2/1: Decision making

2/1: Decision making

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  1. Thank you Shirley

  2. "where real Love is at work", as you phrase it, as being a clue for right decision-making, is such a beautiful reminder for me to observe mine own decision-making and the decision-making around me. thank you very much!

  3. Decision Making by Love - its clear, simpel und a livework.
    Thanks you Shirley for this great point. I Love it.

  4. I could see how searching for the source of Love will work from the remotest places to the heart of the most materialistic businesses.
    Love could very well be called, “the secret to success“ if understood. Today in the XXI century finally many people are truly understanding, that love really has nothing to do with sex but with feeling, with consciousness, and that the real source of it is God.
    King Solomon, who was known as the smartest man ever was and ever will be, made his wisest decision by looking to where genuine Love was working, and so he saved the child's life and reunited him with his mother. (I Kings 3:16-28)
    Yo puedo ver cómo buscando la fuente del amor funcionaría desde los lugares más remotos hasta el corazón mismo de los negocios más materialistas.
    El amor podría muy bien ser llamado, “el secreto del éxito“ si se lo entiende. Finalmente hoy en día, en el siglo XXI, muchas personas están entendiendo en serio, que el amor realmente no tiene nada que ver con el sexo sino con el sentimiento, con la conciencia, y que su verdadera fuente es Dios.
    El rey Salomón, quién fue conocido como el hombre más inteligente que jamás existió y existirá, hizo su decisión más sabia con la mirada puesta en donde hallaría obrando el verdadero amor y así salvó la vida del niño y lo reunió con su madre. (I Reyes 3:16-28)

  5. Decision making is a tough job. We have to weigh things up , sometimes we tend to decide intellectually that we forget to weigh out of love. Thank you Shirley for a profound sharing. It was an enlightenment in my daily living.

  6. Thanks Shirley for this. Aptly timed as I have some very important decisions to make and have been praying for an answer for some weeks . Now I know which path/s to take, Bless Everyone.

  7. Thank you Shirley for your inspiring lift. Yes, "when real genuine love is at work, we are closer to God's [Love's] order of things." That means "telling the truth and standing by it." says Gabriel Okara in the February 7th edition of the Christian Science Sentinel, page 18. "Thou art Truth's honest child,/ Of pure and sinless heart;" (Christian Science Hymnal #382).

  8. Thank you Shirley, this is just what I need this morning.


  10. I have an important decision to make tomorrow about my business and whether to go back to a very difficult client. Out of love for myself, I think i should take a stand and say no, in order to make room for more real love in my life. Rather than make a decision based on the immediate result of more money. More money will come more efficiently if I love myself and do what I really love doing, instead of working out of fear for money. My heart lies in setting up a business that helps people with their lives, because I really, genuinely love people.

  11. Dear Shirley
    What a wonderful reminder, that looking for the greatest opportunity to love is where we'll find true wisdom. I've found that to be true so often in my life. It breaks down barriers, helps projects move forward, surrounds every idea with love which shines and enriches everyone around you. Loving more, enables you to step back and listen and then move forward with real purpose - because it is God directed.

    With much love from your friend, Heather

  12. Thank you Shirley! Exactly what I needed this morning! Love will show me the best way.

  13. Thank you, Shirley.

    Decision making can be from "what do I do today" to "how do I find a new job." In both cases, we rest our case, because God is there. This fact is so beautifully presented. "Love" gives us the right answer and choice. This is just what I need to work with regarding a dear daughter praying for "new views" in employment.

  14. Mrs Eddy says " Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way" (Science and Health p. 454:18) in a paragraph entitled, " Love the incentive" which I have found very helpful in making a business decision to stop working with someone. I came to see my work is part of God's design, and not about my designs for Him!
    The context for today's lift couldn't be more helpful at this time, which shows again the beauty of divine Love!
    We can all share in the wisdom of Solomon by ensuring our ideas are established with the Father Mother Love that is always with us.
    This is, I am coming to see, our part in being in the presence of the Christ consciousness at all times.
    Thank you for this lift today.

  15. Thank you Shirley, for this very loving Lift, and it's a while since we've had that wonderful demonstration of justice and mercy. God always knows a better way, and a way that will benefit all concerned. We have to release our hold entirely, take a step back and be prepared to be an observer - full of trust and willing to cede all false responsibility - and the way will effortlessly open up.
    Thank you Nathan and your music makers. . . and thank you to the Lifters' contributions at this point. I just love watching as they come pouring in!

