9/7: I will be with thee

9/7: I will be with thee

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  1. Thanks you Marie

  2. Thank you, Marie, for some lovely thoughts to go to sleep with!

  3. There is no spot where God is not, so turning to Him at any point in time or under any circumstance, He will definitely answer all our 'wh' questions.
    Thank you so much Marie for this uplifting thought. As we go about our business today we would remember to - Trust the Eternal (As we find at the beginning of each stanza of Hymn 359.) and give Him glory at the end of the day. Thank you DL team,the BoL and all the Lecturers that always feed us with spiritual truth.

  4. Thanks Marie, those questions always seem to shake me, but I am not afraid to confront them with a simple “God, who is all Love, will give me the correct answer”. Sometimes I am a little confused but, you know what? Love prevails over all and He will be with me.

    En español

    Gracias Marie, esas preguntas siempre parecen sacudirme, pero no tengo temor de enfrentarlas con un simple “Dios, que es todo Amor, me dará la respuesta correcta.” A veces estoy un poco confundido, pero,¿sabes qué?, el Amor predomina sobre todo y Él estará conmigo.

  5. Thanks ever so much Marie for sharing such a lovely inspiration. This "WH" question is very common, especially the one "WHY ME". The example you gave from the Bible of Moses is lovely. When God reassures Moses that "Certainly I will be with you" all fear, doubts and the question "WHY ME" were removed from thought, and he was able to accomplish the difficult task God assigned to him. We all can follow this example as you do, and feel comfortable, knowing that God's grace and infinite goodness are very much with us to accomplish any task and to face any challenge.

  6. ... perfect for me today. Thank you, Marie. Who would have have guessed that God would send me a message via France! I love it!

  7. That's a very helpful reminder, thank you Marie Merci beaucoup.

  8. Thank you for this clear and helpful lift. It is lovely to know that God answers all our questions. Indeed, that, as Divine Principle, He is the inifinite answer!

  9. Dear Marie,

    "Questions unite statements oppose ".

    It is interesting to observe, as a child we all had motivation to ask questions. Then we allowed ourselves to stop asking them.

    It is not untill we get a true graspe of Science that we begin to ask the right questions.
    It is when we go to the true source, God, in our silent communication do we get the right answers.

    Wooooooooooow, what an adventure we are all on with our Father-Mother.

    Have a wonderful adventure with Him.

  10. When Moses doubted his God appointed assignment to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt, God assured him, “Certainly I will be with thee”, http://bible.cc/exodus/3-12.htm. This to me implies that because we are one with God, His image and likeness, as stated in the Bible in the chapter of creation, we can’t help but being guided, loved and protected at all times. http://bible.cc/genesis/1-26.htm
    ESPAÑOL: Cuando Moisés dudó de su tarea que Dios designó para que sacara a los Hijos de Israel de Egipto, Dios le aseguró, "…yo seré contigo", http://bibliaparalela.com/exodus/3-12.htm. Esto para mi implica que por que somos uno con Dios, Su imagen y semejanza, como lo declara la Biblia en el capítulo de la creación, no podemos sino ser guiados, amados y protegidos en todo momento. http://bibliaparalela.com/genesis/1-26.htm

  11. Thank you Marie,

    This is surely a reassuring Lift for anyonee struggling with a "wh" challenge in their lives. Even if they are not yet ready to fully embrace CS they can have it's healing message as a companionwhile they walk the road. A bit like Faith and Christian in Pilgrim's Progress. I read an authorised children's version years ago to the boys and have gifted it to adults, as it gently shows how, though we may be distracted from our path, Love, Life, Truth, Principle, Soul, Spirit and Mind are right there alongside us :-)



  12. Thank you Marie a very comforting message

  13. This is a good, helpful way of answering these questions. Thank you.

  14. I am reminded of Who? God, What? Only Life, Truth Love, Where? Here! When? Now! How? With divine ever-present all encompassing Love governing all.
    Mrs Eddy write p.454:18 (Science & Health) " Love inspires,illumines,designates and leads the way."
    Lovely lift again today, thank you BOL, and Marie and for the translation into English! I will carry this with me, as have for all this week's inspirational approaches to prayer. Glorious.Thank you.

