6/20: Childlike prayers

6/20: Childlike prayers

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  1. Just beautiful Beth, Thank you!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Some of us may not have children, but we can all be healed by children.

  4. Wow, Beth - I loved this! Thank you!! I had just been thinking along these lines yesterday, about how simply and naturally a child trusts in her Father-Mother God - so that's what I'm just remembering at the moment. This Lift also reminds me of one of the best pieces of "how to pray" advice I ever heard. It was in a Sentinel or Journal article - I forget what it was about or who wrote it, but the writer quoted this advice from a practitioner: "Pray like a little six-year-old." That's how I most love to pray too. (And thanks, Daily Lift team, for the funky new music!)

  5. Thank you for the reminder, Beth. Wordless prayers of trust in the Father are quick and effective. I guess the challenge is, get back to being childlike!

  6. Beth, your daily lift is a true "lift"! Thank you.

  7. Thankyou for that uplifting thought

  8. Thank you very much for the reminder of The Child like thought,that is so pure and innocent, not filled with all the erroneous thought from mortal mind.

  9. thank you for your lift and it reminded of the healings we experienced when our children were young all grown now, and there expectancy of healing, of our young terrier who was hit by a car we took him to a vets surgery the news was not good we should have him put down, my younest stood near by and said in a strong voice Dont you believe in miracles, not yet understanding about healings being natural . the vet said take him home but then made some dire predictions about his future he then made a full recovery. later there grand mother came to stay over a bank holiday week end straight frm the A and E department following xrays for a damaged elbow following a fall on a icey path in here pain she was quite short with them and the youngest said dont you know we have been in the garden praying for you, on a returnto the hospital lfurtherxrays were taken! !!!!well you have guessed it. thank you for reminding me of this trust . when i need it most.

  10. Beth -

    The best description of Christian Science healing I've yet heard.
    Many thanks and God bless.

  11. To have “childlike trust”, what a privilege! …and is so important to teach them to trust that God loves them.
    The Bible is full of promises and examples that by trusting God we’ll have the good we hope for. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11
    A child prayer might not even need words, that pure trust that God is always caring for him might even be enough to heal the body.
    I remember my daughter’s 5th birthday, I’ve been in bed the whole morning with an awful headache, all of the sudden she runs into my room followed by a few little friends and said to me, “You’ll be Ok. mom, I’d ask God to make you good so you can come to my party” and run back out. A few minutes later I joined the kids, I was fine. My mom said to me, “See the power of a child’s trust?”.
    “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up” James 5:15
    ESPAÑOL: Tener “la confianza de un niño”, !Qué privilegio! …y es tan importante enseñarles a confiar en que Dios los ama.
    La Biblia está llena de promesas y ejemplos de como si confiamos en Dios tendremos el bien que esperamos. “Porque yo sé los pensamientos que tengo acerca de vosotros, dice Jehová, pensamientos de paz, y no de mal, para daros el fin que esperáis” Jeremías 29:11
    La oración de un niño puede no necesitar palabras, esa confianza pura en que Dios siempre está cuidándolo puede ser suficiente hasta para sanar el cuerpo.
    Yo me acuerdo el día que mi hija cumplió 5 años, yo había pasado toda la mañana en la cama por un dolor de cabeza horrible, de repente ella irrumpe corriendo en mi dormitorio seguida por otras amiguitas y me dice, “Vas a estar bien, mamá, yo le pedí a Dios que te haga estar bien para que puedas venir a mi fiesta”, y vuelven a salir corriendo. En pocos minutes me sentí bien y bajé a la fiesta. Mi madre dijo, “¿Ves el poder de la fe de una criatura?”.
    “Y la oración de fe salvará al enfermo, y el Señor lo levantará” Santiago 5:15

  12. Thank you, Beth. I love this. Sometimes it feels as though the thought that reaches to God is so pure and so close that words would spoil it. I love that feeling. When I talk to friends I feel the need to choose my words so I convey just the meaning I intend, but when I talk to God I don't need words - he knows me already. Thank you for saying this so beautifully. We can all pray like children.

  13. When our son was just two years old he and his grandma went with a friend up to her cabin on a lake in northern Alberta. She told him that there was a little wooden boat there that he could pull along in the water but first they would need a piece of string. After they looked several places without finding any he prayed, "String God." and they did find what was needed right in the back of a drawer. He was very grateful.