  16. That is terrific.
    Thanks so much Shirley.
    And, you got it in a nut-shell!
    Won't be forgotten.

    Many thanks,
    Much love, too,

  17. "Finding where real Love is at work"... oh, Shirley, that's just wonderful! Thank you so much!! I'll definitely keep that one with me.

  18. Muchas gracias Shirley.

    Podriamos preguntarnos hay algo que el amor no renueve o sane, sólo- pensar en él sana, estar unidos a él es demostración, cuantas veces nos sorprendemos de que se haya sanado una situación una doloncia y no nos damos cuenta que sólo pensar en Dios que es Amor sana, naturalmente no olvidarnos de nuestros sentimientos base fundamental de toda demostracción somos reflejo divino por lo tanto debemos reflejar Amor y eso es lo que sana todas nuestras dolencias. "El amor no es algo que se coloca sobre un estante para tomarlo en raras ocaciones con tenacillas para aúcar y colocarlo sobre el pétalo de una rosa" Esc. M. 250.
    Tenemos que vivirlo tenemos que sentirlo y sobre todo renemos que darlo.

  19. I love the Bible story you cite today as exemplary for "finding where real love is at work." It portrays decision-making as God's work, and renders it so much easier!
    Thank you!

  20. Thank you so much.

  21. A wonderful way to start the day. Thanks so much Shirley for this warm & thoughtful lift.

  22. With every decision you are guided to do the right thing in helping yourself as well as others. For it is this quality of man and woman that bring us together in some partnership or another may it be marriage or doing business together. In my life I have been set free to master the propensity of sin or any wrong doing except one. That one I would like to keep a secret, but I do know that everyone is natural to it and is something that is naturally forgiven. It is said that God, forgives sin. Now a days there are laws that say we must abide in love and not hate, for hate crimes have been judged and punished according to the laws of the land. I also found that hate crimes serve a period of some confinement. This has extended to other crimes including corruption and misdemeanors that are fined or placed in some confinement for some time. With the right education and learning the individual can make the right decisions to help one another rather than cause more harm. Let us pray for those that do not have the peace and comfort that others do. I pray to know that they too, will be set free to feel some peace and comfort. By knowing what the comforter is we can love one another as Jesus and His followers loved us. This God is a healing love that meets every need. This love takes away any sense of suffering and restores what is natural and perfect. It brings harmony, peace, joy, love, and healing power to do great things infinitely all over the world. :)

  23. Thank you, Shirley, for this inspiring daily lift. I am reminded of a poem I read a long time ago which stated: "The weight of a decision unto me doth not belong. I look to Thee and in Thy strength, am strong." God will always give us the right answer if we but only listen. Thanks so much! All the love of Love, Lorrie

  24. This message of love surely hits home for me today! Thank you so much for that true wisdom, Shirley.

  25. Thank you Shirley for this wonderful lift. Choose Love and Truth and they will detach mortal thoughts from your material concepts so you can make the right decision.

  26. What a great and practical approach, Shirley. Thanks so much!!!

  27. Thank you Shirley for that reminder to look for Love at work. I look forward to looking for real Love at work throughout my day!

  28. Love is always the answer.

  29. Thank you Shirley.. Such a beautiful reminder in that story of Love at all costs! Often with so many variables presented in the process of decision making we become distracted and tangled up in the "what if's"... but desiring Love, harmony, to be the outcome we are never left with disappointment but blessed with joy!

  30. Perfect! Thanks.

  31. Thank you so much, Shirley - such practical wisdom!

    Tolstoy's story "Where Love is, there God is also" comes to mind...

    Like an earlier commenter, I have always loved the "Love the incentive" paragraph on p.454 of Science and Health. Further on in that paragraph Mrs. Eddy says "Love is priestess at the altar of Truth [ I just love that image of divine Love as mediator and access to Truth! ]. Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters of mortal mind, and form the perfect concept. Patience 'must have her perfect work'."

    Thank you for this beautiful lift - "finding where real love is at work" - what a wonderfully wise way to live!

  32. Thankyou sweetheart, that was unimaginably helpful!

  33. Splendid.Thank you counsellor.

  34. Thank you, Shirley, for that wise and loving Lift! And thank you, #10, Lisa, for that wonderful insight on taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves in our decision-making. It's often been said that being True to oneself will bring the most love to all concerned. Can't have love without honesty and wisdom!

