2/15: Fasting

2/15: Fasting

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  1. Thanks for the insights on fasting. It truly has a deeper meaning than going without food.

  2. Thank you so much Frank for this timely reminder of the spiritual meaning of fasting. Mrs Eddy also mentioned 'fasting' in Miscellany, she wrote "This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting" (refraining from admitting the claims of the senses). I have found that spiritual interpretation so helpful in my recent study. Thank you so much for these daily lifts.

  3. This is so helpful Frank, thankyou for this lift,
    lots of love to everyone, ilona xXx

  4. Danke, Frank, dies ist wirkliche Christliche Wissenschaft! Thank you, Frank, this is real Christian Science! No wonder MBE dedicates it to the HONEST SEEKERS FOR TRUTH, it’s so radical! “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?” (Is 58:6) Indeed this has a deeper meaning than just not eating for a period of time. Fasting, as Jesus explained, included the tremendous sacrifice of seeing ourselves and our neighbors, as God’s image, not an easy task. Knowing that Jesus ”didn’t fast as did the Baptist's disciples; yet there never lived a man so far removed from appetites and passions as the Nazarene” (S&H 53:3) MBE went even deeper, ”Fasting, feasting, or penance,—merely outside forms of religion,—fail to elucidate Christianity: they reach not the heart nor renovate it; they never destroy one iota of hypocrisy, pride, self-will, envy, or hate. The mere form of godliness,coupled with selfishness, worldliness, hatred, and lust, are knells tolling the burial of Christ. Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments. He knew that obedience is the test of love” ’02 23-4

    Gracias Frank, ¡this is real Christian Science! Con razón MBE la dedica A LOS QUE SINCERAMENTE BUSCAN LA VERDAD, ¡Es tan radical! "¿No es antes el ayuno que yo escogí, desatar las ligaduras de impiedad, deshacer los haces de opresión, y dejar ir libres a los quebrantados, y que rompáis todo yugo?" (Is 58:6) Por cierto esto tiene un sentido mucho más profundo que simplemente no comer por un un tiempo. Ayunar, como explicó Jesús, incluía el tremendo sacrificio de vernos a nosotros mismos y a nuestro prójimo como la imagen de Dios, una tarea nada fácil. "No ayunaba como los discípulos de Juan el Bautista; y, sin embargo, jamás vivió hombre más alejado de apetitos y pasiones que el Nazareno". (CyS 53:3)
    MBE profundiza aún más, “El ayuno, el festejo o las penitencias —formas meramente externas de la religión— fracasan en elucidar el cristianismo; no llegan al corazón ni lo renuevan; jamás destruyen ni un ápice de hipocresía, orgullo, obstinación, envidia u odio. La mera apariencia de santidad acompañada de egoísmo, mundanalidad, odio y lujuria, son toques de difuntos que tañen el entierro de Cristo. Jesús dijo: "Si me amáis, guardad mis mandamientos". El sabía que la obediencia es prueba de amor” (’02:27-4)

  5. Thank-you Frank, for truth well spoken and for clarifying the spiritual meaning of a symbolic biblical expression - fasting.

  6. Thank you, Frank, for this wisdom regarding 'Fasting'. The words of Mrs Eddy come to thought - those words that precede the reading of the Bible Lesson during Church services, where our Leader speaks of the Lesson as being being uncontaminated and unfettered and free of human opinion - and in Science and Health, she reminds us that we are free, of course. And surely this is what fasting is about - to remove encumbrances, to give thought to whatever is good, and pure, and holy, and beautiful. And to keep consciousness clear so as to receive the inspiration, the good things you describe here. Thank you again!

  7. Thank you so much for this great spiritual perspective on fasting! Taking in and holding a spiritual view of ourselves and others - and refraining from taking in a material view. Very practical! A great assignment! Thanks!

  8. Thank you, Frank, for this new view of fasting from Isaiah - I hadn't seen those verses in that light before. Another view of "fasting" that I once read was "not to swallow any lies".

