7/16: God is All-in-all

7/16: God is All-in-all

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  1. And thank you! That was a great lift.


  2. Thanks for the uplift, God is in complete control.

  3. Perfect, Christine, Thank you!

  4. THANK YOU FOR THE PERFECT LIFT!!! I spent a good portion of my day yesterday wrestling with mortal mind. Your message reminded me to let go and let God, good, stillness, allness speak to me...no need for wrestling! Peace & Love!

  5. So good. Thank you.
    God also says to Moses, "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward"! Divinity's order (and allness) keeps us moving forward--not blocked, obstructed, stymied, in a rut, or only the the verge of fulfilling our God-purpose. I'm rejoicing too!

  6. Very helpful talk by a very sweet person.

    I found most helpful and notable to be her statement slightly over half way along (I hope I get this right):

    "When I UNDERSTAND that (the principle of) divine love governs, and I LET that love govern my own life ... then I find that I can DIMINISH the occurrence of disease or conflict or even the effects of weather in my life."

  7. Sincere thanks for that Allness of good

  8. Thanks Christine - your experience is great. :-)
    Thanks for sharing and giving it to everyone,...
    Let us rejoice,...

  9. Thank you Christine, That was power packed!

  10. Thank you Christine, this was wonderful!

  11. Thank you Christine, your 'lift' has met a need as if our Father was speaking directly to me! Thank you!

  12. Thank You!! Today's Daily "LOVE" Lift is just perfect for me--it is exactly the one thing I need to know and experience in my life right now!!!!!

  13. Thank you, Christine, it's all in the attitude, isn't it? Not an easy task, though. My CS teacher used say, "Don't try, just do it!". Once we accept that God is All-in-all then everything falls into place just like pieces of a puzzle. We are taken care of because we are His image, because He is the essence of our being. Our God will be with us, nothing is over His head.
    MBE puts it in a way we can understand, "If God, the All-in-all, be the creator of the spiritual universe, including man, then everything entitled to a classification as truth, or Science, must be comprised in a knowledge or understanding of God, for there can be nothing beyond illimitable divinity." (S&H 127:4)
    Gracias, Cristina, todo está en la actitud, ¿verdad? Pero no es una tarea fácil. Mi maestro de CS solía decir: "No trates, ¡hazlo!". Una vez que aceptamos que Dios es Todo-en todo, entonces todo cae en su lugar correcto al igual que piezas de un rompecabezas. Estamos cuidados porque somos su imagen, porque Él es la esencia de nuestro ser. Nuestro Dios estará siempre con nosotros, no hay nada que esté por sobre su cabeza.
    MBE lo pone de una manera que podemos comprender, "Si Dios, el
    Todo-en-todo, es el creador del universo, incluso el hombre, entonces todo lo que tenga derecho a ser clasificado como verdad, o Ciencia, tiene que estar incluido en un conocimiento o una comprensión de Dios, porque no puede haber nada más allá de la divinidad ilimitable." (CyS 127:4)

  14. HI Tina Thank you for fousing our thought on God as All-in-All. I love the
    hmn verse God is All=n-All.
    His Children cannot fear
    See baseless evil fall and know that God is here.
    When thikiikng ol God is All-in-All, there is no room left for anything else to
    enter in. It's comfortng to feel God's allness throughout our daily lives.
    Thanks to the Bd of Lectureship for starting the Daily Lifts which have been a true gift to every recipient . Thank you, Nathan for your
    cheery intro every Daily LIft!!

    [Hymn 267]

  15. Thank You for sharing. Rejoice & Trust in Gods All-ness. How greatful to know that it safe to relax in God loving care. I know no fear, for God is All in All.

  16. Thank you, Christine for this wonderful "lift."

  17. Thank you Christine for this pure and simple truth. And, since God IS All-in-all, we have no need to be concerned or alarmed by material presentations. Declare them for what they are (lies) and move forward.

  18. Thanks for All-in-all. My take on that is an idea that I love, which is that God has everyone and everything under one roof.

