3/5: God never forgets us

3/5: God never forgets us

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  1. Thank you. What a lovely thought to go to sleep with, in my case, and to awaken to for another.

  2. What a wonderful new exlerience for me. It is 2:30 A.M. in my town and I was closing down my computer after completing a task that required several hours. Just as I am ready to close I spotted the arrival of the Daily Lift. After hours of work I can certainly take two more minutes to hear what Christine is ready to share. A pefect blessing after a long day: "The healing presence of a God who never forgets me - Christ's love is present every moment - - God will never forget me." I feel that presence. I feel the competeness of this day. And I am ready for bed time, knowing that God does not abandon me while I sleep. Imposible, because He never forgets me - not for one moment. With gratitude, I thank you.

  3. I love this message! Thank you, Christine. Wonderful citations and reminders of God's ever presence. thank you!

  4. Good thought

  5. How comforting it is to know that God is always with us and never forget us! When our life style changes and we are shaken out of our comfort zone, our daily routine, maybe from our school where we have good friends, or just when somebody dear to us moves away, many times we tend to forget that we are NOT left alone in this earthly journey. I like how MBE asks this question straight on, “Would existence without personal friends be to you a blank? Then the time will come when you will be solitary, left without sympathy; but this seeming vacuum is already filled with divine Love. (S&H 266:6) God never forgets us, in fact, God never changes, Love never abandon us, how could divine Love forget His own image and likeness (though sometimes we are the ones that are tempted to forget Him when we feel overpowered or overwhelmed by tribulations).
    We should remember more often the healing words of our hymns, “In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear. And safe in such confiding, for nothing changes here. The storm may roar without me, my heart may low be laid, But God is round about me, and can I be dismayed?” (CS Hymnal 148) There’s no place where God is not and divine Love is with us in every moment.

    ¡Cuán reconfortante es saber que Dios siempre está con nosotros y nunca nos olvida! Cuando cambia nuestro estilo de vida dándonos un sacudón y nos manda afuera de nuestra zona de comodidad, de nuestra rutina diaria, tal vez lejos de nuestra escuela donde tenemos buenos amigos, o simplemente alguien a quien queremos se aleja, muchas veces tendemos a olvidarnos que NO estamos solos en esta trajectoria terrenal.
    Me gusta como MBE hace esta pregunta sin vuelta alguna, “¿Sería la existencia sin amigos personales un vacío para vosotros? Llegará el tiempo, entonces, en que os encontraréis solitarios, sin que nadie se compadezca de vosotros; mas ese aparente vacío ya está colmado de Amor divino( CyS 266:7). Dios nunca nos olvida, en efecto, Dios nunca cambia, el Amor nunca nos abandona. ¿Cómo podría el Amor divino olvidarse de Su imagen y semejanza (aunque a veces somos nosotros los que nos tentamos a olvidarnos de El cuando nos sentimos abrumados, o agobiados por las tribulaciones).

    Debiéramos recordar mas seguido las sanadoras palabras de los himnos, “No teme cambios mi alma si mora en santo Amor; segura es tal confianza, no hay cambios para Dios. Si ruge la tormenta o sufre el corazón, mi pecho no se arredra, pues cerca está el Seňor (Himno 148 de CC). No hay lugar donde Dios no esté y El está con nosotros en todo momento.

  6. These daily lifts are spiritual and wonderful, each and everyone of them. However, some people make everything personal and that is what has happened with my dear Mom, she especially likes to hear your lifts. So, I am grateful to offer this lift over the phone to her. And thanks to the readers that shared this method as I didnt know how to get them to her.

