7/19: Go sailing

7/19: Go sailing

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  1. As we let Spirit lead our life and thoughts we then experience the peace thst this presence is, ggod day!

  2. Thank you, Ginny for those wonderful thoughts!!

  3. Oh my - thank you - thank you! Just what I needed to calm my troubled and stressed thoughts before going to sleep tonight. So wonderful t be reminded that God truly is in control - always and in all ways.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Many thanks Ginny for that very inspiring lift. Yes. "Each and every one of us is moved by the presence of God, by the Christ, and that we can move in the power, in the love of this divine presence with great peace... and in the way that God is providing." "n atmosphere of Love divine,/ We live, and move, and breathe;" (Christian Science Hymnal #144).

  6. I think I'm going to go sailing today.Thanks.

  7. Thank you for this refreshing Lift, Ginny, and for the reminder that today God sends needed ideas to fill thought, providing impetus and right direction.

    I love the Bible idea that the wind is like Spirit - seen by what it moves.

    In the Glossary of terms Mary Baker Eddy uses in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, a spiritual aspect of the definition of WIND reads ( p.597-598): "That which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God's spiritual government, encompassing all things." A material concept of wind follows: "Destruction: anger, mortal passions" ( which we don't want tearing at our thought sails!), and the definition goes on to discuss the Biblical use of the Greek word "pneuma" to mean both wind, or breath, and Spirit (see also John 3:8).

    Elsewhere in the Bible we read "The spirit of God hath made me, the breath of the Almighty hath given me life". Job 33:4

    As a musician, you would appreciate the connection of breath, or wind, to singing, Ginny. This past Sunday, the accompaniment played on the church organ balanced beautifully with our soloist's pure song, and when I commented to the organist that the effect was that of two voices in harmony, he replied that was how it should be, as both were "wind instruments". Now I can also think of the "voice" of both musicians as "Spirit instruments", turned and tuned to God.

    Keep sailing, and keep singing!

  8. When your thoughts are controlled by God (Good) you feel it. You might not know what it is or where does it come from but you are not drifting. If you are in tune with the Father you are constantly being guided to take the right turn or press the right button.
    A control like that will move mountains —certainly can move a little boat in the middle of an ocean of confusion or despair.
    Thought by thought the day gets brighter and brighter till the sense of peace and joy returns.
    Let’s be grateful to know that each one of us is moved by the presence of God, of the Christ in our lives.
    ESPAÑOL: Cuando tus pensamientos son controlados por Dios (el Bien) lo sientes. Puede que no sepas que es ni de dónde viene pero no vas a la deriva. Si estás sintonizado con el Padre estás siendo guiado constantemente a girar al lado correcto o apretar el botón correcto.
    Un control como ese mueve montañas, sin duda alguna puede mover un pequeño bote en medio de un mar de confusión o desesperación.
    Pensamiento tras pensamiento el día brilla más y más hasta que retorna la sensación de paz y alegría.
    Estemos agradecidos de saber que cada uno de nosotros se mueve por la presencia de Dios, del Cristo en nuestras vidas.

  9. I enjoyed this. Thank you.

  10. Brilliant, lets go in our thoughts, isnt that good.Thank you for such a powerful inspiration to kick start my day. Blessings

  11. I am grateful for all these thoughts which are in line with what I have just been aiming at:
    keeping my thought in line with Truth, being impelled by God to act and move, and being under God's control.

  12. Thank you Ginny for this powerful image, and thank you Ruth for your wonderful comments.

  13. thank you very much, Ginny! beautiful idea that the sail is my thinking and the wind is the Christ. What a wonderful cooperation! Great thought for today!

