11/16: Courage and strength

11/16: Courage and strength

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  1. The mother of Gaby Gifford, the US congresswoman shot in 2010, refused to accept that anything but good could be going on in her daughter's life.
    We all have this universal courage. It’s based in the fact that as God's image, every one of us is protected by the undivided armor of Spirit. This armor holds each one of us, our homes, our church, our world, safe in the uniting arms of God, divine Love, and no hatred or envy of any kind can separate His children from the protection of their maker.
    La madre de Gaby Gifford, la congresista de USA herida de un tiro en 2010, se negó a aceptar que algo que no sea bueno pudiera suceder en la vida de su hija.
    Todos tenemos este valor universal, Se basa en el hecho de que como imagen de Dios, cada uno de nosotros está protegido por la armadura indivisible del Espíritu. Esta armadura mantiene cada uno de nosotros, nuestras casas, nuestra iglesia, nuestro mundo, a salvo en los brazos de unión de Dios, el Amor divino, y ningún odio o envidia de cualquier tipo puede separar a Sus hijos de la protección de su creador.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, so grateful - a truly inspiring lift for this day, one to ponder and use actively in our own experience.

  3. Thanks, Ginny. A good reminder and affirmation that the kingdom of heaven is the only thing that is at hand, regardless of appearances. And the evidence is everywhere. The Master said so.

  4. Thank you, Ginny, for this lift!

    A lecture, The Availability of Divine Law, by Cecil Denton includes two similar experiences, that of Elisha and the Shunammite woman and a 20th century mom and her son.

    Courage and strength are two of our gifts from God.

  5. Many thanks Ginny for sharing that very inspiring information regarding Gloria Giffords prayers for Gabby Giffords. Yes, "We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the out‐ward sense of things." (S&H page 129). "Let childlike trust be yours today;/Uplift your thought, with courage go,/ Give of your heart's rich overflow," (Christian Science Hymnal #139.)

  6. Ginny, Thank you for the truth that God gives us all the courage and strength we can ever need.

  7. Many thanks for spreading good news! (And also for the link to the article!) -
    very encouraging indeed. People need to hear about Christian Science more often for it is always a blessing if understood and professionally applied.
    Matth.11,15: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, ...."

  8. Thank you for this inspiring, uplifting Lift. It is good to be reminded that this courage and strength, to meet whatever challenges we are faced with, is our "as expressions of God".

  9. Yes Ginny,
    This lovely generational gift of parents, teachers, neighbors, and friends who see consistent perfection in the child of God's creating are to be commended for their steadfast, persistent prayers. These prayers have their source in Good, God and can never fail.

  10. I am a 21st century step-mom and I have been learning and listening often to the idea that God is the only true Father Mother, ever present, loving, guiding and caring for each one of us, mothers too! Especially those committed to pouring out the joyful spiritual evidence of the Christ in all we see and do.Our children thrive when lifted up with encouragement, freedom, dignity, trust. The example of Gaby Gifford is inspirational to the world that Christian Science healing has the capacity to reach any human difficulty and solve it. Just holding to the idea of perfection in the light of media attention speaks so much to world opinion. Debunks any resistance through such simple clarity.The 'deeper realism' Mrs Eddy speaks about so plainly evident. A wonderful lift today, and I shall share it with my larger family - God's perfect children!Thank you so much everyone for pioneering and sharing this beautiful example of the factual evidence of Christian Science healing 'trauma'.

  11. Thanks Ginny ror sharing those healing truths. Many will be blessed!

  12. What wonderful evidence of the efficacy and universality of Christian Science prayer. Thank you

  13. What can I add? Just a heart-felt 'THANK YOU' Ginny.

  14. Thank you Ginny. What great inspiration to keep us going! Is there a link to the article? I am sure we all would like to read it.

  15. Thank you Ginny for further sharing this "modern" day proof of the validity of the Science of Christ, i.e., the ever active Life, Truth, and Love of all real being, coming to earth to meet " every human need." Now! may our gratitude for that which is good and true be realized by all of mankind, universally. May we all feel some of that same blessing as does Gaby, her mother, Gloria, and her tender and loving husband. God is All, in all and forever Good.

  16. Great lift, great article, applicable to all sorts of situations and just the inspiration I need today. Thanks again Ginny.

