4/11: Get up!

4/11: Get up!

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  1. Thanks Norm. Each day is God's day so it is a good day. So Get Up!

  2. I have wondered about and pondered the meaning of that active word, importunately. Horses rarely lie down for very long, if at all. We should do the same. I like what Mrs. Eddy says, that St. Paul's days for prayer were every day and every hour.
    Thanks for this series. It is good to hear.

  3. I never put it together before but when Jesus healed the man he said take up your bed. That's getting up, isn't it?

    Thanks for the wake up call.

  4. Wonderful thoughts.!! Thank you so much.!! Just what I need to hekp this Night Owl get up in the morning. !

  5. Wow - Thanks for that great "lift" - literally and figuratively. I often find myself lying in bed in the morning and thinking, "I should really get up and start doing things." And I often just keep lying there, drifting in and out of sleep, as you said, until I finally get up and get on with my day. Can't wait until tomorrow morning. I'll be shooting up and getting going with my praying right away, first thing. And I can't wait to see what a great day I'll be having - all day. Thanks again for this wonderful lift.

  6. At 1:37 a.m. -- Get up?

  7. Now is the only acceptable time.

  8. Thank you, Norm - fun to get this rousing message just as I'm heading off to bed! I always pray before putting my feet to the floor in the morning and will certainly remember this message when I continue my praying upon awakening. I also like the idea to "get up!" - even if the path is rugged - to the mental mountaintop and listen alertly for that "still, small voice" that will surely guide one's day in heavenly harmony.

  9. Thank you, Norm. That was exactly what I needed to hear today. I think sometimes I do treat it as a hobby! Instead this is my life-bread. I pray for others, but can be 'casual' in the way I do it for myself. I think it is like the instructions on planes that tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first, then you are better equipped to help others. ... Literally a wake-up call!

  10. Thanks Norm for this wake-up call. It sometimes comes to me to stop "dreaming away the hours" (see Science and Health p 98)!

  11. Thanks for the wake-up call, Norm! And once again, the new music is just amazing!

  12. Bravo !!!!!Thanks Norm great reminder/ encouragement. True, you said it correctly. Yes I often say to myself specially when I awake with a slight symptom of inharmony that its time to get up to acknowledge the Truth. Then I always feel well after knowing the Truth of [man's] my true being.

  13. This is wonderful. I was singing along so sweetly to that familiar hymn when I fell out of bed laughing at your thundering GET UP!.

    You are so right to help us see that "first things first" .....meaning start with God so he can travel with us through the day and we don;t have to catch up to his good works and watchful care.

  14. We all at one time or another chose to ignore the rational lift inside our heads, "Get up!!!" It might come up right at a crucial moment when prayer could make a difference, instead we find ourselves wondering... John Bunyan, the Puritan English writer said, “He who runs from God in the morning will scarcely find him the rest of the day”
    We know we’ll find God anytime, but why not begin the day with the Lord and be awake to Him the whole day? MBE doesn’t ask for much when she alert us to protect ourselves, “One thing I have greatly desired, and again earnestly request, namely, that Christian Scientists, here and elsewhere, pray daily for themselves; not verbally, nor on bended knee, but mentally, meekly, and importunately” Misc.127:7
    ESPAÑOL: Todos en un momento u otro optamos por ignorar la elevación racional en nuestro pensamiento, "¡Levántate!" Podría llegar justo en un momento crucial cuando la oración puede ser la diferencia y en cambio divagamos ... John Bunyan, el Puritano escritor Inglés, dijo: "El que huye de Dios en la mañana apenas le encuentra el resto del día"
    Sabemos que encontraremos a Dios en cualquier momento, pero ¿por qué no empezar el día con el Señor y estar alertas a El todo el día? MBE no pide mucho cuando nos alerta para protegernos, "Una cosa he deseado fervientemente, y de nuevo lo suplico sinceramente, a saber, que los Científicos Cristianos aquí y por doquier, oren diariamente en su propio beneficio; no verbalmente, ni de rodillas, sino mental, humilde e importunadamente” Misc.127:8

  15. I once heard it said, that first thing in the morning it is better to say "Good morning God" rather than "Good God, morning!" That really appealed to me as a young person. First thing in the morning is a great time to pray for ourselves before the day's demands crowd in on our thinking.

  16. I was praying this morning, in bed, and the thought came to me "get up". This idea is clearly affirming itself in consciousness around the world (I live in Europe). What a rousing wake up call! Thank you!

  17. I have often been asked "What are you getting up to today?" - meaning -"What have you got planned for today?"

    So we may well ask ourselves this question from a spiritual viewpoint. Are we getting up to the same old problem as yesterday, or are we lifting ourselves way above that standpoint to the spiritual awakening which dispenses with the old, old story, and rejoicing in "the day the Lord hath made" which is unfolding for us in total harmony and goodness now and forever.

    Hymn 200 tells us: "O daughter of Zion, awake from the sadness; Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thee no more; And bright o'er the hills dawns the daystar of gladness; Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er."

  18. Thanks Norm, I know just what you mean, many is the time I have half woken and started to pray with the 7 prayers our Leader tells us to pray with each morning, and then have found myself dozing off again ! I find that unless I get right up and do it properly, my prayers are virtually ineffective.I was interested to hear you quote hymn 342 because I sent the first four lines to my daughter this morning via an sms, because she has to give an important presentation today and I thought those words would help to strengthen her. So thank you for the reinforcement ! and for the wake-up call to stand upright on our feet, to put our daily armor on.