  35. I was led to look up this passage: Joel 3:14 - "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision."
    I think this is a promise that God is near us when decisions need to be made. We are never alone struggling to figure something out, but right then, right there, we are loved, cared for, guided and shown the way, what to do and how to do it. Thanks so much for this lift.

  36. Thank you Shirley. I am currently facing some tough choces right now and was spending a lot of time searching for wisdom. And you made it clear to me that where there is the most genuine love is the direction to go. Great Lift!!

  37. Weighing the options and making choices appears to be what we think of as our job. The interesting thing is that as we delve deeper into the permanent and spiritual things, this process of decision-making becomes more of witnessing answers and less about us making decisions.

    We discovered several years ago that a trusted employee had embezzled funds from our business over a period of a couple years. The advice from others and the decisions to be made could have been overwhelming, but the case was managed by daily turning to what I know is Truth. We were witnessing God's law in operation. We were witnessing Truth irradicating error. We were witnessing protection and unfoldment. Let me tell you right here... I was led to open books and hymnals to daily SPECIFIC truths to meet each day's challenge. If we were dealing with lawyers, all the citations had to do with God's law. If we were dealing with the individual, all the citations had to do with Principle, Love, and healing. If we were dealing with fraud accountants, all the citations were about balance, supply, and provision from God.

    Our business carries on, the individual faced tough issues, no one went to jail, employees were challenged to de-personalize the situation, etc. There is no question that "real Love was a work (as you say Shirley). And as #14 Jane mentioned Mrs Eddy says ” Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way” (S&H 454:18)

    One decision.. stayed tuned to God's view of His creation, good.

  38. "Real" Love.... hmmm. A good test for decision making - and food for thought to ponder what real love is - how to recognize, express and share it! Thanks Shirley, Nate and the whole team for these lifts!

  39. Thank you, Shirley. This comes at just the right time. Moment by moment each of us makes a decision, sometimes very small and ocasionally life-transforming. No matter what, when Love is guiding we cannot make a wrong decision! Thank you for this wonderful inspiration.

  40. Thank you so much, Shirley! What an inspiring and helpful Lift. It's telling me that divine Love doesn't just show us the answer, but divine Love IS the answer.

  41. Sweet!!!!! Yes- if we make our decisions based upon the real meaning of love how can we go wrong!!!! Thanks Shirley- you were a senior and i was a feshman at upper school....long long time ago !!!! You are doing great things - Thanks!!!!

  42. How simple and profound. Goes way beyond, yet incorporates the Golden Rule. So grateful to you.

  43. Thank you Shirley: Yesterday, I had to make a decision, taking a job that became available. I had a mixed feeling, and so I passed on that job. Right away I started to feel lighter, but in my mind I needed a more solid reason. You gave me that reason, Shirley. Love was missing from it and I wouldn't be happy."Divine Love has always met and will always meet every human need."
    Mary Baker Eddy.

  44. Perfect for me today... I have a decision to make and I will look to Love for my answer! Thank-you for that Lift, Shirley.

  45. Just what I needed! Thank you.

  46. Thanks so much, TEAM!! This isn't "a keeper" ~ it's a sharer!! That's just what I'll do, share this Lift with friends!!

  47. Thanks for the lift Shirley, that was great.

  48. Good one! I liked the further spiritual inspiration of Solomon's decision based on the ONE true Love.

    Thank you.

  49. Thank you Shirley,great lift #15 and #22 sum it up totally....

  50. Aha, dear Shirley,

    Thank you for the fresh insight to "Solomon's decisive sword" -- finding out where genuine love is at work! That's uplifting my thought today!

  51. What a great idea to ask what the most loving choice is. Thanks for connecting the idea of unselfishness with decision-making.
    In a recent article in the Christian Science Sentinel, (sorry I don't know which one), a successful businessman was asked the secret of his success. His answer was "how can I give and grow?"
    2 Corinthians 9:7, "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

  52. Thank you, Shirley - very good lift today. And thanks to all of you, lifter friends for your loving comments. Have a wonderful, love filled day.

  53. Thank you, Shirley. With that motive of Love, we can make the right decisions. Thank you for the wonderful Bible story of the two women and the baby. Very helpful.

