1/26: We're delightful to God

1/26: We're delightful to God

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  1. Hey Ginny - loved hearing about Gracie and could just picture her walking. Great to see you and your clan on Sunday. God is good. Hugs, Marty

  2. Amazing thought. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. What a daily gift the "daily lift" is. I can hardly wait to get to my computer to read the latest one. That has been a wonderful idea and thanks to all the
    lecturers participating in these inspirational daily messages. I like Nathan's
    introductions, also. He sounds so upbeat and enthusiastic in his introductions.
    Goodo for you Nathan!!!!
    Thanks to all who make this process work so well. It's wonderful to read the
    comments from around the world, too. How great that we are all thinkng of
    these ideas in our individual corners of the world on a daily basis. Bless you all.

  4. Dear Ginny, Seldom do I get to be first to reply. Glad God knows what I'm doing at 2am on this computer, what a great way to hit the hay knowing I am cherished and loved snuggled in his love at this wee hour in the morning. Much love, vhc

  5. What a lovely feeling, seeing a baby’s first steps! Today as I made conversation with someone at the mall, she asked me why was I so positive about God’s care. She pointed out that we need to fend for ourselves, that God has too many people to help and he would be too busy! Lots of people think this way.
    What an opportunity to share my Christian Science views! I shared that as a Christian Scientist I study the Bible quite a bit, that I believe God to be Spirit, and us, His own image and likeness, therefore we must be spiritual. To me the communication with God is the only constant in my life, God, Spirit is in constant communication with each one of us.
    We talked for about 1 hour standing right there in the mall, I brought up the Bible statement, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion…” (I Gen 1:27) and told her that I believed God must really love us because He made us on His own image. This lady had heard very little about CS and felt she should check the internet to find out more. Right away I saw a great opportunity, I took out a paper and wrote the link to the Daily Lift and to spirituality.com. I also told my new friend that Christian Science is a way of life, and that if she was curious enough to visit a Reading Room, nobody was going to try to convert her (and the best way to find out about something is just reading right from the source, we do it daily!) I refer to this websites as our “daily fuel”. Oh, Oh, what a feeling!
    ¡Qué Hermosa sensación, ver a un bebé dar sus primeros pasitos! Hoy mientras conversaba con alguien en la galleria de compras, ella me preguntó por qué estaba yo tan positiva acerca del cuidado de Dios. Dijo que necesitamos cuidarnos solos, que Dios estaba muy ocupado con tanta gente que tenía que ayudar! Mucha gente piensa así.
    ¡Qué oportunidad para compartir mis puntos de vista sobre la Ciencia Cristiana! Compartí que como Científica Cristiana yo estudiaba bastante la Biblia, que yo creo que Dios es Espíritu, y nosotros, Su propia imagen y semejanza, por lo tanto debemos ser spiritual. Para mí la comunicación con Dios es lo único constante en mi vida, el Espíritu está en comunicación constante con nosotros.
    Hablamos más o menos una hora paradas en la galleria, yo recordé la declaración bíblica “Y dijo Dios: Hagamos al hombre á nuestra imagen, conforme a nuestra semejanza; y señoree…(1 Gen 1:27) y le dije que yo creía que Dios debe amarnos verdaderamente por que nos hizo en Su propia imagen. Esta Sra. Había oído poco de la Ciencia Cristiana y sentía que debía averiguar más por el internet. En seguida vi una gran oportunidad, en un papel le escribí el “link” de Daily Lift y espiritualidad.com. También le dije a mi nueva amiga que la Ciencia Cristiana es un modo de vivir, y que si ella era suficientemente curiosa para visitar una Sala de Lectura, nadie trataría de convertirla (y que la major manera de averiguar sobre algo es leyendo de la fuente misma, nosotros lo hacemos a diario.) Yo me refiero a estos sitios como “nuestro combustible diario”. ¡Oh, Oh, que sensación!