  19. Thank you for this very clear reminder that God is All-in-all.

  20. This powerful and comforting message ,coming to me in the silence of this wee morning hour, is the inspiring reminder I need for this weekend.Very timely.
    Thank you Christine.

  21. Thank you Christine

  22. Great message, especially the 'Thank you Father' at the end.

  23. How great to rejoice in Divine Love and to rest assured in harmony and the Allness of God.
    Thank you Christine

  24. Many thanks Christine for your inspiring lift. "Stand still, and trust in God;s allness."
    "God is my strong salvation;/ What foe have I to fear?" (CS hymnal #77).

  25. Thank you for your beautiful and timely message! A perfect inspiration to take with me today! Thx! ^-^ Happy Day Everyone!

  26. Thank you Christine I needed that lift today Thank you

  27. thankyou, Christine! ... that concept of the Allness of God is ever helpful, as it literally covers any "apparent" issue, whatever it may try to say it is, and dissolves it into it,s native-nothingness!
    Just a glimpse of the Truth that the ONLY consciousness is the Christ consciousness/God , is always truly healing.... Many Thanks for that reminder!

  28. No matter what is happening, I must know that God, good, is the only reality.

  29. Like #22, I too loved the heartfelt 'Thank You Father' at the end of this lift. The conviction behind the gratitude expressed helps let go of that frantic, yet oh so false, sense of struggling, and just relax confidently in the All-in-all Love, that is God.
    Warm thanks Christine, and Nathan, from Nigeria.

  30. Thanks Christine, the truth doesn't get any more simple and more powerful than that. God being All-in-all, He is all good, therefore as His image and likeness all we can ever do is to reflect His/Her complete goodness, which must be expressed in every aspect of our being; perfect health, abundant supply, harmonious activity, and so on. I love the imagery Mrs. Eddy uses in Science & Health when she writes that " as a ray of light is one with the sun, a drop of water is one with the ocean, so is man at one with God." We just can't help but to reflect His/Her infinite goodness. Christ Jesus, sure makes our job clear when he states "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." As we know this truth of God's (Good's) allness, we then realize it right where we are, and in whatever doing. As stated in the Bible, "He doeth the works". Therefore we can do nothing but reflect what God is doing and/or being as His image and likeness, expressing His complete dominion over the whole earth" As we think on this truth, there is nothing left for us to fear or to experience except the good that God is being as the All-in-all. Wow, we all have so much to be grateful for, so everyone have a grateful day!

  31. Thanks............God is all in all! end He has the complete control right now....I needed this True today......!

  32. Thank you, Christine, for your beautiful and perfectly timed Lift.
    And thank you, Father-Mother, God, for being All-in-all.

  33. Thank you Christine! And thank you, Patricia #4, I'm with you, no more wrestling!

  34. Dear Christine Thank you for such an inspiring message. I was grateful once, when feeling disturbed, that a friend pointed out to me that by breaking down the saying in the Bible "Be still and know that I am God" as really feeling His presence: as -
    "Be still and know that I AM"
    "Be still and know"
    "Be still"
    This has so often helped me feel the harmony of my true being as ONE with
    The daily lifts make me feel so at one with God's universal family. I am so
    thankful for them.

    Moderator's note:
    This poem by Julia Karr was published in the February 19, 2001 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel on page 11.

  35. Thanks Christine, a great reminder. I shall be more aware today and seek to allow God to do his/her will through me. God Bless everyone.

  36. Thank you Christine ,This is a perfect message for today. I am really comforted .

  37. THank you! just what i wanted and needed to hear this morning. It's nice to know that God is in complete control of us and the universe.

  38. Thank you Christine. Very useful as we work for the people of the Phillipians.

  39. Thank you! What an encouraging Lift! Thank you Gigi, #5. We are not
    on the verge of fulfilling God's purpose nor do we operate from thinking
    we have potential! We are, right this instant enjoying our God-given
    perfection! Much love to all.