  17. Thank you Ginny.

  18. FABULOUS ,, I heard what the doctors are all saying about her amazing recovery, but did not know about her mother. THanks for this wonderful message, about strength and courage. :-)

  19. Thank you very much for your words and the background information. It is so interesting because this morning when I read an article in our Berlin paper about how Gabrielle Giffords is slowly learning to speak again and is being supported so beautifully by her husband, I thought "I wonder, if Christian Science is at work in this case." It all sounded like it. However, our paper does not mention anything about her religion. I am so glad to know that she will be healed completely because hate cannot touch the identity or individuality of God's beloved child. And to know that at least her mother has a strong knowledge of this fact will further the healing process.
    thank you !

  20. "We're in the presence of divine Love itself..." This is an incredible statement. I will carry this thought with me throughout the day.

    Ginny, I just read your article in a past Journal about your beloved son. What great Mother Father love you recounted in that testimony of his renewal -- love as strong as Gloria Gifford's, as she reflects divine Love for her daughter. Thank you, Ginny.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful LIFT. Reminding us that we are always in the presence of Divine Love.

  22. Bless you, Gloria Gifford, for being a reflective mother. Not only is God on your team, but more humbly, we are! Well, actually, God is the only team.

    O blest is he to whom is given
    The instinct that can tell
    That God is on the field, although
    He seems invisible.

    And blest is he who can divine
    Where right doth really lie…
    Hymn 87

  23. Oh, my God!
    How wonderful this Daily Lift is!
    It is applicable to so many situations in life where a mother can see beyond the false material evidences.
    As an example, a son might be seen as a troubled drug addicted, but a mother can, and should, and has to protest persistently against all the evidences perceived through physical senses. The same way as Jesus, we also are untitled to know the truth, and stick to the idea of perfection and harmony ALWAYS present and prevalent, never defeated, never subjected to attack of any kind.
    Thank you very much, Genny!

  24. Ginny, thank you for this beautiful reminder of our constant source of goodness and courage. Thank you always for the good you share!

  25. Ginny, thank you for this beautiful reminder of our constant source of goodness and courage. Thank you always for the good you share!

  26. Ginny, thank you for sharing this w the world. The news is full of Gaby's road to speech and recovery, but how these prayers are affecting her is not sung enough. Thank you!

  27. What a timely message as I was just reading yesterday about Gloria Giffords interview where Christian Science is mentioned frequently. Gabby's father was Jewish and her mother a Christian Scientist, so she and her sister were raised in both religions. Later Gabby chose to follow the Jewish faith. But this certainly doesn't prevent her from receiving a complete healing through her mother's steadfast love and application of the Truth in Christian Science.

    Thanks for assuring us that we all can have this same faith to meet our every need.

  28. Ginny, what an inspiring message for us all! Having just seen an amazing special presentation about Gabrielle's journey back to wholeness, and which also prominently featured the role her dear mother played in her healing process, it was especially encouraging to have this beautiful reminder that each and every one of us has access to the very same goodness and power that has facilitated Gaby's recovery and which will continue to do so. What a testament to Love! Thank you so much!

  29. When the media speaks of Gaby's recovery, we know God's power and love is evidenced as shown in this daily lift. Thank you Ginny for sharing!!

  30. Ginny, thank you so much for Your Daily Lift, and for making the article in the Arizona Star available to all. Mothers have to be able to do some really remarkable things in the name of love and lovingkindness, and yet all the time it is God Who is doing the doing. We were told this morning of a little kid who needs to be seen as spiritual and perfect right now. God has created all in His image and likeness, and "behold it is very good."
    Thank you Nate for the link up to the Arizona Star; to the back-up team, to the BoL and lecturers, and to the Lift family worldwide,

  31. Thanks for sharing this, Ginny

    Here is a link to the original article from the Arizona Daily Star website:


  32. When I heard of the shooting I, too, was sure somehow prayer as defined in Christian Science was going on so was not surprised to hear Gifford's mother was a Christian Scientist. Her remarkable recovery reminds me of when my sister was abrubtly taken to Toronto General Hospital after an eye check-up revealed a brain tumour. My mother knew only that prayer in Christian Science was effective and a Christian Science Practitioner helped my mother and father through prayer assuring them all was well and only good be the outcome. I too knew this to be so, as well, as my sister and I were going to a Christian Science Sunday School at the time. The doctors gave my mother a 50/50 chance of my sister surviving and then only with a degree of blindness. That was over 45 years ago and today she is in excellent health and very active in every way.

