6/28: A system in harmony

6/28: A system in harmony

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  1. Thanks, Josh!

  2. What a good way to phrase that concept. We are not involved with a system in crisis. We are working with a system in harmony. It's always helpful to remember that we are created in Genesis I, not Genesis II. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  3. Thank you, Josh. Harmony is such a beautiful word, isn't it? And Christian Science is based upon that universal law of harmony and good, thanks to Mrs. Eddy's wonderful revelation, in Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures.
    As a musician, I love this poem from a C.S. Sentinel. Do not know the date.
    "All harmonious,
    No note wrong.
    God is singing,
    We're (I'm) His song!"

  4. I grew up into a religion where you don't question anything. Since very young I did, and early on I learned the word, Sacrilegious!
    When I said "God is not made of mud", I was told that the Bible never lies, but no one explained that it must be interpreted spiritually. At 5 I got on trouble for not kissing Jesus feet on the wooden sculpture —my defense was, "but that is not really Jesus". My mom finally gave up and enrolled me on public school. Speaking of creation, Genesis 1 depicts man made on God’s image and likeness, spiritual as God. Genesis 2 shows man created out of mud, week, wicked and vulnerable. This one I can’t believe on. MBE asks, “Does God create a material man out of Himself, Spirit? Does evil proceed from good? Does divine Love commit a fraud on humanity by making man inclined to sin, and then punishing him for it? Would any one call it wise and good to create the primitive, and then punish its derivative?” S&H 356:24
    We are made on God’s likeness and each of us expresses God’s qualities uniquely. Cherishing this model of man, and recognizing man’s God given spiritual and good nature can bring any crisis to a halt. We truly are a system in harmony with God.
    ESPAŇOL: Yo crecí en una religión donde no haces preguntas. Desde muy chica yo sí hacía, y temprano aprendí la palabra, ¡Sacrílega!
    Cuando yo dije que “Dios no está hecho de barro”, me dijeron que la Biblia nunca miente, pero nadie me explicó que debe ser interpretada espiritualmente. A los 5 años me metí en líos por no besar los piés de Jesús en una escultura de madera— mi defensa fue, “ese no es en verdad Jesús”. Mi mamá finalmente se dió por vencida y me puso en escuela pública.
    Hablando de la creación, Génesis 1 muestra al hombre hecho a la imagen y semejanza de Dios, espiritual como Dios. Génesis 2 muestra al hombre hecho de barro, débil, malvado y vulnerable. Esto no lo puedo creer. MBE pregunta, “¿Crea Dios de Sí mismo, del Espíritu, a un hombre material? ¿Procede el mal del bien? ¿Defrauda el Amor divino a la humanidad, creando al hombre con inclinación al pecado y castigándole luego por ello? ¿Diría alguien que es sabio y bueno crear lo primitivo para después castigar
    su derivado? CyS 356:26
    Estamos hechos a la semejanza de Dios y cada uno de nosotros expresa las cualidades únicas de Dios. . Valorando este modelo del hombre, y reconociendo el bien espiritual del hombre dada su buena naturaleza, puede parar cualquier crisis. Verdaderamente somos un sistema en armonía con Dios.

  5. Thanks Josh. We need to realize and accept exactly the thoughts you expressed. Both "one" and "two" cannot be true. The choice is ours to make. However, as we listen to the Christ ideas that are continuously coming from the one Mind we begin to realize there is only one choice because there is only one real creation that offers true harmony.

  6. Perfectly wonderful! Thanks, Josh.

  7. Super thank you for this beautiful lift this morning!!! It is so what I neded to hear and to pray on.

  8. I need to rememberr that Josh when mortal mind tries to tell me otherwise. Thanks for this piece of inspiration.

  9. Well said! Thanks, Josh.

  10. Just yesterday, while on an errand, I found myself thanking God for the glorious weather we have been having of late in the Toronto area.

    Then the thought bubbled up in me that I have elements of considerable sadness in my formative years which continue to haunt me now, decades later. So how can I be thankful about the weather when my whole childhood was less than ideal?

    To balance such a limiting thought I had the wherewithal to dismiss it completely. Instead I reminded myself that I have no mortal past and cannot be adversely affected in any way by a family history which never really existed in the first place, since I am entirely spiritual.

    I don't think a month ago I would have had the spiritual resolve to see through the smoke screen of mortal mind's lies and affirm what is true about myself and others. Now, however, I am able to accomplish this with relative ease, thanks to daily prayer work, the study of Christian Science material and being watchful of the thoughts I allow into consciousness..