  14. Thank you Ginny for sharing your experience with us and #7for your ideas too.
    We have a multicoloured nylon windmill in our garden and our little granddaughter loves it. I asked her the other day what makes it go round. She declared, "The sun"!
    She certainly didn't have to say much more to me. I was really intrigued by her innocent, joyful answer.
    Three days later your Lift, Ginny, makes me think, maybe the joy she felt when she saw it go round felt like the joy of the sun shining.
    I do know the joy of Love's light giving bouyancy and forward motion to our day does feel like the sun is shining in our lives again:-)

  15. Oh, Ginny, that was just perfect! Thank you!! Lots of love!

  16. Wow, I connected with this Lift immediately as my dad also had a Rhodes 19 and I grew up sailing, but haven't done much recently. However, last week I had a chance to go out on Casco Bay at sunset on a 41 foot sailboat, really sailing, and we stayed out until the moon had risen over the water. Spectacular - and peaceful beyond belief! I loved your analogy; I was picturing the sails, trimmed so that the tell-tales (little strips of cloth attached to the sails) are properly flowing straight back on each side of the sail. As we watch our thoughts we gain maximum movement and progress, and we advance smoothly through the waves. Go with God's power. Wonderful.

  17. The metaphor of God as the wind and our thoughts as the sails filled by it is truly memorable and helpful! Thank you, Ginny.

  18. Thanks Ginny, gentle winds are always helpful when we stop to feel their presence and let them uplift us like

  19. Thank you so much for the great Lift this morning, Ginny!
    It brought back memories of sailing with my Dad. I remember how peaceful it was out on the pond, and learning about tacking, going back and forth catching the wind..yielding to the wind. So in this instance, yielding thought "bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (II Cor. 10:5) brings assurance of a peacefilled day no matter what storms might blow !

    S pirit
    A nimates
    I ndividually
    L ove
    I mpels
    N atural
    G ood

    Smooth sailing , and thank you to Nate and DL Team, BOL, and all the Lifters!

  20. What a wonderful, timely thought as I set out today on a 2-3 week sailing trip on the Great Lakes!. As I turn to my boat to the right course, I'll fill my "sails" with thoughts of the Christ and these will move me forward peacefully. Thanks, Ginny.

  21. Thanks, Ginny! I'm going to check in with myself today through the simple question, "Is that a God thought filling my sails and directing my boat?" If not, I'm going to gently release... :)

  22. I just love this vision, Ginnie, of having to lean out to balance the craft, and experiencing the almost silent speed when everything is just exactly right. We just have to be so centred on staying in tune with the wind to keep the sails trimmed with the streamers flying straight. And we need to be internally quiet when we commune with God, and really listen for His voice, putting all other concerns aside. Sailing is, perhaps, one of the most exciting concepts of movement. The feeling of joy and being alive stays with us for a long time. And the thought of God speaking directly with us remains for ever and becomes a presence to return to always.
    Thank you Nathan, and your team, sailing in perfect harmony, the BoL, the lecturers and the crew of Lifters, always ready to come about.

  23. Thank you Ginny

  24. What a helpful lift. As I listened to it, I also appreciated your humility in admitting that you had a problem keeping your thoughts in line with Truth, or at least, that is my way of describing the turbulence you felt. I am finding that humility and persistence are key things in helping me keep my thoughts in line with divine Love. I will listen to your good words again later today.

  25. Thank you. For in Him, we truly live and move and have our being always and all the way.


  26. Thank you Ginny, for heeding that early morning angel thought directive and sharing your inspiration with everyone. Tomorrow several friends and I shall be a witnesses in court because of a very unpleasant incident we observed. We can all advance smoothly through the waves, with Divine Truth impelling us, and we yield to that urging of Truth. Quiet, gentle, and peaceful--progressing to blessing with Truth at the helm. Thanks to everyone here at Daily Lift, and I join Annie (#19) in best wishes for smooth sailing for all..

  27. THANK YOU That was a very wonderful thought.

  28. I have just completed a visit with a relative who appears to have difficulty walking or standing and I've been thinking of ways to move and maintain strength and sturdiness, (spiritually.) In the lesson this week, I came up with "pinions of light."-S&H Section 7.
    And from Section 7 - the Bible - "I Chronicles 16:30 - "the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved."
    Now Ginny, you have given me another method of movement and strength - sailing in thought. I love it! Thanks so very much.

