9/20: A lock can be key

9/20: A lock can be key

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  1. In today's Lift Norm references a Bible verse from the book of Matthew (6:6).

    He also references a quote from <em>Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures</em> by Mary Baker Eddy, "The closet typifies the sanctuary of Spirit, the door of which shuts out sinful sense but lets in Truth, Life, and Love." This statement can be found on page 15, line 3.

  2. I was needing a lock myself, Norm, on Friday afternoon when I went to my daughter's home. There's a dog next door, who sometimes is very unfriendly, and on Friday - though I'd been speaking to her - and it's not as though I'm a stranger to her - she was showing more of her gums and fangs than was polite. When I turned around from the mailbox she was close, and. . . and I heard my voice say "You're God's perfect idea" and that whole situation was just gone! Changed - altered to the real thing. We were both instantly lifted up to the spiritual level where she realized who she really is, in possession of her divine nature, and I was lifted to joy and appreciation. Thank you for this great Lift, Norm. Good to have you back with us for a visit.

  3. What a wonderful message! This is treatment in and of itself! Thank you SO much!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful way to think about the prayer closet. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Norm for your good illustration showing that sometimes we cannot move ahead until we obtain a higher more spiritual thought or viewpoint.
    I recall being on a cruise ship in a lock on the Nile River in Egypt. It was a relatively quiet and slow process as the passengers and crew observed by lights in the dark. The change in elevation was barely perceptible. I was impressed with the quality of gentleness. I think that quality of gentleness accompanies our spiritual uplifting, too. A verse in a hymn expresses this idea,
    "How quickly burdens fall away,
    How hearts grow light, rejoice, are glad,
    When Love with touch of gentleness
    Uplifts the sinning and the sad."
    (From Hymn #243, Ella A. Stone, Christian Science Hymnal)

  6. I do like the idea of the lock - and the sailing - beautiful. Thank you!

  7. Very many thanks for this. Yesterday I felt I was struggling against the tide, and during my prayers the thought came "Be still, and know that I am God".
    The "I" stood out to me, and I endeavoured to stay with that thought and let it unfold. If God is the ONLY God or power and is all good, then anything unlike God or good is not a god or a power and can have no effect upon us.
    Staying with that one quote from the Bible was rather like letting the water into the lock that takes us up to another level of consciousness where all is well. I held to this during my wakeful moments in the night, and this morning I feel lifted up. How strong and powerful just one inspired thought from God is to help us in every need, and how grateful I am for Christian Science, and all who share in the Daily Lift.

  8. What great image! Thank you very much!

  9. Today I will be sailing.
    Thank you.

  10. Oh thank you dear Norm. The 'sanctuary of Spirit' calms our fears, dries our tears, and raises us to the height of revelation, the place of progress and Christianly scientific healing.

  11. Thank you very much for this uplift - what a blessing.

  12. Hi Norm, Thanks for a lovely Lif tOff at the beginning of the week. I say a Lift Off because the thoughts you expressed really took one to the next level ! Talking of lifting, I love the words of Hymn 371 " We lift our hearts in praise" I'll not quote the whole thing, but I am sure everyone will look it up! Love and greetings from Cape Town. Rose

  13. Dear Norm - WOW - how blessed we are to have this provision of the Daily Lift, &amp; for all those that lovingly prepare for it. What riches we have!!

    What struck me was the idea of expectancy &amp; gentleness that comes with the water filling up the locks, as the water can take time to fill up the lock, or drain away as needed, but is also a very powerful system.

    In Devizes, Wiltshire, there is a large series of 16 locks (http://www.waterscape.com/in-your-area/wiltshire/places-to-go/86/caen-hill-locks), which step by step take a boat up or down a particularly steep hill. This is part of a larger 29 locks, so is seen as quite a challenge to overcome by visiting boats.

    Although the hill would seem insurmountable at first, the engineers found ingenious solutions to each problem when building it.

    The most wonderful thing is, that although it can take the best part of a day to get through, especially during the popular summer months, each boat does get through triumphantly. Our family love to take this walk, helping the boats go through the locks, as it can be quite tiring work.

