8/23: Defined by our source

8/23: Defined by our source

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  1. Good to know, great to receive this truth because I have been recently battling in relationships concerning my past behaviors. So, God doesn't punish or put us in any box, or put restrictions on us. We are His infinite idea. One must constantly inculcate this reality as a fortress of protection against material suggestion. Everyone is free. And God's supply of constant good is for all to know.

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful and true daily lift.

    We are what God knows about us. So true!

    Thank you for bringing this to us today.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Your message really hit home and gave me the message that I readdly needed. Lovenly, JHR

  4. Great reminder! Thank you.... We ARE what God knows ONLY So pure so good.... so unaffected by material history. "Man is not material he is spiritual!"

  5. So perfect for me at this very moment....but of course! Thank you Rob.

  6. Thank you, Rob, for this powerful message....so healing, comforting, and true :-)

  7. Wonderful Lift,Rob just what I needed this morning. Thanks

  8. Many thanks Rob for that inspiring lift. Yes. "Right now our source [divine Love] is so pure, so good, so unaffected by material history, and so are we." "O Spirit, source of light,/ Thy grace is unconfined;/ Dispel the gloomy shades of night,/ Reveal the light of Mind." (Christian Science Hymnal #240).

  9. No, we are not what we eat or what we wear, like we heard people say. We are defined by our source, just like a ray of sun is defined by the sun itself. We can’t hurt it, cut it or obscure it.
    Likewise, God’s children are defined by our Father-Mother God, of whom we are the image and likeness. We are what God knows about us not what the world says we are. We are neither weak nor evil. Our behavior can't be defined by the aligning of the planets (our horoscope) or by heredity, (was grandpa sporty or good at puzzles?)
    Negative physical events have no power and God never sent them.

    Oh, but divine Love was and is present in all our tribulations, helping us grow through the experience and strengthening us every inch of the way.

    ESPAÑOL: No, no somos lo que comemos o la ropa que usamos, como hemos oído decir. Nos definimos por nuestra fuente, al igual que un rayo de sol se define por el sol mismo. No podemos herir, cortar u oscurecer al sol.
    Del mismo modo, los hijos de Dios somos definidos por nuestro Padre-Madre Dios, de quien somos imagen y semejanza. Somos lo que Dios sabe de nosotros y no lo que el mundo dice que somos. No somos débiles ni malignos. Nuestro comportamiento no puede ser definido por la alineación de los planetas (el horóscopo) o por la herencia, (era el abuelo deportivo o bueno a los rompecabezas?)
    Los eventos negativos físicos no tienen el poder y Dios no los envió.

    Oh, pero el Amor divino estuvo y está siempre presente en todas nuestras tribulaciones, nos ayuda a crecer a través de la experiencia y nos fortalece cada centímetro del camino.

  10. No, we are not what we eat or what we wear, like we heard people say. We are defined by our source, just like a ray of sun is defined by the sun itself. We can’t hurt it, cut it or obscure it.
    Likewise, God’s children are defined by our Father-Mother God, of whom we are the image and likeness. We are what God knows about us not what the world says we are. We are neither weak nor evil. Our behavior can't be defined by the aligning of the planets (our horoscope) or by heredity, (was grandpa sporty or good at puzzles?)
    Negative physical events have no power and God never sent them.

    Oh, but divine Love was and is present in all our tribulations, helping us grow through the experience and strengthening us every inch of the way.

    ESPAÑOL: No, no somos lo que comemos o la ropa que usamos, como hemos oído decir. Nos definimos por nuestra fuente, al igual que un rayo de sol se define por el sol mismo. No podemos herir, cortar u oscurecer al sol.
    Del mismo modo, los hijos de Dios somos definidos por nuestro Padre-Madre Dios, de quien somos imagen y semejanza. Somos lo que Dios sabe de nosotros y no lo que el mundo dice que somos. No somos débiles ni malignos. Nuestro comportamiento no puede ser definido por la alineación de los planetas (el horóscopo) o por la herencia, (era el abuelo deportivo o bueno a los rompecabezas?)
    Los eventos negativos físicos no tienen el poder y Dios no los envió.