  7. Thank you so much for this, this morning. Just what I need at this time.

  8. Just what I needed to lift me up earlier in the morning.Very helpful that nothing can separate us from God.
    Thanks Christine

  9. That was so encouraging, Christine, for as I listened, I realized the reverse is true, too! We can be confident when we do our spiritual studies, and listen to these lifts, that by reflection, we won't forget God! So often, I've believed that good thoughts I would take to hold to, seemed to be forgotten later in the day, sometimes, not too much later after leaving the books. But that cannot be true of anyone as God's image. I'm more relieved that I won't forget God, than fearing He would forget me. I know this will free me to get more from the daily lesson-sermon. Up till this lift, I've denied error's claims if noticeable, but this is a subtle claim that I didn't even see was deniable, instead I was pleading guilty. Thank you, so much. I also realized this applies to John 14:12, when Jesus said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also;” Jesus didn't forget God, so it is built in to our heritage as believers of him. This verse also came late to me after Lois' “Love as he loved” lift, of 3-26-10. Jesus loved, and that too, was part of his works, and so is remembering God as All-in-all. Loving and remembering are as certain as healing works. I feel like you gave me a present to open, and what's inside is wonderful!

  10. In the vast outback areas of eastern Australia right now many small country towns are being threatened by flood waters from the rain of the past week, and our prayers affirm the presence of God and His overflowing love and protection. Thank you so much, Christine, because your inspiring Daily Lift is exactly what these people need at this very moment: to be reassured that "God is tender, loving and forgiving Who never leaves anyone unprotected." It is so encouraging to hear your powerful words that "the Christ presence is right here at this moment" and
    that "God will never forget them."

  11. Many thanks Christine. Your "lift" is such a comfort. It reminded me of Hymn # 135, "I know no life divided/ O Lord of life from Thee," (from the CS Hymnal).. As you said, "The Christ love is present every moment, to comfort and sustain us, even in the middle of trials."

  12. How lovely to hear this today. Thank you so very much Christine

  13. Thank you Christine. 'I can see clearly now the rain is gone...'

  14. As usual ,Christine inspires and teaches. Thanks for reminding and reassuring us that God is ever present,ever faithful, no matter how dire the circmstances appear to be.

  15. What a perfect lift, thank you! Nothing can separate me, separate any of us, from the Love of God, or, the Mind, the Life, the Truth, the Soul, the Spirit, the Principle, the good, the all-power, of God! This great fact uplifts and directs each one of us in our daily round, giving us the strength, wisdom, and healing grace to respond to the needs of today.

  16. I love the part where you said "even the night shall be light about thee." It is like when Jesus said and if you drink any deadly think it shall not hurt you. It doesn't say those things won't happen but it assures us if we happen to find ourself in such a situation our light is there and our unhurt being is present. So all our dear friends in Chile, Iraq, wherever the night may appear to strike, the light is there and no deadly thing shall hurt you. Appreciate all the daily connections.

  17. Thanks, God, for being here with me, now and always! And thanks, Christine, for this great reminder that it is so :).

  18. Is it possible, are the daily lifts getting better each and every day? I will carry this inspiring message throughout the day. Thank you!

  19. What wonderful daily lift.Thank you!

  20. Thank you. I am so grateful for the conversations which I feel I have each time I listen to the "lifts". Living in a country where language can be a huge barrier and having so little contact with anyone in CS, I treasure the wisdom imparted by each individual 5 days a week....how wonderful it would be for the lifts to be daily...as daily they are needed. Sometimes it is not possible to travel the distance to attend Service. How grateful I am to be able to tune in to the Mother Church on Sundays.
    Could we be given the places in the Bible and or Science & Health, etc. where to find the quotations. I am very new to Christian Science...sometimes other individuals mention where to find the citations.. I would be most grateful to have them listed, maybe below what the lecturer speaks about. For instance today, Christine mentions so many quotes....how wonderful to be able to refer to them immediately.

    Each day my understanding of GOD's LOVE GROWS. In these times of GREAT NEED, I thank GOD to have found Christian Science, the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy in my life. For so long I felt all alone. Now I am reminded that GOD IS WITH ME, LOVING ME, GUIDING ME, HOLD ME IN HIS TENDER CARE.

  21. Thank you so much for this beautiful lift. It met an immediate need. We can't forget, or be forgotten. How reassuring! Thanks again.

  22. Thanks for these helpful ideas, Christine, all grounded in the Bible. God truly is "everywhere," as my mother taught me when I was an infant.