  9. What an interesting way to think about fasting. And how appealing it is. Many thanks. Pamela

  10. May I just add to my comment - I should have said, "don't swallow the lies of corporeal sense".

  11. Many thanks Frank for bringing our attention to those inspiring words of Isaiah 58: verses 6, 8; and then verse 11 goes on to say, "And the Lord shall guide thee continually,... and thou shalt be like a watered garden,..."

  12. Talk about a LIFT!! That was it!! Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much , Frank, for this truly uplifting thought for today. and thank you Jan #2 and Elena #4 and all the other comments, too, for your inspiring thoughts. Makes me feel that I am holding hands with lots of dear, dear people around the world.

  14. Thank you so much Frank for this meaningful Lift - I am going to do a lot of thinking about it.

  15. Thank you Frank for thoughts about fasting. I was reminded of the time when the scribes and Pharisees accused Jesus' disciples of eating
    with dirty hands - Jesus told them that it was not what went into their mouths that was important, but to watch what came out of the mouth, effectually telling them to be careful to think before they said something they might regret later ! Matt.15. I also enjoyed Annepat's comment about "not swallowing the lies of corporeal sense" I just love these
    Daily lifts, I often pass the ideas on to friends who enjoy them too.

  16. Thank you for explaining this concept of "fasting" during Lent and explaining how "fasting" is a way we think daily and not just at one time of the year.

  17. Thank you, Frank, fasting on the Word of God is the only true fast, isn't it?
    With God all things are possible, and without God nothing is worthwhile. Love to everyone.

  18. Thank you, Frank and Annepat for these clearer views of the Truth. We should be "fasting" every day not just during Lent. I love the thought of no judging (no criticizing or blaming).

  19. Thank you for this insightful daily lift. I'll try to act on it today and not judge from the material perspective, and also be less selfish.

  20. Frank, living in a predominantly-Catholic community amongst lots of parish Fish Fry's this time of year - this is a very practical reminder to elevate "fasting". Thank You! So enjoyed your Road Diary contribution in the March 2010 "Christian Science Journal". But of course (!) we can expect new budding informal groups of students of Christian Science when a lecture results in new birth in an area new - or renewed - to Christian Science. Grateful for your good works and prayers!

  21. Thank you, Frank, this spiritual outlook about fasting is so practical and very useful to experience in Brazil, since this is the Carnival party week here – a time for better understanding the joy of Soul (God) as the only source of all happiness!

  22. It's good to hear, in Frank's message, that we have to fast from judging. That would be so helpful to so many - to experience the effects of less personal judgment and more just simple pure love - which was, perhaps, the genius of Mrs. Eddy (and Paul and Jesus). Fasting is a constant thing with Christian Scientists, and today's Lift also reminds me that I can help myself a great deal by continually fasting from worry, fear, and self-doubt.


  24. Many thanks. Much to think about and absorb.

  25. Thanks so much for reminding to "give up a sense material" today and every day!

  26. Thank you for this wonderful message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This gives me a new meaning to this season!!!!!!

  27. This is great! Now I have something wonderful to say when someone asks me what I am giving up for Lent. I will work on giving up self-righteous judgment. Thank you for this lovely and timely thought.

  28. Thanks for giving us a spiritual and practical sense of fasting. I have this quote from an article in the Sentinel of July 20 & 27, 2009, by Jessie Lewis that has given me a much needed sense of fasting: "...the most important thing I can do is to "fast" from "self," letting go of personal ego, getting all of the ideas out of my head that are clamoring for attention, and to simply listen. God is remarkably good at telling me what I need to know, and I find that all too often I fail to listen, and to try to force my own solutions on a situation." I especially liked the idea that "God is remarkably good at telling me what I need to know" and all I have to do is listen. I will now add to this to fast from criticism, judgment - any thought that doesn't come from God.
    And not just during Lent!

  29. Thank you for the strong reminder of the higher import of the word fasting. I love the idea of fasting from judging and condemning from a material perspective. What fruits fasting in that sense would bring the world. Thank you, Frank, for your timely insight. EXCELLENT! Now to put into practice! Joy to all!

