8/12: A prayer for England

8/12: A prayer for England

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  1. I mentioned on Monday that an in-person Daily Lift video would be released at the end of this week. That video was postponed for today's important message.

  2. Dear Beth,
    Thank you for this prayer. Thank you for explaining the clear decisiveness that must be made to have a consciousness of Truth. I agree that London has to be upheld with the Truth in consciousness. I have faith that God's harmony will be felt. No one can let God down.

  3. What wise words, Beth. Let's join in seeing God's man everywhere, today.

  4. Thank you so much for your inspiration Beth. Your "prayer for England" has been very helpful.
    Much love,
    Angie Wallace

  5. Where man is, God is! I was assured of this as I turned immediately to God when a call came in several hours ago to pray for a "shooting situation" near a young peoples skate/bike park where my grandson and his friends were riding. I knew there wasn't a separate mind of a perpetrator and a separate mind of victim.
    One Mind and that Mind was the only presence and power. That each shared the safety of Truth. I felt such a gentle presence for all. About an hour later the message came that all were home and safe. Again, I am humbly grateful for Christian Science and for being taught at a very early age to remain "instant in season"!

  6. THANK YOU BETH!!! I was so heartened to hear on the news, almost immediately after the violence was over, how many people from the affected communities joined together to clean up their streets and support those who'd suffered loss. Such a sense there of divine Love in action. I know so many people, in England and worldwide, must have been praying - my church's Wednesday night testimony meeting featured readings that gave some wonderful ideas for how to pray, including the commands to love one's enemies and never return evil for evil. And already, the effects are being seen and felt. Thanks for this wonderful re-Mind-er of what truly governs us all.

  7. Dear Beth
    Thank you very much for these clear specific truths. They are very helpful.
    J G, England

  8. Thank you Beth. Yes, our prayers can make a difference. We can know that each of God's children is made in the image of Love and is therefore loving, lovable, and loved.

    Jesus gave us the example of a young man who apparently "went off the rails" in the parable of the "prodigal" son. I like that this man "came to himself"; he felt remorse, turned his life around, and came home to apologise when he realized he didn't like the way he had been living his life.

    While not for one moment condoning the wrong-doing which has occurred in England (or anywhere else), we can pray to see that the true selfhood of each of God's children includes righteousness, usefulness, purposefulness, and peacefulness.

    This was proven in our own family when a sullen and angry teenager sloughed off his sullenness to become a shining example of responsibility, accomplishment and useful endeavour.

    I like the hymn that says "None shall beyond His omnipresence stray". No one is outside the great circle of God's love.

  9. Thank you, Beth, for this important reminder. Sometimes mortal mind seems to shout loudly and vehemently: Look at me! But God says: Look unto me and be ye saved (Is 45: 22). This is always where the truth of any situation lies. Always the solution is in knowing more about God and man's relationship to him - this is the only truth. The problem is not 'out there' or out of control. When we understand that problems are only solved in thought then instantly all problems are manageable, for nothing is outside of infinite Mind. Thank you for reminding me to stand up for man (in God's image) and claim steadfastly: There is no evil in God's man, and God's man is the only man; anything else is misinformation which cannot change the truth of being.

  10. Thanks for the reminder!!! Tare will be tare and wheat will be wheat. Tare are sown by the enemy (the liar and father of all lies) whereas wheat are sown by the son of man (Christ). Wheat are to be harvested and stored but tare are to be burn.

  11. Thank you for these very inspiring true msgs very much needed in our hearts today.

  12. Many thanks Beth for that inspiring lift. Yes ' Truth [divine Love] not evil or error reigns in all situations and consciousness." "Thou art Truth's honest child,/ Of pure and sinless heart;/ Thou treadest undefiled/ In Christly paths apart." (Christian Science Hymnal #382)

  13. Thank you Beth, for a wonderful message. There is only the one Mind to hold "crime in check" and Principle maintains law and order as we see man as the inseparable idea of divine Love. This truth is true for everyone, everywhere, even if the false material senses try to say otherwise. It is so good to know that all the prayers going out into our world cannot " return void" but must fulfill their purpose.

