1/27: Forgiveness

1/27: Forgiveness

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  1. I didn't mention this yet, but it's a multi-language week! Every lift this week is additionally in another language.

  2. Thank you, Franz. I like your explanation: The root of the word, 'forgive' means renounce, to give up ones claim to gratification or revenge, which requires a new mental attitude, a change in one's own standpoint. When we apologize for something we are expressing our genuine regret, the desire to change one's own self in order to be able to see the other person in his own integrity, disclaiming off our right for recompense. Once we overcome these "little foxes" the possibilities of healing are infinite. (Songs of Solomon 2:15)

    Gracias, Franz. Me gusta tu explicación: La raíz de la palabra, 'perdonar' significa renunciar, renunciar nuestra demanda a la gratificación o a la venganza, lo que requiere una nueva actitud mental, un cambio del punto de vista de uno mismo. Cuando pedimos disculpas por algo estamos expresando nuestro verdadero arrepentimiento, el deseo de cambiar uno mismo para poder ver a la otra persona en su propia integridad, renunciando a nuestro derecho de la recompensa. Una vez que superamos estas "pequenas zorras" las posiblidades de sanacion son infinitas. (Cantares 2:15)

  3. Frank, I was wakeful tonight, but your take on forgiveness will allow me to cast out some unwelcome thoughts. Thank you VERY much.
    Nate, it may be foreign language week, but there should be nothing foreign about forgiveness, so thank you too for giving us all this opportunity to expand our vision of the world.

  4. Thanks Frank, Great nightly daily lift!

  5. So true my friend. Life is so beautiful when we forgive. And we only hurt ourselves when we hold on to hate.
    Great lift.

  6. Thank you so much Frank. What a wonderful Lift. We certainly do need to forgive oneself before we can forgive others. There is never a good reason to be angry or bitter, and being willing to take the first step usually frees up the logjam and allows all that resentment and - yes, hatred - to be washed away. Love was all that was there in the first place, and all that is left as a result.
    Thanks Nate - there are certainly plenty of languages included in each Life - especially kindness and courtesy. And joy!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration in your message. I find forgiveness an intrinsic characteristic of the real spiritual man. It is very much related to divine Love. We may not realise for a long time that we can forgive, we may have had experiences that called for forgiveness but we did not forgive at that time (as was my experience with a person after an argument). I understand that it is never too late to forgive, even if we don't have the opportunity to say so personally. Forgiveness is a beauty among so many God derived qualities. And as such, it is always available. Considering that divine Love "forgives our debts as we forgive our debtors" we can forgive right now! The other beauty is the effective nature of forgiveness, it helps in our efforts to heal.

    en español
    Gracias por la inspiración en tu mensaje. Encuentro que el perdón es una característica intrísica del verdadero hombre espiritual. Está muy relacionado con el Amor divino. Quizás no nos demos cuenta por mucho tiempo de que podemos perdonar, Podemos haber tenido experiencias que requerían el perdón pero no perdonamos entonces (Como fue mi experiencia con una persona con la que tuve un altercado). Comprendo que nunca es demasiado tarde para perdonar. Aún si no tenemos la oportunidad de decirlo personalmente. El perdón es una belleza entre tantas cualidades derivadas de Dios. Y como tal, siempre está disponible. Considerando que el Amor divino 'nos perdona nuestras deudas como también nosotros perdonamos a nuestros deudores' podemos perdonar¡ahora mismo! La otra belleza es la naturaleza eficaz del perdón, ayuda en nuestros esfuerzos para sanar.

  8. Wunderbar, Frank! Danke schoen. :)

  9. I ,being French, feels overjoyed by listening to 'daily lifts' this week by people from all over the places .It means that we all share the same views wherever the place we live in the world and it helps me greatly .I find ti wonderrful that we can all share our ideas with one same language that many can undersatand. Thank you all!!!

  10. Need to know how to do it every time! This uplift was so perfect in that i understood what RENOUNCE means.I have been struggling with forgiving a situation and people connected to it for some time and you have made the difference. Also a comment by Margaret Sunshine that I loved was"love was all there was in the first place and all that is left as a result. thank you so much.

  11. In the Bible [John 11], when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he said to the people present, as Lazarus walked out of the tomb bound with grave clothes, 'Loose him and let him go' [verse44]. I find this instructive when I am bound by feelings of self righteous indignation, revenge and unforgiveness. I too can respond to the firm, healing command of the Christ, to just loose resentment and let it go. Then I am free to go forward, resurrected in forgiveness and healing.
    Thank you Frank.

