2/22: Have you signed your contract?

2/22: Have you signed your contract?

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  1. Thank you for this Daily Lift. The contract is Hebrews 8:10-11...For this is the covenant that I will make with the
    house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will
    put my laws into their mind, and write them in their
    hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to
    me a people: 11 And they shall not teach every man his
    neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the
    Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.

  2. Hi Frank,

    Thanks. It is so important to back-up inspiration with a firm agreement to go forward and never to slip back.


  3. Wunderbar, Frank! Thank you so much. What a great way of putting it. I've just made sure to sign my "contract" in prayer, and will remember we have to do this every day! So needed, especially in the face of another so-called "natural" disaster in the news (earthquake in New Zealand). ALL things ARE possible to God! Thank you again.

  4. I started by declaring in Mrs Eddy's woeds: God is everywhere and nothing apart from Him is present or has power". Now I need to sign the contract and realise that His power includes me! Thank you for reminding me. That was great.

  5. I am well reminded now. Simple, all good way of setting forth in unity with Love, Life and Truth for the day and its work.
    Thank you Frank for this timely help to the start of a new day which "God hath made."

  6. Thanks for the will.

  7. Thanks Frank for a really helpful Lift. I like the thought of giving our consent, that with God all things are possible. Too often, instead of agreeing that we are one with God, we give our consent to the false belief that man can be separated from God, good; that circumstances are working against us, bringing frustrations and unhappiness, which sometimes manifest themselves as physical problems.. How much better to sign our contract with God agreeing to the spiritual fact we can never be separated from the power and presence of divine Love, which holds us as His unblemished, pure, expression, forever free and complete, having the dominion we were given in the beginning.

  8. Thank you Frank for that inspiring lift. Yes, "With God [Love], all things are possible". "Things deemed impossible I dare,/ Thine is the call and Thine the care," (Christian Science Hymnal #190)

  9. Wonderfully put. Thank u very very much. Here I go, signing my contract.

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful Lift, Frank. For me the most important part of this Lift is signing the contract each and every new day. This is something we can't just take for granted. There can appear to be so many excuses - and none of them a reason - why the signing is not done or delayed. But then, as you say, our prayers are ineffective until we do sign - willingly and without prevarication. I think there were a few years there when my contract stayed in the drawer. But I did sign it and the way really opened up. Yes, I do think we have to renew our contract every day and sign afresh each morning. It's agreeing to let God be God.

  11. I just received a e-mail about a contract or agreement, reminding me that I should agree to its new terms by a certain date. I was appreciative of the reminder. The next e-mail that popped up was the daily lift . I was so grateful to be reminded of God's wonderful promise to me: that I (and all) shall know him - and all the great ways in which I was already experience the fulfilment of this promise. In signing (reaffirming) this each day I see and experience more and more of this, one set of terms and conditions that never cease to bless!! In a way I am accepting the blessing, receiving it. Thanks for this great lifting up of thought, so glad I signed up for the Daily Lift - and thanks to all the team.

  12. Although we don't always remember to sign the contract with God, He already did made us more than partners, made us part of Himself, his own image and likeness. MBE reminds us in one of our textbook's most valuable tool, the platform, "God, the divine Principle of man, and man in God's likeness are inseparable, harmonious, and eternal... God and man are not the same, but in the order of divine Science, God and man coexist and are eternal. God is the parent Mind, and man is God's spiritual offspring" S&H 336:25
    “As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God
    and man, Father and son, are one in being” S&H 361:16
    ESPAŇOL – Aunque no siempre nos acordamos de firmar el contrato con Dios, El ya nos ha hecho más que socios, nos hizo parte de sí mismo, Su propia imagen y semejanza.
    MBE nos recuerda en una de sus herramientas más valiosas, la declaración de principios en nuestro libro de texto, “Dios, el Principio divino del hombre, y el hombre a semejanza de Dios son inseparables, armoniosos y eternos... Dios y el hombre no son una y la misma cosa, pero en el orden de la Ciencia divina, Dios y el hombre coexisten y son eternos. Dios es la Mente paterna, y el hombre es linaje espiritual de Dios” CyS 336:26
    “Tal como una gota de agua es una con el mar, un rayo de luz uno con el sol, así Dios y el hombre, Padre e hijo, son uno en el ser” CyS 361:16

