6/2: Creative solutions to oil spills

6/2: Creative solutions to oil spills

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  1. My mom always says “Everything has a solution but death, and we don't accept that one anymore, do we?" As Christian Scientists we are taught to invert any error, anything we know that by being hurtful cannot come from God which is All good. Let's invert in our heart the oil spill: OIL. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration.(S&H 592:25)
    There's people all over praying to overcome this problem, THAT IS consecration; charity; gentleness; heavenly inspiration...

    Mi mamá siempre dice "Todo tiene solución, menos la muerte, y a esa ya no la aceptamos más, ¿o sí?“ Como Científicos Cristianos se nos enseña a invertir cualquier tipo de error, cualquier cosa que sabemos que por ser ofensivo no puede venir de Dios, que es Todo el bien. Invertamos en nuestro corazón el derrame de petróleo: ACEITE. Consagración; amor; dulzura; oración; inspiración celestial. (CyS 592:25)
    Hay gente por todas partes orando para superar este problema, ESO ES consagración; amor; dulzura; oración; inspiración celestial...

  2. Thanks for the uplift.

  3. Very good Chet! "Praise thou Creative Mind, maker of earth and heaven".

    Creation is the manifestation of God, as we are. Who else could make a crab or a pelican? If we are at-one with everything in creation, as coming from the one and only Source, we should care for everything in creation.

    I pray every day for the oil spill. I pray for everyone trying to make a clean and sustainable life on the earth, from the guy in his lab trying to make clean energy from hydrogen, to the women planting trees in Africa.

    Creative Mind will supply us with answers we need, when we praise God and listen and act. We will help bring about the government of God, where God reigns and heaven and earth are seen as one.

  4. Thank you Chet for listening to "creative Mind" to give you that wonderful lift to share with everyone!

  5. GOD is creative - we reflect the creativity.
    What a great uplift. I was struggeling with this uncreativity those days, while I was writing cover letters. But this thought gave me strength and a better understanding that I reflect GOD's creativity.

    Thank you Chet!!!

  6. Thank you Chet. You had me chuckling as just before checking the DL out I had been working with Praise Now Creative Mind! Love that one united Mind in operation! Confirmation for/of my work today! Now I'll work with it from your avenue perspective too. Blessings, Nancy

  7. Thank you Chet for such a thought-provoking Lift. When praying on this and other current challenges, I find the following sentence from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (page 494:10-11), written by Mrs Eddy, to be so wonderful a foundation to work from:

    "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need."

    This is a promise for all times, that whatever the human need, already Divine Love is on the case, is project managing with perfect precision, absolute intelligence, the full power of God's intelligence is already working alongside those who are working so hard to find the right solution.

    To the right of this sentence, is a marginal heading, which reads, "Inexhaustible divine love". This lifts my heart to soar above any clouds, because Divine Love never gives up, never leaves the project early, never bails out, but is a source of inexhastible Love, for all to be replenshed by, to take strength from, to trust.

    Overflowing thanks to each and every daily lift, and a deep sense of gratitude for all the comments you all make. They go together to make the most precious concept of family, everyone joining together to support each other, and to support the world's challenges, whatever they may be.

  8. Having just resigned from a job which was proving to be unsuited to my aspirations for life, I was really grateful to be reminded that I possess within me the creativity I need to find another source of income. If I remain open, creative Mind will show me the way. Thank you, Chet!

  9. Thank you, Chet, for this encouraging Lift. It is so full of Truth, and brings hope and expectancy. I thought it went well with the Monday Monitor article on the subject by Nathan Talbot. With so much discouraging news on the subject, Your Lift, and the Monitor article stand like great beams of light, bringing understanding to result in fruition. Paul said that “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb.11:1). I like the word “Now” for it would apply right away, not months away. I paraphrase the Bible quote Mrs. Eddy used of Jesus, to start her chapter on Prayer in S&H. I think Jesus would approve: “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this fountain (of oil), Be thou removed, and be thou cast from the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (taken from Mark 11:23,24). His use of “whosoever” would seem to make it a possibility for this situation to be healed by anyone who does what he says, and it isn't dependent on oil executives, government, or some special “Somebody”, but is doable by believers, just like us, no matter how far from the location we may be. I think we're not alone, for there must be many praying in similar fashion. Thanks, too, for bringing the beautiful Hymn to bear on this healing.