  14. When I was about eight or nine years old, I was in a play in the local theater. When I made my stage entrance, the role stated that I was supposed to carry a small toy with me to give to another child. Well, one night as I entered the stage and began my part, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my prop with me. There was absolutely no doubt in my heart that God would provide an answer and tell me what to do. In this play, I was supposed to be the child of a good witch. When it came time for me to give the other child the toy, I just leaned down and tore off part of my dress to give to him---as if this dress were magical. I remember this clearly because when I came off the stage, one of the adults asked me how I knew what to do. I said, "God is Mind and God is all. That is how I knew what to do."

  15. I love the idea of the unlimited, unbiased, unprejudiced, pure thought we have from God that leads us straight to His Kingdom; and bending with right ideas will lead us to it. All that is before us is God, His goodness. We can't lose it or fail to see it. God's agenda is for the provision of that unlimited pure and loving thought. God's ideas are not lost, they are here and now apparent for our protection.

  16. Beth-Thank you so much for this reminder of childlike trust in prayer,,especially the idea of the confindence and expectancy of the pure, simple and Christlike thought of a child's prayer! " And a little child shall lead them, " we read in the Bible ! Happy day and love to all the Lifters!

  17. Thanks for this topic of childlike prayers. My childlike prayer healed our child.
    I had just begun the serious study of Christian Science when our son was four. Early one evening I ran over him with a pickup truck. He was writhing on the ground in obvious great pain. I couldn't tell what part of his body had been run over and was myself frozen in shock. Then I was inspired by the thought that "Here is an opportunity for Christian Science to heal."
    A great peace came over me, and I picked him up. As I was carrying him into the house a neighbour who had witnessed the accident shouted that his foot had been run over. I put him on a bed and removed his shoes and socks and noticed some evidence of injury to one foot.. Not knowing then how to give a Christian Science treatment, I just opened the textbook Science and Health and started to read. In about one minute he stopped crying, and in a few more minutes he fell into a natural sleep. I felt confident in leaving him in God's care. A few minutes later the neighbour knocked on the door with a bottle of soda for him, and to find out how he was, seeing no ambulance. I told her he was fine and sleeping peacefully. We talked about twenty minutes. After she left I checked on our son at which time he woke up, got out of bed and walked without a trace of injury and even seemed to have no memory of the accident. I was overjoyed, amazed, and immensely grateful.

  18. Thank you so much for this wonderful Lift, Beth. I just love "a feeling of love rather than a thinking of love." Mrs Eddy says "Willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of the advanced idea." Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. p 323: 32. Holding this in thought our children were healed quickly and permanently. Trusting in Truth for past healings will surely open the way for healings right now. Thank you again Beth, for this lovely Declaration of Independance!
    Thank you Nathan, for a continuing supply of great music. Thanks to the BoL, and the lecturers and Lifters.

  19. How precious, how wise, how true dear Beth! someone once said "The 11th Commandment is ..Do not be guilty of adult-ery".
    Love to you all.

  20. Your Daily Lift makes me humble, and I can start my day with childlike expectation that all matters will be healed and corrected by Devine Love, thank you so much, Beth. You sound so very nice english, I like that.

  21. Thank you


  23. Sometimes we can battle with so much "noise" when like a child we can learn to have a simple quiet trust. Thanks Beth for the reminder.

  24. Thank you, thank you! What a beautiful reminder to start the day with.

  25. This is a beautiful, simple message that brings it home for anyone who wonders how to pray.

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  27. I love fledgling birds taking wing with such trust and expectancy, we have a garden of little winged ones stepping boldly into the air and reaching the promised branch! We too can fly daily onto the promised branch with childlike trust in Truth. This is a beautiful lift today, thank you.And thank you for the testimonies of healing, No.17 keeping the goodwill neighbour outside the healing 'place' where his son was resting.Very groovy dance music too! X

  28. dear beth
    What a heavenly lit! thank you. I was overjoyed to see your name and hear the helpful ideas. Thank you very much. Claire london

  29. Thank you! Thank you!

  30. When our four year old misplaced a mitten, the three year old said, " Ask God! He likes looking for things!" The mitten was quickly found, and this childlike thought has continued to bless. "Suffer (allow) the little children (childlikeness) to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Bible)
    Always enjoy the freshness and creativity of new music each week and never tire of "Hey! Hey!" Blessings to our lecturers worldwide.