  15. Just what I needed in a week full of demanding tasks. How comforting to be reminded of the certainty of God's presence leading and surounding us. Thank you Marie

  16. Many thanks Marie for that inspiring lift. Yes, for sure, "God, Spirit, leads me, lights my path and surrounds me [all of us] all the time." "Come, cast your burdens on the Lord,/ And trust His [divine Love's] constant care." (Christian Science Hymnal #124.)

  17. Merci beaucoup Marie. How blessed we all are now, to reflect all our fathers qualities. Think about it. Cool or what! : )

  18. Thank you, Marie, for this blessed message about God's accompaniment of us through it all! Much needed, and much appreciated!

  19. What a sense of relief when in a crowd of strangers you suddenly 'recognize' that friendly face. That same sense of comfort comes as we "recognize man's spiritual being" and know that certainly God is with us.

    "Enable us to know (recognize) as in Heaven, so on earth" that God is, certainly, All-in-all."
    (S&H 16)

  20. Thank you.

  21. Merci beaucoup.

  22. Thank you.

  23. Si, podemos preguntarnos ¿por qué a mi? muchas veces me lo he preguntado no en el sentido de queja, sino cuando nos damos cuenta de la bondad divina su proteción, cuidado e infinita bondad y comenzamos a transitar por la senda segura que el Cristo nos depara respondiendo a ese llamado, Él se despojo de todo sentido de personalidad material que es lo que frena el progreso,
    "Yo y el Padre uno somos" Juan 10:30.
    No hay mayor prueba que esa y como dice nuestra guía: "Este espíritu de sacrificio siempre ha salvado, y aun salva a la humanidad" Esc. Micelaneos 261.
    Entiendo, es comprender con gozo el Amor divino y aceptar su propósito.

    Muchas gracias, thank you Marie

  24. Every Sunday morning when I'm driving to church in Nambour, I pass many people: walking, jogging, running, cycling, mountain cycling, young women and mothers with a mountain of gear on the stroller and somewhere there is a baby or child underneath it all and they seem totally unaware that Moses brought safely through the Red Sea, and right up to, but not into the Promised Land thousands of years ago, but here they are, still walking, walking. . . And I, also. . . I could sometimes be quite argumentative when God assigned me to a specific duty, - especially when it was to love someone I didn't really think was entitled to any love from me, and I asked, - more than once - and somewhat plaintively: "Why is it always me? Why do I always get the hard stuff?" And one time God replied, "Instead of always asking "Why me? Why not ask "Why not God?" And sometimes it still isn't easy, but I carry out the assignment. I ask God "Well you tell me what you want me to do and I'll do my best."

  25. I am new to this site and I am not sure if this is the forum to ask for assistance, however I would love to hear, or read what Marie Taillefer has to say, however, it seems that the video and her written message are both in French.

    Judging from the response, from others, it must have be beautiful.
    Thank you.

    To listen to the podcast please click on the name of the Lift rather than the name of the lecturer.
    Daily Lift Team

  26. 22 years ago I asked "Who am I that should buy a beautiful ranch?", and today in evenings as the wife and I sit on the poarch watching the sunset I ask "why am I so blessed?". This lift answers both questions.

  27. What a wonderful, comforting 'lift' for today and every day. Such 'certainty' results in affirming and knowing God's grace will lead the way in all circumstances. Thank you!!

  28. Oh, what comfort!
    Thank you, Marie.

  29. Thank you so much. I looked forward to today's lift because I really needed inspiration. It was perfect for me, bombarded with many "wh" words. So helpful.

  30. "God is ever present" - Thanks for our :"Lift" this morning-- good to have reminders, as I am now listening for answers to the WH questions from God..!Thanks again, Marie and Shannon.

  31. Thank you Marie for this concise, clear and inspiring lift.

    Everlasting arms of Love
    Are beneath, around, above;
    God it is who bears us on,
    His the arm we lean upon.
    (CS Hymnal #53)

    I am so very grateful to be apart of this healing community...lifting the world thought up and out of darkness...and into the light!

  32. Thank you #14, Jane. I will add: Why? Because, I AM.

  33. Much thanks, merci beaucoup!

  34. Thank you, Marie. How reassuring to know the "why me?" question is already handled.

  35. I have also received a much-need, relevant lift from France! Thanks Marie, I will be revisiting your Daily Lift which reminds me of the support and comfort God assures us in our upcoming public committments, whatever they may be.

