2/11: At home with God

2/11: At home with God

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  1. Ohhhh, Susie, I needed this just now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Big hug to you, sister. ;)

  2. Wow...I never thought about what God's home would be like! That was fun to think about! Thanks for the "big hug" of a Daily Lift...

  3. Thank-you for the lifts this week and for this lift today so warm and encouraging.

  4. I LOVE this Daily Lift!!! Thank you all!

  5. !Muy bien! Yo quiero "en casa con Dios." Gracias.

  6. Susie, thank you very much. It is with confidence to know you are at home with God. Thank you, thank you.

  7. Thank you Susie,

    What a wonderful way to contemplate the Kingdom of Heaven -- snuggling up with God in His house. Knowing and seeing only His perfection in ourselves and in everyone around us. Being loved totally, absolutely, and expressing that Love every hour of the day. The Kingdom of Heaven -- God's House. Let's all "snuggle." Thanks again for the wonderful insight.

  8. I like that, Susie, "you are safe, you can never fall from [God's love]" Being God's image and likeness is like being part of God -and where God is we are safe because God is everywhere. Us, His image and likeness, are with Him all the time, we can't be separated from God just like our image in the mirror can't be away from us. And where God is evil has no validity, its nothing at all. If God is All-powerful then there's no space for evil at all, it cannot exist!!!
    Being in the kingdom of God is like being safe at home all the time. When the pharisees asked Jesus where was the kingdom of heaven he said "the kingdom of God is within you" Luke 17:21, he meant in our consciousness.
    Me gusta eso, Susie, "estás a salvo, nunca puedes caer del amor [de Dios]" El ser imagen y semejanza de Dios es como ser parte de Dios y donde Dios está estamos a salvo, porque Dios está en todas partes. Nosotros, su imagen y semejanza, estamos con El todo el tiempo, no podemos estar separados de Dios al igual que nuestra imagen en el espejo no puede estar lejos de nosotros. Y donde Dios está el mal no tiene validez, ¡¡¡no es nada en absoluto!!! Si Dios es Todopoderoso, entonces no hay ningún espacio para el mal, no puede existir!
    Estar en el reino de Dios es como estar seguros en casa todo el tiempo. Cuando los fariseos le preguntaron a Jesús ¿dónde estaba el reino de los cielos él les dijo, "he aquí el Reino de Dios entre vosotros está. Lucas 17:21, quiso decir en nuestra conciencia.

  9. HI, SUSIE

  10. in the ugly face of some very very sad news, this is EXACTLY the message I need this very day.Another proof of divine Love meeting every human need; thank you so much for your loving message, Susie.

  11. Thanks for the lift Susie.

  12. Thank you Susie for that inspiring lift, - as we apply these prayers to the unrest in Egypt. "Come, all ye heavy laden,/ And I will give you life./ O peaceful words of Jesus,/ Which come to end all strife." (Christian Science Hymnal #43)

  13. There is nothing better you could have spoken to me as you did today! Thank you so much for reminding me of the continuous companionship of God.Also the way you told us reached every single cells of mine. I am happy and I look forward to my day today and all days following!

  14. I like to think that home is not a place, home is a power.

  15. I was just about to go "out" and then took a moment to listen to your Daily
    Lift. 'Am I grateful that I did. Just the affirmation that God is with me always
    and I can never go out from his presence so helped me. Thank you, Suzie.

  16. Susie,Wow, this truly is awesome"ever home in God",the "feeling"of loving and being loved.I grew up in a very large family enviroment,lots of aunts-uncles and cousins,grandad and grandmom ,eleven brothers and sisters,and we visited with our extended family[relatives] lots.I remember the feeling of welcoming my aunts and uncles and cousins to our home,the joy and feeling of home=family.I did not understand God at the time, but I definitely felt a joy inexplicable which has never left,and which I now understand to be "Immanuel God ,with us",through the study of Science and Heallth,by MBE.We were not Christian Scientist,however I still remember my mother who loved God, often telling us of, in Zulu[mother tongue]Nkulunknkulu,which means Deity,the ancestral spirit of all mankind, which I now understand is Spirit,the omnipresent.To the Daily Lift Team,Thank you=ngiya bonga[Zulu] Thank you Susie, from sunny, gorgeous Cape Town South Africa.

