11/6: In the first row

11/6: In the first row

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  2. Dear Ulrike Prinz, Thank you so much for this up front first row, thought. It is going on 2 am Friday morning and what a wonderful thought to go to sleep on and to wake up too as I will be heading for the pool to teach swimming to two fine India women that never knew how to swim growing up. What a lovely thought to know we will all be swimming in the front row together, with Love!

  3. Your so right about the first row in God's plan. Thank you very much for pointed out to us. This is just what I needed to hear. Take care, we are not behind you, we are beside you.

  4. thank you....

  5. Thank you for your insight.

  6. How wonderful Ulrike! As someone who lived much of her life wanting to remain in the very back row, it always amazed me that most times I would find myself in the front row! It was God, of course, making sure that the voice of Christian Science was always the guiding power of love with whatever was going on. Thank you for a great Daily Lift!

  7. Many thanks for just hitting the spot perfectly. I had woken with concerns first thing this morning, and this was just what I needed to hear - that I am first in line with God, important, special & needed to express & witness His omnipotence, and that is true for each of my fellow men, so there is always unity, wholeness, completeness, perfection.

    What a wonderful way to affirm our spiritual identity as God's child, forever beloved & cared for. How the world is lit up today as we go about our day, affirming our perfection & God's omnipotence - wow !!!!

  8. Thank you Ulricke. For me it was not an easy move from the chorus line to being a soloist but holding centre stage did become easy and such a joy, such a reward.
    I am so grateful I was God compelled to walk on the front line.
    Kind thoughts to you and thank you.

  9. Dear Ulrike, this is a lovely idea - many thanks!

  10. Lovely thought! Thank you Ulrike!

  11. Guten morgen, Ulrike!
    I found your message very original and helpful. It reminded me of the people Jesus healed - outcasts and untouchables who were on the BACK row of life. And how his understanding of man as God's beloved and perfect child brought each one to the front row.

    Much love to you,
    Anne Daly

  12. Danke, Ulrike. This is a wonderful idea: We don't need to hold back, worry about being seen, or hide our talents when we realize that God made us perfect spiritual beings who reflect His/Her qualities. We can express this thought and share ourselves with others without feeling boastful. We can be giving. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for this thought. The view in the first row is terrific!

  14. Thank you Ulrike. Yes. "Every one of us is made to bring to fruition the greatness of God, which dwells in ALL of us." Lets do just that!

  15. Thank you very much for this lift! The true idea is a kind of instant prayer, keeps the ideal mental altitude and corrects the mirages of false notions about the real life and the real being - unifies with the source of all good, where we can live with total security and harmony. Keeping the man free from the distortion of each form of the violence."Spirit gives the true mental idea." (CS 467)

  16. I have always thought of myself more as a back row person so this is very helpful. THANKS.


  18. Lovely, new thought! Thank you! And thank you all for making this Daily Lift happen every day for us all, who appreciate it so very much!!

  19. Deep gratitude, Ulrike, How precious it is to know, as the Bible tells us, that God is not only, good, but "VERY GOOD"; that is PERFECTION. Then the Holy Scriptures goes on to say, that we, all of us, are made in the image and likeness of God and that He is ALL IN ALL! Therefore there is nothing to fearas we realize we are ever reflecting God.
    Such a fantastic way to start the day!
    Overflowing appreciation to all of you, including the comments

  20. As a college student I learned that the closer a student sat to the instructor, the more attentive, connected, and receptive that student was. So we'll all be front row to God. Thank you, Ulrike.

  21. May i join you in the first row??/ thanks

  22. To be in the front row before God.. what an excellent place..never alone, never afraid.. Thank you!!

  23. What an inspired thought! It could be the basis of a wonderful article for one of the periodicals. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  24. wow Ulrike, that was SO perfect for me today! I have been a stay at home mom for 19 years and am now divorcing and getting back into the work-force. I got a call for a freelance job to illustrate something and I KNOW that God is the one giving me the work and was thrilled but soon had a crisis of confidence! "Am I on the right track?, will she like it?, can I really do a good job?" I've been hanging onto the idea that it's also God DOING the work! and your thoughts were so helpful. God is calling me to PROVE his goodness in action, OF COURSE IT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

  25. Thank you. Truely we are front row letting the light of God shine within us and even that is just a hint of the ultimate boundless freedom and joy and abundance and glory promised in the last line of the Lord's prayer to man and all creation being the reflection of God's perfect individuality where no fear of any kind exists. "Perfect Love casteth out fear." There is only ONE God and that ONE iincludes each and everyone of God's perfect, lovely ideas in that divine US. Each one of us truly FRONT ROW with God, because God is SPIIRIT, which makes this so!

