6/14: Healing today!

6/14: Healing today!

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  1. Great! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the 'lift'.. Your timing is impeccable. I'm FREE, I'M FREE.

  3. Thank you so much, Ginny, for the reminder that it is my God-bestowed RIGHT to be free of challenging issues and mortal limitations - physical, financial, emotional, difficult relationships, etc. This gives me encouragement to "stick to my guns," as the saying goes, to persist in claiming my rights - and to expect that my divine rights will indeed be manifest in my experience. Plus, I can claim this is true, not just for me, but for everyone. The whole world is blessed with this message as the divinely-given rights of woman, child and man are acknowledged!

  4. Thank you Ginny for that inspiring lift on healing. Yes. ",...to be so alive in expressing God's [divine Love's] wonderful qualities that nothing can stop our forward motion and our healing activity." "Prayer is the heart's sincere desire,/ Uttered or unexpressed;" (Christian Science Hymnal #284)

  5. Thank you so very very much for this beautiful lift, literally speaking too. It has made my day.

  6. Wonderful Ginny! Thank you.

    When someone shares a healing it gives others more confidence and courage in their own healing work. That's what you did for me. (=

  7. Thank you very very much for this beautiful lift, literally speaking too. It has made my day!

  8. Thank you very very much for this beautiful lift - literally speaking too.
    It has made my day.

  9. Thank you so much. A reinforcement of our true self, body untouched by any human event , qualities that are always ours by reflection our Divine inheritance. I feel really blessed and truly uplifted daily by these daily lifts. Bless you all.

  10. Thank you so very, very much, dear Ginny for you healing message, to go forward no matter what in order to express Gods lovely qualities.

  11. Wow, Ginny! Thank you for sharing that wonderful example and making so clear how God's law of healing and harmony works and can be brought to bear in our lives. I had a quick healing too, this morning, after several days of nagging cold symptoms, so I've been rejoicing all day (it's evening in Australia now) over what Christian Science gives us all. Love to you!

  12. We have the power to control our thinking, we are the expression of God and have the divine right to claim our wholeness and that of those we love. We are free, whole, upright no matter what the claim is. "Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us?" Mal. 2:10
    MBE alert us: ”Citizens of the world, accept the "glorious liberty of the children of God," and be free” S&H 227:24 We can reverse any negative process!!! Nothing can stop our forward motion and our healing activity.
    ESPAÑOL: Tenemos el poder de controlar nuestro pensamiento, somos la expression de Dios y tenemos el derecho divino de reclamar nuestro entereza y la de aquellos a quienes amamos. Somos libres, íntegros, rectos sea cual fuera el reclamo. “¿No tenemos todos un mismo padre? ¿No nos ha criado un mismo Dios?” Malaquías 2:10
    MBE nos alerta: “Ciudadanos del mundo, ¡aceptad la "libertad gloriosa de los hijos de Dios" y sed libres!” CyS 227:25
    ¡Nosotros podemos revertir cualquier proceso negativo! Nada puede detener nuestra marcha hacia adelante y nuestra actividad sanativa.

  13. How beautifully put! I am so grateful for that wonderfully clear message - and indeed so grateful for the teachings of Mrs Eddy.

  14. What a wonderful lift to the day! With so much to do in our busy lives it is good to be reminded that we can go forward and be free! Yeah

  15. Thank you, Ginny, for an inspiring testimony & Lift combined. Your inclusion of the word “today” in the title is so important and with Biblical basis. I've learned in Christian Science, Jesus' healings are more than just a specific healing. He shows & tells us so much more. It wasn't enough that he healed a woman who couldn't lift herself up from a problem she'd had 18 years, he stressed that healing should be today, not after the weekend, no matter if on a Holy Day (Luke 13). Clearly since the problem had been a longstanding one, it was just as important to Jesus that she receive her healing right then, as much so as if it had been what is called an emergency case. Borrowing from Mr. Talcott's Lift yesterday on watching God work, he reminded us of John 5, where Jesus did what he saw the Father do. Jesus told us in John 14 that we could do what he did. That means we don't just heal, but are to expect healing today. The quotes of Mrs. Eddy on accidents are cherished by me, and have helped reverse injury and even more often have stopped a physical claim of injury or pain before it had time to announce itself as a claim, stopping a testimony of healing from being needed. That thought made me realize one reason people aren't drawn to CS by testimonies like they were in the early days, is because Christian Science became so effective that what it protects us from isn't manifested by physical evidence.

