11/27: Addicted to Love

11/27: Addicted to Love

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  1. Dear friends who found this word offensive, so did I at first. I also experienced the darkness of addiction in different forms. I wanted to unclasp the hold this ugly lie has on so many lives and give those "addiction" thoughts back to God's love.

    I prayed about this word before considering it for a "Daily lift".

    As I prayed the sweetest sense of being so loved by God, so held in His Law, fed,compelled,caused,attracted, etc. by divine Love as our one and only attraction just filled my thought.
    Then the powerful idea that we can't have another counterfit attraction,want,need, etc. because we are powerfully addicted to God's love right now, just made it clear that to use that word challenges and silences any concept that would claim we can want matter where God, Spirit is already filling us.

    I realized that sometimes we need to outsmart the Devil, the liar, and that is what the intent is in the use of the word "addiction" in relation to God (Love).

    When I looked up addiction in Webster's dictionary, I found permission to use this word: It says addiction means "devoted or given up to" attached, inclined. There are also some dark definitions but these were loving and could apply to our relationship to a loving Father/Mother God.

    I hope this helps as the intent in this lift was to give those of us helping others with this difficult challenge or to help ourselves to find a strength to hold to when the going seems difficult. Rather like God is there so there is no other..

    You are loved,
    Ginny Luedeman

  2. Thank you very much, Ginny Luedeman. Pondering about your message of being addicted to Love/God ( 'addicted' meaning to give over or award (oneself) to someone or some practice - and the German word for 'addicted' is 'süchtig' which derives from 'Seuche' meaning 'epidemic') it became clear that all sorts of addictions or epidemics can be and are healed by seeking and finding satisfaction in true Love/Life/Soul/Mind as a matter of fact and present possibility. Thank you, Ginny - thank you, Daily Lift team!

  3. Thank-you Ginny to remind me that God's Love is so addictive.
    This convinces me of God's presence Now! Always and forever loving me
    and through Christ meeting all my daily needs abundantly ( more than I
    ever could imagine ).

  4. Thank you Ginny, this message is an angel message coming right at the very moment I need it. I thank GOD for all the "Daily Lifts" and "Daily Thoughts" that The Mother Church sends out to the world.

  5. thanks for working

  6. How helpful! Thank you, Ginny.

  7. Dear Ginny, thank you for the way you have put it today - that we are addicted to (God) Love, because God is filled with all the aspects of Love - kindness, mercy, grace, patience, persistence, wisdom, understanding, guidance, care, etc., towards each one of us, continually and absolutely!

    We are created with that innate desire to be reaching out, and this is why: because we are fashioned so as to recognise and to respond, to divine Love that tells us: 'Child of My heart, you are always with Me, and all that I have is yours. Receive My blessings of peace, love, and joy, and in the fullness of these blessings, you will affirm all My love for others, too'.

    Thank you to all the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, for their reaching out in this, and all other, ways!

  8. Thanks, that was great.

  9. The idea that we can't help but be loved by God is strangely comforting. We can never be separated from this love, and we can never be deprived of it. There is no power that can hinder, obstruct, or interfere with the full, complete and ever-present expression of Love by us, to us, and through us in every way, all the time. Thanks for reminding me of this.

  10. thank you Jinny I needed that

  11. Sounds good to me!!! Thanks so much for that reassuring thought. I appreciate so much your sharing this, and for all of the Daily Lifts. Obviously this new presentation of daily inspirations is a big hit!!

  12. Thanks Ginny for your satisfying message today--thanks for your giving and all the lecturers and those who produce these uplifts

  13. Thanks Ginny to this perfect reminder for all days!

  14. After all we are God's (Love) expression ,,, thanks Ginny

  15. thank you ms ginny. i love these daily lifts!

  16. Thx a lot Mrs Luedeman its great to now that god allways loves us whatever happens!
    Thx from Germany

  17. Thank you Ginny. You hit the nail right on the head when you said, "When I feel God's love, I feel more like myself."

  18. Thanks for sharing. Very good and helpful reminder.

  19. really only divine love is real and this supplies us everything every hour.the only thing to rely on divine love and superme power.because real satisfaction comes from HIM.

  20. The love of God is our legitimate source for all good and the only thing that can give us lasting satisfaction. Thanks Ginny for emphasising these qualities of Love and making me look up to another day big with blessings.