  6. Thank you, Ginny! I feel hugged. Your message is a delight!

  7. Thanks Nathan and Ginny. Children are interesting.

  8. What a lovely thought

  9. Thank you Ginny, that was special.

  10. Thank you Ginny, that's wonderful. I've just been re-reading "The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Henri JM Nouwen, which I think I first came across when it was reviewed in the Christian Science Sentinel. Nouwen writes eloquently about the father's unconditional delight in his son (which includes equally the elder and the younger).

  11. This is a really wonderful Daily Lift, Ginny. Thank you so much. Too often we forget God is right with us, supporting and encouraging. How perfect to know we can't fall: out of His embrace, out of His grace. This is a keeper!

  12. Your message came with an almost imperative urge to forward it to a friend who had expressed a silent but most urgent cry for help from a friend - me. A health issue. This is my cup of cold water, because I could relate a very recent healing - this past week, in fact, of a bundle of love in the form of a puppy. He was to all appearances "a goner." In less than one week, he is a wiggling, vivacious, bundle of love, with just surrounding him with the kind of love Ginny described in this audio - but with care, letting him make the first feeble motions. Next day he jumped down from the bed, on his way to taking his first baby puppy steps to recovery. Oh, the joy to us, his care givers! Thank you, Ginny!

  13. Oh Ginny, thank you. No condemnation, only delight, encouragement, praise for the good, even that which seems to go unnoticed. God sees, knows, delights. 'Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected/Walk thou with courage each step of the way.' Hymn 278. Thanks again, from Nigeria.

  14. Last night coming home from school, I realized how much God loves me. For many years I've been with children every day. I was thanking God for giving me the privilege for being a teacher for all these years so I could spend time with all of these children and love it. How much I love being with them. And then I realized ,why that's God's show of love for me. He loves me so much, he gave me the privlilege to be with children every day of my life and love it and they love me. Isn't that perfect love? and perfect love casteth out fear. So to be precious and cherished and valued in the delight of those around us has to be partaking of. like The Bible Lesson in TMC said last week, God singing us into being. Thanks for these expressions of singing for us also.

  15. Oh, yes, I feel very grateful and relieved when, no matter how many mistakes I commit, God´s still there for me, stretching His arms towards me and caring, protecting and nurturing His beloved daughter.
    This thought is so comforting: "We´re delightful to God!"
    Thank you very much, for your loving thought, Ginny!

  16. Thank you Ginny. Your message reminds me of a poem I clipped which has a line "I am daily His delight" When I have made a mess, spilled , or broken something, or made a mistake it helps to recall God is delighted in me, loves me, helps me to get up, clean up and go on.

  17. Thank you, Ginny. Mankind needs to know that his Father-Mother God delights in him every step of the way. Yes, it is true what another commenter added, Nate and Julie's voices are uplifting and compliment the "Daily Lift". Thanks to all who produce this very fine gift.

  18. Just what I needed to hear today! Thank you!

  19. Indeed we are "precious, cherished, and loved" by our heavenly Father-Mother. We can't get enough of this wonderful thought. Not only is it warming but also so empowering to know that we are always in the presence of such a loving parent.

  20. Thank you Ginny for that delightful thought, - no condemnation - "Today we can hear and feel the joy of God's praise for the good we are doing."

  21. Glorious Gratitude, Jinny, How beautiful for us to know, that we are NEVER out of God's care; we only have to see this, accept it, protect it. As was brought out so beautifully in our recent Daily Bible Lesson on Sacrament, we must pray unceasingly, unceasing baptism, unceasing purification of thought .
    Also special gratitude to dear Elena #5 you add so much to this "feast of LOVE!" GLORIOUS GRATITUDE

  22. Thanks so much for this wonderful, healing message, Ginny! Knowing that God delights in us and encourages us at every step cleans out guilt, condemnation and whatever else would suggest that we aren't good enough. We are good, loved, healthy, cherished and protected by and because of our beloved Parent.....Father-Mother Love! Thanks so much for this sweet, gentle reminder.