    Oh, pero el Amor divino estuvo y está siempre presente en todas nuestras tribulaciones, nos ayuda a crecer a través de la experiencia y nos fortalece cada centímetro del camino.

  11. Hey Rob, that was brilliant! Thank you! And congrats, once again, to the Daily Lift music team for another awesome new theme tune!

  12. Good morning everybody ! Thank you Rob, for your realy uplifting lift. Yes, as the source is pure, good and unaffected, we, too, must be so. And real man is. And isn't it unnecessary to be bothered by "unreal man"?
    I will let these wonderful thoughts guide me through the day. Thank you!!

  13. Thank you Rob, this is a wonderful Lift and I will be listening to it again.
    I once saw a rainbow from an aeroplane, I had my then 12 year old eldest son with me and he still recalls what he saw, it was a complete circle.
    At certain times of the year the sun on the horizon illumines the scene with a vast circle of light, so beautiful.
    These little moments remind me that God's all enveloping care has no beginning or end. We can never be outside of Her
    embrace, eternally defined by Her goodness and grace.
    I love the music Nate and team, the DLs and my DL family are all so wonderful :-)

  14. Hello earlybirds ! - this is a beautiful thought to carry with me today - thank you.

  15. Lovely! Thank you Rob for this very uplifting thought. It is so reasuring to know that our pure source is untouchable and therefore so are we.

  16. Oh, this is so good to re-know. Thank you Rob.

  17. Thankyou for this very practical and helpful lift. I often struggle with the past - it is the perfect antidote to know that God never had anything to do with it but is ever present good even when seeming negative events were taking place. My source is always God - wonderful.

  18. Great reasoning and illustration - thank you. This is a very useful mental tool.

  19. Thank you Rob for this strong DL - I need it very much.

  20. Wow! thank you for this powerful Lift so simply explained.

  21. This Lift cuts right through the Nature vs. Nurture theories of human behavior. How awesome to realize that we don't have to accept
    any suggestion about ourselves or others as separated from the Light---God's radiant love.

  22. Thank you for this wonderful Lift, Rob. If this is what you told your soldiers when you were a Military Chaplain, the men must have had strong thoughts in the battle zone, rather than fear, doubt and despair. Actually I clicked on your name and up came your bio, with much of the same Lift! It was great seeing the visual as you were saying it. And since you also work with the multi-faith people the message has been well received and could only make a huge difference to everyone.
    Thank you Nathan for the new music, the BoL, and lecturers, and our Lift family.

  23. WoW! Just what I need to hear this morning :) I have been working with understanding of Truth about how there are no accidents, no mistakes, that God's Goodness is all and ever present. This lift just "defined" why thats true.
    Thank you for this much needed daily lift!

  24. Thank you, Rob. These daily lifts just keep getting better and better, and today's seems to continue the theme from yesterday...all that seemingly painful human history in whatever guise it enters into our human history has NEVER been true about us because it was never a part of our true source, God. The "untrue events" took place under the mist in Genesis ll as the Bible states, not in Genesis l where man is "made in the image and likeness of God, and is good." (see Gen 1: 26 and 31). Years ago, a dear friend shared with me that when she had been struggling with her human history, and a physical challenge, it came to her that growing spiritually, and learning what was the real truth about her situation was learning about His-story...what God already knew about each and every situation which could only have been, was at present, and in the future could only be "good." :)

  25. Thank you for re-Mind-ing us that how God knows us is how we learn to know ourselves! This is merciful!

  26. Thanks I will use this all day.

  27. Thank you very much for that, to be defined by your source is just most of us needs to be reminded of because of the way we end up being caught in this busy-ness of today you can easily get a mistaken identity. Thanks again, it,s great

  28. Wonderfully strong - and clear - and pure Science! thank you very much, Rob.

  29. Thanks Rob,
    I think about “sun” rays a lot, but with a twist. Imagine you and a friend go out at night and look up at the same star (a sun). The individual “rays” you each see are uniquely different, although they have the same source and have been traveling, side by side, for eons. The ray you see was intended just for you, for your individual experience. And your friend, who has traveled side by side with you and is standing right next to you, will also “see” the same star, but have a difference experience or viewpoint, because he will see a different ray.

