7/26: Divine messages

7/26: Divine messages

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  2. Thank you, Frank, for your heavenly message today. And my thanks to The Mother Church for the constant supply of "daily lifts"!

  3. Many thanks Frank for that inspiring reminder that the 'divine message' is a power coming from God [divine Love] , and it works to transform our lives." "O Science, God-sent message/ To tired humanity,/ Thou art Love's revelation/ Of Truth that makes us free." (Christian Science Hymnal #221).

  4. God’s voice comes in a myriad of sounds…so that’s what she (Mrs. Eddy) meant when she wrote, “Christ is the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness” S&H 332:9
    And then she explains, “Angels are pure thoughts from God, winged with Truth and Love, no matter what their individualism may be” S&H 298:28
    We can always hear the “still and small voice” once we leave the material senses aside even for a second. http://mlbible.com/1kings/19-12.htm
    “One moment of divine consciousness, or the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of eternity” S&H 598:23
    We are His image and likeness, we are forever!!!
    La voz de Dios viene en una variedad de sonidos…eso es lo que ella (la Sra. Eddy) quiso decir cuando escribió, “El Cristo es la verdadera idea que proclama al bien, el divino mensaje de Dios a los hombres que habla a la consciencia humana” CyS 33:9
    Y luego explica, “Los ángeles son pensamientos puros que emanan de Dios, alados con Verdad y Amor, cualquiera que sea su individualidad” CyS 298:31
    Siempre podemos oir la “voz apacible y delicada” se dejamos el sentido material a un lado aunque sea por un segundo. http://bibliaparalela.com/1
    “Un momento de consciencia divina, o de la comprensión espiritual de la Vida y el Amor, es un goce anticipado de eternidad” CyS 598:24
    Somos Su imagen y semejanza, somos para siempre!!!

  5. Thanks Frank. Lately I find that the more I study the lesson-sermon from the Christian Science Quarterly, with dedication and analysing the spiritual meaning, I am more receptive to divine messages. Interestingly, in that same quote from S & H it says: “Christ is the true idea voicing good...”(p 332), therefore only 'good' is what we receive, never anything bad since God is good and the Creator of everything. What I always find comforting is that this Truth is available to anybody who wants to accept it.

    In Spanish/en español

    Gracias Frank. Recientemente encuentro que, cuanto más estudio la Lección-Sermón del Cuaderno Trimestral de la Ciencia Cristiana, con dedicación y analizando el significado espiritual, estoy más receptivo a los mensajes divinos. Es interesante que en esa misma cita de C y S dice: “El Cristo es la verdadera idea que proclama al bien...” (p 332), por lo tanto solo 'el bien' es lo que recibimos, nunca nada malo ya que Dios es bueno y el Creador de todo. Lo que siempre encuentro reconfortante es que esta verdad está disponible para cualquier persona que quiera aceptarla.

  6. Thanks for this Frank. If first we seek the kingdon of God all these things will be added unto us, that is all good will unfold. I'll be looking more for
    " God sent " messages in my daily life.

  7. What a good news topic, Frank! People think if you live alone, there's no one to remind us of the "Must do" things: like when I was getting ready to go to bed, and God said "16th." Well our corporate body has to be paid by the 16th, and this was Thursday, so the cheque had to be deposited on Friday, since our banks are closed over the weekend. And the time God reminded me of a grandson's special celebration coming up; TY TY TY And the date of our Annual Meeting for a very new member; straight off. TY TY TY Someone asked me what that "thing" was on the back pew next to the treasurer, and in a moment I said "It's a lap desk." I hadn't ever used that term before. TY TY TY I was so grateful God knew it for me! Sometimes at a testimony meeting the word is not there, and then God re-minds me; or Science and Health opens at the exact page. . . Good news, divine messages, are dependable, precise and here on the moment. And so I can re-mind myself and others of how trustworthy God is when doubt would come stalking, I write them in a book so I can share them with others.
    Thank you so much Frank for this great Lift.
    Thank you Nate and your team of worthies, to the BoL and the lecturers, and each and all of our Lifters who have given us heartfelt, divine messages of good news this week.

  8. Danke schoen, Frank! This was definitely a "divine message" you shared today!

  9. I have just received 'good news' concerning a huge project and guess what it was the divine message I had been waiting to receive .... just prior to listening to your LIFT !!!

    Thank you God for everything..!!