    As Josh so rightly points out we are in perfect harmony with God now and always. To affirm this when times are good is one thing but to confront a sense of overwhelming, inconsolable doom when things are out of sorts can take, at least in my case, a degree of courage.

    Slowly but surely the pain of my past is not only fading from view but is being replaced by an assurance and conviction that God intends only good for us and good will follow if and when we allow it to.

  11. Thanks, Josh. I was intrigued and impressed to learn a number of years ago that at the time Mrs Eddy originally wrote about those two creation stories, she hadn't read any of the (then quite new) research that was indicating they were separate accounts written at different times. Yet she saw immediately and clearly that they couldn't possibly be compatible with each other, and therefore couldn't both be factual. This Daily Lift is a great reminder of the difference between them, and that we have to decide (each day!) which concept we'll accept as real. I love that thought Josh shared - we are a system in harmony!

  12. Many thanks Josh for that inspiring lift. Yes, " [We] are not the product of Genesis 2., And [we] are not a system in crisis. We are [spiritual] made in God's [perfect] likeness." "With joy to find through darkened days/ Thy [ Love's] harmony." (Christian Science Hymnal #371)

  13. Thank you Josh for this really great Lift, and thank you everyone else for getting it in the right place, at the right time! And really there is no choice since
    Genesis 1 leads to healing, and Genesis 2 leads deeper into the mud (as Elena would have it!) I just love Genesis 1 because God so obviously loves what He's creating, and glories in every minute detail. And then, to cap it all off, He expresses the greatest pleasure in His creation when He observes that it's "Very good."
    Thank you so much Nathan, thank you BoL, the lecturers and el mondo Lift family.

  14. Thank you Josh for this clear explanation. I have been pondering too the 'time of crisis' particularly with financial worries, and the clear message 'each day choose which story you accept as true' is really helpful. The first story in Genesis is the Truth and the previous Lifters make lovely reading too.
    On the Daily Lift 'delivery service/ winged message', I am thinking about Science and Health p.399: "If Mind is the only actor, how can mechanism be automatic?" I have started cars, a washing machine, done all sorts of things with machines and this sentence!Even got my computer ( and my despondency) to respond when it crashed! SOOOOO many thanks BOL for all you do.

  15. What a wonderful reminder ! Powerful! .THank you Josh for this invigorating spiritual meal to start the day.

  16. The phrase "a system in harmony with God" as applied to man is just what I need to focus on right now, could not be more perfect, and I thank you, Josh, for sending such a helpful message. We all need to feel that our human striving has an ultimate spiritual quality!

  17. Thank you Josh, for reminding us to heal wrong or doomed situations by rejecting our origin came from Gen.2. I didn't aim to use Christian Science for healing, but soon had awesome ones. I learned S&H was right about Gen.2. At first I had many discoveries of the falsity of man as matter. Later, I realized something more significant. False description of man's origin pales in comparison to Gen.2 & 3”s description of God! This God didn't successfully create man, for he lacked ! (a helpmeet). That should be easy for God, but wasn't. He repeatedly tries & fails to create a suitable helpmeet. This God isn't all-knowing. He must take creatures to see what Adam will call them. How can this God know our thoughts or needs? Finally, He has to undo what He created, and take some back to make a female (that doesn't fit with Eccl.3:14). This has God dependent on the matter-made man, instead of man being dependent on Him. These chapters depict an absent instead of everywhere God, who doesn't know what goes on while He's gone. Gen.3:1 says the serpent is “more subtil” than any beast God made. That says God didn't make a devil creature or devil thought. It implies there was another creator that made it. God doesn't know where Adam is or that he's naked, doesn't know who told Adam he was naked. Matter-man was condemned to remain in failure, separated from God, Spirit, Mind of Gen.1. Amen! The system of harmony in Gen.1 is the only spiritual reality there is.

  18. After reading about systems theories for a class I am teaching, it was amazing to read your title Josh. There is no closed material system in the spiritual reality of Life, God. Essentially, we learn in Christian Science that all is under the control of the One Mind, God; a system in harmony.

  19. Thanks for this Lift which applies to nations and to personal needs. God truly is in control of all things. This reminded me of a favorite thought from Mary Baker Eddy's book Miscellaneous Writings, page 25:

    "Each successive period of progress is a period more humane and spiritual. The only logical conclusion is that all is Mind and its manifestation, from the rolling of worlds, in the most subtle ether, to a potato-patch."

  20. Thank you! I love the way you put this knowledge we are the man in Gen. 1.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful thought and reminder.

