10/28: God's peace

10/28: God's peace

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  1. Great imagery! Thanks.

  2. Lovely...and true and so helpful....thanks, Ginny

  3. Dear Ginny.

    Your message today is so inspiring.

    May one make a suggestion, that the talk also would be accompanied with text.
    Love is like a meal. It needs to be savoured and thought about,and then digested.

    Thank you for all your love.

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham

  4. It's so interesting that I seem to be the first commenter. Here it is almost 1:30 a.m. and I'm still trying to push myself to do something that is just not happening on my computer and you, dear Ginny, interrupt me with this important message about Peace. I love that Mind communicating so wonderfully through you Ginny. Thanks for the wonderful message and Goodnight all.... R.A.

  5. Hi Ginny. Thanks for the lovely reminder -- so very helpful!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Bonjour from France,

    Thank you so much Ginny. Very nice to start the day with your message.
    It reminded me also an article that I read about reflection. It said that when you look at the reflection of your face on the surface of a lake, if the water is perfectly calm, the reflection is perfect. But if a little wind comes along, the reflection is troubled.So it's the same if we are calm and peaceful, not letting the wind of mortal beleif troubles us, we see ourselves as we trully are, the perfect image and reflection of God.

    Merci beaucoup,


  8. Beautiful! thank you :)xxxxx

  9. How precious! Thank you for this message.

  10. Dear Ginny,you touched a chord in North Yorkshire, England. Thankyou!

  11. Thank you for this lovely 'Daily Lift'. Peter asks for text. I have some post-it notes by the computer and write down the title and a few words which stood out to me - this is then put on the wall in the kitchen as a reminder to me throughout the day.

  12. and that peace will be apparent in my classroom
    to help my dear students relax and learn
    thank you

  13. thank you so much - exactly what I needed for today. I had been singing the lovely hymn "Day by day the manna fell' and then this food for today reached me.

  14. Dear Ginny,
    Your message is very inspiring!
    I think Peter has a good suggestion to accompany the talk with text, so we cannot only listen but also read it. We then can take it in, in two ways and it is easier to memorize the message.
    Thank you so much for the peaceful thoughts!

  15. Thank you!

  16. Yes indeed ,Our refuge and strength , that ever-present Peace deep within. Thanks for reminding us Ginny !

  17. Thank you Ginny. I just love that thought, " the wonderful calm of God maintained peace."

  18. The peace that passeth all understanding!

  19. Your beautiful analogy brings to mind the 91st Psm: "the secret place of the Most High". Thank you what a helpful, calming, message.

  20. Thank you...boy, did I need to hear that this morning! Thank you!!

  21. Thank you, Ginny! That was wonderful! What a great way to start our day with God.

  22. The Sunshine Coast is right on the Pacific Ocean, Ginny, just across the way from you, and yes! the best way to protect ourselves from a big wave is to dive right down under the turbulence to the peace below.

  23. Thank you very much .

  24. Thanks for your thoughts.....what a great way to start this day!

  25. Thank you Ginny, now I understand a question I have been asking for some time - My daughter took the time and courage to teach me the joy of scuba diving, and what you describe about that immediate sense of calm below the surface, has brought a deeper understanding of why I took to it like a 'duck to water'.
    However our Leader cautions - "We cannot fathom the nature and quality of God's creation by diving into the shallows of mortal belief. We must reverse our feeble flutterings - our efforts to feel life and truth in matter - and rise above the testimony of the material senses, above the mortal to the immortal idea of God. These clearer, higher views inspire the God-like man to reach the absolute centre and circumference of his being."
    Thank you that your message was based on the All-ness and everywhere-ness of God's gentle ever-presence - I thank Life, Truth, Love for each CS Practitioners & Lecturers' outreach to the world in such a brief space of the 2 minutes of 'Our Daily Lift'... Thank you

  26. thank you for sharing this powerful idea of the peace which really passes all understanding -

  27. Thanks for the comforting reminder of God's presence and calm.

  28. Thank you, vary inspiring, it always helps me start my day.

  29. Thanks, Ginny. I'm always grateful for peaceful insights. These Lifts are daily "casting mountains into the sea." Thanks, MC! Peace and joy to all today.