  10. Yes! It is great to receive a divine message, like this one! Thanks so much.


  12. Good Mornng Frank, and thank you, your Lift was just what I needed!
    Two neighbors have not been getting along with each other for quite awhile. The lady on the left side told me that she will never speak to the other one again, ever, But yesterday the lady on the right side said she really wants to be friends with her, but is afraid to confront her. This morning I feel led to tell the lady on the left side the message that the other one really wants her friendship and forgiveness. The divine message is always a message of love, whether it is a message bewteen two people or a message between two nations!
    Your Lift encourages me to "spread messages of Love and peace"
    (the opposite of gossip) throughout the day to others and know that the power of Christ Truth is really what delivers these messages.
    Thanks again! With Love. Annie H.

  13. Yes, it is great to know that divine messages come to us steadily! There is never a dearth of them, hence never a lack of "strength and assurance" coming directly from God to us. Thank you so much for this!

  14. Thank you, Frank. I got a good news message long after posting #35 for 7-25's “Recalculating”. It seemed to leave out struggles, disasters, tragedies, etc., too small to make headlines except maybe locally. These harshly impact people affected by them. Also, a lifter may be hard hit as those who mention it in a posting. Before I could ask our Father, “What about problems not known by the whole Lift family?”, an answer came clearly. It reminded me of the mother who wanted her bedeviled daughter healed, but wasn't Jewish. Jesus told her it wasn't meet to give children's bread to dogs. She pleaded even dogs eat crumbs that fall from the table. He was so touched, he said, “Great is thy faith: BE IT UNTO THEE EVEN AS THOU WILT.” (Matt.15, my caps). We surely have crumbs from our whole Lift family “table” that any one of us can toss to feed any need. These nourish and heal more than just the intended purpose or destination of the day's topic. God's power isn't divisible, so a crumb carries full power. Whether we know details or not, any recipient of a crumb gets as blessed as what we've all focused attention on. God's word doesn't return to Him void, or less potent here, but more there (Isa. 55:11). S&H pg. vii, paraphrased, “ To those receiving crumbs from the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.”
    Lici from Culp Creek, OR, yesterday's #102, you may not be a CS Church member, but definitely are one of our CS Lift family, and for the right reasons! Thank you to above 12.

  15. The Daily Lifts are:
    M essages
    E xpressing
    S pirituality
    S ent
    A round (the)
    G lobe
    E mbracing (All of us ! )

  16. Hi! I listened and am lifted way high up. And yes, it is great indeed. How can we not rejoice and give thanks with overflowing love.

  17. Thank you, yes we do receive much help from the Daily Lift and from the Lifters. Thank you one and all.

  18. Got it! Receiving and rewarded by this lovely message direct to the heart! Isn't it great to know these messages are posted direct to each one of us?

    Some years ago my husband was away and the boiler stopped working (it was winter) so I phoned him to try to find out what to do. He gave me very clear instructions over the phone but I just got more perplexed in trying to work out the solution. Eventually I became calm, and found the little 'button' that needed switching. The boiler was restored to its usual working manner. At the time he was lecturing on spiritual inspiration and teaching his students how to listen...how we laughed! How difficult it had been for him to communicate to a non-listening wife, and how simple the solution when I ceased fussing! We thought about God's Love always communicating, even when there seems to be no response! A true lesson to me in listening to Truth, not the noise of fear.
    Thank you so much, and to all the Lifters who make each day so filled with precious messages to one another of support and love.

  19. Thank you Frank!

  20. I have attempted to hear these messages. I can get general inspiration from reading the Bible, but in regards to specific issues I am not very successful. Is no response a response?

  21. Thank you Frank,

    I am definitely uplifted today by your message of God's strength coming to us at any time. I will stay open to His loving word today. Joan

  22. We should really pick up our messages, eh?

    “If Spirit pervades all space, it needs no material method for the transmission of messages. Spirit needs no wires nor electricity in order to be omnipresent.” S&H 78:17

    Although Mrs. Eddy is specifically addressing the tendency for individuals to look for passed loved ones through physical spiritualism, it is such a clear thought about how ever present our spiritual "messages" are. Books and Pastors can point us to the message, Christ taps us on the shoulder with the specific good news, but finally – or firstly, that which is good is right at hand. For us, and for our loved ones!

    Thanks, Frank. Great dictionary quote finishing with .. “enabling them to encounter the elevated Christ”.

  23. Thank you Frank
    Thank for whose translates daily comments to others languages.
    Lovely and inspirates. So usefull. Thank you.