  22. Yes, we are the "man in Gen. 1."

  23. Wonderful !!!! Thank U Josh. :-)

  24. Very nice! Thank you very much Josh.

  25. System in harmony. Love it Josh!

    Select, Plug and Play: Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Soul, Principal, Mind.

    Engineered by the best (), operating according to set laws (), parts working together (), lubricated (), perpetual (), essentially () very productive (___).

    and listen to it prrrr. Junk the clanging engine of Genesis 2 as soon as possible.

  26. I will try to hold my wife ( who is not a Christian Scientist ) in the model of Gen. 1 today. Her cancer is spreading; we have two small children, and I feel like all the angelic thoughts I have "heard" over the past few months were for nought...
    Thank you for this lift.

  27. 3 Harriett

    On the Daily Lift for 20.05.2010 Sharon Strong says

    All harmonious
    No note wrong
    God is singing
    We're His song!

    comment to Susie Jostyn "Soul Filled"
    (remember Susie played her sax?)

  28. Thank you Dear Josh
    What harmony!
    We just loved this lovely thought for the day!

    We have had many healing in our family (myself included)
    by just working with the first chapter of Genesis

    Staying there (Keeping thought clear on what is good and true)
    in that first chapter of Genesis is very healing
    Oh, there is so much there…love this!

    Thank you again

    Much love to you and all my Daily Lift Family :)

  29. Thank you Josh, for this great reminder to stay radically with the true idea of creation.. "Harmony is the real and discord is the unreal" we read on pg 563 of Science and Health We just can't have it two ways...tThis morning I woke up thinking of the Bible verse that God " is a "rewarder of them that diligently seek Him" (Heb. 11:6 ) So, then the reward.must be the assurance of harmony that an understanding of God brings ! It is good to know that we dwell in the REAL paradise of heavenly harmony as we start our day!
    Thank you Board of Lectureship and Daily Lift !
    I'm grateful for this great brotherhood and sisterhood of Lifters !

  30. Thank you! I've been worried that modern educational models are drawn from a humanistic, materialistic view of children and education. And I've worried that materialistic teaching 40 hours a week was sucking children from Sunday School in their teens to pursue the worldly model.

    BUT, your LIFT, suggesting that I look at the problem through the lens of Genesis broke the mesmerism! I realized that the educational system of the Pharoahs (Genesis 2) could never teach freedom, nor could their malpractice deprive children of their natural state as free men of Genesis 1. Freedom is the natural state of man. The modern educational system cannot deprive children of their God-given freedom! Thanks!

  31. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed..... and if this can comfort anyone who is troubled about a mortal family.... as there is no life in matter, there are no relations/relatives in matter/ Neither good nor bad... All the good comes from God, and him/her only....and God - our true Father/mother God has always loved us and never harmed us.... for this truth, I have also be stoned... but nevertheless, it remains the truth.

  32. Thank you so much Josh. Genesis one what a concept and reality in one.

  33. Thank you Josh, you really are blessed for publishing salvation!
    Thanks to all the Lifter's for the beautiful thoughts on Truth and Love and Life in God's image and likeness.
    Congratulations Joel, you look good in that crown! Love to all!

  34. Thank you, Josh! What a beautiful Lift! I am a system in harmony with God! I like that! And it's true and provable in Christian Science! Thanks to Joel, #10, for his comments on letting go of the belief in a material past that could haunt and even color our present harmony. I think one of the biggest challenges for me in Christian Science has been being willing to let go of the Genesis 2 account and come to acknowledge and accept that I was, am, and always will be God's harmonious, spiritual creation - loved, cared for, watched over and adored!

  35. Josh,
    Thank you for the lift this morning. The idea of a system of harmony takes me right to the laws of Principle!

  36. Nice Josh. Your understanding is so clear. We need to stay focused on the true and real or we will never realize the complete harmony. Mrs. Eddy tells us in this weeks Lesson that "Science knows no lapse from nor return to harmony, but holds the divine order or spiritual law, in which God and all he creates are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged in its eternal history." AMEN TO THE TRUTH THAT SETS US FREE!!!

  37. To Mike #26 - You have my prayers in Christian Science for your wife and you and your family. All of the Daily Lift Family is with you in Heart and Spirit and are sending our prayers your way. Trust in God's goodness and Love for your wife, you and your children. God loves your wife and right now is holding her in Love and Harmony. She truly is a system in harmony! Much Love!

  38. Gracias por los mensajes diarios. Gracias Elena y Nelly por abrirnos el daily lift a los del habla castellana español. Es bueno que haya comentarios y referencias en cada idioma! Gracias al Padre de todos ,por la enorme bendición de cada trabajador en Ciencia Cristiana.