    I am learning that time is not the issue, nor the type of challenge that seems to be. I can lean on God, on "the sustaining infinite", &amp; He is giving me the ideas I need, &amp; that I can hear Him, gentle, timely, &amp; oh so loving and patient. I can be expectant of good, &amp; know that God's timing is perfect &amp; complete, right now, for all His children, wherever they are in the world

  14. There's an Erie Canal lock in the center of our town! We have been lifted up through it many times. Now I have a new vision to "uplift" my thought, with a lovely reminder every day I pass by that site. Thank you!!!!

  15. Enormously helpful "uplift" - thank you so much.

  16. Norm,
    As I pray this morning, I will be especially grateful for the thought you shared about the helpful locks (not Lox, which I love as well!), which remind us of God's help as we face challenges. Thank you!

  17. Here in Birmingham UK we are surrounded by canal locks since Birmingham is on a plateau, so the canals needed to be locked in and out, and we have a flight of locks right in the city centre. These canals were the motorways of the 18th Century and are now used for leisure activites - the great thing about a lock is not only the raising but the moving - so thanks Norm for the reminder that our thought not only can be raised but move forward.

  18. "A lock can be a key", what for a new thought to think about in different ways about levels, keys a.s.o. Thank you, Dorette

  19. Wonderful lift Thank you Norm

  20. Thank you so much! On this rather "trying" Monday morning for me, that is exactly what I needed - the image of the the lock. And how often this happens - that I find just what I need. So many thanks to all at Daily Lift.

  21. Wonderful analogy, Norm! God Bless You!

  22. The thing about a lock - in my opinion - is the fact that once in the lock and the gates close behind you, you have to be very quiet and patient while the water flows in to lift you to the higher level. And it does! Our expectancy is rewarded by greater understanding of God's ever presence
    and infinite power. What a marvelous lift! Thank you so much, Norm, for this very helpful lift. Lots of love, Lorrie

  23. Wonderful! Thank you.

  24. I am eager to share this wonderful insight with a friend. I too thank you for the spiritual uplift.

  25. Thank you for that wonderful Lift. The thought is absolutely grand , I have now a better understanding of 'the closet'. Thank you again.

  26. This thought was so helpful that I sent it to a friend who is struggling with a health problem that is quite aggressive in human thought these days. Thanks for this gift I could send her! It's very valuable -- as all these are. I listen so often and don't take the time to say "thank you" -- but I imagine there are many like me, so just know these Daily Lifts are having a great effect out there! Here's a big "THANK YOU" from those like me to all the Christian Science lecturers who prepare these wonderful lifts -- and to the staff that gets them out to us!

  27. Many thanks Norm for that inspiring 'lock' lift. Yes, we "must [all] raise our view of things to the spiritual reality and naturally advance [to the only reality]." Then, " We behold reality,/ Know the glory of Thy heaven;" (Christian Science Hymnal # 85).

  28. Good to hear your voice, old friend...oops not OLD are we, but um...long-lasting! Did you know my mom was born and raised in Panama? We visited the Canal years ago and experienced that calm and rising water. It's the calm we can rest in as we gather our thoughts and purify them. The analogy you offer is lovely and I thank you for it, Norm.

  29. Loved this image! What a perfect way to envision our little business that some days feels like a sinking ship ~ I can use this lock as the key to my prayers!! Thanks, Norm! Just what I needed this morning! Now on to the Bible Lesson, "Reality" ~ "the glory of the Lord shall appear unto you." Wow! I can feel the wind in our sails!!
    Thanks to all who bring us these lifts ~ Nate, loved the child-voice helping with the greeting! Nice to have that reminder ~ we are each children of God. And thanks to all who add their comments from all over the world.

  30. Lovin' that bouyant feeling from your thought! Many thanks.

  31. Thank you for this divine direction today.

  32. Just the imagry that I needed for today and having lived in the midwest along the Mississippi River these locks are a vivid reminder of the bouancy in changing levels. Thank you.

  33. dry-docks are also interesting for the same reasons.

  34. Thank you so much, Norm! What great insight!

  35. Thank You for the wonderful lift today. S&amp;H pg 323, 9.."we pause wait on God_
    Then we push onward...." So grateful for the Daily Lift and all the wonderful comments today.