  19. You will never know how much I needed to hear your message right now. I pray so often with that hymn and now when it comes to thought, I will hear you saying "Get up" and I will rise in consciousness - rise in the thought of God being there already, always. Thank you.

  20. I was about to go back to bed having been up early then decided I'd hear the Lift first ,and what happened next well I'm still up and raring to go! Am off to the reading room and with a more elevated thought than I had an hour ago. Yes it was just what I needed too, Thankyou Norm and to all "lifters"have a lovely day!

  21. Thank you, thank you! In the shower this morning, I was singing "Eternal Father strong to save," having in the back of my thoughts a neighbour who is having problems, but I realize that I should have started with myself, as my Teacher had said many times. Then my thinking would be clearer - to treat others or my thoughts about others..

  22. Thank you for a wonderful Lift today! It is a most important reminder; and I loved your reference to one of my favorite hymns. Thank you!

  23. Fantastic DL!

    Thank you so much Norm and the team for your wonderful productions.

    Reminds me of a visit to Boston in 1999. Mum and I sat in Church waiting for the Readers to begin the Lesson. When the 2nd Reader shouted

    "ARISE!, Shine! for thy day" etc. We nearly shot out of our seats.

    We sat through the most wonderfully uplifting animated service ever:-)

    Thanks for the memory and thanks for the message.

    Thanks too, Marion #15 for your message, I will try that with my teenagers and SS pupils.

  24. One night, years ago, when there was an urgent call for prayer, but the tug of sleep seemed strong, plus there was the argument that I had a busy day ahead that needed me to be extra alert, the words of this hymn got me up and out of bed: 'This is no time for thee to sleep; Up, watch, and work ,and pray.' I have never forgotten it since. These words from hymn 183 remain a divine impetus, that help break the mesmerism of 'dreaming away the hours'. Oh, and by the way, once I got up, and started to work prayerfully, the healing was immediate. The following day, I didn't even yawn.
    Thank you Norm.

  25. I knew I would like this lift before I heard it. Every morning when I get ready, I listen to music but today I listened to songs on my laptop,not the radio as I usually do, and the song by Mary Mary, called "Get up" came on. There is a part of the lyrics that goes like this:
    " What are you afraid of? Don't you now what you are made of? One of God's greatest creations, take this invitation now. "
    The word now really "woke me up" and then together with this lift I feel like whatever I face, where it be exams, fear of future plans, through prayer I will be guided, just like Proverbs (3:5,6) says "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

  26. A special thank you for this message this morning.

  27. Thank you Norm for your "Get Up" lift. "No solar rays nor planetary revolutions form the day of Spirit." (S&H 504:31) "The beam of Truth displaces/ The darkness of the night." (Christian Science Hymnal #2)

  28. Dear Norm,
    Not only did your message inspire me about God's all-readiness and our need to reflect, it made me laugh out loud! Thanks for both!

  29. Norm, Thank you,for a spiritual "boost" indeed, not a cursory but a firm understanding of God's All-ness. "I am the child of God=Love and I know it, and I know I know it"firmly acknowledged on first awakening,for me,sets me on a sound spiritual platform each morning to commence my daily work in the healing ministry.Thank you too to our Daily Lift Team,your music is fresh and inspired. Nomvula. Cape Town South Africa.

  30. Thanks, Norm, for a perfect rainy day Lift,

  31. Thank you, Norm, for this reminder to pray daily. As a member of The Mother Church in Boston we are instructed to pray the Daily Prayer found in the Church Manual of the First Church of Chist Science each day. I live in Boston and have about a 30 minutes commute on the subway system to work each day. I find this a good time to read the weekly Bible Lesson or other CS literature. I find it important to pray to see the Reality of Being in everything before starting my day. Thanks again for this reminder.

  32. Maravilloso, Norm, cuantas veces nos vemos en la necesidad de decirnos a nosotros mismo como dijo Pedro en hechos 6 al parálítico: "No tengo plata ni oro, pero lo que tengo te doy; en el nombre de Jesucristo de Nazaret, levántate y anda" Demóstrando claramente de que la ni provisión ni la salud es de origen material sino espíritual y viene de lo alto no de abajo por lo tanto, levantarse, elevarse hasta el cielo infinito trae la curación a todo error y sobre todo sana moralmente que es la auténtica sanación. "Así, alada de luz, la Verdad trasformará toda la tierra, disipando las tinieblas del error" CyS, 191.
    Muchas gracias al Daily Lift por ayudarnos a despertar cada mañana en un nuevo amanecer de ideas.

  33. Thanks so much! I heard a Christian Science teacher once say that we don't lie in bed so we can do metaphysical work on inertia. : ) Much thanks again.

  34. Thanks for the inspiration to overcome early morning sleepiness with the rejuvenating power of prayer.

  35. thank you for the wake-up call!!!!

  36. Thank you Norm for this important reminder. I am grateful for it.

  37. I love it Norm! Thanks for the much needed wake-up call.


  39. Thank you for making me laugh this morning....what a way to start my day... & also inspire me. I often begin my morning with singing that hymn.....& now I'll never sing it again without thinking of this rousing nudge! Awesome! Just what I needed!

  40. Thank you, Norm, for this morning's Lift! Just as so many have already said, "just what I needed". The past months have been so full of "choices", some not fun to make and I have at times been pulled down. How non-productive is that?!!! The GET UP this morning has reaffirmed my "get up and go" and reminded me of our morning"s joy, acknowledging our inseparability from God, so on to newness with God today! I love the family feeling from all of the world wide Lifters-each one a support each day. Again, thanks so much , Norm , for the strength received from this wonderful Lift

  41. Thank you! This is such a great reminder. I do find myself waking each morning giving thanks for God's goodness in my daily life. It's the best time for me in the quietness of the morning to declare Love's presence and know that the only 'will' there is IS God's. Thank you!