  39. Oh Josh............how wonderful this healing message today! My mother lives in our home (her home, God's HOME) and over the last few days "seemed" to be having some difficulites............I have been praying and listening to all the healing "downloads" from the Sentinel podcast that I have down loaded to my ipod........all night, every night, and working with those beloved Truths...........this morning I found her more active, energized, and responsive...............and your beautiful , shared ideas.......................call me upward in thought and prayer.
    Her past religious beliefs have been of "hell and damnation"............all I do is speak the Truth I have learned from CS...............I figure, all it takes is ONE with GOD and the smallest tidbit of "rememberance" of just WHO formed us.....AND in the SYSTEM OF HARMONY.......nothing else can be present..........
    Thank you so much...........all of you for lifting my thought every morning....
    Sheri, Northport Michigan............with so much love and gratitude for these daily lifts...................rock on !

  40. Wow ! Good one Josh! Greetings from Tempe, AZ !!!

  41. Thanks, Josh, I have been thinking a lot about creation lately, and your Lift fits right in with my thinking. I cannot allow my "self" to be re-created but am always created as image. No. 26, Mike, hang on to God's idea, your beloved wife is, always has been always will be God's perfect idea.

  42. Thank you for the reminder that we can and must challenge error however it may appear. The spiritual way is the way, the truth and the love. Many thanks.

  43. Como no me gustaba la palabra, sistema para definir lo espiritual fui al diccionario en español y esto es lo que dice: Sistema: Conjunto de principios verdaderos o falsos reunidos entre sí. Pienso que se adecúa perfectamente porque un sistema basado en la armonía divina es perfecto y la gráfica de #25 lo demuestra claramente.

    "Nuestro Maestro no enseñó una mera teoría, dotrina o creencia. Fue el Principio divino de todo ser real lo que enseñó y praticó" CyS. MBE.

    El sistema verdadero del ser espiritual que está contenido en las ensañanzas del Cristo y la Ciencia Cristiana para regocijo de todos los creyentes y de los que hacen su transito humano, es una escuela de aprendizaje espiritual o más bien un despertar espiritual que según entiendo se ajusta más a lo real porque jamás hemos perdido ese estado del ser verdadero en el que realmente somos.

    Muchas gracias, thank you, Josh y al Daily Lift que nos impulsa a profundizar la enseñanza y agradecer cada mañana el poder estar compartiendo esta maravilla que es la Ciencia Cristiana hermanados en el Bien hacer.

  44. Very helpful. Thanks!

  45. Thanks for this spiritual subdivision.

  46. Thank you very much Josh.

  47. Thank you, Josh, for this great Lift!
    And that harmony applies to all systems ... bodily, economic, political, environmental ... all of 'em!

  48. Beautiful Josh

  49. Thank you Josh. Your beautiful message reflects the Gen.1 truth of creation and reminds us that harmony is not selective but a system for all. I have always believed that heaven is productive harmony, not just a place to sit and do nothing. God is always working.

  50. Yesterday, a number of comments suggested making the Daily Lift our "home page." One of the Annual Meeting online workshops pointed out how it would benefit The Christian Science Monitor by making it our home page. A site that generates advertising revenue is helped by the number of computers that have it as their home page. We can spread this word to our friends.

  51. This is a wonderful Lift with such helpful replies. #17's portrayal of God according to Gen. 2 is a new and convincing argument of the falsity of that myth.

    Mike #16, you have my prayers in support of your dear family. This week's Lesson tells us of God's ever-presence and His power. Nothing is too hard for God, and you all are held in His arms of Love.

  52. Have been pondering the concept of being "a pro-active thinker" in this Science of Mind, or system of harmony, rather than reacting to situations....or "putting out fires" of mortal mind or "little think".
    We are SO blessed! GO God

  53. Thanks Josh! Just what we needed today!

  54. Thank you Josh.

  55. dear friend, mike (#26). Sometimes I put Biblical situations and accounts into current descriptions. (Many of us are cable subscribers.) I like to think of the first chapter of Genesis as saying: "Man is this very moment wired for a single,basic, clear, uninterrupted channel. It has always and is always been a part of you. It is original factory equipment. And it is filled with messages from the Creator to you each and every moment. The only thing that counts is what you are hearing this moment, right now. Each message is all that you need to know about your life and the lives of those all around you. Your only task is to listen. AND THE SECOND CHAPTER OF GENESIS SAYS .... Oh, by the way, Mike, there is direct TV and all these other channels which are available to you. Have a listen. There are lots of images and pictures which will really entertain you .... the picture quality may be a little fuzzy, sometimes confusing, even disturbing and threatening. Tune in. ..... That's the time to go back to "Basic Cable". (It is not a "broadcast"!! It is a "just for you" message each moment.)