  10. Lately in praying for the world I have been turning to the great fact of universal Good counteracts the falsity of universal evil. Chet reminded me of that creative presence at hand, forever in the now, and forever activating His creation that is without an oil spill. This takes away the overwhelming view of a gigantic problem with no answer effecting the innocence of those in its way since universal Good covers the minimal as well as the maximum and everyone and thing in Good's way. It doesn't really matter because it operates over all space and all humanity. I like to think of the blood of the lamb and the hand of God as the plagues swept through Egypt at the time of Israel's forced departure. They were totally protected from the proclaimed devestation of the so called universal resisting evil of the times. It's no different now. Universal Good does operate over us all for all mankind.

  11. Very inspiring - thanks!

  12. Many thanks Chet for your lift with creative Mind [God}. Chemists might describe oil as a mixture of hydrocarbons. Mrs. Eddy described oil as "consecration, charity, gentleness..." [all harmless] (S&H 592:25). Which description do we accept as truth?

  13. Thank you so much Chet for this absolute truth. There is always a solution in every thing.

  14. Thanks Chet, very timely reminder that we can expect good and know that God, the only creator will provide solutions to any challenge we may encounter. Creative Mind is always unfolding new and perfect ideas to direct our thoughts and actions back to Him. Thanks for this clear and optimistic message to start our day!

  15. María de los Ángeles García, Bs. As. Argentina.

    Gracias Elena Shideles por la traducción al castellano, es una inmensa alegría para mí ya que todavía entiendo poco inglés.
    También es una inmensa alegría esta elevada oración de saber y ver el Bien sienmpre presente en todos y en todo!
    Desde mi humilde lugar oro todos los días sabiendo que ahí dónde parece estar brotando petróleo está el Bien supremo de Dios llenándolo todo con Su infinito Amor.
    ¡¿Que más bueno que el amor, la dulzura y la consagración, la oración celestial que representa en aceite del petróleo?!
    Los ángeles de Dios nos inspiran a seguir orando unidos todos, para saber y ver la omnipresencia y omnipotendia de Dios, el Bien infinito!
    El Amor de Dios llena toso el espacio! Todo es Su Vida!
    Cariños a todos!

  16. Thank you so much, your thoughts are just what I needed. There are several things that I need to do and knowing that the Creative Mind will supply the answers for me takes care of everthig. Thank you.

  17. Perfect inspiration, Chet. Thank you so much.

  18. What an inspiring lift! And the responses are terrific! Especially helpful is realizing that we're not waiting on a few "experts" to solve this. We're all helping, all reflecting and showing forth all-wise, ever competent, creative Mind.

  19. Thank you, Chet for a wonderful uplift today....such a powerful thought to hold in our minds as we pray for the oil situation and any other challenge that comes into our consciousness....terry

  20. Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful Lift! I appreciated being reminded that God is the creative Mind, and that there is one Mind so the answer is there and it will be brought to light. And all that seems to have been lost will be restored. Thank you for your daily prayers for the world, Chet.

  21. "Is any thing too hard for the LORD (divine Love)?" Genesis 18: 14

    Dear Chet, thank you so much! Thanks a lot for all comments and prayers for this environment's emergency. Also thanks for all actions towards changing consumption habits to reduce the use of oil-derived products - that is the pressure of today's high demands of consumption that increases the need for oil exploration in a large scale! Let's change plastic shopping bags by fabric shopping bags!!!! :o)

  22. Just like the axe head swimming and the wet wood lighting.. the answer is creative, unlimited Mind. I will share this with many today!

  23. Wonderful , thanks !

  24. Wonderful, Chet, thank you!

  25. I love the idea that all the creativity we need to solve problems is at hand from God, and we cannot be deprived of it. That reminds me of some recent articles in The Christian Science Journal, especially several by Tom Black, showing us how we can't be deceived to think we don't have the ability to pray and find solutions. Thanks, Chet.

