5/30: Good is never lost

5/30: Good is never lost

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  1. Thanks Ginny - excellent thoughts to start the week!

  2. Thank you for this inspiration. It is exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

  3. Ginny!!! Great to hear from you again! God's "tender abundance" - what a wonderful truth. Thank you for sharing these ideas that meet the needs of so many in the world today. And once again, love that new music!

  4. Thank you for this inspired lift, Ginny. It is easy to get caught up in a sense of loss, and I am grateful that Christian Science provides such a clear response to that illusion. I will cherish the idea that good is never lost today!

  5. What a wonderful assurance. I have had to face the suggestion of loss more often recently. I'm grateful to know that what God gives us - spiritual qualities - can never be lost. Thank you Ginny for your helpful message.

  6. Thank you very much for this precious reminder that good is always present, a powerful spiritual presence, right now! Much love, Annette

  7. Our Father-Mother God, good, guides, guards, and governs...this simple statement I learned as a child in Sunday School have been so helpful to me through out the years. I find that statement reminds me that His good IS NEVER lost. His divine Love is ever present....all we need do is touch it and be free, whole, and complete.

    Thanks for the reminder Ginny!!

  8. Thanks Ginny for a beautiful "lift" that will help the whole world.


  10. What a beautiful lift this morning. It will help the whole world.

  11. Ginny, I love it, thank you so much. Brez

  12. Thank you so much Ginny. On this Memorial Day, we can remember all of those that have served to protect our freedom to live in a nation where we are free to worship as we choose.....an evidence of good that permeates all of our lives.

  13. Thanks, Ginny.

    My prayer today is for spirtual sense to open my eyes to see the real and permanent joys of heaven. To not be impressed by symptoms of disease, discord, lack. And to help others to shut these out so that they, too, can see "heaven at hand."

  14. I am grateful for this Lift because it reminds me that the couple is embraced and upheld in God's hands. Mary Baker Eddy understood that people in crisis are protected by that divine Love that is God. Jesus said that we are worth many sparrows. We can see that we are beloved even in the midst of "losing everything." We still have God. He always has got our back. May an outpouring of love be sensibly felt by these "little ones." Thank you, Father Mother God, for Jesus' example of the way to live our lives -- turning to only God for everything we need.

  15. Good morning. thank you so much. Perfect for moving into the day with the assurance and recognition that Love is never silenced and nothing God made is ever lost or disrupted. Wasn't sure if there would be a DL today since it's a holiday in the US, so I bounced downstairs after my prayer time and lesson to find your lovely message. Thanks Ginny and the DL team. You're being here just expands the universal, global nature of our Mother Church, CS and God's unending, non-territorial nature.

  16. What dear Mother love you express and how healing your lift is
    for family home marriage business...our lives... all that we do.
    In this weeks Daily Bible Lesson marker #3
    "as a mother comforts I will comfort you"
    Father-Mother God, Love comforts and shows us
    how to turn things into thought.. treasures in heaven
    Your lift shows me that "home is where the heart is"
    Our lovely prayer for the world...solid safe secure in God's keeping
    Thank you dear Ginny

    Hymn #174
    Like as a Mother, God comforteth His children
    Comfort is calm and bids all tulmult cease
    Comfort is hope and courage for endeavor
    Comfort is love whose home abides in peace

    S&H 306:21
    Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, --is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.

  17. Lovely, just lovely. This week's Bible Lesson made me think of Jesus' "farewell discourse" in John, wherein he promises the Comforter and peace: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you." And now your message fits hand-in-glove: "Restoration is found in recognizing God's unchanging spiritual goodness."