    A comment (if I may) for Paul, number 55 on yesterday's Lift. Paul, there is in the Reading Room a very beautiful book of poetry, entitled "Ideas on Wings." It's not new, and you may already have it. I particularly like number six, but there are many ideas that "break the glass ceiling," as they say. Thanks for sharing, Paul. All the best is already ours to discover and rejoice in as God claims us as His own; the quencher of all true longing. JM

  30. I would like to add my comment to Peter and Agatha regarding text. I have a friend who doesn't have speakers and can't listen to these wonderful daily "lifts." So, I suggested she just read the comments. They also have so much to offer for a great start to the day.

    Thanks so much for starting my day peacefully. My grandson is on his second tour of duty in Iraw, so peace is uppermost in my thoughts. Knowing there is always peaceful water under the turbulence - love in the hearts of all mankind regardless of what they may be expressing on the surface.

  31. You have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of that today. Thank you.

  32. Thanks for sharing what you learned in God's country [Washington State]! lol. No, seriously, this is something for me to utilize in my life. Thanks so much, from an original Washingtonian (Seattlite, actually).

  33. Thanks for sharing God's Truth so clearly, Ginny. So helpful for today.

  34. Thanks a lot! The God's peace and its infinite amplexus is the great hug of Love wich include all spiritual ideas and keep global harmony at all fields of human life.

  35. Thank God (and you too, of course, Ginny) for this message. It's exactly what I needed. I am facing a day that looks as if it will be filled with chaos and more decisions than I can get my arms around. But I just got this image of all that stuff being merely the surface of the water, the froth. And I am surrounded by calm and safety. Aaaah. That's better.

  36. Thank youo for the very peace-filled message.

  37. Wonderful message...so important to realize (as you said) that inner peace is within each one of us and "peace is powerful". A wonderful start to my day. Thank you!

  38. Extremely inspiring thanks a-bunch MRS Luedeman

  39. Principle
    Thank you for reminding us that right beneath the surface of strife and stress is the Peace that passeth all understanding - the peace that comes from God. Thank you!

  40. Dear Ginny,
    Thank you so much for you peaceful message and feeling God's gentle presence. Much love and gratitude

  41. Thank you for the much needed message this morning. We have a choice to be swept up by the demands of the day ... or go to that peaceful conscious knowing of God's Love for us. I am truly grateful for these DAILY LIFTS and all the sharing.

  42. Thank you Ginny,

    Your message brought to mind the "kingdom of God" within.

  43. Thank you, Ginny! And that peace begins with me.

  44. Thanks so much Ginny and BOL... what an uplift!

  45. with all the media trying to warn us about flu, it seemed this message was just what I needed to know. There is only "calm" in God's care, and we are all under God's care. With several people I know dealing with this particular lie, its been helpful this morning to reflect on "whats really going on"...just a deep seettled calm. Not a single one of us is in any danger at all because we live in that calm of God's care! When we keep our thoughts aligned to that message that Ginny so lovingly illustrated, it wipes out any sense of danger, chaos or challenge that might try to confuse us! Thank you Ginny.

  46. Hi from Soquel, Ginny! Good to hear your inspiring message this morning.
    I love analogies; always helpful in getting to the heart of an idea.

    True spiritual peace is so vital in countering the turbulent waves in human thought today. It is our divine right to be PEACEFUL!


    Sue :

  47. Thank you, this was a beautiful and calming reminder of God's presence no matter what the mortal picture is presenting.

  48. Thank you for the love that promotes these wonderful daily lifts and your willingness to share them with the world we share. Have a grateful day!

  49. Thank you for the solid reminder to turn away from upset and storms and tap into God's everpresent love.

  50. HI Ginny, just what I needed today. Many thanks,

  51. Thank you Ginny, although the storm may roar without . . . peace is to be found within us.
    Gracias, Ginny, aunque afuera ruja la tormenta . . . la paz la encontramos dentro nuestro.

  52. Mary Baker Eddy wrote:
    "Jesus of Nazareth was the most scientific man that ever trod the globe. He plunged beneath the material surface of things, and found the spiritual cause". The Christ is the source of that peace and that spiritual cause is the ONLY cause. How huge that thought is that "peace be still". Thanks for every sweet calming "lift" and the wonderful daily comments.

  53. Hello Ginny! I love your message on going deeper to find the depth of God's peace. Hugs. Chrissie

  54. And that peace always keep us afloat.

  55. thank you for a wonderful and christly reminder! love you all

  56. Thank-you for the idea to look deeper to see the calm and peace already there.

  57. This is good. This helps me to stop looking at the surface -- where all the big waves and rough stuff looks so impressive. It helps me go deep in thought and prayer beneath "the material surface of things to find the spiritual Cause" -- that's God. Our Life and Mind.
    Our Parent God is not upset or thrown around in storms, so neither can we be. Thanks Ginny.