  29. Neighbors will be fooled, instead of walking, I'm sailing! That's what Christian Science is about, denying material sense testimony. I'm amused trying to picture sailboats on our nearby Red River (one in Kentucky). That's also what CS is about, nothing impossible to God, Spirit. I've never been in a sailboat, but have experienced wonderful times when my thoughts receive heaven sent winds to launch me on ideas, find solutions, or simply to observe the beauty of angel messages and their import. I have rough seas I need to sail through, instead of swimming in them, so thank you, Ginny. I like the analogy of Spirit being our power, for like wind, God, Spirit, cannot be seen, but the effect is observable and usable. After googling sail boating, it came to me this fits Isa.45:11, “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.” Sailors use wind and command how it will be used and the direction it will take. While God is source of all action, we have a right to use his power in whatever proper work we have to do, whether for family, employment, education, Church, supply, healing, even recreational activities, and more. Jesus did this. He turned water into wine, walked on water, fed 5,000, and raised Lazarus. Sailboats are totally dependent on wind (sans motors) but knowledgeable sailors still have command of it.

    7 Ruth, I emailed an organist who plays for 2 CS Churches about your comment. Thanks.

  30. Thank you, Ginny! This picture is very helpful.

  31. The Wind beneith my arms. Thanks Ginny! Time to sore...got to fly...bye for now. Thanks again to the entire Daily Lift team.

  32. Thank you Ginny and everyone else who contributed! I look forward to going about my day today and thinking of all of you, the CS movement, our government, our country, and all mankind being lifted, shifted, brought gently and firmly along on the course of Love-- through it, to it, and from it. We're all going to the same place and we can and are supporting each other's sailing course from "glory to glory" with our prayers. Much love to all. C

  33. Thank you for another inspiring idea...I am still amazed by the angel messages that whisper to me when I really get quiet and listen to God! I know I shouldn't be amazed that they are always there, but I am in constant awe of how uplifted and refreshed I feel when I take a moment to be still!

  34. Thanks so much for the beautiful analogy. Ditto to Sue in Maine. I grew up sailing with my father, although in a much smaller sailboat - only 14 foot - but still lots of fun. I loved the freedom of moving through the water silently with only the sound of the waves on the boat. Once when we were caught in a bad storm on Lake Ontario, the wind in our sails carried us safely to a smooth stretch of sand where we were able to beach the boat safely. I thought of the Bible story where God was not in the wind (earthquake or fire), but I certainly felt He was in the wind that day. How great is to rely on God to always direct and power us!

  35. Siento que es dejar que nuestra consciencia se mueva y avance al compas del Amor divino al unísono con la Mente que todo lo sabe y todo lo armoniza en perfecta armonía.
    Puede parecernos a veces que no estamos en consonancia con Dios por distintas razones de nuestros propios pensamientos, pero basta que encaminemos de nuevo nuestros pensamientos hacia Él para que se restaure la armonía espiritual.

    La consciencia es nuestro ser espiritual y obra en todos aún en la disonancia con el hombre material, me gusta asemejarlo con el dicho Biblico:
    "Ciertamente la ira del hombre te alabará; Tu reprimiras el resto de las iras" Salmos.
    Cuando finalmente se comprenda que no hay ira sino sólo Amor.

    "!Gloria a Dios y paz a los corazónes que luchan! CyS. MBE

    Realmente hermoso, gracias si gracias Ginny, Thank, yes thank Ginny

  36. Thank you Ginny and all the responders too! Our family has been dealing with a lot of stress recently and just the thought of sailing is so uplifting. I'm looking forward to the gentle breezes of Soul to move our family forward today. With Love and gratitude!

  37. Just what is called for today! Thanks Ginny.I love the image too!

  38. No point rowing…. Hoist the mainsail!

    Thanks for your wake up inspiration, Ginny! The spiritual idea behind sailing cannot be missed. Mrs. Eddy says under the marginal heading “spiritual awakening”. Page 95:30 “Material sense does not unfold the facts of existence; but spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth.” Lifts our human consciousness, HOISTS our mainsail so that we are carried forward.

    I think it is important to remember that we always have been, originally and forever, sailors! Prayer does hoist the mainsail!

