12/20: Don't get Grinched

12/20: Don't get Grinched

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  1. Thanks Norm for a lovely Lift. I like the thought of the Christ idea unfolding in consciousness. In last week's Lesson Sermon it was brought out so beautifully the gradual unfoldment of the Christ idea opening in our thought and guiding it in the right direction like the unfolding of the petals of a rose.Mrs Eddy referred to it as "the dawn of ideas...forming each successive stage of progress". The meek and humble beginning of the babe wrapped in the swaddling clothes of divine Love protecting the Christ idea, grows stronger in Spirit, gathering new energy, increasing in wisdom and stature,and with the grace of God, coming eventually into full bloom. We can celebrate the coming of this Christ idea every day of the year, not just on Christmas Day ! Thanks again, Norm

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Quote is on page 506, line 13 in <em>Science and Health</em>:
    "Thus the dawn of ideas goes on, forming each
    successive stage of progress."

  2. I'd never heard the expression, "Don't get Grinched" but Google assures me that the phrase isn't new. Looks like you could patent "semi-Grinched," though! :-)

    Seriously, the MBE sentence you quoted reminded me that I'd noticed "dawn" repeated several times in last week's Bible Lesson and had intended to look up the word's origin. So I did that, just now. It's from Saxon "dagian," says 1828 Webs, and has the same root as "day." Its primary sense is to shoot, as rays; hence, to open or expand, to shine. The dictionary makes reference to "intellectual light" -- which for our purposes could be called spiritual understanding.

    MBE's Ladies Home Journal essay, "What Christmas Means to Me," also references dawn and fits beautifully with your Daily Lift, Norm: "I celebrate Christmas with my soul, my spiritual sense, and so commemorate the entrance into human understanding of the Christ conceived of Spirit, of God and not of a woman -- as the birth of Truth, the dawn of divine Love breaking upon the gloom of matter and evil with the glory of infinite being."

    It's humbling to think that the same "glory of infinite being" belongs to each of us. Those gloomy Grinches "matter and evil" disappear whenever we allow Christ -- the truth of our spiritual being -- to be born in us, and Love to dawn in us.

  3. What a gift this podcast is... unGrinching Christmas...and reminding us to lift our thoughts to the spiritual sense of being, to discover anew the Christ idea. Thank you, Norm!

  4. I LOVE the promise and am deeply humbled with the gift! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

  5. The classic story of the “Grinch that stole Christmas“ has a moral that we can all understand: the light of the Christ cannot be quenched because it lives in our hearts. The fake glitter of the commercials and songs everywhere can’t tricked us if we focus on the Saviour’s birth,-the true reason for Christmas.
    Herod, the real “Grinch”, couldn’t stop the birth, the Mesiah, and “Those who slew him to stay his influence perpetuated and extended it.” S&amp;H 43:19.
    Let’s tune in and be alert to the birth of a “new-old idea”. S&amp;H 191:8-11

    La clásica historia del Grinch que robó la Navidad tiene una moraleja que todos podemos comprender: la luz del Cristo no se puede apagar pues que vive en nuestros corazones.
    El falso brillo de los comerciales y las canciones por todos lados no nos pueden engañar si nos enfocamos en el nacimiento del Salvador, -la verdadera razón de la Navidad.
    Herodes, el verdadero “Grinch”, no pudo detener el nacimiento del Mesias, y “Aquellos que le mataron para detener su influencia, la perpetuaron y extendieron” CyS 43:22.
    Sintonicemos y estemos alerta al “nacimiento de una idea antigua y nueva a la vez“. CyS 191:12

  6. Thank you for this Grinch free Lift, Norm. We had a Grinch free Christmas Sunday Service yesterday, too. The solo was from The Messiah and everyone was in fine voice. We didn't have snow, but we did have a consistently wet day. Not something we grinch about too much after so many years without adequate rain. Someone emailed me a link to a Flash choir singing from The Messiah in a food hall and not a single
    Grinch could get past that outpouring of joy. I can't imagine a Grinch getting past these Daily Lift Comments either, spreading, as they do, peace and joy all round the world.

  7. Excelent!

  8. Thanks Norm - here we are in -8 and snow covered roads in Birmingham and grateful for not falling into the trap of being semi-grinched! Thank you.