    I love these lifts and am so grateful for them. Keep up the good work.

  42. Oops! Now after hearing your message I really got up on this beautiful and bright morning!
    I got up from that bad dream that I´m a poor mortal trying restlessly to live in this apparently crazy world.
    Thank God and you Norm, for the strong and powerful "noise" your lift produced to make me "get up" once more!

  43. new word, importunately...

  44. Thank you so much...When I was a kid my Dad would show up in my room at all hours of the night. I can hear him now whispering, “John put on a jacket…I have something wonderful to show you.” And we would go out into the yard to see a comet or an eclipse or a rare southern snowfall. I still cherish those moments.

    And now my Father wakes me in the middle of the night and I hear him say, “John…get up…I have something wonderful to show you.” I always get up with the joy of anticipation, knowing that He has a special treat just for me..

    GET UP!

  45. Thank you for this great Lift for the day.

  46. I'll start with gratitude for the beautiful music that started this Lift and I liked the hymn played in the brief portion of the Lift. Thank you, also, Norm, for another “awakening” Lift. You may not think in the box, but you're anchored in deep spiritual truths that are practical, not just “pretty”. I'm glad you emphasized Mrs. Eddy's desire for this, but, I don't completely agree with how you see it. I don't wish to be argumentative, especially with this being a wonderful Lift, and one I plan to be more alert to, thanks to you, but if she had said “The one thing I greatly desire...”, it would be that she asked only one thing of us. But I see it as one of many things she either desired or expected of us. To paraphrase, “Among all I greatly desire of my followers, one thing is....”. I may be wrong, but it doesn't matter to me, in so far as your Lift for us today. We need to be reminded to be alert to connecting to God, and to live up to Mrs. Eddy's hopes for us. If we do pray 1st thing in the morning, and keep that protective connection throughout the day, we will have fulfilled Mrs. Eddy's desire, and no matter how many more desires for us, if any more at all, I think we will be naturally fulfilling them because of living up to this one. #15, Marion, I don't ever say “Good God! This or that”, but your comment gave me a good laugh, for that remark is so commonly heard. #23 Shelagh, thanks for another good laugh. Rearranging took all night. I just cleared space to lay down.

  47. Norm, that was great!!!! I'm off praying on my feet. You jump-started this week and beyond for me. Thank you for sharing your light of inspiration. I am so grateful for the Daily Lift.

  48. It may be easier getting up in the morning here on the beautiful western shore of Florida that in other climes but the main thing that draws me out is knowing there is a fresh new thought of Love awaiting me. And your lift today Norm was another gem; thanks so much.

  49. Boy oh boy..................the music gently poured over me as I quietly sat listening to today's message and comedian Norm broke in on this quiet meditative message and I was moved to action, to respond IMMEDIATELY . This a.m. at 4 a.m. as I was praying in the darkness: I'd had a brilliant glimpse of the peace in the darkness and that brilliant North star that the biblical shepherds felt and saw in that field many eons ago. I was there, literally last year. Glorious feeling of a stirring going on, but lying in bed. and then "enough of this, get up" I think we all hear that voice in the a.m. Loved the way you, Norman portrayed it. Do you suppose that's how the man at Bethseda heard it?, Lazarus heard it? etc. etc.

    More motivating humorous touches most welcome, as in #15 and #23.
    . . .

  50. Sweet music .. familiar hymn .. lulled to comfort... "get up!" GOOD ONE!

    Reminds me of another "wake up call"

    This is just what Jesus said to Jairus' daughter when he awoke her from the apparent death experience - "Talith cumi" - Aramaic for "girl, get up"

  51. Thank you, Norm, for the reminder that we need to pray for ourselves every day-to actually affirm who we are as a spiritual child of God, our oneness with our maker, to put our day in a spiritual perspective! I read once that praying in the morning was like putting your armor on for the day. I get up early and look forward to my time for study and prayer-and as another lift also pointed out, its important to put our own oxygen mask on before trying to help others!

  52. Wow... that resonated. How often I have begun praying while still in bed only to catch myself drifting off.... thanks for the wake up call to be alert and get up... and the larger, higher message. Many good ideas. Loved the piano music, too. (and the sound effects were clever)

  53. What a powerful message - thanks so much, Norm! It reminds me of Hymn 412, "O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking. O captive, rise and sing, for thou art free." The dream of disease, pain, fear, lack, or discouragement can't hold me captive. I must awake joyfully and sing for I am free, right now not at some later date. I can claim my freedom from anything God didn't create or impart. My first thought as I awake is always "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." I feel Mary Baker Eddy begins Science and Health with this statement for a very good reason. Leaning on God is not only a good beginning, but a constant companion throughout the day, and what better way to end the day than giving thanks to God who will always sustain us.

  54. Hi Norman! Glad to hear this message in the morning! We recorded at last Friday, a special program for the Herald, given the events in a school here in Rio de Janeiro (in which I was a student), where we focus on just the need to pray daily " to be delivered from all evil..." Prayer is an active protection and this right now wherever we are! So GET UP and rejoice for the day that God has done.
    with love,

  55. Thanks Norm; just the reminder I needed!!

  56. Love the message!
    Love the music!
    Thanks to all!


  58. Either I'm dreaming or those are the most helpful words I've ever heard. Many thanks!!!

  59. Thank You !

  60. I am really awake now all you lifters. Thanks a million for the rousing thoughts. No 53, we sang that hymn in closing yesterday in church. I woke up lazily going over it and then heard Norm's lift. Things started fast forwarding, ha. I'm ready for the day's events.