  12. Thank you Frank for your lift on forgiving person. However, any sign of evil, the result of "animal magnetism" is always destroyed, because untrue, and never a part of the real God-like person in divine Love. Love is the universal healer. "Love one another, — word of revelation;" (Christian Science Hymnal #179)

  13. Muchas gracias por el mensaje,
    Podriamos decirlo muy simplemente amar es perdonar porque nos muestra que nada hay para perdonar. "Que os ameis unos a otros; como yo os he amado, que también os ameis unos a otros" Juan, 13 El Amor abarcándolo todo y no dejando nada fuera de su infinita presencia. " Resueltos a no ofendernos cuando no hubo mala intención , ni aún si la hubiera, a menos que la ofensa sea contra Dios" Esc. Micelaneos, 224.

  14. It appears a grand joy, the forgving, the letting go of anger toward someone who has slipped from your esteem. What esteem, what high tower, it is His high tower, His rock., Ps 18:2. At times it seems we are merely allowed the rental of His reflection. This garnered stay can be an eternal gift as well. Understand the gratitude, let go, climb the ladder of Jacob. Go to the Garden no longer alone, lift with Christ satisfied with that likeness. No waiting, only expectant shared joy. "His likeness still Is satisfied". Satisfied, by Mary Baker Eddy.

    Thank you Frank for your gentle lift.

  15. Obrigda or dank - thanks for your daily lift.

  16. Thank you, so much for this very important message. Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself, then you can forgive others. To forgive is to love.

  17. What a wonderful way to start the day....forgiving all including one's self!
    Thank you and Danka, Frank :-)

  18. In light of the lifts this week being all different languages, Frank's statement about the importance of understanding the use of the word forgiveness "in our culture" really stood out to me. Isn't it nice to realize that in this forum we are all joined in the same culture? In spite of listening from different parts of the world and in different languages, we are joined in the culture of the Christ, the culture of love for God and love for our neighbor. Thank you, Frank for including us all in one culture today. Love to everyone!

  19. Very helpful concepts, Frank. Thank you, thank you.

  20. Frank
    Your lift fits beautifully with my recent connection with the Lord's Prayer "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors" Any thought we have of anyone that sees him as less than God's perfect child is a debt we have incurred and need to renounce. Then Love forgives our debts.

  21. I am so pleased to hear this Lift in my familiar language and it is so easy to give a grateful comment in German. Forgiveness is the Christ.

  22. Thanks so much for lifting our thought on forgiveness. There's a favorite poem of mine, "Self-forgveness" by Ginny Luedeman, which appeared in the Sentinel July 18, 2005. It closes with:
    I forgive all my yesterday's
    visions unclear.
    And here my God telling me,
    "Child, you are dear."

    I especially like the idea of "yesterday's visions unclear." Sometimes we haven't done anything hurtful or unkind, but in hindsight wished we had done things differently. We did the best we thought at the time, but a different choice may have had better results. Self-forgiveness brings healing and clears the way to making better decisions. Today is a new day and as yesterday's Lift said, we start out by putting on the new man - the perfect man created in God's image and likeness, governed by divine Love in all that we do.

  23. Thank you for that wonderful Lift, Somthing we all need to learn that forgiveness is healing.

  24. I never wished for revenge or to be recompensed for being abused. Healing comes to those who abuse out of their own fervent desire to be the true image and likeness of God. Heaven is experienced in ourselves, our own atmosphere of thought, and no man can take the joy of that away.. As Christ Jesus stated "The Kingdom of God is within you":. Each one of us must work out our own salvation and each one of us is capable of doing so.. No one can do it for us. .

  25. How wonderful to be lifted with this thought of forgiveness ~ something we must do on a repeating basis. Jesus understood the importance of this attitude and included it in what we now pray in "The Lord's Prayer." Praying this as a child, I looked at forgiveness as a single act. "I'm sorry!" "Oh, that's OK, I forgive you!" But, as you point out, Frank, it is more of an attitude, "renouncing." I love Desiree Goyette's CD, "Let it Go" ~ a musical treatment. In the title piece she sings the phrase, "We're the ones who keep hanging on!" It reminds me that forgiveness is reconciling ourselves to keep a loving attitude that heals, renouncing a condemning one.
    Thanks to the whole team and the responders who add to this world "culture of love," as #16, Spring, puts it! Great start to our day!!