  23. Thanks for a wonderful way to start my day. God IS ALWAYS WITH US.

  24. These are angel thoughts.

  25. Thank you, Christine. Thanks for all comments! Thanks to all Staff of the Daily Lift!

  26. Very comforting! Thank you so much!

  27. I feel so-o-o-o much better!! Thank you, Christine and thank you for all the previous comments!!

    I love to read how others all over the world are receiving these Daily Lifts and applying them to their own lives. Much love to everyone!!

  28. Eternal thanks to the individual or committee who originated these Daily Lifts and all the lecturers who share so freely. All are true to the name. Special thanks today for the guitarist and composer of dance music for intro and wrap up. Christine as always brightens up everything. Cheers!

  29. Thank you so much. How wonderful to know that we can never ever be separated from the love of God, no matter what!

  30. Thank you, Christine for these truths spoken.

  31. Thanks so much for this comforting message. No separation from Love. I like what J.S. (#9) said also that we have a part to play. :)

  32. Constant protection and comfort Psalm 139 we are not separated from God in the middle of any trial!

  33. Thank you Christine for the powerful reminder. This idea of NOT being forgotten and your reference to Isaiah & God's hand not being too weak, was a perfect follow up to some research I did earlier this morning regarding the 'arm of the Lord'. I found that there are 16 instances in the Bible where it refers to the out-stretched or stretched out arm of the Lord. Now, that is definitely NOT being forgotten but I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks again for the wonderful insight.

  34. This was a wonderful daily lift -- loving and calming.

    Also, to Anita in Peru, there are so many other wonderful resources for finding out about Christian Science. As you are new, are you aware of www.spirituality.com? It's full of articles to read and prior chats to listen to. It's true that God never forgets us and partaking of the spiritual ideas at that site, you'll become totally convinced of it.

  35. Thank you so much Christine! I joyfully received news this morning that my son in Taiwan is safe after the recent earthquake in Taiwan...When I heard of it, I immediately affirmed that God was keeping him, his family and home protected and in perfect peace! God's Love knows no bounds...I also want to say how much I truly appreciated your wonderful lecture, available online. Your remarks, statements and healiing examples have stayed with me over the past several weeks.

  36. How can we ever doubt? How tender and loving.

  37. Thank you for embracing the world today and everyday. What a wonderful that we are never forgotten. No one is left out. A helpful thought.

  38. I love the thought that God is always with us. The Psalm mentioned I believe is what could have inspired Henry Drummond in his article "The Greatest Thing in the World" where he says something to the effect that even in the middle of the ocean God is with us. There is no place where Goe is not.

  39. Never forgotten, what a blessed way to start the day!!

  40. Thank you!!!!

  41. I am so grateful for these wonderful daily healing messages. They do give a sense of "lift" from the material sense to our spiritual nature with our Father-Mother God. Thank you Christine for your loving thought that God never forgets us and He is with us no matter where we are.

  42. God bless you. Just what I needed to hear this morning.....and every morning!

  43. Thank - you ever so much Christine! I was praying about a problem at work before I listened. Your lift shifted my thought to the solution- God, and away from the problem. Oh how I know that God has the solution, I only need to listen.

  44. This is the perfect message for working for those who humanly have gone astray....as in our current news headlines. Thank you for these healing and loving currents going out to all.

  45. Not only is God always remembering and considering us, caring for us, but also delighting in and celebrating us. Not as something separate from God, but as the ideas that God is thinking, the activity God is doing, the loving that God is sharing. Just as we sing, "Hurray!" when we get an inspired idea and see a wonderous new healing vision, so too, must God figuratively sing of us as the combination of spiritual ideas that are such a joy to God, and inseparable from God, Mind, Love.

    It reminds me of a young man who can't help himself from beaming and sometimes just laughing and dancing, pumping his victory fist in the air, so much in love, who can't get out of his mind how much he loves the fine qualities, the presence, the sharing, the wonder of having his love in his life. He cannot forget her and how free it makes him feel. He cannot get upset by anything or see or fear any evil. Or just like the little girl so delighted that she is going to get a puppy-- so happy she can't restrain the happy-dance, the clapping her hands, the jumping up and down with joy, never able to forget for a moment the good news. Hearing her little sing-song, "I'm gonna get a puppy, I'm gonna get a puppy!" makes it clear that nothing can make her forget her love and joy. Isn't the Christ, the resurrection and ascension, the kept promise, so powerful that the apostles couldn't ever forget it? So powerfully was it persistent and prominent in their mind that they could not be dissuaded or dismayed by imprisonment, social rejection, poverty, religious criticism, conservatism, torture, death, cultural prejudice, shame/guilt, and old habits. They could not forget that God really is real, alive, here, now, with us, always.