  40. Thank you. I greatly appreciated being reminded that not only must we know that God is All-in-all but we must be grateful to and for the All-in-all. The other day it occurred to me that if Moses didn't get the Israelites across the Red Sea we might not have had the Ten Commandments! No matter the difficulty that seems to be, there's a sure reward and great blessings waiting for us!

  41. So simple, so true and, because it is natural and normal, not difficult at all. Thank you for this God-sent message.

  42. Thank you Christine for this wonderful Lift. This message is so powerful and right to the point! I loved where you said "Don't be afraid. Stand still and you'll see God's salvation. This enemy you're looking at, you won't ever see it again." It's such a great Lift and a fitting note to end the week. Each Lift this week has been awesome. Just awesome, Christine.
    Really great music and support group, Nathan. You're just getting better all the time. Have a good weekend everyone!

  43. Really loved this message !
    That´s all I needed hear today.
    Thank you very much !!!

  44. Thank you for making it so easy to let go of all the battles that seem to be going on with the simple thought of letting it all go and thanking our father. I feel at peace now and I know it will be a day of good!

  45. Thanks so much, Christine, for a very inspiring lift to get me started a little before 5 AM here in California. The last verse is from one of my favorite poems I pray with daily and reads:
    "Since God is All,
    Fear has no place;
    Right here an now
    Love fills all space."
    This was by Kardyne Flad Steacy and appeared in the Sentinel of July 21, 1997. I have found the entire poem extremely helpful in quieting fear of any type.

  46. I, too, think the "Thank you Father" an important part of today's lift. The last line of the Lord's Prayer with the spiritual interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy --"For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. For God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love, over all, and All." - supports today's message. Thank you, Christine.

  47. Thank You Christine ..enjoyed your lift..and have enjoyed all the comments. I am really lifted..TY

  48. Thank you Christine. Your lift is very helpful. I've been struggling, too. I'm leaving the problem in God's hands, with an heartfelt "Thank you, Father".

  49. Thank you for that most wonderful Lift. It is a healing message. Thank youuuuu.

  50. Thank you, Christine! Thanks for the sense of rejoicing, now, in God's alllness and resting in that wonderful thought and fact, providing us with all we need every moment. Also, this great knowing blesses everyone and everything our thoughts rest upon.

  51. Many thanks for this uipbeat message....and all the positive comments which follow. Have a good weekend, everyone

  52. What a complete, foundational message. It's a keeper! I love how instantaneous the effects of absolute revelation are! In the midst of overwhelming, sometimes overshadowing, challenge, right there, the only thing going on is God and his Allness."Be still, and know that I am God." Stop. Stop long enough to feel and KNOW it.And all the "other" just drops away. Thank you, Christine!

  53. Thank you so much, Christine, for this very powerful and supreme idea of Allness for today.

    "The allness of God, including his absolute spirituality, supremacy, and eternity."
    - R. Turnbull.

  54. Wonderful!!!
    Today I needed this reassuring thought!
    And you know what? The result after hearing that was fantastic!!!
    Thank you so much, Christine!

  55. Thanks, Christine. I especially like the reminder that the enemy we see before us, we shall see him no more forever. Goodie!

  56. Missing the "hey, hey". Thanks for the great lift.

  57. Thank you, those thoughts made my day.

  58. Thank you for this outstanding message on God's allness!

    Also, I love the happiness in the intro everyday. Hearing the joy in those introductions are a "lift" to me.

  59. Thank you for the wonderful lift today! If God is All, then the opposite is nothing so there really is no opposite because God fills all space. Thank you Father Mother God for the good that is unfolding for all of us in divine Love. Keeping in mind that my job is to rejoice and to trust in God, I move forward today with expectancy of good in the midst of life's challenges. I am so grateful for the daily lifts and all the comments from everyone. When I think about all of the people praying out there, I am filled with gratitude and awe.So much healing is going on.