  24. I love knowing that it is possible to know good every moment. Thanks.

  25. Thank you Frank, a clear and hearfelt message.

  26. Perfect timing for me ! I was praying this morning because I had not heard from a friend who lives out of the country who makes daily contact by e-mail and my messages to him were not answered. When I heard the lift , i knew I could only receive good news. Sure enough, the good news came minutes after that his internet had been down.

  27. Thank you, Frank, for a wonderful and reassuring Message this morning! "Angels we have heard on High....."!!!! God is singing Her song constantly - are we listening...?? If God is everywhere, than everything Good is a Message from God! Our seeing the Good and Beautiful and Pure in everything and everyone is how we receive God's Message. The Bible and Science and Health are inspired Messages straight from God's heart and their purpose is to lift our thought above the mortal mist to see what God has already done and what is forever!

  28. Thanks Frank for the very useful reminder that God is always comunicating with us!
    I just heard it "Pure peace is thine, whatever betide" it came to me very loud and I know it is the exact phrase I needed to hear.
    Pure peace is ours, pure health is ours, pure harmony is ours, pure love is ours, pure truth is ours and everything that belongs to God is ours! we just have to claim it and make it our own!!

  29. Thank you.Taking time to pray,turning our thoughts to God and his idea,clears the way for divine guidance.The messages then become strong and clear.Excellent lift!

  30. Great thoughts, thank you!

  31. Thank you for today's lift! I really enjoy this family!

  32. Thank you, Frank, for the reminder of those divine messages, always ready for us when we listen.

  33. The divine messages are always speaking to me, I feel them...the angels that guide, protect...sometimes gentle, sometimes forceful!“

    "Into His haven of Soul there enters no element of earth to cast out angels, to silence the right intuition which guides you safely home.” Mis.152:26.

    If I don't seem to hear I wait. They're always there just when I need them.
    So I listen, listen, listen!

    "He knows the angels that you need, And sends them to your side, to comfort, guard and guide." CS Hymnal 9 vs 3.

    Thank you Frank for the gentle reminder that we are never out there on our own.

  34. Thank you Frank! I am always reminding myself to "be glad, give thanks, rejoice!" for the good news in the daily lesson sermons. How fortunate we all are as Christian Scientists to have these ideas from God!

  35. Dear 20. DR,
    When it seems that I cannot hear God's message, or, better stated, when I do not recognize Her message, I remind myself that God is never silent. Has Love stopped loving? Or has Mind stopped knowing? It cannot be: there are no voids in God. So, I realize that the message which defines me and my unfolding path is present. The turmoil of matter-based and ego-driven thinking competes with it and prevents my recognition of it. So I strive to put away that turmoil. Jesus' shows us how to do that, how to calm our thought. Once I was wrestling with a mathematical analysis that seemed to go on forever towards nowhere. I prayed to calm my thought. The words "go on" came, as if spoken to me. I trusted them: they brought a measure of peace (see James 3:17 and Science and Health page 506:10). So I continued and the answer appeared.

  36. What a wonderful lift. Thanks to you and to all who commented. I had some good and stirring ideas come to me this morning even before I heard the lift. How good God is, and how perfectly our Father-Mother Love meets our needs -- sometimes even before we know we are going to have a need!

  37. Thanks, Frank. Love the explanation of heaven and good news you shared!

  38. Thank you Frank for this lovely lift.

  39. Thank you. 'God speaks to us in ways we can understand'...can't remember where exactly I read that but I think it was in the Peel biographys quoting Mrs. Eddy. I find that very encouraging and since reading it really began to see during the everyday round these 'ways', from an affectionate cat, to a line from a movie, a complete stranger who gives off a comforting aura, more and more. So #20....you are being spoken to!

  40. Could we then say that angels are "instant messaging" from God? No device needed to send, read or hear them-- just listen.
    Thanks to you, Frank, and to all who contribute.

  41. Thank you for the inspiring lift and welcome.

  42. Thank you Frank! Your humour and joy is a message that came to me clearly through this morning's Lift. Yes! Heaven sent messages are like having a visit with an old friend. (Three of us spent the day yesterday taking the ferry over to Vancouver specifically just to visit an old friend. What a joyful day.)
    Dear 20 DR - Sometimes we have to ask the right question in order to hear God's message. Waking up this morning I felt a bit like you - with a specific issue that seemed unanswered - until I remembered the story of Jesus healing the man of palsy (paralysis), was in this week's Bible lesson. How did he do that? Don't worry if the full answer doesn't come right away, just keep asking the question.