  33. Thank you.

  34. Good news!.......and so encouraging! Thank you.

  35. Ginny, thanks for a wonderful, inspiring and encouraging message! It is an awesome example of never ever giving up on seeing your children's perfection expressed regardless of the outward appearance! God doesn't give up on us ever! I am so grateful to know the background on her story and recovery! Thanks for your comforting words!

  36. Thank you Ginny. The thought came that with a Mother's unconditional love for her children, coupled with the unconditional love of our precious Father/Mother God for His/Her children what more can we ask. Love heals of that we can be certain as is evidenced by Gabby's continued recovery.

  37. Thank you, Ginny, for the great upLift today!

  38. I saw and heard Gabby's Mother say the words came to her, "BE STILL AND KNOW
    THAT I AM GOD", and thought at the time, she thinks like I think, she MUST know
    the God of Christian Science, not knowing she follows it, as do I. How comforting
    to really see that this most awful material picture, was turned in the Mother's thought right where it needed to be to bring about this healing of Gabby, for WE
    know that is what HEALED, turning to GOD for her strength and courage to see her daughters perfection and for ALL to be safe in HIS care.

    This surely gives me courage and hope today, as I face the day. Thank you for the
    DAILY LIFT today and EVERY day.

  39. thank you for this wonderful lift. ann

  40. That was great Ginny, thank you!

  41. Appreciate the substantial lift today. Sometimes they seem like fluff but this hits home.

  42. "Refused to accept!". We have that right of choice...not to accept what parades as law, but it really is not a law at all. God is the supreme law-giver and that is all we need to accept. What a beautiful lift today to hear that Gloria was and is able to keep letting this strength flow through her to have a wonderful effect on so many others. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and also thanks for providing the link to the article published in the Arizona Star.

  43. Dear Ginny, thank you so much for your inspiring DL. I read this article about Gloria Gifford and her daughter, and will share this with a CS friend, who has no computer and who I will meet this evening at our testimony meeting.
    And thanks all comentors for their inspiring comments!

  44. How encouraging! What a perfect message for those of us moms who are working at healing our children today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  45. Ginny, Thank you so much for this wonderful, inspiring message. As I read that Gabby's father was Jewish and her mother was a Christian Scientist. All I could think of was how blessed she, and her sister were to be raised by two loving parents. Love with a capital L = GOD. That applies to everyone not just Christian Scientists. This law of Love is universal.

  46. What a good example of Love expressed.

  47. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.

  48. Thank you Ginny for the reminder about the power of our prayers for our children. I have both my parents and grandparents that I am deeply grateful for in their consistent believing and trusting in God's protection for us. Their courage and strength was evident. I am inspired to do the same. Thank you for your teaching this morning.

  49. Lenore from the Eagle's Nest in Lakewood, OH. Thank you Ginny for reminding me of the love and prayers of my mother-in-law, a Christian Scientist and my mother, a Catholic. They were strong role models for me over the years.

  50. Thank you so much, Ginny, for today's wonderful Daily Lift. The responses from the Lifters are great and the comment from Kathy from KC is particularly meaningful as I am a Mum who is working to see my son's perfection as he deals with a challenge.

    I love this family of Daily Lifters for all their wonderful support. Thanks too Nate and his team.

  51. Right on the mark, Ginny! thank you. I am reminded of a statement made by Mrs. Eddy in Miscellany (p.160:5) that has kept me and my practice safe for 30 plus years. It is this;
    "To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science." Isn't this what Gloria is doing? Isn't this how Soul is mastering the evidences of the material senses?

  52. Thank you Ginny! What a beautiful reminder of the power of our choice of outlook not only for ourselves but for those around us as well.

  53. Thank you Ginny for such inspiring and uplifting ideas!

    I loved the idea that peace is found here and now in the Kingdom of Heaven. That all solutions can be found and decisions made with God's strength and courage, which are beautifully reflected in every one of us!