  23. Thank you Ginny, I feel so wrapped in Her Love!

  24. Good job, nice metaphor, Ginny.

    I have this friend, Rachel. Last night, she was telling me about her plans for law school, for living, and maybe for joining the Navy. Oh my gosh, she just can't believe the opportunities in front of her. I hung up, just blown away by her delight.

    Aaah, Love is reflected in love.

  25. Wonderful imagery, Ginny, thanks so much. Love to everyone!

  26. Oh my goodness,
    This is just what I needed today - so much! Ginny, thank you for this precious picture of the Father-Mother love - of course She is cheering me and mine and ALL!
    You are my first angel of the day!

  27. I love the daily lift -- what a grand project of the Christian Science church. I listen to it every morning for a start to my day and am never disappointed. What a wonderful uplift this morning to understand that we are each taking steps in our daily lives to live more fully and grow in some way each day. God is good and gives each of us all we need every moment, we are never seperated from this love. We pause at times but God supports us all the way and we pick up and go forward. I am grateful so very grateful for the teachings and way of life as a Christian Scientist, God is Love.

  28. Thank you for this reminder. This really is a "lift". It's especially helpful today when I've been wrestling with self-condemnation.

  29. What a great lift for me today! Thankyou so much!

  30. Thanks, Ginny. This is exactly what I needed to see and heaer.

    Thank you.

  31. Perfect lift for today. Thanks!

  32. There is no condemnation beyond the love of God. Father-Mother God hugs and kisses us continually. He tells us: "You are adorable, agreedable, alluring, ambrosial, amusing, attractive, beautiful, heavenly, ineffable, lovely, refreshing, satisfying, Jummy, and delighted to me"

    "And God saw everthing he had made,and, behold, it was very good"
    And all his creatures say: Amen!

    Tha's the the way God sees us, and we want all.

    Thank you Ginny.


  33. It's so good to hear your cheerful voice and uplifting message this morning and the sharing of your grand daughter's first steps. How comforting it is to know that God delights in us just as her parents delighted in her. There is a little poem that comes to mind that I have used a lot on a variety of occasions.It's called "Unfailing grace" by Eleanor Buser and appeared in the Sentinel of October 21, 1996:
    I am in God's embrace -
    I cannot fall or slip out of it.
    I cannot be moved or tossed about.
    No matter where I am or what I face
    I'll stay within Love's warm embrace.

    We are all in "Love's warm embrace" each moment of every day.

  34. Thanks, Ginny. Your writing has been a guidepost in my study, and this daily lift, for me, adds dimension to the readings on Love this week. Great work.

  35. Thank you, Ginny, for those delightful images ... reminders of God's sweet tender love for each one of us.

  36. Just what I needed Ginny, God is GREAT! I go forward hugged and delighted in.

  37. Thanks Ginny that is a great thought.I will be taking my first steps to God!

  38. What a perfect, wonderful thought for this day--thank you Ginny! As it says in Matt 7:11, if we know how to give good gifts to our children--including the priceless gifts of approval and encouragement mentioned here--how much more shall our heavenly Father-Mother give these gifts to us. This was just the message needed this morning to remind me to take God's hand like a child and go forward into this busy day.

  39. How wonderful to know that we are God's precious treasure and loved immeasurably. Thank you for your insight and the loving way you express your ideas that I know come directly from God to you and all His precious treasures.
    Your friend in WV and have a grateful day,

  40. Thanks so much, Ginny! I really needed to hear all of this today. It feels very much like I spend more time going splat on my bottom lately than taking solid steps. It's wonderful to think of God as just scooping me up and praising me for my efforts--and an expectancy that I won't stay on my bottom but will get up and walk!

  41. Mother loves her children! She watches our every step! Waking up this morning to a seemingly serious physical problem, and trying to know that God never made matter to act on its own. The fear of dying from this is very threatening to me, and I am so young. "Mother, I know you are holding me and watching my every step (or thoughts) please just hold me up and do not let me down.."