  16. This is one to engrave in marble and put over the mantlepiece.
    Thank you infinitely for this inspiration.

  17. Thanks so very much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you Ginny. One does not have to fall to be hurt. A emotional hurt can be inflicted on a child and that hurt colours ones life for many many years. Your freeing words bring relief so dearly sought and give purpose as I too go about my healing activities. Expressing Gods healing qualities. Many thanks

  19. That daily lift was so very help ful and just what I needed I am so grateful for this and all the daily lifts Thankyou

  20. Thank you Ginny for sharing that lovely experience. Recently I too, had a quick healing after a fall and know just how wonderful it feels to be free of pain so quickly when Truth reverses the effect of what appears to have happened. Mrs Eddy gives us several very helpful passages in Science and Health like the one you quoted. One on page 476/7 was a great help to me.
    where she says" Truth and Love reign in the real man showing that man in God's image is unfallen and eternal" and a thought from Psalms 145:14.."The Lord upholdeth all that fall........."How good to know that turning thought to God brings instant relief.

  21. Thanks so much. I keep sayng to myself when "accidents" occur while cooking,
    or falling down while walking on an uneven pavements, I proclaim "there is no impefectin in perfection and accidents are unknown to God hence to his children.
    This helps me tobe free...

  22. Refreshing, so encouraging.What a wonderful thought for the day.Thank youu Ginny

  23. I love that "nothing can stop our forward motion". Thank you, Ginny! Have a forward moving day, everyone!


  25. Thanks Ginny for such a wonderful message with so much meaning to me today.

  26. Thank you, Ginny. Just last week, as I was walking a neighbor's dog..heading down a rather steep, winding and narrow sidewalk, my foot buckled under me - (and man, it hurt) and I felt myself falling into the street as the dog was still pulling me. Many fearful thoughts raced through my head (as the cars speed around those curves) when - just like that - what I heard myself thinking was: "Thank you, God, for keeping me upright on my feet." I never fell and it was more than human effort that kept me from falling. It took me a minute to really digest what had just happened and the natural and effortless way that angel thought came to me seemed like a miracle. God's angels truly lifted me up in their hands!

    As second reader in church, I start each morning with much gratitude and prayer for myself, family, neighbors, church and world....and combined with the prayer's of others (for the same)....I felt the effects.

  27. Thank you for this really great healing Lift, Ginny. "To discover ourselves and those we love to be free, whole, and upright" is certainly everyone's spiritual birthright and our constant prayer. Some friends from Sweden were visiting and we went to an island for a few days. We were driving in a small car on a road with lots of bends, and dinner became the subject being discussed. I really wished they would change the subject. But I kept praying to claim my dominion - my God-given dominion, and while they went in to buy dinner, I stayed outside to pray. By the time they returned all was well, and I was able to enjoy dinner with them. We can absolutely count on the healing benefit of prayer at any moment. We really do "accept the glorious liberty of the children of God" and are free!
    Thank you Nathan, for the great intro, and thanks to the lecturers and this remarkable world family of Lifters.

  28. Wonderful! Deepest thanks, Ginny, and also Edwin (#18)!!

  29. Very inspiring Ginny. Good healing.

  30. Thank you.

  31. Tha nk you, yes we can be free from all that is not like God our Father Mother. We are Free. Thanks to all the Lifters.

  32. Thanks so much for the great Lift this morning, Ginny...I like how it focuses our thought on the expectation of perfection right NOW ! It made me think of
    i John 3- where it says "Behold NOW are we the son sons of God..."
    I like what several Lifters said about the idea of refersing the error- #12 & #20

    Mary Baker Eddy's statement of pg.14 of Science and Health "Entirely seperate from the belief and dream of material living.." came to thought when thinking of this Lift...giving us "authority" to claim our dominion NOW !
    It's great to be in the company of metaphysical thinkers each morning... Thank you to the Daily Lift Team and all the Lifters!

