Frequently asked questions

How do I contact you with a question?

We’re happy to hear from you. Please email us at

My Daily Lift email stopped being delivered. Should I re-subscribe?

No, once your email address has been subscribed, entering the same address in the subscribe field won’t restart delivery of your Daily Lift.  Please email for assistance.

How do I subscribe to the Daily Lift email?

To receive an email with a link to each Daily Lift, click this link /lectures/daily-lift/. In the top box in the right column, fill in your email address and click Submit. You’ll be added to our subscription list and start receiving the Daily Lift email the next weekday.  Daily Lifts aren't available on weekends, just weekdays and even weekday holidays.

Which subscription should I use: email? iTunes? Twitter?

  • Email: you will receive an email Monday through Friday notifying you that a new Daily Lift is available. The email will provide you with a link to the Web page where you can listen to the audio file.
  • iTunes: A new Daily Lift podcast will download to your iTunes podcast library Monday through Friday. You will need to open your iTunes to download and listen. All audio Daily Lift files will be available in your iTunes library for you to listen to later.
  • Twitter: you will receive a tweet on your Twitter page each day notifying you that a new Daily Lift is available and providing you with a link to that page. You will need to log on to Twitter to receive your tweet.

After I subscribe, how long do I wait until I get my Daily Lift?

After you subscribe, you should receive your notification email, tweet, or download (iTunes) the next day (Monday-Friday).

Can I hear the Daily Lift if I don’t have access to a computer?

Your Daily Lift is available by phone. Dial 1-617-450-3430 to hear that day’s Lift. Long distance charges apply.

When is the Daily Lift delivered?

The Daily Lift email, tweet, and download are delivered between 2am-4am ET (Boston time) Monday through Friday.  The Daily Lift is available direct by phone at 8:30am ET. The Daily Lift phone number is 617-450-3430.

How do I change the e-mail address that Your Daily Lift is sent to?

To update your email address please click on the “Manage your Subscription” button at the bottom of any Daily Lift email. This will take you to a web page where you can delete your old email address and insert your new one.

I received a Daily Lift email last week, but I didn’t today. What’s the problem?

This may indicate that you or your email provider has a spam blocker in place. You might want to check and see if emails from us are being sent to your junk folder. If they are, mark the messages as not being junk mail and add us to your list of trusted senders. You can also try adding “” to your email address book to ensure the emails are not blocked. If emails continue to end up in your junk mail, contact your email provider for further instructions.

How do I share this program with others?

We’re so glad you want to share the Daily Lift! Here are some ways.

On the main Daily Lift page, there is an option (under the subscription icons on the right) to “Share this page.” If you click on this option, a new box will open with a number of options for sharing. If you want to send an email, scroll down until you see that option and click on it. You will be able to send an email with a link to the Daily Lift Web page to friends and family. On each Daily Lift page, there are buttons (under the audio info) that allow you to share on Twitter, on Facebook, or to email to a friend.

If you’d like to share our Twitter page, our Twitter name is CSlectures. Here’s the link that you can copy and paste and send to anyone in an email:

What is the image verification? What do I do?

If you are sharing the Daily Lift using the “Email this post” option on our website, you will be asked to type a combination of letters and numbers into a box at the bottom of the request. This is to verify that you are a real person, not a computer generating spam. It will look something like this:

Image Verification:*

You are required to type the letters and numbers on the left into the box on the right.

Will there be a text version of these new Lifts?

Since lifts are designed as audio recordings, we do not feel that each Lift works in text. For writings on Christian Science, we recommend The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel and Heralds at

How do I visit the Daily Lift archives?

An “archive” page does not exist yet. However, you can listen to any Daily Lift by visiting our Daily Lift home page at /lectures/daily-lift/. At the bottom of the page click “Next entries” for earlier Daily Lifts.

The sound isn’t very loud on my computer. What do I do?

You’ll want to first verify that your device and speaker volume settings are not low or muted. If you’re on a PC, go to your “Control Panel” and select “Sounds and Audio Devices.” Go to the “Audio” tab and click on each of the “Volume…” settings to ensure that none of these options are low or muted. If using a Mac, click the speaker button at the top of your keyboard to insure your sound is on and up loud enough to hear.

How do I unsubscribe or re-subscribe?