  21. Thank you, Ginny, for that wonderful message. We must first receive divine Love in order to express it with the awareness of its completeness and everlastingness to meet every human need. A very lovable insight! Much love to everyone!

  22. Thank You Ginny, How true.

  23. Divine Love supplies all good--what an idea for all of this day. I accept

  24. Thanks Ginny, I really needed this this morning. Thanks again,

  25. Thanks! One of the many ideas that made me pause and reflect was the thought that what divine Love does "is a permanent fix". What a thought! Not temporary, stopgap, part-way fixes. So, it seems to me, that with divine Love we are always on the highway to higher, better, permanent good.

  26. Yes, that says it all.

  27. Thanks to the Daily Lift Team for all these wonderful ideas. "Addiction" often has a negative connotation, but as with many ideas and words, there is another way to think of them. The light of Christian Science brings us new and different ways to think about words and ideas.

  28. What an awesome message to cherish and to share.
    Thank you so much, Ginny!


  30. Thank you, Ginny, and thank you, TMC for being such a strong presence in the world today. I used to miss some important dated emails because of checking them late in the evening, but since I discover this wonderful Daily Lift, I jump out of bed right to the computer to read the wonderful message awaiting me as soon as I open my eyes. This never fails to enlighten my day. Today I woke up with Jesus' words "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve" just as if somebody said it aloud in the room, so I kept on repeating it over and over as I turned my computer on. What a way to "wake up"! I guess, I am, getting addicted to Love!!

    Gracias Ginny, y gracias TMC por ser una presencia tan fuerte en el mundo hoy-en-día. Yo solía perderme algunos correos electrónicos con fechas importantes por revisarlos en la noche, pero desde que descubrí esta maravillosa Elevación Diaria[Daily Lift], ahora salto de la cama y voy derecho a la computadora para leer el maravilloso mensaje que me espera en cuanto abro los ojos. Esto nunca falla de iluminarme el día. Hoy me desperté con las palabras de Jesús “Al Señor tu Dios adorarás a él solo servirás” cómo si alguien lo hubiera dicho en vos alta en la habitación, así que lo seguí repietiendolo varias veces hasta que prendí mi computadora y escuche tu hermoso mensaje. !Qué manera de “despertar”! !!Creo que me estoy haciendo adicta al Amor!!

  31. L'Amour divin environnement et soutient l'homme et l'univers et que ceux ne seront jamais déchus.

  32. GOD is LOVE and I can see and feel this amazing LOVE, caring for each one of us - such a comfort for me and all!
    Thank you!

  33. In the allness of allness (God) there is no interruption...there are no wants, needs or unfullfilled desires. In this realm of Love (completeness) there is total satisfaction. Love cannot be interrupted or disturbed in any way because nothing exists outside of it's total completeness. The result of this truth is the constant flow of right ideas, perfect solutions, clear thinking, right knowing, fearless being, joy, peace and total satisfaction. This activity
    is active right now...you will see it.

    Thank you Ginny for the inspiration going into the weekend. I am so grateful
    for these "Daily Lifts" that bring us activity together...focused in Christ.

  34. Thank you Ginny, for the wonderful message.
    This is just what I need to remember. Listen for the angel messages.

  35. Divine Love. What could be greater, more real, more satisfying, more sufficient, and more available to each us? Recognizing that we are surrounded by that love eternally is our great need. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.

  36. Thank you Geannie; I love the part "we love because He first loved us"

  37. Thank you Ginny. As we become addicted to God (As Love), we become love and nothing in the world can disturb us, because God (As Love) deletes everything that is not true before reaching us. lol.
    Our dear Lady Mary Baker Eddy declares: " Love bathes all in beauty and light."

  38. Wow. Excellent, Ginny. Malcolm (16) took the words right out of my mouth. And thank you, Kyn (8), for your thought that nothing can hinder, obstruct, etc. All very powerful. THANK you.

  39. Awesome! I will save this message as a daily reminder.Addicted to Love... that is our only needed fix. What practical words you chose to use. Also, that is the only "high" there is. The only boundless bliss, to use Mrs. Eddy's words. I have 3 college boys and love this practcality you voiced as I pray for them to be delivered from the false beliefs of where fun and happiness is found.