  33. Beautiful. Thank you!

  34. Thank's a Lot for the uplifting thoughts. Today I Need to Stack our Firewood and will Know that I'm free from accident.

  35. As Gods' children...we are all FREE to employ Divine Loves' healing might...I am...WE ALL ARE...free to do so....! Thanks for the healing reminder Ginny...!

  36. Thank you for this beautiful Lift Ginny. The reminder to be free is one I needed this morning and look forward to useing it to find healing in every moment today! Thank you again!

  37. After the day I had yesterday, this is a blessing. Thank you;

  38. Thank you, you're just what the doctor ordered!!!!

  39. Thank you Jinny, God's will is for us to express Him, so let us read the will and claim our heritage.

  40. Young horses can loose their concentration when they are first being ridden and when they realize that some"thing" is on them, they panic and launch into a serious buck. I recall one such youngster doing this with me, launching me energetically from his back. Without really thinking, I retained hold of the reins with one hand. His running backward from the projectile passing his head had the wonderful effect of jerking me upright and landing me on my feet. He was astonished when I exclaimed "What are you doing?" and got back into the saddle.

    Christian Science is like holding onto the reins so you can land on your feet.

    Think of Jacob "But the patriarch, perceiving his error and his need of help, did not loosen his hold upon this glorious light until his nature was transformed" S&H308:26

    Thanks Ginny for sharing your experience of "reversing the process" by holding on to the reign (hey hey) of Truth "I am free".

  41. Hi Ginny
    Thanks for the quick healing, shows God is a very present help in trouble, and that we don't have to let something go on and on.

  42. for this great Lift , Ginny. Always find your Lifts to be so encouragin ..this is one to use Daily.. Thank you again Ginny.

  43. Thanks for this timely message. I need to save this one along with the other inspiring comments.

  44. I love the icicle melting in the sunshine metaphor, Ginny. What occasionally keeps me from moving forward and healing a relationship, work situation or challenge of any kind is feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed and without the spiritual resolve to move forward (perhaps comment number 18), despite the material condition. Mary Baker Eddy demonstrated healing, courage and a zest for knowing that all is good right now, at every step of her amazing career and we can, as well.

    Letting go of past hurts also works well with the icicle metaphor. The sun or the warming rays of God's ever present, abundant love can and will melt a heart grown cold if one allows spiritual light to penetrate and wash away any and all past injustice, pain or misgivings.

    A profound metaphor, to be sure. And an important Daily Lift. Thank you.

  45. Thank you, simple and clear.

  46. I am so grateful for this daily lift. I needed my thought to be lifted to its rightful place today and now it is! I'm free! Thanks again.

  47. Ginny, your quick healing is really what is such an important part of what we are doing in Christian Science! And Nancy #40 from Yellow Springs, your words painted such a perfect picture of what you experienced that any reader could easily FEEL what you were discribing: holding on to the reins for God to pull you to your feet. Beautifully written.

  48. Thank you, dear Ginny. "Nothing can stop our forward motion and our healing activity." Yea, God!

  49. Thanks Ginny for this loving, inspiring Lift. Thanks to John #2 for your gift of Freedom and Love. And thanks to Edwin #18 your message brings Joy to my day GOD BLESS.

    Last Monday while out doing my daily trecking I went over on my ankle. MBE's message came to me and I was without pain and able to move forward with my busy week schedule.

    I am so greatful for Mary Baker Eddy's, SandH With Key to the Scriptures

  50. I loved your lift, Ginny !
    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  51. Thanks so much GInny. I am so grateful for Mary Baker Eddy's reminder that God's love is all-inclusive as she states "citizens of the world". Feeling close, protected and loved by God is a universal right. xoxo ~ Jen

  52. Thanks for sharing that healing, and thanks for all the receptive and perceptive comments. I have had several similar healing experiences using that same process and passage from Science and Health.
    It is claiming the presence of Spirit, challenging the power and the way of matter or the flesh that does the work. We know the way "and the truth shall make you free."
    This same activity of the Christ can bring freedom from other conditions that would limit our freedom and quality of life. Here is a link to a video of a singing competitor in South Korea facing great challenges with no visible means of support.