  60. Thank You very much Christine!

  61. In one word: Wonderful!!!
    In two words: So Helpful
    In three words: Thank you Christine!!!

  62. THANK YOU! We must always remember that "God always has met and always will meet every human need!"

  63. Thank you for this "Bell Ringer." Separate email to follow.

  64. Hey Nat..... where's the Hey Hey....???? It's so fun to wake up to your joyous happy greeting each morn. And Christine, Thank you, your message is going to a friend who needs it, right now.

  65. Thank you for this! It's exactly what I needed today :-)

  66. Thanks Christine for sharing the power of the Allness of God. :)

  67. Thank you Christine.
    Your message is exactly what came to me this morning as I sat listening to the eBibleLesson in our sunroom overlooking Penobscot Bay in Maine. Thank you for reinforcing it in my day. There is nothing but good present and my thinking is always in line with God's good each moment - there is no other thought than God's. I can see this good right now and ever-present.
    Thank you ever so much!!!

  68. Just what I needed to hear today! Thanks for the encouragment and uplift. A good (mental) checkup from the neck up...Standing still to see God's salvation.... Simple and profound. Trusting in God's allness and thanking you with all my heart, Christine.

  69. Thank you Christine!

  70. How very important it is for us to realize the only All-in-all of God, Spirit, Mind, daily.
    I read recently that the World Health Organization has distinguished 13,000 diseases, syndromes and accident-related problems. There are over 6,000 drugs and 4,000 procedures available to treat theses cases...
    We ask, how many can be found in the All-in-all???
    The answer is a huge blessing to mankind!

  71. Christine,
    What a dear soul you are to reiterate for us to see that we are all going to the source of everything we have which is allowing God's allness to shine through. Christian Science is truly the one source for the absolute knowledge of the one God the one source, the one mind. I also love the phrase and am working with from the Bible "Fear not little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven" which fits right in with what you are bringing out in the thought today. The wisdom in Christian Science is right on. Thank you and God blessyou always.

  72. What a powerful lift... Thank you for the reminder, much needed and appreciated!

  73. Wonderful message, God IS all in all. Thank you all for these lifts!
    Greatly appreciated!

  74. Thank you Christine. Your lift today made me ask myself, "What am I giving life to, the errors of mortal mind, or the harmony and allness of the divine Mind?" Let's do it right!

  75. WONDERFULL !!! rejoyce & trust

  76. So helpful. Thank you!

  77. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As a Jewish Christian the Passover story and everything about God liberating us from the bondage (of Egypt) is one of our top focuses. You gave me great ideas to use at our next Passover Seder. I'll put this in my file.

    I have missed you when you come to Montana. I'll have to be sure and make it next time. I listen to you on the web.

  78. Hi Christine,
    I remember listening to a talk given by you at a youth conference and how very beneficial it was and still is for me. Ditto for todays daily lift which is also extremely beneficial to/for me. Truly an answered prayer to what seems to be a struggle going on right now. Yes, God is always in complete control and we can rejoice always for this Truth. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Thank you for being inspiration!

  79. Thank you, Christine....that was a wonderful lift...I needed that and will keep it with me throughout the day...God is All-n-All and ever with us all.Therefore, nothing or no-one can harm us as long as we know that wherever God is, We Are! Thank you for the Reminder that we are Spiritual, not material and therefore, free from harm or fear.

    V. Lenzi

  80. PS I have to add, that every day, (before I listen to the LIft a second time), I sit here amazed at how good I feel. The happy harmonica music, the family feel of the Lift, the great speakers, and Nate's youthful cheerfulness all combines to create something that I cannot find anywhere else.... a winning combination....an irreplacable great attitude start for my day. Well done! Much thanks!

    The Lift is something I feel good emailing to friends who are Christian or not. I often carry the messages all day long and share the thoughts with other friends and prayer sessions at varous churches. We are supposed to take CS out to the world. Right? Not keep it to ourselves and our own kind. The Lift makes it easy.