  54. I, too, am grateful Ginny for today's Lift which put a smile on my face as you mentioned Gloria Gifford being a Christian Scientist. On 20/20 this week, Gloria was asked before going into the hospital, what she was thinking. Her response was, "Be still and know that I am God." This was the first inkling that this is the kind of thinking that a Christian Scientist would be having. I pondered that statement and realized that she had to be thinking that God's presence was providing the loving, healing care that was needed on behalf of her daughter. Today's Lift was a clarification! Mahalo for your good message and the daily lifts that are so current and applicable to our daily journey Spiritward.

  55. Thanks Ginny,this is so inspiring....

  56. This Lift Opened my eyes!Thanks, Ginny! I saw on the Internet Gabby Gifford's Mom, brother, & his wife were Christian Scientists. As recovery progressed, we knew the gist of what thoughts wrapped her. Listening today, I got new thoughts on courage & strength, though was close before, when someone said we must have much more faith not to rely on docs & meds. I said then it takes more faith to believe God maybe will heal us, or maybe won't than it does to only believe God will heal. All have God given courage & strength. Like the grain of mustard seed sized faith, we don't need more. We need to use it wisely in the right direction, instead of courage & strength wasted in forging ahead in a downward spiral of health when one is not given promise of healing. If I had been seeking healing when I found CS, it would have taken courage not to try it, or not to want to learn more in case I would want to try it later. It takes courage to let the cost of medical health care deplete needed finances. It takes much to read prescription warnings of possible side effects, including heart failure. It takes courage to face the day when we've given up on hope, trying, or expecting good.This Lift encourages wise use of our God-given gift of strength & courage. We have all we need of the right supply of courage & strength to exercise God-given wisdom in using it within the kingdom of heaven. #32 Doreen, thanks for the testimony..#31 Tony, Some missed the "Here" above, you helped them.

  57. Thanks, Ginny. This message is just what I needed to hear. My dear husband just passed away. Throughout the challenges we both were going through the last 2 months, we were given strength and courage by knowing God is there surrounding us with his Love.


  59. Ginny, your Lift is so timely, as we had just watched the documentary about the Congresswoman's progress and there was footage of her mom saying, in the first awful hours after the event, that it came to her loud and clear, from the Bible passage, "Be still and know that I am God". The determination to progress in healing, actually rather rapidly, and the special, spiritual spark that Gabby Giffords radiates in the film is not only inspiring, but proof of God's eternal care.

  60. Thank you Ginny for sharing the story. I am so grateful to hear of yet another wonderful healing and proof of God's perfection in each and every experience. The hope and courage in this story is so inspirational and a great example of true mothering.

  61. Ginny you hit a home run with this "Lift". I watched Diane Sawyer's interview with Gabby, her husband and her Mother. The unflinching support that Gabby received from her family was very moving. The article touched you deeply...me too. Thank you for this beautiful, inspiring message. I am sharing it with everyone I know.

  62. Very,very lovely. Thank you so much!

  63. Thank you Ginny! I love hearing examples of people that triumphed over situations that seem emotionally over-whelming. Thus illustrating how truly dominant God's ideas of love, peace and courage really are.

  64. Thanks so much Ginny! Very inspiring. It's my birthday today and this is a lovely gift!

  65. Thank you....I was thinking about the blessing for all, including me, to hear this Lift. To feel the blessings of living in the Kingdom of Heaven. I will just wrap that thought around me today and feel blessed. Thank you.

  66. Thank you so much for sharing this with us ....


  68. Wonderful Ginny, thank you so much for your thoughts. I love this divine presence!

  69. Ginny, this is the most wonderful "lift". It is one that I will treasure and listen to again. Thank you so much. What a wonderful gift we have in Christian Science!

  70. Thank you very much Ginny

  71. Thank you, Ginny. We live in the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. Eternity is not something that exists in the far off future -- but is our present "home". We are never "outside" our eternal home in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our oneness with God.

  72. Dear Judy #55. Expect messages of comfort and love, and they will come. But please don't share them with those who do not understand.

  73. What a great reality! Active and pure ALWAYS. Thank You!

  74. I watched the 20/20 interview Monday night on Gabby Giffords and when they interviewed Gloria, the first thing she said was that "Be still and know that I am God" was the first thought that came to her when she found out Gabby had been shot. Throughout the special I had an overwhelming sense of Divine Love at work in the whole situation and it seemed very evident that Gloria was a strong metaphysician. I had the thought, "Now, there's a Christian Scientist!" and I'm happy to discover I was right. The whole family unit & Gabby's ability to let her light shine is a great example of prayer at work!