    That love fest must be mutual, as hinted by the above examples. God always thinks us as His/Her thoughts and delight, and this symbiosis or mutual blessing must include our feeling assured and blessed, also not being distracted from remembering God. That is why we always have what we need and only want what is good. And can only be and see and do and feel good. This memory and perpetual mindfulness of perfection and divine relationship doesn't allow anything else.

    "re-" = again "memor" = mindful, mind-full, again and again on-going co-existing Mind and idea

  46. Thanks for the Daily Lift and comments.

  47. Thank you, J.S., for sharing that spin on my message. What an important idea--that since God, the one divine Mind, the only Mind, is constantly communicating to each one of us every moment, then each one of us has everything we need to succeed, to hear the inspiration we need, to see the path we need to follow, to have the courage to never give up, in fact, to be healers for the world. We can never be deprived of that inspiration and healing power!

    Hi Anita! So glad to hear from you. I love the Bible. There is no challenge we will ever face that is not already covered with a healing answer in the Bible. Here are the passages to which I referred in my Daily LIft: Christ Jesus' message is found throughout the 4 Gospels; Isaiah 59:1; Jer. 32:26-27, 17; Ps. 139:7-12, but I love the whole Psalms; and Rom. 8:35-39, which is in this week's lesson (powerful lesson on Man--the true nature of each one of us).
    Anita, you might enjoy also going to www.christianscience.com and www.tmcyouth.com--both sites have Christian Science lectures you can watch and podcasts and interviews you can listen to.

    Thank you, Anne of N.S., for being an instant practitioner--immediately refuting the suggestion that anyone could ever be separated from God's loving care, and this includes Taiwan:
    "The 'still, small voice' of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, 'as when a lion roareth.' It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear." S&H 559:8-12.
    "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard." Ps. 19:1-3.

  48. Thanks Christine, lovely lift. Nothing can really separate us from the love of God. I feel He is really our best friend. Please someone mention your Lecture online. How do we get it? I will love to hear it!!

  49. Dear Helena (#48),

    You can view a number of video lectures (including Christine's on this website) at http://christianscience.com/lectures/lecture-video/

    Daily Lift Team

  50. Hi Helena,

    The lecture mentioned is entitled "Healing with Scientific Certainty through the Christ," and it is found in the video lecture section of "www.christianscience.com".

  51. Thank you Christine for this message, and your notes farther down. It is a privilege to be part of this "community" world-wide hearts lifted up.

  52. Dear Tina, it was so wonderful to hear your voice this morning. I love the daily lifts and look forward to them each day. It was a delight to see your name on today's lift and I am so grateful for your inspiring message. Thank you and thanks to TMC and the daily lift team as well as the lecturers who share their inspiration. Thanks also to those who share their healing thoughts each day.

  53. Thank you Tina,
    God's perfect presence is felt right now.

  54. Thank you Christine and for all these wonderful Daily Lifts. This one today has come to me with prayer answered and I'm so grateful.Thank you.

  55. Very helpful, Christine, thanks.

  56. Thank you all for your comments, and for TMC giving another avenue to demonstrate what God's Son came to teach us and our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy gave us more insight and light on those teachings.
    I listened intently to our Wed. p.m. testimony meeting, and after a "tent full of camels" on Monday-Wednesday, which I realized after.
    With your lovely "Lift", I feel blessed to also know, although at times it seemed God did forget me, that He never forgets us; we need to claim that; I need to firmly claim that. I've felt so hurt that our gov't is on the wrong track, and fearful that it will continue, but according to "Lynn #44" that's where I will lift myself up out of that "tent". I need to claim that Our government is on HIS shoulders, and they'll ( the gov't) will be lead by divine Mind to do the right thing. Thank you all again.