  26. Thank you, Frank! Sometimes when I have struggled so hard to forgive myself or others, I have realized that I can't do it by myself. I need the help of my Loving Father. Jesus called upon his Father to forgive those who put him on the cross. It is truly letting God forgive through us that does the work! I can't, You can, I think I'll let You!

  27. Thank you for these wonderful ideas. So encouraging.
    How do we "expunge the mortal history" and wipe out
    consequences that seem unchangeable in order to go forward ?

  28. Real forgiveness takes humility and love that transcends the human pardon and lifts us nearer to God's grace. Forgiving our self for mistakes in our experience opens a window to peace, to new views of and forgiveness of other's errors, and especially to God's ever-presence. His love is ever seeing us in our true light, as children of God. It is never too late to find forgiveness or offer it.

  29. And ...thank you very much for your far-reaching inspiration.

  30. I always have good company when waking up to a Daily Lift and the loving comments that follow! So grateful!

  31. Gracias a todos los que traducen al español, espero estos mensajes con verdadero
    interes, a cada momento buenas inspiraciones para la vida diaria, esto es verdadero Amor, cobijandonos a todos y no dejando a nadie fuera! unidos en la hermandad de los hijos de Dios, amados, respetados, prosperados y bendecidos, amén.

  32. Danke! danke!

    "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." John 7:24 Righteous judgment - knowing what is spiritually true - this is at the heart of forgiveness.

    I am almost an expert in dropping my claim to stupid words and actions, which would have liked to be stuck to me as "temper" or "genetics". Tisk tisk. not me. I often think of Star Trek evil Borgs repetitive words.."Resistance is futile!" and know perfectly well that these words REALLY apply to us giving up false beliefs and recognizing our place as God's idea. Good news - Resistance is futile! We are good.

  33. Where are the references to the Bible or Science and Health that directs me to being able to forgive?

  34. Thank you Frank for these helpful and healing ideas on forgiveness -- perfectly articulated in the language of Love!

  35. Danke, Frank, for these wonderful new insights into forgiveness. To be cherished and used.

  36. It is true that the only one with the power to forgive is the one who has been harmed by another's words or actions. What a gift! And such healing power. Thanks for this great Lift today, Frank. Now we can each cast around in our thought and look for an opportunity to wield love's sweet power.

  37. Danke Shoen Frank. Wunderbar ideas! Forgiveness is a true God set blessing and thanks for the reminder!!!

  38. Thank you so much for this lovely call to remember the Golden Rule! We always want to be forgiven, hence should understand that our neighbors want that too! To renounce the self in favor of the good of all--how very wise. Love reigns supreme!

  39. This lift from Frank was perfect for me today. I found out early this week that I had hurt someone's feelings a few years ago. I mentioned to my friend's sister, who is also my friend from childhood, that I hadn't seen them around lately. She told me that I had said something at a dinner at their house a few years ago. She couldn't remember what I had said and I don't either, but immediately I felt I had to write them a letter of apology. I prayed that I would know what to say. I thought about how we are all the creation of God and the reflection of His/Her Divine Love. I thought of all of us as God's children and only harmony can come from this. I was so grateful the words came out so easily. So the lift from Frank was wonderful for me. They are always fitting into my day and helping me to apply Christian Science in all ways in my life. These lifts and comments are so helpful and I treasure each lift and each lifter with all my heart.

  40. Dear Carl #33, here are a few references:
    Bible: 1) Genesis Chapters 27, 32 and 33
    2) Luke Chapter 22
    3) 1John Chapter 4
    Science & Health: 1) Page 3:20-22
    2) Page 6: 3-5
    3) Page 48:19 The
    4) Page 362: 1-24 on page 363
    5) Page 365: 15
    6) Page 11: 1-3
    7) Page 17: 6-7
    8) Page 248: 29
    Thank you Frank for your words and thoughts on forgiveness. To love and experience LOVE we must be willing and able to forgive.