At the bottom left corner of every Daily Lift email you will see a 'Manage your Subscription' link.  Click on this link and you will be taken to a Web page where you will be able to un-subscribe to Your Daily Lift.  If you keep an old email, you will be able to click on the same link to re-subscribe at a later date.

What is the music on the Daily Lift and who are the musicians?

99% of the music on your Daily Lift was composed especially for the podcast by the "Daily Lift band." Nate Frederick and his friends continue to compose and record original music for your Daily Lift in The Mother Church recording studios in Boston, MA. Many of these musicians are local musicians who have CDs for purchase. You can google their names if you’re interested. Here are the credits:

  • Nathan Frederick: acoustic & electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, piano
  • George Clements: acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, electric bass, piano
  • Ben Vaughan: harmonica, acoustic guitar, accordion, percussion, voice
  • Ian Case: double-neck acoustic guitar, fretless electric guitar, kalimba 
  • Patrick M'Gonigle: fiddle
  • Tabea Mangelsdorf: piano, vocals
  • Christa Seid-Graham: vocals, piano, keyboard
  • Erik Higgins: upright bass
  • Louis Fram: upright bass
  • Alex Cook: acoustic & electric guitar, electric bass, voice
  • Wayne Ingram: electric guitar, piano
  • Tim Dixon: acoustic & electric guitar
  • Jon Hinthorne: piano
  • Matt Zacharino: electric bass
  • Scott Sheehan: electric bass
  • Tim Smith: drum kit
  • Andy Bickerton: drum kit
  • Corey O’Connor: drum kit
  • Jessica Hayes: flute
  • Susie Jostyn: saxophone
  • Laura Lapointe: vocals

CDs featuring these musicians can be found here:

Can I record a Lift?

Please forward any inquiries to  Most of our recordings will continue to come from those who are actively contributing to Mother Church activities, including lecturers, writers, editors, etc.  

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I enjoyed sharing online comments after each Lift.  Will you consider allowing this again in the future?

Devoting our focus to reflecting prayerfully on the message shared in each Lift, and sharing them with others, and digging deeper into the related content for each Lift, will bring great blessings!  

If you have a Facebook account, consider posting the Daily Lift there and inviting friends and others to leave comments right on your own Facebook page.

Are you going to continue themed weeks?

We will continue to occasionally provide a week of themed lifts.

Why did you change it?  Your Daily Lift met my need so well before?

Hearing from more contributors and linking each Lift to deeper resources, we feel, is a very progressive step for everyone.  For example, Lifts from the Monitor will link to articles and editorials on related topics.  Lifts from the Bible Lesson community will link right to the weekly Bible Lesson, and Lifts by contributors to the Christian Science periodicals will link to articles and testimonies by the people who are sharing the Daily Lift.  And Lifts by lecturers will point to the online and local lectures offered by these lecturers. The point is, Daily Lifts are not so much an end in themselves, but an invitation to go more deeply into the spiritual resources that inspired the Lifts. 

Are these Lifts still going to be suitable for sharing with those not familiar with Christian Science?

Yes, these lifts should reach an even broader, more diverse audience.  With these changes, we also anticipate that many regular listeners and newcomers will discover and rediscover the sourcebooks for the Daily Lift inspiration: the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and all the related publications and activities of the Christian Science Church.

Can I contact the person who delivered a particular Lift?

A majority of contributors on your Daily Lift are practitioners of Christian Science healing. Their contact information can be found on The Christian Science Journal directory here:

How will we know the qualifications of the person giving the Lift (no longer just lecturers)?

All the contributors on your Daily Lift are students of Christian Science; most contributors are full-time practitioners of Christian Science healing; some are teachers of Christian Science. Information on practitioners and teachers of Christian Science can be found on The Christian Science Journal directory: 

Will there be a pattern to the Lifts?  For example, Lifts from members of the Board of Lectureship Lifts always on Friday?

Although, you may see some patterns in how Lifts appear, it is daily prayer that governs the posting of Daily Lifts more than strict guidelines. 

Will I still be able to download the audio files for your Daily Lift?

Yes. You can click the download button below the audio player on and save these lifts to your computer. If you’re having trouble, you may want to right click (or control+click on Macs) on the download button and click “save as”. Then you can download the file to wherever you’d like on your computer. 

Will there continue to be Lifts available in a variety of languages?

You will continue to see certain Daily Lifts in multiple languages.

Will there be video and animated Lifts?

Yes, you will continue to see the occasional live video and/or animated Lift.