  18. Naturalmente que Dios jamás esta perdido ni lo perdemos y siempre encontramos su apoyo para cada situación que tengamos que enfrentar y la respuesta está siempre ahí a nuestro alcance y entendimiento ya que del entendimiento que tengamos depende en mayor proporción el aprovechamiento de la bondad divina. " El presente es nuestro; el futuro está lleno de acontecimienos" MBE.
    Porque Dios está aquí y ahora es fácil encontrarlo si lo buscamos con y por amor, es que en realidad ni siquiera podemos huir de Su presencia porque no hay lugar donde Él no este.
    Muchas gracias Ginny, hoy sólo he escuchado en inglés ya que nadie había escrito en español y no se si he entendido bien el mensaje, igualmente siento que lo importante es esta hermosa comunicación que se ha logrado independiente del idioma, porque en todos y cada idioma está Dios.

  19. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that we can never loose good.

  20. This wonderful life affirming lift is applicable to any sense of deprivation,loss, sorrow,hard times of any nature. Thank you so very much Ginny, for this loving reminder that the Christ is here, all dreams of error are breaking.

  21. Thanks, Dear Ginny! I remember once hearing God's message to me deep inside: "Rejoice in ever-present Good!" On this Day of Remembering Good for All, we CAN rejoice in Ever-Present Good!

  22. Thanks so much. In the my prayer this morning I was thinking a good deal about the kingdom of God being right here. Lots of wonderful thoughts from God just flowed. I appreciate the facit you have shared of this ever present kingdom, law of goodness, that is within and without, calming, cherishing and healing us all the time.

  23. Thank you, dear Ginny, for that oh, so comforting and healing message. And thank you, Father-Mother God, for giving us all good, and nothing but good!

  24. Thank you for that timeless message. To God be the glory!

  25. This is wonderful Ginny! Thank you so much!!!

  26. This Lift is very appropriate for Memorial Day being acknowledged in the US today - a good opportunity to affirm Life as eternal and the true spiritual substance of everyone and everything. These Lifts are reflections of the comforting Christ, Love's arm encircling "me, and mine, and all" (from Mrs. Eddy's poem/hymn 207 Mother's Evening Prayer.) I am grateful to pray with this Lift community.

  27. Thank you so much Ginny! What a wonderful lift. Very inspired message.

  28. What a kind and loving IDEA. Thank you so much!

  29. Thank you!!!!

  30. This has met my need on so many levels. My parents were divorced when I was a tiny child, and my mother's comments about my dad were always sarcastic. I remember meeting him once. This lift made me realize the need to go more deeply to heal something I had just given surface thought to -- the absent father. I see my Father was never absent.

    It was also great to think of those masculine qualities as ever present and strong and pure. Your lift goes so well with the Bible Lesson this week from the Christian Science Quarterly, "God, the only Cause and Creator." I have listened to it three times and will listen again later. Thanks so much.

  31. Thank you Ginny...great Daily Lift to strart off the week.. Weeks fly bye. Thanks again Ginny,

  32. God is ever-present -- supplying our every need! Often in the most 'mysterious' ways. Thank you Ginny for reminding us to acknowledge and affirm this and, especially to be grateful for His "tender abundance". What a wonderful and perfect start to the day and week...

  33. I find it comforting to think, there's a couple somewhere else feeling and saying they've 'lost everything', and there's someone, a stranger to them, somewhere else, protesting they haven't! Isn't that the unction of Spirit, of Love that cares and causes it's idea to care?

  34. Thank you for this Lift. So helpful. : -)

  35. Hi Ginny,
    How appropriate this Lift comes on Memorial Day as we commemorate those loved ones we seem to have lost through war, hatred or separation of any sort. Whether it is someone estranged or passed away, our outreach of love to them is never in vain or unreturned, but powerful and restorative. It must be reflected through Divine Love resting on its object, not mortal man.

    Instead of first being awaken to our blessings by any rude attempt of error to destroy them, let us be alert and vigilant to appreciate, commemorate and consolidate, through reflection, the infinitude of Love’s ever-presence including all mankind. My recognition of the Father’s Love for me includes me loving the spiritual being of your human father and in return must impel his love to me, to you and all mankind. No one is excluded from God’s universal love and presence.