  13. I love the way you put it Frank - signing our end of the contract with God by giving our consent to see God's work manifested in our individual experience. At the beginning of Science and Health [page 1], Mrs. Eddy calls this 'an absolute faith', 'a spiritual understanding', 'an unselfed love'.
    That is certainly the right way to pray.
    Thank you.

  14. Grateful thanks Frank, for a really helpful LIFT. I always start each day by turning to God, and in future I shall remember to dot the i's and cross the t's in a water-tight contract.
    Thanks, too, to no.11, Elena - your comments are always helpful

  15. Thank you, Frank, for this enlightening Lift. It is good to be reminded that this is a daily contract and must be acknowledged every day. Today I am about my Father's business and He/She directs the activities of my day. I, of myself, can do nothing but with God all things are possible. Like someone once said: "God is my Life and He/She is doing the living of it." Thanks so much. Lorrie

  16. only by signing in to the contract we are able to receive all the blessings of our divine nature. It is a pleasure to wake up each morning knowing that a new contract from God is already awaiting us. Thanks for the deeply inspiration through the daily lift.

  17. Agradezco este Daily Lift, Frank.
    Nuestro pacto con Dios es indisoluble, permanente, eterno, ya que no hay nada que lo pueda romper y destruir. "Me invocará, y yo le responderé; con él estaré yo en la angustia; lo libraré y lo glorificaré. Lo saciaré de larga Vida, y le mostraré mi salvación" Salmo 91. Eso es más que una promesa es un pacto eterno que Dios nos está dando." Para los que se apoyan en el infinito sostenedor, el día de hoy está lleno de bendiciones" CyS. VII, las palabras de la Sra. Eddy son también como un pacto entre Dios y nosotros porque dice claramente que si nos apoyamos en Él no necesitamos nada más. Eso también quiere decir que cada uno de nosotros puede escuchar la guia divina para eso nos envío al Cristo y a la Ciencia Cristiana para que apoyados en sus enseñanzas fueramos abriendo la mente a las realidades eternas y pudieramos comprender que somos un canal abierto de comunicación con Dios tanto la Biblia como la Sra. Eddy lo confirman, escuchémoslo y dejemos que obre en nosotros. "Es Dios, el Ser Supremo, la Mente infinita e inmortal el alma del hombre y el universo" NyS p.1 que duda podemos tener que más podemos pedir.

  18. Thank you, and may God grant me the" faith as a grain of mustard seed" to do this.

  19. Yes! And this contract is binding in only the most wonderful ways! Thank you for this lovely lift.

  20. Thank you for this concept. I have been struggling to do this for months. I seem to be able to trust for some situations and not others, because healings are being demonstrated, but struggles and discouragement still seem to challenge me.

  21. Thanks for this Frank, never gave it a thought before but always assumed this contract was always signed. But signing it each day will keep it fresh and current. Thanks no;12 and in furtherance to say that M.B.E. wrote "that pray that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that ALL things are possible to God". Lets ensure we have a clause to this effect in our daily contract with God. ALL things are possible, even that which we never have thought possible is?


  23. Thanks to you, Frank, and to your friend for this simple clear reminder of our agreement with God, good, and nothing else. A binding contract on both parties. A commitment to join together, a united purpose and fulfillment. The world needs our wholehearted devotion to Love.

  24. God's work is done, and I am agreeing to see only that which is true about God's creation. After having a wonderful morning meal of spiritual truths from the Bible lesson, I top it off by listening to the Daily Lift. These lifts are so inspiring...I thank you all. I also want to thank all my "friends" around the world as they express gratitude and add to this inspiration through their own comments. What a wonderful support we are for each other.