  53. Thank you for the encouragement of healing
    now, and right here at home.
    It was great to hear someone else say
    "the reason why" we are unhurt.

  54. Beautiful, Ginny! Also, thanks, DL musicians for the gentle guitar strumming! In the middle of studying the Chrisitian Science Bible Lesson for this week, I stopped to check for the Daily Lift. It fits so perfectly with what the Lesson is saying! We truly are not evolved from matter, but our evolution is spiritual, it is a constant unfoldment of Spirit, Mind, Good! Our only job is to evolve spiritually in thought - to see what has been here along and what has been our identity from eternity. This is living in Spirit and experiencing only God's creation where we are safe and Freeeeeeeeee!!!!

  55. Number 40, I really had to chuckle and I will remember to hold on to the C.S. reins so I can land on my feet no matter what the problem. I love everyones contribution to the lift, we are so fortunate to have this beautiful idea to enjoy everyday. Bless you all

  56. Wonderful! This wonderful message should be broadcast on the radio and TV for those listeners who believe in the power of medicine only----these good, perfect healing thoughts should be spread to all who seek help!
    Thank you.

  57. Thanks Ginny ! That was so clear and simple! Thanks also Nancy from Yellow Springs - you are a fearless reflection!

  58. Hi Ginny, Such a great Lift. Like is written in Science and Health:In Science, all being is eternal, spiritual, perfect, and harmonious in every ACTION! Indeed nothing can stop our forward motion.........Many Thanks, Kathy

  59. WOW! How I needed to hear that now, to be reminded of this significant and powerful truth!
    Yes, I´m free and so are my fellows throughout the world!
    Thank you so much, Ginny!

  60. Hi Ginny, thank you so very very much for this beautiful lifting idea, literally speaking too. It has made my day!

  61. Thank you. The simplicity of the message made it easy to understand.

  62. Libres, absolutamente libres es tal la grandiosidad de esa realidad que nos permite elegir el camino y trasitar por él sin problemas ya que los problemas se originan en desconocerlo.
    Hay una canción que canta Nino Bravo que dice: "Como el sol cuando amanece yo soy libre" y de la misma manera que no hay poder humano que pueda evitar que salga el sol tampoco hay poder que pueda coartar la libertad con que Dios nos ha equipado.
    "Conoceréis la Verdad y la Verdad os hará libres" Juan: 8
    "Estad, pues, firmes en la libertad con que Cristo nos hizo libres" Gálatas:5
    "El comprender espiritualmente que no hay sino un sólo creador, Dios revela toda la creación, confirma las Escrituras" MBY

    Y esta confirmación nos hace libres... de hecho, de derecho y en Verdad.

    Muchas gracias, Ginny, Thank

  63. Thank you for your clear "lift."

  64. a pratical science - for daily use - wonderful!

  65. A big overflowing THANK YOU to all the "citizens of the world" who sent out this lift, and have magnified it via comments.

    Ginny, the easy, natural joy in your voice as you spoke those words of healing just echoed in my heart and thoughts.

    And all the comments that caught those notes of joy and lifted them even higher. . . yes, to those who talked about hurts other than physical, sometimes experienced in mortal childhood and coloring all the succeeding years. I know well what you speak of. I daily claim my eternal birthright as a child of God, loved by Father-God, nurtured by Mother-God, and therefore FREE from any crippling effects. Free from being shaped by a mortal dream of life in matter. It certainly takes clarity and consistency, because I can still slip into working metaphysically within the dream, wrestling spiritually with the lie that my human experience hurt me and I need to recover. Then I WAKE UP from that dream, and redirect my prayerful efforts to knowing God and His infinite nature better, and drawing all I know about me, from Him. Ah, now THIS is freedom . .

    my love to you all on this blessed day.