  43. Thank you Frank! Love the Heaven thought. The power of God. Mmmmm. Yummy. Right here and now, not waiting for a moment for it to arrive.
    Happy Day

  44. Don't you all love the way we work together with the Daily Lift as our dear starter button?!
    In the My Bible Lesson notes, which I love and always follow up on, we are referred to page 30 of "No and Yes" by Mary Baker Eddy (this is one of her other books in Prose Works), it says, "God's law is in three words, 'I am All', and this law is present to rebuke any claim of another law." Then it goes on to say, "God pities our woes with the love of a Father for His child,
    -- not by becoming human, and knowing sin, .. but by removing our knowledge of what is not."! This was the best possible message from God for me at the moment. I was having a hard time unseeing a very sad situation where hate and anger seemed to be winning over good. God pitied me and raised my thought to see that the presence of His Love was all that occupied the place and thought anywhere that existed or ever claimed to exist. This assured me that there is no hidden evil place where the devil is allowed to exist! All is surrounded and filled by the great heart of Love! Glory to God and His children, all of us!

  45. I love the way you describe the gospel message as "working its way into people's lives" with the power of God animating us to recieve the heaven sent ideas assuring us of our divine heritage as forever intact. Thanks Frank.

  46. Divine messages . . . how wonderfully they fill us with an awareness of God's presence and tender love for us. The past few years for me have had a passel of problems I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy . . .and yet, in these times of great need I have turned ever more swiftly and completely to God. I have been learning to "un-hear" the world's clamor and hear God better. Do I manage this every day, every hour? No, not yet. But I"m learning.

    20 DR, several others have already shared with you . . . I'll add a little from my own experience. When I really began to go to God in earnest, and listen, I didn't realize that I was expecting answers to come to me in the same language and timing that I used to talk to God. Kinda funny when I think about it now---expecting the limitless God to use limited forms of expression :). For me, a "delayed" answer often meant that God was preparing me to hear what He would later communicate. Sometimes it was the timing--a particular "answer" came when I was in a certain place or circumstance. I have also learned that God speaks to me in so many different ways--a snatch of a hymn, almost as if sung to me; a gentle touch from a friend or passerby; a few words from the Bible or MBE's writings; sometimes a sense of closeness or comfort that is almost physically tangible. So many different ways.---Basically, I have just let go of how or whether God will communicate with me, and I just know that He WILL. Sometimes I have to be really patient. :)

  47. Frank, yes in answer to your closing question. yes, for sure,it is wonderful. Thank you. And thanks everyone for each unique response. #20 DR: what lovely messages others have left for you here. One way I try to listen is, "Be still and know that I am God." In the quiet knowing, often a message dawns in thought. With the Kingdom of heaven within, we can trustingly remain still and rejoice that the answer has already come. Thanks nate and DL team.

  48. Thank you Frank, for the Divine Message! And thank you to JS #14 for your warm personal message making me feel so welcome! It really touched my heart, so thank you for your angelic words (isn't it wonderful that we can all be Divine Messengers?!!).
    To #20 DR, I don't really "hear" God necessarily, but I try to "make myself empty" as it were, and to be very clear in my intention that I'm here to do God's work (although it feels more like play than work because of the joyous nature!), so that the Divine can flow through me effortlessly. I try to remember before I do or say things to dedicate my endeavors to God, and let Spirit be at the helm so that "I" can get out of the way. This works better for me than trying to actively listen for words. I figure as long as my intentions are clear, the rest will take care of itself. Taking this tack has made my load light!! (By the way, once it's a light load, it's not really a load, it's ALL LIGHT!!)

  49. Thank you Frank! God bless!

  50. Thank you Frank for the inspiring message lifting me 'horeb heights'. Recently while playing around with one of those little puzzle books, we were asked to find what is in the word 'SILENT' and turned out to be 'LISTEN'. That compelled me to be more observant in turning words around and I almost could not read and comprehend for looking for a message in words. Another one I discovered is evil, turn EVIL around and LIVE and,etc. But after doing this for several days, a scripture from the Bible Lesson came to me so clear, I will paraphrase because I am not sure of the book it is from. It specifically said not to focus so much on the words, but as Mrs. Eddy underlines 'imbibe the spirit.' So now I practice being silent and listening more for the divine message.