  56. Dear, #26 Mike, you have my prayers. I am humbled by your expression of living the golden rule - holding your wife in the model of Genesis 1, yes - remember you and the children and the doctors - everyone is there, too, each of you Love's spiritual image & likeness and all of you are working together for good. Each a shining complete reflection, loved and supported by your divine parent, Father/Mother God. Often we don't see the effects of angel thoughts because we are so focused on a particular way they will be manifested, and understandably so, when disease is aggressive, but I urge you to look for the subtle expressions of love and hope and comfort, of order, provision...Doing this was helpful to me when we had a loved one in the hospital.

  57. Thanks Josh and everyone for these powerful reminders to stay tuned to Gen 1, the Truth about God and man. Mike #26, your dear wife is embraced in the harmony of this perfect God created system and must be forever healthy and Spiritual because that's the law of Life in God. Thanks anon #37 and everyone else who has shared . The healing messages stated here are proof of the transforming power of Our divine system in harmony. Thanks for the reminder of Mis Wr pg 25..."Love does not commit a fraud on Her creation...." So, we are all "...moving in the harmony of Science.." today and everyday.

  58. Thanks Josh,
    I looked up the definition of “System” on Wikipedia.com and found this: "whole compounded of several parts or members, a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole, a set of elements and relationships…”

    WOW, that means we are not simply spectators or inconsequential inclusions, but active and indispensible. The Kingdom of Heaven, the Spiritual Universe, the omnipresence of Divine Science is reliant, even dependent on our participation and involvement.

    Like stars in the heavens, we may seem irrelevant, small, dim and cold from a distance, but up close and personal each one of us is the central sun of an entire solar system. Our light, heat, energy and gravitational pull affects everything and everyone in our experience. We are active partners with God, right where we are, empowered to express Him in our lives and relationships, near and far. He is our source and we His reflection in action.

    We cannot exist without each other or detached from God, good, harmony. We are a necessary connection in God’s system, both dependent on God and dependable for each other. We can never be left out or let down by another.

    Thank again for making this harmony relevant for today.


  59. Just to acknowledge the Principle of harmony brings healing. Consider the harmony of the solar system for example, the relations of the earth to the sun and moon. They can make tide tables years in advance for any coastal zone on the earth based on this knowledge and they are amazingly accurate. So we can acknowledge the power of divine Principle to bring harmony and healing into our lives. Thank you Josh Niles, and lets have a high tide of blessings to uplift everyone.

  60. Well said, and a potent message. Thank you.

  61. A lecture at a local university by the noted author, E.L. Doctorow, was entitled “Literature and Religion.” He seemed to avoid the subject far into the talk, then finally said, “Well, about literature and religion, we all know that Genesis One is non-fiction and Genesis Two is fiction.” That was all I needed or all I now remember.

  62. Josh, thanks for this wonderful lift. The idea of a system in harmony is the perfect illustration that negates those malignant mortal thoughts that parade as" cancer spreading." Mike #26, you can take your stand that there is no dysfunctional overgrowth of destructive cells for matter is not self-acting, and Mind knows only harmonious action. Our identity cannot be invaded by those malignant mortal thoughts - not for a moment, ever - we always remain untouched by any aggressive suggestion that we are outside God's perfectly harmonious creation.

  63. What a clear statement of truth, Josh. So practical and immediate. Thank you.

  64. Thought provoking lift, Josh. I love the lifter's comment that God is not a God of mud nor would He fashion us out of mud. It really is a bit absurd,isn't it, that second chapter of Genesis? We are created out of divine substance, by a consummate Architect, who has made our "systems" in perfect balance, perfect harmony, perfect condition. This system doesn't wear out or ever fall from grace or out of its perfect rhythm within or with the rest of the universe. I am deeply grateful for these lifts. They often set the stage for my day.

  65. Thank you Josh!

  66. Thank you so much, Josh! And to number 10 Josh of Toronto!! Such wonderful thoughts from both!!

  67. Very helpful and thank you.

  68. 39 Much love and strength to you, dear one, as you care for her who cared for you. My experience with a similar situation with my own mother highlighted to me just how valuable our knowledge of man's perfect, ageless selfhood can be. I loved learning how to apply the truths I had been studying all these years to the challenges as they arose, and seeing Mom benefit from them. It wasn't always easy, but it was a growing time for us both and one which I shall always cherish. Rock on!