  81. Thank you Christine for the beautiful message today. In the Bible we read where Paul used the words 'all in all' a few times. They are found in:
    1 Cor. 12:6
    1 Cor. 15:28
    Eph. 1:23
    Col. 3:11
    With blessings and gratitude to all.

  82. Thank you! That was a perfect thought for setting up my day. God is all-in-all!

  83. I love this Lift. What a wonderful reminder of the the Allness of God to ponder. I love the idea that the drop of water becomes the soothing surge of the wave and we likewise being One with Love's Allness blend with the everlasting substance of Soul. Love to all.

  84. This is a lovely reminder that we do not have to struggle as God is indeed in complete control at this very moment..Thank you.

  85. Thank You! Timely and to the point; the lift took me right out of a struggle and elevated me into clarity. Excellent Lift.

  86. Thank you so much, Christine! Just what I needed today---after reading so many discouraging e-mails re; the political situation in our country, and unscrupulous evil attempting to gain total control over our lives and America.
    God is truly the only real power, and to know, as #74 Gary says, that we must not unwittingly give life to the lie that there is another power besides God!

  87. Thank you Christine. This came when most needed! Unexpected arrival time of family I only see once a year suddenly got changed to today. I expected 2 more weeks to be free and ready for them. It couldn't have happened at a worse time. In the middle of sorting/packing boxes of loose stuff brought from former home with no place to put it till finished, no space for guests, and the AC broke (gets to 90's in here), the few windows (except 1) get full sun in this heat wave. An electrical short means darkness in most used rooms. Much time goes to rabbit problems needing round-the-clock care. I barely had time to get all done to be ready for family later. Instead, I'm going over & over, working with your Lift. This seems impossible, but there can't be location or schedule not included in God's Allness. There can't be obstacles, duties, needs, unsolvable problems, or any negative thing or knowledge, since God is Mind. Mind is-All-in-all. I can choose to either cling to chaos claims of time/space, failure, or I can insist on knowing for a fact that God, Love, with all answers and provisions needed, is embracing us in perfection. If, as the 3 Hebrews indicated before thrown in the fiery furnace, this doesn't get proven, I still long to be where Gods “own children are” (Mrs. Eddy's Poem, Christ My Refuge in CS Hymns #253-257) so I'll hold to Truth, no matter what, expecting it'll work out. So grateful for the reminder! -!!As I finished that, I got a call. I've 3 days to work before they come. Not enough time for AC fix, or all stuff out, but better. This lift has helped already, will put it to the rest! Thanks.

  88. Many thanks for this inspiring lift, it meets today's need. Great thanks to each and everyone of the Daily Lift givers! Nathan, you and your crew are such an uplift yourselves - thanks to you!

  89. Thank you for this reminder of God's allness. We all say it, but we need to know
    it and trust it...as you did! Wonderful inspiration.

  90. Christine,
    thank you for this beautiful reminder that God is All-in-all.
    Love to you,

  91. Simple, sweet and POWERFUL HEALING TRUTH! Thank you!!

  92. Thank you so much for this crystal-clear lift. It really days it all.

  93. Christine, Thank you for the lift and sharing the experience which makes it relatable. I will be still and know that ALL is GOD, until I can think of nothing else. I am grateful for all the God ideas shared today.

  94. 24 - Malcolm, Your appropriate references leading me to study the various hymns you quote from are appreciated. You must be a singer or


  95. Thank you for that helpful idea Christine, and thanks to all
    the Daily Lifters I enjoy the sharing with everyone each day

  96. Thank you, so very much Christine to remind us of the ever presence of Our Father-Mother God.This is so reassuring to think about God and to feel Him like that.
    Much love.

  97. Thanks Christine, that's just what I needed today.

  98. Thankyou Christine for this, i am very grateful to hear all these wonderful ideas. Love to everyone :)

  99. Thanks for this LIFT, Christine!
    And for the interdenominational world family of spiritual Lift-ers.
    I love it!

