5/10: Children of light

5/10: Children of light

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  1. Thank you Ginny!
    "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

  2. Thank you for the great motivation. Just had a meeting at church about motivating ourselves as well as others into shining our light so brightly that all will want to come and bask in the light and warmth of God's Truth and Love. This podcast was the punctuation on the evening.

  3. Thanks for some great ideas Ginny!!! Your light certainly shines!!! I love the idea of just doing one good thing!!! God bless you!!!

  4. Your lovely Lift, Ginny, was particularly meaningful to me today. I have had such love and care shown to me during the past few days, when apparently being challenged. The reference in James chapter 5 in this week's Lesson which speaks about the elders of the church anointing with oil those that might not be feeling 100%. I thought of Mrs Eddy's definition of oil, in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Part of which says, charity gentleness and prayer" all of which have been so lovingly expressed to me and for which I am so grateful. Your Lift brought out that as we are walking as children of light we are blessing our brother man with deeds of kindness.Thank you Ginny !

  5. Thank you for your Daily Lift "Children of Light". It helped me a great deal.
    Thank you

  6. Good morning! The quality of being children of light has helped me in the past, especially when times were rough. This reminds me of an old lift by John Tyler called 'Smile'. He suggested (if I remember correctly) that a smile can give you a warm feeling inside and that same smile can make a difference to someone else too whether it be a friend, someone you cross on the street, anyone really. In the movie Patch Adams Robin Williams tests this out, and finds that a smile returns another, whether it be visible or interior. I guess its how the expression, "Smile and the world will smile back at you"! Thank you for this lift, it has filled me with spiritual energy to go through this day!

  7. It's good to follow those things we are "impelled" to do, those angel messages.

  8. Oh! Ginny,
    How beautiful and just exactly what I needed to hear this morning.
    Reminds me of a little hymn I learned many years ago . . ..
    "Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light"
    just googled it and sang through . . . .I feel like I am 5 years old again at school!


  9. You said: “this life is really a journey”. I identify with this expression and also with 'doing one good thing'. Most of my life I thought I was on a journey, one of discovery and adventure. Christian Science made me enjoy this journey and 'to do one good thing' is such a simple request and I know I can do it every day, no matter how big or small that 'good thing' is. Just a smile to a stranger, a word of support to a friend, a helping hand to a neighbour. I am grateful to God for these mini-lectures.

    En español

    Tú dijiste: “esta vida es en realidad un viaje”. Me identifico con esta expresión y también con 'haciendo una cosa buena'. La mayor parte de mi vida pensé que estaba en un viaje, uno de descubrimiento y aventura. La Ciencia Cristiana me hizo disfrutar de este viaje y 'hacer una cosa buena' es un requerimiento tan sencillo y sé que puedo hacerlo todos los días, no importa que tan grande o pequeña sea esa 'cosa buena'. Simplemente una sonrisa a un desconocido, una palabra de apoyo a un amigo, una mano de ayuda a un vecino. Estoy agradecido a Dios por estas mini-conferencias.

  10. Lovely. Switched on!!

  11. I love it when that happens: you do one good thing without even thinking and without trying, and to someone else it might mean a big deal. It makes me feel great!
    Just like when Jesus spoke with the man at the pool of Bethesda. Jesus saw the man incapable of reaching the pool by himself and just asked if he actually wanted to be healed http://bible.cc/john/5-2.htm, he practically offered the man the opportunity to be healed without the man asking. Same thing happened at the Cana wedding, he wasn't even going to do anything about the shortage of wine, but he did and saved the host the embarrassment. http://bible.cc/john/2-1.htm.
    This tells me that even if we are not "in the mood" to do good, we should still do it because we never know who can we bless, after all we are “children of light”, the light that “hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ”. 2 Cor. 4:6
    ESPAÑOL: Me encanta cuando pasa esto: haces una cosa buena sin siquiera pensarlo y sin tratar, y para alguien puede ser algo bien grande. ¡Me hace sentir bárbaro!
    Igual que cuando Jesús habló con el hombre al estanque de Betesda. Jesús vio al hombre incapáz de alcanzar el estanque sin ayuda y simplemente le preguntó si quería ser sanado http://bibliaparalela.com/john/5-2.htm, practicamente le ofreció la oportunidad de ser sanado sin pedirlo. Lo mismo pasó en las bodas de Caná, él no iba a hacer nada por la falta de vino, pero lo hizo y salvo al anfitrión de pasar verguenza. http://bibliaparalela.com/john/2-1.htm
    Esto me dice que aunque no estemos “con ganas” de hacer el bien, igualmente deberíamos hacerlo porque nunca sabemos a quién podemos bendecir, después de todo somos “hijos de la luz” que “ha resplandecido en nuestros corazones, para iluminación del conocimiento de la gloria de Dios en la faz de Cristo”. 2 Cor. 4:6