  39. Thank you so much dearest Ginny for this beautiful thought. Much love

  40. Dear Ginny, Thank you for this lift. Many in the Chicago/Michigan area are saddened this week with the news of two experienced sailors who perished in this year's Chicago to Mackinac race. We will continue to lift our thoughts to a more spiritualized view of life and know that the Comforter is supporting the families and friends of those dear one.

  41. Thank you, Ginny, for your so honest, forthright and compassionate sharing! I love the idea that Sailing is effortless movement! Unfolding Good is: our Sails being unfolded and lifted up by the Winds of God! "When the winds of God blow........." let's open up our Sails and catch the breeze and go sailing in the wind of Spirit! I am God-impelled! God is breathing me! God, Spirit, is the Wind in my Sails!

  42. Thank You Ginny. I am meeting with individuals today whose common interest is to support others in a situation that demands we take a look at our own thought and see what needs to be changed, molded, discarded, brought to the forefront, unselfishly, humbly, and in gratitude for good already in place. The challenge we are asked to tackle is not an easy one and would seem to defy common human solutions. This Lift is a reassurance that every single individual in this situation is truly receptive to, and moved by, the single, all knowing, source of their own goodness in God, and a solution rests with the Christ idea speaking to each of us and shining the light of love on the path of understanding provided in Mind. The ideas you shared, and with such heart felt honesty and humility, couldn't have come at a better time as an answer to my prayer for this meeting. My thought is at peace, knowing the answers are at hand.

  43. Thank you muchly. This found me feeling stuck in the middle of nowhere, it's like the beginning of a breeze, a sign of hope, thanks again.

  44. I rarely comment on Daily Lifts but as one that has sailed Rhodes 19's for 42 years I have to tell you that all the sails -- both on and off the water -- will be different now. Thank you. Can't wait to practice this.

  45. I really love the reminder of letting God's messages move you moment by moment. Living consciously in God's "now" makes such a difference. Ginny, thanks so much for the beautiful, helpful imagery in this lift.

  46. Watching thought by thought re-establishes awareness of Spirit's ever-presence for smooth sailing. Very nice. I also appreciated the added sailing information from #16 Sue. Thank you.

  47. Good morning from Oregon, USA where today the birds are singing and the rain has blessed us.
    I'm praying for the world today, praying to know that the Christ is in each place cooling and refreshing all, perfectly... that God's love is powerful and good and that understanding the power of God's great love and the nothingness of the boasting of the "liar" called devil, will reveal harmony and goodness everywhere. We are all loved. The Bible promise is true now (Psalms 24:1) "The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein."
    Thank you to each of you for your wonderful ideas, comments, and inspiration. Your addition to the lift today is such a blessing.
    Big hug to each of you,

  48. Ginny, for you as a teacher, practitioner, lecturer to admit to feeling overwhelmed was very touching...I guess we in the field think those on the front line of church are always "up". It was candid to admit that you struggle now and then, too and so powerful to show us the way out of stressful thinking. I love the idea of sailing with God, no struggling, laboring, fretting, but LETTING the currents of good buoy us up. Thank you so tenderly for this lift, Ginny.

  49. Thank you, dear Ginny. Sailing with God's thoughts today.
    I love it!

  50. Wow! It's as if this was here just for me. Having felt overwhelmed with responsibilities at work and hobbies, as well as fending off animal magnetism, all I really needed was to go sailing!

    And as a sailor what a wonderful lift! A "lift" in sailing terms refers to a freshened breeze that tends to come from a slightly different direction so that you're able to "turn up" towards the wind, and thus "point higher" to your intended destination. Thus you're "lifted" on a different course, but one that needs less correction to get where you want to be.

    Thank you so much, Ginny! I'll be sailing the rest of the week!!!

  51. Your words are truly a blessing as I sail into the day with the Christ! Stress is nothing but the reversal of what it would like to be but never can be.

  52. Hoorah Ginny,
    Thank you for the unlimited concept that we may ALL sail in Spirit, by listening to God's direction, even in our beautiful desert of the great South West.
    With Joy,
    Journey Harn

  53. Thank you for sharing the oderly, lovely unfoldment of the Christ to your consciousness. It is helping me to keep thoughts in line and connected-ensuring an orderly sense of being. This avenue of thinking is uplifting and brings with it a sense of harmony, completeness and peace-to where fear, despair and false sense of responsibility were/are clammering to be heard; leading nowhere.