  25. I am so grateful that I signed my contract with our church. As Peter sad "Thou art the Christ" Against this church the "gates of hell" ( from this week's lesson) - no evil thought or action of any sort, any channel, shall prevail, against its mission or its adherents. A wonderful message this morning, Frank.

  26. Thank you,Frank. I want to sign my contract with God. May He show how!

  27. Yes, I've signed my contract and so grateful for this Church founded upn the rock. Thank you.

  28. What a fresh new way of helping me to realize I can let go of my personal ideas of how things should be in my life and giving the reigns to God. Thanks!

  29. Thank you for this Lift. I know that there is just one household which is God's, and we live and move and have our being in God's house.

  30. Thank you great idea. I just signed the contract!

  31. This morning after doing my lesson, and dwelling on the 3rd section of the woman with the issue of blood, I had to clear my conciousness of many other issues of erroneous thoughts, After hearing the Daily Lift I I know that all things are possible to God , and that I am blessed pure and innocent. Thankyou

  32. KISPO (keep it simple Perfect One) for "Simplicity is the mark of true greatness" (Indianapolis News, c. 1954). Especially for contract terms such as these: He blesses us; we glorify Him. We do the validating with each thought of love, gratitude and obedience to Truth.

    Thank you Frank for today's reminder for us to perform our obligation to this unencumbered contract of love reflecting Love.

  33. What an inspiring an original way of looking at our connection to God - to sign a contract each and every morning with Him to make ALL things possible! I can certainly agree to that. I always agree that God is everywhere and nothing apart from Him is present or has power.

  34. Thank you for this inspiriing lif for today and every day.

  35. This takes me back to my first year of law school...and puts a whole new, spiritual, spin on contracts. Many thanks, Frank. Have a good week, everyone

  36. Beautiful and Clear, Frank! Thank you sooooo much for this UpLifting Thought! To me, the Contract is signed everyday when I put forth the effort to Know the Truth - the Truth of my Individual Unity with my Source, Divine Love and Life! When I Know this Truth - I sign the Contract and I am made FREE!!!! May Everyone Know the Truth and sign their Contract with the Heart of Love today!

  37. This is very powerful. Thank you Frank for sharing this "Lift".

  38. Loved this. Many thanks for sharing.

  39. Thanks so much! I am open to healing :)

  40. Thank you Frank! What an inspiring way to start your day!

  41. Great idea Frank. I sent this on to a very good friend.

  42. What a terrific approach to praying. When a contract is signed, usually one feels very obligated to do their best to honor it rather than just frivolously take it into consideration. What a great question to ask ourselves, "Have I signed my contract with God today?"

  43. Signing it right now. What a joyous Lift!!

  44. Once under contract you are obligated to comply. God will uphold his end and knowing this we can too,

  45. Absolutely beautiful Frank.

    And this inspiration follows on after a night of listening.

    The dawn is about to break and here I am pen in hand.

    It's a wonderful, secure, grounded feeling.

    Thank you, dear Father

  46. Very powerful! Thanks so much!

  47. Dear Frank
    Wow. What a wake-up message.
    What am I agreeing to? Sign the contract! Yes!

  48. My first thoughts of the day are to thank God for this wonderful day & now I'll add signing my daily contract. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  49. This lift brought to mind the commitment,
    "Dear Lord, I come to Thee"
    I looked it up and found it in Hymn No. 152
    Old German Melody
    The whole hymn makes a pretty good contract.

  50. Wow! Thank you, Frank! The most important contract we'll ever sign, and we get to do it everyday!

  51. Thanks Frank for the reminder to sign my contract with God today! Done! Loved the lift! Beautiful day to all the dailylifters!

  52. Just getting ready to sign a business contract today and this precious lift is in my box....perfect timing . Thank you Frank and all contributors and DL team. ALSo thank you Courtney Rae for the heads up on New Zealand. Our contract with God includes harmony and perfection for all creation, now and forever, and therefore does not include accepting the false concept of natural disasters. Disaster cannot be natural because perfection and harmony are natural . Thank you everyone.