  14. Thank you Beth for sharing your inspiration on how we can view the events in England. While we are praying about this in England, it is great to feel the prayerful support from around the world and know that we are all included in God's love.

  15. Thank you Beth for that helpful reminder.

  16. Thank you very much Beth

    Jérôme Ndjock


  17. Thank you Beth for this wonderful reminder of the truth about All mankind's origin. Thank you also to all the commenters. As many have noted, Love can be seen in the midst of the situation already. Our readings on Wed night gave valuable ideas for prayer too. Inc the loaves and fishes, there is abundance for all at all times. I am so grateful for my wonderful and loving friends here in the global CS community. Beannachd, Shelagh

  18. Thank you, Beth, from a peaceful village - not far from a northern city in which elements rioted. Unusually (too) for the UK, a major news headline on the BBC website called for us to think about The Good Samaritan. May I post it here? The young Malaysian student is recovering well, feels sorry for his attackers and plans to stay on in England, which he loves. For the original article, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-14487982

  19. Thankyou Beth for these encouraging and powerful ideas to help us in our prayers. Often fear and anger, shock and disgust are the first reactions to such situations and this was shown in the first news reports we had here in the U.K.
    This really alerted me to the requirement to - cast all evil (wrong thinking) out of my own thought first. As my thoughts have been pure - recognising my true nature as a child of God, governed by loving, kind and honest spiritual messages - I have been able to see my fellow man in this light too.

    Reversing the thinking that would define man as material, animalistic, cruel, lawless etc and claiming the spiritual nature, the Christ man that Jesus exemplified. This reminded me of his experience of passing through the angry mob safely( Luke 4 :28-30) and calming the man bound in chains (Luke 8: 27 & 35) (different chains maybe), but he left him clothed and in is right mind (covered with love and reflecting love). Our prayers can bring such peace to all involved, those whose thoughts and actions are wronging themselves and others, and those who need resolution and safety from the effects of these wrong actions.

    As we are seeking a higher sense of Church - in its role to help and heal mankind, Mrs Eddy's definition in Science and Health with key to the Sciptures (page 583) is a clear directive for our prayer for the world today.
    Gratitutude to you all for your prayers.

  20. Thanks so much for these healing thoughts - it's so good to know we are surrounded by the love and prayers of all our brothres and sisters around the globe.

  21. Thank you very much.

  22. Coincidentally, I hope that #10, Kum Fuat in Malaysia, will see the follow-up from the article just posted at #18. There is now a fund set up here to make our amends to the Malaysian student.

  23. Dear Beth,
    Many thanks for your exact metaphysics.
    Holding crime in check - knowing there is just one Mind in operation, governing guiding and guarding each one to love and mutually respect each other.
    Lifts thought from self-justifying willfulness into their natural desire for right thinking and right action.

  24. Psalms 91:8 says: “Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked”. Our spiritual consciousness has no recognition of destruction.
    Mrs Eddy writes in Science & Health (p.324) in a paragraph entitled ‘Narrow pathway’ (as opposed to streets!) “Be watchful, sober, and vigilant.”
    I have been praying to understand more about practicing being a citizen of the “New Jerusalem” (S & H, Glossary p: 592). To demonstrate this definition in our lives, to see evidence of compassion, right living and law in our spiritual understanding of city so clearly that all our human cities reflect and conform to the higher law of Love. Abundantly.
    Britain maintains the right to be a gun free society and this is a profound statement of peace we can treasure, defend and protect.
    Thank you, thank you BOL and team, and to Beth for answering the call right now with this Lift.

  25. Beth, thank you so much for these inspiring declarations of God's oneness with the universe including man, and man's pure and upright inviolability. My prayers for Pakistan have held to "Christian Science despoils the kingdom of evil, and pre-eminently promotes affection and virtue in families, and therefore in the community." (S & H 102: 31) Our own family seemed to go through a period of senseless turbulence and disruption some years ago now, but steadfastly holding to the truth of God and his inseparable, unbreakable relationship with man, changed that time to one of peacefulness and usefulness. Thank you, too, to those who have responded quickly and lovingly. "Peace, be still!" will still the waves of discontent, to reveal "the Peacefull Sea of Harmony." (S&H 576: 1)
    Thank you Nathan for leading the pray-ers to where they are most needed; to the BoL, the lecturers and our ever-increasing family of Lifters.