  66. Thank you for this Lift. You make it sound simple. And it is! So....why do I seem to struggle? HA! Mortal Mind is laughable that is for sure. I have been working with Adam H. Dickey's God's Law of Adjustment. It just reminds me so much that all we have to do is to put our thought into alignment with Divine Mind, we don't need to know how God's laws will be carried out. And Adam Dickey says that the trouble with us is that we want to know exactly how this law will be carried out and just how God is going to help us. "God, when will you heal me?" ha. I absolutely love the testimony that is on the recorded CD that follows the article. It is by Roland...I can't remember the last name at the moment, but he describes how he became trapped by his own hands when he was working one cold day in December in the hull of a ship with swash lids.All kinds of mental suggestions came to him, the worst being would he survive? He said that a fierce mental battle took place in his thought and that it didn't end easily or quickly but what is so amazing is that he met every single carnal mind ed suggestion that came to him, with the Truth. And he said, thank God he knew the Truth. Hearing that testimony over and over again has given me great courage to meet every lying suggestion that comes to my thought with the Truth. And then the right and necessary adjustment cannot help but happen. I am expecting this. This is what you did, Ginny. Thank you for sharing.

  67. Today and right now--is the right time for Healing!
    I love this!
    We do have the divine right to healing!
    Nothing (and no one) can withstand (or prevent) the omnipotence of LOVE which obliterates absolutely everything unlike itself!
    This is our promise from God through the prophets, including Mary Baker Eddy!
    Thanks very much, Ginny!

  68. Ginny, this was a great example of putting into practice Mrs. Eddy's instruction in Science and Health on healing the effects of accidents by immediately reversing the suggestion that something bad has happened causing injury. And Science and Health also says to act as if we possess complete dominion and authority over error, which we in fact do have!

    I too had the opportunity to prove this some time ago when suddenly faced with a knee injury. The healing came immediately. I got up and walked declaring the truth aloud with each step. I felt the joint come into complete and perfect adjustment right away. There were no after-effects, no lingering symptoms. My gratitude is unbounded for the immense practicality of Christian Science in healing and redemption - all part of a full salvation. All this comes from Christ Jesus' teaching in the Gospels, and made clear by Christian Science.

  69. Thank you dear Ginny for the dear, precious lift this morning.
    I needed to hear what you had to say, each word. I was on the "pity pot" so to speak and I was instaneously lifted above the dark clouds. Hymn 64 comes to me where it says, "my heart is singing I have found the way."
    I love these Daily LIfts and I am so grateful for the inspiration and love they give to us. Thank you again. I am so grateful for all the good God is giving to the world. God bless all who are sharing with mankind.

  70. There's an old saying..."freedom isn't free" that implies we have something to do too. Your work, in a few moments there on the steps, of affirming your spiritual nature as God's perfect idea brought that freedom into your experience as surely as night yields to day. The scientific definition of "day" is, "the irradience of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love."(Science and Health page 584:1). The darkness of falling and injury yielded to the light of Life and saved your day. Well done!

  71. "A grateful heart a garden is...." a line from one of our hymns..so I'm a garden today, grateful for all these lovely inspiring thoughts and for everyone who takes time to write in a thank you. #44-Joel, your entry touches my heart; thanks for sharing. And Ginny, a big thank you too for this very helpful lift today, applicable to everyday, as so many here has said. #40 from Yellowsprings, your quote from page 308:26 came as a healing message as I'd been interrupted by a phone call while reading the lift responses and was the perfect healing thought needed in response to that unexpected call. "Before they call, I will answer..........." I'm humbly grateful. thank you all.

  72. And why not! I was lifted so high and landed on my feet. Thanks to Ginny and the other contributors.

  73. What amazing comments today! Thank you all for your kind embrace of the ideas in this healing lift and your embrace of each other. It is so apparent that the community spirit is alive and powerful.
    United in our love of good, we will find that the power and presence of God is indeed adequate to heal and bless, to feed and care for each of His/Her loved children and that nothing can close or eyes to this truth.
    Blessings to each of you today. You are loved!


