and for all the comments. A demonstration of love in action. Thank you very much

  119. I am working with some family issues this late hour at night and it is nice to hear about God´s infinite Love. Thank you.

  120. Awwwe - I just have to pipe in again and say how amazed I am with this wonderful community, and how blessed I feel to be a part of all of this love! Reading through all of these comments again this morning, and the continuation of everyone's help for #46/91 seriously make me proud to be a CS! You guys are wonderful!


  121. Infinite Love. This is so basic and yet so vast it is hard to picture except in Spirit. Infinite Love is always with us, beneath, around, above. What a blessing we have to wake each day to this beautiful thought. I am very grateful for the lifts each day and all the beautiful expressions of love from around the world. Thank you all.

  122. This chat was really amazing to follow! There is a healing of unemployment, and so many supportive comments full of love and care. These lifts are more than lifts, they are evidence of the power of divine Love when expressed by God's loving children. You are all awesome... (look that word up in a dictionary) or online, or on your phone, etc. It is an amazing concept! Love to you all. Ginny

  123. Thank you, Ginny, and also thank you #46 for expanding our topic of Infinite Love. Reading all the comments that were so tender and thoughtful reminded me, also, of who I am and why I too am loved by God. Years ago when my young son was working towards his blackbelt in karate, his teacher would have some of the older boys teach some of the younger ones because she said when one teaches others, one also learn more in the process. How true today with such wonderful and inspiring thoughts on how we know God loves us.
    I find I "feel" His loving warmth when I go to that still small space and speak quietly and honestly to Him, humbled before Him as His beloved child, and pour out my heart that I then "feel" that I AM LOVED. It is a sense of warmth that is difficult to put to words, but when all barriers of pretense are eliminated and it is just between yourself and the Father-Mother God, expressing your innermost thoughts and humble gratitude, that is when this sense becomes enveloping. So keep on expressing Love and you, too, will experience the limitless supply of Infinite Love. Guaranteed!

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