3/8: Modeled by Christ

3/8: Modeled by Christ

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  1. Perfect for what I needed in the middle of the night while struggling to make a decision about an ethical dilemma that's new to me, and needing to be "set free" to express my God-given intelligence, purity, courage, wisdom, affection. Thank you, Kari. God is blessing these Daily Lifts.

  2. Thank you for sharing such wonderful truths. I am inspired to reflect beauty and love whose image I represent.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you.

  4. Thank you Kari. It really does feel like carving in stone sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't feel like carving but just unveiling. Either way I am just so grateful for Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science for unveiling Science and Health that leads us patiently forward until the most wonderful Christ is revealed.

  5. Thank you, Kari, for this clear description of our true birthright!

  6. Dear Kari:

    Thank you for the inspiring message. Expressing the infinite idea
    as God's reflection gives us great freedom to be unlimitted in our expression of whatever we are doing.. Thank you for sharing the
    idea that Michaelangelo saw the complete idea before he started
    George Balanchine, the great choreographer is qoted as saying,
    "I don't create, God creates, I assemble."

    I will share your message with my artist friends.Thank you again,

  7. Thank you Kari, great concept, we have all the qualities that truly define God in His children. I remember one day a practitioner told me to claim God's qualities for myself, I didn’t have to justify my mistakes anymore. I wasn’t “me” I was just God's image! She pointed out the importance of understanding the meaning of being His image, God was the only I AM and this fact defined Him as the only personality, the only Mind. I was only reflecting Him. I didn’t have a personality of my own to live up to, I was His representative, just like the angels. I already had all the qualities that belonged to my Maker and I could claim them to myself right that very moment, make them part of me. I liked this new concept, it was really liberating, God was my model. I understood that I exist because God exists. Since then I’ve got in the habit of writing a journal with what I believe to be God’s derived qualities: I am spiritual, punctual, honest, compassionate, intelligent, healthy, protected, loved, I can't lack any good, etc. Mrs. Eddy explains this concept better than anyone, “Is there a personal man? The Scriptures inform us that man was made in the image and likeness of God. I commend the Icelandic translation: "He created man in the image and likeness of Mind, in the image and likeness of Mind created He him." To my sense, we have not seen all of man; he is more than personal sense can cognize, who is the image and likeness of the infinite. I have not seen a perfect man in mind or body, — and such must be the personality of him who is the true likeness: the lost image is not this personality, and corporeal man is this lost image; hence, it doth not appear what is the real personality of man. The only cause for making this question of personality a point, or of any importance, is that man's perfect model should be held in mind, whereby to improve his present condition; that his contemplation regarding himself should turn away from inharmony, sickness, and sin, to that which is the image of his Maker. (Mis.97:20-5)

    Gracias Kari, gran concepto, tenemos todas las cualidades que verdaderamente definen a los hijos de Dios. Recuerdo que un día un practicista me dijo que reclamara las cualidades de Dios para mi misma, yo no tenía que justificar más mis errores. ¡Yo no era “yo”, yo era solo la imagen de Dios! Me mostró la importancia de comprender el significado de ser Su imagen, Dios era el único YO SOY y este hecho lo definía a El como la única personalidad, la única Mente. Yo solo lo reflejaba a El. No tenía una personalidad propia que mantener, yo era Su representante, igual que los angeles. Ya poseía todas las cualidades que pertencen a mi Creador y podía reclamarlas para mí en ese mismo momento, hacerlas parte de mi misma. Me gustó este nuevo concepto, fue liberador, Dios era mi modelo. Comprendí que yo existo por que Dios existe. Desde entonces me he hecho el hábito de escribir un diario con lo que creo que son mis cualidades derivadas de Dios: Yo soy spiritual, punctual, honesta, compasionada, inteligente, saludable, protegida, amada, no me puede faltar ningún bien, etc. La Sra. Eddy explica este concepto major que nadie, “¿Existe un hombre personal? Las Escrituras nos informan que el hombre fue creado a imagen y semejanza de Dios. Yo recomiendo la traducción islándica: "Él creó al hombre a imagen y semejanza de la Mente, a imagen y semejanza de la Mente le creó". A mi parecer, no hemos visto aún todo lo que constituye el hombre; aquel que es la imagen y semejanza del infinito es más de lo que puede concebirse mediante el sentido personal. No he visto todavía a un hombre que sea perfecto en mente o cuerpo —y así tiene que ser la personalidad de aquel que es la semejanza verdadera: la imagen perdida no es esta personalidad, y el hombre corpóreo es esta imagen perdida; de ahí que no se manifieste lo que es la personalidad verdadera del hombre. La única razón que tengo para hacer hincapié sobre esta cuestión de la personalidad, o darle alguna importancia, es que debe tenerse presente el modelo perfecto del hombre, mediante lo cual se mejora su condición actual; y que su contemplación acerca de sí mismo debe volverse de la discordancia, la enfermedad y el pecado, hacia aquello que es la imagen de su Hacedor. (Mis. 97:24-6)