  53. Thank you so much!
    Yes, powerful and encouraging.

  54. It was fun to find this contract-like reference in the Bible Lesson this week "...Christ illustrates the coincidence, or spiritual agreement, between God and man in His image." Thank you for the important reminder to renew, acknowledge and consent to this eternal contract. I also loved #32 Sunshine's comment that it is an "unencumbered contract of love reflecting Love."

  55. Oh, I also want to encourage #20 Betsy to be loving and patient with herself and also remind herself that her struggles mean deep thinking is happening.Sometimes just telling oneself something like "These doubts have no power because there is only one power: God, Good." can help push through tough spots. Lots of love, Tracy

  56. Thank you, Frank. This lift means a lot to me in that I have such a secure feeling after signing the contract. God's signature is always there, but mine needs to be added, fresh, everyday. I am so willing to do this!
    Thank you Rose, #7. You somehow opened a window for me to see out of and the view is breathtaking! I can't thank you enough for your words. They come to me after much prayer about an uncomfortable situation.
    So grateful for the Daily Lift and for new and wonderful friends from all over the world.

  57. I love this message -- God's contracts are always helpful, loving, and always meets our needs. It is truly a blessing to know that it only takes our consent. Thank you so much!

  58. I just got a phone call that a relative is in critical care. Your message is so very powerful and I am agreeing that there is a higher authority and that Good is the only presence and power. Only one cause and creation. Thanks dear Frank.

  59. I have a written contract with God that literally says: "Man reflects. He does not toil." (That's from an Ivimy Gwalter article "Supply as Spiritual Reflection.") I've changed that to "Joanne reflects. She does not toil." Thank you, Frank, for inspiring me to sign on and renew that contract each day. Spiritual law binds us to the Source of all good.

  60. Ausgezeichnet! Thanks, Frank.

  61. Thanks much for this Lift, and thanks to to Anonymous ( #1) for that "contract quote" from Hebrews. It is worth my study.

    Tom in MI.

  62. Hello Frank,
    This thought inspired a whole new outlook for me. The LAW of GOD which is absolute and omnipotent. Certain this contract is based on His law. The Bible and Science and Health are filled with beneficial examples of obedience to the law and uniting with God. They also talk of the disadvantages of being an outlaw, being held captive and of imprisoning thoughts, both external and self-inflicted (often the worst kind).

    I wish to be a law abiding citizen within the confines of harmony and a mutual working relationship with God and His man. Realizing “Breach of Contract” is a violation of law and relinquishes any benefits we might receive under its protection and covenants, I’m determined to place my name next to God’s seal and work in joint harmony within the scope of my contract. He has given us advantageous terms and generous benefits. I love the pamphlet, God’s Law of Adjustment”, which also helps me to correct any impediments or infraction on my part.

    Where do I sign and get my signature notarized?


  63. And Wow, again, Frank. This is such a down to earth way of suggesting a no-holds barred approach to sticking with God. Going with God does mean nothing's the matter, and it does mean signing a contract that we, I will not stray away when that suggestion to fall from faith occurs. A contract is a great idea.

  64. Thank you, Frank, for this wonderful Lift today. I hadn't thought in terms of a contract with God before but now I will sign it and look forward to more progress. Thanks to all the Daily Lifters for their great responses.

  65. Dear Frank, thank you so much for this sharing, what an uplifting thought. And what an inspired idea your friend shared with her friend. It reminded me of the healing I had of the belief of epilepsy many years ago, and how I was willing to do anything to be healed. That willingness to confront any error or challenge was key, and when done, the next step was to "yield", to give my consent. To accept the Truth. Thank you so much for the reminder for today, just what I needed, and a blessing for all. Thank you.

  66. Signing the contract with God today— This lift brought to mind words from Science & Health pg. 167 (paraphrased) …"It is not wise to take a halting and half-way position……there is but one way, God and his idea…timid conservatism is absolutely inadmissible…only through radical reliance on Truth…,” for me, it all goes to signing that contract!