  54. Thank you so much! This idea I will carry with me!

  55. .....Truth walks triumphantly over the waves of sin, sickness, and death. ~ Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, No & Yes pg 29:24

  56. Many thanks to all! Ginny, your wonderful idea of sailing lifts us all to soar (then no soreness)!!!

  57. Thanks, that was so refreshing!

  58. When sailing, the sails can be set like two wings, and you can run with the wind. "If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me." Psm. 139:9. God's hand is on the tiller.l

  59. Ginny,
    It's such a pleasure to hear this lovely story and to know it's touching so many people around the world this morning. I'm just two days out sailing into a new adventure, and I hope to follow these winds where I need to go.

  60. Thanks so very much Ginny, what a great thought to guide me through my day!

  61. Sailing, sailing
    Over the waves of error.
    I see Christ walk and strongly state
    Be gone! all sin, disease and terror

  62. Hi Ginny
    Your sailing message lifts my heart.
    I loved the comments from all you "sailors" -- as a prairie person who has not had experience sailing, except for one short ride on a river.
    You all really know what the wind in the sails means.

    Spiritually, with the real message, I think get it.
    Thanks Ginny and all the Lifters for your poems and shared experiences!

    "Blow, winds of God, and blow the mists of earth away!"

  63. Thank you for those wonderful thoughts!

  64. Thank you dear Ginny for blessing us this morning with lovely thoughts of sailing with the power of the Christ. For this, I know that It will be smooth sailing all day for me.

  65. Good analogy. Thank you.

  66. Ginny,

    Thank you for that! What a freeing and calming thought. I will use it today. I should go sailing in thought all the time.

    The last time I went sailing, it was so inspiring to see the city on the shore from the sea instead of seeing only the ocean from the shore on land. I can picture this scene and think about everyone in the city sailing through the day harmoniously without limitation.

  67. Two of your comments stood out to me:
    1 “…one thought at a time.” It is much easier taking each thought as it comes and handling it rather than being overwhelmed or capsized by the entire mental picture we may be facing. We raise our sails one at a time, not all at once and set them individually as the situation requires.

    2 “…sense of peace and joy returned... going in the way that God is providing”. Going with the flow came to me, but which flow? When we face into the wind or tack into it we feel its opposing movement (change). Under sail you can put your hand in the water and feel the contrasting movement. Float your boat downstream with just the current and touching the water produces no sensation of movement.

    Sailing is moving predominately with the wind (Spirit), not the water (matter) and our choice is deciding which force we are allowing to propel us. That choice determines our destination.

    We should always know which force is propelling us and where it is taking us.


  68. It's so comforting to know that we cannot propel our boat forward...that it is the wind and its power that does the moving. Our task...unfurl those sails and be prepared. This was a lovely analogy, another way to think of the all-power of our heavenly Parent and Her control of every facet of our lives. And we can trust our dear loved ones to this power too.

  69. Ginny: Thanks so much...sailing means so much to me as a metaphor for our spiritual walk. Your "lift" was "right on the money"....Bob

  70. jSo often I just would like to sail away from problems, but this inspiring Lift helps me see that I just need to let the wind of Love do its job and guide me onward.
    Thanks, Ginny, for sharing this with us all.

  71. And as we know, "The rising tide lifts all boats."
    Thanks for the practical, loving reminder.

  72. I needed this messge. The all power takes care of our loved ones. I will look at a sailboat in a different way. Thanks Ginny for your lovely Lift.

  73. Oh my . . . what refreshment . . . what true uplift. Ginny, your message went right from your heart to mine. And the 70+ comments so far continued to lift my thoughts.

    I've sailed only a few times, and have danced many many more. Dancing with God in the lead has been my "sailing" thought lately. They seem quite similar--whether God provides the wind or the music, we are still yielding to that divine movement . . . letting go and letting ourselves be moved, carried, by however the Holy Spirit is moving us. Both activities require us to let go of being rooted to earth, or to a stationary place on the water, and just LET Spirit move us . . .