  30. Thank you!

  31. Thank you Frank.
    This fasting is not a once-a-year-pre-Easter-ritual. It really means the discipline to watch what thoughts are filling up my consciousness every day.

  32. I love how this sense of (true) fasting will actually feed us, in the true sense. Thank you for this spiritual reminder.

  33. Excellent message. Thanks! Giving up those old, burdensome, destructive thoughts is a good thing! And thanks to the guy who does the Lift intros. Always a hearty, happy welcome. As soon as I hear that in the morning I'm always glad I came.

  34. Many thanks, Frank for your clarification of fasting. What a rich blessing to

    have the spiritual definition revealed! Now for practicing it more closely in our

    daily thought, talk and walk as we accept our true, pure spiritual selfhood.!

  35. Thank you, Frank for this wonderful reminder! Let us feast on Love!

  36. Lieber Frank,
    wie wunderbar! Es gibt wirklich nur ein Gemüt, denn letzten Mittwoch hatte ich eine Lesung über das wahre Fasten vorbereitet, die natürlich auch die von Dir angeführten wichtigen Stellen aus dem Propheten Jesaja beinhaltete. Sich aller negativen Gedanke enthalten. Ja, so ein Fasten.
    Alles Liebe weiterhin.

  37. Frank, you certainly lifted that old theology higher. Right off the page and off the ground, too. We need that higher, clearer view of ourselves and others. Where I live there are many outward signs of the Easter season; ashes on foreheads and many "pilgrims" walking many miles to a santuario. I love your direct message to the heart of the issue and addressing how we think. So many thanks.

  38. Clear and excellent. Most helpful and hope-filled.

  39. Thank you for reminding me/us of the real meaning of fasting. Just yesterday i touched upon the same passage from Isaiah 58. Thanks again - very timely.

  40. What a great way to start the week! All any of us wants from our family of God's children is to not be judged, just loved! My dear dad asked this of me when he was passing on. It is so good to know that God is the only judge and He always judges righteous judgement. I will make a supreme effort to do as He wills and judge all mankind to be made in His image and likeness. Many thanks for these dear Daily Lifts! I treasure the love that brings them to us.

  41. Frank, thanks for the spiritual perspective on the upcoming "lent" season. Your inspired Lift takes it so far beyond a limited period of going without a favorite dessert to a practiced fasting that inspires healing. Many thanks, Ryder

  42. Thank you!

  43. Frank, your statement on fasting reminds me immediately in part (and to paraphrase) what Mrs. Eddy says "Take no thought what you shall eat or drink". Thank you for giving us a clearer view of the word "fasting". I was brought up in another religion where this word "fasting" is practiced as a ritual during lent; the church controlled its people, and my goodness, you have to do as told in its most literal sense. Now a CS of 39 years, made me understand more clearer the correct view of God and man....that we are indeed "spiritual", not "material"; to insist in looking away from the body and see more of ourself as God's perfect children. "Perfect God and perfect man as the basis of thought and demonstration". Thank you for such powerful and refreshing "lift" and to all who are so dedicated in making this "Daily Lifts" our DAILY BREAD!!!.

  44. Thank you Frank. What a clear insight into the importance of not fasting in a material fashion but a putting off any thoughts that do not edify.

  45. Danke Frank! This is very good indeed. Liebe

  46. Thanks for reminding me that our true being is spirit, made in God's image.

  47. That was absolutely awesome! I never, ever thought about fasting in that way. I shall definitely 'fast' from now on.

  48. I am clearing out surplus paintings I did years ago and have been regretting having let personal ego dominate me.
    This fasting idea tells me to quit blaming
    myself and know there has always been only one I or Ego. And spiritual being knows no sin. Also not to swallow lies about myself. Thanks everyone.
    Janet E.

  49. Thank you for this wonderful recipe for 'fasting' every day of the year -- so we may avail ourselves of the abundance of God's Light and healing...I so enjoy the upbeat musical intro and the other voices involved in our Daily Lift. Bless you all!