  26. Thank you Chet! what a wonderful way to begin my day. We must hold to the fact that Divine Mind is communicating to all mankind only the ideas which answer every human need, every moment. We need to "tune in" open our thoughts, be still and listen for the right direction and then follow. Beleive me it works!!

  27. Thank you so much for giving me this thoughful spiritual idea that I can use in my daily prayer and feel confident that the results is healing. Bringing the fact into focus that God is creative Mind is absloutely what I needed. Not just for the oil spill but for each opportunity to prove the allness of God's presence in our lives and others. I feel at peace that this creative Mind has provided solutions yet unseen and is unfolding before us in tangible evidence. As a previous "Daily Lift" indicated that we live in the "Now" and it is now that we can expect a solution to any problem that has presented itself. My deepest gratitude for our Lecturers and the staff that coordinates these "Daily Lifts".

  28. Thank you so much for pointing out Mind's unlimited creativity, which demands expression. Where Mind is, solutions are, including the desire and willingness to recognize and utilize them.

  29. Thank you Chet!! What healing inspiration!

  30. Thank you, Chet, great lift for today and for this prayerful need, thank you!

  31. Thank you for addressing this issue so beautifully and simply.

  32. simply wonderful!!
    muchas gracias Chet!

  33. After your inspiring lift, Chet, I began thinking about how I could be expressing creative Mind about this situation with the 'oil spill'. I began to imagine that all the men, women, and children who wishes to see this catastrophe solved become of one Mind and turn to God for their inspiring creative ability be put into action. There would be no more energy spent towards feeling helpless, but instead all coming together to work to know how to save our precious earth through giving total attention to the solution....God! Well, one may say it is impossible, I don't think so or I would not have been thinking about this in this manner. We all desire this picture to change for good, and Mrs. Eddy says "desire is prayer." We can right now stop throwing up our hands, ranting, raving, running around fitfully, and being fearful....for once we turn our thoughts to a better and higher thinking, then God gives us inspiration to act on, becoming too busy to fear. Are we not all of one God? Then good does reign here and now! the answer is within us.

  34. Thanks for the reminder that the answer is established and all we have to do is listen to creative Mind to show us the way.

  35. Thank you, Chet, for the extra inspiration needed to see that Creative Mind does have a solution, and it is NOW ... no waiting required!

  36. Great uplift Chet! Praise and rejoice in knowing and being creative Mind's reflection. Expectations speed progress. :)

  37. Just what I needed today! There will be an answer to everything from creative Mind. Not my individual mind, but from an intelligence divine. Thanks so much for helping me get on the right track today.

  38. Well, and clearly spoken, Chet. Placing worry about 'the spill" aside and trusting the Eternal Mind, Creator of heaven and earth, we can expect the proper solution to appear. He maintains His creation (we all know that maintenance of everything is constant and necessary!) God is the director of engineering in charge of that project and with listening ears His workers will follow His orders and get the job done!!

  39. Thank you so much, Chet. A helpful reminder you've given us. Specific to the oil spill is how God, divine Love's provision, is viewing this: as an opportunity for My ideas to work together in harmony; boundless trust in Me - the Eternal to forever provide for each of My ideas, etc. As God - the creative Life and intelligent Mind and unerring Truth - is unable to know ending, ignorance, or lies - neither can any of His ideas know anything but good. We, i.e., man - is the "effective reflection" of the boundless abundance Father-Mother God has in store for His children.

  40. What a wonderful "uplift". thanks so much

  41. Thank you for very helpful Lift today. Referring to the holy city, New Jerusalem, in Science and Health, on page 577, Mrs. Eddy states: It's gates open towards light and glory both within and without, for all is good, and nothing can enter that city, which "defileth,... or maketh a lie." Nothing inharmonious or destructive can enter the atmosphere of divine Love. Verse 1 of hymn 144 from the Christian Science Hymnal reads:
    In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live and move and breathe;
    Though mortal eyes may see it not,
    "Tis sense that would deceive.
    I am also grateful for comments shared.