  36. Thank you for helping us to fill, uplift and prepare our thought for the new work and school week.

  37. Thank you Norm, and Thank you Jo.G from the UK. Very helpful.

  38. What a helpful image, Norm, closing the door of thought to anything unlike God so that we may be lifted up ( and sail forward). Having been in such a lock myself, I can just hear that water rushing in, maybe like the "flood tides of love" Mrs. Eddy references. Perhaps it's mixing metaphors, but I needed to feel that love rushing in this morning, and your Lift did just that. Endless thanks.

  39. Thank you ! What a great thought to ponder this morning!!!! I appreciate these analagies and the inspiration that comes with them.
    Thanks again!

  40. To seal off thought from all that in the past, all that is distracting from Good . . . . . and allowing Good to flood our thoughts . . . . . that is the kind of day to have today!

    Thank you!

  41. Wow! Your Lock story was certainly MY key this morning! Awoke with oddly discouraging thoughts (what's THAT all about ?!?) and needed to get into that boat (or closet)! Last year I went through the same Lock you spoke of in Chicago. Felt so much power ... and then, there we found ourselves, lifted up to the great, open expanse of the waters of Lake Michigan. Your word-picture of the entire process was so perfect ... and the wonderful spiritual directions this morning really lifted me up. Now, it's like, "On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever"! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  42. What a striking analagy! I will remember this as I go through the locks of
    Life, every one bringing me closer to God! Thank you

  43. Perfect image to begin the day! Thank you.

  44. Just beautiful, Norm!

    After listening the first time to you message, here I go...............I'm recollecting vividy lovely holidays in my teen years, on the River Severn in SW England, on a tiny sailing boat, 5 people on board.

    First we were handed the key to open the lock experience. Once inside I even remember it feeling safe, quiet, the only sound perhaps of water movement; that water gently lifting us up, naturally and effortlessly But you did have to stay alert to keep the boat all times from bumping into those walls. Open the lock and out we sailed happily for the next adventure!

    Beautifully relevant to our study.

    Perfect way to start the week.

    My thanks again!

  45. Norm, your lift brought to mind something I was just reading in "Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer" on p. 227, where MBE says to Irving Tomlinson, "Suppose you had two vessels into which you were pouring water. While one filled rapidly, you observed that the other made no gain. On investigation you found that there was a leak, and as fast as you poured it in, it ran away. Your remedy would be to pour in a larger stream until the vessel was filled. So, in healing the sick if the case does not respond, pour in the Truth in larger stream until the patient feels the presence of life and life alone."

  46. Prayer: essential to spiritual well-being and progress.
    Thank you Norm!

  47. Thanks Norm for the vivid illustration. I appreciate all the work of the lecturers and staff.

  48. Hi, Norman - thanks for the ideas that you shared today. Talban and I are very very happy to have heard you. Congratulations!
    with love,
    Evelin and Talban

  49. Thanks Norm. This is very helpful as I continue to pray for Mexico and Bermuda in response to the storms that have impacted those countries. I will continue to lift my thought for them.

  50. I like the image of the lock and boat and relating it to spiritual growth. As that water level rises and with it so does everyone on the boat. So, as we raise our own spiritual understanding we are also uplifting everyone with us as well. What blesses one blesses all!

  51. Changing things into thoughts is what all you wonderfully dedicated individuals who prepare these lifts are doing for us out here. The creative concrete examples you start off with and then transcend them into a spiritual usable concept just give me good exhilarating mental spiritual "goosebumps". Keep them coming! Also love the added shared comments by all the readers. Heartfelt thanks to all.

  52. This is the kind of uplifting message that floats my boat! Thank you for this inspiring thought.

  53. Hi Norm – Thank you so much! Superb Lift with the image from the lock, takes the step of going into the closet to its natural outcome. Being elevated in the Spirit to get moving.'Rise up and walk'. Very useful imagery.

  54. Such a perfect, complete idea. Thank you so much for sharing this, I live near Chicago and can picture this quite clearly... what a fantastic illustration!