    Maybe he uses a telescope to increase the quality or clarity of the rays he sees. But no matter how he amplifies his experience of the star, it can never be the same as yours. Traveling over immeasurable time and unimaginable space, anything might have distorted your ray’s journey, but it finally arrives, at its appointed time and place, untouched and unaltered, from its original source, solely for your benefit.

    Doesn’t that apply to God’s thoughts, His unique expression to each of us as His Image and Likeness? Error can’t touch our source (God) and can't obstruct its transmission (Mind), so it can’t affect its expression (Man).

    What happens next is up to us. This distinctive ray (God's enlightenment) is our gift, to reflect and manifest (express it to others) or absorb and distort (stop) it from continuing on its appointed journey.

    I vote for Uninterrupted Expression


  30. Such a beautiful message today, thank you! Joan

  31. Thank you for this very inspiring LIFT. A great way to start our day.

  32. WOW! What a great Lift and all the comments and the music. I'm ready for the day. Thanks to everyone.

  33. Each time I listen to this lift I get new inspiration.

    You have defined the three “Rs”, three “Cs” and three “Ns” of “Time Travel”. We can Review, Reject and Replace any negative memory of the past. Not by going backwards to Change, Correct or Coordinate bygone events or behaviors, but to recognize their unreality and Nullify, Negate and Neutralize anything or heritage that claims to “hold us back” by linking us the past.

    There is NO PAST and NO FUTURE. God is EVER-PRESENT and unchangeable. PERIOD. Nothing changes here.
    Hymn 184
    "In heavenly Love abiding,
    No change my heart shall fear;
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here."

    How often do we accept false responsibility (or play the role of a victim), feeling guilty and imprisoned or impoverished by something in our memories, believing “That really happen to me”? We don’t have to go back to change a dream we had as a child that may have stayed with and effected us all our lives. We simply realize that God was right there where the old dream seemed to be.

    Just like the Garden of Eden was Adam’s dream in Genesis II, the remedy is not going back and killing the snake, but going “BACK” to the original, to Genesis I, before the snake and knowing the mortal dream never happened.

    That removes any sense or memory of its claim to reality about us.

    A practitioner might handle this like Poof, Gone, Next?

    What was it that need to be handled, a snake? No! a "mis-snake" (mistake).


  34. Now I can get to my early morning meeting-- and know the meeting will be truly that all is well-- for I am God's perfect child-- and everyone at the meeting is,also. The past "untrue" situations are unreal,so I am "going with God". Thanks, Rob for this inspiring beginning this "ayem".

  35. Thank you, Rob!

  36. Thank you, Rob, for the metaphysics in this lift--above and beyond what the physical senses give as our history or condition. The lift made me want to claim my story as God's expression, shining brightly to be lived and loved.

  37. Thank you Rob,
    "For all of good the past hath had remains to make our own time glad." comes to mind (CS Hymnal 238). As usual, I received so much from the Lift discussions.


  39. !Hermoso como siempre!
    Si miramos a nuestro alrededor parece muy dificil definirnos como hijos perfectos de Dios, ya que el mundo material gira a la inversa del sentido espiritual, y confunde.
    "La nueva lengua" "es el sentido espiritual que es contrario al material" La U.del B. MBE.
    "Por esto el mundo no nos conoce, como no le conoció a Él" ª1 de Juan.

    Ser consciente de nuestro origen espiritual es sustancial, porque de Él mana la Vida y esa comprensión sana, la comprensión espiritual es la que nos da autoridad, es la base de toda realidad porque está simentada en Amor que desarrolla y conduce a toda la Verdad... y nos define como hijos perfectos de Dios
    Muchas gracias, very thank Rob.

  40. Thank you for reminding us that we are not affected by our material histories. Sometimes shouting down the lies of heredity are tough, and your reminder of the Source of all good and our heritage is really helpful!

  41. Thank you, Rob and Jennifer D. (#23)... His-story (Scriptures) and her-story (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy) is my-story.
    See you in the light!