  69. Dear Mike #26 Thinking of you with much love. No platitudes, or "gushing theories" but we recently had a friend healed of cancer, so it is possible.

  70. Thank you Josh for this angel message which I very much needed today to keep my thought firmly on God when praying for a family member who seems to be in difficulty. Holding to Genesis 1 affirms who we all are and what governs our every need. Thanks to the BOL and all the Lifters who respond with so much love.

  71. Thank you, Josh. Mike, #26, if all the Daily Lifts you have been hearing have helped you understand, and know with certainty, that Love is the healer in all situations, then they have not been for nought. God is Love. Nothing is too hard for God, Love.

  72. Thank you Josh,
    Listening to your inspirational message, a poem I once heard came to memory and I wish that I could remember it all. The gist of it is, 'which man are you, the man in one or the man in two?' Recently, I have struggled with difficult issues, but still holding on to the Truth that I am made in the image and likeness of God, that has healed on many occasions. Therefore, I do not have a doubt in my being that could say otherwise.

  73. Thank you Josh for this wonderful message.

    Genesis 1 is the place to begin and reminds us of the Love which meets our every need.

    Thanks to the BoL and all my fellow commenters who respond with so much love.

  74. This wonderful 2 minute comparson of Gen 1 with Gen 2 is a full treatment silencing those false concepts of man whose origin relies on matter for creation to exist in the first place. Thanks for helping to clear the floor so the view of tangible, demonstrable creation as spontaneously and continuously springing forth from the single "boundless basis" of Spirit -identified and made available by Eddy in the textbook of Christian Science - becomes much clearer as the reality of our existence.

  75. Thank you to all the Daily Lifters here today. Your words and thoughts were very much taken to heart. Thank you again.

  76. Thank you Josh for this unequivocal lift on what reality IS and what it isn't!!
    To stay focused on the light when all SEEMS dark, to see the PERFECT, when error is trying to get us to focus on the imperfection that makes up the dream of matter, to remember our ONENESS, when illusion would have us believe we are separate-there is no more important work in the world!!
    For Mike #26, I will hold a picture of your wife as the perfect being that she IS!!

  77. Dear Mike #26:
    I have no medical training or understanding, but am simply repeating what a friend once told me. She left the medical profession 40 years ago to become a Christian Scientist after observing the passing of many patients. She observed that organic disease can continue to progress in the body after death, but often cancer did not. She personally concluded that cancer is caused by thinking (fear, resentment, anger, anything that seems to eat away or consume peace, health, attitude, well being). Once the mortal thinking stopped, so did the disease.

    Now reverse the situation. Think of one ember of Truth, like a spark or match on tinder. That tiny ignition point can cause the material surrounding it to reach its flash point and ignite. Like the healing truth, it immediately spreads to consume matter (the lie). Fuel doesn’t consume fire, error never consumes Truth, matter never devours Spirit.

    Now look for the spiritual qualities of God in you and your wife, understand their potential to rally and consume the apparent loss, converting it from the false evidence to the full harmonious revelation of her true reflection, yours and the family.

    Don’t take false responsibility either. Remember, nothing has failed here, not your work, not certainly God’s.

    You are never alone, neither is she, nor any of us.

  78. I think the genesis one, genesis two poem is by lona Ingwerson. Thanks Josh and all for helpful, healing thoughts. Gwen

  79. Josh -
    Thank you for your Lift today. I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts. Today's Lift had many wonderful , healing comments, too.

    To #26 - God is ALL. His Allness precludes any belief of a life in matter. Life is pure spiritual substance. Love is reigning throughout our entire being.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.

  80. Right on the button, Josh! Let's keep our thinking in the first and only creation. Thank you!

  81. Josh, this is so clear, so pure. And as the stream of comments have shown, it is truly uplifting thought.

    10--Joel from Toronto--I could have replaced your name with mine, and your comments would have covered my experience quite precisely. Yes, the kind of mental work you are doing DOES take courage, and I applaud you for yours.

    dear dear Mike in Ca #26 . . . many others have already shared words of support with you. I will add this: do you have a CS practitioner supporting you right now? If not, I think you would find it a tremendous blessing. Any of the lecturers that you've met here on the Daily Lifts would be wonderful helpers. One of the practitioners I've worked with has told me to call for help "whenever the noise and turmoil of the world becomes so loud that I can't hear the Truth clearly."--and it sounds as if the world is yelling at you right now.

    I'm just headed off now to dig into this week's superlative Bible Lesson on freedom, and I will tuck you and your wife and your precious children into my heart as I study.

