9/8: Are you willing?

9/8: Are you willing?

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  1. I, too, was troubled in the past by this parable of Jesus' about those who came to vineyard late receiving the same compensation. But as you spoke, I saw clearly for the first time that being receptive to God's goodness always
    bring reward - not how long we have perservered. Thank you so much for
    this insight.

  2. Frank, you make it so clear that it up to me to be willing to express God in everything I do today and not to be concerned about whether others are willing or my expectation of what they should be doing. Very humbling. Thank you.

  3. Good morning!! Nice message.

  4. God works in mysterious ways, mysterious only for the limited human way of thinking. We always get our pay, not always what we expect, but one way or another we always get what's fair. Are we willing to ask ourselves "Am I willing to give, willing to forgive unselfishly as I promised in the Lord's Prayer? http://bible.cc/matthew/6-12.htm. I am willing to acknowledge that I am God's image and likeness, that what He has He shares with me, His idea, and that I have a duty to my fellow man? Am I willing to accept God's guidance as I receive it? Or are we going to complain for unfair treatment as the workers who received the same pay than those who worked less hours? http://bible.cc/matthew/20-8.htm.
    Yes, God is guiding us every step of the way, every moment of each day.
    MBE said of God, “He knows all things and rewards according to motive, not according to speech” S&H 15:8.
    ESPAÑOL: Dios obra de manera misteriosa, misteriosa solo para el limitado pensamiento humano. Siempre recibimos nuestra paga, no siempre lo que esperamos, pero de una manera u otra siempre recibimos lo que es justo. ¿Estamos dispuestos a preguntarnos "¿Estoy dispuesto a dar, estoy dispuesto a perdonar desinteresadamente como lo prometí en el Padre Nuestro? http://bibliaparalela.com/matthew/6-12.htm. Estoy dispuesto a reconocer que yo soy la imagen y semejanza de Dios, que lo que El tiene lo comparte conmigo, Su idea, y que tengo un deber para con mi prójimo? ¿Estoy dispuesto a aceptar la guianza de Dios tan pronto como la recibo? ¿O vamos a quejarnos por el trato injusto como los trabajadores que recibieron la misma paga que los que trabajaron menos horas? http://bibliaparalela.com/matthew/20-8.htm
    Sí, Dios nos está guiando cada paso del camino, cada momento de cada día.
    MBE dice que Dios “sabe todas las cosas y recompensa según los móviles, no según las palabras” CyS 15:8

  5. Thanks. I love having my thinking woken up, (it's just that I don't know I need it till it happens) that's what this did for me today.

  6. Perfect prayer today for a meeting I have which I had been pondering about.
    " Am I willing?" Oh, yes, and listening too.Thank you, it will enable me to share what has felt like an unjust distribution of acknowledgment with a more humble and true spiritual reciprocity.Thank you so much for this today.

  7. Many thanks Frank for reminding us with all those very important questions. Yes. "Are we willing to be a healing [loving] influence in every situation I [we] encounter?" "Let us in all things grow;/ Till Thou [divine Love] hast made us free indeed,/ And spotless here below." (Christian Science Hymnal #105)

  8. It is easy to feel isolated and lonely about what one is grappling with. I am only a little comforted that I am not the only one. It just feels like that sometimes. In that repsect i am not unique.
    Thanks for the insight in the context of: what we are willing to do and give up. As the parable points out, time is not of the essense, but rather effort.

  9. This reminds me of when Jesus asked the man, "Wilt thou be made whole?" Great for me, as I have been praying to be healed and wondering when it will come about. I think I am willing....I continue to ask God and to listen to know what I need to know.

    Thank you for this beautiful, loving Lift.

  10. This is a wonderful Lift, Frank, and one that has given everyone cause for self-examination. In this week's Lesson it was the Samaritan, the "stranger", who expressed wholehearted gratitude for his redemption and healing of leprosy. He was granted full release from the restrictions placed on all who suffered the same indignity and shame. Peter also had to come to terms with the opportunity to see all, each and everyone, as the whole and perfect and complete spiritual idea, rather than Jews and Gentiles. In the gatherings of people today we see brothers and sisters from all parts of the globe conversing together and coming to conclusions that are of mutual benefit to everyone, whether labelled 'asylum seeker' or known by a national identity. The divine Mind is one, and each one comes to the vine in response to our own spiritual identity.
    Thank you Nate and the team, the BoL, lecturers and our own workers in the vineyard.