    In Romans 8, Paul reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ or God. Part of this demonstration includes our outreach to those who need our love and our example. Let’s resolve to “mend fences” with everyone and, in the spiritual sense, that may include removing material fences instead of rebuilding them.


  36. Good one, Ginny! After just having lost a family member, your ideas show us the infinite possibilities of good open to us. We get caught up when our human will decides what will or won't make us happy, support us, inspire and love us. Joseph is a good example of what seems to be one pitfall after another, pun intended. But instead of saying "why me?" he asked, "What's my job now?" Resolving things into thoughts provides infinite possibilities, and opens the door to them as well. Great! Thanks!

  37. What a lovely change from all the thoughts of loss and death that usually come on this holiday. Tender Abundance. Tears wiped away. Love embracing all its children with reassurance and provision. Of course our God would not punish those who have selflessly given so much for their country and humanity just as he would never punish the innocent with the results of violent weather. thanks for lifting my thought out of darkness into his marvellous light.

  38. Thank you, Ginny, for reminding us about the one and only source for all good-GOD! This Lift dove-tails nicely with our Bible Lesson this week and with your recent Lecture given in Grass Valley regarding HOME. I am aware of good fruitage resulting from that lecture. I know you will hear more about that later.
    Looking to God as the infinite source of all right ideas-for comfort, supply and how to proceed, is really living in obedience to the First Commandment. Having our focus be on "none other" allows us to reap the benefits of oneness with all that is Good.
    Thank you for your commitment to serving others -taking time to tenderly share with us this lovely Lift/gift.

  39. Thank you very much Ginny!
    This offers hope for anyone who has lost anyone or anything important, like a dad, a mother, a child, a set of keys, or a home destroyed --in the many ways the world tries to hide, or take
    away what we love, or who we love.
    So thank you for the reminders of how to resolve "things into thoughts, and exchange the objects.... for the ideas of Soul (God).

  40. Hi Ginny, Thank you for that wonderful lift. Like those who wrote above I just feel that Love of the Father -- so appropriate for this week's Bible lesson and our daily "fresh" bread.

  41. Hello Lift family all over the world! Sorry we got going later than usual this morning. The daily lift team is amazing so no complaints for a later start! Thank you for all you do!!
    Wherever this lift today finds you, I pray that unchanging divine Love is speaking to you and tenderly meeting your needs.
    My husband is retired military and our gratitude is deep when we consider those who defend what is good and right in this world. Thank you!
    Much love and gratitude from the entire lift team to the families and loved ones for their sacrifice and service also.
    God embraces and blesses you.
    God is good. Today we unite in gratitude for that truth. We pray that we awaken to a greater sense of peace, love, abundance, and comfort in this troubled world. Open our eyes to see more clearly that good is never lost.

  42. Thank you Ginny for the lovely lift!! "Tender abundance", what a beautiful thought!!

  43. Thank you, Ginny, You always have such uplifting and hopeful ideas to share and we do so appreciate them!

  44. Loved your lift today. So perfect for so many who appear to have lost but not so in reality. Interesting how at these times, families and friends band together in a strong expression of love which is always there in the background but comes forth when challenges present themselves. That outpouring of love for each other and willingness to rebuild our lives is the living expression of God in our lives. Hugs to you, dear friend.

  45. Thank you, Ginny,
    I have been wondering how to address in my thought and heart the middle east unrest, particularily the hearts of the leaders ,when your message clearly reflected from my own heart to those of the folks in charge - of Divine Love's comfort and security - in order to be able to reflect it to the bewildered people looking to them for tender leadership.

  46. Thank you, Ginny, for your post script remembering and honoring the military on this special day! The problems the military face when they return can be legion... prescription drug addiction, loss of home, employment, spouse, etc., trauma syndrome, etc. Yet as you brought out and all the additional comments made clear, we can and should pray to know that divine Love is speaking to each one of them and tenderly meeting their needs, too.