  82. Mike #26: I, too, am thinking of you & your wife & children with love, and affirming that she, along with my husband who very recently had surgery for cancer, can never be outside of Love's embrace. Nothing can change Truth's perfect work. We must expect good....nothing is impossible with God.

  83. Thank you for the lift and a stirring of thought.

    A lecturer once recounted a cab ride with a black cab driver. The cabbie announced that he recently started reading the Bible. After reading only the 1st chapter of Genesis he was healed of a sense of lack, racial prejudice, and was assigned much better fares.

    Maybe its time for me to read this chapter again, this time slowly.

  84. This Lift is a declaration of independence from the tyrannical system of thought taught or rather shoved down the throats of much of mankind through the Genesis 2 model. Each one of us has the actual divine authority, divine right, to stand up in opposition to this system of slavery to mortal conditions, when we choose to stand with the law of this universe, which is Love. Love alone is Life. I looked up the word 'supreme' and can more appreciate God-Love as supreme...meaning preeminent, leading, chief, sovereign, omnipotent, first. God, good is all. That means Good is the first cause, and if the first cause is good and is all then it follows that there is no other cause, Good is first, Good is all there is. Let's keep it simple. Stick with Gen. 1 and there can be no system in crisis. Good is harmonious. Thank you, Josh & Board of Lectureship!

  85. Wonderful lift, Josh. Keep on giving us the truth from Genesis 1. I grow and learn every day from that small chapter with the big ideas. For #26 and #39, God's love is enough!

  86. Thank you Josh!

  87. So many applications for "systems in harmony" - worldwide and individual - government, church, education, environment, family.

  88. Thank you, Josh for that well thought out lift today. For anyone challenged by evil whispering that we can't tackle this one, because its just too tough for us...that is Genesis 2 putting labels on suggestions that we just might accept as real. Its still material (mortal mind) and has no power or law at all. Only Genesis 1 is real PERIOD. Remember the suggestions that came to Jesus when he first started his ministry. Mortal mind tried to get him to accept it as real several times and Jesus put each one down until the angel thoughts were more powerful and real to him. We must do this, too. God loves each of us and maintains us in ways we can understand.

  89. Hey Josh,
    Thanks for this clear lesson about Genesis I -- all working in perfect harmony with God. And we don't have to get roped in to the Genesis 2 version! And thanks to the " Lift family " for all your ideas, and diagrams, and thoughts, and poem(s) shared!

  90. My, how our needs are met thro this program.(Lift). Number 10 hit my heart strings. As a child I used to pray for my family, so much unhappiness at that time.. I realize now my prayers were answered years later when I found Christian Science and realized the 1st ch. Gen. was my only past, present and future. The love poured forth today from everyone was truly wonderful. Number 26, you and your family are truly loved and supported. Thanks Josh.

  91. 26 Mike,Your wife may not study Christian Science, but she's IN divine Science. That's how I'm going to think of her. When we, and our (then) 5 small children, left the medical world, I thought about what would happen to my children if I was wrong. An angel message told me God would not punish the children because I was sincerely trying to follow his will. This would be true of your small children. Your wife has held to what she felt was right, and God doesn't hold this against them. I hope this helps lift your concept of what is happening. A zero spread wide is no worse than a little one. Zero has no power. Don't let the word or medical "proof" frighten you or convince you things are worse. One of the most impressive healings I read was in a CS Sentinel long ago. My details may be slightly off, but keep the gist of the message. A man fell at work and severely injured his back. He was paralyzed and his wife would place the open lessons on a stand by his bed. Alone one day, with no physical improvement, He read in "Adam & Fallen Man" where God asked Adam, "Who told you that you were naked?" Suddenly the man asked who had told him his back was broken? His doctor had, the x-rays had, and his body had. He'd even told himself! What had God told him? He got out of bed, ate with his family and soon was back at work. Keep working, dear one, and ask and listen only to God about your wife and your family.

    39Sheri, & #82 Jan, I'm holding to truth for yours, too.

  92. This message couldn't be more appropriate for Minnesota today. We are dealing with a potential government shut down on Friday. Recognizing a 'system in harmony' is a valuable insight that appears to address a specific need here. Many, many thanks!

  93. for #26....don't identify the "cancer" with your wife....it's a false "label" and she is certainly a "Christian", I bet! And, of course we know (and she knows, too) she is God's child!!

  94. What wonderful thoughts everyone...such a harvest of love. #26 as so many others have mentioned you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today.

    55 loved the creative metaphor...really fun.

    Keep up the great work and...ROCK ON!!!