  67. What a wonderful fresh view for demonstrating God's grace and power!
    Thank you so much, Frank.

  68. Yes, and being under contract with God demands that we meet God's standards with love,loyalty, spiritual understanding and wisdom. We must not break our promise.

  69. My contract is signed, sealed, and delivered, and I am so thankful for the activity of Mind in blessing me like this. Thank you, Frank, for such a wonderful message. And thank you, readers, listeners, commenters, and participants in bringing this message to us this way... going into all the world to preach the gospel. Joy to the world! There is nothing quite like that simple (not always easy) practice of clinging to the thought of God and man's unity until feeling an inner peace and calm.

  70. Thank you, Frank! That's very helpful. I'll do it!

    Love to all.

  71. Thanks for this Lift, Frank. It is very helpful. Also, "thank you" to #59 for her wonderful insight - we don't have to toil because we are "reflection." It's a great reminder when we're dealing with a suggestion that doesn't seem to yield.

  72. Thank you for your DL and for all those who have submitted their comments. Such a blessing to have these lifts come right to us each and every day!

  73. Excellent. The contract will be upheld!

  74. Thank you for the inspired idea of signing our contract with God, giving our consent to His perfect work in us and in our lives. A contract is a formal agreement. Jesus taught us the power of agreement in Matt 18:19 - "if two of you on earth shall agree as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." I often think of this as applying to practitioner and patient agreeing together to accept, or consent to, the truth of God's perfect creation.

    Praying about the NZ earthquake: its target was Christchurch, but Christ Jesus said his Church is built on the rock, and the gates of hell (including evil manifest as earthquake) shall not prevail against it. (Matt 16:18) S&H defines Church (p 583) as "The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle." This unshakable, permanent structure lovingly embraces, shelters and protects each of God's precious children.
    Moses said of Benjamin, "The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him: and the Lord shall cover him all the day long..." (Deut 33:12) S&H (p 582) says Benjamin represents "that which comforts, consoles, and supports." We can all be Benjamin today, affirming that divine Love is holding each dear one in NZ, calming the shock, and aftershocks, wisely directing the rescue work, healing wounds, and healing grief with the assurance that life is never lost, but goes right on with God, whether visible to us or not.

  75. Thank you, Frank, for reminding us of God's care for His creation. Our part of this contract is to obey His commandments and to know that with Him all things are possible. Thank you, too, for all the comments. What wonderful "thinkers" we have here! Much love to all.

  76. Absolutely perfect. Thank you.

  77. I too am struggling with that commitment and very much appreciate your "lift" today. Thank you for expressing our oneness with God in this way along with a key to how to live out that oneness. Many thanks to you and all for such support!

  78. Honestly no. Just finished my lunch. I've walked the dog, knitted the sock, washed dishes and listened to the news but I really haven't prayed yet for myself or 'signed the contract'. I like the way you've put it, as a question too.
    Many thanks for this fresh outlook on my daily commitment to be Godlike!

  79. Wonderful. Thank you. Signing is the easy part, upholding it is the rewarding part. Thanks so much.

  80. Thanks, Grasshopper, # 56: "God’s signature is always there, but mine needs to be added, fresh, everyday." I love that -- God's signature is ALWAYS there. We just need to renew ours every day.

    Getting the pen now. Wonderful Lift. Thank you.

  81. The way I see it, the only contract that exists between God and man is in Genesis 1: 27. If we accept this contract of reflecting good, God, which has created us spiritual and perfect, we don't need any other contract. Each day I listen to the 'daily lift' I realise that it is indispensable to be aware of this truth. Thanks for making me sign the contract.

    En español

    De la forma que yo lo veo, el único contrato que existe entre Dios y el hombre está en Genesis 1 :27. Si aceptamos este contrato de reflejar el bien, Dios, que nos ha creado espirituales y perfectos, no necesitamos ningún otro contrato. Cada día que escucho el 'daily lift' me doy cuenta de que es imprescindible estar consciente de esta verdad. Gracias por hacerme firmar el contato.