  9. The Christ light - batheing and walking in it, surrounded and healing by it, is God with us. 'Immanuel' is the true and continuing gift of Christmas. Thank you Norm

  10. Thank you so much for such a powerful message!

  11. What a gift indeed! Thanks for a lift that shows that nothing can take away the coming of Christ, Christmas and harmony. Several times this week I was tempted to see 'grinches' in my daily experience but I refuted them as lies and accepted the presence of Christ as Mary Baker Eddy says in ' Christmas Morn":
    Dear Christ, forever here and near,
    and in the same poem:
    Thou God-idea, Life-encrowned,
    "Thou gentle beam of living Love,
    And deathless Life!
    Truth infinite, — so far above
    All mortal strife,..."

  12. Thanks, Norm. Great message. Merry Christmas!

  13. Beautiful connections throughout this warm, friendly, thouhtful,powerful message. Your strong voice and delivery made this Lift a blessing to all us listeners. No semi-grinch here! Thank you so much!

  14. Thank you Norm for reminding us of the daily illumination from 'Christ's gracious spirit.' "Arise, arise and shine,/ On thee hath dawned the day;/ God is thy sun, and Christ thy light,/ Be thou a steadfast ray. (Christian Science Hymnal #14)

  15. Thank you Norm, for this wonderful lift.
    I will take in this light of the Christ and let it shine.

  16. Totally agree with #13. Thank you so much Norm. An infant idea in thought was supported and given wings by your amazing message.
    And blessings to all who have provided a healing year of Daily Lifts supporting the unfoldment of the Christ idea. Peace and joy abound!

  17. What a gift you have given us! You packed a book into 2+ minutes!
    Progressing from the Grinch's concept of what Christmas means to seeing, discovering, walking, healing by Christ authority and always being surrounded by Love. Now this is a Christmas Party!

  18. Wonderful inspiring lift and the seeing the connection between the human event of Jesus' birth and the unfolding of Christian Science. Loved this. Thank you so much.

  19. Beautiful, Norm; the relevancy of the Christ is here and in the eternal now!

  20. And remember the Grinch's little dog, carrying the Grinch's burdens up the mountain, tied to the harness? We don't have to be part of that either! The Christ frees us from carrying the 'Grinch's burdens'.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful Lift.

  22. Norm - bless you for this dawn "wake up" call. It is so clarifying - amazing how subtle grinching can be. Thank you for taking us even higher in our gratitude for God's unspeakable gift of ALL that Christ Jesus came to bring to us.

  23. Well, after this amazing and oh so comforting lift this morning, I am definitely going to enjoy this whole week of blessing and gifting lifts. I so appreciated the idea of the healing authority of the Christ, which came out so strongly in yesterday's lesson. Thank you so much Norm. The comments are also very helpful . Hugs to all.

  24. I like the idea of being participants, not onlookers. That is powerful! Thank you, Norm, for this great message.

  25. Muchas gracias Norm! Love it :-)

  26. My FAVORITE Christmas Hymn (# 170 from the Christian Science Hymnal) says: 'Keep while ye need it, brothers mine, with honest zeal your Christmas sign, but judge not him who every morn feels in his heart the Lord Christ born." Your Lift, Norm, perfectly reflects that same, timeless sentiment. Thank you!

  27. Definitely a moving Lift, Norm. Coming as I do from a Jewish background, its been a challenge for me over the years to get a deep sense of the meaning of Christmas, free of all of the material trappings each December distracts us with, to no avail. Your in-depth ideas along with the stirring quote from Mary Baker Eddy shed much light on an area that has mystified me for years. And for that I am truly grateful.

  28. Thank you so much Norm! This is my most favorite time of the year - even more than my own birthday! It is such a euphoric time knowing that Jesus is all around us in every thought and deed. I get so overjoyed with His spirit and knowing that He is filled with love that He has given to us all!