  26. "Everlasting arms of Love, are beneath, around, above!!!!!" [Hymn 53] And "Divine Principle, Love, underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being." [Science and Health 496:15]

  27. Thank you so much Beth. It is wonderful to think that even as far away as Australia people are caring for us. To know that God is governing and where He is in charge discord and disarray are not and harmony and peace are restored. Thank you for reminding us and returning the joy to our day! Love Pippa

  28. Thank you Beth for those lovely spiritual truths. It is so easy at a time like this when a situation occurs which seems so totally alien to 'good old England'
    to want to retaliate in a 'heavy handed' way. But, we are all God's children innocent and pure, whatever mortal sense is insisting. We pray that sensible ideas can be put in place to help make sure all citizens feel valuable and have hope in their lives and never feel driven to repeat this type of behaviour again.

  29. Thank you.

  30. Thanks Beth for that very timely reminder of our task
    Lots of love from all at wynnum

  31. Thanks, Beth.
    I'm sure the prayers are bringing calm. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16).
    You might like to see the "Thought for the Week" at http://www.scarboroughchristianscience.org.uk/2011/08/11/getting-above-lifes-troubled-sea/

  32. Thank you Beth. And for the firm, gentle spirit coming with your lift today. So true, "you can't have it both ways." Our Wednesday mtg too this week was truly inspired as we all felt the call to gather and take a spiritual stand. The door was open and not one siren was heard in that hour.

  33. A beautiful and useful prayer! It struck me more than ever why, instead of expecting God to do this or that to remedy situations, our prayer needs to focus on what we can do to see the Truth that sets victims and perpetrators free. I see more clearly than ever, how we receive, and reflect the power of God, our Father. Our corrective thoughts, are God in action to us, and reflected by us, so situations are corrected. The 1st one on record to break the 10 Commandments was Moses. He not only broke the stone tablets on which they were written by God, he broke them by knowing there was no other god before him, but seeing and letting worship of an idol mesmerize him into believing there was man under control of another god, false though it be. He was bearing false witness. God had said we SHALL NOT make graven images or bow down to them, and Moses was believing that we could and that some did. He believed God's law could be, and was broken by the people. With the recent news in England, and elsewhere, we must not, in belief, break any part of the Commandments. They are not 10 options, but unbreakable law. God is telling us what we shall be like, and we must only know what shall be, not what would seem as “could be”. Thank you, Beth for being so alert, standing porter at the door to your thought, and handing us the key to lock ours, to remind us to stand at our doors with you. With God, we can hold crime in check, as Mrs. Eddy said. (S&H pg. 97). Thanks #5 di-vanc, & #8 Julie.

  34. Thank you, so helpful Beth--what wonderful truths for us to hold on to and pray with.

  35. Thank you for this timely reminder.

  36. Thanks Beth for that wonderful, enlightening treatment for England. What came to me was from the Lord's Prayer p. 16 in S&H "Thy will be done. Enable us to know, as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme."

  37. Thanks for focusing on this important issue. This lift is helpful to me on many levels.

  38. Thank you, Beth, for that Christly view of the underlying reality that is law both in the streets, and the hearts, of London.

    Let's also lift up in prayer the continual influence of God that has a greater presence and is speaking more directly than the whisperings of discontent and organized mayhem in the social media used by today's youth.

    In Jeremiah, chapter 21, The Bible speaks to us all of God's tender ministries and renewed commitment to all of His children: "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people... they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more."

    Life is certainly more worthwhile and valuable than "getting free stuff" and trying to overpower police through group or crowd action.