  41. There is much in the Bible about forgiveness. Jesus' Lord's Prayer has the wonderful phrase: "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." This beautiful reciprocal message is a reminder of the self-immolation Mrs. Eddy speaks of in her book Science and Health. I have grown to learn that forgiveness is a willingness to know that I am completely Loved and lovable. I don't need to put up a wall of hurt or feeling violated if I realize that my sustainability is spiritual. Then all of the self-protective tendencies fade and "Love is reflected in love." This quote is Mrs. Eddy's spiritual sense in response to forgiveness part of the Lord's Prayer that Jesus gave us. (Science and Health p. 17). (Interesting that Jesus' message of forgiveness was all about what WE should do!) Forgiveness is certainly part of being willing to open our hearts and feel the presence of God for ourselves as well as others. I have found that harmony and justice result from resisting the temptation to self-protect, and yield up thought to find protection and well being as completely safe in Principle's ability correct whatever is needed. "Love looseth thee (the seeming perpetrator), and lifteth me (the seeming victim) ayont hates thrall." (Christian Science hymnal #160--Satisfied, by Mary Baker Eddy). Both are within God's power to bring a solution. I loved listening to your message, taking your ideas regarding forgiveness, and thinking through them this morning.

  42. It has seemed to me that the commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" was a key to forgiveness. [Exodus 20:16] Seeing my neighbor as she truly is, God's image and likeness, causes me to drop any notion that anything was done that was wrong. Knowiing the purity and goodness of my neighbor, the false thought of being wronged is gone. With the log in my eye taken away, the mote in my brother's is also.

    Thank you for the reminder!! Much needed!

  43. This week we can all magnify the Daily Lift inspirations in our own experiences and affirm "there is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard." Psalm 19

  44. .. a theme of forgiveness throughout the world in many languages is truly an example of the great vision the Christian Science church exemplifies, and a joyful awakening to follow up on my own individual daily task in forgiveness...i get nourished just thinking that there are many of us aiming for a collective ideal, to truly forgive and let go of mortal existence and live and work from the understanding of our loved spiritual identity - thank you!

  45. UNA VEZ LEI ALGO QUE ME SORPRENDIO Y QUE PUEDO UTLIZARLO CADA VEZ QUE SIENTO QUE ALGUIN ME ALEJA O AGREDE, DICE " Ella hizo un círculo que me dejó afuera, yo hice otro más grande que la contiviera" está todo dicho no?

  46. Thank you Frank for illuminating this important spiritual quality of forgiveness. To #33, Carl, one answer to your question is in the Lord's prayer, "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." and the spiritual interpretation given in Science and Health - "and Love is reflected in love". I have found this the antidote for the "resentment, anger, etc." that is reflected in "resentment, anger, etc."

  47. Danke, Frank, Nate, and all of you commentators. It wasn't until I came back into Christian Science that I really began to understand what forgiveness truly was all about. Our Master, Christ Jesus gave us the best example. I have also been blessed by members of the branch church that I attend, one in particular who has taught me by that person's actions what love and forgiveness are. I have experienced much better health since I have become more loving and forgiving. Today is men's golf league in my community and I will be participating in more ways than one. I shall know that there is only one Mind, One Loving God, and that we are all His/Her children. We don't have to be impatient with the slow ones in front of us or the other team player because they did not make a good shot or an easy putt. This certainly "is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." I will now forward this "Daily Lift" to my granddaughter in Germany so she can listen to it in German. Again Danke, Frank.

  48. To #27 DL - How to get rid of the mortal history....??? I think that is a very good question. ....I guess it has a lot to do with being willing to let go of Who We THINK We Are and letting God Tell Us Who We REALLY Are and going thru lots of experiences and "peeling away more of the onion" thru trials and tribulations and healings and dealings! Anyone else have some ideas to share?

  49. Bless you Frank for this luminous Lift! What liberating insights! It has spurred me on to realize the "log" jams in my consciousness.---that prevent the free flow of Divine love in my relationships. I have been a chronic "fretter" . But armed with your insights I am feeling immediate relief and healing!! Thank you sooo much Brother!!

  50. Thanks!

  51. Thanks!

  52. 27: Understanding forgiveness is a way to begin expunging mortal history...and loving and cherishing God's immediacy and everpresence affirms that we live in the forever now and not in mortal history. Also, danke Frank, Nate, and everyone. Wow......this is so needed and humbling. love, love, love. I'm so gratefully heading into this day filled with the courage shared by all here today, to live the love which supports forgiveness.