  100. Thank you, just what I needed right now!

  101. Thank you so much. Such a simple message but Oh!, SO powerful and complete.

  102. Thank you so much, Christine. What a nice way to start my day.

  103. Thank you, Christine,
    I know that your suggestion to realize God's allness and his control will manifest itself right now, today, for me and my family. The assurance of this allows me to look forward to receive and give good.

  104. Thank you, Christine. God is in control - this is just the idea I need this morning to handle some worrisom thoughts.

  105. Thank you. That was so helpful.

  106. Thank you to Christine for elaborating on one of my favorite Hymns! I find often in the night awakening and being troubled - usually about my grown son' well-being. He lives far away, we don't hear from him often, and fear tends to creep in about his provision and protection. I find I go into this hymn repeticiously without thinking, and it is so comfortating. I know our dear Father Mother God is All in All, yet sometimes fear still tries to take over. All the lifts today were so reassuring that we truly need not fear! Thank you to all for more ways to absorb this known truth.

  107. I am late in adding this but my friend wanted to share this:

    We all have our own lives. No one can live your life. And God is our life.

    How many Gods are there? ONE...that is the correct answer. There is no room for another.

  108. Thank you so so much for this truely wonderful uplift. I am sorry my thanks is one weekend delayed.

  109. Thanks so much. It was what I needed today!! I will appreciate it by keeping it in thought!!

  110. The hymn "Our God is All-in-all; His children cannot fear" has been recorded to a different tune, "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and a great beat, by Susan Mack and the Solo Committee on their CD "Sweet Sacred Solos". I find the words running over and over in my mind because of that tune!

  111. Wonderful... thank you so much for this lift!

  112. Thank you for this wonderful lift and to #18 r.g. for the comment “God has everyone and everything under one roof.” To Dave #77 I have a good friend who is also Jewish Christian and her favorite Bible verse is: Psalms 15:1,2 “Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy holy hill? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart,” because she felt as if it further explained the Bible verse: Gal.3:28,29 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (see also Col 3:11) I love knowing that no one is left out of being a child of God and no one is left out of the Kingdom of Heaven. It's open to everyone.

  113. Christine: I had a Sunday School class that decided that All-in-all meant the sum of all's [+ of all's] We started a list of the all's --- all-seeing; all-knowing; all-hearing; all cause; all effect; omnipotence; omnipresence; omniscience; all good --- omni-action; all substance; all intelligence; all law; all wise to just mention a few of the all's we spotted.

  114. Thanks Christine! What can I add to what has already been said. The lift was ALL good and ALL I needed!!!

  115. Makes a good counter- argument to discouragement! Thanks, Christine!

  116. I love what your Sunday School class did with "God is All-in-all"! If we could each do that every time error, fear, discouragement, depression, pain, tries to suggest itself to our thinking, and ask ourselves, "If God is all-presence, filling all space, then can there be a spot where good is not? Can there be a place where pain could exist? Absolutely not!
    Could there be a deteriorating substance or malfunctioning substance if Spirit is the only substance and is eternally harmonious. Since Spirit is our Life and is the source of all action, there cannot be any inaction, reaction, overaction or diseased action. All action is maintained by God in harmony, wholeness and peace.
    Could there be a depressing or fearful thought if God, divine Love, is all-knowing and knows only good about you and me? No! It is absolutely impossible for us to be outside of God's allness, the allness of good!

  117. My comment was directed to Bob Vessels and his Sunday School class. Wonderful ideas, Bob!

  118. It sounds so good listening to Christine, on the topic. She did conclude so well: "... Thank you, FATHER!"

  119. Thank you so very much Christine. I needed it.

  120. What good/God words of wisdom! --Like the imaginary 'monster' under the bed, our fear is NOT real, but an illusion to trick us. Thanks for reminding us that only God is ALL in ALL-- the only real!! Bessed day to all, alway. --R of Colorado

  121. Christine thank you very much God bless you

  122. I am so grateful for this. Thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!

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