  47. Thank you for this timely message. We are always in our place right where God wants us to be.

  48. Beautiful ... clear, and true ... for each of us here and everywhere. NOW, and always. Thank you dear Ginny.

  49. Thank you, Ginny. What a comfort to know that nothing good is lost, because everything God gives is spiritual and can't be taken away. Your lecture at our Kent church was so full of that sense of God's nearness and love for us in spite of whatever sad or tangled story we think is ours. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  50. This morning I went for a long walk along Lake Ontario. On the way I was approached by a gardener who I am already familiar with, as he cares for the flowers and grass in a nearby public garden. Noticing a look of distress on his face, I inquired what the problem was. The gardener mentioned that a young female coworker had unexpectedly passed on the night before.

    I listened attentively to his sad remarks for a few minutes and then, through my understanding of Christian Science, humbly mentioned some of the woman's fine qualities, her sense of humor, intelligence, diligence, warmth, grace, compassion and loyalty, to name a few. And I assured the gardener that the good that was being expressed by his colleague could never for a moment go unnoticed or forgotten by God who knows all.

    The gentleman calmed down and we parted with my lightly tapping him on the shoulder and a budding sense that there is far more to life than what the senses alone report.

    And, most importantly, the message was both understood and valued. Just as Ginny's worthy remarks today on the subject of loss were also understood and valued by many, myself included.

  51. Ginny.... as always, thanks...... I love this line from S&H.... "Love, the divine Principle, is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man."

    That kind of takes in everybody, too, including the loved people in Joplin.

  52. Thank you,Ginny.

  53. Your comments are so very heartfelt, so full of healing. Thank you all. Joel, what a wonderful opportunity to see divine Love in action. Thank you for sharing that healing touch of the Christ, blessing the gardener through your kind listening heart.
    Blessings too all of you,

  54. Over 20 years ago, on Memorial Day, I witnessed 5 Viet Nam vets quietly sharing their thoughts about lost comrades. About 10 minutes later they noticed a lone man starring at some names on the wall. One vet called out his name, and he turned- they rushed to him, crying & embracing him as they had thought him dead, so many years ago. It was exhilarating to all who saw it. Ginny, your statement "God's law of tender abundance can never be silenced," reminded me that 'despite the appearances,' life does go on, and we can never limit the good that God has in store for all of us. Restoration comes in many ways, and Christian Science teaches us to never give up, for God's Love is new every day, but we must be willing to receive the 'Good News'- His healing, life-restoring Christ, Truth.
    These Daily Lifts help all of us to 'look up, not down,' and to trust that God's love is answering our every need, no matter how tough it looks.
    Thank You, to you and the whole LIFT staff!

  55. Proof of God's "tender abundance" and "good is never lost" lies in the
    sweet story about a tiny terrier who not only survived being blown away by a tornado in Alabama in April but, 23 days weeks later, was found sitting on his family's tornado-tossed front porch. He had crawled home with two (front) broken legs.

    Because his overjoyed family, who had given up hope of finding him, is busy putting their house back in one piece, a vet in Birmingham offered to set the little legs for free (donors insisted on contributing anyway, so the vet applied that to supplies, NOT labor, leaving funds to help other families in need). The vet is also caring for the dog until his family is ready to bring him home.

    There are many lessons about Love's "tender abundance" that I take from this tale. The one I'm most enjoying contemplating is that the dog's name is Mason. As we know, a mason builds structures in stone.

    The first verse in Maria Louise Baum's poem (hymn #141 in the Christian Science Hymnal) pulls all the elements of this story together beautifully:

    If the Lord build not the house
    They that labor build in vain;
    Father, may our corner stone
    Stand foursquare, without a stain.

    And in Science and Health (p. 241) we read, "...the corner-stone of all spiritual building is purity."

    Mason's pure love, reflecting the Love of God, has been standing foursquare the whole time, as has his family's -- everyone's -- true home: the harmony of heaven within.