  61. Your lifts are great! Funny delievery and powerful message. A great technique. I learn a lot, thank you!! CS is lucky to have as part of the ministry. Its refreshing

  62. How fun. Here I am sort of listening and then "GET UP!" That got my attention. I realized after listening to your entire message how I often sleep through my prayers. Thanks for alerting me!


  64. Norm,
    I first let out a huge belly laugh thanking God for your "hit me between the eyes" lift! Then I thought about how many mornings I wake at 5:30 AM and lay in bed reading the lesson which is not a bad thing. But it is often with the same half asleep lack of focus that you described. You nailed it for me. Thanks so much! It's a beautiful morning in Wilmington, NC - awake and alert!

  65. OK, Thank you so much for this message .

  66. Wouldn't it be a good idea to play a Hymn as a daily lift occasionally, their Text are often very good and a melodie, the words, can stay with us for a long time.

  67. Thanks Norm! And thanks to all the "Lifters." I was especially moved by John #44 and Nancy #50.

  68. Love it, Norm. Thank you! I'll never sing that hymn the same again. :-)

  69. WOW! LOVE IT!

  70. Thank you Norm! A great wake-up, GET UP call!
    Then we can
    "Arise, shine, for (our) light is come
    and the glory of the Lord is shining on us, AS us." a message and
    another wakeup call, from Isaiah 60 verse 1

  71. Good Morning Daily Lifters and Norm
    Thank you for the lift and all the comments!

    Science and Health,Fruitage
    Let us get up early to the vineyards;
    let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear,
    and the pomegranates bud forth.--Solomon's Song.

    Where my “get-up early” challenge seems to be
    is from 3:00pm-6:00pm
    .... Like a lull in my day
    Wanting to take a nap,watch TV, day dream or eat

    S&H 95:28
    Lulled by stupefying illusions, the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming away the hours. Material sense does not unfold the facts of existence; but spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth.

    Now in praying about this the last few months I have turned off the TV moved out from the kitchen and added reading the periodicals.What a joy of insight and alertness to my duties they have brought to me

    A WAKE up call indeed! Seeing every moment is filled with goodness, grandeur, order...but "there are always cobwebs to be cleaned"

    S&H 102:16
    The mild forms of animal magnetism are disappearing, and its aggressive features are coming to the front. The looms of crime, hidden in the dark recesses of mortal thought, are every hour weaving webs more complicated and subtle.

    A “GET-UP and GO” Soul-filled day (The irradiance of Life) every moment!
    Filled with love, joy, hope, and purpose

    S&H 595 TIME. Mortal measurements

    Eternity not time!

    Hymn #5 “awake to love: Your mission is to heal"

  72. Great shake-up, I mean wake-up, Norm!

  73. First time I've commented on a Daily Lift in all the years they've been broadcast. AMEN! I love "snap-out-of-it" prods, and this is one!

  74. Thanks, Norm, yes wonderful reminder about staying awake. I find myself falling asleep when I pray in the morning in bed...so "get up" is good advice for me, and staying UP is important too. Not just literally but figuratively. Staying up above the mortal belief of man as material, as subject to health laws, etc. By getting thought "up the summit" so to speak, and STAYING there! Wonderful lift!

  75. Wonderful Lift, very inspiring Norm. Here is a healing from this:

    After listening to your Lift, I eagerly began right into the Atonement Lesson when I heard the radio in the distance say that heavy rains were on their way and would last all day.

    Needing to take a morning run with three hunting dogs, the thought came "Should I run the dogs first and then do the Lesson? Wet & muddy dogs will take a long time to clean up if I wait...." On the heels of that thought came the reminder of your Lift - no way, I countered, I need to prepare! No interruptions in God's work.

    So I completed an awesome Lesson and as I was rising from my chair, the sky broke loose. Raining buckets, the suggestion came to me "See, I told you that you should have taken them out first..." to which I promptly countered "No way, God has a plan here, no regrets for affirming the Truth of All Being."

    It was raining so hard, that we could hardly see the car, water pouring from gutters, even the Pointers were reluctant to go out of the garage into the car. With my raincoat on, I knew God had a plan and it was all good.

    Still raining as we arrived at the dog running park, I confidently opened the car door and the rain instantly ceased. The dogs had a good 20 minute run and the rain never started again, though it was still raining to the north & south of us. I took the dogs home and went to towel them down, the dogs had no water or mud on them. I am so humbled and grateful! Thank you again.

  76. Thanks, Norm, for the great reminder! I love waking with the thought, "This is God's day!" It alerts me to pray for myself right away. And the day always goes much better.

  77. Thanks, Norm. What a helpful wake up call. I remember reading a poem in the CS Sentinel in the 1960's that begins "I met God in the morning when my day was at its best, and His presence filled my being like a glory in my breast!" That has been an inspiration for all those many years since. And, now so is your Daily Lift. Let's continue to pray for ourselves, our communities and the world.

  78. Dear Norm,

    This is a great "wake up" call! Thanks for your direct, clear points.

    When I first read this quote by Mary Baker Eddy that you mention, I had to look up the word "importunately" and it means URGENTLY.

    So she really MEANT IT when she said to pray for ourselves every day -- and if we do this first thing, this "sets the table" for the day, no matter when our morning begins.

    I had a wonderful healing experience while praying with this exact quote when I was working at a law firm, where some shady business was going on. I prayed (affirmed) all day with urgency that God, good alone governs and is present for everyone; and therefore evil has no power to touch me or any part of my life. This left no room for any illegality to exist in my thought, and the very next business day, those involved in the unprofitable actions abruptly left our firm to start out on their own.