  11. Thank you Franz, this parable has often troubled me and to have it (Christian) Scientifically illuminated like this is fantastic!
    Like Maisey #5 I often don't realise I need to hear the message until it somes to me.
    I see now that approaching God with a willing, receptive heart is what brings the harvest blessing into our consciousness and therefore our experience. No matter what point we decide to join the other workers at, the same yield is available for us all :-)


  12. Thank you for giving a clearer understanding of the parable.

  13. That's the million dollar question: are you willing?

    We must be, at least, 'willing' to give-up what we 'see' with our eyes (see story of Abraham and his only son Isaac Gen 22)........(because) then, we 'SEE' that we don't have to!.....lose anything of real substance.

    Thanks, love the on-line video snippets from your lecture.

  14. Yes, I'm willing!!

  15. Thnak you. I too thought the Parable was unfair...but now I get it!!!!

  16. Thank you so much. This was precisely the wisdom we needed to start our day.

  17. Be "a healing influence in every experience we encounter." This is such a strong and helpful message!
    Thank you.

  18. Loved your lift thank you Frank

  19. Thanks.

  20. Es fácil conmoverse y emocionarse con las palabras y no es tan fácil inspirarse en ellas y ponerlas en practica, igualmente es sabio escuchar porque es un camino abierto a la comprención; cuando nos damos cuenta que sí, es posible y que está al alcance de todos que no son solo eso, palabras sino realidades que podemos practicarlas y demostrarlas por eso la importancia de esta comunicación a traves del Daily Lift porque nos introduce en ese camino de la Ciencia divina donde todo es posible para los que buscan la Verdad desinteresadamente... y la encuentran amando a Dios como Él nos Ama.

    Muchas gracias es un gusto cada día, thank you so much, and all every day

  21. Ditto to Vicki the first comment and to all of the others. Thanks so much for clarifying this parable that many have found puzzling. This is also brought out very clearly in Christian Science as newcomers and life long students are all equally able to demonstrate the truths taught and to heal.

  22. This is a truly great msg getting to the core. How true. Thank you very much indeed.

  23. Yes, I, too, am willing!

    Thank you for your message, Frank. Our Father-Mother loves us so much.

  24. Danke für Deine "Lift-Gedanken" zur Weinernte. Sehe ich die Weintrauben in der Schale, denke an Deine Gedanken dazu. Dorette

  25. Once when I seemed stalled in a frozen state of shock over a sudden life change, unable to move foreword...this angle message came to me, "make an effort!" I obeyed...and was able to move forward and out of what seemed to be an irresolvable situation.

    Thank you Frank for giving me a fresh view of this parable...now I understand.

    "I will listen and rejoice all the rugged way." (CS Hymnal #304)

  26. This thought is a wonderful healing. When we feel we have experienced unfairness and have prayed for healing the only true healing that comes is when we know that what blesses one blesses all. God's goodness and healing presents are for all and when we know we are receiving those blessings and acknowledging those blessings, we also know that others are receiving the same blessings whether they know it or not. That is true healing. Thank you so much for this healing present.

  27. Thank you, Frank! You gave us such good insights into that Parable of Jesus'. Sometimes I have to say about 3 "willings" to be honest about being willing. "I am willing to be willing to be willing....."!!! And sometimes I even ask God to "Give me the willingness" to.......whatever it is I am praying about. Or, I can pray, "Not my will, but thine be done." I love that Time doesn't matter, it's only our own willingness to "grow in grace". God Bless!

  28. Wonderful! So grateful for the reminder of the Bible story and our wages.
    It eliminates personal sense as error in the consciousness of Spirit. Thank you!

  29. Profound message: moving in this direction shows spiritual growth and humility. Could you please write out the last sentence? I had difficulty understanding it and feel it is important. "Everything is ________________"
    Many thanks!

    <strong>Dear grateful listener in CA,
    The last two lines are:
    "All that matters is that you are willing to listen and follow God's guidance as you receive it knowing that everything we have comes from our vine, our God. Are you willing to accept this?"
    Your Daily Lift Team</strong>

  30. Thank you for the reminder that we work out our salvation and not that of anyone else. We are responsible for our own thought only and not our neighbor's. Thank you for this great lift.