  36. Thanks so much. This Lift made me think of Mary's answer to Gabriel when he told her of her role in God's plan for the universe. As I recall she said something like, "How will this be....? " How are you, God, going to accomplish this, I'm not in any position to do this. (She wasn't married.) Well, God doesn't have to wait on our position in life, in society, in a family, or anything. What a capacity to trust God, Love, has built in to us that we can answer with the right question, the way Moses did, and the way Mary did. From Mrs. Eddy's statement in "Prayer" in Science and Health, that prayer is one of "God's gracious means...." I understand that prayer -- which is sometimes a positive response to God's requirements-- comes from God the only intercommunicator. God has all the words, and He has the way for us to carry them out.

  37. The assurance of our source is the only reality.
    Thanks for the uplift

  38. With God's help, I can do what I need to do -- what is right to do.

  39. Thank you Marie! This is a comfort. Knowing that God is with me allows me to settle down and listen to the still small voice. Music is beautiful too.

  40. Thanks Marie

    I am so grateful for my many, many blessings.

  41. This is very helpful for me today, thank you. have enjoyed the 38 comments here so far as I type and wish to thank specifically #36. Judith.

  42. Merci Marie, j'ai adoré la pensée "Je serai avec toi" je m'en tiendrai à cela aujourd'hui.

  43. Thank you Marie, I love the word "certainly........"AMEN. AND Thanks Jane #14 for your answers to the WH quetions. And, Bless you, #24 Margaret, your loving obedience does, will, and has come back to you, as with Job, ten fold, that's why. And it's so wonderful to hear from new readers. Also, thanks Nate and your DL team for responding to the technical questions that arise from time to time. This message reminds me of Eddy's statement, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." (SH) And, this is true for those fighting fires, facing storms, living through war, or the other whatevers of our daily lives. "Certainly, I will be with thee."

  44. "Certainly, I will be with thee" erases fear and doubt. This causes one to be more relaxed and joyous. I am no longer alone trying to accomplish tasks all by myself. A sense of burden melts away. Thank you so much for these wonderful daily lifts!

  45. Very supportive and helpful. Thank you.

  46. Perhaps you'd enjoy reading how a couple then a larger community and now over 200 other similar organizations around the world have moment-by-moment gone to God for the "Wh-" answers to impossible situations and divine demands. Kim and troy Meeder trusted God when they felt called to buy and restore an abandoned gravel pit in central Oregon without knowing how they'd have the means, to rescue abused/abandoned horses to heal abused/broken children, and build Christian faith in all. Their blogs, newsletters, books, talks show how regardless of religion or background or horrors facing horse, person or ranch, these questions are answered in a way that blesses all. Without the knowledge we have through our textbook and church to make it easier to understand, they (devoted to the universal Christ) practice that humble, courageous, God-first, loving obedience. No water for a well but abundant supply without explanation; no feed or vet funds until exactly on the day/hour needed, the perfect matching of horse to child and volunteer, being in the right place at the right time against routine, despair corrected with a "miraculous" sign from God, continual examples of God constantly caring for and talking to us and the others (human, horse, dog), beyond human reason or material explanation. We can be sure that God is always with us to be His grace and PDP-10 proof of His protection, direction, provision of the Ten Commandments' blessings. http://www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org

  47. Oui Marie, Oui!

  48. Merci beaucoup Maria, this was a very helpful lift. I tend to question why the lessons I have to learn are so hard. The answer came to me, that mortal mind had put on layers of false beliefs that had to be peeled off, layer by layer. " Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little..." So now I am thanking God for the learning opportunities and less of asking "why me?"

  49. La meilleure réponse concernant ces questions! Merci beaucoup!

  50. I love this reminder of just WHO it is that is with us, accomplishing every task we seem to have to do and leading and loving us through our day! "certainly I (God) will be with thee" Our heavenly Father assured Moses before he went to do his appointed task, and God is with us also today and always! thank you ! thank you! For this wonderful lift of my thoughts today, above the doubt fear and mistrust error might try to throw in my path!

  51. Beautiful reassuring reminder that we have the loving support and guidance of the great I AM. Merci Beaucoup!!!!

  52. To all the Daily Lift worldwide family: to you dear Lecturers who so lovingly prepare and deliver our 'daily bread' bites; to Nate, who I believe, conceived of the idea for our 2-minute feasts and to your team which so creatively produces them, and to all around the world who come to the feast and then go out from it, refreshed with the sustenance that is daily provided, I send my love, gratitude, and appreciation. The conversation around each post also deeply enriches my day.