  53. We are quick to pray for our own forgiveness, but slow to embrace others in the process. Odd because forgiveness (letting go of a perceived offence) is often the impediment to our own plight. Love’s language includes words of grace and forgiveness, every bit as important as any other healing thoughts. We should use words to forgive others with the same deliberation and dedication as we do for our own healings.

    SELF-ishness is often the culprit. It’s easier to hold a negative image of another and blame them for our distress, than to accept our responsibility. We pray for healing knowing God’s work is already done so forgive others with the same expectation that they will respond in “KIND”.

    If you love someone, they can do nothing wrong. If you don’t love them, they can do nothing right. Both are mortal misconceptions. Gal 5:7 reads, “Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?” Translation: What hinders your success? Rewards are for results, not efforts. You must touch all the bases. Prayerful work is the race. If you’re not winning, look for the hurdles and clear them.

    This is imperative with daily contacts (family, work, neighbors). You see YOUR OWN reflection (Love or rejection) in others. Stop adding to the immense pile of the past. You and your spouse drink from the same cup. If both add lemon, it is unbearable. Bring on the sugar or drink vinegar together. We can't wait for somone else to change first. We are the key. Sow what?

  54. I just realized this forgiveness lesson with vivid mental pictures. Here in Portland, Oregon we have a portion of The Clatsop Douglas Fir tree trunk that was 15.8 feet diameter and over 200 feet tall to its broken top. The widest tree trunk that I know of is the gargantuan "Santa Maria Arbor del Tule" that measures 164 feet around. Jesus, the carpenter and supposed son of a major Egyptian building contractor, gave us an analogy to this in his lesson on forgiveness. If a tree is cut down, the trunk made into a log, and that log made into a beam to hold up a house, it would be a massive beam in our eye. Having a huge log in my eye makes it hard to move anywhere or do anything, since it would knock over or smash anything within the distance of the long log (60 feet by 6 feet or so?) and the arc of where I could turn my head. It would be hard to see around it, and if I could, the bark and branches and pitch and flying debris would further confuse my perception. When I get a logbeam in my mental eye, the falling tree used, the cutting of the log to the beam, and the log beam banging into everything I look at... results in flying sawdust and wood chips. No wonder someone I'm looking at or spearing with my logbeam viewpoint might get a flying piece of a speck of splintered/chipped wood of "my" log swirling in the atmosphere of thought caught in their eye! The solution to eye specks? Less trees cut down for eye logbeams. Less running into people with "our" log. Forgive.

  55. True forgiveness makes one feel a sense of liberation, like a deep breath exhaled, a calming sense of peace, a big "WHEW", a loving mental hug from God--something we all can use at one time or another. Thanks lifters for your taking the time to share everyday.

  56. Thank you for sharing a whole new element of forgiveness. I'll remember this.

  57. I thank you very much Frank for your interesting message of forgiveneess that make us free.Thank a lot.

  58. Thank you for the inspiration today! My mom shared once... "Forgiving is an opportunity for giving" Love it.

  59. What freedom we aquire when we learn to forgive. There isn't a day that goes by that I have to forgive myself, or someone else for something, and the beauty is, the more you do it the easier it becomes, and the more Love you express.

    Thank you so much for this priceless lift.

  60. Thank you Frank and all the commenters. In response to #33, Carl I wanted to add that the Christian Science Reading Room has a booklet called "Blessings of Forgiveness" quotes from Mary Baker Eddy, that I recommended. Joan, #48 thank you for your comments about "fretting" and how this relates to forgiveness.

  61. Thanks!

  62. What a wonderful,helpful (new way for me) of aproaching forgivness. I have a bit of pondering to do thanks to your inspired lift.

  63. An analogy:
    Striking at the root of error, and cutting it down to size, produces logs (dead wood). Sometimes the “log” can be a mere splinter, but if we let it get “under our skin” (to mortal mind’s eye) and swell and expand into something of our own making, it can block our vision and continue to grow as long as we allow it to remain embedded in our thinking like a burr under the saddle.

    Forgiveness is the process of pulling our splinters out, not condemning the person or actions that got it there.

    Self-righteousness is neglecting to remove the splinter ourselves, preferring to undergo and prolong our own needless suffering by expecting and waiting for someone else to remove it for us.

    P.S. Thanks Shannon (Daily Lift Team) for your help.


  64. Thank you Frank and thank you all. To 14 parent- thanks for referring to the wonderful "In the Garden" hymn from my childhood, which was and still is like an arm around the shoulder, as the voice I hear tells me "I am His own." Then I drop burdens and resume working out from oneness.