    So enough talk from me. I need to keep busy praying.

  79. As the gospel hymn says, "Rise, shine, give God the glory." Thank you Norm.

    THANK YOU!!!

  81. Wow! Thanks so much for the lift. Very helpful, and I too have often been in the situation of just lying in bed in the morning "thinking" about praying, but then drifting off. Wonderful wake-up call!

  82. Good one! Norm. I, too laughed out loud at the emphatic GET UP! How often some of us seem to need a push to wake up/GET UP. I woke this morning with less than an enthusiastic outlook and started mentally singing "This is the day the Lord hath made...BE GLAD. GIVE THANKS. REJOICE!" It's the last few words we need to act on.

    And on "out of the box" thinking/acting", our church's recent lecture was an "out of the box" adventure, and with lots of prayer from members, it turned out to be a great success.

  83. Invigoratingly encouraging! I saw it come in to my Inbox just before I went to bed last night, but saved it for this morning. Today's a big day for me - my children's custody trial begins. And guess what? I woke up this morning - listening - and the hymn that came to me - and I sang to myself - was... "This is the day the Lord hath made" - I smiled and got up. Then I opened the lesson, then paused to read that Lift I'd saved. And then I smiled again. I think the day is starting out well. (Now back to the lesson...) Thank you, Norm!

  84. What a treat to hear my buddy's comments which were direct and specific. Get up! I will listen for that throughout the day today and from now on.
    Thank you, Norm. We love hearing your voice and your message.
    Love, Mike and Nancy

  85. Hi Norm,

    Thanks so much for this great, honest, joyous, emphatic " Get Up!" call. My teacher said that when we wake up we should get up. I never wanted to ask her to elaborate, because I really didn't want to know. I figured that would be something I would do eventually. However, I really DID understand it, sometimes did it, but always cherished "my" enjoyment of " bed prayer" which in actual fact, turned into snoozing.

    Thank you, too, Tom, #62 for your succinct remark..."I realized after listening to your entire message how I often sleep through my prayers." I love that! So true! And with Tom, I say, "thanks for alerting me!" and I will acknowledge and follow through on my dear teacher's faithful admonition from OUR FATHER to wake up, then get up! I sometimes acknowledged that I was actually "talking" myself back to sleep by my justifications that I would be praying. If I was awake, why wouldn't I get up? A right sense of rest is normal, but we all know the difference when we hang in bed too long. Thanks to everyone for sharing and showing that this is just error, not belonging to anyone, and is already destroyed by the activity of the Mind of Christ.

  86. Thank-you Norm.

  87. I think you'll get a kick out of this: I knew I should pray for myself this morning, because I was beginning to panic about certain family matters and not trusting that God could work it out for me.

    Finally, I opened your "Lift" and heard the admonition to pray daily, which is my goal, of course, but sometimes I just don't get to it! I was interrupted in the middle of the "Lift" and then I happened to open up Thomas Black's recent article "A Wee Reminder", [March 2011 CS Journal p. 64] with the very same message. Well, if that isn't God tapping you on the shoulder. That was enough for me..I got right to work with the Lord's Prayer.

    How grateful I am that we have these various modes of communication, the Lift, the Journals, Sentinels, the Bible, Hymns, Science & Health available to us, all for uplifting our thoughts, which in turn helps to uplift the world. Amen!

  88. Yes, thank you so much. Just waking up after hearing a lecture yesterday that woke me up!

  89. I was lying in bed this morning feeling sad about my friend's recent loss of her husband and my similar loss a year ago. I wanted so badly to get up, but nothing was moving but a few tears. Finally, I said the same thing to myself: GET UP! While making a cup of tea, I listened to the Daily Lift, got a real LIFT, thinking that our partners aren't really gone, and we're not really alone. God is always with us, and no matter how things may seem, life is meant to be joyous. Thank you, Norm! That message is exactly what I needed this morning!

  90. This was an especially good lift for me today. Thank you Norm for this very important message I needed to hear today. I've been struggling with early morning dread thoughts and replacing them as fast as I can with God thoughts but not as well as I should and of course, I should just GET UP!Thanks to Margaret #17 for putting this in words for me to see that I am still waking to a problem that I know very well can be solved through prayer. I just need to get up and get on with the work. And to Grateful Listener #53 who also seemed to be speaking to me this morning. How very helpful you have been for me today.

    So grateful for these daily lifts and everyone who participates. Thank you.

  91. Thanks, Norm! Hugs. It is always good to hear from you! I laughed aloud out of a bit of fear when I heard your Lift - Get UP! To rise up with joy bursting out of sleepy resignation or dread (listening to world news) is a good reminder that we can depend on the Love that gets us all UP. And thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments...especially Amelia (#57). Our spring birds are singing too helping us see everyone is joyfully "cared for watched over beloved and protected" around the world. Hope everyone keeps on singing, awake, Alive, and moving forward with laughter and love.

  92. We all have our God-given talents! This is one of yours - hope you know how creative (Soul-sense) as well as healing it is! Don't stop...

  93. Love it! Will use it! And once again, a thought I needed before I even asked.
    Thank you, Norm

  94. Today's LIft, for me, a perfect blend: truth, love, laughter, light, movement, uplift.

    And as always, in the comments, readers catch the tones of the Lift and echo and re-echo them, turning a song into a symphony.

    My gratitude for the Daily LIfts, and for the world-wide LIft family, goes beyond and deeper than anything I could put into words.