  42. Perfect! Thank you Rob!!!

  43. ..very powerful, very bright!

    And as a mirror shows us
    a likeness clear and bright,
    So God forever sees His child
    Revealed in radiant Light.
    (CS Hymnal 15:02)

    Thank you, Rob

  44. Gracias por el comentario en español! Por cada daily lift, gracias!

  45. Wonderful ,, thank you.

  46. WOW! This is just what I needed this morning, Rob. Thanks so much. Last night as I sat drying my hair I was rehearsing many of the hurtful events of my childhood and couldn't stop the replay. I had a mother who didn't want me and blamed having me for preventing her from following her dream to become an artist (although I had a brother 6 years older). Even though I rationalized that it certainly wasn't my fault I was born and refused to accept the blame for her unhappiness, it didn't improve our relationship. My childhood memories have been difficult to escape. They did, however, make me much more loving and compassionate towards others and determined to be a better mother (and now grandmother and great grandmother). However, I really need to know God as my only source, as you said, and keep this constantly in my thought. God has always been with me, and always will be. He is my true Father/Mother and I am His beloved child. Thanks again!

  47. Rob, thank you so much. I really appreciated this idea when you shared a similar one in the spirituality.com chat session. Sooooo helpful and so helpful this morning to use as a tuning fork for thought. Your opening analogy is great! My heart is singing, "yes!"


  49. Thanks Rob. As many of us, teachers and students. are starting a new school year it is a comforting truth to know that we are not defined by our past material history and can start a fresh new year knowing that we are God's perfect expressions. As a special ed. teacher it is really important to keep my thought pure and focused on God's perfect creation, not mortal man's limited thinking.

  50. The imagery in this lift is empowering! I have listened several times and feel the sunshine of Soul penetrating through the clouds. No material past, limited human goodness or horror can separate us from our true spiritual source of strength, God's infinite goodness!

  51. Love it Ron and thank you!
    The visual you provide and the simplicity of the message is something I will carry with me for much longer than today. Now I have to get to work on it.
    Lifters, listen to Ron's Defeating the Challenge of Aging audio chat from 6/21/11, its wonderful.

  52. I like that thought about not being able to cut through a sunbeam because
    the source is untouched, so our true nature can never be touched or affected by material history or circumstances, because we are one with our Source
    who only knows us as His perfect reflection, now and always. Thanks Rob
    for a thought provoking Lift !

  53. Love this message! So uplifting to be reminded that I'm defined by God, not by matter or what mortal mind would try to suggest. Thank you!

    And I love today's music!

  54. Wonderful, pure thought..Thank you Rob.

  55. Thanks, Rob! Love the music, too, Nate! Just because God is our Source and we are His reflection, All Good - this doesn't let us "off the hook". We should be willing to graciously make amends for our past mistakes. On the human level we are accountable for our behavior and taking responsibility for our actions is part of our spiritual journey, too! Admitting our wrongs is an important part of Humility! Just saying, "it never really happened in God's eyes" can be a tricky thing as it may lead into dishonesty and denial. Most of us are not at that high a level of spiritual growth to disregard our material past as never happening, but we can aim in that direction while still handling things on a human level, too!

  56. Thank you.

  57. This is one of the hardest concepts for me, yet because of healings I've had and feelings of 'presence' I've had I reason that it must be true, I just don't grasp it yet. This is where the naysayers would suggest that what you're saying is burying your head in the sand, or not facing up to things. Anyway, I'm grateful for the little I do grasp, can't imagine being without it, it's like it's the only door out of a scary place!

  58. Thanks, Rob, for your great Lift! How wonderful to know ... that stuff was never really a part of us. Only "... the enduring, the good, and the true ..." (Science and Health 261:4-5)

  59. Thanks! That was excellent--the illistration of the sun beams is really very good. And it does not matter to those sun beams how many times they were subjected to something being thrown on them, cut, beat on (or beat up!) or similar examples--nor does it matter to them how long these type of events went on--they were never really touched, or even harmed by the those human conditions. Like the rays from the sun--we as God's beams of light, if you will, can overcome a past history of hurts and wrongs. Your lift today has reminded me of a quote from one of Mrs. Eddy's other writings that is so fitting to this topic. It is from her book "Retrospection and Introspection": "The human history needs to be revised, and the material record expunged." This is not a mere attempt at just positive thinking, or rethinking of our past,---but really a statement of our true self as one of God's rays of light,---untouched, unstained and unencumbered by a worldly past.