  31. Thank you Beth I needed that today

  32. Thank you, yes we do need to be as little children and put our trust in Divine Love.

  33. The child-like trust is within each of us regardless of chronological age. The child-like thought is simply pure trust, as you stated Beth, that God is present, that Love truly enfolds all. We are all re-born moment by moment as we place our hand in the Father/Mother's and walk on fearlessly.
    Thanks and much gratitude to you and all the lecturers, as said previously, for the wonderful ideas they share.

  34. Thank You!

  35. Thanks for such a pure, beautiful idea. And for all the wonderful comments. Hymn 139 from the Christian Science hymnal says in the last verse:

    Come, walk with Love along the way,
    Let childlike trust be yours today;
    Uplift your thought, with courage go,
    Give of your heart's rich overflow,
    And peace shall crown your joy-filled day.
    Come, walk with Love along the way.

  36. This happened when my daughter was a toddler. My brother had injured his hand at work severely. My daughter walked over to my brother, layed her hand on him and prayed in what seemed to be baby talk. We smiled thinking "How cute." The next day my brother knocked at our door to show us his hand healed.

  37. I needed this reminder. Thank you so much, Beth! Love the music, too.

  38. Thanks Beth and to all for the inspiring thoughts on childlike prayers and trust and the beautiful healings that have resulted.

  39. Thanks you!

  40. Great message and music !!! Children seem to be aware of God as being their very atmosphere. Recently found Mrs. Eddy's words: "Divinely defined, Science is the atmosphere of God ..." (No and Yes, p. 9, line 25)

  41. 17 Gary – thank you thank you thank you

    I will stick with the horse stories. Horses with some understanding of being ridden simply dance with “children” while they play out their favorite antics with an “adult”. But here is the thing, the children can be 45 years old and the adult can be 12 years old. I have always thought of this as sort of the “dominion effect”. Not dominance, but dominion.

    Maintaining our child like trust in God is so important. Makes for a smoother ride!

  42. Hello Beth
    I love the firmness and conviction of this message! Thank you very much for sharing it with us today.

  43. Thank you very much.

  44. Thank you Beth and fellow lifters. It really made my morning to read these healings from childrens' pure thoughts. When my oldest child was 5, we returned from an evening out and the sitter told us she thought our girl had the measles.
    When I went into her, she was covered with a rash, etc. and I said to her "For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot;" from the Bible (Job 11:15). Then, in spite of my assertion, I proceeded to look at her and my daughter said "Don't you believe what you say?" Very quickly, she was healed. No more symptoms!

  45. Amen!!!!

  46. Yesterday in church I found myself subtly criticizing everything imaginable, to the point where I was unable to focus on the excellent readings. What to do?

    I didn't do too much except be watchful of where my thoughts were taking me. And sure enough, soon the distracting inner dialogue faded into nothingness. And all at once I was almost overwhelmed with a sense of joy, freedom, love and calm acceptance. After the service I enjoyed sharing a few affectionate conversations with other church members and, with a sense of zeal and boundless optimism, walked four miles home, praising God every step of the way. Its all about being watchful of our thoughts, as Mary Baker Eddy so rightly says.

    And hats off to Beth for the reminder of our need for childlike, trusting prayer.

  47. Thank you, Beth. What a wonderful way to start the day with childlike confidence in God's ever presence and healing love with us.

  48. Thank you all so much, your comments feel like such a pure treatments and such evidence of the power of innocence and trust. It's no wonder that healing results from such a state of consciousness.

  49. El propio título del Daily Lift lo está diciendo todo, orar con la confianza de un niño es comprender a Dios, siento que los niños que aun no se han contaminado con el mundo material están muy cercanos a Dios y la enseñanza dada a ellos es fundamental para que la preserven, nos corresponde a los adultos encaminarlos en el camino verdadero, es verdad que es una tarea más de los padres. pero nada nos impide que oremos para que esa pureza sea constante y permanente, si le prestaramos más atención veríamos que ellos nos dan señales constantementes de como debemos proceder, quizás debieramos nosotros escucharlos y seguirlos con más atención a ellos.
    "Bienaventurados los limpio corazón porque ellos verán a Dios"
    "Confianza como la de un niño" MBE
    Yo no dudo que ellos ven a Dios y hablan con Él.
    Miren que hermoso lo que dice el Salmo 8: 2: "De la boca de los niños y de los que maman fundaste la fortaleza".
    Yo siento que esa pureza está también en nosotros y que dependemos de nosotros mismo para conservarla y a medida que vamos comprendiendo esa realidad se hace más constante y clara y podemos volver... no ha recuperarla, porque nunca la perdimos, sino a ese estado natural de nuestro ser espiritual.
    "Porque en él vivimos, y nos movemos y somos" Hechos.