  74. Thank you for that. I like "Accidents are unknown to God" and I think this is very nice because I recently went roller skating and kept slipping.

  75. Thanks Ginny,your lift reminded me of an incident of my falling down from staircase seven -eight days back which I had forgotten totally.My healing was instantaneous because I didn't accept the mortal mind's suggestion that I had fallen.Healing is our birthright.It also reminds me Hymn -"O ,dreamer leave thy dreams for joyful waking" .Yes, We must leave the mortal dreams of sickness,accidents, lack etc.Thanks again for wonderful lift.

  76. Thank you for this wonderful Lift! The title, "Healing today!" reminds us that healing is processless. We can't be experiencing anything else. "Now are we the sons of God."

    Thanks Daily Lift team for this daily dose of healing ideas.

  77. I forgot to mention in the comments on Adam H. Dickey's article, God's Law of Adjustment, in regards to the testimony that follows the article on CD, this gentleman found his freedom and received direct instructions in his consciousness on how to undo the bolts that were holding him captive, but ONLY after he totally gave it all over to God. A total willingness to relinquish how he thought he should get out, etc. Just a complete and utter reliance on God. I love to think of this. God indeed, is the the only power. God wants us to rely on Him. And he helps us.

  78. Thanks Ginny I am learnig all the time

  79. Very interesting and useful lift. Thank you very much Ginny.

  80. Thank you dear Ginny for the Lift and the sweet reminder in #73.

    There are two issues that are definitely out of my ability to control (and truly all issues are beyond "my" control), both taking place in other states. Knowing that God's dear love is the only STATE of being is such a sense of release and expectation of good, bolstered by each and every dear sharing. What a blessing to know that this is simply animal magnetism or the nothingness of nothing, while justice and the freedom of purity are real, active and alive.

  81. A wonderful Daily Lift--thank you Ginny. And Gary from Nanaimo, the link was certainly worth tuning in to, a God-given talent. Thank you and blessings to all.

  82. Thanks to you Ginny, my old class-mate! The refusal to knuckle under to the demands of animal magnetism is a big step towards being free! Our Leader stated: "Mind governs the body, not in one instance but in every instance!" (para-phr.) And our acknowledgment of this fact heals right now!

  83. Like the three Hebrew boys, we can pass through furnace experiences without even the smell of smoke-the memory of the experience being accidental or deliberate.

  84. Thank you for the powerful reminder to help with big challenges!

  85. Ginny, those clear uncompromising words: '...I am the expression of God...', '...I am free...', '...today...'. are wonderful ideas that make me give thanks for the healing power of Christian Science, which is the same power that Jesus expressed so long ago, healing the sick and the sinner, the same power that helped Mary Baker Eddy to be healed and to heal others, not so long ago, the same power that is available to all mankind today. Let's celebrate this never ending healing!

    En español

    Ginny, esas palabras claras e inflexibles: '... Soy la expresión de Dios...' '...Soy libre...' '...hoy...' son
    magníficas ideas que me hacen dar gracias por el poder sanador de la Ciencia Cristiana, que es el mismo poder que Jesús expresaba hace tanto tiempo, sanando al enfermo y al pecador, el mismo poder que ayudó a Mary Baker Eddy a sanarse y a sanar a otros, no hace mucho tiempo, el mismo poder que está disponible para toda la humanidad hoy en día. ¡Celebremos esta curación sin fin!

  86. Ginny, thanks for the gentle reminder that healings do not have to have a recuperation period, but can be quick and permanent! Every moment of our days can be filled with glorious moments of God's constant, quick and powerful care. It is so comforting to know that no matter the circumstance or challenge God's word and inspiration can come to "our rescue" to meet every need....

  87. Ah, love it. How the thought is more powerful than the 'accident' itself! Revolutionary! Thank you for sharing your own healing experience Ginny. I love to get a glimpse into those moments.