  29. What beautiful uplift. Thank you very much indeed.

  30. Yes, the Christ and Christmas is always with us... thank you for this wonderful lift!

  31. Thank you, Norm, for the inspiring "lift". Thought of what Mrs. Eddy said in "What Christmas Means to Me" in Miscellany, "To me Christmas involves an open secret; understood by few---or by none---and unutterable except in Christian Science." The dawning understanding of the Christ is, as you so eloquently put it, an incredible promise and gift.
    And thanks to all who produce the Daily Lifts. They have been such a blessing to me and my family as we start the day.

  32. Thank you, dear Norm, for this great Lift and perfect Christmas gift!
    It's the ever-active Christ in consciousness that redeems and heals.
    Bless you, the Daily Lift staff, and all the commenters.

  33. Thanks for your work Norm ! Wonderful Daily lift !
    Hugs from Brazil !
    Evelin e Talban
    All the best !!!!

  34. Thank you for the lovely lift...

  35. I Corinthians 2:16 ..."we have the mind of Christ" Claiming this does much to prevent the invasion of distractions, harmonizes the loving activities and blesses our contacts.

  36. Thank you for your insightful and inspiring lift!

  37. What an inspiring "lift" and reminder of the continuity of
    the Christ appearing in human consciousness. Love it.
    Thank you Norm!

  38. This special Christmas Lift so nicely summarizes the real, complex, spiritual meaning of Christmas. Thank you so much!!

    A Merry, and Spiritual, Christmas to all who are part of what has become the wonderful Daily Lift family.

  39. ok Norm.....I may have got "semi - Grinched"! but big grateful thanks for the Lift today, I am back on track, focusing not just on the birth but now on the on going, unfolding of Christ, God's divine nature, here and now, up to and on going after the Christmas day event.

  40. Pondering the Christ, the Christly, the Christlike everpresence, omnipotence, infinitude.........a new/old idea.

    a new/old Illuminating, bathing, enfolding,leading, loving.........

    Loved your inspiration Norm, for your sharing it,t hereby lifting us to that Christ presence dwelling in our hearts.

    A time to celebrate with you all, this Christ-mas tide..

  41. Love this! It is such a great example of the infinitude of inspiration!

  42. Love the lift today, Norm. I feel the Christ presence and will not be grinched or semi-grinched. Giving and receiving the Christ "present" and Christ "presence" today. It truly blesses all.

  43. Thank-you so much Norm! Beautiful!

  44. la science et santé322-9---30 nous sommes heureux our votre inspiration qui nous reanime tous,sur Jésus Christ l'idée divine de Dieu,le Christ est la vraie idée énonçant le bien ,le message divin aux hommes , parlant à la conscience humaine , le Christ est incorporel, spirituel.
    merci à vous

  45. Much too short, I want to here more and more...

  46. What a Gift! Thank you Norm.
    How awesome is this gift that never stops giving.....this constant unfoldment of Truth. The Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.
    God's gift is a Harmonious Eternal Life of Dominion....Christ Truth.
    Jesus's gift is the Christ Truth demonstrated and taught. He showed us the way. Mrs. Eddy's gift is the interpretation of the Christ Science the spiritual interpretation of the Bible, The Comforter...the realization and proof that the principle laws of God as taught by Jesus are for all times and for everyone.
    Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mrs. Eddy. Thank you Daily Lift for the daily reminders.

  47. Agree with #45....just a wonderful message today. Thank you!

  48. Thanks, Norm. Excellent insights and nurturing ideas. Glad you're sharing in this way on a larger scale...

  49. Thanks Norm, for this wonderful reminder. Not only can we defeat materialism and put the Christ into Christmas. It is a perfect time to make Christ the focus of our lives.

  50. Thank you, Norm! Spot on, healing, uplifting, and like CS, fun! What joy to unGrinch the Grinch!!!
    "oh the promise and fulfillment."
    Christmas hugs!!

    The quote above is from Hymn 171 was written by Frances Thompson Hill (<em>Christian Science Hymnal</em>).

  51. Just a huge appreciation for all the daily lifts, lifters, and sharers. Thank you Mother Church Boston members for all your wonderful innovations in bringing CS to the world and making it possible for so many readers and listeners to take an active part. What a holiday blessing.

  52. Thanks, wonderful!

  53. Thanks Norm.
    This was a gift .
    And a door-opener for more understanding of the Bethlehem birth as only the wonderful beginning to Jesus' life as the healer, teacher, way-shower! And, even so, it's OK to feel the songs of the season in our hearts, and along with #27 Joel, we can all see it wider, deeper, and let the wonder grow.