    Marie, today's Lift will bless so many...both those who hear it directly and those who are indirectly blessed due to your listeners' increased ability to lift up thought and reflect more of the divine Allness outward. Thank you for your inspiration.

    This gratitude goes for all of the DLs, even if I don't post daily. Thank you all so much!

  53. What a perfect message to send my daughter in Austin, Texas which is currently under siege from fires. In their efforts to control the panic, the media is not reporting on it,(!) but entire neighborhoods are gone, including a CSB's As she prepares to evacuate, one of the questions my daughter asked was "why is this happening to me?" and this Lift perfectly directs thought into a better channel, a preserving channel. Thank you all for helping us keep thought in line with the "good, the enduring and the true."

  54. That was really lovely. Thank you.

  55. "Certainly I will be with thee"
    Thank you so much for this reminder that I needed this morning. And I will remember #14's answers to the WH questions. So reassuring.

  56. Thank you for the reminder to watch our thinking and be sure to replace uncertainty with the acknowledgement that God is with us and gives us the answers and assurance we need.

    "God able is" from hymn #160 in the Christian Science Hymnal helps me when I don't feel capable of doing what I'm asked to do.

    Thank you to the entire DL team!

  57. Thank you , Merci Marie.
    And thanks to Shannon for translating from French, and reading the English.
    So we can listen to the answers to our why questions... as did #52 Sharon re the fires in Texas., and thinking back to the terror in New York 10 years ago.
    God was not in the earthquake, the wind, the hurricane, or the fire, but in the Presence that spoke to him as a still small voice. see I Kings 19 - v 12
    God is the power, and God is present that is WHAT is truly going on, in spite of what seems so terrible -- God is Love.

  58. Thank you so much! That was just what I needed for today!

  59. Thank you very much.
    I really needed that one today!

  60. Merci Marie......That is such a reasuring message,it can be seen how it is inspiring the Lifters....excellent comments...Thanks

  61. It should not be of any surprise, that this message was exactly what I needed to hear this morning? Just another example of God's all-knowing power. I have just been introduced to the Lift and am finding so much comfort in the daily messages; thank you from my heart.

  62. Thank you very much Marie, for the wonderful lift. Very important in our daily life.

  63. To WH questions we entertain more than we should, God gave us a WO answer with this Lift. It is, WOW! Thank you Marie for addressing doubt, confusion, or concern most of us have faced. Thank you, also, Shannon for reading the Lift in English to us. James 4:3 says we ask amiss is why we receive not, which would lead to questioning the WH's. Instead of open-end WH questions, it's time for affirmations reviewing what we've been taught in Christian Science and answer our own questions from these teachings. They made the difference, since Mrs. Eddy discovered Science, to countless people with healing results.

    To refresh, read the chapter “Recapitulation” in S&H. As we do this, we need to apply what we find, to situations that drove us to despairing questions. This is when willingness to become as a little child comes in fruitfully (Mark 10:15). Even if their simple math papers get marked with many wrongs, children listen to the teacher and work afresh. Fast forward this and there will be a scene in the future when they graduate, and what they stumbled over “back then”, is well within their grasp as they meet new questions in what will be their daily life. Even in their early school days, they don't seriously question if there is “ a Math”, or “Why does it not work for them?”. They adjust their thinking to what is taught by proven teachers, and eventually get it with right results. Certainly God is with us, too.

    25 Cenz, & #35 Steve, welcome! #52 Sharon, we're praying.

  64. Dear Marie, Thank you for sharing your insights. In the hymn # 304 “Feed My Sheep” by Mary Baker Eddy, I love the first verse, for it leads to the rights sense of direction:

    Shepherd, show me how to go
    O'er the hillside steep,
    How to gather, how to sow, —
    How to feed Thy sheep;
    I will listen for Thy voice,
    Lest my footsteps stray;
    I will follow and rejoice
    All the rugged way.

