7/28: Christ guided

7/28: Christ guided

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  1. It seems like we spend our lives fighting the current… but if we yield our human will and allow our course to flow with the inspiration and direction of divine law, it can be harmonious and joyful. This divine direction comes natural to us as Christ guiding light.
    When we summon the Christ in every step we take, in everything we do, we’ll be guided and we’ll see the divine Principle in action in our lives.
    Darkness will give place to light and sin to reformation, God is always with us, and is the divine influence ever present in human consciousness... and we’ll see this repeating itself over and over in our lives. S&H xi:9
    ESPAÑOL: Pareciera que nos pasamos la vida luchando contra la corriente ... pero si cedemos nuestra voluntad humana y permitimos que nuestro curso fluya con la inspiración y dirección de la ley divina, puede ser armonioso y alegre. Esta dirección divina es algo natural para nosotros como la luz del Cristo que nos guía.
    Al convocar al Cristo en cada paso que damos, en todo lo que hacemos, seremos guiados y veremos al Principio divino en acción en nuestras vidas.
    La oscuridad dará lugar a la luz y el pecado a la reforma, Dios está siempre con nosotros y es la influencia divina siempre presente en la conciencia humana... y esto lo veremos repetirse una y otra vez en nuestras vidas. CyS Xi: 10

  2. Great summertime lift. I'm going rafting downstream !

  3. Gosh, Josh - that was just what I needed today. Go with the flow!
    Thank you.

  4. Thankyou Josh, yes without knowing who or what The Christ is we are as a ship without a rudder. Mrs Eddy tells us and rightly so "Christ is the true idea voicing good" We need to listen, to silence human thought and as Hymn 34 tells us, "The tender Christ is here to bless, and all the storms of earth are stilled" To ALL who contribute to this wonderful Daily Lift have a lovely day and THANK YOU.

  5. Thank you so much Josh. Mind you, white water doesn't actually inspire me with the idea of cruising lazily down a river. It sounds more like maximum thrills and excitement to this inland girl. We had a very big dam with a rather short river, and not much water at all during a very long drought. But it was the things along the way that provided harmony and excitement: like the flocks of night herons in the massive eucalypts, the wild pigs drinking at the water's edge. Much bigger than any we had ever seen, so stay still and just observe. The kingfishers and smaller birds down low, and the surprise of the kangaroos and wallabies. But certainly there is a wonderful quietness, a sense of being in tune with our surroundings, and an appreciation for our oneness with the Grand Creator and each other. I'm ready to listen now Josh, but before I go
    thank you Nate for being our oarsman, your team as our lookout, the BoL- our land party, and all the Daily Lift on the river together. Smooth drifting now. . .

  6. You've given good advice, Josh. I climbed the mountain “with you” on your Lift months ago, but I can't resist saying my individual guidance doesn't include white water boating! In fact, I think what I get directed to is adventurous enough, as it is. The children who helped me towel-dry bags & bags of wet leaves to feed hundreds of silkworms each day for weeks each summer, when they were still home, decided “silk” and “worm” were four- letter dirty words. One year eggs just laid hatched months too soon, giving us thousands to feed. The kids (teens) put in 17 straight hours for several days the last week of the cycle, I did 35 hours, with 2 hour naps between. They'd gladly have jumped into your boat on white waters. You did stress that Christ guidance is an individual thing. I'm happy to take the advice from your sister and you, and use the analogy, for it fits life experiences very well. I can relate to the spiritual lesson you've shared and I like that you're telling us to get quiet enough to let Christ guide, many more times than once or twice a day. Isa. 28:10 puts it, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept: line upon line, line upon line; here a little, there a little:” We've a continuing need to keep listening for Christ guidance. If we heed your Lift, our lives will show blessed results.

  7. Thanks, Josh, that was beautiful! I love the way you bring out that Christ's guidance is as natural (and compelling) as the flow of a river. That kind of thought has been hugely helpful to me over the years, too (over the years? Did I just say that? Has it been that long already since I found this??). It's always such a relief to me to know that this same strong, sure, unerring current of Love is always lifting me and bearing me along - and the same goes for everyone else, too. It's never up to us to figure out the path for ourselves, just to stay with that guiding flow.

  8. Many thanks Josh for that inspiring lift on 'Christ's guiding light' . Yes. "As we yield our human will and allow our course to flow with the inspiration and direction of divine law [Love], it can be harmonious and joyful." "Clear before us through the darkness/ Gleams and burns the guiding light;" (Christian Science Hymnal #351).