  51. Thank you, Frank, and all the wonderful thoughts elaborating on this topic from Lifters everywhere. To add my experience to #20, I know sometimes I might have an idea of what I should do. Most always, if that "idea" is not "RIGHT IDEA", there are many roadblocks that turn the idea into a struggle. I have now learned that persistent roadblocks translate to "WRONG IDEA" and to simply back away and listen for His voice. This really is God speaking to us in ways we can understand. When the thought or idea is right, all action flows effortlessly. So, it is really about "leaning on the sustaining Infinite" to guide, guard, and govern our daily activity - whether it be thoughts or actions.

  52. Heaven in everyday life is a powerful message. Thank you for reminding us of the elevated Christ. Good news indeed!

  53. Thank you all for your input. My family is facing many challenges. I am having trouble getting guidance on what to do. I can receive general inspiration in reading the Bible lessons, but having trouble getting practical advice.

  54. Thank you that was a beautiful message!

  55. to number 53: Dear friend, Just remember that God is Love, and feel it in your heart right now! I was experiencing a very similar situation no very long ago. Family members had a serious challenge, no transportation, no home, no enough to eat, no money to pay bills, etc. I could not make it my problem, I could not pray directly for them as my help was not requested that way, they do not believe in Christian Science. I did not hesitate to pray, but for myself, my consciousness had to be filled with just one thing: the love of Love, God, and He would direct my steps to help in any way possible. Problems seemed to be insurmountable, beyond any possible human approach. I prayed to God for understanding and I trusted his daily messages of comfort, spiritual uplifting and guidance. Many times I went to the textbook and with tear in my eyes I declared silently and even loudly the Scientific Statement of Being (S & H p 468) and every other good thing I could fill my thought with. Without turning this into a testimony, my family members, step by step were helped, fed, supplied with all they needed and, even when they still do not accept C S, they are grateful, they express so much love and care. God does not discriminate, He simple is Love, so anybody can be healed, physically, emotionally and morally, and every aspect of daily life is turned into a blessing and a smile. All we need is to trust God, there is no one else!

  56. God always has met and always will meet every human need. Mary Baker Eddy. We live in a universe of met needs. God is Love.

  57. Thanks Frank........#20 what helps me sometimes is to remember not to force it ........"not my will but Thine be done"..............good day to all

  58. Dear DR:

    Mrs. Eddy wrote in Science and Health, "Experience teaches us that we do not always receive the blessings we ask for in prayer. There is some mis‐
    apprehension of the source and means of
    all goodness and blessedness, or we should
    certainly receive that for which we ask. The Scrip‐
    tures say: "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask
    amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts." That
    which we desire and for which we ask, it is not always
    best for us to receive. In this case infinite Love will
    not grant the request. "

    God guides and is our counsellor. He is in control. There must be some lesson that he wants you to advance your thinking too.

    Mrs Eddy wrote also in Science and Health, "There is neither place nor opportunity in Science for error
    of any sort. Every day makes its demands upon us for
    higher proofs rather than professions of Christian power.
    and proof These proofs consist solely in the destruction
    of sin, sickness, and death by the power of
    Spirit, as Jesus destroyed them. This is an element of
    progress, and progress is the law of God, whose law de‐
    mands of us only what we can fulfill."

    I used to think that progress was material success. But it is spiritual progress. So you will have to keep focused on listening to angel thoughts. With the right motive, which is to learn more about God and his goodness.

    Thank you Frank as I found this daily lift to be most helpful. It stressed that we always have good thoughts.

  59. Yes, we always need strength in our lives! Thank you.

  60. Thanks, Frank--and Yes, the message in your DL is indeed Wonderful!

  61. Danke, Frank, fuer den taeglichen Lift auf Deutsch. Es zeigt uns wie nahe wir uns mit Gott und miteinander sind!

  62. Thanks! I can only occasionally use WiFi, but whenever I do access a lift, it is great. This one supports unburdened prayer for family or friends as I remember that God has infinite means and opportunities to reveal His Christ message directly to his children.

  63. not to seem ungrateful for good people, some Germans cruelly murdered
    "undesirables" not so long ago...and this still happens around the globe in places. powerful ruling forces smash to smittereens what needs to be controlled. The sure handed reference to the bible popped up this thought.

    I love and admire most cultures for their own good sake and see the good

  64. I am catching up on my DL and this is a 5 star one! Listened 3 times, thanks so much for this powerful reminder!

    So happy I can catch up on these inspiring ideas, better late than never!

    "Bringing heaven into our daily life!"

    PS I loved your talk at the Victoria Summit!

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