  75. Ginny, thanks very much for this example of how a firm reliance in God under very trying circumstances makes us see the spiritual reality and not be fooled by discordant appearances. I just finished a translation of an article about the story of Esther, that remarkable biblical woman showing so much courage, strength and determination in front of adversity. There is no doubt whatsoever that divine Love, God, is in care of any situation, no matter how difficult it seems to be. It encourages me and surely many others to never give up and keep our prayers active. Thanks again.

    En español

    Ginny, muchas gracias por este ejemplo de cómo una firme confianza en Dios bajo circunstancias muy difíciles nos hace ver la realidad espiritual y no dejarnos engañar por apariencias discordantes. Acabo de hacer una traducción de un artículo acerca de la historia de Ester, esa extraordinaria mujer bíblica mostrando tanto coraje, fuerza y determinación frente a la adversidad. No hay duda alguna de que el Amor divino, Dios, está a cargo de cualquier situación, no importa que tan difícil parezca ser. Me da coraje a mí y seguramente a muchos otros a nunca darnos por vencidos y mantener nuestras oraciones activas. Gracias otra vez.

  76. Thank you to all of you for your comments and for sharing your personal experiences. How touching to think of the support you are bringing to those who read these comments.
    My life is blessed when I hear of your victories and your courage... You are so vital to these lifts. Keep up the comments and the prayer commings. Our dear world is in such need of what you give.
    Big Hugs,

  77. Thank you, lovely Ginny! I have shared this with many friends and am so inspired by the power of Christian Science to heal! XOXOXO!

  78. How interesting to hear about Gloria Giffords! Especially the good thoughts you have for us. Thank you, Ginny

  79. Wow talk about God giving you just what you need when you need it! Your daily lift was it! Thank you for taking the time to do these daily lifts! I'm holding that great thought for my daughter... and refusing to accept that anything but good, based on my thought of my daughter as the perfect child of God, of divine Love could be going on in her life! Thanks! So helpful.

  80. Ginny, Your Lift must have sparked my thought, I heard you this morning, but did not look at the comments. I watched part of the 20/20 Monday and heard Gloria's first statement and that was all I needed to hear as I already knew that she is a Christian Scientist. Today my thoughts and prayerful work was based on Listening to that "still small voice" and tonight I gave a testimony about listening to and about "Be still and know that I am God". I love it when proof of One Mind is so openly presented. I love your Lift. Thank you.

  81. What a perfect lift. She refused to accept that anything but good could be going on in her daughter's life. How powerful. I so appreciate your framing of this story to highlight the spiritual, scientific, reliable truth of that statement. Thank you Ginny.

  82. Thank you! Thank you! I will keep this seed in my mind, in the Garden of Truth I call upon. It will not leave....SO inspirational-this will stay with me. One with God is the Majority!
    Much Love-

  83. As a friend mentions, what about the six people who were killed in that Arizona incident? So Giffords was saved because her mom is CS and the others, including a young girl, were killed because ... ?

    And to the commenter who talks about ignoring the "discordant appearances," I suggest you go to Detroit with that "logic" and speak to the families of the 300-plus murder victims of 2011 (and more that 3,300 since 2003).


    Thank you Garey for your care for those who suffered in this senseless act and in the 9/11 attack. The lift on courage and strength is an acknowledgement of the good that has come out of the ashes of a tragic event.

    Those who lost their lives and the families who have suffered from their loss, were not the focus of this lift but they are not forgotten or left out of the prayers of those who are rejoicing because of the good that has been found in the quick recovery of Gabby.

    Because there is good seen, there must be gratitude for that good, or the sorrow and loss would overwhelm us. When I have found healing from tragedy it has always been by focusing on what is good. When parents lose children to disease or other disasters they often start foundations in the name of their child, or they become advocates for the goodness that keeps them moving forward.

    Christian Science is a powerful way of thinking that gives hope in hard times and in good times. I am deeply grateful that Gabby and her family have the ideas that Christian Science brings to a difficult situation. They do heal.