  12. Love you, Ginny....love your thinking and action.....Thank you.

  13. Thank you Ginny!! It is great lift.

  14. Thank you

  15. Thank you, Ginny!!! You've certainly brightened my day - and given me the inspiration to keep on sharing that light. Much love to you!

  16. I, too, like Rose No. 4 have been challenged lately and have been shown such love from my church family and friends that I cannot be grateful enough. God is soooo good! Your inspiring Daily Lift makes me want to express that Love everywhere to everyone, but then I cannot help but do that since it is God - always - that is doing it!
    Thank you, Ginny, for being such a shining light! Lorrie

  17. Thank you, Ginny, for this uplifting, re-Mind-ing (!) message that the days during which there are opportunities to help others are the best days! Lighter, happier, and full of Love!

  18. thanks a lot, Gene - great! Thats what I strive to do - to do something sensibly good to my fellowmen - at least once a day and may it be just a very friendly hallow to my neighbor.

  19. Thank you Ginny for that very inspiring lift. Yes. "Every time we do something kind, we are walking as children of light." "Follow with reverent steps the great example/ Of him whose holy work was doing good;" (Christian Science Hymnal #217).

  20. Thank you Ginny. Your Lift is good, just telling us to let our light shine, but you made it great by stressing “especially when we don't feel like it”. That tells me I should always consciously try to let my light shine, but should make extra special effort to do so when it seems to be a burden or interfere with what I am doing, or want to do, or when I think I'm tired. Maybe it would be for someone in particular for whom I don't particularly have good thoughts. It's going that 2nd mile Jesus spoke of, even before we go some expected 1st mile, for it isn't attached to being asked, or to the ordinary “easy” times to give light (Matt 5:41). That phrase is the most important part of your Lift, and I will think of you with gratitude, and also with loving obedience. Your light given to us today, will shine farther and more brilliantly when we do something because of Ginny. #10, Elena. Thank you, for I wouldn't have connected Jesus' not being ready, or maybe not wanting to do the work, or give the attention needed for acts of healing love and kindness. It reminded me of another notable one, when the mother from Canaan asked to have her daughter, vexed with devils, healed. He said it wasn't meet to give the children's food to the dogs, but she insisted that even dogs lick crumbs that fall from the table. He was so impressed, he completed the healing (Matt. 15:21-28).

  21. Thank you very much for that reminder, Ginny. Thanks...John

  22. I love thinking about this line:

    "to find each other's sense of family within ourselves"

    It speaks of what we learned about fellowship at our recent Midwest Church Alive Meeting.

  23. The good thing I did over the past couple of days was to clean my windows on my neighbour's side of my Villa. It may seem as though it doesn't count since it was for me, but my neighbours are away on holidays and when they come home to clean windows overlooking their view from the kitchen window, their study door, their laundry, they will be elated! Now, of course, with the light shining off every pane, and into every room I wonder why it took so long. There aren't nearly as many windows as there were in my own home, and I didn't have any neighbours closer than three kilometres. I used to clean my windows every month so why didn't I keep up the labour of love? It certainly turned on the light, and now I'll have to keep going until the rest are bright and shining too. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow is my turn at the Reading Room and church. Thank you so much for this wonderful Lift Ginny.

  24. Thank you so much for that thought!

  25. Thank you Ginny,
    You are so right. To do a kindness for others, no matter how small makes us feel so much better. We were made in love and need to reflect that love to all around us.
    Thank you for all you do Ginny and all your lovely daily lifts.

  26. Thank you, Let there be light and smile then everyone can see love and kindness.

  27. Thank you very much for this wonderful message to walk in the light. I was somewhat unkind to an attendant last evening as i felt i was asking to pay too much for a purchase. I came home and felt terrible for the way i behaved and thought that i should go back today and apologize to that lady who was doing her job. This lift certainly is my reminder and i am so grateful.