  8. Thanks for reminding us of Michelangelo's beautiful vision and interpretation of Man. Not wishing to be in any way nationalistic, and knowing how much we ALL owe to Greek civilization, but - I believe he was Italian.....

  9. Many thanks Kari, for those inspiring words about 'chiseling thought'. "We are all sculptors..." (S&H p248:13), is one of my favorite passages from S&H. "...chiseling our lives, today, after the divine model [Christ] , heals and sets us [and everyone] free." as you so well pointed out.

  10. Thank you Kari. Wonderful message for today: International Women's Day!

  11. Thanks for these "pictures" about art and artists - and the real man -
    .....S&H 67/30 " Spirit, the great architect"

  12. Thanks Kari, for this uplifting reminder of our original spiritual identity waiting beneath the appearance of mortal personality to be expressed spontaneously at any given moment. Qualities to live by ... compassion, honesty, goodness, and intelligence naturally reflect our God-given nature. Wonderful!

  13. Thanks so much:
    I love the idea that we are chiseling. We don't have to put everything straight in a day - just to remove the next most apparent bump or problem which would claim to hide our true identity.


  14. Thank You Kari

  15. Wow, this is such a beautiful analogy. Thank you so much for such a powerful message! Just what I needed to start the day!

  16. My gratitude to you for leading us to see beneath the
    outward appearance and accept the pure example of
    God-likeness Christ Jesus lived, and promised is ours.
    The Science of Christ discovered by Mary Baker Eddy,
    gives us seven synonyms for God which hold within
    them infinite qualities and attributes for us to uncover
    and nurture. Thank you for helping me "chip away."

  17. This message of health and well being, considering sculpting spiritual thought rather than just a material body is the right one for our times. The media generally encourages us to conform to certain shapes and sizes. The advertisment of products that promise to reduce or add weight can be discouraging for so many in their results. To first consider sculpting beautiful God- given qualities of thought, such as goodness, kindness and peaceful living means keeping the best spiritual model in mind. It can give us a better sense of balance with immediate results; a new sense of feeling loved, loving and lovely as well as strength and freedom!

  18. Thank you, Kari. So simple and so beautiful. :-)

  19. Dear Mu-, you made me smile---:) I said "great" artist, not "Greek" artist!
    another helpful idea of sculpting our lives is from Science and Health p 248:8-32.

  20. Thanks for these healing ideas!

  21. Just love that image of the perfect model.
    Thank you so much.

  22. We are all blessed by this thoughtful, inspiring truth to start each day, and we may claim our beauty every moment. Thanks Kari.

  23. Thank you Kari for that precious message. Chiseling away to know that we are pure, perfect, whole and complete right now; perfect God and perfect man is the basis of thought and demonstration as Mrs. Eddy says. I am eternally grateful for continuing to study daily this Science of the Christ.

  24. Thank you so much Kari! What wonderful truths to put me right on those wings of Love allowing me to soar through this day inspired, uplifted, and cared for as the complete child of my Father-Mother God. Thanks again for this Daily Lift!!