  56. How desperately we all need to recognize and hold to this spiritual Truth of God's omnipotent goodness. He created us and will sustain us for the glory of His name. We all have felt a sense of loss at one time or another, and we can all benefit from knowing that God, good, is ever present. Thank you for this strengthening message.

  57. Imagine my joy to get the Lift after thinking it wasn't there today - (I thought perhaps I had unsubscribed myself or something) and then the subject was 'nothing is lost' - perfect, Lovely comments, ideas and reflections on 'no loss', something that still troubles me, so a great comfort. I have been particularly helped by some of the above contributors today saying that no loss can occur because the qualities of God are permanent, infinite. Loved the gardener 'moment' and the generous spontaneity that has helped this situation. Thank you BOL team and Ginny for a beautiful reflection.

  58. Thank you Ginny

  59. I am so grateful Ginny, for your inspiring lift today and also to all the loving contributors. What a blessing to have these Daily Lifts. You are all wonderful.

  60. Thanks to all for the daily inspiration. I keep, and have loved to share, the line from the Whittier poem, as seen in our C.S Hymnal, #238: " all the good the past hath had remains to make our own time glad, " This thought has been a great comfort to me, as it points to God's infinite love,--that is, infinite Love.-in which the sense of time is irrelevant, erased. God, good, is now, always.

  61. Thank you Ginny, this is a special Lift. You touched on a strong and basic difference of what metaphysics taught in Christian Science is, that isn't taught in other Christian denominations. Exchanging things into thoughts is the doorway that always was there, but Mrs. Eddy discovered and opened for us to find the healing thoughts to erase what seem rigid problems. Facing difficulties caused by circumstances or even people we deal with, seemingly beyond our ability to change, we've learned to rise above the physical level and exchange details of “things” into thoughts to work with spiritual truths for healing results that show even on the physical level. I've been able to share some basics with people in the past few days, each of whom stated there was nothing they could do. For one, medical science said she'd just have to live with greatly deteriorating vision problems for which nothing could be done. One suffered decades a problem which surgery would leave her unable to bear children, (not now married). The third felt helpless for months faced with horrible, untrue claims made by relatives. Varied problems, but this basic truth can resolve each. One thing is not lost, their goodness as pure and perfect ideas of God (& true for those relatives). One divine Science for countless claims of “lost good”. Memorial Day keeps alive in thought, all who've fought for “good” for mankind's benefit. #33 Maisey, nice vision. #54 Kristin & #55 Little Child, Thanks for sharing!

  62. Thank you, Ginny, for this inspired Gift that "Spiritual Qualities are forever ours!" We, as actively practicing Christian Scientists, have a Huge Gift to give our world at this most critical time. As we understand that it is ONLY in OUR recognizing, OUR seeing, OUR perceiving, OUR knowing of God's unchanging spiritual Goodness that Restoration is found - we will be doing our part in Knowing the Truth and helping to set the World Free!

  63. Thanks so much for your beautiful comments and those of others responding. A sentence from Science and Health by Mary Baker
    Eddy that has been very helpful to me in many different kinds of apparent loss is (page 302) "It is impossible for man to lose aught that is real, when God is all and eternally his."

  64. This is a really compassionate Lift, Ginny, with your message of "exchanging the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul." Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy p 269. Mrs Eddy had certainly learned that lesson first hand! And we all seem to suffer from this sense of loss throughout our life. But "the ideas of Soul" do restore the spiritual sense of God and man as His perfect expression. The family next door to my daughter left for somewhere else last week, so Beth, their dog, will now find herself with new friends next door. But following her wonderful healing, a transformation by God, she will always be the perfect sense of dog, of a good and trustworthy friend and companion.
    Thank you Nate, for a great start to a new week, the BoL and the production team. Better late than never!

  65. Thank you, Ginny for a wonderful lift.

    I'm looking forward to next Monday........... and hopefully to meeting some of those Lifters whose thoughts I have loved.