  9. Here's another Christly way to say, "Go with the flow," Josh. Someone I greatly admired and respected once said, "It's easier to ride the horse in the direction in which he is going." Thanks for the up lift! :-)

  10. Thanks Josh, I needed that reminder...I will be listening...

  11. Thank you, Josh, I have just found in the Glossary how the Christ can replace the human will with the divine will.

    Christ, The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.

  12. This is most helpful as we think about the larger political scene, too. We can know that the Christ is there, guiding, harmonizing, and bearing along. Thank you so much.

  13. Thank you, we do need to listen for that guiding light and follow it, then all will be well.

  14. I love how you left us with the encouragement to put this simple, powerful idea into practice immediately. Why wait?
    Thank you for that.

  15. Thank you Josh! This is perfect to start my day and everyday! Listening to the Christ is the key and I'm grateful for your reminder to listen carefully.

  16. Thank you Josh for the wonderful Lift this morning!
    I was thinking yesterday about the idea of yielding to God's will, and that it does take that quiet listening, and humility as well, that leads you on the most harmonious path!

    Y ield ( to the)
    I ntelligent
    E xpression (of)
    L ove
    D ivine

    For all the uplifting messages expressing Christ Truth, from DL, BOL and all the Lifters, a big thank you to each of you!

  17. You 've got it! Yes, Josh, that is right: when the Christ fills our consciousness then (divine) Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way. And peace and joy follow.
    thank you so much for sharing your spiritual findings. :-)

  18. I needed to hear this.
    My life at least to me, doesn't look like it has turned out the way I thought it should. It seems my career doesn't exist anymore in place of my family. They all have their things to do, etc. but no one cares about mom's and what I want to do. This was my pity party this morning. Thank you for reminding me that all I have to do is keep on listening for Christ's direction. Then I can be assured that my direction will be satisfying, because it comes from the Christ. I appreciate the Lifts.

  19. That´s exactly the point, to let our "human will" yield to God´s love .
    So many time and still I´m learning, practicing to let go this personal will and listen to God, trust Him.
    Let the stubbornness aside and be replaced by the spiritual understanding of Life and Love that will always lead us harmoniously and joyfully to our destination !
    I believe in my life this comprehension was one of the keypoints.
    Thank you so much for sharing this great lift, Josh !

  20. Dear Josh,
    Thanks for the simple truth of the presence of Love in all our daily lives. I had to transcribe this in order to send it to someone who could not receive it otherwise, but it will be a little light for her day. Thanks for me and for her.

  21. This is a beautiful analogy, thank you to you and your sister for such a revealing understanding of 'flow'. Oh, Margaret your beautiful descriptions made me cry! The global experience, inspiration and insight each of us shares with the LIft seems to be increasing in stature every day. I love it! Thank you so much to everyone sharing and including your experiences, ideas and prayer. It means so much x

  22. Thank you Josh:
    I've done a little white water rafting and canoeing and can relate to what you are saying. A wonderful analogy. Being Christ guided. What a comforting thought.

  23. Thanks, Josh, for sharing your experience and the inspiration you gained. Personally, I prefer drifting quitely down the river in a canoe. There is a poem that I think of frequently when tempted to want to see my will be done. It's, "Be still" by Georgiana Lieder Lahr (Sentinel, January 30, 1989) that begins with:
    "I pray the sweet words "Peace, be still"
    To calm the storms of human will;"
    And there is another poem I usually begin my morning prayers and study with It's, "Morning start-up" by Kardyne Flad Steacy (Sentinel, December 8, 1997). The first verse is:
    "Praying to God each morning
    And listening for His plan
    We'll hear His angel messages
    Before we talk with man."
    When we are still and listen for God's guidance we find that his plan is always the best. How grateful I am for Christian Science and all of the avenues provided to us for our spiritual growth.

  24. Thank Josh, thank To each who comment, You give your understanding. Thank comments in other languajes.

  25. Muchas gracias, muy bello Josh.
    Nunca debemos perder de vista la importancia de nuestra relación con Cristo Jesús es fundamental para nuestro desarrollo, el Maestro... sólo Él nos conduce al cielo, como tomados de la mano.

    Maestro tenemos
    Para aprender la Verdad
    por arduos caminos
    con sabias palabras
    que el Amor inspiró.

    Nada guardó para sí
    en generosa ofrenda
    a todos su Gracia nos dió.