  17. Thank you Susie for that very tender, so loving message. We could almost feel the snuggle in your voice. What a lovely message for children and everyone - always at home with God.

  18. Thank you, Susie. It brings to mind Hymn 279, the first verse being:

    Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee, Heir of the ages and child of the day, Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected, Walk thou with courage each step of the way.

    This is a hymn which I have kept in my thought many times when in need of divine comfort. Our Father-Mother God is a God at hand, and not afar off, so we can always turn to Him/Her when in need and find the answers we need from ever-present Love.

  19. Dear Susie & DL Friends,
    A friend went to her first-ever CS lecture last weekend and accepted her first-ever copy of S&H. Tonight she told me that last night, at midnight, she and her husband caught a thief trying to steal items from a neighbor's car. My friend and her hubby had already had their garage burglarized twice recently, so this time her husband was prepared with a gun; he blew out 3 tires on the thief's getaway truck (my friend doesn't like guns but loves her husband). Meanwhile she grabbed her car keys, zoomed after the thief, and caught up to him at a fast-food joint. When she saw how young and panic-stricken he was and heard him plead "I'm sorry I'm sorry," her heart went out and she longed to help him find true Good (her word for God!) in his life. But when he learned the cops were on their way, he ran away and hasn't been seen since. He has a long rap sheet.)

    We talked about how God was then and is now protecting all, including the perp, from harm. Later I got a flash of insight that fits well with this DL.

    It hit me that the young man never wanted to invade homes. What he's been seeking is the warmth of his Parent's Home: Heaven.

    As my friend silently welcomes him into her home, where Love resides and is perfectly reflected, the lad can't help but feel cherished.

    I think God sent an angel (my friend) to bring this boy "into the place which [God has] prepared" (Ex. 20:23). That place is his forever home, the kingdom of heaven: "the reign of harmony."

  20. We always have a place in God, because we are spiritual ideas, conceived of, and residing in, the divine, infinite Mind. Now that is a cosy, reassuring, and might I add, healing, thought.
    Susie, thank you.

  21. Wonderful lift !
    A powerful reminder that there is just one power and one mind ... that we are His expression: perfect and immortal, forever free and safe dwelling at God´s heart.

  22. Thank you Susie, for this very compassionate Lift coming up to Valentine's Day. If all our Lifters prayed for those who don't live in a warm, cosy, family home I'm absolutely certain it would have a great effect absolutely everywhere there is someone sleeping under a bush, or behind a locked church, or tucked in somewhere out of sight. Just to know these spiritual ideas cannot be separated from the love and good of God, is a good start to ensure all the love of Love will wrap them around and bring them a warm and loving sense of peace.
    Thank you Nate, for this great Kids' Week, and for all the Lecturers, Lifts and comments embracing mankind worldwide.

  23. Thank you so so much. In the Boston area and wherever people are needing a place to live, I always pray to see not one of God's ideas can ever be homeless or lacking adequate housing. Its impossible, because as God's children we are always safe and have everything we need- The Bible tells us we live and move and have our being in God. We are never separated from good- Love. This is true for animals - God's beloved idea he/she created,
    I am grateful for my living situation and many blessing have come out of this wonderful situation here in Boston. Thinking about Haiti and everywhere people need homes- your daily lift can just lift thought higher and know God's ideas are safe and warm and most of all, Loved.

  24. Thank you, Susie, for the lovely lift....so reassuring and peaceful. Have a great weekend :-)

  25. makes me want to say O My God! - in the true real sense, if you know what i mean. Thank you.

  26. I think most of us can recall a time when we shared a warm loving home with others. Its good to think this is were God is, loving us no matter where we were or are in our lives. To experience this more, all we have to do is claim it, God is already, has and will provide us with this homely, loving situation. Love the idea of "snuggling" in this enviroment Susie, truely this is a spiritual thought! Thanks so much.