  57. Thank you, Christine, for this wonderful lift - so reassuring for ourselves, and for all mankind. Thanks also for your follow-up comments and the Bible citations.

    Special thanks to Edie #45 too for reminding us to rejoice because God is rejoicing over us.

    The combination of Christine's and Edie's messages made me think of Zephaniah 3:17: "The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing."

    Also, the Amplified Bible version of Hebrews 13:5: “For He, God, Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down, or relax My hold on you -- Assuredly not!”

  58. Thank you Christine, and those who have responded to the encouraging lift today.

    Anita, in Peru -- to locate references you can use the "search Science and Health and the Bible" link on spirituality.com by entering specific quotes or page and line numbers. One can also search related concepts -- eg. following the idea that God never forgets us, two of Mrs. Eddy's key words "compound idea" called up five references in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures revealing the nature of what and how God is knowing. Here, answers to "What is man?" and "What is substance?" from the chapter "Recapitulation", as well as part of the definition of Earth (P.585: 5-8) from the Glossary, all refer to a spiritual sense of "compound idea" (note: not supposedy "mortal" man's collective mist-ified idea, but God's "compound"- or compounding?- spiritual idea/creation, ever-renewing, and consequently unforgettable!).

    Further research re God's knowing, with the key word "idea", reveals, in Sc&H p.115 under "Scientific Translation of Immortal Mind", Mrs. Eddy's list of seven "divine synonyms" for GOD, including "Divine... Mind", followed by reference to "divine image" as: "MAN: God's spiritual idea, individual, perfect, eternal", then divine reflection" as : "IDEA: An image in Mind; the immediate object of understanding."- Webster. "Mind" here has a capital "M", reminding us it is God in whose understanding we are truly and completely held, now and always. We can reflect and express this understanding as we affirm and practice, or "know the Truth" of what we are learning of Father/Mother God and of the ever-present "very good" spiritual sense of creation declared in Genesis 1:31. The God-centered view of Life encompasses all mankind, and God's whole, time-less, and thus unforgettable universe. Eternity is, now.

  59. Thank you SO much

  60. Thank you!

  61. Anita # 20, is wonderful that you took to CS like a duck to water! Don’t fret, there’s help on the way. You can get the “Edición Electrónica Espaňol-Portugues-Inglés” in the Reading Rooms (or directly from The Mother Church, these are MBE’s mayor works. This PDF Adobe Reader edition is quite affordable and in no time you’ll be immerse in Science and ready to help others in both languages. It will find the citations in a jiffy. The books on the CD are:
    Science and Health, Retrospection and Introspection, Miscellaneous Writings, Rudimental Divine Science and People’s Idea of God.

  62. Thanks Christine, for this uplift above ourselves as mortals and mortal projections about God. I have many in my experience that I love and wish to bless with a prayer acknowledging God's healing power and presence rigth where they are. This is a sweet boost of inspiration supporting that prayer.

  63. Thank you--what a comprehensive view of
    God's love throughout the Bible!

  64. Thank-you Christine, for this comforting message. How good it is to know that God is always and everywhere present.

  65. Possibly no one will read these comments. Today I got a book from the library on World Hunger which I had not ordered. On reading many articles in the book, the problems with starving millions, unfair trade practices with poor countries and world indifference seemed to loom so large and my heart felt so sorrowful. I was especially disturbed by the comments of many African people that "God brings hunger and death." Thank heavens for this Daily Lift that I "saved" for the week-end. My thought was cleared and I could immediately see God's never-ending Love for and committment to care for all of His children. Despite everything that I read, the truth is that God is with all of creation, protecting and supplying it. Thanks to everyone who does the lifts and sends in comments!

  66. It is with a heart Filled with gratitude that I say "Thank You!!" to all involved in bringing this wonderful "Daily Lift" to God's children, worldwide. Also to all those who make comments, I say "Thank you" also. This site offers such wonderful healing thoughts to everyone. I am full of gratitude !!

  67. Wow this is a God that is beyond all material and pysical awareness thankyou for bringing this to light,it is great to know that Gods love is right there when you need it most.

  68. Such a lovely message, thank you so much!

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