    Nelly E. Gonzáles

  26. Oh, how I love this Daily Lift. The ideas are helping to direct my prayers for the current situation in Washington DC: the Christ is there, dissolving stalemate, removing fear, and guiding everyone involved in the discussions and decision-making. Thank you, Josh, for sharing your insights with us today!

  27. Thanks so much for this inspiration today!

  28. Thank you, Josh, for your wise and helpful Lift. Letting the Christ light guide every step of the way. The only way to go!

  29. I love your metaphor that compares flowing with the whitewater current to giving in to God's guidance and love that continuously surrounds us.

    Acts 17:28 "For in him we live, and move, and have our being."

    And at the end of your lift, inviting us to listen for God's guidance was so wise too. Combine the listening with the absolute trust of a child and as Anni says allowing the Christ to fill your consciousness. You find yourself completely at peace and in perfect harmony.

    These lifts are so wonderful and then everyone adds their own unique perspectives. I can't imagine a better way to start the day! Thank you everyone so much!

  30. Awesome. Very powerful!

  31. Thank you.

  32. Thank you for your beautiful "lift" today. It is just what I'm needing at this time, and I'll remember it. Thank you to the others for their comments as well. Our Spiritual Guide is always with us...all we need to do is "follow."

  33. This reminds me of a book I first encountered in the '70s, by a Gestalt therapist named Barry Stevens (a woman who was quite an independent thinker). I don't think I ever actually read the book, but have always loved the title, which spoke to me years before I became a student of Christian Science: "Don't Push the River: It Flows by Itself."

    Thank you, Josh, for this Christian Science perspective on navigating through the waters of life with Love at the helm.

  34. Josh, thanks for the flow. I think this poem shows how simple it is to be guided by Christ:
    Natural Guide ©
    A poem for children of all ages
    (or should I say... ageless?)
    Carlos A. González

    If I am on my boat in the river
    Christ steers me...
    If I am driving my car
    Christ protects me...
    If I am working on a difficult task
    Christ inspires me...
    If I am feeling sad
    Christ cheers me up...
    If I am very tired
    Christ provides me rest...
    If I am sick
    Christ heals me...
    Even if I am dying
    Christ gives me the Life
    No matter what I do or where I go
    Christ always guides me...

    En español
    Josh, gracias por el fluir. Creo que este poema demuestra lo fácil que es ser guiado por el Cristo:

    Guía natural ©
    Un poema para niños de todas las edades
    (¿o debiera decir ...sin edad?)
    Carlos A. González

    Si estoy en mi bote en el río
    El Cristo me dirige...
    Si estoy conduciendo mi coche
    El Cristo me protege...
    Si estoy trabajando en una tarea difícil
    El Cristo me inspira...
    Si me siento triste
    El Cristo me da ánimo...
    Si estoy muy cansado
    El Cristo me proporciona descanso...
    Si estoy enfermo
    El Cristo me sana...
    Incluso si me estoy muriendo
    El Cristo me da la Vida
    No importa lo que hago o adonde voy
    El Cristo siempre me guía...

  35. Thank you Josh! What a beautiful message. And put so lovingly. If we stop and listen to the Christ message we are indeed guided every moment of every day. I think this is so helpful. Have a wonderful day!!

  36. Thanks so much, Josh! And "Hello" from Northern Idaho to Southern Idaho! I am willing to be willing to be willing to "Let Go and Let God" direct my flow of ideas and activities today! My prayers to All to stay in the Flow of Goodness today!

  37. Translation of

    Nelly, desde Uruguay says:
    Muchas gracias, muy bello Josh.
    Nunca debemos perder de vista la importancia de nuestra relación con Cristo Jesús es fundamental para nuestro desarrollo, el Maestro… sólo Él nos conduce al cielo, como tomados de la mano.
    Maestro tenemos
    Para aprender la Verdad
    por arduos caminos
    con sabias palabras
    que el Amor inspiró.
    Nada guardó para sí
    en generosa ofrenda
    a todos su Gracia nos dió.
    Nelly E. Gonzáles

    In English
    Many thanks, very beautiful Josh.
    We must never lose sight of the importance of our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is essential to our development, the Master... only He leads us to heaven, as holding hands.

    Master we have
    To learn the Truth
    Through strenuous paths
    With wise words
    Inspired by Love.

    He kept nothing to himself
    As a generous gift
    His grace he gave to us all.