  42. Thank you, Chet for your healing thought about creative Mind. The All-good Mind which provided mankind, in this current era, with the wonderful discovery of the usefulness of oil and gas--would not bring an unsolvable, evil aspect with that loving gift. Lately I have been cherishing gratitude for all the good which this natural resource has brought us. Rather than to condemn oil and the use of oil, a replacement of that thought with gratitude for all benefits received and an expectation that all gifts from God have no evil side. The spiritual concept of oil cannot inspire greed or thoughtlessness nor can its use result in an unsolvable problem. Many are cherishing the idea of a new, better source of energy and the wise use of energy--and that is wonderful--but are we really grateful for the good already received?

  43. Brilliant. Most inspired.

    Sincere thanks Chet.


  44. Thank you, Chet. Yesterday it struck me MIND corrects and governs. We bear witness to that government. Creative Mind doesn't just give man the necessary ideas to fix a problem, but Mind itself governs the flow. Just as the Biblical examples you gave illustrate - solutions came! Man didn't need to figure out how to make the dry land or the well or the money appear ... God revealed Himself in these ways and his children's eyes were opened to see. I'm praying that man's eyes are open to see God's marvelous work!

  45. Just as I was reading through the comments, I received a call from my husband, who is at work, tackling a particular issue that seems to defy resolution. He asked if I would help him pray for the revelation of the solution, so that the project can continue to its proper conclusion. I played the lift for him and he listened over the phone. We rejoiced over the idea of creative Mind and then I shared with him the comments from #7 - the notion of God being the Project Manager, the "perfect precision" in His work and the fact that He is "already working alongside" those striving for solutions. He found these ideas comforting and encouraging.

    Thank you to Chet and the commenters and to the entire team that puts these Lifts together. They surely bless!

  46. Thanks for your thoughts about the power of the Divine creativity - which always has a solution-

    In addition to #41: yes, the New Jerusalem, "It’s gates open towards light ..
    and in Nehemiah 4 we can read about the defense of the gates and doors of Jerusalem -...".they which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens,...and with the other hand held a weapon"-
    Our weapon is our trust in God and our understanding - to keep the doors closed in front of all theses frightening pictures and to know that the " gates are open towards the light". And that the solutions are at hand.

  47. Every human need met! Not by the human mind but by divine Love, the divine Mind of us all.

  48. Thanks Chet for the “alertness to duty”* call with requires us to remember our duty to mankind.

    Years ago I coined an expression to make a point: Ha, Ha, Ha. Your side of the boat is sinking.

    Obviously we can’t ignore any attack on mankind just because it is foreign, remote to us, out of our experience, someone else’s problem or “out of sight, out of mind”. We’d be out our Mind not to realize the good side of the boat sinks with the bad if left unattended or we refuse to answer the call for aid.

    Like all error, the spill of oil at this underwater “site” is only a symptom of a deeper underlying and unresolved situation. Focusing attention simply on a leaking well head is another one of error’s sleight of hand tricks to redirect our attention away from the real issues of lack, (lack of control, energy, natural resources, etc.) and our growing dependency on material technology to fix what it created. We need to invoke God's government here and now.

    Our collective spiritual "insight" will keep the oil “in its site”, in its rightful place, not out of “site” and into mortal mind. God gave Man dominion over earth and the waters under the earth, to keep everything in its rightful place and purpose. The demonstration thereof is our job, collectively. Let's start by COLLECT the oil in our own thought and putting it into its proper channel.**

    *Man 42:4 “Alertness to Duty. SECT. 6. It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind. By his works he shall be judged, — and justified or condemned.”

    ** S&H 506:18 “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.”

  49. The lift that brought out, Rejecting, Replaceing, and Rejoicing is part of my prayer for the oil spill. We can all have a part in the solution. Thank you for the encouraging lift today.

  50. So appreciate everyone's inspiring thoughts and prayers - all evidence of creative Mind at work! "All is the under the control of the one Mind, even God" Mary Baker Eddy writes on p. 544 of Science and Health. Today, I've been praying with this concept of divine control - and seeing it at work throughout the Bible, especially the healing work of Jesus. Whether he was facing "out of control" weather or hatred or insanity, he brought the calm of Christ, the peace of divine Mind right to the human need. Scientists, environmental workers, investors, government officials who are seeking a solution to the oil spill can feel this same Christly calm - and the earth itself can yield to Mind's all-encompassing control. As MBE writes, 'Immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so-called, as well as in the spiritual" (SH p. 497).