  50. I love this! I will ponder on this all day. I love the idea of the Spiritual Being!
    God is my light and life!

  51. Thank you Frank for reminding us what's really going on--the activity of Spirit. Thank you too for showing us how we exercise our spiritual muscles in rebuking sin, true brotherliness and forgivess. I'm looking forward to this exercise in fasting. Just as an athlete trains every day for his "event", our event is standing witness to the continual unfoldment of the Kingdom of Heaven--behold, it IS at hand. Our prize is the demonstanstration of Truth and Love, breaking the yoke and bondage of material sense. Great inspiration, thank you again.

  52. God commanded Israel to observe fasting. However, I do respect other unique interpretations.

    I just cannot understand why can we fast from judging and condemming only while practicing fasting? We suppose not to judge at all, and if we find ourselves judging our neighbour why not to stop doing it?

    The majority of people understand that fasting is a convination of obstaining from food like: Exeter stew, Kentish beacon roly poly, Torpedoes, large steak dinners, Pizza, and chips while praying.

    Of course you are talking in the absolute level in this case. Thank you Frank.

  53. A little girl gave up ice cream for lent. When asked about her decision she said it was a good idea . . . but next year planned to give up only one flavor.

  54. This is a wake-up lift! What a wonderful reminder to guard against animal magnetism which always tries to draw attention to self. One of my mantras is, "Don't feed the animal"
    Thank you Lori (#28) for sharing the ideas you gained from the Sentinel of July 20 and 27, 2009. I am going to copy and keep that just as I have taken notes from today's wonderful message.

  55. Lovely! Thank you!

  56. This is an awesome thought. And as we desire His light, always in our lives, may our plea be that we fast -- let go of -- all darkness, entering only His radiance. All else may be left behind.

  57. Hi everyone,
    thank you so much for all your great comments!
    Let us walk togehter in this light of Love and fasting............

  58. Thankyou Frank.

  59. Dear Frank, I can't think of anything more important than understanding and demonstrating this.

  60. Thank you for a wonderful way of fasting. Giving up judgemental thoughts, criticing and blaming people or pets if something isn't going the way you think it should. Stop and listen for God's voice and know that God - Love is around each and every one.

  61. Thanks for such beautiful inspiration!! I am very aware that the ideas you are giving us are the real fasting. It would even be foolish to stop eating but to keep criticizing and judging..It is an awakening! love it!

  62. Great thoughts Frank, thank you! I also like to think of fasting as abstinence from negative thinking. We turn away from matter and material suggestions (animal magnetism) and hold thought in a direct line with God. This type of fasting does not deprive us of sustenance, rather it IS our sustenance and the good which derives from this in incalculable.
    Ich freue mich dass euch in Deutschland so nah an Gott eingehen---eine Anerkennung das Gott und sein Wissenschaft unser einzige Ernaehrung ist!

  63. F.A.S.T. - "Forego All Sense Testimony", Two of my friends, Marsha Gaster and Linda Saylor came up with this and now seems an appropriate time/place to share it. Thanks, Bara Lake

  64. Danke, Frank, for sharing these wonderful ideas on fasting. And to all those who have responded with their inspiration, many thanks. As Margy (#32) put it so clearly, "this sense of (true) fasting will actually feed us, in the true sense." So today, I will choose this fast -- I will focus on God and see man made in His image and likeness -- and fasting, will feast!