    Nelly E. Gonzáles

  38. Thanks for this lovely reminder to listen to Love's plan. Thanks to #23 Grateful listener, for sharing the 2 poem starts, and for reminding me of the listening, joyful, generous life of one of the authors. I appreciated also having the Sentinel references.

  39. Thanks Josh for guiding us down the fast flowing "rivers"
    with spiritual listening!
    Even if we get out of sync and make a wrong move, God the Creator is the power of Spirit that is powerfully MOVING; and we need to and can listen -- and be guided to move with the " calm, strong currents..." ( Science and Health p99).
    This includes everyone, including the government leaders struggling internally to come to agreement for the finances of the nation. God's promise " You shall hear a word behind you saying This is the way..." Isaiah 30:21

  40. Thank you for reminding me for what I should do.

  41. Thank you Josh. "I will listen for Thy voice" C.S. Hymn #307 by Mary Baker Eddy.

  42. Wonderful message! I love the idea of God's thoughts "flowing" like a river. There's no lapse, no void, no interruptions.. I will be listening for God's flowing thoughts and move with them with gratitude! Thanks so much!

  43. Thank you for your reminders...this Lift gives light on what should i do and heals my confusion on what's the best for me.....

  44. Josh,
    What a beautiful and loving presentation of the divine Truth of being in gave in you daily lift.
    Keep up the wonderful and beneficial work you are doing.
    Have a God-centered day as I know you are.
    Your friends in WV. PS. we have great whitewater rafting here too.

  45. Thank you very much!

  46. My father was a man of action, but he was also very conscious of God's guidance. He seemed to move seamlessly with joy. I am often reminded of the way a fish moves darting about and moving ahead in snakelike fashion. I think of my dad that way; flexible, quick on his feet and ready to make a quick change in direction to keep moving forward. I love the idea of leaning in to the turns and twists with anticipation. The same motion needed to ride safely on a raft is also needed on a motorcycle-paying close attention to the ride and where the next turn is coming. It is that prayerful anticipation that makes such a difference. I do love that awareness of being in God's hands and finding those evidences during the day that let me know that yes,
    I am leaning into God. Thank you for this analogy and for all the fine, helpful responses.

  47. Divine Direction. Christ Guidance. Powerrful thoughts.

  48. What an awesome lift. I love listening each morning for great inspiration like today's lift. Thanh you Josh!

  49. Perfect. Wonderful how these Lifts reinforce and support what comes to me through my daily prayer that begins my day of listening. Just this morning I was given the little reassurance that following Jesus' example of genuinely yielding up human will to allow only "Thy will be done" will allow that sweetest sense of freedom to move effortlessly as I am guided by divine Love to meet my need. As I consider those things in my experience requiring I pay attention to a right course of action for God's goodness to appear as my own experience, I know blessing await me and others.

    Thanks, Josh, this is priceless for those of us veteran students as weill as those of us who are new to Christian Science.

  50. Hey Josh,
    Your words, “Next Step” sure hit home with me. I imagined a drop of water on its long journey from a rain drop or snow flake, finding its way down the mountain into a stream and then into the river picking up speed and momentum, turning into white water until it dashes itself against a boulder >BAM<!!! … but the boulder doesn’t move. That drop of water doesn’t stay there and keep pushing against that rock, doesn’t look for a different spot with more leverage, organize a committee or feel depressed by failure.

    The meeting of solid and liquid does have an effect, even if imperceptible to us, and eventually the rock will move or be reshaped, but that’s not the job of a single drop of water. It must move ahead to the “next step” in its appointed journey.

    This helped me cleanse my thought of discouragement, false responsibility and defeat. Instead of fighting against the rock and hard places, I’ll go with the spiritual flow, enjoy the scenery and companionship and buoy up some happy rafter along the way.


  51. Hey Josh, thanks for your inspired comments today. I found them to be very helpful. Being guided by the Christ is the way to go!

    I must thank #16 for her daily tidbits of inspiration. Good one today! and also found a lot of food for thought from #49.

  52. Christ-guided. Thank you. And I love the Spanish found in the comments. A great way to practice my Espanol de la Ciencia Cristiana.

  53. Thank you for the reminder that we are living with Divine Love and can use that inspiration for each step we take. With the justice of Divine Law leading us, those steps are always protected and always the right ones,even when human will tries to tell us to go against the current. I am reminded of the simple phrases taught in Sunday School by an inspirational teacher:

    Divine Intelligence Directs
    Divine Love Protects
    Divine Mind unfolds to us each day
    What we should know, and do, and say.