  95. Thank you for the reassuring message, Josh!

  96. What a great message for us as individual Christian Scientists, but for our churches, and even movement! Thanks so much for this reminder, Josh,

  97. Thanks so much, Josh, for Genesis 1 vs. Genesis 2--and the winner is-- Genesis 1--no contest! #61: Doctorow was right on that time--thanks for sharing. Yes, #78, the poem is by Journal-listed practitioner Lona Ingwerson in Laguna Beach, California: "Which of these two men (generic) are you--Genesis 1 or Genesis 2?" She concluded a talk I heard many years ago with this poem, and I've never forgotten it. Also, #19: the "potato patch" quote was a favorite of my CS Teacher, who always included it in our Annual Association address--love it!

  98. What a sowing of truth and a harvest of love!
    Thank you, Josh for a pure, profound message, and Daily Lifters for such a chorus of love.
    Mrs. Eddy's Christmas Hymn, stands out to me today. It says in part refering to the Christ, our true and only identity,

    "Thou gentle beam of living Love,
    And deathless Life!
    Truth infinite,- so far above
    All mortal strife,

    Or cruel creed, or earth-born taint:
    Fill us today
    With all thou art - be thou our saint,
    Our stay, alway."

    That is a system in harmony!!

  99. Thank you for blessing me today! This was exactly the healing thought I needed today!

  100. Let's remember to keep up out of the mist of Genesis 2 and stay with 1 where it is only, always, nothing but, harmony.

  101. I have now set my homepage to csmonitor.com. Thank you.

  102. Thank you for this! It's unfathomable how one can read Genesis 1 and Jesus' life in the New Testament and conclude otherwise. Thank you for undoing Genesis 2, etcetera, etcetera.

  103. For #10 Joel of Toronto: A former daily lifter recommended this article which deals with past history: "Justification" by Ira W. Packard in the Anthology of Classic Articles II p. 60. "We are told that Christ came to destroy the works of the devil, and in order to demonstrate the truth for ourselves and others, it is absolutely necessary that thought be relieved from this incubus, this belief in a material past, for so long as it remains, we are yielding assent to error's claim that we possess a life separate from God."

  104. Josh - just wonderful! Thanks so much for such inspiration.

    Joel #10 - Great story - love your steadfastness and your resolve. God will restore and bring to light what we need to know and we can feel so enveloped in his love.

    Mike#26- Never alone, Mike! Your wife is first and foremost the perfect, and complete reflection of God. No burden to difficult - regardless of the claim. Loving thoughts - no waiting - angel messages to you and yours!

  105. Wonderful lift! Thank you for it!

  106. 'All harmonious" , a line from the spiritual interpretation of the Lord/s prayer that MBE gives in Science and Health, may be my favorite statement in S&H. All, all the time, in all ways, the law governing our experience infallibly---

    This is a beautiful Lift and the community of Lifters is dear to me.

  107. I really like this idea of thinking of Genesis 1 and 2 as different systems. Great for thinking about the environment and natural disasters too. Thanks very much.

  108. Oh Thank You! This was just what I needed to hear!

  109. I am very grateful for these daily 'healing angels' of Truth and Love. I feel that I belong in the picture of Genesis 1. As most people, I sometimes listened to the wrong messages of Genesis 2 but as soon as I rejected the distorted picture. because God did not create anything wrong, I was able to see myself and others as belonging in the harmony of the kingdom of heaven, and this harmony cannot be displaced by error. Thanks Josh!, and thanks to all the contributors that make these 'healing angels' possible.

    En español

    Estoy muy agradecido por estos diarios 'angeles sanadores' de Verdad y Amor. Siento que pertenezco en el cuadro de Genesis 1. Como la mayoría de las personas, a veces escuché el mensaje equivocado de Genesis 2 pero tan pronto como rechacé el cuadro distorsionado, porque Dios no creó nada equivocado, fui capaz de verme a mí mismo y a otros como perteneciendo en la armonía del reino del cielo, y esta armonía no puede ser desplazada por el error. ¡Gracias Josh!, y gracias a todos los contribuidores que hacen estos 'angeles sanadores' posibles.

  110. Thanks so much Josh. Here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, only one Mind, This is wonderfull, recive the message when we neeed, the light have to shine as the begining in the perfect harmony, it's so true and real, God is everything.

  111. Dear Mike (#26) , you and your family are so loved by God. The prayers being sent your way are endless and powerful. Don't ever listen to the "serpent talk" of Gen. 2. It is powerless. Love and blessings to all.

  112. Thanks, Josh.


  113. Thank you Josh for reminding me of my true hertiage!