  65. You've asked one of the hardest things, especially forgiving self of even minor things I wouldn't think of holding against others if they'd done them. Thank you, Frank. You went deeply into what forgiveness is. A key ring can hold more than one key to open a single door. Forgiveness is one important key to health, even heaven being experienced here, yet seemingly difficult to consistently and quickly practice using. I like the invitation/challenge you've given us today to give forgiveness opportunity to bring or restore healing and other blessings. To do to others as we'd have them do to us involves forgiveness. Jesus put first what we want others to do to us. (Matt.7:12) We must forgive ourselves like we'd have them do for us. This done, it sets the standard for all action concerning ourselves and how to treat others. Brushing off wrongs alone isn't true forgiveness. Purifying our concept of God and His relationship to us all is needed for true forgiveness. Cleansing belief of reasons for anger, guilt, etc. is how and why we can forgive. We've had forgiveness Lifts before, but never too many! A chalkboard must be cleaned after every use, and an eraser doesn't completely clean it. So, also, after every misuse of thought or action that marks up something needing pardon or forgiving, or even a concept of guilt, we must clean our thoughts so as not to leave unnoticed smudges. Thanks for today's cleaning supplies.

  66. To #33 Carl, add John 14:12 (Jesus forgave) to the lists from #40 John in Boca Raton and & #46 Gary – Nanaimo. To #27 DL, Read Jerimiah29:11

  67. I love this idea that was shared with me yesterday. "Forgiveness simply means letting go of our bitterness, resentment and the need to seek revenge and giving that person and their actions over to God to handle."

    Mrs. Eddy puts it similarly "Hate no one; for hatred is a plague-spot that spreads its virus and kills at last. If indulged, it masters us; brings suffering upon sufering to its possessor, throughout time and beyond the grave. If you have been badly wronged, forgive and forget: God will recompense this wrong, and punish, more severely than you could, him who has striven to injure you." Miscellaneous Writings p.12:2

    It's easy to tell people they need to forgive but they need the "how to."
    And turning it over to God is certainly the way.

    Hopefully I didn't duplicate any other comments. Sorry I haven't been able to read them yet. (=

  68. Your message touched me. Your sincerity moved me. Thank you.

  69. Translation to # 31. Argentina rosa maria says:

    Thanks to everyone who translates into Spanish, I wait for these messages with real interest, they always are good inspiration for daily life, this is true Love, sheltering everyone and not leaving anyone out!
    United in the brotherhood of the sons of God, loved, respected, prospered and blessed, amen.

  70. Translation to #13, Nelly, Uruguay says:

    Thank you very much for the message,
    We could put it very simply, to love is forgiving, because it shows us that there is nothing to forgive. "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. John 13:34. Love including everything and leaving nothing outside its infinite presence. "–determined not to be offended when no wrong is meant, nor even when it is, unless the offense be against God." Mis, 224:25

  71. Translation to #45. Argentina rosa maria says:

    I once read something that surprised me and I can use it every time I feel someone pushes me away or attacks me, it said "She made a circle that left me out, I made a larger circle that contained her in"
    it's all said isn’t it?

  72. Thank you for helping us to remember ... there is a lot we can do to heal thought in an ordinary action! Thank you.

  73. Translation of comment number 45:
    Original message in Spanish
    45. rosa maría argentina says:
    Una vez leí algo que me sorprendió y que puedo utilizarlo cada vez que siento que alguien me aleja o agrede, dice: ” Ella hizo un círculo que me dejó afuera, yo hice otro más grande que la contuviera” ¿está todo dicho no?
    Once I read something that surprised me and that I can use every time I feel that somebody distances me or attacks me verbally, it says: “ She made a circle that left me outside, I made another bigger circle that included her” isn't everything said?

  74. To #27 DL someone shared the thought that our only history is actually HIS STORY. What God knows about us is our only history - His view and His version of who, what and where we were, Always!

  75. And thank you Frank for those wonderful and much needed reminders.

  76. 69# elena wish i had that thought a couple of years ago when i had a relationship problem now healed

  77. fantastic. thank u very much although delayed

  78. Danke, "Forgiving" Frank. The sense I got from your loving Lift is that we really can't move forward until we are willing to forgive each and every perceived fault (our own or another's). The way you describe forgiveness reminds me of the quality of mercy, which, as Jesus' says in this Beatitude (Matt. 5:7): "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." Come to think of it, forgiveness is what most of the Beatitudes call for!