  25. Thank you, Kari such a beautiful illustration that is so easy to understand and take with us throughout the day!

  26. Thank you for this daily lift!

  27. When I was in nurse's training some years ago, the teacher said to pick from the Bible Lesson a "smooth stone," write it out, put it in a pocket, and when some error presented itself as we made our rounds this would be a staff to lean on. I love this lift, I will make it a "smooth stone" and carry it with me today. Thank you, Kari.

  28. Much appreciated Keri,
    What a powerful message for each of us today.

    “There is a well known description of sculpting: Have in mind what you want the statue to look like and chip away everything else.” This particular quote is from Exploring Inner Expedience by Hurlburt & Heavy. This certainly goes hand in hand with your lift quoting Michelangelo who “...saw the angel in the marble and carved until he set him free”

    Michelangelo may have understood spiritual inheritance, anything that should be chiseled away is the unlikeness of the true image. This is in sharp contrast to the old saying, he’s chip off the old block (material heredity) meaning the chip is the same as the original material.

    Knowing we originate spiritually, as the children of God, frees us from any illusion of ever being encased in stone or trapped in matter by human heredity. Claiming God’s likeness does heal and sets man free.

  29. Sorry I mispelled your name Kari, but your true likeness was never touched. ;-).

  30. That's lovely

  31. Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man (God's model), who appeared to him where sinning moral man (the lump of stone) appears to mortals...carrying through on your beautiful analogy of revealing or unveiling our real likeness as children of God; this will indeed, set us free. What a wonderful credo to live by! Thank you Kari!

  32. Thanks for this timely reminder! I needed it this morning when I was berating myself for several missteps!

  33. Thanks Kari, I was working with this idea last week and what Mrs. Eddy says about "we are all sculptors ............moulding and chiseling thought.............have you accepted the mortal model? The world is holding it before your gaze continually." I love these Daily Lifts---wonderful gems!

  34. Thank you Kari. I love this clear vision that the artist has within. Then the work (painting, sculpture, poem, performance, song -- or healing) is revealed as the manifestation of that pure vision.
    As the artist stays true to that inner vision, and works with their 'tools' the work becomes evident as something we and others can see, hear, feel.

    This reminds me to know the heart of it is always the invisible, the spiritual -- and in holding true to this, the outer work will come into being, as something that we all can see and experience. "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation. " M.B.E.

  35. Thanks, Kari, for your beautifully descriptive thought. Love to everyone.

  36. Thanks Kari! I will try to carve out more of God's nature in my thoughts and actions today.

  37. Thank you very very much. It is exactly what I needed to hear today and it was a great uplift.

  38. In times of quandary and trouble I have always since I was a wee child asked myself what Jesus would do. Your concept of carving our lives with the image of the Christ in focus is just beyond beautiful. Thank you for your inspired thought!

  39. What a beautiful, beautiful message! Thank you God, and thank you Kari for expressing it!

  40. Kari gracias por tan bonitas y ciertas palabras, muchas grascias por personas con ud, que nos hacen sentirnos más cerca y confiadas en Dios.

  41. Love the reference to Michelangelo - makes it all so clear.

  42. Thank you for this Daily Lift today. I will work at chipping away every thought not aligned with good, God. After all, if it is not good, then it is not from God and I don't have to think about it. What a beautiful day!!!!

  43. Thank you Kari, for an important metaphysical arts & crafts lift. Jesus and Mrs. Eddy were definitely artists, based on a Webster's definition (*) of “art”: * Skill in performance, acquired by experience, study, or observation (I add inspiration). * A branch of learning, a science; esp. one, as grammar or logic, serving chiefly as a discipline or as an instrument of knowledge. * The general principles (our's is capitalized & singular) of any branch of learning or of any craft. * Systematic application of knowledge or skill in effecting a desired result.
    God said, “Let there be...” (the spiritual grammar Gen. 1 describes) so we are! We're exactly as He made us originally. Marble is crystalline limestone, from accumulated organic remains. Our carving can't stop where Michelangelo's did, leaving a marble form, as beautiful as his work is. Our hourly task: remove every accumulated material belief until we see ourselves as spiritual, as you suggested, seeing more beautiful images developing. Jesus (John 14”12) said we could do greater (more?) works than his, so we should be able to surpass Michelangelo and carve on until we see ourselves like God (1st John 3:2).