    And one of Mrs. Eddys hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal has in the last verse a statement of how the Christ, God's very nature,"expunges"
    that "material record". It states:

    So, when day grows dark and cold,
    Tear or triumph harms,
    Lead Thy lambkins to the fold,
    Take them in Thine arms;
    Feed the hungry, heal the heart,
    Till the morning's beam;
    White as wool, ere they depart,
    Shepherd, wash them clean.

  60. What a clear, healing message.

    Thank you Rob!

  61. Thank you Rob so much. So very helpful for me . These lifts are wonderful each day to start us off right . Love to all today

  62. Thank you for this wonderful clear message!

  63. What a blessing this truth is. Thank you for your clear thought.

  64. I agree with Courtenay, really Brilliant, Rob! Thanks! And Grant, #1, thank you too for your insights. "The past has no hold on us, as long as we don't hold onto it."

  65. Thank you so much for this lift, just what was needed, wonderful to keep with me. Thank you, again.

  66. Thanks Rob, so very, very much. A medical diagnosis made a number of years ago has seemed to try to influence thought recently, in fearful ways. Being reminded that my true selfhood was never touched by the world view of me, at that time is truly a Lift. So wonderful to know that a medical diagnosis has "never made the slightest impression on my source". Such a healing message.

  67. Thank you so much, Rob.

    I awakened this morning feeling a bit out of sorts. The dream that I'd had just beforehand was way too vivid and unsettling and had much to do with a past struggle I'd hoped was gone.

    Bless you for this reminder that it never was my struggle. The dream-issue never did define me since it was never part of my real history with God. Instead, God has freed me and it's time to exchange that negative picture today for gratitude to be free to express my true, spiritual nature.

  68. Awesome Rob! Thanks for the great lift.

  69. A refreshing and purifying reminder. Makes me think of Paul in Phil 3: "...forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before....." Thanks, Rob.

  70. We are that beam of light. God is our source, and the light includes all that God is. The material history is the Adam dream. We have never been and could never be a part of that history.
    Thank you.

  71. Thank you Rob,
    Good ray of light! I often use the word source in place of creator -- or God -- when praying.

    And #32 -- Really liked your analogies and especially your word play. "Mis-snake." "Poof. Gone. Next! And -- Don't go back and kill the snake. Go all the way to BEFORE the snake. Before the DREAM. To the original.

  72. Nothing can separate you from your source. Look up and see your connection to the Comforter is intact. You can shut out a sunbeam by closing the blind or waiting till night time, but neither you nor any one or any thing else cannot break the connection to your source.
    Like being in a harness connected by an unbreakable steel cable to a helicopter winch, just look up and give the signal to be lifted up.
    Thanks for bringing light to this important concept.

  73. This lift coincides with a recent experience I had while driving to church.
    The sun was hidden by some clouds, but its rays were very distinct - fanning out below - a lovely sight. I'd always loved Mary Baker Eddy's illustration of the relationship between God and man - as the sun and its rays, and at that moment looking at those clear beautiful rays of light, I could see that nothing could touch the ray because it's source was the sun. You can't cut it, shoot it, break it or separate it from its source. Likewise man his his entire being as God's reflection or emanation or manifestation (notice the word "man" in those last two words! And nothing can touch or harm our real being. Thank you, Rob, for your wonderful lift.

  74. thank you
    and also for your recent audio chat
    with Rosalie
    'Defeating the challenge of aging'
    it is well worth to listen.
    I do often.

  75. I think #56 Maisey makes a good point. Our "preparatory school" here on Earth serves a good purpose. It's our opportunity to improve, to make progress. Everything that we experience here serves to help us grow spiritually!

  76. Wow! That was really powerful! Thanks! I love visuals so I loved the picture you painted regarding the sun rays and someone trying to bat them, or throw paint on them, and how they aren't affected at all by any of those efforts. SUCH a great way to explain God and His/Her creation, and the relationship between the two. Thanks!!!