  28. Thanks Ginny,
    We have friends that at every mealtime pray with words from Mary Baker Eddy's Hymn, Christ, My Refuge (Hymn 253). "My prayer, some daily good to do to Thine, for Thee; An offering pure of Love, whereto God leadeth me." This is such a loving reminder of putting your thoughts into action. I am trying to remember to use this poem/hymn reminder at mealtimes also. Thanks for the good deeds of all those who contribute to the daily lifts and for your inspired message today-these certainly are loving deeds of kindness.

  29. "Children of light" is so applicable to all of us. Being so is simple as it requires so little on one's part, without interrupting the "important thing" in which we are engaged. Because all that is required could be as little as a smile for our own being, or recognizing another's, thus, giving glory to our heavenly Parent for all good; for truth as found in Christ Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" where he speaks: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven," Matthew 5:16. A simply given smile is great light to both the benefactor and the beneficiary. Eight decades ago, as a boy, I was lovingly given by family friends the nickname under which I now write. This name, for me, I like, for that very Light I can now and do reflect, as do all His children. We beam! The Indianapolis News, circa 1953, quote for the day: "Simplicity is the mark of true greatness" proves the truth of the greatest sermon ever preached and lived, and yet it is by His light! But know we, too, are children of that same light.

    Thank you, Ginny, as did the lady you helped with love.

  30. This was so human, so real, really enjoyed your lift, Ginny !
    This was for me a perfect example of spirituality in our day by day.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us !!

  31. Thank you so much Ginny! So many inspiring thoughts to start off this gray morning here in Boston. And as many people have mentioned, thank you for the reminder to inspire and shine our light even when we don't feel like it or don't want to deal with the world. I have been feeling like I didn't want to deal with the world for the last few days and I think your lift was exactly what i needed to "shake the dust off" my feet and move forward with joy and light! Thank you again!

  32. Yes, we are all children of light, and we're here to make our light shine. Thank you for the reminder.

  33. I see something more. I see a Christian Science practitioner touching someone with loving understanding that there is no legitimate separation from God's love. No one can be "shouldered" away. And, it is always fun to hold the coat!

    Mrs. Eddy's humor... "Love is not something put upon a shelf, to be taken
    down on rare occasions with sugar-tongs and laid on a rose-leaf." Mis 250:14

  34. Just found the little hymn, "Jesus bids us shine." Gave it to my granddaughter who's appearing in the opera "Rigoletto" in Detroit. Great message, Ginny! Thanks a bunch!

  35. Thank you, Ginny. Great Lift!

  36. Thank you Ginny,
    So much love pours out of your thinking. It helped me think about my needed response to a couple of situations. The light, the Christ we express cannot be dimmed or hid.

  37. I slept in on Mother's Day, and when I awoke, there was my husband's radiant, beaming face full of love. He'd bought me roses and lillies, a most thought-filled card, and my favorite banana-nut muffins. He then proceeded to make my breakfast - and insist that I leave all the cleanup to him. His wasn't just one deed, but a cluster. And I could see throughout the day the joy he was receiving just by stepping out beyond the love he normally expresses.

    This had a wonderful effect on me. I felt showered in his and God's love. Today I cherish the thought of how that felt. And it makes me give serious thought to how I too can present clusters of love and light to everyone, everywhere. Love really does "light up our lives."

    I'll be thinking today of how I can light up the lives of others. Thanks for the reminder, Ginny.

  38. Great lift! I intend to see this light shine today... and each day.

    And thank you "Lift Team" for the new, easier, pause - continue feature. It's great, and allows me to pause, back up, and think and dwell fully on each helpful statement.

  39. Top of the Morning to everyone,
    I work in a facility where God's children are resolving their physical challenges. There have been times when reaching out to lend a hand to someone made them feel ill at ease or embarrassed because someone had thought that they needed help. The angel thoughts continued to nag at me to offer the assist. I thought about how I could express myself in a more gentle, loving way so as not to damage their fragile feelings of worth. The angel thought came to me...Now when I approach them I say that I would love it or that I would feel honored if they would allow me to assist them in some way, and after, when I am thanked in words and by the gratefulness expressed in their eyes, I say that it was all my pleasure for sure and as I walk away with a ligther-than-air step I realize that it truly was all my pleasure. I am so grateful to God for giving me so many opportunities to let the LIGHT SHINE, and Ginny the best part is doing it when you don't feel/think that you want to. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of this on going commitment to reach out to all God's loving children. Everyone have a good filled day...