    Muchas gracias, Thank You, Beth, es una bendición poder disfrutar todos los días de estos mensajes.

  50. Thanks for the great "Lift" and I too, love the new music. Thank You!

  51. Thanks, Beth, for that simple, childlike Lift! Reminds me of the Head and the Heart Lift from last week. I also think of the Milk of the Word and the Meat of the Word. I think we need both Head and Heart, both Milk and Meat, both simple Faith and Scientific Reasoning. No formulas, just a childlike trust that Our Father Mother God will reveal how we need to pray and what we need to say or think or feel. The absolute Truth is that we are Already whole, perfect and complete and we only need to Know this - in simple childlike trust! When I fall asleep at night I often say the "Little Childrens' Prayer": "Father-Mother God, Loving me............" Letting Childlike Trust be mine and yours today!

  52. What a wonderful thought to lift us all. So simple but so effective.
    This lift is truly a gift that we can all take with us and use. Thank you so much.

  53. Great point. Simplicity in action.
    Love, not Law
    Heart, not Head
    Acknowledging, not Asking.
    Experiencing, not Expecting.
    Conversing, not Calling
    Join, not Journey
    Seeing, not Sensing
    “Hereing”, not Hearing
    Tasting, not Tempting
    Principle, not Principals
    Lambkins, not Lamb chops

    How foolishly we adults try to complicate the simplest things when a child can see clearly though the mesmerism of adult thinking. All we do is specialize our brand of divinity.

    Reminds me of the definition of a “Specialist”: One who learns More and More about Less and Less until finally they know Everything about Nothing.


  54. What a critical reminder. We can get caught up on the complexity or burden of illness, when we should remember to have confidence not just hope, and to feel Love not nust think about love. Helaing shuld be simple and natural :-)

  55. Great lift and great comments. When she was just shy of five I took my daughter to a splendid entertainment for kids and said we could check out a nearby playground before heading home. Pretty exciting -- a visit to a new playground! But as we walked toward it I started to get what I knew would lead to really painful menstrual cramps -- a rare occurrence since her birth, but about to come back with a vengeance.

    I told her I was so sorry, but we'd have to get on the next streetcar and go straight home. We sat on a bench to wait for the streetcar and she said, "Well I'll pray for it to get better. God, make my mother get better." I was quite moved by this. And thank goodness, I could see the streetcar in the distance. So we got up to get on it and I realized I was feeling no discomfort whatsoever, so instead of getting on the streetcar we just walked the 2 or 3 blocks to the playground and had an especially wonderful time there making new friends -- hers a nice little boy from Montreal, and mine the little boy's equally nice mum.

    Thank you so much for stirring up that memory and sharing all yours.

  56. just fabulous! thanks

  57. What a wonderful thought for today--I'm going to approach the day "filled up full" with Love. thank you!

  58. Such a great healing lift today! LOVE IT.

  59. Thank you beyond words!!!!
    With Love and Blessings,

  60. Very nice Beth, and thank you so much.

  61. So simple, yet so descriptive. So humble! So promising while so definite. Thank you so, so very much

  62. Thank you Beth for the fresh inspiration this morning. I recently heard a testimony about a child who found healing by praying in this manner: God is, this isn't and that is it! (I don't recall what the challenge was, but whatever the problem seems to be, God is) So simple, yet powerful.

  63. That is so precious! Thank you!! My mom was once healed by my little brother. He wanted to bake brownies, and she was lying on the couch. He prayed and said, "ok mom, get up!" and she realized she'd better get up - he expected her to be healed!! So she got up. And when she did, she was healed!! :)

    Last week I was lying on the couch and my dear son prayed for me and had the same expectancy of good. And the same thing happened to me - my son said, "mom - you're healed now! Do you feel better?" And I said, "yes" though I wasn't quite back to normal. Right after I said that, I realized I actually was better!!

    I am so grateful for children & their beautiful prayers. Wonderful Lift!!