  55. Norm- great analogy, and very helpful. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!

  56. I frequently take tourists to the Ballard Locks in Seattle. I'll never look at them in the same way again, but will have this uplifting reminder.( And they are operating 24/7! ) Thank you.,

  57. What a wonderful, inspiring message -- assignment -- to go into our ' spiritual closets' and lift our thought up higher, to what is real, eternal and healing! Thank you so much, Norm. I will send this on to my son in Taiwan, where he has just, this past weekend, weathered a flooding typhoon...

  58. So helpful, and knowing that we can "do nothing of ourselves" to get higher, but that the Father lifts us right up! The boat would never struggle against the inevitable rising higher in the locks, and neither does man. We simply rise "higher and higher from a boundless basis because it is built into us to do so. LOVE this lift!

  59. Hi Norm- Yes, how important to be buoyed by uplifting thoughts, and illustrated by the locks in going up higher. I'll keep that with me today on my bike ride in the mountains. Thanks.

  60. Nice, Norm! What a great analogy. Thanks.

  61. Thank-you Norm for this useful idea! Very grateful!

  62. Thanks so much for the Daily Lift today. Your analogy of the locks in the canal with the power of the water (spiritual upliftment) being pumped in to lift our consciousness to a higher level is most helpful. Being a sailor myself with similar experience I appreciate the thought.

  63. Thanks Norm! That is a great analogy that I haven't heard before.

  64. Thank you Norm for the analogy. I, too am familiar with locks in Seattle, but what a wonderful way to think of them now! The Daily Lifts are wonderful ways to extend the hand of friendship. So often they are just what is needed to share. I love the message - to fill, uplift, prepare thought for higher levels of understanding. Thank you for this inspiration.

  65. Splendid, Norm. "Spasiba!" Simple and powerful Yes, the locks of the Mississippi, and in England, ancient, practical ... in the world's rivers, great and small. A perfect illustration of the steady, lifting of thought, supported, effected, by spiritual law. (Love the lox reference too!)

  66. What wonderful thoughts thank you

  67. Excellent- very clear thinking--- thanks norm.....

  68. Magnificient, creative, brilliant and 100% helpful. Upon reflection, it gave rise to the thought that what's in the lock rises effortlessly.

  69. Thank you, Norm for the wonderful imagery of the lock. As with other listeners, the concept that stood out to me was the quietness, gentleness, and power of the whole process - "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power" (from the poem "The Mother's Evening Prayer" by Mary Baker Eddy, also in the Christian Science Hymnal). It made me realize my need to express more joy, so that the lock's work is complete.
    Thank you, too, r.g. #33, for your thought on the dry docks. I often feel that I am in need of a good, vigorous mental cleaning - those barnacles of impatience, fear, doubt, and discouragement can accumulate so quickly! And the lock takes me there. Perhaps a good topic for another Daily Lift, if it hasn't been done already?
    Heartfelt thanks to Nate and crew, and to all who add their uplifting thoughts; and welcome to the two youthful copyright voices!

  70. Nice one, Norm!

  71. Absolutely spot on! Love the creativity and Soul-sense expressed. EBL would be smiling for sure! Thanks so much...

  72. Another thought - I have no experience with the kind of lock that you so beautifully described, so when I first read the title of today's Lift, I thought of a lock on a door. I wondered how a lock could also be a key. After listening, it occurred to me that, in order to benefit from my "closet time," I must keep the door closed to intruding thoughts. So, the "lock" on my closet door is "key" to my spiritual progress.

  73. I love "locks" ever since we took our daughter and her 3 boys for a week on a "long boat" trip up and down the Thames in the area near Oxford, England . It was a great adventure for us all. We'd never been on a long boat in a narrow river, let alone piloted it ourselves!
    I prayed before and during for our protection but the joy was that we were never in danger! The locks were the greatest fun! We went up in the first ones going west and then down in the ones going east. The best part was the safe place that the lock provided, no matter which way we were going. There were always those along the shore and in other boats to help us get going if our boat was cross ways in the Thames!
    Your dear analogy of the rising of the water to the rising of thought to God's provided level of rightness for the healing makes so much sense. We are never left at the wrong level of comprehension by Divine Mind! Maybe it is necessary to drop to a level of humility and meekness that we felt when we needed help from those around us in the water. It was always a joy to see the working out of human needs when we were receptive.