  40. Thank you Ginny for your sunny lift and Sheligh #8 for the added Musical suggestion both put a smile on my face and a reminder that we can smile thru our tears and sorrow, and pass our Joy on to others. Much love. Joan

  41. I really like this one - shared with my mom and my kids.

  42. wonderful way to start my morning./

    thank you!!!

  43. Thanks, Ginny! I think it's the Dali Lama that said, "My Religion is Kindness". I've heard it said that "It's easy to be Loving, what takes courage is to be Kind." Overcoming little hurts and itches from the past, shedding and shrugging off our old beliefs and patterns from childhood, is like letting God help us take our old "coat" off so we can discover our bright new skin of Light underneath! It takes Courage to exchange our old "coats" for new ones! Happy Journey of discovering our Light!

  44. Ginny that was a great reminder to "get out of ourselves" and bring joy to others! Letting our light shine seems so daunting at times, but it's the small, simple things that can touch others lives! Thank you 4 your inspiration....

  45. Ginny, your message today is so precious! It's so important for each of us to remember that we ARE children of light and that we reflect that light and love effortlessly and joyously as we go about our day.

  46. Thank you, Ginny, for sharing your light! And thank you, Dorothy (#1) for reminding me of that sweet song. I'll be singing it all day! It's wonderful that we have so many opportunities to do good, to let our light shine! :-)

  47. What a lovely thought!

  48. Thanks so much, Ginny -- your lift shows how we can practically demonstrate the Love that God provides us through those unexpected opportunities that we can embrace each day.

  49. As a young Girl Scout, I was taught to try to do at least one good deed a day. Following that rule, somewhat like the Golden Rule to "do unto others as ye would they would do to you, " always made me feel so happy.
    Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder to do those kind acts even when we don't feel like doing so, thereby "walking as Children of Light."
    As the 3rd verse of Hymn 206 says "O God, our Father-Mother , Life, Reveal in us Thy might, That henceforth we may live to Thee, In all our ways reflecting Thee, and know reality."
    Many thanks, also to the Daily lift staff and all the contributors of helpful comments.

  50. Thanks for the very practical lesson in applied love this morning Ginny. Its catching!

  51. Thank you Ginny for the expression of love you have reminded us to share,
    in our walk today.

    I can hear the love expressed in your voice, and it reminds me to express the true sense of parenthood, Motherhood, and Fatherhood to all who I come across today, not only in our immediate family. Our experience is to bless all!
    Thank you,

  52. As Mrs. Eddy's hymn says: Love, love alone is life! To live IS to love, and to love IS to live! Thanks, Ginny, I love that you bring out that children of God actually express light by DOING things for their fellow travelers on this planet! On the airplane and everywhere. Jesus fed his friends, he turned water into wine, he found tax money when needed, all evidence of divine Love meeting the human need. (note the word human). Not love on a shelf (thanks #33) but something to be expressed right here and now, all day long!

  53. Yesterday I was reading an article* on the Ark, [Journal and Sentinels articles to 1922 from Longyear], about the topic good. It was most interesting to me as it was a strong reminder to remember that we cannot lose anything by giving good. There is nothing that says we have to be deprived, weakened, or suffer loss...there is no personal righteousness. Instead God is the infinite source, and we express it....forever. So, thank you Ginny. Today's lift was a great reminder to pay attention to doing good! It is God in action!! [*Journal October 1917 Vol. 53 p. 393]

  54. Español:

    Este divino mensaje, responde en muchos sentidos sobre lo que significa la Ciencia Cristianan en mi vida.
    Hacer el Bien a cada paso es la manera más simple de poner en práctica la Ciencia.
    Vivir amando, orando, iluminando, vivir para dar, vivir haciendo el Bien!
    Camino y meta a la vez.
    Hacer siempre el Bien es la forma de demostrar lo que somos: Amor!

    Cariños y más gracias!!!


    This divine message, responds in many ways about what it means
    Christian Science in my life.
    Doing Good at each step is the simplest way to implement Science.
    Living loving, praying, lighting, live to give, live doing well!
    Path and goal at a time.
    Always do good is the way to prove what we are: Love!

    Best regards and again thanks!