  95. I like this message. Good words to rise with.

  96. Such a great lift! And such a great reminder that spiritual treatment is a daily, hourly, or moment by moment practice that we can and need to be applying to keep our thought uplifted filled with the messages God is giving us. This is our divine right. Thankyou Norm for such wonderful words to get me started today.

  97. You rock Norm! Your thoughts are a great lift!!

  98. Thank you, Norm, I think!

    And thank you #44: John Cone; your comments brought tears to my eyes and a grateful smile to my face. I understand! You know He's my Father, too.

    In 'building a bridge' to one who seemed so stressed about not being able to pray (humanly) EARLY in the day, it came to me to remind her that S&H says that morning is Light - a revelation......and day - the irradiance of Life - both of which are ever-present....no time involved. She went on to 'progress' (part of the definition of morning in the glossary) and is now an early riser.

  99. Thanks for the good morning laugh. I loved it! I've done that many times....started praying before getting out of bed, and then drifted back to sleep. No more! I'll GET UP and pray some more next time!

  100. Thanks, Norm! This is a good example of how the so-called carnal mind would tempt us to drift away from praying or any type of spiritual thought — no matter where we are. I have recently become alerted to this, and now get right up out of bed instead of praying while just lying there in the morning — because I, too, find that all of a sudden I have drifted off or fallen back to sleep — and have to start praying all over again. No more of that!! I now GET UP and SIT UP — I actually go to another room — and then begin my prayers, and am finding it is not that difficult to close my eyes and concentrate totally on listening to God, confirming the truth about my identity as Her chlld. Then I continue with the Lesson Sermon and other readings and find I am better prepared to continue the day. It is a known fact that Mrs. Eddy suggested to more than one of her students to take many hours to pray for themselves each day (I've heard anywhere from 3-1/2 to 4 hours a day) — in addition to other regular study — for how else are we to grow from sense to Soul? And what are these few hours compared to how we live/think the rest of the day? If we then practice what is revealed to us by God during prayer and study time, it's a sure thing we will make progress on our path from sense to Soul — the goal and reward of which is complete understanding our spiritual identity and eternal life! Thanks so much for your thoughts, Norm — and thanks to the team who put these Daily Lifts together!

  101. Thank you, Norm for this reminder to be alert in our prayers from the moment we wake up and to 'get up' -- in a conscious endeavor to meet the desire of our beloved leader, Mrs. Eddy.

    I read an article in a C.S. Journal by Allison (Skip) Phinney (Dec. 2010) wherein he quoted a comment Mrs. Eddy had made to a student. It had such an impact on me, I had this exact feeling of "Getting up -- Waking up" to something I had been 'mentally, meekly' praying about as a starting point in my daily prayer: Mrs. Eddy said, "I saw the love of God encircling the universe and man, filling all space and that divine Love so permeated my own consciousness that I loved with Christ-like compassion everything I saw. This realization of divine Love called into expression 'the beauty of holiness, the perfection of being' (S&H p. 253) which healed and regenerated, and saved all who turned to me for help." (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy p. 68)

    In a flash, it came to me that by seeing the Love of God ‘encircling the universe and man’ from the moment we wake up — gets us 'up' to a spiritual way of thinking, which was demonstrated vividly in healing a relationship difficulty, instantaneously. This statement of hers is so clearly and simply expressed -- available to all to practice!

    Every day is a "day the Lord hath made!"

  102. HEY, NORM!.............does sitting up count? That's what Tabitha did

    when Peter told her to arise. A (very) little humor!

    By the way, loved the hey, hey (comedian) at the close.

  103. Get up - not only in the morning, but even in the middle of the day - great reminder to control my thoughts!

  104. Thanks Norm! We need to wake up and get up. Great lift.

  105. Wonderfully helpful. Thanks to all!

    Special thanks to commenter John Cone, #44. Loved the parallel between what his dad would tell him...and what Abba is still telling him!

  106. Bravo, Norm! This strikes me as foundational to anyone who acknowledges or wants to discover the power of prayer in their lives.For me it isn't just an alarm clock message to rouse myself from bed or even lethargy. Its about the true nature of prayer as focused, faith-filled, divine channel-opening.Isn't prayer open, conscious communion with God? - not just thinking about God, about Christian Science, or about a statement from Mary Baker Eddy's writings or a passage from the Bible, or even the inspired application of spiritual learning I can do in my work, my home, or sitting on a bus.These are part of the daily living of what I'm learning in Christian Science.I heard your Lift as a call to "get up" to a better or refreshed definition of prayer.Prayerful thinking or reading (and listening, thanks to my treasured audio supports like the audio versions of the Chrisitan Science Bible Lesson - and Daily Lifts!) are certainly essential elements of my days, but I feel the difference if I let them substitute for prayer. Prayer needs to stand on its own,I've gotta give it vital and specific priority and place - and that at the helm, not an item on my to-do list. Thanks for this fun, candid, and loving reminder. Having had the "drift-off" experience myself, I appreciate the energetic encouragement and the sound appeal to make my first biz of the day a prayer that's alert, listening, everything-else-on-hold communion with God.I've downloaded this one, it's a real keeper!

  107. WOW! That is powerful! And delivered with so much spirit. Thanks so much, this is a keeper. I love your lifts, simple but to the all important metaphysical point!

  108. Thanks Norm, much gratitude for those Daily lifts, just what I needed for today, and always.

  109. Wonderful, thank you so much for a needed reminder to be alert!
    A hymn that my teacher loved came to my thought, "Joy cometh in the morning." He liked to insert Mrs. Eddy's definition of morning into the lyrics . . . "Joy cometh in the revelation and progress." It always gives me a good chuckle to try and squeeze all those words into the melody. So we can awake with a blessing of expectation today and every day as we hop out of bed into a day of revelation and progress.