  88. Thanks Ginny and all - - - Grateful #26: your experience of protection remineded me of encouragement given by our cross-country coach when I was a student at Georgia Tech. Sometimes it can seem difficult to keep going when running long distances in competition. He told us: "to just keep falling forward and catching ourselves." He was not just our coach, but the Dean of Students, and had been on the campus longer than any other faculty member. I am also so grateful for those who share their insights gained over many years of experiences, healing, and facing challenges.

  89. Thank you for this Daily Lift and the topic of Divine healing, as I listened several times and took notes. I had too, as 7:30am I heard God say to call a family member and they had a migraine headache and didn't know if they could go to work. They relied on Christian Science treatment and got to work. All day I followed up and they were finally able to laugh and eat.

    Then I called another family member and they were weak, and not in good shape, but they had been to the clinic the day before doing bloodwork. They wanted my prayers, but I struggled that to me this wasn't Christian Science treatment, because it was medical. I was able to understand that the spiritual facts did not change, so that was my focus. Calling back later, they felt better.

    I thank you and all the lecturers that give so freely. I am thankful for the online lectures too. And I am thankful for the daily lifter that said last week to listen to the Kathy Chica CS ( spelling could be wrong-but you go to Spirituality.com and it is there being advertised) audio chat.

    The spiritual resources the Mother church gives are much appreciated and needed. I forgot another healing today, as my husband and I were talking in the morning, I asked a question and I had no idea that he would start crying.
    I don't know what I said but he remembered his grand mom and shed tears. We had to pray because he needed to feel good and calm. Tonight he says he is fine. Thank you for getting me through this day.

  90. Thank you Ginny. This is just what Christian Science is...God's omnipotent presence at all times and circumstances. Such a wonderful Daily Lift!

  91. thank you Ginny, as always you message and healing are such a blessing to all who receive them.
    Have a blessed God-centered day,
    Your friends in WV and a big hug and love to you!

  92. Thank you very much!

  93. Thank you Ginny!

  94. Thank you Ginny
    What a great Daily Lift there is just SO much here
    Your healing was so inspiring…
    I love it that you knew to get up (even though the body (mortal mind) was still fighting the claim)
    And your thought being…. I am free I am free …turning away from the body into Mind and being healed
    Can’t wait to share with my children and a new friend new to CS…
    great simple (BIG) example of healing
    It is our divine right to be free….at peace whole upright, love that!
    Thank you Ginny

  95. Thanks you so uch /ginny!t was needed at this moment!

  96. Thank you so much Ginny. What caught my attention and finally healed me is your statement: "Thinking about healing not only is it possible. It is our divine right to be healed....."

  97. How uplifting and true. Thank you for alerting us to remember it is not only our ability but our right to expect and receive healing.

  98. Thank you, Ginny, for sharing the "cutting log" healing. I love to hear about healings. I read a wonderful article by Mr. Talbot called "withdrawl your consent" and in essance that is what you did when you declared that you were not hurt and were free. You withdrew your consent from the material picture. Thanks again. Joyce

  99. Ok, I'm reading this four days later....don't always get my lifts right away. But, I'm still lifted up. That's an understatement. I needed this lift right here at this moment today. Today is an eternal idea---meaning now, right?
    Ginny, this was so needed. Life giving. I printed it out and have posted it on my computer to read frequently. LOVE IT. Thanks.

  100. Thank you all again for your comments and for telling of your healing experiences. #75 from India thank you! It is a joy hearing from our global family, from each of you wherever you are. #99 "eternal" is a wonderful sense of unlimited good when considered in light of God as good.

    A study of this word and other unlimiting ideas, beginning with the dictionary then the Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (in case you are not a student of Christian Science), is a wonderful way to expand thought and find greater freedom both mentally and physically. I do this often when struggling with a challenge. New views enlighten and bring healing.
    With love to each of you,

  101. I love hearing of healings that take place right then. Love is just Love! It's so simple! Thanks!

  102. Thought is more powerful than words-- thank you!

  103. Thank you , very clear and healing.

    Thank GAry for Choi Song Bong..very moving, stirs thought about
    creativity everywhere.

  104. Oh thank you so very much for that lift. I m in such need of it.

  105. Thanks Ginny.

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