    Let's affirm the ever-present sense of God's grace - that goodness is innate and a powerful force for guidance in daily life. The Greek Dictionary in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible defines grace as "The divine influence upon the heart, and it's expression in the life; including gratitude." So our grateful prayers can reflect a recognition that the heart of every idea of God is influenced only by God, and that this divine presence finds daily expression.

  39. "London calling" - thanks for that reminder:

    London is calling for our prayers!

  40. Wonderful , thank you.

  41. Es interesante poder saber en un mundo tan convulcionado los pasos a seguir en cuanto como orar por el mundo y estos mensajes diarios nos ayudan a xomprender como hacerlo.
    En C y S, cap. La Oración, La Sra. Eddy nos dice como hacerlo: "La oración que reforma y sana al enfermo es una fe absoluta en que todas las cosas son posibles para Dios", y continua diciéndonos un Amor desintersado, y agrego, pero sí profundamente interesado en el Bien hacer universal, y eso lo logramos pidiendo para nosotros mismos como pidió salomón: "Dame ahora sabiduría y ciencia, para presentarme delante de este pueblo; porque ¿Quién podrá gobernar a este tu pueblo tan grande" Seg, de Crónicas. Y nosotros podemos agregar danos paciencia, bondad, generosidad, tolerancia, benignidad, y sobre todo Amor, para que oremos para que la pretendida materia no sea un canal para todo error entre ellos el peor de todos el pecado, porque en su ignorancia, enferma a la humanidad con la creencia de que la violencia puede ser un buen camino para lograr justicia.
    Gocémosno pues Nosotros en Dios porque podemos cerrar el canal material y ser el canal abierto para que todas las bondades divinas sean manifestados en toda la tierra... Orando para ello.
    Es tan grato cada mañana comenzar con el Daily Lift que a veces las palabras no alcanzan para trasmitir el sentir que estos mensajes nos inspiran.
    Muchas, muchas gracias, Thank very much, you Beth

  42. Thank you, Beth for this timely message. The necessity to not be overcome of evil but to overcome evil with good is very apparent, and I am so grateful for this Science that empowers us to do so. Embracing peace today.

  43. Thank you Beth,
    You alerted me to the fact that I have, not only the responsibility, but the power of Divine Principle and Love, to mentally hold crime in check wherever it seems to appear. We cannot find solace in believing error is “Over There”, “Down Under” or someplace else, so it doesn’t concern me.

    Alertness to duty includes whatever is presented to our thinking and error can only appear in our mortal thought once we let it enter. It is not present or real in some far off corner of the planet, but unreal here. Not realizing that is naïve, like being on the Titanic and saying, “Ha, ha, ha. Your side of the boat is sinking”.

    One side always follows the other. We must knowingly declare we are all on the same side, with God, as He is on our side, and who can be against us? (Romans 8: 31)

    Thank you for pointing out our ability and responsibility to heal and bless others, worldwide. Our God-given potential to bless and heal is universal and reaches out to the heavens from whence it came.


  44. Thank you SO much -- this is a wonderful compliment for the praying I have been doing in support of a resolution to the challenges in the UK. So very clear -- kossonom!


  46. Many thanks Beth. Our task as Christian Scientist praying for mankind is extremely important, individual and collectively. The Daily Prayer in the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy categorically states on page 41 the duty of every member. Also, on page 571 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, our Leader says: “ At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil.”
    Our prayers certainly reach divine Love and bring down blessings that destroy evil completely.

    En español

    Muchas gracias Beth. Nuestra tarea como Científicos Cristianos orando por la humanidad es sumamente importante, individual y colectivamente. La oración Diaria en el Manual de la Iglesia por Mary Baker Eddy afirma categoricamente en la página 41 el deber de cada miembro. También, en la página 571 de Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escrituras, nuestra Guía dice: “En todo momento, y bajo toda circunstancia, vence con el bien el mal. Conócete a ti mismo, y Dios proveerá la sabiduría y la ocasión para una victoria sobre el mal.”
    Nuestras oraciones alcanzan al Amor divino y traen bendiciones que destruyen al mal rotundamente.