  27. I LOVED it!!!

  28. Traveling now and had an opportunity to check in on the DL. Perfect reminder, Susie, that we are always at home! This alerts me that we are never displaced either voluntarily or otherwise. Thanks!

  29. Timely and inspiring thought for me!
    It brought me a nice and comforting feeling!
    Yes, we´re always at "home with God"!
    Thank you so much, Susie!

  30. Thank you Susie for the comforting lift. Love the idea of cuddling with God.

  31. Thank you. It makes me feel good to know that I am always at home with God, the way you put it we are never alone.

  32. Thank you, Susie! Living alone in my 80s, I daily assure myself of the lovely thoughts you've expressed so simply and beautifully in this "Lift" for "Kids". The Truth for all ages!!! :)))

  33. What a beautiful idea Susie! It is so applicable and helpful to know that God's home, His kingdom is ever -welcoming and within me!


    MarySue Harris

  34. Thanks, Suse! Love your childlike innocence and fun in this Lift! Home REALLY IS where the Heart (The Consciousness of Love) is!! Are we Really living in God's Home, God's Kingdom ALL the time? Yes, as long as we acknowledge that this Kingdom of God is our true and secret dwelling place, we will feel safe and loved, warm, cosy and snuggly! I think feeling Loved, expressing Love, and seeing Love everywhere is the secret place of being Home with God!

  35. How reassuring this message is and how powerfully sweet was your delivery! Perfect timing to wrap up this week to have this provision of such a simple yet inspiring idea of God's home, right where we are. I remember when all 4 of my children would gather for dinner in the evening, and if, on occasion there was any disagreement between the siblings, I would often say, "If Jesus were sitting right here at this table, dining with us....would you express yourself in that tone of voice, or share that comment?" A short pause..... and then laughter would follow and the atmosphere of love and gratitude would always permeate the house for the remainder of the evening. I was glad to be reminded that we have a standing invitation to dine in God's home, The Kingdom of Heaven within us, which is everywhere we are. Thank you sooo much!

  36. I am presently looking for a home and I do live by myself. I woke up this morning celebrating my home in God right now. I was praying Psalms 139:9, "If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
    10 Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me."

    Your message focused my thoughts on the comforting sense of home and it
    has reminded me to expand my thoughts to include the world. Thanks so much.

  37. Thank you so much for telling me telling me about what it feels like when God comes to our house. And our Father-Mother is at our house every second of every day guiding us and healing us. Have a great weekend!
    Laurie, 8

  38. Thank you, Susie -

    I LOVE thinking of myself as a guest of God - and shall carry it on to the Reading Room today - knowing that everyone who enters is a guest of God. I'm expecting beautiful fruitage!

  39. Whoa... this message is so timely for me. It's exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much!

  40. A beautifully embracing lift. Thank you lifters who suggest it as a prayer for the homeless. The Lift puts them where they truly are.

  41. Today the sale is being completed on my parents' home in Wales. Wherever I have travelled, this home has always felt like the "fixed foot". I was partly dreading this loss. Thank you for making my everywhere-home with God so vivid -- an all-encompassing sense of citizenship.

  42. You are so right Susie, how comforting to know that all are welcome to the home (consciousness) of divine Love; protected; fed with His/Her words of wisdom! Always there and waiting w/open arms for us to knock and enter in through the open door; how wonderful! No individual is ever turned away! What a sweet reminder! The beauty is, there is room for all! Thank you!

  43. Thanks susie for this assurance that we (all) are at home with God. Thanks #19 for sharing this event where the friend lifted the young robber up in God's arms into his true home (harmony, heaven) and if she could feel his innocence and his assurance of love, so can he. and so can all of us.
    This has been a great week of Lifts. Thanks to all who contributed in any way.