  58. Thank you for this timely analogy. I am in the midst of a huge storm as I am being dismissed from my job due to false accusations and competitive egos. I had worked diligently, selflessly, and successfully and so it is a difficult and stormy experience. I am heading for the calm depths right now!
    I so appreciate your helpful insight.

  59. Perfect thoughts for me today and clearly for many others, too. Thanks -- and what about some more print articles from you!

  60. Thanks so much for that thought of the peace underneath the surface. That is wonderful.

    When I was traveling almost daily in my business, I used to love to fly on dark, rainy days when the ceilings were low. I so looked forward to the takeoff, the climb out through the darkness and then breaking out "on top" where the sun was shining, had been shining all the while, and see how the darkness is just a blocking of the light, and not real at all. Your example is likewise so helpful. Thanks again!!!!

  61. This message is really perfect timing today with the news of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Right where there seems to be chaos, death, and destruction, God's peace remains intact. Thanks a lot, Ginny.

  62. You are such an inspiration. I love you

  63. I love your thought of infinite peace. Let the wind and waves rock over me
    ...........I'm not going to be impressed. God provides all good!

  64. What a joy to wake up this morning and find your fruitful message on my computer. You have an inner spirt that is very unlifting. Thanks for the great start to the day.

  65. This beautiful thought came to me this morning as I woke up before I even listened to the message, I am so grateful for God's love that embraces us all in unity. Thank you Ginny.

  66. Nice to think of peace even under water, which can be scary for some, with the fear of drowning. But the Christ is there to lift us up, like he did Peter, when he was afraid of drowning.

  67. I remember your great lecture here in Danbury sev. yrs. ago.
    So inspiring......

  68. I, too, have at times wished for text - particularly when the voice has not
    come through clearly on my computer; however, the answer has always
    come in the beautiful comments which follow the lift. Clarification is
    always there if i have missed a few words of the message. Thank you
    Ginny - you gave my day the right start!

  69. I will carry this message with me all day. Thanks.

  70. Thanks to my former class-mate!! and thanks to Anne D'Amb. also for a wonderful thought. I have experienced that same calm water when diving deeper into the Pacific ocean----I looked up and saw the waves above me crashing on the shore beyond. Deepening our thought about God as Love gives that same peace, which is so necessary in these troubled times....

  71. Thank you, Ginny, for your assurance of peace and safety today.

  72. Yet another beautiful mesage for the day - many thanks!
    Like Alison (#11) suggests, I use post-it notes to encapsulate a helpful "lift". But if, like Peter (#3), I want more of the message, it can easily be replayed and paused so that one can write a fuller note of it.
    How good it is that we can have this "forum" to chat in afterwards!

    loving thoughts to all friends out there,

  73. Hi Ginny,

    Many thanks. A great description and very helpful in remembering this whenever it seems needed. I like the fact that the waves of challenges cannot overcome any of us no matter what. The peace that God built into man is there.

  74. Ginny, I truly needed that "lift" this morning......to always feel safe, loved and at peace in God's everlasting care. Have a blessed day to all!!

  75. I'm grateful to acknowledge that God is the only Power and Presence . This Truth helps to anchor mortal belief , it keeps us from bobbing around on the surface and grounds us to God's unfathomable Peace!

  76. Thank you this is just what we needed to hear today! Lovely visual.

  77. I love this healing thought from my teacher; "How safe God has made man to be".

    In the midst of the storm, the fiery furnace, the lions den....
    angry family dynamics, poverty, desperate illness....

    Right there is the healing presence; peace restored, supply abundant revealed, restoration to original integrity evidenced forth...

    I AM ALL...God never leaves us.

  78. Thank you, Ginny - for this wonderful reminder of the peace within each one of us. Like Lori #30, I have a nephew in the Far East, and we can be so comforted in knowing that their safety is guaranteed by God! Ginny, I'm looking forward to your upcoming lecture in Jackson, California. I live in the area and can't wait to attend!

  79. Thanks this thought is so helpful for me.

  80. Thank you, Ginny. Isn't the peace of God wonderful!

  81. Always a wonderful lift to the day. I too would suggest these "lifts" be accompanied by text as I know there are those currently experiencing "hearing impairment" that would love to read them daily.