  65. Thank you, Frank. Isa.58:6 is the true fasting God wants, I found. A (then) high school son, to satisfy school, was medically diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy, having multiple daily seizures. Many dear teachers and others urged medical treatment, but I was sure that God didn't send us to CS, many important healings, and then decide, “Not this time; I can't or won't do it.” Jesus said, “...this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”(Matt.17:21). Among early lesson-sermons, S&H, and maybe a periodical article, the type of fasting you gave today was pointed out. We didn't change diet, but I had a different “fast” to observe. I had to hold fast to Isaiah's scriptural explanation of fasting, to the healings we'd had, and to not be afraid of the term “incurable”, or unintentional malpractice from many witnesses to the seizures. In short, our family had to hold fast to knowing the truth that heals. This dragged on many months, but a beautifully simple angel message broke the claim, and healing was complete in a few weeks. (The healing is included in a booklet the Committee on Publication printed, successfully, in the '90s, for a federal legislative committee wanting to force medical care for all children in the USA). In S&H and Prose Works, Mrs. Eddy stresses that we “hold fast” to spiritual thoughts and gives several scriptural quotes on holding fast. “Fasting from” mortal beliefs and “holding fast to” spiritual truths are important daily observations we need. It's nice getting your fresh lift; we can't be reminded too often of what God requires of us.

  66. Vielen dank, Frank. Diese hilft mir viel.
    This is something from Isaiah I have not noticed before.
    It is really appreciated! Alles gute!

  67. I hadn't really thought about fasting for lent before.... I'm already a vegan,.....but now I'm planning on fasting for the rest of my life ..... by giving up condemnation.... of myself and others....

    Thanks .....

  68. What a lovely reminder of just what fasting really is!! Thank you so much!!

  69. As always in Christian Science Jesus' words take on so much more meaning than what the surface presents. With fasting, I thought of the chapter of "Prayer" where Mrs. Eddy speaks in order to hear God one must go into the closet and shut the door. She tells us what we need to do in that closet of fasting. It is taking me a lifetime to practice it. The words come easy; the practice comes with bumps, bruises, victories, and humble pausing. Thanks for directing our thought this direction.

  70. Thank you so much for a clearifying thought about the subject of fasting, .... I just thought it did not apply to me as a Christian Scientist student...now I know it does in a very helpful way.

  71. Thankyou for the reminder of true fasting!!!

  72. Yes, indeed - how exciting. To fast in this way is so purifying. Thank you Frank!

  73. Thank You Frank for the Uplift today...for fasting as recommended I have adopted the Gratitude/ Attitude...works instantly.

  74. Fasting sounds desirable, not a sacrifice!

  75. Thanks so much Frank.

  76. Each week I share a Bible verse with my aunt. Last week she requested something from Isaiah for this week. Thanks for including Isaiah 58 as it's appropriate and timely & I'll certainly share this with her. The responses to this Lift are so interesting & rich in healing. TY Frank for this Divinely inspired Lift.

  77. Thanks Frank.

  78. How timely, how simple, how true...thank you, Frank

  79. Vielen Dank!^^(aus Hannover)

  80. Thank you, Frank and all the commenters. This spiritual view of fasting certainly is part of the "putting off of the old man" and the "putting on of the new man". Love to all.

  81. I´ve just come back home after a few holidays and I found this wonderful lift waiting for me!
    That was a great reminder ! Actually this reminder applies throughout the year doesn´t it?
    I wanna thank you Frank and all the comments above for they add lots of significant ideas that certainly enrich our fasting practice in this special period for Christians - Lent.
    Thanks a lot, Frank!

  82. Thanks for the real meaning of spiritual meaning of fasting, and its application in our lives.

  83. thankyou frank!! a very different look on fasting!!!!

  84. Thank you Frank. These Daily Lifts are such a wonderful gift of divine Love. They help to keep our thought filled to overflowing with inspiration as we go about our Father's business of loving our neighbor as ourselves. How else do we let our light shine forth of our spiritual Father-Mother love we naturally reflect unless we feel this resource is infinite in supply? So often the second part of that directive ... to love ourselves ... gets lost in the daily shuffle and we lose sight of man's true nature as spiritual and divine, as truely lovable and loving.

    Thank you for this reminder to keep our thought trimmed and free of human opinion that would hide from our view, or sap us, of our divine inspiration that is always readily available from God to meet our daily need.

  85. I saved this and had to listen again! Thank you.

  86. Great ideas...esp. giving up taking other's inventories when we think of them.

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