  64. I so enjoy these simple childlike lifts and all the wonderful comments! Thank you to all!

  65. What wonderful thoughts to hold to through our day! Innocence and expectancy, really some things to strive for.

  66. Thank you, Beth!
    Yes, of course.
    Simple, as it should, and can be.

  67. Thanks Beth and everyone! This lift was a joy to read and ponder the power of Wordless trust. #19: Jean, a great play on words with no "adult-ery." #30 AB, a sweet laugh, thanks. AND Michael #53 another wonderfully useful play with words as in "hereing and not hearing and especially lambkins and not lamb chops!" Jabina #40, thanks for the phrase, "God, our very atmosphere." Thanks for sharing the many healings folks. I'm letting childlike trust be mine today. Thanks

  68. Dear Beth, this touched me so! My mother told me I used to heal myself and sometimes others quite quickly by praying The Lord's Prayer. I remember driving with my 3 or 4 year old daughter when I became so overwhelmed with illness I had to pull over to the side of the street, and said I didn't know how we'd get home. She said, "God is here, and He will heal you!" I was more impressed with her absolute and simple trust and declaration ("out of the mouth of babes") than I was with the illness! And that did it - God healed me! We drove home singing.
    This is such a gloriously simple message I shared it on my facebook page, and expect many to be blessed by it. Thank YOU! And thanks to all who posted such sweet and inspiring accounts of childlike trust.

  69. Thank you for this inspired lift. It reminded me of the first healing I received from my 4 year old daughter. I awoke one morning with a terrible pain in my neck and could not move it. I managed to get ready for church with the aid of my husband. All the time I was praying but fear held me captive. (My former husband was young, athletic, and healthy one day and the next I was told by the doctors that he would die soon probably before the birth of our child. He had a fast growing brain tumor which had no cure. He died a few months later. My sudden pain was much like his sudden pain.) The fear of death was very great. At church I stood for the first song but nearly fainted. After church I slithered into bed and begged God to help me. Just as I was about to pass out, my 2 year old son bounded into the room and upon my neck. I screamed like I had been shot. He ran out of the room in terror. Shortly after, my daughter timidly entered the room and asked if she could help me. I said, "Pray for me." We had only been attending a Christian Science Church for four weeks during which time she was enrolled in the CS Sunday School. I was not sure that she knew what prayer was. Amazingly she said the Lord's Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, the Scientific Statement of Being and the Children's Prayer by Mary Baker Eddy. Then she said. "That's all the prayers there are, so you are healed. Let's go play.” And we did! I never had a reoccurrence of the trouble. How blessed we are!

  70. How true this is. I remember how healings came so quickly as a child. I have been struggling so much the past year and unable to find relief. This Lift reminded me why healings were easier then.....because my thoughts were not clouded with the garbage thinking adullts get from all the things they see and hear everyday. Thank you for the reminder to stop thinking and start knowing, to stop waiting and start receiving.....to stop doubting and return to trusting.

  71. Just got back from my morning Jog and it came to me that Mrs. Eddy gave us the simple definition of Prayer that Heals on p. 1 in Science and Health. It combines the 3 essentials of Scientific Prayer - Faith, Spiritual Understanding and Love! "The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sickis an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, - a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love." Then she goes on to say that she speaks from experience. I think this is a beautiful example of using both the Head and the Heart, having childlike Trust and of course, Love!

  72. Thank you so much, Beth. How freeing to have that child-like trust that God heals us. No heavy burden to heal something! Just the freedom of knowing the allness of God, Good. Beautiful!

  73. When I was between two and three years old, I witnessed an accident my dad had with a team of horses. While he was on his way to town to have the wounds dressed, I stayed with my grandmother. She said I got my mother's books, the Bible and Science and Health, crawled into the middle of the bed and stayed there feeling comforted as I pretended to read them until my parents returned a few hours later. Of course, my dad had a quick recovery. Children early learn to turn to God as the source of comfort and healing.
    Although I don't comment often, I love hearing the Daily Lift and reading the comments of others.

  74. Excellent. Very clear. Thank you!

  75. Thanks a lot, Beth. And thanks to all the responses - especially #8, 11, 13, 14, 17, 30, 36, 54, 62, and 67, for including healings you have witnessed as a result of childlike prayer & expectancy of good. I hope everyone will also share these stories in church, too. My own children also experienced healing through simple prayer alone. When our 4-year old daughter fell & hit her head on the cement floor of a grocery store, I took her aside and talked to her about God's love for her, and that she is an idea of Spirit. I told her that accidents couldn't happen to Spirit and so they couldn't happen to her. And I sang a familiar hymn to her. I asked her 6-year old brother to pray for her too. He put his arm around her and said, "God is everywhere." Within an hour, we went to the playground as planned. She was fine.

  76. Thank you sooo much. We need more simplicity in our healing approach or we sometimes end up making the problem into a reality. Jesus saved his words for his teaching but the Bible tells us he said little to those being healed. No wonder he told us to "become as little children."