  74. Thank you for this truly lifting lift. I love the thought of being buoyed up by the uplifting waters of divine Love.

  75. In reviewing the above spiritual comments and healings from other listeners it was wonderful to see, from the countries represented, that this message is traveling around the world. We are all in this spiritual boat lifting consciousness of "all mankind". Thank you for this clear, gentle but powerful, visualization of prayer in action.
    Betty, CA

  76. Thank you Norm. This is so helpful.

  77. thank you norm for buoying up my spirit! the closet analogy is a potent image to hold on to.

    happy sailing to everyone! sincerely yours.

  78. Thanks, Norm. A really poignant analogy and beautifully, simply delivered.

  79. Thank you so much! This is so well stated! I appreciate your clearity of thought along with your visual!

  80. Another view of the locks analogy... Recently I paddled my kayak through a series of three locks decending around the Willamette Falls in Oregon. In that case we were not "ascending", but the locks provide "protection" from plumeting over a 40 foot high, half mile wide waterfall.

    So entering into the closet of spiritual thought can shield us from the turbulence of mortal thoughts and "lock" in the spiritual.

  81. Thank you, Norm, for using an engineering term to make us understand spiritual uplifting. It is unique and innovative presentation.

  82. How divine, Norm. Your thoughts remind me of another advantage of uplifting our consciousness that I've heard a friend describe with the saying - "A rising tide lifts ALL boats." What a glorious thing the ever-increasing understanding of Christian Science is - that when we are allowing God to uplift our thoughts - it benefits "all whom your thoughts rest upon (My 210)." It can't be resisted - that rising up lifts ALL! That's a very helpful way for me to look at the practice of helping others through Christian Science. Thank you!!

  83. Thanks so much, Norm. Having been through many locks, I can vividly relate to this analogy and think it is great. I will remember it and apply it. We all want to rise, advance, and sail on.

  84. Great Norm, thanks for uplift. I remember racing back and forth on the ship while being lifted in the locks in Panama and Oregon. Now I'll think of the quiet and strength and protection of those locks as we proceded. That analogy will continue to move me forward locking out error and filling me with God's protecting love. Blessings, Maralee (Sherman Oaks, CA)

  85. Hey! It's great to hear both your voices from here in India. Thanks so much for this great lift.

  86. Thank you for the perfect LIFT, Norm!
    Heard it early this morning on my cell phone.
    Actually I'm sure that EBL is smiling.
    Keep up the good work, dear Friend.

  87. Thanks Norm for this inspiring analogy. I loved your statement, "seal off everthing behind you', so very important and clearly the message found in your two examples: the Bible "shut the door" and in Science and Health "shut out sinful sense".

    How important it is not to let the past drag us down, or back into yesterday's mistakes. They are gone and over.

    As you so clearly noted, we are lifted up, to sail on! Thanks again.

    And thanks too, to the Daily Lift team. I so appreciate the addition of your amplification and location of the statements from the Bible and Science and Health used in the Daily Lift. I also am guilty of listening to these lifts and not expressing my immediate gratitude. They are so helpful in providing fresh ideas and insights for our daily study. Thanks to all!

  88. What a great way to be lifted ...thanks so much for the enlightment...needed this today and many thanks to all... It is so wonderful to know that what blesses one blesses all.

  89. Thanks for this Lift today, Norm. Thanks to all the comments as the idea of the lock as an example of the rising and protection of spiritual thought. I loved the idea that everyone is lifted up - just like the rising of the water in the lock. No one is left out. Excellent analogy!

    My sincere thanks for the Daily Lift team for their committment to this wonderful activity.

  90. Thank you so much Norm. Analogies that chime in with experience are so powerful. We have spent many happy hours in our old boat on the Avon, but I had never thought of a lock in that way before. Opening the paddles to let in the "flood-tides of Love" can make things a bit wild for a time, but as the flow settles down and we rise, quietly and effortlessley, we can see the power of Truth at work. Wonderful.