  55. And then do it tomorrow and again and again .... That will bring us closer to Divine Mind

  56. Un viaje que interesante, en realidad cuando asumimos que los que dejan este plano no mueren estamos aceptando que se fueron de viaje así lo siento yo y es hermoso reconocer esa realidad porque nos permite erradicar el temor que es lo que nos hace egoístas y nos aleja de ser generosos, bondadosos y dar sin temor de que al dar nos estamos despojando de algo.
    Y si seamos como niños de luz, como lo que realmente somos.
    "Envía tu luz y tu Verdad; éstas me guiarán" Salmos.
    Les contaré lo que me dijo mi pequeña sobrinita despúes de haber sufrido una perdida muy dolorosa más a los cinco años cuando se hace más dificil comprenderlas, no fue una pregunta, ella esperaba confirmación o así lo deseaba o lo creía y me dijo así: Verdad que cuando se marchan las personas, vuelven como ángeles, maravilloso ella sentía en su pureza que su afecto sólo se había ido de viaje y que volverían a estar juntas en lo real y eterno, en el espíritu.
    Muchas gracias por poder contar estas experiencias, muchas gracias Ginny por tu mensaje .

  57. Sometimes shining is so wonderfully easy! However, shining when I don’t particularly feel like it is often tough for me, but boy does it feel awful - being a dark cloud instead of light…I think it feels so bad because it is innately un-natural for Soul’s expression; for Love’s idea to be dark and irritated or desiring disconnect from our sisters and brothers. That wonderful part about discovering a wider sense of family and awareness of all the light shining around you once Mind’s impetus to help & love wasn’t ignored, touched me deeply for I have experienced that marvel many times. Thank you, everyone, for the consistent shining going on here.

  58. Dearest Lift Family and those new to this site, thank you for your sharing and your wonderful comments. You are the best!

    The idea that we are in the light of Love is one that I find so freeing when the limits of the material sense of things try to bog me down.

    No darkness can bog down or take from us our natural buoyancy and joy as reflections of the light of Love.

    I often think of the powerless of darkness to oppose light. That clear thought has helped me to see the unreality of any resistance to loving and being loved as taught in Christian Science.

    When ponder the great source of love, God who is Infinite Love itself, it helps me to realize that our expressions of divine Love can never deplete us or cause us to second guess our abilities to be effective and untiring in our every day expressions of love.

    Enjoy your wonderful day of expressing unselfed love...

  59. Thank you Ginny and everyone for these humble reminders. #8 Thanks for the link to your childhood hymn. #20 and 28, I find as I pray, "...some daily good to do, to Thine for Thee," it takes away the false sense of burden and awakens me to the possibilities I might have missed. thanks. Lines from hymn 460 sing out to us, "We are walking, we are praying, we are singing in the light of God...as we turn our faces to the light of life, harmony replaces pain and fear and strife...see the heavenly harvest bountifully poured." I pray to join you all in extending more of the loving kindness expressed in the thoughts from this lift and the comments.

  60. brings to mind the tune from the Supplement Hymnal, "we are walking in the light of God"
    isn't that what Jesus did, meeting people's immediate needs, the divine will in concordance with the human actions.

  61. Just beautiful Ginny! Thank you!

  62. Laisser venir à moi les enfants car sont la lumiere du monde

    Excellente et parfaite pensée des enfants la lumiere du monde.

  63. I love this lift.! What I like to practice in loving my neighbor is with a smile or a hug. In smiling at a stranger, more often than not, we get a smile in return. With dear friends - a hug can be a special expression of love. I rarely find anyone who doesn't like to be hugged. "A hug is a great gift.... One size fits all, and its easy to exchange."

  64. Thank you, Ginny. That idea helped me do a 180 in my attitude about the day!!
    So grateful!!

  65. Thanks, Ginny for the reminder that when you least feel like spreading love, Love asks to be spread! Whenever I've answered the call, the blessings have been overwhelming goodness that washes away all the self-centered thoughts and lets the light shine through.
    Thanks, too to # 8 from Scotland, one of my favorite places to visit. The little song was one my missionary grandfather from Glasgow taught me! I felt a kid again when I clicked on the words and heard him sing it in my memory! That was a real beanahcld moment in my small corner. Sally

  66. Thanks Ginny:) Remembering that the little moments count is so important! Thanks for the reminder on this beautiful day. xoxo

  67. That light always feels as good to the giver as it does to the given. Thank you for the lift. Sherry

  68. I love how God switches us from "glass half empty " to glass half full" in just an instant. letting our light shine allows us to see the possibilities of kindness instead of dwelling on the darkness of self absorption. thanks Lois (#22) for picking up on the idea of finding each others sense of family within ourselves. It expands the biological bond to include all who come into our experience. Who wouldn't help their own mother or sister with their coat in the same circumstances? thanks Ginny for a great lift.