    How grateful I am for these Daily Lifts -- when I hear the music and that happy voice announcing another "Lift", i know that my day starts with joy and love and is filled with goodness. Nothing can impede the flow of thoughts when we are "Christ Guided". Thank you again, Josh, BOL and the happiness you all give us each day.

  54. "Go with the flow" was a statement a friend made about choices as we move along each day! You certainly brought out just how to do it, Josh! Thanks! And, thanks to #37 for translating into English for we "English only" readers! I do get frustrated when I can't "read" the message in another language!
    Thanks to all those who commented...your inspirations are ALL fantastic!

  55. Thanks, Josh....... This reminds me of learning to "read" a river. No need to fight the current; follow the V. Use the current to ferry across. Turn in the eddy and rest in the midst of white water. Just like reading "Science and Health" and knowing the way Christ, Truth, guides us even in the midst of turmoil.
    Just don't be distracted by the osprey fishing in the rapids...............

  56. Great lift! Thanks.

  57. Thank you for this comforting reminder. Things have gone more smoothly than anticipated, holding to these truths.

  58. Thank you Josh for the inspiration to not yield to human will and go with the flow and direction of divine law. Thank you for the reminder to listen for divine guidance and I am sure we can't go wrong. If we do, through his laws, God will show us how to get back on track.

  59. Thanks, Josh and to all of those who have commented so far, especially #9 and #49.

  60. Josh: Thanks a lot; I used to be a boating instructor.The Christ is also vital for each of us in dealing with unexpected situations while boating. I had an experience last year of my canoe tipping over, even when I was low in it, attempting to change positions on a choppy day on a local lake. No matter how hard I tried to move around gracefully, even in a cove, my aluminum canoe tipped over. Still wearing my glasses, I swam with the canoes toward a dock, still smiling. I new that the Christ in me was keeping me positive to received divine guidance....I am so grateful for Christian Science!...Bob

  61. As a former whitewater rafting guide in colorado, I too can relate to the analogy offered in this lift. before I ever went down the river, I would contemplate mary baker Eddy's definition of river found in the glossary of science and health with key to the scriptures. it reads, channel of thought, when smooth and unobstructed it typifies the course of truth, when muddy foaming and dashing it typifies the course of error. what this meant to me was that I needed to keep my thought smooth an un obstructed in order to be able to go down the river with grace, enjoying and expressing bouancy, precision, flexibility, strength and joy and wisdom. Lessons I learned on the river have stayed with me my whole life, not least of which is that the Christ is our ever present guide. Even when a rapid would come up that had a scary name like the swirl, which was a whirlpool on a technical turn in the river

  62. The way through the rapid was safe and fun, a long as you stayed focused in the clear right if way. Thanks for the idea to quietly listen.

  63. Thanks for the reminder to just LISTEN, He's talking to us constantly.

  64. Thank you Josh, for reminding me of how my inspration come from! The Christ is doing the work. Always!

  65. Dear Josh,

    Just very helpful! I was being challenged with with many things that needed to be done in what was time wise already a tight and full platter for the day. This lift got me right back in line with Love. I needed to yield and let the Christ guide me . I love that thought that says Listen...God does open the way for what is right idea. Thanks Josh and lifters!

  66. Great message, Josh. Thanks!

  67. What speaks to me today:

    DL's Josh: listen and let "next step" be Christ guided

    33 Pamela: "Don't Push the River: It Flows By Itself" title

    50 Michael: analogy of "next step" to a raindrop's path: it leaves its mark -- "BAM" -- but it doesn't fight, it yields and moves on.

    Very cool -- and refreshing. Like the river.

  68. Hey all, great thoughts here...as I've been reading the comments I've been thinking about this phrase "go with the flow" and how we really only want to do that if that flow is spiritual and Christ guided. When we notice thoughts "flowing" in the direction of materialistic thinking we want to be sure to NOT "go with the flow." I'm sure each commenter is already alert to this, but since that phrase is so commonly used to mean "go with what's easiest" I thought it would be good to be clear.
    Another interesting thought: on a river an "eddy" is a place were the water actually moves up stream against the normal flow...isn't it interesting that Mary Baker EDDY did exactly that, helped move thought smoothly in the opposite direction of popular opinion and materialist thinking. You can really see this in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"

  69. Thanks Josh for the great reminder.
    Our lives are truely divinely embraced and shepherded moment by moment.

  70. Thanks Josh! Moving right along under the divine influence ever-present.

  71. Thank you Josh.....just came home from putting your thoughts into action.... seeking direction, yielding human will.....letting the Christ be the divine influence guiding.....and listening....and guess what.......i was actually lead to exactly what I was looking for......I felt the divine influence....thank you God....and thanks Josh for sharing your inspiration....