  77. Thank you so much. I loved this Lift. It reminded me of my favorite children's book "Filled Up Full".

  78. I love it! The expectancy of healing - a perfect message. Thank you Beth

  79. Wonderful Beth.

    It reminds me of how Mrs. Eddy starts out the 1st chapter on prayer in Science and Health....

    "The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God,-a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love."

    As Beth illustrated, the childlike pure innocent trust (absolute faith), the understanding that "of course God will heal me" (a spiritual understanding of Him) and the "feeling of love" (unselfed love), naturally reforms and heals.

  80. Well said Beth. A simple loving trust that replaces tremuolus hope. I like it!

  81. What a beautiful reminder that the simple but absolute knowledge of the love of God heals. Perfect for today. Thank you!

  82. Such wonderful examples of childlike trust in God's healing. THank you everyone and blessings to all.

  83. My son was about seven when one day I had a splitting headache...couldn't get out of bed. I asked him to pray for me. The headache was gone immediately. As young as two years, he loved the Sentinel childrens articles (many years ago now) and when I'd bring one in from the mailbox, he'd sit right down on the couch and ask me to read the article to him. He expected prayer to heal. It's a joy to raise children who can rely on God for everything. Thanks so much for the lift today!

  84. Thank you for sharing this wisdom of the little child within each of us, this child who has within, a direct connection-communion with God.

    Also very much appreciated your lecture given at the Australia Church Alive Summit!

    Warmest wishes!

  85. Very touched by this lift and the comments.
    In Phillips' translation of the New Testament, turn to The Acts.
    It says "The Young Church in Action
    The Acts of the Apostles"
    It makes you think of the childlike thought of the apostles in action. That must be the real church, which we have heard described today in the acts of the children.
    While I have thought of that book as "Acts" , now, after hearing the church service from The Mother Church yesterday, I think of it as THE Acts, as the Second Reader said it.
    What a lot of good one can receive from our church on internet!

  86. What a good example of God's love speaking clearly to the receptive thought- a child like thought that is expecting the healing Truth. Thank you for this timely Daily Lift.

  87. Just the ticket!! Thanks so much.

  88. Thank you, Beth, especially for expressing the true essence of Christian prayer and healing by describing it as, “A feeling of Love, rather than a thinking of Love.” Listening, I couldn't tell if capital “L” was being said, but it doesn't matter. That doesn't change anything! This Lift keeps us close to Marceil's last Friday on “Head and Heart”, a good prayerful way to end a week and start another. Thinking about how a child heals, is good to work with. Because they don't put in all the mortal-thinking baggage, so they would not need to think prayer, for God gives us His thoughts, and a child would just act with them as they receive them, not analyze or dissect them. You've set a high, but sweet standard for me to work for and helped make the goal more understandable, and within reach. This helps us focus on still more childlike listening. I know all the other lifter children today will be, like me, “playing” with this lift delightfully, yet seriously so.
    What a testimony meeting today! #'s: 9 Kathy, 11 Elena, 13 Dace, 14 katherine, 17 Gary, 30AB, 36 Dennis, 43 Barbara, 54 Vicki, 62 Jodi, 67 Linda, 71 Sunny, &73 Ginny, thank you for children's & childlike healing work. 19 Jean, thanks for that 11th law! 45 Joel, Walking 4 miles for Church is childlike love. 52 Michael, good list, but my favorite was “Hereing, not Hearing”.

  89. Thanks, Beth - just what I needed to hear today ...... and so grateful too for all the inspiring comments

  90. Thanks Beth. It is so true that a childlike thought is so receptive to the truth. Many years ago my niece who was only about 5 was left in the care of her Dad, who was not a student of Christian Science, my sister had gone to the Wednesday Testimony Meeting. This little girl developed a severe ear ache. Her Dad didn't know who he could call, because all those you might have helped, were also at Church. Through her tears, in a slightly halting little voice, she started to quote a passage her Sunday School teacher had made the class learn by heart. "Resist evil ---- error of every sort --- and it will flee from you" (S&H 406:18-19) A few moments later she was fast asleep. In the morning she was her bright and happy self, ear ache forgotten. Children expect their prayers to be answered at once, as we read in #9 and #12, Thanks for a lovely Lift and for all the comments.