  51. Thank you so much, Chet, for sharing those wonderful ideas. I love contemplating every aspect of creative Mind. The unlimited nature of God is forever expressed. I often ponder Mrs. Eddy's questions in Science and Health, "Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? What cannot God do?" Isn't it also true that all the wonderful resources, oil, water, air, sunshine are all God's! How can one of God's ideas overpower or harm another? Impossible! Thanks also to all who share their powerful thoughts on these Daily Lifts.

  52. Thank you so much. Creative Mind is our great and powerfull Tool, everywhere and everytime.

  53. When nothing seems to bring the solution, or as hymn 224 aptly puts it, 'When all material sreams are dried', in humility turning from the drought of materiality to the omniscience of Mind, and praying 'Shepherd show me how to go' hymn 304, the right solution, that was always present in Mind is revealed [brought to light], in practical ideas.
    Chet your comments today helped me pray with assurance for the Gulf region of the United States.
    With thanks to you from Nigeria

  54. Thank you for this loving and helpful thought as we collectively pray about the oil spill.

  55. thank you chet for your uplifting message...your calm voice and powerful message gave "still" to the fearful stirrings and sadness in my heart. i will read the hymn to which you referred. thanks, also to all the previous responders--every one of you brings blessings to my days. sincerely yours.

  56. Thanks for sharing with us that Good is not helpless in the face of so-called disasters.

  57. Thank you so much! There is sooo much good we as Christian Scientists can do to help in solving world problems. When we unite in prayer, solutions appear. I'm so grateful you reminded us we can and must pray diligently to help find a solution to the oil spill. I am eager to see the results! (=

  58. Thanks Chet! I am praying with Mrs Eddy's definition of "oil" in Science & Health, p. 592, "OIL. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration." All those beautiful concepts are GOOD, so that means that oil is not destructive, but a spiritual concept! And some of the words from the Explanatory Note we hear read on Sundays, "........uncontaminated, unfettered by human hypotheses, and divinely authorized" are so helpul in understanding the true nature of all spiritual concepts.

  59. Opps! I forgot to thank everyone and especially Michael #48 for their helpful thoughts. lol

  60. Powerful LIft. Powerful comments. Thanks to all, especially #7, JoG--I can just say "ditto" to everything she/he posted.

    Another healing resource is notes on each weekly CS Bible Lesson, from CedarS Camps (newsletters@cedarscamps.org)--In their corresponding PSST (Possible Sunday School Topics) this week, they make reference to this particular Daily LIft. In return, I urge you to go read the Bible Lesson NOtes of theirs for this week--they include extremely strong and clear thoughts on God as Only Cause and Creator, and how He must be ONLY good . . .

    And as far as creativity in solving problems, I was so touched this week by something the "little" paper in my "little" town reported on and deemed "front page worthy" (if I'm remembering right!!). They put out a call for "old panty hose and hair from hair cuts"!! Somebody had heard of a group who was fashioning "things" that would soak up oil in the water . . and a bunch of people, including local hair stylists and barbers in my town ,responded . . the problem in the oil spill can seem monumental, but here in my town, at least some people recognized the power of "each one save one" . . . and I just imagine this sort of love and creativity, when coming from God who is its source, as being unlimited in its power to heal.

  61. Thank you, Chet, for helping us to know that we will see the fishermen in the gulf finding the silver coin.

  62. The spiritual lessons and blessin's with the deeper thinking and purer loving ... and trusting Creative Mind more, are what matter most. Still, you might be interested in the creative solution mentioned on this webpage with videos from "matter of trust" collecting clean human hair, pet hair, livestock fur, etc. for making oil spill clean-up woven mats and hair booms.


  63. What a wonderful message for all of us to hear especially those who maybe unfamiliar with Christian Science. For them to hear that there are alternative ways to thinking about things (in this case, the oil spill) which tie into Bible stories is terrific. I think the Daily Lift is such great missionary work for our church. I am so grateful for the times they have lifted me up and changed my thought. Thank you to everyone involved in getting these healing messages online.