  40. Thanks Ginny, I will never forget the day I realized that the huge love I was feeling for God was actually God loving me. It took me a few more months to realize I was worthy of that love, and then I was hooked for good. How grateful I am to the Board of Lectureship for these daily lifts. Just more of God's love!

  41. Thank you Ginny, Being addicted to God what a wonderful thing. There is nothing else we need. I am so grateful for these "Daily Lifts".

  42. To know, feel and live in this infinite Love..to express this infinite Love..to see this infinite Love in all....Life divine.

    Thank you!

  43. God is Love.
    Fills us all full up, and satisfies every hungry heart.
    Thanks Ginny!

  44. Thank you, Ginny - our addiction to God is assured, because He first loved us! What a comforting thought - I love knowing that I am addicted to God! Knowing that there is no other addiction possible, frees us from doubt and fear, and allows nothing into our consciousness but His love! Thank you for this wonderful message, and thanks to everyone who makes these Daily Lifts possible!

  45. Many thanks, Ginny for this wonderful message. I also love and am thankful for all of the comments and look forward to reading them daily. Each one demonstrates so beautifully and lovingly the point she makes "we love because He first loved us."

  46. Ginny: Thanks so much...Divine Love's unmistakeable feeling ,presence, and power became much clearer to me earlier this year when dealing with a serious illness...What you said today is extremely meaningful to me this morning.......Bob Weiss from Kansas City..........

  47. Thanks Ginny. I had never before thought of "being addicted" as a good thing, but understanding that God, Love is our "permanent fix" gives an entirely different slant -- and one that is especially comforting at this busy and often stressful time of year.

  48. Thank you so much Ginny for your wonderful inspiring thought!

  49. The daily lift is a "daily gift" to all of us and I thank each of you who had this idea and followed through with it. I look forward to every morning for that daily lift and enjoy the comments from all over the world. What a comfort to know so many people around the globe are hearing these inspiring words.

  50. Your Daily Lift is so good; I wanted to write and tell you how much I really love it. Thank you. Love Hayley ( 5 1/2 yrs old)

  51. Ginny - loved hearing your loving voice and ideas on love today. What a treat! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your incredible family. Marty

  52. Thank you for reminding me that I can argue with myself and refuse the negative thoughts. That they are not mine. I usually not only hate these thoughts but feel shame for even thinking them. The trap is accepting them and following the negative into a downward spiral. During this, the holiday time, it is extra easy to feel lack, loneliness and pity. Your beautiful little message has brought out the defense mechanism in me again and I will shout it from the rooftops. YEA GOD!!!!!! Only God's Love and care are present. This is an addiction I claim and welcome. Thank you again Ginny.

  53. What a terrific addiction!!! I am so enamored with that word; to constantly loving God with all our hearts does give us that complete and lasting satisfaction. Always putting God first is very comforting to me, also. That feeling of closeness to Him is simply indescribable. Wow, are we ever so blessed and loved.!!! Thanks so very much , Ginny. Have a glorious day everyone!!!

  54. Merci Ginny l'amour divin est le sOutient de l'hummanité et de tous les enfants de DIEU. Dans son amour il ne permettra pas que nous chancellons il a le tout en lui et nous aussi riche par son amour. c'est notre garanti.

  55. I pray daily for family members suffering from addiction. The Daily Lift today is such a great reminder that we an be addicted only to God's Love, and God's child is always satisfied. The DL is such a blessing! Thank you Ginny.

  56. Goodness... how wonderful hearing your thoughts everyone, thank you! for your comments and inspiration and Hayley (5 1/2) how special that you are getting so much good from these daily lifts and that you care to comment. You are God's blessing....keep giving your joy and it will grow and grow...
    I think that the comments are as important as the lifts themselves because everyone has such unique and beautiful ideas from God. We are having a spiritual potluck, a Thanksgiving feast of love every day. These ideas fill us when we share them, with a family feeling, a closeness that tastes so good and is so satisfying. We are all children in our Father/Mother God's household and we are loved, each and every one of us.
    Ginny Luedeman

  57. Perhaps as we learn to think of the divine energy/power of Love as a type of unlimited fuel- fueling all good thought and action, then we might overcome a sense of the world being addicted to oil or anything else that seems like a limited material resource or habit.