  82. Thanks for the analogy and reminder of that deep and undisturbed place of peace and Love...Grateful for these daily lifts and each one's precious comments.

  83. This is terrific to know that I have a spiritual peace with in me, safe and I have a right to feel this peace. Thank you. Great ideas and so full of love.

  84. Thanks for sharing the love of Jesus for us all.

  85. Thanks for that wonderful picture of reassurance to carry forward into my day!

  86. Wow. I needed that. Lots of storms surrounding me now...just staying afloat sounds good. I'm challenged to look for fair weather!

  87. Thank you Ginny,

    I scuba dive and your imagery vividly reminds me of times when the water was very rough with the boat tossing and divers not feeling well, a little fear or apprehension making your heart beat a bit faster with the waves splashing you as you deflate your BCD to dive.

    Then.... that feeling of being held and nurtured in space by dependable, steadfast, unlimited and vast peace. Peace settling in every part your being as the water holds you. The awesome power manifested in the most the gentle, effortless almost imperceptible constant support completely surrounding us. Its always there, just need to trust completely and let yourself dive into it, fully, without fear, judgment or reserve.

    In many ways that metaphor also illustrates how we are all "in all", connected through God who is just there. All we need to understand he is. We swim in an ocean of thoughts and ideas that instantly and constantly permeate every aspect of our lives.

    God's supply of peace and amazing ideas is infinite, flowing constantly like a river flow with vigintillions of ideas. All we have to do is dip our toe in it to tap that infinite supply.

    Thank you for sharing


  88. Ginny, Thanks so much . A beautiful idea and so easy to visualize.

  89. Good, good, good! These help me so much. I like it when lecturers use imagery of things we experience in nature. I can feel spirituality tangibly, and God present in my here-and-now when illustrations are used out of human experiences.

  90. Thanks Ginny and the BOL for these beautuful daily crumpets that are so filling and inspiring. I am so grateful to be able to take that plunge in my thought and reach that wonderful sense of calm. Thanks for listening when God's angel thought touched you and you shared it with us.

  91. Thanks so much for this message of peace and being peaceful with God. If I may also make another suggestion for consideration.....creating a full year of Daily Lift's on CD and/or in a book and selling them online and at Reading Rooms. What a wonderful gift! Thanks to all who contribute in making the Daily Lift happen with Love filled inspiration everyday!

  92. Thank you so much for this reminder!

  93. Thank you.


  95. Safe in God's peace. True for us all, everyone. Thanks.

  96. I am grateful to you Ginny, for your comforting and inspiring message, and to all of the commentator's shared fruitage. What a beautiful day!

  97. Thanks a lot!

  98. I second what # 3. Peter Reichl- Cunningham CS said.

    Please provide the text of this audio series. That would also make the website and this valuable information accessible to people with disabilities.

  99. I agree with #3 and #98. I had computer problems and was unable to listen to the Daily Lifts for awhile. It is frustrating to be able to read the comments but not the inspiration they are based on. It would take a good typist only a brief time to transcribe about ten minutes of audio a week. Please add this feature.

  100. Hello World Family,
    What a joy to hear from so many of you. Thank you for your comments they are so heartfult and helpful!
    Thank you to those who make these "lifts" possible.What a great idea! You're the best!
    It's such a blessing to be part of all of this inspiration.

  101. As Reading Room Asst. Can't think of a more wonderful out reach for the guest coming in to learn of C.S than a compiled CD of Daily Lifts. Most grateful for these inspire gifts of thought from God to you to us.

  102. Thank you Ginny for this perfectly timed message. Our daughter (not a CSist) is anxious about a transcontinental plane flight she is taking alone this week, and has asked for our prayers. What a delight to hear your Daily Lift which is perfect to address her fears. I emailed it to her, knowing that it will bless her as well as it did us.

  103. Such a wonderful reminder, Ginny, for us to go deep . . . brings to mind one of my favorite quotes by Mary Baker Eddy, in her Message for '02 19:10: . . . the heaving surf of life's troubled sea foams itself away, and underneath is a deep-settled calm. Thanks again, Ginny, for helping us go deep, in order to be lifted up!

  104. oops. typo in my message. That's line 19, not 10 :)

  105. Thanks to you, Ginny, for being "part of all this inspiration." A wonderful, uplifting thought. Also, thanks for your excellent article "Safe From Abuse" in the Oct. 26th CS Sentinel. Great to see you back in print.
    And speaking of print, I would add my vote to those who have requested that these Daily Lifts be available in text as well as an audio format. I find that it helps my concentration to read along while I am hearing a new idea.