  64. This was so helpful! Many thanks.

  65. Jackson from Brazil wrote;

    “Is any thing too hard for the LORD (divine Love)?” Genesis 18: 14

    Yes, the LORD is Divine Love. But the word LORD in capital letters is a substitute for God's sacred mane YAHWEH. It translates HE CAUSES BEING.

    The Jewish race was commissioned to keep God's Name alive for all time and not to forget the meaning of it. To a Jew, or Biblically knowledgeable Christian, this sentence would read: "Is anything too hard for HE CAUSES BEING?"

    God's sacred Name ("Hallowed be thy Name") identifies God as "the only Cause and Creator". (Mrs. Eddy said this too.)

    God can only manifest good. Our job is to praise God and praise his Name and allow God to govern His creation. Just saying God's Name, and knowing the meaning, is a metaphysical experience. Everything will work out good when we let God be the only Cause.

  66. Thank you, Chet, that you took up this subject and gave so many helpful ideas. I’m very grateful for the definition of OIL (Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration (S&H, p. 592) and for the fact that God is the only Creator. Mind alone produces ideas and these ideas are producing harmonious results.
    There is only ONE DIVINE IDEA of Oil. God has the monopoly over this immortal idea. I as His reflection own this monopoly, too. So does His whole creation. If God is too pure to behold iniquity, so – by reflection – must be His whole creation: too pure to see, feel or be conscious of contamination, pollution, poison. This fact purifies the concept of OIL for all eternity. Oil can neither function as initiator of wild fires nor can it be made responsible for environmental pollution or for explosions and so on.
    Mind, is the only communicator. He directs, governs and guides. Divine Love annuls the claims of ignorance, human will, hate, greed, envy, destructive willpower.
    According to the CS textbook man is a compound idea of God, the same is true for earth and universe. They reflect the All-power, All-presence, All-Love and All-Acting of God. Each individuality – man, animal, plant, wind, wave – has “the seed within itself”, i.e. the knowledge of its ONENESS with its Source. This includes obedience to the attraction, adhesion and cohesion of divine Love. It includes the knowledge about the mission and purity of each other. Therefore there is no fear to be in contact with each other. Every single idea is there to bless and to be blessed.
    There is neither lack nor waste in the spiritual universe. Demand and supply are in balance. The vessels of the Sunnamite woman were just as long filled as there was a need, after that the oil stood still. To the human understanding it comes in form of intelligent and practical ideas.Truth must fit!
    I want to see God’s face in His whole creation – even in each trop of oil.

  67. Thank you so much for focussing on this topic.I greatly appreciate all the wonderful ideas shared by everyone and am affirming the effectiveness of our prayers..

  68. Great principle!! --I've been praying NOT to get mad... because oil and gas companies are played out as such 'bad guys,' altho its experiences like these that give fuel to such thoughts. But we all use oil and gas and they dig it up for our use. Instead of getting mad, let's all pray that we all are guided into God's creativity to create solutions AND peace. thanks, and have a blessed day, one and all!

  69. Absolutely top drawer, right to the point. Thanks so much.

  70. I was inspired by this lift to look up the word spill. The dictionary I used defines spill as to "fall or flow out"....and yet another picture trying to tell us we are fallen mortals outside the grace of God. We can "cap" off that thought and know that creative Mind will lead the way. Thanks for the inspiration Chet!

  71. Oh, thank you Chet. I have been wondering what prayers can help the Gulf. This is great!


    God can help us with everthing. Thanks Chet. This is great!

  72. These inspiring thoughts of beautiful Mind, are the reality, and not the ugly pictures of destruction. I'm reminded of an incident- the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. One of Mary Baker Eddy's students was present in that city and wrote to Mrs. Eddy a letter describing the destruction. She took pictures, and asked of Mrs. Eddy if she wanted her to send the pictures. Mrs. Eddy WIRED back, "Send no pictures" ! (what you don't take in, you don't have to argue out). We are awash in pictures today.

  73. Thank you for this encouraging message on where we should be focusing our prayers.

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