  58. Angel messages... addicted to love! Great message for the day.... permanent fix! Thank you.

  59. Reminds me who I really am. Thank you.

  60. When a small child my mother came to sit beside me when time to go to sleep & asked, "Who do you love MOST of all?" Wanting to please & loving her greatly, I answered hesitatingly, "You"? She answered so tenderly, "Love God MOST of all, always....!" I've never forgotten her precious guidance at that early stage & the blessing to my life it has proven to be ~~plus, learning God IS Love who gifted us with commandments that motovated obedience & proven a reliable incentive, rewarding occupation, & protection along life's path. Loving God might easily be considered "addiction" .

  61. With all due respect, Ginny, I have to take issue with your use of the word, "addicted" here. Addicted has such a negative connotation to it, and this reference reminds me of the Robert Palmer song from the '70s, "Addicted to Love." I know what you are trying to say, but a word like committed might be better.

  62. Thank you Ginny for sharing your addiction. God's love has given us all

    the good that life holds. I am always thankful for the many blessings we

    have in this family. If that is not God's love what else could it be? What a

    great reason to become addicted to God's love! Mom

  63. Thank you Ginny. Spirit, God is the only real attraction.

  64. Thank you again for the real scoop on what really is........

  65. Thank you, Ginny, for letting us know the RIGHT sense of addiction!

  66. Referring to Dwight's comment ( # 60.):
    At first glance the negative connotation of 'addicted' came to mind also. This is why I checked out the etymology of this word and it didn't bother me anymore because I can live with the meaning 'to give over or award (oneself) to someone ...." in regard to God (see # 1). Even the word 'God' can have a negative connotation for people who associate a punishing instance or judicial authority or any false assertion with it, right ? :)

  67. As everyone, I love the daily lifts and really miss them if I don't have the opportunity to listen. Just yesterday members of my family were meeting with another dear couple to talk about their sons possible addiction to drugs. Because they are not comfortable with talk about "God" I just used the word Love and shared my sense of the absolute necessity of embracing their child in love, knowing in my own thought that Love is God. Love liberates and heals and I know God's angel messages are supporting that couple right now as they reach out in love to their son.This daily lift about addiction to God couldn't have been more perfectly timed for me and I am so grateful for the perfect words at the right time and all the spot on comments that follow each daily lift. What an angel message it's been for TMC to provide these healing lifts that travel instantly around the world and are available to so many everywhere. Thanks to all of you who work to provide inspiration and support to our world.

  68. GOD'S LOVE IS ALWAYS WITH US. God's Love is infinite. God's Love is seen in the early morning on the tiny green blade of grass with the single drop of dew reflecting the sunlight. During our day we can listen for God's angel messages leading us to share Love with others in simple ways. A smile to uplift a stranger, a thank you to show appreciation, or a gesture of praise. Everyone has unlimited opportunity to "give" Love, and "see" Love. The Christ Love Jesus demonstrated, is the Love and forgiveness that supplies us with health and success. Thank you everyone around the world for Loving and sharing!

  69. Thank you so much for bringing me back right to the source of real love - so needed - and of deeper satisfaction.
    What a loving message, indeed!
    Much love back to you and to everyone on this site.

  70. Thank you Ginny. Great!
    To Alane #32: Thank you so very much for your comments. What you said, and how you said it, was very helpful to me. It gave me a very clear, concise understanding (look) of what, God as Love, actually is, feels and looks like. Also, what we are to expect to have in our experience as a result of this understanding. What peace!

  71. 60 I agree with you about the word "addicted"..I know what Ginny is saying, but that word leaves a "sour" taste in my mouth...Addiction of anything is abnormal, I think of it as an unnatural and out of control desire. I respect your lift so much, and love what it implies, however. All of the "lifts" lately have really meant a lot to me.

  72. We bring our patient often to the computer and listen to the Daily Lift. Your message was very much loved and we listened to it several times. Thank you so much for reaching into the Christian Science nursing facilities and sharing this addiction of God's Love with so many.

  73. We never doubt that God is love being His child we reflect all his goodness. Thank you Jenny for this inspiration and thanks to all who shares their comments.