  47. Thank you, Beth for those comforting thoughts and a wonderful direction for us to pray today.

  48. Thank Beth for these tender, warm, inspiring words. Yes, "...man is the self expression of perfect Love."

  49. Thank you, Beth, and all of the comments from around the world for the good and positive thoughts we should hold to in viewing the situation in England. As quoted previously, but more completely, from Isaiah 45:22, "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else." I have been especially concentrating on "all the ends of the earth" for all of the disturbing news worldwide being televised so vividly. We must hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and true and not be mesmerized by the temporary false appearance of evil, violence, or lack in any form.

  50. Joining this world-wide community of Lifters, I'm also praying The Lord's Prayer in Spanish, particularly focusing on the words for:

    "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"
    "Y no nos metas en tentacion, mas libranos del mal"

    We are greatly liberated from evil ~ of course! Evil has no power; God, good, is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omni-action.

    Thanks to this inspiring, inspired community for taking the stand for justice and the truth of Truth as we each stand porter.
    Blessings and love,

  51. So much gratitude for this sturdy lift to a clearer, higher view...

  52. Thank you very much Beth for this reminding of God being Love,and our

  53. Thank you so much. Christian Scientists DO have an important duty!

  54. Thank you, Beth! Just a perfectly balanced Christian Science Treatment to give us all the fortitude with which to answer the call from England! Principle and Love go together. The Law is Love. The Law of Love is ever in operation everywhere. No lawlessness, only the Law of Love! So Grateful to be a part of this Group of Lifters who everyday pour out their prayers to the world and to each other! Also, so grateful to be a member of the body of Christian Scientists, and ALL those Praying, who are knowing the Truth every day for our world! Much Love and a Victorious Weekend to All!

  55. Thank you for this needed message. May we also please pray for all those who hold vast amounts of wealth in their hands and control financially the lives of many others? May we pray that they live like they're made in the image of God and stop treating other human beings like means to their end of accumulation of wealth and power?

  56. We all must "Stand Porter" at the door of our thoghts as Mrs. Eddy tells us. We can not allow the evil thoughts/'illusions distract us. We know the Truth and the Truth will set us all free,

  57. Greed does disappear in the sunlight of Truth and it is our job to know this and not succumb to any negative reaction. Thank you Beth for attacking this today!

  58. Wow! Thank you Beth, for such a powerful lift today...and for reminding us that we as students of Christian Science can daily do our part through prayer in "helping to keep crime in check" for the current situaltion in England, and also concerning other "hot spots of seeming disturbances" that pop up often around the globe. Also, thank you to Peter, #37, and to J.S. in KY, #32 for your deeply inspiring thoughts. I have never taken notes from the Daily Lift before....but I sure did this morning. :)

  59. Thank you, Beth, for the beautiful treatment of your message. It, as such, is poised to meet the specific need of anyone reaching out for the Truth. And does go out to all, regardless, at this very moment. I am so grateful.

  60. Wonderful!


  61. There's so much power in this healing thought. Thank you, Beth.

  62. All kids want Love and deep down they know they loose it, when they are egotistic and selfish. It is natural to want to have a sense of worth, and they feel it when they are kind. Every child wants to want to improve and society is learning the same lesson. "God is working His purpose out." I just pray "May Thy word [of Truth] enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them."
    Thanks Beth [and Daily Lifters] for continuing to make a stand for Truth.
    Remember the poem?
    "They called me a rebel,
    A thing to flout;
    Drew a circle, that cut me out!
    But Love and I had a wit to win,
    We drew a bigger circle
    That drew them in"

    These rebellious kids are being drawn into the vast circle of Love [with all its opportunities for kindness and joy, see hymn 219 3rd verse] as we pray for them!

    <strong>Daily Lift Team</strong> found this poem on the Web. Its author is Edward Markam.

    He drew a circle that shut me out,
    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
    But Love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

  63. Thank you, Beth for the inspiring message-- God is everywhere, we only need to keep our thoughts pure and know that we (the world) are ALL God's children.