  77. Thank you!

  78. Rob, your presentation reminds me of the Lazarus story. Everyone around believed Lazarus to be dead...four days already! Jesus NEVER believed Lazarus to be dead. He is asleep. After proving to all around him that Lazarus had not died, he told them to loose him and let him go. That is what we need to do with our material history. If we need to say "I'm sorry", we can do whatever we can to make amends, dust off our feet and move forward. The light/sun's rays are still shining on us from their source. And God's love is and has always been shining on us for us to accept with joy! Thank you for this wonderful lift!

  79. Thanks, Rob. Wonderful. We are bombarded today by the fear of identity theft. What a waste of time. In the material thought it seems to be a problem, but the real source of our being can never be stolen. Thanks again.

  80. Much gratitude for the explanation of not being touched by anything mortal--since our SOURCE is all that defines us. Thanks, too, to Jennifer from Sacramento, for HIS-story which is are our only history. Ahh, peace again today.
    Blessings, Maralee from Sherman Oaks, CA

  81. This is just what I needed to hear to move forward through my doubts and fears about myself based on past history. Now I can look to the real story about myself and others as true expressions of our source, God. I can see my false beliefs were just a matter of forgetting who I really am as a spiritual being, a ray of my divine source.
    How I want to cling to this idea, to remember when doubts appear. I will just remember Rob's illustration of the sunlight not being affected or hurt, because it still reflects its source, just as I do.
    Thank you Rob, commentors and those who make it happen for today's DL. I feel such comfort and strength. Thank you.

  82. I am stunned by the immense helpfulness of this LIft. I hesitate to say that, because I have been greatly uplifted by so many of the other LIfts, and I don't want to seem to slight them at all. But this one hits me right where I am. And judging by many of the comments so far, many others feel the same. The world pretty much YELLS at us that we are the product of mortal events and that the best we can do is "cope."

    This LIft blasts that theory to smithereens! Like Michael said, we do not "cope" with The Past by dealing with the snake in Gen 2 . . . we go "back" to our true origin, in Gen 1, before the snake . . and what do we find? Why, light, of course!!!! God said, Let there be light . . .let there be us . . and there was light . . .and there were we . . . .rays of light from our Source.

    Several other commenters said things that I wanted to respond to, but I can't right now . . I am feeling the need to just hold this precious Truth very very close and let it illuminate my thought. I'll try to come back later and say more . . .For now I'll just say a ginormous THANK YOU for this lift, on behalf of me and anyone else who has been laboring to shed the tatters of a mortal past . .. (ah . . maybe my efforts to "shed the tatters" is akin to trying to shovel out the dark . .. ah . . methinks there is a more effective way . . . )

  83. Great start to the day. It is nice to have a spiritual perspective to start from and then we can truly deal with the nity grity. Thanks Rob.

  84. Thank you Rob for the right on time lift this morning. I had some unpleasant thoughts this morning and was thinking how to reverse them. I even started to think about my children being affected by my past behaviors and then this proverb came to me "the children's teeth are set on edge, because the parents have eaten sour grapes." Listening to this lift reminded me that those events never made an impression on our source the Divine Mind that is so pure and good. We are not affected by a material history neither can our offspring be affected. I am so grateful, thank you so much and for the new music from the daily lift.

  85. THANK YOU for re-MIND-ing us as to how important it is in dealing with what seems to be a past. You stirred thought and brought up a little truth.



  86. Hi Rob,

    I wanted to share what happened to me this summer, when I went about "expunging history", as Mrs. Eddy says to do. I didn't know how to do it, so I just randomly selected a year(1987and1988). I got the calendar, and went day by day.

    I didn't see anything that needed expunging. I did see, that it was a full time and normally I like slower paces. So, I said "God, I am shocked that there was not much rest. " then He showed me how He did it. I focused on Him and the lovely Christian Science church.

    So, just when I could have gotten tired it was church on Wednesday and Sunday. Then there were the extra Sunday school meetings each month at night time as I was a Sunday school teacher. Then there was the Saturday reading room work, I did as well.