  44. Thank you Susie for this beautiful and comforting message.

  45. What a comforting and encouraging Lift, Susie. Thank you so much. I will keep those thoughts with me all day today.

  46. dear Susie and all the DL "family", the "shade of gloom*" this morning wanted to hide me, separate me from the sunshine of Love and feeling loved...what a silly joke! The DL banished the darkness and made "radiant room" for me in His/Her
    sweet, cozy, snuggly, the-only-true home. # 32, I, too, am your sister, in the
    south, miles from family and only the cats for company. But this morning I found
    a clue, through the Lift and comments, that idea never leaves its source. Forever
    within the MIND that created it. How much family is THAT? Take all the synonyms
    for God and see the day unfold, with all that we could possibly need, already supplied....at-one w/Spirit, one w/Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, LOVE. Thank you,
    Susie for this great DL.
    *MBE Hymn 298 Christian Science Hymnal

  47. Thank you, Susie. This reminds me of a healing of a sore throat I experienced some years ago, when I was praying and got an image of myself being a little baby cuddled in God's arms. I've never forgotten that feeling, but you brought it into focus for me again with this lift. I love the image of being invited into God's home, and of Him listening to what we have to say and loving us. This is really a delightful thought, and I thank you for it.

  48. Thank you Joan,your lift was a great comfort.I'll try to keep it in thought always.

  49. Laurie, Ditto. Susie, Thanks for that fresh insight into home. We surely are in the atmosphere of love.

  50. When our children were young, we bought a motor home and took our first long trip out West - 6 weeks on the road. Before we left I told them that we were leaving our house behind but were taking our home with us. Needless to say it was a wonderful trip, as were the many that followed. And later when the kids went off on their own, they were never homesick, because they knew that home was with God, and God was always with them.

  51. It´s nice and recomforting to know that God, Love is with at all times.Thank you for your uplifting thoughts.

  52. Thank you Susie. This "Lift" brought all the warmth and comfort of a bright, cheery fire in the winter time. I feel very blessed and loved and "at home with God".

  53. God's home, what a wonderful way to look at home. Thanks so much

  54. Wonderful! I'm reveling! I'm snuggling!
    Thank you, Susie!

  55. Thank you Suzie, This angel message spoken so naturally is "as good as it gets".

  56. Thank you for another refreshing week of Lifts and for all the comments throughtout the week that expanded their blessings. Feeling "at home" with all of you and deeply grateful for this provision.

  57. Thank you, Susie, for your dear Lift this morning. How wonderful to know that wherever we go we can never leave home, heaven. :-)
    Mary Baker Eddy defines it as "Heaven. Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul." ("Science and Health", page 587)

  58. Home is where the heart is. So if your heart is with God, your home is every where. How sweet it is!!

  59. Wonderful message...so loving, so meaningful and so comforting! Thank you soooooooo much!! I will save this one to replay and remind myself of what it's like to be at home with God.

  60. Thank you Susie for this beautiful , lovely, lift.
    I've learned that leaning on the sustaining infinite puts you in Mother's arms. our heavenly home, the dearest place on earth. Thank you all.

  61. Thanks!

  62. I always like to think of a snail which carries his home with him everywhere he goes. It is always available to crawl into for protection and comfort. Our spiritual home always follows us, but sometimes we may be distracted by a problem in front of us and forget to look behind us when our home always is.

    We each have our unique special place with God and everyone else has his own place too. No one can take our home away, evict us or move in. We can’t seek shelter in another’s home. Imagine if you were a snail, trying to crawl into another snail’s shell. But the other snail could see and remind you that your own home is right there behind you. If you see someone who believes they are homeless (without a place with God) you can remind them to look over their shoulder. God always has a place prepared for them who love Him.

  63. Thank you Suzie for such a lovely lift in our thought today. This message will comfort and bless so many people today.

  64. Thanks Susie
    God found this home, and directed me to it, all rapt in love. I love sharing it with my family-they come over every coupla weeks bring the meal and clean up afterwards.

    I just keep thanking HIM for sharing this home with me.

  65. Wonderful lift, we are always home no matter where we are along with everyone we encounter in our daily lives.
    Remembering this, we and all beings are always present, permeated by Love.