  106. Peace and calm...something I have been seeking amidst the storms in my life for many months now...thank you Ginny, and to the BOL, for helping me to bring this awareness back into my experience and existence. I am finally finding that spiritual, peaceful place once again and am so grateful for God's loving care.

  107. Thanks for this venue, and for today's timely and clear picture of how mortal mind tries to work. We may be subjected to the SUGGESTION of fear, lack, disease. But we can know that the TRUTH of our existence, as God's perfect, loved child, is always present. Sounds simple, but we all know how difficult that realization can seem at times. I fight for it daily.

    As you say today, we need to dive deeper into (the water), beneath the suggestions of all discord, to evidence God's ever-presence, All in All. And, thankfully, when I do, I feel safe in that stillness and strength.

    I am so grateful for being raised in Christian Science, though I put it aside for a decade here and there. And I'm always amazed that Mrs. Eddy, as a 19th C woman, had the incredible insight and courage to listen to the "still small voice" within, and to interpret and champion this precious gift to mankind. Thanks, thanks, thanks...

  108. We need fresh bread each day. Some things do not need to be accumulated. Like the beautiful pictures seen in a kaleidoscope, and ephemeral art. Or a reflection. The ever sparkling glints from a faceted diamond. Lights flashing in the sky. Ever appearing in new forms, endlessly. And manna.

  109. Thank you. there are times when I have to know that God is Right here and that peace is here all around me.

  110. Thanks for reminding us that our right to feel at peace comes from our Father, Mother God and cant be taken away from us ever. You are a blessing as everyone in the world is now and always.

  111. My daughter and I love listening to these daily lifts. They give a sense of peace, and this one really did! Thanks.

  112. Another wonderful, accessible concept: PEACE! From, in and because of God.
    And a perfect picture as an example of counting on it: Jesus asleep in the boat in the storm!
    Thank you, Jinny, for a perfect thought just when needed!

  113. Thank you so much for this significant lifting thought!
    The analogy is perfect! And this is all about what MBE says: "to look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things."
    No matter the turbulence exibited on the surface of a given circunstance, we can still dive deeper into the peaceful waters of God´s kingdom where we´ll certainly find that "peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." ( Philippians 4: 7 )
    In relation to the suggestions for printing the talks, I´d say that for foreign people who can´t speak English very well yet, for sure it would be much better to understand the text, once they could read it more accurately. Even though, I´m very grateful for the loving and unselfish work of this "Daily lift Blog", represented here by all of you, Christian Science lecturers!

  114. Wow! Every day is getting better and better. Thank you.

  115. Thanks Ginny for reminding us of everpresent peace of God under all circumstances.

  116. Thanks Ginny,
    I'm attached to water and this rings tones of quietness for me. #35 brought it out as froth on the water surface that has tried to make me upset with problems from my computer, and now I know the stillness underneath is always there and the right answer will come for my computer situation. Thanks so much. I feel at peace. vhc

  117. Thanks so much, very helpful.

  118. Hi again, Ginny! It was nice to be reminded that despite the sometimes stormy appearances of outer circumstances, or inner concerns, peace reigns. Love, Joy

  119. Thanks, Ginny, for the wonderful reminder of when we were kids, jumping off the rocky cliffs of Maine to try and sit in the quiet pools at the sandy bottom. Hard to do unless you had a big rock to hang on to. You invariably floated right up to the top again. Now I know that the big Rock of Christ, Truth is always there for me to cling to, no matter what turbulence is going on around me. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  120. I like the analogy, thankyou

  121. Thanks you for this very peaceful reminder of God's ever presence, every moment.
    I also so enjoy Nathan's chuckle with his introduction of the Daily Lift. It lifts me immediatley and puts a smile on my face!!

  122. Very impressive! I remember many times doing that same thing at lake chelan during a choppy day. I even remember one time in specific when Grandpa was pulling about 5 of us kids behind the boat on the water skiis and I was having a hard time getting up. I let go of the ski rope and swam back to the dock. I was so frustrated that when I got back to the dock I swam under water to scream because I was so upset with myself. For some reason I hit a warm spot in the water when I dove down and my frustration turned to comfort instantly. Thanks for sharing I really appreciate it.

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