  91. Thank you for reminding me to have child-like trust in my prayers.

    13 reminded me to make some toy boats for the children

  92. Loved the way the Lift lifted my thinking. Thank you Beth and each and every Lifter!

    Makes me recall a time when I had a short bout with the flu one night. I asked my husband to call a practitioner of the Christ Science to pray for me and the agressive symptoms stopped. However, the next day I felt weak. I was wainting on the porch for our young son to come home from school. When he saw me he asked what was wrong and I told him. He said, "You know God loves you." With that, all weakness seemed to float away, and I have never had any of that belief since. What a lesson about the holiness of childlike trust.

  93. Thanks Beth, just the inspiration needed today. Your mention of Mary Baker Eddy's healing of the farm animals reminded me of the wonderful healing awaiting the seemingly stubborn injury to our cat's leg. If he doesn't know about injury and imperfection, why should we. His expectations are surely as pure as those of your daughters when they were small, and thus nothing has the power to hold him back from his full healing and liberation from this unreal imposition.
    Thanks again!

  94. It is the childlike trust we all need. thanks so much

  95. Thanks Beth for your contribution today and for everyone's testimonies that brought out the "childlike thought" we ALL have...and can be receptive to!

  96. Wonderful Lift! Thank you for all the healings by children & childlike thought, and especially to #17. I do think that is the key...letting ourselves feel what we know is true and go forward with confidence! Children have a way of not seeing the nonesense at all, only seeing the true. Makes me think of this hymn:
    Be true and list the voice within,
    Be true unto thy high ideal,
    Thy perfect self, that knows no sin,
    That self that is the only real.
    God is the only perfect One;
    My perfect self is one with Him;
    So man is seen as God's own son,
    When Truth dispels the shadows dim.
    True to our God whose name is Love,
    We shall fulfill our Father's plan;
    For true means true to God above,
    To self, and to our fellow man.

  97. Beth what a beautiful thought you have expressed and from all the comments made you have brought to remembrance many healings in people's life of that childlike trust in God. As you so beautifully pointed out we all have that childlike trust as children of God. I think that sometimes we forget the simplicity which is the Christ.

  98. I just love this lift! thank you!

  99. Thank you Beth
    I remind me of the time I was healed of Astama ( can't even spell it)
    anyway the Practitioner who prayed with me I found that when he was 8 years old was called in from the garden by his mother...who said "George we need to pray for your sister as we've just been told she has Polio."

    George went out to the garden again and prayed this way

    "Go d IS...THAT (Polio) isn't...and that's that.."

    He came in to the house and his sister was healed

  100. All,
    I had fun developing my list this morning (#53 above) from a child’s point of view contrasted to an adult’s (thank you Beth). The most fun was to stop thinking like an adult for a moment, let go of what my head was saying to write and let the child within me speak... and play. “Child's play”.

    How did we ever lose sight of that, especially when we still watch children play and marvel at their energy, enthusiasm, joy and lust for Life? A child’s vivid imagination is often closer to the spiritual truth than the outrageous things we adults dream up.

    As I let my thoughts return to a childlike innocence and acceptance of good, the adult costume, which I put on daily, fell away and I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom from the complications years of human experience have added.

    Children Play. Adults Plan. Which of these activities sounds more Godlike to you? What are we planning or preparing for that God has not already done? What is it that we are saving, acquiring, accumulating, amassing, storing, insuring… and for what reason? In our adult imagination are we preparing for some future lack, deprivation, illness, suffering, accident, attack, catastrophe, etc.

    I see the wisdom of awaking each morning to the inner child, God’s child living inside, trying to wake me up and get out.

    And yes I liked “hereing” (what is present here and now) contrasted to hearing (something farther away – future).

    Please add "Innocents, not non-sense" to my list

  101. Thank you .Perfect lift.

  102. Beautiful lift, Beth. And such an original idea. I really liked the reminder that "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". How far our adult sophistication is from such "childlike" trust and belief!

  103. Oh Beth I just loved that
    What dear children and what a sweet Mommy you are!
    What a reminder to be more childlike in our thinking

    Reminds me of my favorite family stories
    All my boys had a baby doll named “Baby”
    they loved rocking feeding putting her to bed….It was SO dear

    If “Baby” ever got hurt.. I could hear my own words in their prayers and love for Baby and the expectation in their pretend play for healing and how my prayer and theirs progressed with each child.. makes me laugh and warms my heart

    When Baby needed help…From my oldest I would hear mumblings of God is Love…Father–Mother God Lot’s of Sheppard show me how to go and Brood o’re us…(Just like I would say to him if there was a need)

    From my Middle guy his prayers would be much shorter and just simply say….“There is NO spot where God is NOT!”…and ”Arms beneath around above”

    Years later…with my third little Guy as Baby went tumbling down the stairs one day all I heard from him was a firm…”GET UP.. your fine!!!!!”