  64. Wow! This lift is for the whole world! It addresses the belief of error everywhere! Thank you Beth, for this very purifying thought about current world events, everywhere! :)

  65. Thank you Beth for your inspiring words.They fulfill a need and are a great help in keeping thought lifted up.
    I am grateful too for all the comments bringing thoughts of unity. We are all God's children and one family.

  66. Thank you Beth, that was so helpful, I listened to it 3 times!

  67. Oh, thank you, thank you, Beth and everyone. What gentle balm these prayers are.

    I was fortified yesterday when I realized how many answers are in this week's Bible Lesson on Soul. I was praying to see myself and others as so complete, whole, and satisfied that we "have no need of spoil" (Proverbs 31:11). So FULFILLED that marauding, invasion of property, hostile takeovers, or coveting another's situation could not lure us in any way...even in idle thought.

    The full passage is about being a good wife, but isn't God the perfect friend and spouse to everyone (see Isaiah 54)? Care and fulfillment are established as permanent facts for all of us, in the supply of daily ideas, spirtual qualities, and Christly activities. There's no real satisfaction in the exertion of human power: manipulation, tilting playing fields, invasion, flexing of muscle, or acquisition of material goods.

    The other part of my prayer had to do with our right to self-government. God is One, the only Mind there is, , but Mind (Soul) is infinite and rich, so everyone has the ability express good in unique, indiviidual ways...God's beloved sheep and lambs are never subject to "groupthink" even though we do listen for right involvement in groups for true purposes. Each dear member of world family can hear his or her own angels,,,not follow the presentations of the media, including social media. Self-government is the birthright of the rising generation, as is fulfillment and hope.

  68. Thank you Beth

  69. Thank you Beth for the helpful and inspiring lift. Also, thanks to all the commenters. In praying for others we also are blessed.

  70. That is quite a responsibility - to "hold crime in check". Thank you Beth for explaining so clearly how this can be done through the application of Christian Science. I think this lift will multiply the number of "crime stoppers".

  71. Years ago an experienced Christian Scientist shared this poem written by "that wonder poet of the ages, 'Anonymous'" as a guiding star for the sincere worker.

    The Gospel according To You

    If none but you in the world to-day
    Had tried to live in the Christ-like way
    Could the rest of the world look close at you
    And find the path that is straight and true?

    If none but you in the world so wide
    Had found the Christ for his daily guide
    Would the things you do and the things you say
    Lead others to live in His blessed way?

    Ah! Friends of the Christ, in the world to-day
    Are many who watch you upon your way
    And look to things you say and do
    To measure the Christian standard true.

    Men read and admire the Gospel of Christ
    With its love unfailing and true
    But what do they say and what do they think
    Of the Gospel according to you?

    You are writing each day a letter to men
    Take care that the writing is true
    'Tis the only Gospel that some men will read
    That Gospel According To You.

    I keep this poem posted where I can read it daily and try to see all I come in contact with as God's children. It is a constant opportunity.

    Thank you so much for this lift.

  72. Oh thank you Beth for this thoughtful "Lift". "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve." The Bible, Joshua 24:15 Choose ye this moment which image you will accept as real.

  73. Where man is God is! That might sound strange to he who just perused the Scriptures, but to those of us who daily study the Christian Science Bible Lesson, it is a fact. Genesis 1:26, 27 tells us that God made man (mankind, man and woman) to His own image and likeness. Christian Science teaches us that because God is Spirit, good, we must be spiritual, and being spiritual there's no allowance for anything unlike God. We are God's children and nothing can change that, not raze, not education not anything unlike good, period!!!
    (I apologize, I am not familiar with the system I am using today and am not able to do my translations)

  74. Thank you 'Justice and Peace' (54) - it's not only about keeping crime in check, but also about supporting those who appear disadvantaged, at a loss, out of work. And those who appear blind to a group they exclude from the circle (Edward Markham poem above). We are the expression of perfect Love, Love is the only cause, Love the only source

  75. .Thank you Beth for guiding our thoughts in the wright direction. Much love to all.

  76. Thank you ever so much, Beth. And isn't this Daily Lift aren;t these wonderful thoughts to hold (and work on) in support of our Chaplains who serve so diligently in the jails.