  66. Ginny, I liked what you said about restoration being found in recognizing God's unchanging and abundant goodness. Thank You! An experience i had as a child comes to mind in regard to this topic... My parents and some other members of our branch church polished the pews, vacumed the carpets, washed the windows in preparation for Easter Sunday. but two days before Easter, the church unexpectedly burned to the ground..nothing was left but rubble.. at first, the members were completely devestated.. but then calls from many churches in the area came in, asking what they could do to help us.. As it turned out, a Unitarian church offered us their downstairs room, and that was where we held our Easter service that year.. There was great love shown to us in that community, eventually a new church was built, and it was in a much better location... that Christian Science church still thrives today. It was clear that the building wasn't the church, and the real structure of that church was all the love that the members expressed as ideas God and all the love that was reflected back to them, meeting their needs ,day by day, year by year! I wanted to share this today in the hope that it might be helpful to some of our fellow Christian Scientists in Joplin, MO.
    With love to the Daily Lift family! Annie H.

  67. Thank you for that inspiring and timely message Jinny.

    Thank you also,to the Daily Lift Team for all the loving work that you do,
    the daily messages brings just that - a Daily Lift!!!

  68. Thank-you for that wonderful thought---- The daily lifts are unbelievable!!!!! They answer many prayers......


  70. Thank's Ginny it's a plasure to hear something so kind and secure.

  71. Maybe it was a typo in Sylvie's comment (19) - she meant to say we can never LOSE good, but taking the word that is written - LOOSE, we can look at it as stating we cannot loose good from attaching itself to us - we cannot get rid of it even if we wanted to - it just sticks to us as an expression of God's presence - and we know we can never be separate from that ! Thank you Ginny for a great concept !

  72. Yes, God gives us abundance with unparalleled tenderness. We can never lose anything spiritual. At this very moment divine Love is giving me, and you and every other person on the planet, those ideas that in turn give us abundance. When the material senses say otherwise, we stand firm, we deny evil's magnetism and assert God's presence, good, then we build, and rebuild if necessary, always on a spiritual basis. Thanks so much!

    En español

    Sí, Dios nos da abundancia con una ternura sin igual. Nunca podemos perder algo espiritual. En este mismo momento el Amor divino me está dando a mí, y a ti y a cada otra persona en el planeta, esas ideas que a su vez nos dan abundancia. Cuando los sentidos materiales nos dicen lo contrario, nos mantenemos firmes, negamos el magnetismo del mal y afirmamos la presencia de Dios, el bien, entonces construimos, y reconstruimos si es necesario, siempre sobre una base espiritual. ¡Muchas gracias!

  73. Thank you.

  74. Since material mind is errant thought of earth, we need only lift our sights to this recognition of abundance to find that we are losing only that which does not truely exist and so therefore, we are losing nothing at all and rightly, Love overflows in that afore thought empty place. GOD - Mind, Spirit, Principle, Soul, Life, Truth, Love is omnipresent.

  75. Hi Ginny , thanks for this beautiful lift!

    As we hold on to the " good and the true" for ourselves and others we demonstrate the "dominion" that divine Love, God, has always given to us as his children which can never be lost, never destroyed. The truth is " the kingdom of God is within each and everyone of us to help each other see, understand and demonstrate this beautiful Truth!
    We look forward to meeting you in Cali. on the 11th!

  76. Thank you Ginny. This is wonderful. It reminded me of watching a couple who had lost their home. As they were digging through the rubble, their dog came up to them. They were so grateful! The husband commented was that they hade lost their possessions, but with the dog safely back with them, all their family was safe!

  77. Thank you so much Ginny.

  78. Thank you, Ginny and all the great comments...I always feel like I have partaken of a wonderful spiritual feast of Love....Thanks to TMC and all it loving care and outreach...

  79. Thank you Ginny for sharing with us all that God is providing abundant GOOD TODAY. Much love to the Lecturers and Lifters. Carol

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