  31. Thank you for this inspired new view. Willingness is all God requires; our consent to work for Him alone. I see the equal pay as full salvation. Newcomers in Christian Science who quickly take the high road of service and self sacrifice, move right along with those whose families have had it for several generations, but may not have been sharing. To really work, strive, give, take up the cross and genuinely labor brings swift and sure rewards. As noted by others, time is not a factor, but total focus speeds the way.

  32. yes Frank, I am willing. Thank you for your insight.

  33. Fantastic. Thank you Frank and everyone.

  34. Thank you Frank, the inspired thought which came to me from this lift is:

    Read the WILL and be WILLing to do God's WILL and each day will be a new dawn to see you are made in GOD'S IMAGE. WE WILL ALL BE NEWCOMERS, EACH DAY RENEWED,

  35. Very good Frank...Thank you so much. It unifies us too as the only qualification in The Kingdom is "a willingness to join in" and let God do the rest!! That working in the vineyard is not about effort, more about qualities,as you say, that make for team work for the joy of enabling the wine to flow! The earlier workers who had complained were were looking inwards; were personality orientated!

  36. God is not comparing us. It is between each one of us and God. Each individual experience is unique and each of us will show up at the vineyard when it is right. One may have arrived early because of human will or they may have been directed by God as there were some answers there. It doesn't matter what the other guy does. His journey is different than yours. Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  37. Thank you Frank for addressing this question of equal pay for those working long hours and those working for a short time. Your explanation of being rewarded for willingness to work for God is so clear and simple.
    Bringing in the fruits of Christian healing is it's own reward since every fruit is an indication of and proof of spiritual being and eternal life. To the mind immersed in mortal materiality this might be an ethereal concept hardly worth a penny, but it is really the pearl of great price.

  38. Jesus had to handle this claim of priority and therefore worth more than once among his hearers and followers. What traditionally is called the Parable of the Prodigal Son might just as well be called the Parable of the Elder Son, the long-time worker who resents the latecomer. Not unlike are the questions, "Can we be the ones to sit beside you in heaven?" or "Who is the greatest?" How quickly these disturbances can arise in a congregation, considering that Jesus' ministry appears to have been no more than about three years in length!

  39. Wonderful ,,, thank you !

  40. Thank you for increasing my sense of willingness with your inspiring words.

  41. Thank you Frank and I will be asking myself "Am I willing" to yield whatever is hindering my closeness to God. From a recent Sentinel article the writer shared this thought. "I do it through God and with God." I am grateful God has no favorites. This Lift has been so helpful and I am also grateful for all the comments.

  42. Wonderful! Many thanks. As I go to serve in the Christian Science Reading Room this morning, I can ask myself, "Am I willing . . ."
    to see everyone who passes as receptive to the Christ
    to see this service as an opportunity to welcome fellow seekers for truth, comfort and peace
    to see the Reading Room as a place to sell and exhibit the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and other literature from the Christian Science Publishing Society to a world "hungering and thirsting" for practical Christianity
    to see our community embraced with God's love

  43. Thank you Frank. And I appreciated Bev #27's insights as to praying to be willing to be willing. Great lift!

  44. Dear Frank, I have read that passage many times but it never clicked with me until I just heard your lecture. I suppose I was finally ready to understand it. Thank you so much for sharing this question on humility and gratitude. Much love to you.

  45. Wonderful question and wonderful answers. Thank you so much.

  46. Thanks for the insight on this! This helps me to heal the thought of 'old -guardism' which claims to be prevelent in churches.

  47. No hierarchy, no shame, no levels of development leading to perfection, no limitation; only a willing acceptance of all as sharing equally God's understanding now. Our God loves all and us.
    What a great thought Frank.

  48. You've made this passage more clear to me than ever before. Thank you!

  49. Lovely and, as usual, so enriched by everyone's sharing. Thank you.

  50. Thank you so much for this up-lifting reminder that God is the originator of all things, and we reflect him! He the vine, we the branches, indicates to me the tenderness of our nurturing Father. We receive all through Him, just as Christ Jesus stated, wonderful to hold in thought today! Thank you so much!