    My husband was an Army Chaplain (retired after 32 yrs now). We have gone to those hearts in need and comforted them with the thoughts that were in that lift. We have found that the Christ speaks louder in our trials and that healing can be found in the gratitude and love we find in that voice.

    And I was in Philadelphia on 9/11/2011 lecturing on the thought that we can find freedom from the hate and fear in this world, which if unopposed by gratitude and love, would keep us from knowing that God is good and we are in the presence of that goodness now.

  84. I would like to see among these comments some recognition of the effectiveness of those medical professionals who treated the massive trauma to Congresswoman Gifford's body. In the face of the
    prohibition in Christian Science against "mixing" physical and metaphysical care, there seems to be
    an acceptance of the "mixing" in this instance. It may be within the realm of possibility that the recovery has had something to do with the medical care she received.

    Marion, I'm so grateful to hear that you acknowledge the courage and devotion of those who are caring for Gabby's physical, psychological, and emotional needs so beautifully. They are to be commended and to be thanked for their tireless care and love. It would be wonderful if each moment of care could be acknowledged in this lift. We rely on the comments to fill in the blanks.

    The spiritual ideas that Gabby's mother shared in that interview are all that the lift could address in two minutes but there is so much more to this story, I'm sure. I look forward to reading more interviews.

    I don't think of of Gabby's care as "mixing" the metaphysical and physical. Ideas (metaphysics) such as those Gabby's mother expressed when she said she thought of her daughter as, "the perfect child of God", are not based on the material sense of things and also matter isn't the basis of spiritual concepts or ideas. The physical and the spiritual are both being cared for, in this remarkable healing process and they are working in harmony, obviously. The doctors and nurses I have had the joy to work with are so very grateful for spiritual support and for people who bring faith to the situation.

    Healing happens when more of the spiritual substance of a situation comes to light and in that light the material sense of things normalizes. Healing is the appearing of more harmony, order, balance, etc. It is seen in the appearing of the untouched purity of creation as God is maintaining it.

    Holding the spiritual idea of her daughter in thought is a powerful prayer that helps and supports everyone involved, including the wonderful nurses and physicians. You might see how many times physicians and doctors are referred to in Mary Baker Eddy's book ˆScience and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

    We are all working together here. We are grateful for the expression of love in any way it appears..

  85. Lenore from Lakewood, Oh......Ordinarily I don't go back to read comments, however, today I received the article about Gloria Giffords in the AZ Star from my niece in Tucson, AZ and thought I would review some of the comments. Reading Garey's (83) remarks, I remembered my "fears" when I met my husband in college and found out that his family were CS. Needless to say, I overcame those fears after developing a relationship with my mother-in-law. Her love and strong faith over the years convinced me that I had nothing to fear. How comforting it was to always have her positive input whenever our family went through life's trials. Garey reminds me of myself when I was first introduced to CS......I think because of my fears I continually questioned my mother-in-law, however, she respected my doubt. Today my husband and I belong to a Presbyterian church but we continue to read and share with our CS family members. Thank you Ginny for your response to Garey......"when finding healing from tragedy it has always been by focusing on what is good." That is what our family learned from my husband's mother.

  86. To #83 Garey,
    Ginny's remarks to you need no amplification, but you sounded so doubting, Id like to mention Phil.4:8 is exactly what Ginny said to you. Holding to any evidence we get of such things, will touch all involved, and if not restore life as we see it, will help heal the other families.

    To #84 Marion, Ginny's remarks to you can stand alone beautifully, but may I put in my 2 cents worth, with love? From the first, the doctors stated Gabby's response was miraculous, beyond any in their experience and expectation based on past cases world-wide, with similar injuries. One thing was clear, and yet not mixing, everyone involved with medical care for Gabby treated her with love. Her responses have exceeded medical experience, so was it their medical care, or the love they, too, treated her with, in addition to Gabby's Mother,, and Gabby's husband, (which parallels Christian Science practice, if not labeled as such) the ingredient Gabby received that helped disprove all predictable results from such injuries?

  87. Psalm 118:6 reads:"The Lord is on my side, I will not fear, what can man do unto me." That was truly demonstrated in Mrs. Gifford's situation. How blessed we are when we yield to God's ever presents. Gabby's mother proved it through her daughter.

  88. Thanks for your daily lift. am blessed with it.