  74. Hi All,

    Many thanks, Ginny, for this thought-provoking Daily Lift. I think your use of the word "addicted" in the sense of being addicted to divine Love makes this Lift particularly meaningful and helpful to a person who may be battling a harmful addiction. It gives them an alternative to hold on to.

  75. Beautiful, thank you!

  76. Again, referring to Dwights´comment #60:
    When we are used to hear a word just in certain context, it doesn´t mean that it must be used only in that specific context.
    I think the words are created to communicate a certain meaning and whenever a word fits in a context that needs exatly what that word communicates we don´t need to be startled by the usage.
    The words don´t belong to any specif context, although the common usage tries to impose it.
    Well, anyway, Ginny you passed a very deep image of what should be our real feeling towards God´s love for us!
    Thank you very much!!!

  77. Ginny, Thanks so much for this beautiful message of God's closeness. I love knowing that God is so close and that we are made of God to love. This is the real thing. Great feeling!! :)

  78. Mrs. Eddy prayed for days for just the right word to use, and I'm certain Ginny's use of "Addicted" was an answered prayer for many whose attention was drawn to this Daily Lift and captured by the use of that word....many who expressed appreciation, but may not have wanted to publicly voice an "addiction" they are struggling with. For myself, with two children dealing with an alcohol problem, it was definitely a catch phrase, so much so that I pulled up "Word" and by repeatedly replaying the message managed to type it out to share with them. Actually, if you enter "addiction" in the web search you will find sites offering help with multiplicity of addictions to food, consumerism, lust, texting - all kinds of excesses. Ginny's message of finding satisfaction in God is the "cure all" for all of it - like the wave that sweeps onto the shore and wipes it clean of all debris. There's nothing "piecemeal" about Christian Science. For those who find the word "ugly" it might be a "wake up call" to lift your view of all those dear ones who are struggling to be free of the terrible imprisonment that is inflicted by drugs. Your compassion will weigh into the balance scale to give force to the wave of Love that is needed to purge world thought of the belief of needing "lesser Gods." That's what we are all about, isn't it? - saving souls by pouring in floodtides of Love.

  79. Hi again Ginny :) I listened to your message again and gained some new insights focusing on the first part - Love satisfies and feeds me, so natural. He is so close. Love gives lasting satisfaction and I feel more real. All of those thoughts are so helpful to me... Hugs. Chrissie

  80. thank you.i can always feels God's closeness

  81. In loving response to Laure #77.. when I said the word addiction leaves a sour taste in my mouth, I mean exactly that. I have had a daughter addicted to drugs, and a husband who is an alcoholic. I am very compassionate to the needs of those struggling with addictions. That is why the word addiction doesn't seem fitting with the word Love. Addiction is always abnormal. I just felt a better word could have been used. I feel as children of God we are all drawn to Love, and our only desire is to be loved and give love, that is our natural 'yearning"...we are all the precious children of God whether we are struggling with addictions, disease, loss or any other false concept. I never meant to offend you, or Ginny.

  82. Thank you, Ginny, I love the idea of being addicted to Love, and I know it is the truth. My son was addicted to alcohol but now because of Christian Science and prayer he is addicted to Love. Yesterday he was telling me about a good deed that he had done for someone and I said," You will get your reward." He replied," I already have." You cannot imagine what joy I felt!

  83. Addiction is a very GOOD word to use as it is so prevalent in usage in the U.S., not only as regards physical and mental health, but also as it applies to children's excessive "social networking" and other online or electronics usage. When I think about the successes my friends have had in AA, NA or like groups, I always handle in my thought the lingering belief "once an addict, always an addict." Christian Science has proven in my life that drugs and alcohol are not "powers" to be feared mentally or physically because of DNA, because of trauma, because of brain science. Each of these theoretical "reasons" to believe in the power of addiction is rendered null and void through the example of our relationship with God that Christ Jesus brought to us. God is omnipotent and man (idea) reflects that divine omnipotence, part of our inherited at-one-ment with our Father-Mother. (KJV-And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ.) World belief, even at its best, resists accepting man as idea, perfect in God's image and likeness and unfallen. When I pray about addiction and mental health, in general, I take the cue from Paul who shook the viper from him and was not poisoned in the moment of the bite nor afterwards. It is good to handle the exact word in our thought. In fact, I cannot practice Christian Science any other way. Right in the space I am, God is, and was, and holds my being. With love for all you do.

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