  42. Ginny, I could just feel the love in your message today and to think that God is delighted with each step we take without criticism for our stumbles but just encouragement is wonderful. Thank you for bring this message.

  43. Thank you, Ginny!!

  44. Dear Ginny, I just love the image you gave us first of Gracie's first steps and her parents' delights and encouragement and then relating this to us and how much God delights in us and is never condemning, and how at the end of the day we can rest in His love feeling precious, cherished and loved. Thanks so much!! :)

  45. Ginny,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful loving truth .... God Does Delight In and Love Us Unconditionally!

  46. A wonderful lift again today! And #16's comment reminded me of something that happened this morning which has convinced me that I have made progress.
    I spilled almost an entire glass of orange juice, which landed partly on a chair, the rug and a little on me. There was a time when I would have condemned myself as a klutz. But today, I didn't even say "Oh no," or "Oh Oh."
    I calmly cleaned it up and moved on. No condemnation. Perhaps a little thing, but it made me grateful beyond words for the evidence of this progress. And I am grateful for each Daily Lift and the enlightening comments which are shared. Thanks to all.

  47. Thank you Ginny for that reminder that from God, there is NO condemnation - that although Patience must have her perfect work, God is with us 24-7 every step of the way, guiding, guarding, and protecting us.

  48. Powerful message!! Thanks Ginny.

  49. Thanks for this gentle reminder of the God's support and encouragement of our worthy endeavors.
    The word delight in the Students Reference Dictionary means "to please highly, to give high satisfaction or joy." It says "the good conduct of children, and especially their piety, delights their parents."
    It reminds me of the idea that "God takes us ALL the way." When our family went to Colorado for a vacation and church camp several years ago, we wanted to also visit the Grand Canyon. We had car trouble and couldn't use it to get there. I prayed to understand that God doesn't take us partway, because He is with us every step of the way. We went to church the next day and a lady lent us her car to go the 300 miles to the Grand Canyon and back again. God takes us all the way. Thanks Pat if you are reading this.

  50. Thank you Ginny! Everytime I do something well and completely when it would be easy to cut corners and nobody is looking - I feel God's delight.

  51. tank you that was lovely

  52. What a word picture that gives me a hug. thanks! and thanks for hugging our daughter Trina! :)

  53. We are delighting in the new babe in our family (Vivi Lou). It is a time when you realize how much love, delight and patience is present. How wonderful it is to know that love comes from God, is God, and how we are Loves reflection, beloved and protected always. Thanks Ginny, from a grama

  54. Thank you for the message that God does love all of us even our animals, some seem to need more than others at times. Love is reflected in love.

  55. Thank you for the comfort.

  56. I feel so very rich in Gods love .as this Daily Lift inspires. Thank you for this special message Ginny.

  57. Once the apostle Paul realized he and everyone were a "delight to God," it completely transformed his life's mission. What could we do everyday when we know that same truth? Thank you, Ginny, for supporting our Bible Lesson and our daily thoughts so beautifully today!

  58. Thank you, Just what I needed to start my day. These daily lifts sure do lift.

  59. Beautiful, and so comforting.

  60. What a wonderful message this morning. I have often found comfort in thinking of a very small child, walking hand in hand with their Father, crossing a street. Seeing that picture in my mind, I feel such protection and comfort. As Mrs Eddy says in her hymn "For Love alone is life." We are dearly loved! Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments.

  61. A Huge Thanks for this loving reminder to cherish each step of the way as I continue working to see the real parent/child relationship. It is just the encouragement I needed today as I continue working with my grandson.