    So many memorable comments on this DL. I'm impelled to give thumbs up to:

    11 Anon: That's cool to regard unforgiveness as the tomb and graveclothes and of "loose him" as the signal to let revenge and resentment GO.

    24 Claire: Bless you. What you say about experiencing the heaven of forgiveness within reminds me of what John Kinguru of Kenya says about dominion (Gen. 1:36): "He did not give us control of things 'out there,' but of our thinking." (Read the rest of his insights by searching his name on spirituality.com.)

    26 C.S.ist: "I think I'll let You!" is sooooo sweet!

    32 Nancy: Good take on "Resistance is futile!" Star Trek line.

    39 Susan: Bless you for writing that letter; I'm sure it is allowing your friend to be cleaned of the dirty feeling of unforgiveness.

    40 John: How kind of you to give Carl references (ditto to others who helped).

    41 Carrie: Neat thoughts about sustainability being spiritual and "self-protective tendencies" fading.

    53&#63 Michael: all useful stuff, especially your thoughts on splinters.

    54 Edie: Your "log" analogy is so, well, STRIKING, I will never forget it and never (I hope) neglect to apply it!

    65 J.S.: Thanks for the reminder that "brushing off wrongs alone isn't true forgiveness. Purifying our concept of God and His relationship to us all is needed for true forgiveness."

    67 Rhonda: No, you didn't duplicate anyone; I'm grateful for the "hate no one" quote you cited as well as your comment about helping people understand "how to" forgive.

    Everyone else: Your "Love reflected in love" shines through your sharings! :-)

  79. Great message Frank, thank you so much, I also loved to hear it in german, my mothers language. To all the commentators, and to all the workers who make possible that these uplifting messages reach us every day, my deepest gratitude and much love to all. God bless you.

  80. How do I forgive? Some may just forgive something someone else did to them by just forgetting and saying I am sorry. Regret is a desire for change and helps too. True progress is found by healing whatever situation there is for the problem or error that needs forgiveness. My experience has taught to look toward the scriptures and see what was done there as well as look at others past experiences and see what healed them too. What I found that is true forgiveness is a love and not hate toward someone else. When it comes to love and war it is the victory in both parties knowing they are tired of creating suffering in the first place and then allowing the healing to occur. The only thing is the next generation may not know it and start a new love and war for someone else and they too need to learn the right for mercy and forgiveness. This right is justice served for past wrongs where both parties may be right to win the future and correct the problems of both the past and present by seeing ahead far enough in the future and saying we need to do this now. May it be relationship, money, or whatever this forgiveness is forever occurring and that forever is determined by the next generations who need to learn their lessons as well by helping others.

  81. Vielen Dank, Frank! What a wonderful reminder that forgiveness heals.

  82. Wonderful lift, very thought provoking, thanks so much!

  83. Thank your for your insights on forgiveness. I never thought about it that way. You're right "I'm sorry" is a healing prayer. It a recognition to reform one's self and to respect the other's God-given identity and worth. I will include these ideas as I pray for peace and reformation in governments of Algeria and the world.

  84. I guess it's better late than never here. I just got around to reading this, like a few other things that I've not "got around to doing". This hit the nail RIGHT on the head! After all these years, something I felt I HAD forgiven regarding my former husband until a loving church member, while I was visiting her and husband, asked me if I had forgiven him. I said I felt I had, but after listening and reading this DL on forgiveness, it got me to thinking that perhaps I hadn't, as I've told different ones of all I experienced in that brief marriage, with a 14 month old son and seven months pregnant when I left him, returning to MA over 40 years ago. He and his wife came up to attend our son's wedding which was a few years ago, and I talked with them without any ill-will. But, it has come to me that because I've told different ones of what occurred during our time together, I haven't forgiven him and as #27 asks, "How do we expunge the mortal history?"
    That's where I seem to be and I need to "expunge" this, and I'll find that the very difficult situation we seem to be experiencing, such as financial difficulty and freedom from lack of supply, health, these false belielfs/claims, will dissolve into their native, nothingness.

  85. Thank you very much,Frank.

    Thanks Frank, forgive is to bring peace to your heart and you feel the sweet amenity of Love.and the kingdom of harmony.

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