    So many comments expanded on the idea of sailing, and I thank you all.

    43 Maisey--I well know the feeling you spoke of, like being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Then that breeze--that whisper of God's presence--reminds us that She is everywhere, and anywhere WE are, She is, always. We can never be "nowhere." I am so glad you are feeling the breeze now. :)

    42 Jackie and #26 Lynn in TN--I"m so glad you have this LIft to help you spread your thoughts and catch the winds of Spirit. You will both be immeasurable blessings in your situations.

  74. There is a greeting in the sailing world, "Fair Winds! with Following seas!" This is the best sailing ever, and it is effortless! and uses all your sails!
    While crewing on boats sailing to the South Seas, one leaves California and within a few days, you set your sails to the gloreousTrade Winds! Effortlessly you sail through brilliant sunrises and sunsets, dolphins play around your bow...every once in a while you spot a storm on the horizon. You can see the rain pouring down from the black clouds. As it approaches, you gather in the sails, and hunker down! The storm strikes, and it's like Elijah standing before the cave, earth quakes, wind, fire..and then, the still small voice!!! It passes. The sea is once more steady. If it is night, the moon shines once more, the stars are brilliant, and once more you are sailing smoothly!! It's all kind of like 'agressive mental suiggestions, coming to us for life', and for the monent, we give it life, until we see that full rainbow, and come out of that storm. The storm has passed us by, and has vanished into its native nothingness!
    And this wonderful insight in this talk reminded me also, of climbing to the top of the mast... you are 100' in the air.. and all you have around you is infinity!!!.. and that still small voice!!!
    Thanks to all of you for those wonderful comments! What a Universal Christian Science forum this is!!!

  75. P. S. #48 Grace said JUST what I was thinking, about Ginny's humility in sharing today. The deceiver can sometimes trick me into thinking that, because I struggle at times, well then I must not be a very good student/Christian Scientist/child of God/whatever. Hearing a practitioner/teacher/lecturer talk about something she had to work out "a few days ago" means so much. Thank you, Ginny, for your transparency. It means more than I can find words for.

  76. What a wonderful analogy you have provided. I am thinking about the "ship of state" as our government has been called, and the incredible fears that seem to be keeping it tied to the dock. what we need is to cast off the anchor of fear and unfurl the sails so that the winds of God can send it forth to a joyous journey bringing the truth to other lands and nations who so desperately need the Christ to heal war, poverty, disease, and ingorance.

  77. Thank you Ginny,
    The same "wind" "the might omnipotence (S&H:597)" is lifting all those bowed, suffering, or burdened by the material sense of life.
    To carry the analogy further in this definition; this includes those in our governments who need to rise to "God's spiritual government," and be propelled forward toward progress rather sinking from "destruction", bad decisions, or past mistakes.
    In world governments, the "anger" of righteous or unrighteous men, the "mortal passions" which seem to be controlling change, and overturning the boat (so to speak) can be propelled and yield peaceably to an orderly transition and stability which blesses all.
    The full definition from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy reads:
    WIND. That which indicates the might of omnipotence and the movements of God's spiritual government, encompassing all things. Destruction; anger; mortal passions.
    I enjoy the ideas expressed by my fellow lifters; they make me think.

  78. Tthank you for this beautiful message, it was just what I needed to hear. I needed to be reminded, "we are moved by the power of the Chist."
    We need to take only one step at a time. I am reminded of the hymn on page 169 where it says, "keep thou my feet; I do no ask to see the distant
    scene; one step is enough for me." Thank you for the beautiful message and reminding us what the wind from the Christ is doing for us all. Thank you again Ginny for the wonderful lift and sharing it with us. Love to all.

  79. Thank you. I'll stay anchored in these truths today.

  80. OMG I went sailing this weekend too! And my dad had a Rhodes 18 when we were growing up :) I can't tell you how much I appreciate this lift. I think of all the times we try to "manufacture the wind" and take responsibility for things that aren't our job. I love your use of the word "authority" at the end. I was stressed about making a major decision this weekend, and this lift put me in a calm, knowing mindset about the whole thing.
    So grateful I am being sailed through this day and this Life.