    So, God was showing me don't expunge history, but give gratitude for Christian Science church as it lifted me from tiredness and blessed those years.

  87. Heartfelt thanks Rob and everyone for commenting. I'm reminded of hymn 119, "Holy Spirit, Source of gladness, come with all Thy radiance bright; lift all burdens and all sadness; o'er Thy children shed Thy light." The thought of One Divine Source is so moving and relevant. Thanks again and again. The Truth of One Divine Source lifts all fears and thoughts of material history. I'm so grateful. Thanks also to Nate and the DL team.

  88. I am stunned...at the timing of this Lift, and by the releasing power of its truth....I just need to be still right now......
    Thank you, dearest friend.

  89. Clearly, this lift has reached many of us where we were and lifted us. Count me in there too.

    I especially related to #83 and her feelings of damage done to our children because of our mistakes. But this lift helps us see that nothing that has occurred in the past has ever had any impact whatsoever on the Source and therefore none on the rays. Our children are those rays, just as we are - so anything we have done in the past, or neglected to do because of busy careers or whatever, cannot have had any effect on the indestructible relationship each ray has with its source. What a "blessed assurance." Thank you for the powerful ideas in these daily lifts!!

  90. Amen and amen. Thank you Rob.

  91. Wonderful Lift! Thank you for sharing your insight today. I found all the comments very helpful, too, as I've been working on this very topic for quite some time.

  92. Rob: this is a great reminder to 'look where we would walk' and not behind. Many thanks

  93. Thank you for this healing truth. To know that we don't have to worry about the past ... to know what God knows about us brings healing.

  94. What Mind is knowing can't be added to nor taken from, since there is no other source. Lifts me right up. Thank you Rob and all that share your fine thoughts. I feel that we are constructing a beutiful quilt.

  95. Lovely, just lovely!!

  96. As i sit and feel the sun rays on this physical body I am so aware of my source, God. I carry this thought with me as i work my night shift when those rays are hidden.. Terrific Lift! I thank you.

  97. That is so true - we are defined by God, not by man! This reminds me of a line from S&H: "Citizens of the world, accept the "glorious liberty of the children of God" and be free! This is your divine right." (227:24-26) We have no choice but to be perfect and free from false suggestions. Our health and perfection are from a source that cannot be obstructed. Thanks for a great lift, Rob!

  98. Thank you Rob, for this angel message!

  99. Thank you Rob for this reminder. I enjoy all the comments , these up lifts make me so happy, Thank you , thank you, I love you all.

  100. Thanks Rob, for a reminder of what should be part of our Daily identity work. I can think like you suggest, but often a black & white issue gets corrected, but gray areas manage to hide long enough to later “fit” right back in the picture of my history. When that happens I need to question the source of any and all details and aftereffects of past memories. To those not familiar with our teachings, your Lift isn't a cop out, but a deep cleansing that does not leave us feeling we can do anything wrong and get by with it. Jesus said it plainly on the cross, “they know not what they do.” His tormentors were unaware of their and his pure spiritual selves. Their dreams & nightmares seemed more real than Truth, Principle being All-in-all. Yesterday's exchange of love within our DL family illustrated this Lift so well. Some didn't feel the inclusion of pure, perfect humility, but felt used, and thus abused. Then others in the family reached out with love and revealed the real status, and that love got felt. Our true Source was revealed and experienced. Computer problems tied me up for hours so I didn't read Comments till late afternoon, and didn't pick that issue up in my remarks. I was so pleased, not surprised, at the response from a wide number of our loving family comments declaring healing truths that applied. #32 Michael, “mis-snake”...Thanks! #84 Uncle John, I love that! Special thanks #83 Vicky!

  101. This forum for short heart-felt discussion, centered around a lifting thought, never ceases to amaze me with regard to its sincerity, depth, and world-wide embrace. The world is so much better for this group of lifters.

  102. Thank you Rob for this message. So very helpful for those of us haunted by the past from time to time!

    Also thanks to #32 Michael and all those who shared their comments. We are supporting each other and it's wonderful!