  62. All the comments posted so far have already shared all the grateful thoughts I've been thinking about this Daily Lift. But I just have to overflow here a little. I'm currently living alone, after an unwanted marital breakup. But after hearing the vivid word-picture of Gracie and her parents, and then FEELING that same embracing Love surrounding me, I don't feel so alone. Or unloved. I can see that I have forever been God's child, forever lifted up and loved and rejoiced in. Truly, I am (and we all are) daily His delight.

    41-Ashley--dear one, why don't you replay this lift and really picture the unbounded love going on with Gracie and her parents . . and then see if you don't feel completely surrounded, protected, uplifted, by God's love for you. Fear of dying, or anything, just won't be able to survive in the pure strength of that Love. I'm not being dismissive of what is concerning you right now, because I, too, know the fear of being in deep waters. But God is sooooooooooooooooooooo much bigger than anything we could fear. One Daily Lift a couple months ago included this phrase: "Instead of telling God how big our problems are, why don't we tell our problems how big our God is." Ashley, know that God is, right this moment, loving you wholly and completely. I'm heading off now to study this week's Bible Lesson (on Love!!), and I will keep you in my thoughts as I study. with much Love, Maureen

  63. No fear in that child's thoughts taking her first steps! "There is no fear in Love, but perfect Love (God) throws out fear!" Dear friend #41, you are in God's house, cared for, embraced, full of Love, and Life! But no fear. You can feel that Love, we all can feel it -- God cheering for us with every step! Thanks Ginny for this window into the first steps of Gracie, and the celebration of each effort.

  64. I will try to bring those ideas into my parenting, teaching and being a wife. Thanks for the good reminder.
    Mary, HI

  65. To Ashley #41, how comforting to know that right where something "serious" seems to be, God is delighting in you. Delight is a wonderful opposite to whatever appears heavy and threatening. The 23rd Psalm gives us the image of God preparing a table before us in the presence of our enemies. Would God be preparing a feast if there were
    a real threat? No! So we can, in turn, delight in God's feast of goodness --good ideas, abundant supply, vibrant health -- without fear of "enemies" to our God-established wellbeing. Just as it's impossible to look in two directions at the same time, we can't feel delight and fear at the same time. You are on solid ground by turning away from fear and mortality towards your tenderly loving God.

    Years ago, I was healed of a life-threatening physical problem by refusing to be afraid -- by choosing to love good, God, no matter what. You clearly love good, and that's proof that you're aligned with it and undergirded by it. Your health and safety are guaranteed b/c goodness is a "package deal" -- it's the expression of God's allness, and your oneness with Him/Her. You aren't alone -- you are right in the middle of God's delight in all of us, His/Her sweet children.

  66. Thanks Ginny, I feel all hugged and warm!

  67. Ashley, your heart-felt message touched me. Our Father/Mother loves us with a perfect love that heals and lifts us up to feel that love. The Bible lesson this week is wonderful. It has some of the same ideas in it as were in this lift and in the comments. I pray that you find comfort and healing today.
    Big hugs to you.

    Thank you all for your additions to this loving idea of our divine Parent's delight in us. I love hearing your wonderful ideas and getting hugs from our world family.

    Ginny Luedeman

  68. Thanks Ginny, for this tender and loving thought. So comforting to know that God is loving us this way.

  69. Thank you for this wonderful Lift! You certainly turned things around just by adjusting your thought to something so much more in tune to God's goodness... I'm going to follow your great advice! I'm going to stop feeling sorry for my situation... and take steps to go forward! Thank you! (I'll bet that steak was good!;)

  70. Thank you sooooo much for this lift so important reminder! Just what I needed today!
    My CS teacher Violet Ruden use to say: "you don't want to be a member of the P.D.L.M. Club (Poor Little Me) club. Avoid self-pity. There is a little joke that the one thing about self-pity is that it is so sincere !"
    This is extract from her association day in 1979
    Thank you so much again for your daily lift

  71. Love it! Keep thought filled with Love and Truth. God, divine Love, is good and so is Love's idea, man. It doesn't get any more wonderful than that. :-) Thanks, Lorenzo.

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