    Many thanks, such a great help today!

  66. This has been my favorite Daily Lift ever. I'm a Senior, living alone and without a car, It's such a comfort knowing I'm always at home with God. God is with me as I ride my bicycle, take the bus or just stay at home alone. This Daily Lift made me so happy. THANK YOU.

  67. Thanks for sharing your ideas, everyone. Even with the cold Boston weather we're having, when I'm in my house, I'm warm. The same goes for being at home with God. #10: No matter how cold/sad/difficult/ugly the news we might face, we can snuggle into and feel at home with God's message of the promised Comforter. That message can shut out the cold of fear, hate, disease, despair... and dissolve it. The Comforter IS come, and is in the hearts of all mankind. It's so great to hear you #22, #23 praying for your brothers and sisters in the world. We can all feel at home with the conscious awareness of God's love.

  68. "Pilgrim on earth thy home is heaven, stranger thou are the guest of God"
    Science and Health 254; 31-32........after this Lift now I understand these lines so much better! Pligrims, devotees going to a special place,are told their home is heaven, it is right within them and don't have to take long journey's to find home and how welcoming for strangers to be known as "guests" / one who receives refreshment and entertained in another's home, to feel at home immediately, to know and feel the nearness and warmth of being loved by Love itself....thank you Susie for opening up this text !

  69. God bless you all for this! Thank you

  70. When I was praying about home several years ago, I made a list of qualities that I would like in my home: peace, harmony, quiet, light, joy, comfort, loving companionship, safety, and so on. And then it came to me: since my true home is in God, it is permanent and always in good repair; so, I added "good repair" to the list and it has been a permanent feature of my home ever since!

    It is so comforting to know that you can never lose your home, because your true home is with God. You take your home with you wherever you go...all of those wonderful qualities of home are constant and ever-lasting.

    Thank you, Susie!

  71. I love Kids! I look forward to & enjoy so much the Sentinel's special Kids editions of the publication & here with Daily Lifts. The messages & articles are so adaptable to my every day experiences and - like yours Susie - so comforting. From a kid in his 80th decade.

  72. Susie,

    Talk about a transparency for Truth, after listening to your message - not only did I feel a hug in God's house, I felt one from your voice and heart as well. Thanks for sharing your love, and your love of God, with everyone.

    Here's a big hug to you and all the people who take part in producing the Daily Lift, and also to everyone who writes in from around the world.

    From me, and mine, to you and yours.....feel the love!

  73. Yep! Ditto! Woo Hoo!

    Thanks, Susie, listeners, and commenters! So lovely to be at home with God and all of you right now!

  74. Thank you! That is very reassuring just now.

  75. Thank you Susie, I love it .....
    I listen This Daily Lift every morning after my breakfast and it's
    always gave me Good thought to start the Day....
    Thank you "You" and everybody who made this possible..
    All my Love....

  76. thanks from another grateful listener...

  77. Really special...thanks so much!

  78. thank you, Wonderful!

  79. I love the idea of snuggling down with God. That is when we know Him as Abba, Papa, the father into whose lap we can climb for complete protection and comfort. Can't we just feel His arms encircling us and holding us close?

    Thanks, Susie, for that wonderful reminder!

  80. Thank you Susie and DLs ...At home with God,nothing could be better than that............

  81. A very sweet, and timely message ... in the midst of many trickling ice dams, to know that our home with God cannot be damaged.
    Thank you Suzie

  82. Thank you, Daily Lift team for this special week featuring Daily Lifts for Children (of all ages). Have enjoyed all the Daily Lifts and the Lifters, a blessing for all!

  83. Thank you so much for another special Daily Lift.
    It is wonderful to be reminded that we are always
    at home with God.

  84. Perfect timing to hear these wonderful words and ideas. My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

  85. One way we can share a sense of home is to adopt Jesus's attitude expressed in this week's lesson. He forstalled rejection and welcomed the hungry when he said "They need not depart; give ye them to eat". We don't need to send any seeker away, but can silently and/or outwardly nourish and "enrich the affections".