  54. Thank you Shirley.

  55. Thank you, Shirley - We have been struggling with a major life change decision for over a year now - this lift could be just what we need to lead us to our choice and bring much needed peace of mind . . . . Thanks for being out there, Daily Lift! (and special thanks to #14 - the reminder of SH 454:18)

  56. "I look to Thee in every need and never look in vain...I feel Thy touch, eternal Love, and all is well again. " Hymn 134 Thanks Shirley, Nate, all the lifters who share, and TMC.

  57. Such a great lift! Thank you Shirley :)

  58. This is just what I needed today as I work through a misunderstanding with a friend.

  59. I have found that when Love guides, all is serene even when the scene is less than peaceful. I'm so grateful for this reminder today, as many decisions will have to be made. Thanks, Shirley, Nate and all who engage.

    "No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific proof that God, good, is supreme." (Misc. Wr. 277)

  60. Isn't it amazing how the simplest idea can also be the most profound?!! That is a wonderful new way to think about decision making...and it is bound to bless anyone who chooses its wisdom. With much gratitude !!

  61. Wow! that's just what happened this morning. I was going to, under no circumstances, let someone get away with shirking her duties. Then I asked God how He sees this dear one. I found myself praying some of the Lord's prayer. Also, I found myself calm and thinking that the situation was of very little importance. God sees this dear one as loving and conscientious since she reflects divine Love.

    Ha. Love is always in charge.

    Thanks so much for letting me see more of how to think clearly about how God, Love, is working in our consciousness. We can hear the spiritual message when we turn the situation over to God and perhaps say, "Okay, God, how do you see this child of Yours?" Love decides. And I can act out of love.

  62. So many times we think we are making a decision that is unselfish, when really it is to make ourselves just feel or LOOK unselfish. When we are sincere, and really ask God what we should be doing in order to show forth His true love, we find the right path, that will in no way support a selfish motive. It took me a long time to decide to marry my husband, but that was what happened - I gave myself over to the unselfish desire to bless others, and it did seem like this marriage was aligned with that purpose (as was my husband's desire to bless. when i realized how very unselfish he was, it was irresistible!)

    Thank you Shirley!

  63. what a wonderful gem of an idea Shirley! Thanks!

  64. You may be interested to read this article on spirituality.com, "Decisions made easier." Here is the link: http://www.spirituality.com/article.jhtml?ElementId=/repositories/shcomarticle/Dec2006/1165333919.xml&ElementName=Decisions%20made%20easier

    Daily Lift Team

  65. A lovely lift and greatly needed. Thank you so much!

    It reminds me of Hymn 182;

    Make channels for the streams of Love,
    Where they may broadly run;
    And Love has overflowing streams,
    To fill them every one.

  66. Thank you dear Shirley.
    True clarity and wisdom--laws of Love!

  67. I love it!!! Thanks so much for all the food for thought and action!

  68. Wow! I was literally about to make a decision, listened to your lift and now it will be a different decision. This decision will definitely bring me "closer to God's order of things". Thank you sooooo much.

  69. Thank you very much, Shirley, It's so true.....Love, Divine Love, express him self always with the right decision...we just have to let him express him self and follow him.....

  70. Me too! No doubt now about a decision I made this morning. Thank you Shirley and everyone who works so hard on these Lifts!

  71. For me, it always goes back to "motive". When I'm faced with a decision, I always ask myself.....What is my motive? Is it all about me? Is it selfish, will I hurt someone? just what are my intentions....if it's to love, to be kind, to build someone or something up, to bring out the good around me, will it bless others, then I know it's the right thing...."A motive made pure"

    Thank you to my daily lift family.....so grateful!

    The quote above is from <em>Miscellaneous Writings</em> (p. 354:15) by Mary Baker Eddy.

  72. Thank you, Shirley, for this important reminder to work on making decisions the spiritual way. You've given me the key to go about it better, looking for more of Love involved, Decisions have been tough for me in the past for I see such detailed pros &amp; cons on any side of choices. After it's past time to decide, I managed to see a firm way to go, but my husband wasn't happy over my problem. Since his passing, I've had to be the decision maker and am forced to rely on God, which makes it possible to keep going. I'm grateful to be finding this path, but have more work to do. I'm not a Solomon yet! I love that Bible story and his wisdom awes me over his God given decision. Margaret down in Australia, I've prayed about the storm you mentioned yesterday. I'm praying for the USA one, where my son is a truck driver, and I'm praying for the stormy (not weather) Egyptian crisis, as well as other global places. The Lifts, a God inspired decision, have created a strong prayer circle for every place on earth and joined us all in love for one another. Genuine Love is at work in our daily connections and inspirations. The decision to have the Lifts, the decision so many make to listen to them, and the decisions so many make to share comments have blessed me so much and help me remember how to make better decisions. Thanks # 35 Myangelite.