  82. Have you prayed for yourself today? All things are possible to God. There are so many wonderful concepts in this short message. Thank you so much, and for all the enlightening comments.

    Disaster is a word from Greek, which means star. It has an astrological origin.
    Webster,1828 Dictionary. It leads one to the word blast. God did not make the stroke of an unfavorable or unlucky planet. We do not dwell in the realm of superstition.

    In heavenly Love abiding
    No change my heart shall fear:
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here. Hymn #148

  83. What kind of contract do we sign with God?
    He gives us all good like fairness, power, understanding, joy, purity. Our part in the contract or covenant is to acknowledge God as the source of these values and to live them.

  84. So simple. The perfect and only starting point for students of Christian Science. "All things are possible with God".

  85. Thank you Frank, This puts it in a fresh way I'd never thought of before. It makes good sense,.I must confess, however, serious as I am about your Lift, I'm also trying to buy stock in spiritual ink, for I foresee it being used plentifully, before I even get to read most of the comments late today, by necessity. Included in the contract should be agreement to accept, along with the freedom, the daily supplies and other blessings, and to listen to follow “The CEO” in what we should best do with them. We must also be sure it's written into the contract that we'll give exclusive rights to display and otherwise present only God's goods. Failure to do so is punishable by self-caused problems, which will be nullified on returning to exclusive acceptance and usage of what comes from the Father. Accepting the unity of God & me only when I need it, or remember it, isn't really as solid as a “signed contract”, which means serious commitment to keeping that unity uppermost in thought, and starting each day asking what is needed that day (even each hour) to fulfill the contract. Your Lift is both lighthearted in concept, and seriously strong in working with, and living the terms of the agreement. I needed such a reminder to keep peaceful thoughts, and eliminate fear and doubt. The Lift is unique enough to be interesting & fun to practice, solid enough to be promising, if earnestly practiced. My prayers for New Zealand began soon as I saw on the web.

  86. unified contract.....nice - may it be for all "vox populi" in current need

  87. Thank you Frank, Also thanks #66 and #79 I needed this,taking a firm stand,sticking with it and apreciating the benifits

  88. Thank you Frank,
    Thus Truth engrounds me on the rock,
    Upon Life's shore,
    Gainst which the winds and waves can shock,
    O nevermore.(CS Hymnal 253, Eddy)
    This rock, (Marilyn 74), this spiritual foundation of truth, withstands all. God is governing the rescue process in New Zealand.
    ... they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isa 30:41

  89. Thank you! I was just going through administrative things in my own business, so this was very appropriate!

  90. Thank you Frank,
    Signing a contract - this is a good way of looking at my affimations each morning as I come to glorify and express gratitude to our Father.
    Signing a daily contract seals those affirmations.
    What a super idea. Thank you again.

  91. Translation to #17. Nelly, Uruguay says:

    I thank this Daily Lift, Frank.
    Our covenant with God is inseparable, permanent, eternal, because there’s nothing that can break it or destroy it. "He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation” PS.91:15, 16 That's more than a promise is an everlasting covenant that God is giving us. "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings" S&H VII;1. Mrs. Eddy’s words are also a covenant between God and us because she clearly states that if we rely on Him we’ll not need anything else. Also means that each one of us can hear the divine guidance, that’s why He sent us the Christ and Christian Science, by leaning on his teachings we open our minds to the eternal realities and we understand that we are an open channel of communication with God. This is confirmed by both, the Bible and Mrs. Eddy, let's hear it and allow it to work in us. "It is God, the Supreme Being, infinite and immortal Mind, the Soul of man and the universe" Rud. 1:6. What doubts could we have, what else can we ask?

  92. Thank you Frank, I have signed, what a great idea!

  93. Thank you, #87, for sending me back to #79 -- signing is one thing, upholding is another. I love all the comments, starting with Frank's friend's idea of the contract.

    85 you are up to your usual creativity. So I'll be up to my usual creature-vity!