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    The quote is from page 41 of the Church Manual of The First Church of Christ, Scientist by Mary Baker Eddy:
    Daily Prayer. Sect. 4. It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to pray each
    day: "Thy kingdom come;" let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in
    me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy Word <strong>enrich the affections</strong> of all mankind, and govern them!

  86. Thanks so much, Susie! Great warm lift. I'm snuggling with God! Wow!

  87. Susie, thanks for helping us to see our real home. In Science &amp; Health, Mrs. Eddy says on page 254: “Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven, stranger, thou art the guest of God”. I learned to trust in divine Love (at home with God) when I needed to look for a new place to live and now that some members of my family are in a similar situation, I never doubt that their correct place is secured (at home with God). They are not Christian Scientists, but I know that God does not discriminate. At the moment they are with me (at home with God), in my 'home' and since my 'home' is not just a place to live I am sure that God is guiding them so they can find their 'home' in divine Love, wherever that may be (at home with God). Your 'lift' has given me more confidence. How beautiful is divine Love!

  88. lovely! Thank you.

  89. Thank-you, Susie. It's great to know that we can experience our real home, no matter where we maybe, since God is everywhere!

  90. Hits the spot beautifully thank you Susie.
    Bushfires destroyed 72 houses in our Stae last weekend and they are predicting similar conditions this weekend.
    I haver been working with a similar idea to those you have been given which corresponds to the beautiful Hymn 50? 51?
    "Everlasting arms of love
    Are beneath, around, above."
    Wew can never fall out of Love's all encompassing embrace, no matter what.
    I am grateful.

  91. I really feel at home in God's loving embrace after this lift and all the responders. Thanks everyone.

  92. Thank you Susie for that wonderful Lift. At home with God, knowing this
    is a powerful prayer. Psalm 90:1 (King James Version ) of the Bible says
    "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations."
    Love and thanks to all.

  93. Great ideas! Warm and wonderful. Thank you,

  94. Thank you Susie, for opening the door of thought to help kids and all of us feel at home as God's live-in guests. If any kids read this very late comment, I hope you will not stop listening to the Daily Lift after Kids Week is over. You all may have noticed the kids Lifts were delightfully taken in and used by many adults, since we are all family, as children of God. Please submit comments as we love to read them, or ask someone to type one for you if you aren't used to typing, even if it is just a sweet “Thank you”message to the lecturer giving the Lift. If you're a school student, sharing your grade lets us know it is from one of the precious kids. You'll meet kids and what I could call spiritual “aunts &amp; uncles” f rom all over the world if you let them know you are part of the “family” as we've come to think of ourselves. Many listeners to the Lifts share how they think to use it, and what you think about is just as important to us. Some of you will grow up and be one of the lecturer's we listen to on “your Daily Lift”. I'm looking forward to that. Meanwhile, I hope you'll share your love and will send in something you've learned or had healed to the Christian Science Sentinel, or a Herald in your language. Nate, thank the children who closed the Lifts. # 19 Little Child, Thanks for that special testimony and reminder to see &amp; hold those who seem to need it most in their own room in the Father's home. To #37 Laurie, Special thanks!

  95. Susie, truly awesome. Lots of food for thought and action. Many thanks!

  96. I love the idea that the kindgom of heaven is God's home, right within us. So welcoming. So close. so snuggly. Is this church too? It must be.
    Thank you.

  97. I love to think about "snuggling down" with God. I know this refers to all of us. Thank you for sharing!

  98. Susie ~ Thank you for the affirmation that our home is in heaven... right now we are on a voyage around the world... getting ready to stop in Cape Town South Africa #16 we were just in #6 Ghana..Seems like we are a long way from home but your lift was wonderful to know that HOME is really Harmony Of Mind Expressed and we are at home right where we are and the guest of God.