  54. Thanks for this gift -- a new idea from an old source!

  55. Thanks everyone for sharing, you've said it all. AND thanks Norm, Nathan and company, thanks TMC, thanks to our Father-Mother God. A beautiful way to start this week. "Fill us today with all Thou art, be Thou our saint, our stay, alway..." Thus, Christmas everyday. Hymn 23.

    The hymn quoted above was written by Mary Baker Eddy. "Fill us today WIth all thou art -- be thou our saint, Our stay, alway."

  56. Thanks, Norm! Your message lifts thought naturally to the higher meaning of Christmas—a universal message to share with everyone, especially those who may be unfamiliar with Christian Science. (Which I plan to do).

    May you enjoy a peace, joy and love-filled Christmas!

  57. Thank you Norm for another lovely lift. We needed this today to remind us not to be Grinched into believing that Nature can harm us. It has rained for 5 days straight here in the mountains of California and there is a claim that we are in danger from flooding. But I am holding fast to the Truth and remembering that we are always protected and lifted by Gods love and that the Christ is ever present..
    I look forward to many more inspired Lifts...

  58. I like it, too. Thorough consideration of all the issues.

  59. That was truly inspiring and got me out of my "semi-grinch" mode. As no one I know is a Christian Scientist, these Lifts are my connection to CS and the wonderful community of "Lifters" and commenters. The Christ love that emanates from these Lifts and the comments is so heartening and gives me hope for the world. Thank you all!!

  60. thank u......"Freely [we] have received, freely give."

    The quote above, "...freely ye have received, freely give." is from Matthew 10:8.

  61. Continual dawn breaking-the Christ light shining-the Christ Science revealed-Emanuel! What treasures for one and all! Appreciating your reminder of the wholeness of the Holy days!

  62. Norm, you've made today for me a Merry Christ-mas, and a happy Holy-day.

    17-Nancy took the words right out of my mouth with "packed a book into 2+ minutes." I had just been sitting at my computer, awestruck, at how much substance, day after day, these Daily LIfts are able to squeeze into less than 3 minutes. Then, of course, I realized that spiritual ideas don't exist in a mortal time-space continuum . . . and if one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, then (I can't do the math on this one !), but we are definitely getting MUCH MORE than 2-3 minutes of "talk."

    Then, to the overflowing blessing of the LIft itself, is added the stream of comments each time . . . coming from all over the globe and representing a community of spiritual journeyers, united in their love of God and His redeeming Christ, Truth.

    One last thought: I love the Bible story of Naaman, who was finally willing to dip himself 7 times in the river Jordan, and become cleansed, so that he was like a fresh, new little child. Well, this LIft, and the comments, have thoroughly dipped me in a "de-Grinching" bath!! :) And for that, I thank you all.

    Nate, I loved the faint tinkle of bells opening the music today. You always surprise and delight me with an infinitely varying arrays of intros and exits to this lovely lovely Daily LIft.

  63. Christmas Always comes. No matter what the challenges may seem to suggest , it always comes.

    Thanks for the today's lift, and for the whole like-minded community..

  64. To #59 Lici from Culp Creek, Oregon:

    A very Merry Christmas to you from all your fellow commenters on this Daily Lift. So glad you got "unGrinched" today and shared your circumstances.

    Do you have access to information about the Christian Science branches whose congregations include those assembled in the room as well as those calling in via phone and computer? The phone number is a teleconference line and the computer access is via free Skype. If, for example, you were to call San Juan Capistrano, California, (see its CS Journal listing for contact info), you'd not only be able to listen, but also to talk with fellow callers before and after Sunday services and Wednesday meetings, as well as give testimonies heard by everyone in the "room" where the service originates.

    I know other churches offer at least one-way listening. TMC staffers might be able to help you find them! :-)
    Thanks, jingle-bells Nate, for providing not only giving us a way to send messages of

  65. Thank you, everyone. Your comments made this a richer message. YOU make the Lift a Gift.

    To the commenters I've known for years, as well as those whose names I'm just getting familiar with -- have a joyous and blessed Christmas.