  51. Thanks Frank........most inspiring........good day all.......

  52. Thank you Frank for the awakening to a new perspective on Jesus parable of the vineyard. Yes I am willing to be a healing influence in every situation I encounter and give it my all.

  53. Thank you for this helpful lift today.

  54. Thank you for this inspiring message. This must have been what God asked Moses at the burning bush, "Are you willing"? Or maybe, are you available? I'll do all the work, but are you willing? Did Moses' simple acknowledgement account for his outstanding work? and historic record?

    Some Biblical historians claim that Moses was not comfortable speaking in public, maybe because of stuttering. We may deduce that he was not overly confident, but yet he accomplished greatness, simply by being willing to listen.


  55. Thank you so much, Frank. For me, "Not my will, but thine be done" allowed Jesus to completely express God. I am so grateful to be taught to pay attention to God's will by such a lovely parable - and to understand more the spiritual concept it teaches.

  56. Hi Frank! Danke sehr for this message! I've also thought about that parable in this way: It doesn't matter whether we come to Christian Science early in our life experience or later, we all can benefit from the blessings it brings at any time!

  57. Thanks Frank for this Lift. I remember about four years ago when an announcement that a Christian Science Director of Nursing Education will come to my country to train interested members and this parable came to me very clearly when a member of our congregation mentioned that it is quite unfair that some would be benefited to work overseas who hadn't been actively participating in church activities. This parable came to me very clearly and so I studied the parable and in answer to that "little fox's comment is this line-- " Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? [Matt 20:15]. So I shared this answer to the little fox's question and got healed of that unwillingness. It has also been quite sometime that I was disturbed by a friend I accepted in Facebook as this friend always posts his religious beliefs as well as some warnings. Then after being disturbed for a while it came to me to also post in my Facebook wall Christian Science Daily Lifts as well as Church Alive blogs that I find appropriate to check and balance whatever postings of friends opposing Christian Science teaching. Also I was already willing to give comments based on perfect God and perfect man in our community Group Page to correct false or erroneous beliefs so each reader will have a choice. Yes, that's why I listened to what you said about being willing to give correct information when opportunities occur along our way. Again thank you.

  58. This was so helpful--reminding us not to always look at the literal message of the Bible. We often need to ponder a message in its figurative meaning.

    Thank you, Laura

  59. Thank you very much Frank, for your clear understanding of 'willingness'!

    Learning to listen to our inner voice as it unfolds possibilities for greater understanding, allows us to become more flexible and adaptable and drop routine ways of thinking and doing.

    Asking ourselves if 'we are willing' to let God show us a brighter way, is uplifting and exhilarating. And fills us with strength and hope for a better life with God as our constant companion and source.

  60. Its simple then-follow in obedience and be blessed (and also be a blessing to others). Thank you for today's thoughtful message.

  61. I will remember to ask myself often, "Am I willing?" Thank you so much, Frank and to all who commented, adding more light.

  62. Wonderful Questions! Thank you Frank. Each of equal importance, the one prompting immediate response is asking if we're willing to be an healing influence in every situation we encounter. This takes right answers to the other questions to be not only affirmed, but lived and worked on daily. CS taught me to love this parable, too. I've gotten the impression many CS students either don't think they're good or advanced enough to be an influence, or hold back if they aren't asked to help heal. The parable answers the doubt, and we can heal without invading privacy. Mrs. Eddy did when she encountered a drunken man, and a crippled man. Unhealed situations remain in our experience and thought as unhealed. We have a right to reject and correct such claims that invades our thought as being influential. If we think purely enough to embrace others in our oneness with God NOW, we'll be like Paul with people healed even by his shadow (Acts 5:15). The verse says people were taken to be healed by this, but hints reputation for this must have come before deliberate efforts to be there. He &amp; John healed a crippled man when they knew he was expecting “money”. Often overlooked, is Jesus asked if people would be made whole, which those using medical means will not receive as a built-in benefit, which spiritual healing involves. I need to ask myself your questions daily, for I can get so wrapped up in daily rush that I miss opportunities to demonstrate the right answers.

  63. Thank you for this wonderful lift!

  64. thanks Frank for a better inlook into this bible message and its wider spiritual interpretation and also thanks to # 56 to draw this conclusion. We always learn from eachother.