  99. Thank you Susie and the Daily Lift crew for sending us lovely thoughts to ponder.
    an old saying is: "Home is where the heart is" my heart is with Divine Love and what a home! No need to ever think of being really homeless, is there? My nice cozy "4 walls" are greatly appreciated in this cold weather or any harshness - a place of refuge -- but the real refuge is with God and lasts forever - unlike the temporary shelters - materially speaking. God does supply our every need - spiritually, physically, economically, whatever the need be our Lord will give it when we ask.

  100. Thank for the wonderful images that help understand how experiencing the love of God feels and is.

  101. Thank you, Susie. It may seem odd but immediately as I was listening warm gratitude surrounded me and I blessed you for sharing your angel message. #47 brought to mind the familiar lullaby that I hope to sing to my new great grandbaby.
    Rock a bye baby,
    On the tree top.
    When the wind blows
    the cradle will rock.
    When the bow bends
    the cradle won't fall
    for God guards the cradle
    baby and all.
    I remember how upset I was when I learned that there were other words to the lullaby, because I knew that there was no way that the cradle could fall with God guarding it.
    Thank you all for the wonderful Daily Lifts.


  103. That is amazing, Susie. We're always in his loving house. That was really nice, because when I feel separated, I can know that nothing can leave me whenI'm with God, which is always. :)

  104. Thank you. I am demonstrating being at home with God every day, especially since I just "lost" a home I used to have to stay in during the winter. I have found that God provided me with a beautiful home in place of the one I had and my needs have been met. This is a spiritual demonstration resulting from recognizing that home is where the heart is, where God, Love, is.

  105. i loved how you thought about Gods home and how it would be like it makes me feel good.
    T (9 years old)

  106. Thak you Susie. Here and everywhere God is very near to each one os us and when one is out walking I think of myself as God walking along side with me... I feel completelysafe in his arms and He always guides and directs and I feel utterly blessed 24/7.!

    Blessings to you.

  107. Wow, Susie! Such simplicity and power! (And not just for kids, either.)

  108. Thank you , Susie!

  109. Oh, Susie, I "feel" your words, and it "feels" good!

  110. Thanks for the lift....I rent for my small business and also for my boarding house. Sometimes i long to have my own house but i cannot yet afford it....It's so comforting to know that wherever we are , we are always at home with God...We are always taken care of....

  111. Tator and everyone - thanks again for sharing your ideas. I love how we're all thinking about home and I hope everyone feels that tender goodness all around them.

  112. Thank you for these tender and true messages.

    When I'm sharing Christian Science with teens in detention, we often start at the beginning of the Bible with Genesis chapter one. I ask why God started by creating the environment first and not man. I've had wonderfully inspired replies, but perhaps my favorite is that "He wanted us to have the best!" I also like "He didn't want us to just wander around homeless!"

    This also sets the model for bringing children into the world. We need everything prepared to the max first. Such quallities as commitment, maturity, true manhood and womanhood, etc.

  113. Thank you so much Susie, for your conforting message.

  114. This is a posting of gratitude for this Daily Lift which kept coming to my thought last week while I was staying with relatives. I wasn't having a great time, being plagued by aggressive mental suggestions about how selfish and thoughtless my relatives were being to me and my children. However, the inspiration from this Daily Lift kept coming to me in the shape of the thought that "I was visiting at God's house". That thought kept bringing my thought straight to God and a couple of times I opened my copy of "Science &amp; Health" to page 16 to read the Lord's Prayer. Often I felt myself drawn to the lines: "Give us this day our daily bread".............. with its spiritual interpretation: "Give us grace for today; feed the famished affections." It was comforting to know that I could feel at home with God wherever I was, and know that God was blessing me and mine with only good.... and sooo much love. I hope this message helps someone else.

  115. Thank you, Susie,this so wonderful to remind us that we are always with God.

  116. I just loved the part where you say: "snuggle down with God."

    This response may be a bit belated but it is still sincere. Thank you so much for that tender thought.

  117. Thank you....that was very beautiful. :)

  118. This is really going to help me tomorrow because I'm going to be all by myself, but I wont't feel lonely because I know I'm at home with God. Thank you very much for this lift.

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