  74. This is so good Shirley. Thank you.
    And thanks to the World-wide Family of the D.L -- who have shared such insights and proofs of the Love of God in action. So powerful -- decisions based in Love, God, or what is nearest to it in our daily life.

  75. Thank you Shirley for the excellent Lift. Also thanks to all the Lifters who responded in comments and the ones who might not have responded in writing. All is such a great blessing.

    A part of the family.

  76. Wow, what a great way to unlock that Bible verse. Mrs. Eddy says "our decisions will guide us whatever direction they take" so how important to have Love guide those decisions and us! Thank you so much, Shirley for this great lift.

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Quote from <em>Science and Health</em> by Mary Baker Eddy, page 392:22
    "Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they take."

  77. Shirley, Thank you for this truly beautiful Daily-Lift on Decision making! Loved the story of the Mother and her baby! Genuine love is working true decision making and unselfishness too! I am going to pray that this will help me make decisions easier and maybe quicker too. With so much gratitude and love to you and God, have a joyous day this Lift was a prayer answered. Love, Carol

  78. Good advice, Shirley! Thank you.

  79. You know, I really needed this lift. I completely agree about this, and thank you very much.

  80. Hi Shirley! Thank you so much for such a vivid sense of Love and the the true decisive decision. If one loves so that there is justice on all sides,
    you cannot go wrong as God's direction is always blessed.

    Blessings to you always

  81. Well! That certainly takes all the guesswork out of decision-making! Thanks for that great idea.

  82. 64 Thank you DL Team. Perfect link to expand Shirley's words of wisdom!

  83. When I listened to this lift in the morning, I thought how good it was, and how it would be useful to me since in the past I often have had difficulty making decisions. Then, late in the day, suddenly I got a phone call that presented a difficult decision for me. To think of this lift and to be able to go back and listen again, has been a great help to me. I am very grateful.

  84. thank you Shirley. Every day is a day of making decisions and to make them according to Love's commands as your lift suggests in harmony with Mary Baker Eddy's writings and the Holy Bible is the way to go.

  85. How these 2-minute ideas help us help others! Thank you Shirley for simple but profound steps to make decisions. Our Decision Maker anoints our head with oil!! Our decisions naturally reflects Her Love!! Good day every one!

  86. Beautiful! Thank you for this wonderful and helpful lift!

  87. Thanks so much Shirley, that speaks to the heart and is such sound counsel for all of us. A wonderful example for our Sunday School students too, as well as all of us. This is a keeper in my eyes. Thanks again.

  88. True love is the real love and we express God´s love as we go about in making a decision. Thank you.

  89. Thank you. thank you, thank you. Your comments gave me the peace that comes from listening for God's guidance. I am so grateful for the beautiful insight you shared with us.

  90. Another eye-opener to God's ever-presence!
    Thanks, Shirley.

  91. Thank you,Shirley.This is wonderful.

  92. Absolutely profound! Thank you for the great lift today.

  93. Thank you Shirley,
    I have been thinking and praying about a decision that I have to make - whether to go back to school and obtain another teaching credential. There are so many pros and cons. The classes are very expensive but I might need to work several more years (instead of retiring at 65) and then I will need this credential. Looking for “where real Love is at work”, has helped me focus my thoughts away from the consideration of money to the real issue.
    Thanks again.

  94. This lift and the wonderful comments of listeners is definitely something to keep and refer to often. "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." S &amp; H 494, requires that we put Love at the heart of every decision we make. The richness of the respondents' remarks make this Lift a special treasure. Thank you, Shirley. We are all blessed by your thoughts.

  95. On the next election day, a division has to be made as to who would make the best President of the USA. Will it be Obama or who ever wins the Republican nomination to run against him. The voter has to ask himself; who is the most truthful, honest, and sincere person to represent the country instead of selfishly wanting to be President to fullful his own selfish needs. Seeing each candidate as expressing God's qualities and not selfish Mortals will help our country men select the right person. Leaving out those jibs and jabs that each candidate swings to each other and focusing on what they have done right will also help in making the right decision of our vote.

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