  77. Great thought in this daily lift -- 'not to be overwhelmed' by the magnitude of the pictures broadcast from England. That really kick-starts prayer and exposes the lie and its supposed reason and cause.

  78. beautiful lift thank you Beth and Ruth (61) for that lovely poem

  79. Thank you to #54 and #73 for acknowledging that the inordinate greed of many folks who generally may be considered "law abiding" also needs to be prayed about. It's easy to focus on the the anarchy in the streets, but let's not forget that error can take many forms. The corruption in our human governments is of such magnitude at this moment in history, that the deeds of the looters (which I'm not condoning) is like child's play in comparison.
    Let's pray to see the lies of error trying to fool us WHEREVER they may be and however they may appear, whether a person is wearing an expensive suit and holds an "official" position in government or is a youth wearing all black and feeling disenfranchised. Let's not get fooled by superficial appearances of good and evil and really pray that ALL BEINGS may feel the love of God enfolding them, nourishing them and transforming "scarcity consciousness" to an understanding of the INFINITE ABUNDANCE of GOD'S LOVE supplying all needs!

  80. Thank you Beth for this daily lify. It was truly wonderful!

  81. Thank you, #78, Lici for bringing up a very important point of Christian Science that Mrs. Eddy was very adament about: It's not about "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" - it's about being alert enough to SEE the error or evil and THEN to prove it's nothingness. We, as Christian Scientists, really need to be alert to Handling Animal Magnetism!! Yes, let's keep our ears and eyes open and not be Mesmerised!

  82. Beautifully stated with the clarity of absolute Truth. A great help. Thank you.

  83. Citizens of the world, we have heard from a dozen countries. Reminds of how little leaven it takes to lift the whole loaf.

  84. For yesterday, so all will see them, thanks to #102 Carlos A. Gonzales for his poem written for us, and #103 Michael, how to adjust video. For today, another thanks Michael #42 , for other side of the Titanic comment. How true this also is in church closings, political party news, &amp; so much else. Thanks #70 Cathy B. for the awesome poem. Much like a hymn, by Annie Johnson Flint, music by Samuel Wesley, same tune as CS hymn #75) I've long loved, and sing, “Christ has no hands but our hands”. Together, they give much to work on and live for. Today's comments are so uplifting and profound, yet simple and true. Thanks to everyone for swelling Beth's prayer and wrapping the world in it. Thanks #61 Ruth for poem &amp; To Daily Lift Team for finding the author, Edward Markam.

  85. Thank you to all Lifters around the world for this outpouring of Love and Truth. We can be assured with 'scientific certainty' that it will bless both England and the whole world for every truth known and understood heals an error of belief.
    And the ideas presented today are true for all discord, whether is be the belief of a small infringement or a great injustice. However, it's important not to be too impressed, or mesmerised, by that problem, because the solution doesn't lie in the there. The solution lies in looking away from the problem to the Principle that governs all existence.
    Einstein said, 'No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.'
    When we turn to the tender, almighty laws of Truth and Love and apply them with diligence and a heart filled with love, having unwavering confidence that, 'with God all things are possible', then we will receive the divine blessing, 'Thy faith hath made thee whole' and the whole world will feel the benefit of our prayers and evil will be seen to be unreal and powerless. We will be of true use to mankind.

  86. Thank you, Beth, for reminding us that we CAN indeed help! Blessings.

  87. Thanks Beth. What a resounding response to your Lift from around the world!

    It was such a joy to see in the newspaper yesterday the "army" of cheerful citizens with their brooms etc prepared to clean up their London neighbourhood after the riots. I thought of Onward, Christian Soldiers. To me, the photo said: Goodness cannot be put down. Goodness and law always endure and prevail.

    The law of God is written in the hearts of every one of those young people who seem to be alienated and inclined to anarchy. Knowing this, and knowing that they can hear and respond to good thoughts even in the direst of circumstances, is the way forward. They are the loved of Love, citizens of God, and our prayers help melt the beliefs of hatred and ignorance that were never part of their true identity.