  66. Nice reminder -- Cleverly done! Thank you, Norm!

  67. Beautiful

  68. How wonderful to be reminded that we can celebrate the coming of the Christ idea everyday, not just one day of the year!

    Such a great cause for rejoicing, today and everyday.

  69. What a Christmas gift of a lifetime to be physically healed.
    The Christ is here, why not right now? Dear Father Mother God!

  70. <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Learn more about The Mother Church services available on the Internet at these links:

  71. Thank you for a Lift I must work with, Norm. It wasn't the things you mentioned that took the Christ out of Christmas for me, but, nevertheless I got grinched Monday! Every attempt to do what was needed for my day met with “grinchable” disaster, it seemed. I tried to remember the Lift I barely got time to hear before stopping for a short sleep way after daylight, but it wasn't until I talked with a Church friend by long distance late Mon. night, that I got a better hold on my thoughts. I finally got the rest of an interrupted breakfast, combined with a very delayed lunch/supper at 4 a.m. today. You brought out some very worthwhile thoughts to keep in mind and to work with in demonstrable ways. I refuse to let the Grinch steal my hours at any season, and will definitely keep working with your Lift to clear my outlook and perception of reality, and to honor the real purpose of Christ appearing in visible and useful ways on our scene. It's days like mine seemed to be that bring out why Christian Science is so precious. My friend's remarks weren't just vague, hopeful ones. She put substance in them, and definite reversal of the false claims. 3/4 inches of snow fell silently beyond my sight while we talked. I'm thinking immeasurable but more blessings fell around me at the same time. Snow never reminded me of that before. I'm ready to drop for rest very late again, but not before I thank you. Other call-in services- Wasilla, Alaska &amp; Creve Coeur, Mo.

  72. I am late in sending my thanks for this complete Christmas message, even while I have been recommending it to everyone else! There seem to be so many "Baby Jesus" messages online that are sweet and touching, yet miss the mark. Here on this Lift we have the Christ, Truth, as the focus and center of our joy, celebration, and love, even as it was for Jesus. The true Way to worship God, the Father-Mother of all, every one of us.

  73. Great reminder, Norm -- thank you.

    One of my favorite new Christmas traditions is to read through the whole little book "What Christmas Means To Me," drawn mostly from Prose Works but published by the CSPS some time ago and still available in some Reading Rooms and lending libraries. It's a wonderful compilation of Mrs. Eddy's deep thinking about commemorating the ever-active Christ in our Christmas celebrations. I highly recommend it!

  74. What a beautiful Christmas message, Norm.
    Thank you for this lovely gift.

  75. Thank you #73 for a previous response to my question about witnessing.

  76. I LOVE the grinch story. It starts with the grinch's heart filling with anger and jealousy for the closeness of the family ties way down below in Whoville. And then transforms through the diabolical deeds of turning the dog into a deer to 'fool' those enamored with the Christ-mass.... trying to undermine the Christ in all of the Whoo's by stripping them of material stuff. But, the plan backfires-- Goodness ALWAYS conquers hate... and the grinch's heart melts into contrition. And the doggie looses his antlers. In other words, when we come to our knees in contrition, outward appearances fall away. I think that of all Zeus's stories this is our favorite because no matter what we have or don't have, nothing REAL and ETERNAL can be stripped away from us. That's the Glory of the Christ. And it truly is the greatest gift! Thank you, Father-Mother God.... and Merry Christmas, one and all. And thank you, Norm. --Later, gator!

  77. Dear Norm,

    Very belated as my computer seemed to have no volumn. What a message. It is timeless. Your message can be used throughout the year, not just now.

    I love that I am "participating" at this time of reminding the message of Christmas.Especially, the message, "we heal by its authority." It certainly is a "promise" and our "£gift" to each other and for all mankind.

    Thank you for this wonderful sharing.

  78. Thanks for this bold insight on the everpresent, eternal Christ, which may dawn in consciousness and bring healing at any time and in any place.

  79. Thank you for your Christmas message.

  80. Thank you Norman for this Story even if I had the opportunity only today to listen to it. Christmas's Spirit is everyday of the year

  81. Thank you everyone for such great comments. It adds so much value to the Daily Lift experience!

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