  26. Ulrike, your message is helpful and I am using it right now.

  27. Dear Ulrike,
    Thanks for the lovely thought! It was very uplifting. Or should we say front-moving? We will join all the others and keep ourself in the front row of thought, where God mandates us to be.

    It's strengthening to feel the unity of thought from around the world.
    God bless you all!

  28. What wonderful contentment that lovely reminder brings. thanks, Ulrike.

  29. Often being the tallest girl in my class growing up, I warmed a seat on the back row every school day. Thought of that today as I listened to your Daily Lift. Good to rewrite that story -- with God at my side, no back-row assignment can ever hold back "front row living"! THANKS for this gem!!

  30. Thank You very much.

  31. A totally lovely reminder. Thank you!

  32. The first or front row, to me, is being at the Master's feet listening and learning of God's plan for me today. Thank you all for your input .... it makes these Daily Lifts very special indeed. Thank you Ulrike Prinz for your gift of sharing the good that has been revealed to you.

  33. Lovely thought! Thank you. We are mever self- concious but God's love conscious and we are where God is. "I and my Father are one" We are always in the firs row because God is always in the first row..

  34. I love this thought about the front row. We could go a step farther and say ther are no other rows..we all have a reserved seat in the front row, our names are written on it. In the front row, no one is taking a back seat to anything or anyone. There are no obstructed views in the front seat, and we have audience with God. This also could mean that we could never be "overlooked" or second best, no child of lesser value or importance, Lets all enjoy our 'front row' seat in God's Presence,where each place -setting is known by Him!i Remember "there are really no other rows!"

  35. Ulrike, I've always liked being in the front row in my human endeavors. But this article points me to see that our position in life is predicated on our oneness with God, our shining forth of HIS being, and not a human placement. VERY thought provoking. I love that we are all connected in this early morning roundable of ideas. Many thanks!

  36. Liebe Ulrike, What a beautiful thought to always be in the first row with all of God's ideas. Best seat in the house to see and to be seen :) Danke. Hugs.

  37. Ausgezeichnet Ulrike! To be in the "first row" we must of course eradicate fear, and in so doing all kinds of wonderful things happen to us. And the realization that God put us there where our light can shine for others to see, enables us to rejoice in the limelight....Vielen herzlichen Dank fuer diese Idee!

  38. Thank you! This applies to so many aspects of our Life, still hid with Christ in God.

  39. hey, hey,

    I like how the lifts this week work together like a poem:

    One step at a time
    we are truly blessed right where we are
    embraced by love in the first row

    Nathan Frederick. Media Producer
    CS Board of Lectureship

  40. Nate, #39, that is delightful! Thanks for another uplifting week Daily Lift!

  41. Nate and Ulrike, what a lovely way to conclude this week. Each morning the daily lift brings God's ideas, freeing us to be the blessing we were meant to be.

  42. I often sit in the back row to not disturb anyone or obstruct their view. But I love the idea of the expectation of good that comes from the front row. Love what was written about " there are no rows" and love what was shared about each of us being brilliant and excellant as God knows us! Thanks so much Ulrike! Das ist sehr gut!

  43. nate # 39, I love it! Thanks all!

  44. I thank all of you very much! You made this day special. I can feel the love which is expressed through each comment and all of this joy brings a big smily shine into my heart. It is really wonderful that we are all "in the front row" together holding hands. What a support. Much love to all of you!

  45. What a blessing these daily lifts are! They are feeding "the famished affections" and fulfilling a part of the Daily Prayer that we pray that Thy word may "enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them."

  46. The front row, Ulrike to me, is like standing there and "letting our light shine". We want to let everyone know how God's creation is pure and perfect, always expressing infinite good. Thank you for the lovely thought for the day!!

  47. Thank you so much for this much needed angel thought for me today. Perfect.

  48. LIke a mouse in the corner, light under a bushel. I 've been there. Now I'll not fear and be on the front row with everyone. To me it meant that there are not any other rows. Thanks everyone

  49. Thanks Ulrike. In the front row you are always looking up for there is nothing to look down for. Keeping our gaze upward to our Father Mother God. Starting the day looking up and every day to come. We know that every step we take will be safe and progressive. Our Shepherd is before us, always. Thanks Nate for realizing that these Daily Lifts are a continuous thread weaving a tapestry of Love and gently binding us all together.

  50. Thanks for this and for all the wonderful comments. I felt #11 particularly expressed what I felt while listening to it twice. It was great, too, to see it available in French and German. Though I don't speak those languages, I listened, and felt I was participating in the universal church family. I've enjoyed seeing that other "uplifts" were available in a variety of languages. This is something wonderful from The Mother(ing) Church for our world-wide family. I have been grateful to see previous uplifts in a variety of languages.

  51. So good to know we are right up front and center in God's love, and that we are all standing - shoulder to shoulder - in the front row together! Thank you dear Uli for this wonderful idea!!