  44. 19 - - Thank you for the added bonus - - reference to SH p. 248: 8-32. I studied every word plus one half of the next page. This really amplified and supported your basic message. With gratitude.

  45. Thank you, Kari! Your beautiful
    "Lift" has given my prayers "wings" this morning; what a blessing! Felt the need today to do some ongoing prayer in regard to a community event held this past weekend here in the Quad Cities! The local Christian Science churches provided an exhibit booth at a huge "Health and Lifestyle Womens Fair" held at our RiverCenter; thousands attended. There is always much enthusiasm and receptivity associated with this event; folks are looking for ideas/products that will hopefully make their lives better. Your "Lift" goes to the very heart of the subject, however ; "chiseling and moulding thought." Instead of focusing on the false beliefs that say women/men are "lumps of clay" in need of constant attention by products "out there" that can make us healthier, more beautiful, or more productive, your "Lift" brings out so clearly the eternal truth that each and every one of us is already God's spiritual image and likeness - perfect, beautiful, healthy, satisfied! Discovering and acknowledging these spiritual facts enables us to be free - in very practical and loving ways - to here and now "carve out lives after the divine model of Christ." What ongoing freedom can be found as the result of sharing Christian Science with our community!
    Thank you again for helping to set our prayerful angel thoughts free today!
    Your comments led to this quote by Mary Baker Eddy: "Error would fashion Deity in a manlike mould, while Truth is moulding a Godlike man." (No and Yes, p. 20:5) Much gratitude for these "Daily Lifts"!

  46. The image of us chiseling thought conveys the idea of activity - we are able to bring out the true man. We are not passive, subject to the circumstances.

  47. Wonderful! Thank you.

  48. I´ve always loved that image depicted by Mary Baker Eddy of the artist carving out from the marbel his/her sculpture and you put it very well again!
    That image really sets me free whenever I need to acknowledge my true identity as the child of God and clouds of doubts try to hide my divine origin!
    And I think it´s also kind of easy or clarifying , when trying to explain a newcomer what Christian Science is all about when man is described as the "image and likeness of God", to use this picture.
    Thank you very much, Kari!

  49. I am enjoying all these Daily Lift comments and am so glad that we can feel God's presence each moment of the day. Thank you all

  50. Thank you -- I love hearing about great artists and art and comparing them to our thought!

  51. Thank you.

  52. Thank you, J.S. Your comment :"our hourly task: remove every accumulated material belief until we see ourselves as spiritual. This really fits with the sixth tenet: "We solemnly promise to watch and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus..." MBE

  53. Kari,
    What a powerful reminder that to "over come the human with the divine" is to remove, chip away, the false and only claim the real. Look forward to your lecture with us in May and praying to know that it is already setting us free to receive the blessing.
    Love your friends in West Virginia

  54. Many thanks for this Lift and the comments - very inspiring.

  55. From #40, Gilda Fernandez in Spain: Kari, Thank you for the beautiful true words, many thanks for the people with you that make us feel closer and and trust God.

  56. Oh, I do apologize most sincerely for mishearing/misinterpreting you, Kari! My respect for Greek and Italian civilization and culture (and the idea of Man) is unbounded.

  57. Thanks you so much for that, it is so wonderful to know that we are not bound in matter, that our perfection and spirituality are always there - as Michael Angelo only saw the angel and not the lump of marble. It has reminded me to look deeper and see what is really there and what is really real.

  58. Thank you so much!

  59. Merci , nous enfants des Dieu nous sommes la definitions de DIEU par notre maniére de vivre.

  60. This was helpful!

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