  81. A heartfelt thank you Ginny and again, to the DL team with Nate as the captain of this marvelous daily shipload of blessings. thanks everyone who has commented. I'm so moved by all these gorgeous sailing metaphors and stories. While I'm so grateful for all the comments and the wide coverage of topics, I'm really grateful today for those who have commented on the relevancy of this message to healing concerns about government, budget issues, and divisiveness in leadership. Our ship of state (whatever country we live in) is indeed God governed and we can feel the thurst of the breath of Spirit moving all decisions today and everyday. AMEN. thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

  82. What a great Daily Lift Ginny! It reminded me of my friend who was a
    Christian Science Superviser of Nursing. She was in her 90's, and staying at home. I would try and call to go see her, but sometimes I would just surprise her. Always, she would say, "My, my look what the WIND blew in!". And start laughing gently. It took me a long time to realize she was using the definition of Wind, from Science in Health. I loved that she realized God has humor, and always sending Good.

  83. One thought at a time. Beautiful and perfect. Thank you. Anne

  84. Thank you so much Ginny for this wonderful message today. I received some difficult news today and your wonderful thoughts of sailing have helped me move forward filled with Love and joy knowing that my dear family member is held in Love and free as the winds. Thanks to you and the Daily Lift team for these beautiful ideas and beautiful music.

  85. First thought that came to me is "I LOVE THIS" Thank you so very much for giving us this beautiful thought . Ginny, you express so much love in your voice..

  86. Thank you Ginny for the inspirational lift, Thank you also to the entire team........

  87. It was such a joy to see that you used Sailing in your descriptive thoughts! I sailed (and raced) for many years in Southern California and LOVED IT! All the comments by the "sailors" really hit home and your thoughts shared, Ginny, were fantastic! Thanks to everyone for their sharing, and thanks to all those in Boston that make this Daily Lift possible!

  88. What a wonderfully uplifting daily lift. It will help me sail thru the day and the week.

  89. Thanks so much Ginny! I'm sailing!

  90. Thank you Ginny, and thank you for the thoughtful inspiration from fellow Lifters! I too have been feeling a sense of being overwhelmed with so many things to take care of and not knowing where to start. Your lift, Ginny, was truly a "breath of fresh air" to blow out the cobwebs and remind me from "whence I cometh"! Uplift my thoughts, with courage go!

  91. Wow this is so lovely. What a thriving community of spiritual seekers. I love all the shared thoughts and will have to return to read them all. Thank you Ginny and thank you everyone for such insightful responses. Donna in Yosemite

  92. Thank you Ginny for sharing your healing experience.
    I also appreciated what Ruth said about the voice and organ as being wind instruments sharing their love in perfect harmony.
    Being a singer in Concert and Opera, it seemed that I was having nerve problems just before going on stage. In one performance of Tosca I was very impressed that the soprano was so calm and poised and I asked how she was able to do that. She said "the same love that is giving is also receiving". She was, of course, a Christian Scientist and shortly thereafter, so was I.
    Through my study, I quickly lost the fear of performing.

  93. Thank you for those beautiful uplifting thoughts.

  94. I will trim my sails and go sailing, too!
    Many thanks!

  95. AThank you Ginny for your Daily Lift! It was wonderful!

  96. Sailing is such a beautiful spiritual image! Thank you, I love these Daily Lifts!

  97. I agree with number #48 and #75 that Ginny's candor is both refreshing and helpful. And thanks to Ginny for the lovely thought, spoken so supportively, and for the big hug you provided in your #47 comments. Right back at you!
    Finally, thanks to the BofL and to Nate and his team for these daily blessings.