  52. With a day full of obligations running into evening, I knew that one of the first things I wanted/needed to do this morning was to tune in to the Daily Lift . . . what joy to hear that I am, and everyone is, "an irreplaceable part of the mosaic of divine Love." And then Nate #39 just iced the cake with his wonderful observation of the poetic interconnectedness of all of this week's topics--more mosaic beauty!!

  53. I have always loved being in the "front row" or close to it at church services. That way I feel focused on the readings and as tho' I am the only one there and the readings are directed at me, but also knowing others can feel the same way. Thanks for the great lift for today!

  54. lrike I thank you. I am so glad we are all on the front row, all of one Mind, and have no need to hide and fear. How I do love this daily lift!

  55. Thank you so much for the Daily Lift. What a wonderful way to start the day. Everyday they are just perfect .

  56. Thank you Ulrike. Thank you Sammie for the reminder to sit at the Master's feet and receive our instructions for the day. Thank you Stephen, we can surrender our self-consciousness for God-consciousness. And thank you Kathy - so many wonderful reminders. The reserved seat with our names written on them. Having an eternal audience with God. No children of lesser value, all known and loved and seen by Him. And thank you Becky, "God is calling me to prove His goodness in action." Thank you everyone! I feel that the good that comes from these daily lifts and the sharing of inspired thought is immeasurable. I am blessed!

  57. This is dear to my heart! Thank you!

  58. Thank you, Ulrike, for a wonderful way to remind us that for God, we are always his beloved children and not one stays back in the second row.
    And thank you, Peter Daniel #8, I can identify with that same situation, after years of being always almost hidden in the back by the curtain; when my mom came into CS God’s divine Love moved me right into the first row as a soloist. Oh, Oh what a feeling!

    Gracias Ulrike, por una manera hermosa de recordarnos que para Dios, siempre somos sus amados hijos y ninguno se queda atrás en la segunda fila.
    Y gracias a tí también, Peter Daniel número 8, yo me identifico con la misma situación, luego de a?os de estar atrás, casi escondida por la cortina; el divino Amor de Dios me movió a primera fila como soloista. ¡Oh, que sensación!

  59. This is a beautiful idea. Standing in front of a group of people can be daunting, but when one gets "self" out of the way, it is easy. I can say this from experience. When I became an instructor, the message became uppermost to me, and the fear of being the only one on the podium dissolved. Now, thinking back to that experience, I realize what happened was divinely natural.

  60. These Daily Lifts are proving this is a Universal Science and these lifts have made me feel my prayers are embracing everyone in God's love.The "front row" idea reminded me of a favorite Bible verse from Acts 10:34. "God is no respecter of persons." He has no favorites. We are all embraced in His dear love. Thanks for this great idea and the helpful comments. and also for Nate"s cheerful "hey hey" .

  61. How helpful! I've let myself be influenced by a friend's false analysis ..."You really don't like the limelight." Sometimes, it's right to be in that!

  62. What an important message!

    Thank you!

  63. Thank you, Ulrike. In the front row, there's nothing between us and our Father!

  64. Thank you for reminding us that we are unique and capable of managing what is on our plate, each and every day!

  65. Just rereading this Lift again . This afternoon I had to go to the grocery store downtown. I just realized that in the going and the coming back there was no car in front of mine. How cool is that!!
    Talk about being in the front row! Love these little confirmations we get along the way. Love to all!

  66. Thank you. I have always love to be on the first row, as I find I am more at one with what ever I am attending. It does bring me closer to the action. But I loved your more expanded idea of being on the first row. Also, thanks to all for your inspiring comments. Again, my sincere appreciation to Nate and to those on the lecture staff who provide us with these uplifts!

  67. Yes. In an infinte circle, we must all be in the front row.

  68. Danke!

  69. Very Inspiring. Thanks!!!

  70. Vielen Dank, Ulrike und Alle, for this incredible Daily Lift and EVERYONE's comments, esp. Kathy's (#34) idea of there only being a first row, Nate's (#39) great "combination" poem, and Curt's (#67) idea that the front row is actually a CIRCLE, with all equally close to God--wow.
    When I was at Prin, we said what we called the Actor's Prayer together backstage before every performance. It goes something like this (does anyone else remember this and know who wrote it?)--'Here I am, dear God, now [You] use me. I am absent from the body and present with Thee in consciousness. I would have Love use me in its own good way. I would lift myself right up out of any personal sense of self or audience and let God use me.' Just wanted to share this, as I've always found it so calming and uplifting.

  71. Thank you Ulrike for this words, This is a force to know that God loves everybody. Thanks so much!

  72. thank you for letting us know that we are always in first row with God.Very inspiring .Good thought to start the day.

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