  103. Thank you, Rob.

  104. Thank you Rob for such an inspiring lift! As I read all the comments, I can see everyone was touched by your presentation and sharing! I LOVED Michael (#32) 3 R's; 3 C's and 3 N's explanation and thanks to #81 for your thoughts and especially #83 for your thoughts in reference to past mistakes with children! We are all going forward with the divine light of wisdom, understand, forgiveness and love for everyone our thoughts rest upon!

  105. Thank you so much for these thoughts you so lovingly share with us all.

  106. Sometimes, I've found, it takes great humility and generousity of heart to apologize to our children for the mistakes we have made with them in the past. This gentle truth-telling can open the way for even better relationships with our families and loved ones! As Mrs. Eddy says: "A little more grace, a few truths tenderly told.........." It's just really okay to love and cherish our humanhood, too!

  107. Another excellent msg. Thank you very much. for the comments too.
    Sorry am one day late.

  108. I Like!
    Thank you so much for this.

  109. Rob, thanks for today's inspiration. No matter what the material senses say, we must rely on our only cause, divine Love, God, the origin of all good, including man.

    En español

    Rob, gracias por la inspiración de hoy. No importa lo que los sentidos materiales digan, debemos confiar en nuestra única causa, el Amor divino, Dios, el origen de todo lo bueno, incluyendo al hombre.

  110. I just had a conversation with my prac. about this very subject! I could listen to THIS one EVERY DAY!!! Thank you for the thought!

  111. I found this very helpful and enlightening when hearing and thinking about upcoming events commemorating the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. How truly uplifting to know that human tragedy cannot affect or change God's goodness, which is ever-present and ever-active. Our one, true spiritual life, and that of each of His children, remains eternal, harmonious, and untouched.

    Rather than being distracted by error, or terror, trying to rear its "hydra head" and saying, "Look at me! See how much power I have? I can make you miserable, fearful, and sad," we can choose instead to honor, adore, and celebrate God's omnipresent love and joy for all His creation!

    Thank you for this beautiful lift!

  112. I love this message. Thank you.

  113. Beautiful and just what I needed at this moment! Thanks very much.

  114. What a simple, yet inspiring statement of Truth, that we need to take with us every day. Thanks so much.

  115. In case anyone is coming back to this Daily Lift, I want to recommend what Mary Baker Eddy has to say about "the camera of divine Mind."

  116. A perfect message to hold on to. Thank you!!

  117. Rob - thank you! It's sooo good.

  118. I've been sustained by these Daily Lifts for two years now, but I've never commented before. As a student of Christian Science I still have much to learn, but this lift says so clearly what is a difficult concept to grasp. This idea allows us to forgive ourselves for our part in a less than perfect past. I love the sentence, "We are what GOD knows about us, not our material histories or what the world says about us." Each new day is another opportunity to "consider the source" - OUR source - and carry on. Thank you so very much.

  119. Dear Rob: Thank you for this special "Up Lift."

    It is good to remind ourselves, every morning, that we can and will express our "real source"--undiminished and inevitable in outcome. Certainly a truth to hold on to during our busy days.

    Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  120. Great.Thank you. And fits so beautifully with YDL 8/16 (flashdark), too.

  121. Rob, just a beautiful message. Thank you for sending this Daily Lift to me. I signed up and look forward to more uplifting messages to start the day.

  122. Thank you Rob, for the wonderful message.

  123. Thank you Rob, our son passed almost 3 years ago, seemingly not in a good place in his life, this has been such a healing message for my husband and I, and we thank you.

  124. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.... I often think about light and how it dispels the dark. But, I never thought about your opening comments--trying to hit it with a bat, stain it with ink. Love that. Light is defined by it's source--so simple and so clear. Thank you. I'll be embracing these ideas today!

  125. WOW.

    and thanks.

  126. So grateful -- I 'll be so glad to work with these thoughts today ,

  127. Your lift has given me so much peace and much to hold onto. I will be listening to this again - thank you. We are each those sunbeams.Nothing can touch us , no material laws, no fearful suggestions, storms (hurricanes), disruption in government.

  128. I love it's promise. (The essence of your message.)

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