  91. At the risk of overusing the aquatic analogy, you've flooded this space with more helpful ideas than I ever thought possible. I echo Betty (#75) in realizing the widespread presence and appreciation of locks around the world. Thank you all for completing today's Lift.

  92. Norm, thank you. Just what I needed today. Exactly.

    And I'll never see our local locks here at Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l Park in quite the same way.
    "lift me to the LOCK that is higher than I" - !

    thanks again for the healing thought.

  93. Absolutely delightful, Norm! I've been through the Panama Canal and also a small lock in Seattle, WA. I have always found them just awe inspiring, but now that I contemplate your thought of "locks", it is even more awe inspiring!!! I shall endeavor to be lifted up more in my thinking!!!

  94. This is a great lift, thanks so much.

    Commenter #2 reminded me of a very similar experience I had last night. I was out walking my two small, friendly dogs with a friend, our usual Sunday night "talk and walk". We passed a house where the owner had had a noisy and aggressive large dog years ago. Over the years, I had prayed for freedom and love in that neighborhood, knowing it was safe for those who walked in the area, as it was under God's law. As we were passing the house last night, a powerful brown dog came walking toward us, without a person in sight. I knew that we (people and all dogs) were under God's control and firmly told the dog to go home. The dog turned around and stopped in the middle of the road. As it was getting dark, it didn't seem right for the dog to be in the road, so i then told him to go home again. The dog immediately trotted back to his house and we proceeded on our walk. The thought came to me that it was God speaking his angel thought and all was well. I was grateful for the protection, especially in front of my friend, who had been troubled by dogs from that house in the past. Love lifts us up.

  95. Hello and thank you for sharing. I recently discovered The Daily Lift and spent some time perusing many of them. These Lifts are are marvelous and heartfelt to stir our hearts to a change of base. In listening to your message and thinking about it, I came to see the idea of progress shining in it. The boat moving on its journey with a careful helmsman, obedient to the laws of the river and locks, pausing as necessary, then free to continue traveling. We are very free, very blessed and we progress peacefully in understanding our true nature as the children of God. Thank you. It is lovely.

  96. What a beautiful view! Thanks so much. I love the analogy. The trip through the locks in the Chicago River enroute to or from Lake Michigan I've saved for special visitors. Now I know I can find that comfort and inspiration every day. Thanks to all who lift and inspire with these angel messages.

  97. Such a perfect analogy... thank you for this inspiring message!

  98. Wonderful Norm,
    Felt &amp; absorbed your message totally.
    Thanks, Carol

  99. What a good example!

  100. Great uplift Norm.
    Thank you!

  101. Thank you very much, Norm.

  102. Thanks for the fresh views. Silencing the material senses, rising to the calm of a higher view, leaving behind the clutter of yesterday, and sailing forth freely.
    It was great to be reminded of locks I've been through, and not to leave out the Netherlands' locks.
    The water lifts us, we didn't have to swim, or push the boat.

  103. Hi Norm
    What a fabulous uplifting message--It is a continuous blessing
    Many thanks

  104. Good imagery! I've ridden one of those cruises from the Chicago River on to Lake Michigan. ... could really relate! Thank you.

  105. Thank you Norm for this wonderful inspiring lift! Having experienced a few locks I enjoyed the meaning in this analogy.

    Thanks too to all those who responded to this Lift and to all those who participte in creating and sharing each and every Daily Lift

  106. Hi Norm,
    I loved heard you! Thanks for your practical ideas!
    Last sunday I remembered you in our church at São Paulo: the jabuticaba's tree is completely with fruits!!! beautiful and very sweets.
    Sorry for my english...
    Maranatha and Loubert

  107. Oh, I am humbly grateful for this analogy of the locks that are there to lift us up, not only around the world, but to lift our thoughts from the material to the spiritual, up to the kingdom of God (heaven-harmony).
    Thank you EVER SO MUCH one and all.

  108. Thanks Norm - Am spending a few days in Chicago and just saw the locks today on a tour around the city. Your lift was perfect for me and just what I needed to hear.