    Mrs. Eddy did not write, “where, why, what, or when to go,” but “How to go?”
    This points to the discipline of coinciding my thoughts with God, the divine Mind, and it corresponds perfectly with Moses' revelation of the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” I like to think of it this way, “Thou shalt have no other Mind, but the divine Mind for my Mind since God is infinite Mind. When my thoughts coincide with the God-thoughts, or angel thoughts, then I know I am walking in the right path, and this in itself is opening the way. (Exodus 20:3) Thank you to all , who bring about the Daily Lift!!!!

  65. Thank you, Marie, for this inspiring Lift! And thank you, Shannon, for the beautiful Reading of it! I couldn't access this Lift early this a.m. and then had to take off to teach school early! So grateful I could hear this Lift when I got home! On my 20 mile drive out into the N. Idaho Countryside, with tranquil Lake Pend'Oreille on my right side the whole way, I often listen to CD's of the Sentinel Radio Program. For some reason, today, I really got a sense that it wasn't ME that does anything, but it's always the Christ, or God's Reflection! As Jesus said, "I can of mine own self do.......Whaaat? NOTHING"!!! I realized that "Bev" is just a "mask" or "cover-up" for God's expression/reflection. From a beautiful article by Arthur P. Wuth in the Feb. 1978 Christian Science Journal: "Who am I? I am an individual spiritual consciousness. What am I? I am the image and likeness of God, a spiritual idea, an expression of the infinite, the reflection of God's being. Where am I? I am right here in God's universe, never outside His presence, control, or influence. Why am I? I exist to fulfill God's will, to bear witness to what He is, to glorify Him, to manifest His qualities. When am I? I exist at this moment, right now, always, in eternity, neither past nor future, but in the eternal now." Some good answers to the "Wh" questions!

  66. Thank you Marie for the wonderful lift.

  67. Certainly, I will be with thee. Amen.

    Thank you

  68. Thank you for the message of " Certainly I will be with thee."

  69. Merci bien, Marie! J'ecoute en retard a ce Lift, et, comme resultat, j'ai recu une berceuse!

  70. Liberal Translation from

    23. Nelly, from Uruguay says:

    Yes, we can ask ourselves: Why to me? Many times I have asked myself not in the sense of complaining, but when we become aware of the divine benevolence, its protection, care and infinite goodness and we begin to travel safely on the path that Christ offers us answering that call. He was stripped of all sense of material personality which is what slows progress.
    “I am my father are one” John 10:30.
    There is no greater proof than that and as our leader says: “This spirit of sacrifice always has saved, and still saves mankind” (Miscellaneous Writings p 261)
    I understand, it is to understand divine Love with pleasure and accept his purpose.
    Many thanks, thank you Marie

  71. Thank you, Marie. I love the truths you present for us today. Last week I kept thinking about Moses' mother. How she trusted God and followed the unfoldment to make the little ark and then having the depth of trust to actually put him in it, with sister looking on. What a divine plan!

    A question to Nate: Is there a list of Daily Lifts by title/lecturer? I can't recall titles, but seeing them would jog my memory. I'd like to start a brief journal of powerful snippets I have enjoyed over the whole Daily LIft's duration. Thank you for considering this.

    <strong>Dear Annie,
    No, at this time there isn’t a list by title and lecturer. At the <a href="http://christianscience.com/lectures/daily-lift/" rel="nofollow">Daily Lift Web page</a> you can search on lecturer names, titles and locations. Find the Search Past Daily Lifts box at the bottom of the right column. All the Daily Lifts are posted at this link and you can also scroll through them or use the “Older Lifts” tab at the bottom of the page to look through the collection. Here are all the <a href="http://christianscience.com/lectures/speakers/" rel="nofollow">lecturer names</a>.
    Your Daily Lift Team</strong>

  72. merci beaucoup Marie pour ce beau message

  73. Dear Annie,
    No, at this time there isn't a list by title and lecturer. At the <a href="http://christianscience.com/lectures/daily-lift/" rel="nofollow">Daily Lift Web page</a> you can search on lecturer names, titles and locations. Find the <strong>Search Past Daily Lifts</strong> box at the bottom of the right column. All the Daily Lifts are posted at this link and you can also scroll through them or use the "Older Lifts" tab at the bottom of the page to look through the collection. Here are all the <a href="http://christianscience.com/lectures/speakers/" rel="nofollow">lecturer names</a>.

  74. Thank you Marie. I love the message.

  75. Thank you, Marie --- I do ask a lot of those "wh" question!

  76. Thank you Marie.

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