    Here goes: God, Love, made a covenant, or contract, with both Noah and "every living creature of all flesh" (Gen. 9:15). That means to me that when each of us signs this holy contract, we are obliged to protect (as Noah did) every single animal in the universe! We uphold that contract by refusing to be tempted to harm a single creature, in any way. Each animal idea is a cherished member of Spirit's family therefore of the spiritual man's family.

    So, then, when we keep our promise to love and respect each and every creature, never deceiving or betraying them, both in our consciousness and in our actions, we are rewarded with a sweet sense of our spiritual completeness, which includes all right ideas (all animals). And the symbol of that completeness is -- you guessed it, the rainbow. Not a half-rainbow (can you imagine a half of an ark? how safe would THAT be?), but the entire circle.

    What are we agreeing to love in all creatures when we sign on the dotted line? Why, the exact same God qualities we love in ourselves: intelligence, gentleness, courage, meekness, affection, humor, joy, generosity, enthusiasm, creativity, might, and on and on, infinitely. Oh, and trustworthiness -- the glue that makes our contract stick! :-)

  94. Sooo Beautiful! Thank you so much! I'll be signing my contract today!!

  95. To: #93 LittleChild.
    Great observation. I can see your pseudonym reflects your thought well.

    I’ve often pondered Mrs. Eddy’s term “lesser idea” suggesting a rank or hierarchy, but she adds, "Love giveth to the least spiritual idea might, immortality, and goodness,” and “the higher always protects the lower.” (S&H 518). God made animals first and they were doing very well until Adam and Eve came along, ha. I bet no other animal would heed the serpent.

    Then burnt offerings became in vogue. Noah’s first act after leaving the ark was to sacrifice “of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl”. And why did they fatten calves? In Exodus, God provides quail and manna yet Daniel did well on “pulse” alone and Jesus fasted and demonstrated sustenance was not matter based. Looks like we’re improving over time.

    How interesting to recognize plants and animals demonstrate remarkable qualities man has not yet exhibited. But wait, we’re focusing on spiritual ideas, God’s ideas, and I’m certain He loves and cherishes each one as we should.

    So thanks for the reminder to raze our altars and raise our sites when dealing with these so called “lesser ideas”. They have a lot to share with us if we would be humble enough to learn from them.

  96. Frank,
    WOW!! You said it in such simple terms, yet it was so powerful. Thank you so much for your clear thoughts on this subject. I need to be more consistent in my praying each day for myself. Signing a contract makes it firm in our thought to not stray. Thanks again.

  97. 95 Michael, lots of good ideas you have. "Lesser" to me means having "less of Mind" -- that is, a simpler, less developed, less complex, less comprehensive thought. But not less important, dear, valuable to our Maker.

    It makes sense to me that just as God needs each idea called man in order to complete creation, so does each infinite man need each idea called animal to be complete! And in turn each man (including all animals) needs each idea called plants to be complete!

    I like to compare creation to Russian matrushka dolls: the tiniest dolls reside within the largest ones. Though that's a physical example, it works from a mental/spiritual point of view, I think. MBE calls it the "ascending order of creation" (S&H 508). See in MW 56-57's Q&A: "In its genesis, the Science of creation is stated in mathematical order, beginning with the lowest form and ascending the scale of being up to man. But all that really is, always was and forever is; for it existed in and of the Mind that is God, wherein man is foremost." What a complete contract we're signing!

    Noah's act of betrayal after having preserved the ark animals reminds me of preserving herds with the intent of fattening them until slaughter time. To me, that's why Noah comes early in the Old Testament, before prophets like Jeremiah said "enough" to false sacrifice.

    If you read Numbers 11:31-34, you'll find the same quail story, but with a not-so-nice ending!

    Yes, indeed, to your last paragraph, Michael.

  98. What a good idea.. I'll sign my cantract right now.. and know my unity with God and His omnipresence.

  99. Thanks for the nudge, Frank.

  100. Yes yes yes.

  101. This is a keeper.
    Thank you,.

  102. What a way to start the day the perfect uplift. Thanks

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