  65. 34 Ruby brought a flash of inspiration. “Read the WILL...” A will followed after someone passes, and benefits are given, often spells out behavioral qualifications to receive certain benefits. This made me think of the Bible as a “will” receivable upon notification, as when we read or understand Bible passages, helped by the light cast on it by Science &amp; Health. These are benefits given without God “passing”, of course. I could give away my belongings now and this be in my will, so that if later read, it would explain how I already distributed my belongings. I had to add this today, for I could call my Bible God's Will &amp; Testament. Named as guardians would be those who receive The Word, to follow and distribute to others accordingly. Thank you, Ruby.

    Frank, I didn't have room to include a sentence I'd planned for my comment somewhere above, so will put it in now. Your clear spirituality overcomes the very few words I first didn't get, so it all works out. After reading today's remarks as I went to submit my other, I saw the Lift Team met the need for another. It's wonderful God meets our needs infinite ways. I thank the team for being part of that, too.

  66. Thank you Frank for the clear explanation of Jesus' words. Of course God's 'compensation' is and always has been there, and His love for all His children is constant, so the seeming difference in length of time of the 'work' being compensated is just showing when each individual has discovered what God has provided from the start - when he/she has become willing to recognise and accept what is available.

  67. Thank you Frank!!!!

  68. Thanks for the excellent insight.

  69. Thank-you Frank for this very helpful lift....Mrs Eddy sums it up in
    her much loved hymn 'Feed My Sheep'....'I will follow and rejoice, all the rugged way' ....and yes! I am willing too.
    Love and hugs to everyone :)

  70. Thank you Frank, thanks to the whole team of lecturers, the organizers, and all contributors. This simple daily prayer is doing so much for mankind. Willing to accept and obey God's commands allows me to demonstrate that everything that is good is possible. Thanks divine Love for your presence at all times!

    En español

    Gracias a ti, Frank, gracias al equipo completo de conferenciantes, a los organizadores y a todos los contribuyentes. Esta sencilla oración diaria está haciendo tanto por la humanidad. Dispuesto a aceptar y obedecer los mandamientos de Dios me permite demostrar que todo lo que es bueno es posible. ¡Gracias Amor divino por Tu presencia en todo momento!

  71. I'm willing, so help me God!

  72. Thank you very much Frank, for the helpful lift.

  73. I like your lift Frank. These are thought provoking questions, which gave me a nudge. Thank you for these . Thank you Daily Lift team for your loving work. It truly gives us the lift we need everyday.!!

  74. Liberal translation of # 20. Nelly, from Uruguay says:

    It is easy to be moved and get excited by words and it is not so easy to get inspired by them and put them into practice, it is equally wise to listen because it is an open path to understanding when we realize that, yes, it is possible and it is within reach of everybody that they are not just that, words, but realities that we can practice and demonstrate, that is why that comunication is so important via the Daily Lift because it puts us into that path of divine Science where everything is possible for those who search the Truth selflessly... and find it loving God as He loves us.
    Many thanks, it is a pleasure every day,

  75. I like being reminded that God values us equally!

  76. Thank you Frank, I can see I need to keep asking myself "Am I willing?"
    "Am I willing to consistently practise the truths revealed to us in Mrs Eddy's writings." And to say "Yes"

  77. Thank you.

  78. I demonstrate my willingness to grow by my actions, my thought, my demonstration. Am I living each moment in such a way as causes growth? Am I willing to afford myself this blessing? With God's help I can. I must guard my thought to access this aid.

  79. Thank you Franz. This answers the question for me about whether those who were born into a Christian Science family have some kind of advantage. Only the willing and open mind and heart reaps the reward.

  80. Thank you Franz for message. I used to think that working very hard will take me to earn the money I needed to pay my expenses. Now I know that we all reflect God`s image and likeness. The supply will come from other source,this source is Father Mother God.

    Gracias Franz por tu mensaje.Yo solia pensar que si trabajaba mucho iba
    a ganar el dinero suficiente para pagar mis gastos. Ahora sè que todos reflejamos y somos la imagen de Dios.La provisiòn vendrà de otra fuente, esta es el Padre Madre Dios.

  81. yes, I am always willing and listening.. ready to be guided ..

  82. Thank you Frank.

  83. Thank-you Frank. a thought am glad to have this day

  84. Great! Thank you Frank for helping me see this Parable so much clearer.

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