  98. Come on down! We'll go parasailing.

  99. Ginny,thank you for your inspirational sailing thoughts. Let's trim our sails and point higher into the wind (God's thoughts) which will take us whereever we need to go. As a sailor I found your lift to be very helpful to my thinking. LAM

  100. The little sailing I've done leaves a lot for the imagination ... and inspiration!

  101. Thank you, #74 Bungey Hedley, that was a beautiful description of Sailing! (Is that your REAL name?)

  102. Ginny, lovely ideas, I love sailing!

    by Carlos A. González ©

    Sailing, sailing,
    sailing away
    wind and waves
    seem to never end
    but if my boat
    suddenly stops
    no hard feelings
    Divine Love is on the spot
    Sailing, sailing,
    sailing away
    sometimes a tack
    other times a gybe
    puts me on the right track
    My thoughts are cleansed
    Truth guides my path
    Sailing, sailing,
    sailing away
    A quiet, dead calm,
    is prime time
    to think about God,
    beauty and man
    reflecting ideas
    deep down and above
    Sailing, sailing,
    sailing away
    inspired by holy winds
    neither fear nor doubt
    with God's love and calm
    enjoying the freedom
    on any waters
    I only rely on Mind divine.

    En español

    Ginny, ideas preciosas, ¡me encanta navegar!

    por Carlos A. González ©

    Navego, navego
    navegando me alejo
    el viento y las olas
    nunca parecen acabar
    pero si mi barco
    de repente se detiene
    rencor no me viene
    El Amor divino allí está
    Navego, navego
    navegando me alejo
    a veces el virar por avante
    otras veces por redondo
    me pone en el buen camino
    Mis pensamientos purificados
    mi senda guiada por la Verdad
    Navego, navego
    navegando me alejo
    Una calma chicha, callada,
    el tiempo de calidad
    para pensar en Dios,
    belleza y el hombre
    reflejando ideas
    profundamente y a lo alto
    Navego, navego
    navegando me alejo
    ispirado por vientos sagrados
    nunca temo ni dudo
    con el amor y la calma de Dios
    disfrutando la libertad
    en todas las aguas
    sólo confío en la Mente divina.

  103. Thanks, Ginny, for your inspired healing analogy. I followed your example and went 'sailing' today--and the anxiety, stress, and fear that I was struggling with was just blown away by the Wind!

  104. Thank you Thank you each and all for WONDERFUL! comments and sharing. You are such an inspiration! Your generosity breathed into the atmosphere of earth has blessed it! God is Love and you have said so!

  105. As a sailor, I really enjoyed this daily lift. I grew up sailing on a Rhodes 19 as well. The anology Ginny used is inspiring for anybody, regardless of whether they are sailors or not. I also love this quote from Mary Baker Eddy from Miscellany in Prose Works:

    "It rejoices me that you are recognizing the proper course,
    unfurling your banner to the breeze of God, and sailing
    3 over rough seas with the helm in His hands. Steering
    thus, the waiting waves will weave for you their winning
    webs of life in looms of love that line the sacred shores."

  106. Thank you for this wonderful lift! I'm feeling the confidence of hearing God's thoughts today... and that I can't help but do that! I'm a good listener, and I can confidently listen and let God guide me thru the beautiful water, knowing that every need is supplied...we are so loved! So no matter what comes up, God is leading me... and right with me :)

  107. Thank you Ginny. This is a lovely lift. I love what you said about "tuning in, one thought at a time." I am going sailing today!

  108. I love sailing - and can fully appreciate your lift.
    Many thanks indeed for that.

  109. Thank you Ginny! What a wonderful way to lift - let God be the wind in our sails.

    Thank you for that great thought!!

  110. just lovely ,thank you.

  111. Thanks Ginny,

  112. Wow, just what we need to share with our 13 year young grandson in Paris LOVES sailing and had to sail in the national race in Le Havre. They set out in a storm, which became worse. No one made it to the finishing line and our grandson capsized and found himself under the sail. Thank goodness he could unclip the harness and then waited to be picked up. Helicopters everywhere. All ended up safely. This Daily Lift I kept in thought to share with Henry. He is now staying with us in England. To-day we shared these precious thoughts with him. These will stay with him forever and will protect.
    With love and blessings.

  113. Thank you, Ginny! I started sailing after we moved from beautiful but dry Colorado to coastal BC and I have loved it from the beginning! With these translated thoughts of the boat, the sails, and the rigging which trims our thoughts (the sails) I love it more already!
    Fair winds and following seas!

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