  69. Thank you for that loving lift!

    When we lovingly help others we are also expressing our love for the Christ.
    Jesus said; "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my
    brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matt. 25:40


  71. Thanks so much for sharing this incident with us! And thanks to each of the people who took the time to comment. Sometimes we learn what that kindness has meant to another and sometimes we do not know, but if we are expressing God's love, it has to do some good.

  72. Thank you, Ginny! I had a similar experience on Mother's Day. My grandson took me to brunch in a hotel, and the hostess approached me as I left the buffet line and offerred to carry my plate. She admired my loaded dessert plate and I offerred her one, but she declined. I saved her one tho' and as we left the restaurant I put it on its little plate on her hostess stand. She called after me (twice) in a loud voice: "You're an angel! You're an Angel"

  73. Thank you Ginny-- ever vigilant to express God's love for those around us!!

  74. Just LOVED the message this morning, including the sweetest "light" music intro. Great choice!

  75. Dear Ginny,
    Thank you.
    Feeling the divine inspiration in each word you spoke in this lift, so truly.

    And, to Lois--above, how interesting that while listening to this lift, that exact line remained in my thought as well--and made me smile. The Midwest Church Alive Summit did also speak to me of finding one-another's sense of family within ourselves and how neat that we cannot help but radiate God's light together.

  76. Thank you very much.

  77. This lift brought me so much delight! Thank you Ginny. I love picturing you helping the woman. It must have brought a totally new atmosphere to that early morning airport experience. It reminds me that joy is accesible in every moment.

    This morning I got a kick out of helping a woman who had her hands full & dropped her groceries at the grocery store. As I picked up the bag handed it to her, I saw that I was really giving a gift to me as well as to her.

    Gonna take this one and run with it!

  78. Thank you, Ginny, and all the responders. Have heard it said, "if you live Love, you will love life." Lots of shining light to everyone.

  79. Thank you Ginny for this lovley lift
    We are all one BIG family Yes!

    As I say to my children every morning
    as I see their sweet faces appear in my office
    “Goooood Morning Sunshine!!!”

    Loving our neighbor and doing good…. naturally :)
    I will be shining quite "brightly" today
    and from all the wonderful comments so is everyone else
    What an Illuminating “Good Morning Sunshine” Lift!
    I feel as if I have been hugged (and will pass it on)
    Thank you

  80. What a wonderful Lift . . . and equally wonderful comments after. All of you have already given specific thanks for everything I was grateful for in the Lift, so I'll just add this: I join with all of you in a deepened commitment to let my light shine today, especially if I think I "don't feel like it."

    Also, I don't know how to include links to songs like others have done, so I'll just share the words that I remember, from a song in my sister's church that I heard decades ago, but which has stuck with me: "It only takes a spark, to get a fire going. And soon all those around, are warmed up in its glowing. That's how it is with God's love, once you experience it. You want to sing, it's fresh like spring, you want to pass it on."

    Off I go to pass it on, and set fires of Love to glowing!

  81. So helpful, Ginny. Thank you so much.

  82. Thanks once more for the lovely message from a lovely lady.

  83. Another wonderful DL. Thank you to Ginny and to all who make this series possible. The music also gives me a lift.

    Technical question: I used to be given the option to play these in pop up rather than download. That option no longer appears. Is that something I did or something on your end? Can I get that option back?

    The download button provides the same options as the pop up option. The new updated player doesn't provide a separate pop-up button.

  84. thank you for the lift

  85. WOW!

  86. Thankyou so much Ginny and fellow uplifters for these wonderful thoughts.
    I feel emabraced by this worldwide family all sharing their light.
    It is a good day!

  87. great lift Thank you Ginny lots of lights shining here today

  88. Thanks for the lift. It was a good reminder in my busy day. I had been in a hurry in the morning. I didn't think to do a small thing -- which means that I now need to back-track in order to be certain a kind and helpful thing is done in a timely way. The lift made me realize that I can do that with a light and loving heart.