    Oh how I laughed and had tears of gratitude for Christian Science
    (Training those little rose bushes)
    What a dear, sweet memory

    Still today if any of them have a tumble in sports ect… They all jump up and just say “I am fine”
    …we have had some BIG healing right there on the field

    Oh to be more childlike!
    Thank you again Beth and for ALL 101 DLift comments WOW!

  104. Thank you Beth - a sweet thought - the simplicity and trust of a little child - qualities we all need to cultivate.

  105. What a superb message, Beth! Exactly what we each need to remember today. Thank you so much!

  106. I shared this with my granddaughter Clara and she loved it. She says, knowing that God is everywhere helps her when she is in school, or away from her parents and she likes that thought. Also, the emphasis that adults need to do something a child does naturally tickled her.

  107. Thank you for this beautiful message.

  108. Beautiful! Wonderful! Thank you so much, and bless your children.

  109. Beth, thanks for the simple, innocent and receptive approach to healing praying like children. A friend of mine was telling me about the recent visit of the Dalai Lama to the Sunshine Coast, here in Queensland, Australia. She was very impressed by the simplícity of his words. He did not talk about religion or temples, only about the love that encircles everybody, men, women and children everywhere. In Christian Science we learn in Sunday School to be childlike when we pray and know that divine Love, God, Who is ever present, heals every situation in childhood as well as in adulthood.

    En español

    Beth, gracias por el enfoque simple, inocente y receptivo a la curación orando como niños. Una amiga mía me contaba acerca de la reciente visita del Dalai Lama a la Sunshine Coast, aquí en Queensland, Australia. Ella estaba muy impresionada por la sencillez de sus palabras. No habló de religión o templos, solo acerca del amor que circunda a todos, hombres, mujeres y niños en todas partes. En la Ciencia Cristiana aprendemos en la Escuela Dominical a ser como niños al orar y saber que el Amor divino, Dios, Quien está siempre presente, sana cada situación en la infancia así como en la edad adulta.

  110. Thank you,Beth.

  111. Thank you Beth and all the commenters, this lift has been a wonderful blessing!

  112. Great to find the comments again. I thought they had been removed. My favorite testimony from a oeriodical a few years ago was by a mother who had a severe headache and asked her 3-year-old daughter to pray for her. The child went to her room and was back within a few minutes. The headache was gone. She asked her daughter what she did and the little girl said, "I said to God, Mommy can't be sick can she? God said No. And I said, thank you, God."

  113. Thank you very much for sharing this treasure !

  114. Thanks sooo much, Beth, and all commentors. Just the lift I needed for "hereing" today!

  115. That was exactly what I needed to hear. The best one ever.

    Funny thing: my Mom was trying to send this Lift to me, but the computer did not send it. During that time I was preparing to pray for a man who's had cancer for 10 years.

    I did lots of metaphysical thinking and reasoning in preparation, but I was led to say only a few sentences. I told him he was God's child and I held him in my arms about 5 minutes, saying only a few golden words. He said he felt the energy of love passing into him, and "wondered how I did it".

    I had gotten the same message from God that you gave, about feeling God's presence rather than talking about it. Sometimes people anxious to heal you talk you to death. I am amazed that this message was "in the air" and I got it without the computer.

    Also during this time I have been trying to solidify my "expectency". Because expectency was what opened me for an amazing "medical miracle" from God once. What we expect determines what we get.

    I like the childlike pure innocent trust that you talked about. The confidence. You "hit the nail on the head." My ability to heal traces back to my innocent childhood connection with God.

    Also you told me things that I had not yet figured out. I think this LIft has more to offer the CS movement than anything else. I hope it shifted many people's thinking.

  116. This is lift and all the comments are so inspiring! Thank you!

  117. Thanks, Beth.

    Needed that.

  118. Can anyone remember the rest of the chidrens' prayer which starts off :
    Father Mother God,Loving me,
    Guide my little feet up to thee - - - - - - -I have forgotten the rest!

    Daily Lift Team:
    Poem by Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings page 400.

    A Verse
    Mother's New Year Gift to the Little Children

    Father-Mother God,
    Loving me, —
    Guard me when I sleep;
    Guide my little feet
    Up to Thee.

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