  110. How simple but profound and so very helpful. Waking with prayer and staying with it.

  111. Annie again,

    More thanks to you, Norm, as I re-listen to your Lift, and also I am thanking #106 Jayperk for a unique and specific point..."prayer needs to stand on its own, I've gotta give it vital and specific priority and place - and that at the helm, not an item on my to-do list."

    That is on target with me. I, too, love the instruction and the healings when reading and studying, but am learning the necessity to get still and to stop talking mentally as well as verbally. I am learning really to be quiet and truly to listen. This stillness and quietness of thought brings deep understanding, direction, and answers as I specifically ask God with meekness, Getting still takes dedication, and I must say, patient practice, but it is worth it! Then we are a blessing to others because we listened. expressed gratitude, obeyed and grew spiritually. This must hint at what the Bible speaks of as praying " without ceasing," and "the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

    In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is a testimony that expresses this idea of meekly and quietly waiting for God's answer. It is headed by the words Born Again.

  112. The page number for the testimony is 667.

  113. Dear Norma,

    Belatedly listened to, but boy did I get the message!!! You always "hit the nail on the head" with your contributions. Thank you.

  114. Just adding my thanks for this wonderful lift today! I've always struggled with getting enough rest -- someone said once that if you're with the owls all night, you can't fly with the eagles by day. If you've struggled many hours helping someone at night, that comes from an unselfish motive and we cannot be punished for our willingness to pray for others.

    But I know that sleeping in won't make our dreams come true either. It is
    gratitude that gets me going and keeps my life in balance. When we acknowledge that Life buoys us up eternally -- it is our source of vigor, energy and spiritual power every moment of every day!

    And hey, there's no law against afternoon naps either! You'd be surprised what 20 minutes can do! :>)

  115. Thanks John #44- for the lovely association drawn between a Dad gently waking you in the dark and leading you out to see "an eclipse or a rare southern snowfall", and Our Father awakening one from sleep with a lovely idea. I recall being wakened to take in a glorious display of pink northern lights whipping across a black autumn sky.

    Today I woke to two v's of geese steadfastly winging their way back to nest - each lead goose breaking the way for the rest. In a Daily Lift, a lecturer's insights help us gain altitude, and others pick up the leads that follow.

    "Not snoozing through prayers," shakes the dream of "life, substance... intelligence" in matter, that Mary Baker Eddy wakes us from in the scientific statement of being, S&H 468:8-15.

    Also S&H 556:10 "... Mortal belief dies to live again in renewed forms, only to go out at last forever; for life everlasting is not to be gained by dying. Christian Science may absorb the attention of sage and philosopher, but the Christian alone can can fathom it. It is made known most fully to him who understands best the divine Life. Did the origin and the enlightenment of the race come from the deep sleep which fell upon Adam? Sleep is darkness, but God's creative mandate was, "Let there be light." In sleep, cause and effect are mere illusions. They seem to be something, but are not. Oblivion and dreams, not realities, come with sleep. Even so goes on the Adam-belief, of which mortal and material life is the dream."

    Wake up !

  116. I MUST ALSO THANK YOU, NORM: For this and every Daily Lift. This is surely what I needed today. I am reminded of other hymns: #2 - " A glorious day is dawning ..." , #14 - "Arise, arise and shine, On thee hath dawned the day ...", and my most favorite - #183 - Make haste oh man to do, Whatever must be done; Thou hast no time to lose in sloth, When all to Truth must come." Gotta to get to work now!

  117. WOW! This really speaks to me and my need to be more alert to God's presence right where I am, and not drift along dreamily.

  118. Thank you, and how wonderful to find I was not the only one who does this, but as Paul said about sins," such as are common to man." Now I don't feel so guilty. We each have come to our own answer to inspired arising, and how rich a variety of ideas were shared, for all to appreciate and use. The Daily Lifts are great, and this one a gem.

  119. Norm, what a great "wake up" message, especially for the beginning of the week.. The world certainly has need of alert workers praying to affirm God's omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience and man's oneness with God.

  120. Agree with #16 Julie -- same thing here this morning in the Midwest! One consciousness, one voice, one song, one "GET OUT OF BED!"

  121. LOVED IT!!!!!

  122. It reminds me of,"seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God...." The words "early and
    first" are also good wakeup calls!Thank you for yours.

  123. Like many others I wake each day to that beloved hymn ......... and I must say, it is sometimes ritual. No more! Your "GET UP!" has awakened me. I'm going to chuckle each morning.

  124. Thank you so much, what a great message to start our week!

  125. I am reading this mid day and affirmed by your wods, Norm. This particular morning as I awoke I was conscious almost immediately of the presense of God Good and the welcome of light taking away the darkness of the night....I arose full of gratitude and moved to my study desk to tae time for longer than usual m...I recalled a Sunday of special glimpses of Christ's light..at church and home, and felt great gratitude for the lessons .... Now reading about mornings and the wake up call as experienced by commenters I am fed and noursihed. Thank you Norm, and all the commenters for lovingly sharing your turths and messages. Skipping off into the afternoon....invirgorated.

  126. Thanks Norm.. Another one of your insightful lifts to start my day. What a great message. So now every morning as I "Get up" I'll think of Gods many blessings and I'll be thinking of you as well. Onward..Jim McMullan

  127. This is wonderful, Norm. Thanks for this expression of divine awakening humor.

    Another dimension of this perception we have about sleeping and waking is touched on in Mrs. Eddy's words implying that night dreams sometimes give unmistakable hints of our true freedom from material conditions.