  72. Thank you Josh. We all need to be reminded to let Christ guide us and not keep trying to push in the direction we feel we need to go.

  73. I'm deeply grateful for this particular Daily Lift. After listening to it earlier in the day, my day began to change from what I expected--not bad, just different. However, there were occasions that it appeared the course was becoming inharmonious. Because of the guidance I gleaned from this lift, instead of voicing the first thought that came to mind as "my opinion", I instead quietly listened for the Christ ("the divine idea voicing good"), and immediately on each occasion received the way to resolve the situation. This has been a joyful, active, harmonious, and productive day.

    Thank you, Josh, (and all involved in producing these Daily Lifts).

    It is now later in the evening, and I have re-listened to "Christ-Guided" AND have spent a wonderful hour reading and being further lifted by the individual, unique perspectives given. Again--Thank You!

  74. Yes, it is best to be led and let that thought be leading! Thank you for this wise message, Josh!

  75. Thanks Josh!
    Not telling us what to do, rather suggesting how to do it; now that IS REAL guidance!

  76. Thanks, Josh

  77. Thank you, Josh -- I think often about loving rivers rather than fighting them.

  78. Hello Josh...and a very big "thank you". I have a friend that called me up wanting to talk about her problems. I thought I didnt have time this week. She was in physcial pain as well. But God gently nudged me that I could make time at breakfast.

    So, we met for breakfast. And before she could pour out stuff that wouldnt be helpful for healing. I said, " let's listen to the Daily Lift". We had to listen twice as the waitress came and listened the first time with us.

    She acknowledged that I have a good religion. And she was smiling. And we just knew that God would meet all her needs. I guess you could say that we were flowing with the Christ thoughts. So, thank you very much for all the help at breakfast.

  79. Thanks, Josh. After listening to your DL, I did indeed take a minute to listen--and I heard and answer! In fact, three times today I stopped and listened as unexpected choices and decisions presented themselves--all three were resolved harmoniously to everyone's satisfaction by the end of the day. Also, thanks #23 for the two poems, one of which has been pasted on the inside of my bathoom utility cabinet for many, many years as a reminder to begin each day with listening to God's plan for me "before I talk with man."

  80. much appreciation for the most beautiful and helpful lift. A divi/ne idea. Thankyou

  81. Just what I needed to hear, Josh! I can go with the Christ current and stay current with Love's guidance as we navigate some rough waters.

  82. Hey Josh,
    That’s a good after-thought, “When we notice thoughts “flowing” in the direction of materialistic thinking we want to be sure to NOT ‘go with the flow’.”

    That’s simply drifting and has very dangerous consequences.

    Certainly any whitewater rafter will tell you that “going with the flow” is not passive by any means, but very Active requiring Preparation and Knowledge of what’s ahead and involving constant Alertness, Planning and Deliberate corrections along the way. The easiest path doesn’t always include the desired results or best destination (like meeting that boulder).

    Thanks for pointing out the relevance of EDDY and MBE when considering the benefits of choosing a course that “actually moves up stream against the normal flow”.


  83. What a good message! Thank you. Josh.

  84. Thank you,Josh,very much.

  85. Thank you so much for the reminder not to try to force ourselves through with guts or will, whether it's a career choice or a healing.

    Thanks also to Carlos who moved these thoughts into a poem. These podcasts are not only wonderful they are cricial conversations that leaven the world thought and help us all.

  86. I love this Lift! And it really is because it lifts my thought to see more clearly just what Christ Jesus meant in John 16:13! Thanks for the reminder!

  87. "I can do all things through Christ which strenthens me."

  88. Refreshing, thanks!

  89. Hi Josh,

    I am #78....and I need to tell you more fruitage, I just called my friend and she got a job. Thank you Lord. And I am thankful for your daily lift as it was helpful to us last week in the mist of the problem..

    And there's an abundance as my other friend got a job too as she told me her problems a month ago,(but we met last night as she told me the update) and I was not very Christianly then, but said that she needed a job. And later, I corrected my thoughts to see her complete and last night she said that she got a job.

    God is so good and very kind. Christian Science is great because it teaches that we all can be humble and work for the Lord.

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