  109. Norm,
    Great thoughts. It brought to mind Mrs. Eddys words from page 254 of S &amp; H "If you launch your bark upon the ever-agitated but healthful waters of truth, you will encounter storms....thou art the guest of God." I am going to study the pages leading up to this quote before turning in for the evening. Thank you very much.

  110. I remember reading about the making of the Panama Canal, a system of sealed enclosures that fill up with water to lift a ship from one level of water to another in the safest way.
    The same way we have but to close our eyes and know that no matter where we are if we "seal everything behind" us and only let in the Christ we too are going to be lifted higher and safer.

    Recuerdo haber leído como construyeron el Canal de Panamá, un sistema de esclusas completamente selladas que se llenan de agua para levantar un barco de un nivel de agua a otro de la manera más segura.
    De igual manera nosotros solo tenemos que cerrar los ojos y saber que no importa donde estemos, si "todo está sellado" y sólo dejamos entrar al Cristo, nosotros también vamos a ser elevados bien alto y seguros.

  111. Norm, that's the kind of description that makes me want to pray, that really lights the fire in me to do what I know is best right now. Thank you.

  112. Great thinking as always, Norm! This is truly a gem - thanks so much!

  113. What a useful concept! Thank you, Norm. This not only let's us work with these ideas to raise our understanding and healing efforts and advance on until we're sailing, but this analogy explains the process along the way. I didn't get to hear this until Tues. but will work to be more observant of what I do or think so I can realize progress is being made, even when I seem stuck in a spot and haven't yet broken forth. When I was a little girl, I got to go through a lock. Telling about what happens is very interesting, frankly during the process, it wasn't all that exciting. It wasn't something I'd want to have to endure on a regular basis, and yet, if one needs to sail in that direction, it is exactly what one must do, no matter how many times, or how often. We can be grateful we have a way to get our “ship” from one spiritual level of understanding to a higher one. Keeping thought on what's taking place, will make the wait much more welcome. The best part is, we're not dependent on a lock crew to get us through. Instead of waiting slowly while going through our prayer closet, we can fill up with Love, by loving others who need to rise to a higher level, and loving the opportunity to use locks for our work to heal &amp; grow. Comments seem extra special for this Lift. #1 through #111 (so far), thank you all!!! Welcome, #95 DCR.

  114. Norm - spot on, as always. Can't wait for your next Lift...

  115. Nat, is it possible to obtain the lift in text form? This was from Norm is really special and I would like to share it with a friend who does not have computer access. Can the text be printed ....? Love, Karen

    Your Daily Lift is not available in print. Did you know that Your Daily Lift is available by phone at 1-617-450-3430?

  116. Norm, Your insight is very profound and deep. My thoughts this morning were about the lifting of my consciousness and the place where was praying. You are so inspired. You are a great example of the message too.

  117. Outstanding! Images and lessons I will work with for quite a while. I am catching up with &amp; enjoying all the comments a day later. I especially appreciated #73 Sally and #80 Dave B sharing the benifits of "decending locks" as well. Thank you everyone.

  118. I hope God shows me a lock. I find the Daily Lift interesting as I didnt realize where all the locks were and that there were locks. Nor did I know about the Pulver bird the other week. Constant learning.

    I do rejoice that God had me in a lock Monday, according to this description. Because someone sent me a "nasty" note card, questioning my heart. But God had locked me in first with me opening another note, in the same mail delivery, which was from someone else, that had said I was kind, and loving. They were writing to appreciate me. I saw God had already protected me. And it was water off a duck's back...as it didnt touch me. Thank you Norm...for sharing Locks, there are others that are in locks and dont know it as they have never seen one. But God knows.

  119. Thanks, Norm. I've not heard that analogy before, but now I remember it always.

  120. When floating thru a series of locks in Sweden, I looked from the porthole
    to see some very dirty, scruffy boots as the water lifted our boat higher, my view was of a beautiful child with wide grin standing on the land with a bright yellow sunflower in his hand. What a sense of peace filled my thought.

  121. A very clear analogy. Thank you!

  122. Look forward to more of your Daily Lifts. This one is "just excellent." T H A N K S.

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