  90. Love your honesty & example....speaking with my 7 yr old niece whose puppy had passed on, she said , I love the hymn "we are walking in the light of Love!"...and so is Tigger! That new African song in the new supplement hymnal is a favorite! Thanks again! Leslee Allen

  91. Beautiful message!
    It is so easy to conform to the world and to listen to all the doom and gloom and negative voices out there but this lesson reminds me that good and God and light and love are everpresent and shining all around us if we open our eyes and our hearts and percieve them. How wonderful it is to know that light is there and that even more wonderful we can be a part of it. we can be children of light and walk not in darkness.
    I pray God will write this lovely lift's message in my heart.

  92. Thank you Ginny. This is a helpful and heart-warming reminder. And thank you for all the comments from others. I am so touched by the love shared by all who contribute each day. It's like a patchwork quilt which grows in beauty as the pieces fit together.

  93. Wow! I love that!
    What a great and uplifting message!
    Thank you, Ginny!

  94. Becka as the loved children of divine Love, this message is already written in our hearts. We are made to love. What a thought.

  95. Your comments reminded me of the importunate woman from the Bible and an experience with first son. I had desired to share Christian Science with him who was raised in another religion. As the years rolled by I never seemed to find the right opportunity. One morning he called to find me in bed, not feeling my normal chipper self. After a few pleasantries, he began asking earnest questions about Science. By this time I was sitting on the edge of the bed and an hour and a half later i was walking beside the bed completely well and ready to go to work, if only a few hours late. When he first called i initially thought why now, but that quickly changed to joy in sharing the Truth with him.
    Today he is an avid Bible Scholar and along with his wife are taking excellent care of my 5 grands. Thank you father. What a lift today!

  96. ESPECIALLY when we don't feel like it...and do it anyway...wow...it changes the whole day!

  97. Thanks Ginny and all fellow Lifters........

  98. Thank You for reminding us to let our light shine each day.

  99. Thank you, Ginny! Your words reminded me of a time I handed a beggar a C.S. pamphlet. She smiled and said. "This is just what I was needing!"

  100. Not just bright - Brilliant.

  101. At the church meeting mentioned by #2 CindyMac, each participant was asked to select a word that describes the light. I opted for "shine." Then we were told to put our chosen word into practice throughout the coming month.

    My opportunities started the next day, shortly after hearing this DL. On my evening walk, I encountered a woman out with her little white dog, who sported a pink sequined kerchief.

    I smiled as I approached them from behind, then decided to vocally admire the kerchief. The woman beamed. Soon we began talking about spirituality -- and the Christ light. I told her about this "Children of light" podcast; she loved hearing about the woman who you helped, Ginny.

    She told me she's a 60-year-old corporate attorney. She then said she figures she has another decade to live. I gently challenged that assumption, mentioning that it's simply a world belief that we decay, decline, get decrepit, with years. She was intrigued to think that setting age limits is as unnatural and unwise as setting limits on God's love for His children.

    As we parted, she said that God knew she needed an angel and had provided one in an unexpected way (she was feeling lonely after her dad's recent passing and was trying to figure out her purpose in life). We'll see what else God has in store now that we have one another's email addys.

    And we'll see what God has planned for today's "shine." Truly, we feel so light -- so unburdened and free -- when we act as "children of light." :-)

  102. Es maravilloso salir de casa y simplemente pensar en bendecir", que no es otra cosa que bien decir", la gente se sorprende a veces , por la confianza con que actuamos, pero sabemos que ello viene de reflejar al Padre, no de nosotros, y que cuando damos una palabra, un afecto o simplemente un dulce, estamos comartiendo algo de lo mucho que recibimos diariamente.Damos y damos sin temor a no tener, porque cada vez que damos abrimos la puerta a algo mayor!En muchas ocasiones es instantáneo y es muy aleccionador comprobarlo.Oh, hijos de la luz marchad" Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana.

  103. I don't normally shed a tear listening to these messages, but this one jerked out a few for the simple way you were God-impelled to help that woman...whose problem you had no knowledge of. Isn't it great that God has the overall big picture of each heart and of each need and how He uses us to bless--even what we don't see. There is SO MUCH we can do for others by allowing ourselves to be the children of Light.

  104. Recently I was at a memorial for a kind woman and had the opportunity to tell her family how she effected me . She always had smile and always made you feel you were the very center of her attention and you were lifted up talking to her. She had the light and shine on everyone she came in contact with. Oh, to be remembered in that way. We are always the children of light and we can do it if we forget self. Thank you so much Ginny

  105. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.

  106. Thank you so much Ginny

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