  88. thanks to all the thinkers in helping to address the subject well informed.
    Thanks to #55 Justice and Peace, thanks to #24, # 28 and #79.
    Maintaining law and order goes far beyond maintaining a false convenient peace for some where major misbehaviors needs to be addressed in thought in order to emerge into right civic individual and collective actions.
    For those who understand spanish, see interesting article in the Spain newspaper El Mundo http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2011/08/11/internacional/1313059750.html

    And thanks to Beth for lighting up the situation.
    We do need sensible ideas to emerge from this lift. And this should bless all europe and the whole world.

  89. Thank you very much Beth and all the lifters! Thank you #31 for sharing the link. I just listened to a wonderful lecture on your site. Much love, Karen

  90. Thank you Beth for this Daily Lift reminder of Divine Loves care and protection for all of his Children.

  91. Dear Beth. Thank you!
    This is so powerful to know how to pray and overcome the violence. Your further comment is also so helpful. Science and Health says that we have "enlisted to lessen evil..and hold crime in check." That is pro-active powerful work right where each of us stands -- in prayer, and in the presence of God.

    And thanks to the Lift family for the poems. They are keepers!

  92. Thank you Beth for your great Lift that reminds us of Gods wonderful protecting care for all his children.'
    with love Jane &amp; Natalie

  93. Thank you very much Beth, your Lift has brought much comfort worldwide!
    Thanks also to Beth #62 for sharing the Edward Markam poem !
    Loving wishes, Annie H.

  94. "We can indeed help"! Thank you for this calming message.

  95. 88. from France, thanks for the link. Sad to see that a system which began with the purpose of helping citizens make ends meet ends up being so abused just because is easy to do.

    I grew up hearing "the occasion makes the thief". In CS I learned that no man is a thief just like no man is an abuser but God's perfect image, maybe misguided by misreading the opportunities and/or not knowing his divine rights and its benefits. Every incident -in spite of the size- it's a glorious opportunity to get close to God by helping someone -help himself realizing that person's heritage.
    ESPAÑOL: # 88. desde Francia, gracias por el enlace. Es triste ver que un sistema que se inició con el propósito de ayudar a los ciudadanos a llegar al fin del mes termina siendo tan abusado sólo porque es fácil de hacer.
    Yo crecí escuchando "la ocasión hace al ladrón". En CC aprendí que ningún hombre es un ladrón como ningún hombre es un abusador, sino que es la imagen perfecta de Dios, tal vez sean confundidos por malinterpretar las oportunidades y/o por no conocer sus propios derechos divinos y los beneficios que trae consigo. Todos los incidentes sea cual fuere el tamaño, son una gloriosa oportunidad para acercarse a Dios —a ayudándose a sí mismo al reconocer su patrimonio.

  96. Thankyou for your CLARITY Beth not only was the lift full of an impersonal strength but you comment at 85 shows and teaches us where our prayers 'are barking up the wrong tree' so to speak.

  97. THANK YOU for giving new meaning and importance to
    OUR DAILY PRAYER '. . . . and may thy word enrich the AFFECTIONS of all mankind and govern them' manual 41.

    New meaning also to the thought from &quot;The Lord's Prayer&quot;

    . . . . give us this day our daily bread. And the spiritual interpretation that follows.


    Thanks to all the lifters who contribute especially for reminding me of

    my all-time favorite poem by English poet Edward Markham




  98. Dear dear Beth …what a blessing! what good clear metaphysics! Thank you for helping us all to rise to the occasion to pray for our world wide family embracing them all in the light of Truth which brings comfort and peace.

  99. Thank you!

  100. Thank you for redirecting our thought so we can pray effectively to heal these challenges.

  101. Thanks, Beth, for helping me recognize that my responsibility in the world's challenges is to know that where man is, God is too, and evil cannot enter there!

  102. That's an excellent lift Beth!
    Much appreciated and a big help in these difficult times up here.

  103. Re the circle poem quoted a few times above, it may be of interest that Edwin Markham was an American poet, not English. Thanks for the reminder.

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