    We are always awake even as we "sleep", even as we are always whole if we seem not to be so. And revelation comes into whatever "relative" state of thought most likely to "get it". Spontaneous and effective healing prayer can come as verbal or visual revelation during what we call sleeping states. God moves in what we sometimes think unlikely ways. Of course our daily commitment to unceasing prayer and praise predisposes us to the experience of needed rest not as stupid escape, but as peaceful, luminous, conscious continuity, our experiential proof that God rests in action.

    Whatever we experience of what some call "numinous" (from pneuma, translated wind, breath, or spirit) can be offered with all desire to God as we learn in the spectacularly simple three defining words on the first page of the chapter PRAYER in our textbook. "Desire is prayer..." When the disciples were so impressed by the phenomenon of transfiguration, they were told simply, perhaps abruptly, just to listen! Sounds a little like the wake up call you describe in this Lift.

  128. Thanks to Norm and the whole team for another drop of glorified water from the ocean of divine Love. I am getting up physically and mentally every morning in a harmonious spiritual demonstration of divine Principle in action.

    en español

    Gracias a Norm y a todo el equipo por otra gota de agua glorificada del océano del Amor divino. Cada mañana me levanto física y mentalmente en una demostración espiritual del Principio divino en acción.

  129. Dynamite, Norm...you roll 'em in the aisles!

    Keep up the good work in "beantown"....vaya con Dios!

  130. I've been traveling all day and am just now getting to read all your beautiful comments. You've added textures and colors that lifted this Lift even higher. Again, thank you. I love "building" these with you.

  131. I'm listening to this close to 8 pm on the East coast, and it's definitely helpful. Like all the lifts, they are good whenever you get to them. Thanks, Norm, both for the idea and your usual great touch of delivering a good message with humor. I've had that same experience. Now I also just need to "get up"!

  132. ROUSING!!

  133. This is terrific, Norm, and so very needed. This daily prayer for ourselves takes effort. It takes consistency. It takes TIME! And nothing else can substitute. But the payoff is huge--individually AND collectively.

    Imagine dozens, scores, hundreds, thousands of people around the world committing to this regimen daily--what a focus of inspiration, healing, and defense that would mean for ourselves, our churches, and mankind. Incalculable benefits--and a hint of what is possible is the great growth in CS that occurred during the last decade of Mrs. Eddy's life, when a growing core of dedicated church members did just what you're recommending (and more).

    Thank you for your honesty (and humor) in sharing this precious experience today. Judging by the feedback, there's clearly a lot of us that can relate.

    Blessings on your work, good friend!

  134. Thank you Norm for your wise words. For me they were so timely as, only yesterday, I had given myself a mental shake to be more awake and aware in my prayer life and so hearing your words today was a reminder and a reassurance of what I needed to do. Bless you.

  135. Thank you Norm, what a great wake up call day & night.!

  136. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Thank you to #75 & #100 also for thoughts that mean a great deal to me.

    This lift and all the previous comments reminded me of a number of dreams I experienced while lying in bed sound asleep. The point of this is that, while dreaming of horrendous experiences and thoughts, I experienced the sweetest and most jolting means of handling these so-called situations with the guidance of divine Love through the joyous, powerful truths I have learned through using Christian Science in my waking dreams (or, also called "real life"). In each situation, I was immediately lifted from that experience to another, more joyful experience.

    This may sound rather silly, but I am so grateful to have those experiences met, not only when I am up and out of bed, but also in slumber.

    Although asleep, your lift to "GET UP" applies, for my thoughts did, indeed, get up and meet the needs in my sleeping dreams. Needless to say, I am much more alert to the need to GET UP and listen to what God has to say to help me every day now. I do not recall what the horrendous experiences were supposed to be, but I DO RECALL the firmness with which I was led out of them.

    Again, thank you, Norm, and thank you to each and every responder, for with each of us, we are experiencing progress.

  137. Thanks Norm! After a good laugh, I was reminded when a lecturer many years ago belted out, "Lazarus, come forth!" and literally woke up many in the audience who had 'drifted off' mentally or physically. What a good reminder for us. Also, I love how so many Bible references include the word, ARISE, before someone set out to do something. Appreciate your sharing.

  138. Norm, this is so powerful, so completely to the point. It helped me tremendously. Many thanks!

  139. Thank you Norm for this great message. When I started to get into the habit of praying for myself in the morning, wow, it has made such a difference for my own life and my own spiritual progress. Thanks again for this wonderful reminder.

  140. How often I slovenly ignore the need to pray for myself first: and yet, Christian Science teaches me that I am just as important to God as any of His children-- thanks for the terrific reminder to get up, get going and go onward, Christian Soldiers! --And, Norm, your delivery of this imperative message was perfect: we may schleppp off now or then, but God's Love and humor always redeem us! Much love and joy, one and all--

    Rob of the Rockies

  141. oops, forgot-- thank you, DL-ers for the fabulous music! The one voice, rising above all else, in testiment to the Oneness with Beloved Creator. Thnkz! --Rob

    PS: #44: I LOVED your memories of Dad, whispering, "wake up... I want to show you [sky lights..]" Thank you for sharing. It's almost like being there. And that's a pretty wonderful memory for us, too....

  142. Thank you Norm for the wonderful lift.

  143. Now that you've put it like that - I can't seem to recall any good reasons not to GET UP, but have a better view of all the right reasons. Thanks for this timely encouragement !!

  144. Yes. Thanks.

  145. Thank you,so very much Norm.

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