12/31: A happy New Year

12/31: A happy New Year

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  1. Happy New Year!!! "Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love." S&H 66:14..."progress is the law of God" S&H 233:6
    Thank you for the reminder, Ginny! In spite of this being one of the hardest years in my life, I know I have so much to look forward to in 2011. It's time to say good bye to all the negative and accept wholeheartedly that I learned a lot from each of these past lessons and I am ready to go forward and acknowledge my past blessings in disguise.
    Thank you DL team, you are one of the best things that happened to me, I'll be eternally grateful. Let us be prepared to receive all the blessings God bestow on His image and likeness!!
    Feliz Año Nuevo! "Cada fase sucesiva de experiencia descubre nuevas perspectivas de la bondad y del amor divinos " CyS 66:14 ... el progreso es la ley de Dios" CyS 233:6
    Gracias por el recordatorio, Ginny! A pesar de ser este uno de los años más duros de mi vida, sé que tengo mucho que esperar en el 2011. Es hora de decir adiós a todo lo negativo y aceptar de todo corazón que he aprendido mucho de cada una de estas lecciones del pasado y estoy dispuesta a seguir adelante y reconocer las bendiciones escondidas que he tenido.
    Gracias equipo de DL, ustedes son una de las mejores cosas que me a pasado, estoy eternamente agradecida. Estemos preparados para recibir las bendiciones que Dios otorga a Su imagen y semejanza!!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR Ginny!!!

  3. Happy New Year to everyone tuning in to the Daily Lift, and to everyone involved with producing this wonderful daily inspiration. New views are awaiting us all - thank-you Ginny

  4. Thank you Ginny and a happy New year to you and your loved ones, too.

  5. Thank you so much, so helpful. Romee.

  6. "New views of divine goodness"---what a great way to look ahead to the new year! Thanks for that inspiring thought, Ginny.

  7. A new view of your year -- an interesting perspective and worth seeking the revelation of God's spiritual reflection in everything and everyone.

  8. I have truly been blessed by so many DLs and love thinking of them as a beautiful kaleidoscope of love, encouragement, inspiration, joy, humor, renewal, etc! The messages do change our VIEW (thank you, Ginny!)
    I have shared DLs with many friends along the way, and wish to send my very best and much gratitude to one and all for the good work you are doing and for making a difference in so many lives.
    Three cheers now and in 2011!

  9. Hi, there! I am honored to be your first commenter today, Ginny! I love being greeted by such forward-looking enthusiasm! Blessings.

  10. And a happy New Year to you too, Ginny! And to all our Lifters wherever this podcast arrives in an Inbox! God, Himself, will provide the illuminations of the Christ, but you will need to bring your own shouts of praise and rejoicing! Your own leaping and dancing! Let's all come together with thanksgtiving and forgiveness and the expectation of a brighter tomorrow with fresh starts all round!
    Happy New Year Nate and the crew, the lecturers and the TMC Board of Lectureship!

  11. An old hymn which I used to love comes to mind:- "New every morning is the Love; Our waking and uprising prove". These words have more significance for me in them since I became a student of Christian Science. So I wish every one brand new thoughts, new ideas, a deeper understanding of Love, the ability to rise up from false beliefs and awake to prove all the newness of the coming year.

    May these wonderful daily lifts continue to feed us and renew us.

    Happy New Year Ginny, the daily lift team, and to all contributors and followers of the DL.

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Words of this old hymn are by John Ke­ble, from his po­em “Hues of the Rich Un­fold­ing Morn,” in The Christ­ian Year, 1827.

  12. Ideas from these wonderful lifts come to me often, healing, inspiring and zooming thought forward. It's been a truly amazing year, with God the center and circumference. Every one of us is the brilliant and useful expression of God, Love. And everything The Mother Church is doing to ensure that each person on earth knows this is simply phenomenal. You certainly have my prayers and support. Genuine thanks to all participants helping to awaken the world to a greater sense of individual and universal freedom.

  13. And a Happy New Year to you too, Ginny!! :)

  14. Love the inspiring idea of "new views"! Thank you Ginny, and a wonderful unfoldment of new views in the New Year to all Daily Lifters.

  15. While we are grateful for the reassuring fact that nothing is novel to God, we rejoice at the opportunity and promise we all have that 'new occasions teach new duties' [Christian Science Hymn 258].
    In Nigeria, and generally in Africa, the approach of the new year is an opportunity to pray or meditate quietly, either corporately as a church family, or individually. It is a time for thanks giving. So thank you dear Ginny, Nate, and everyone who identifies with this inspiring podcast.
    Thank God, and happy new year.

  16. I am so happy and grateful for these daily lifts I received during this last year.
    Lots of divine goodness to all the participants and lifters and a very happy

  17. Thanks, Ginny, for offering the focus on the "new" of New Years' rather than on the "year"! It's really helpful--and happy!

  18. Thank you so much for this! The preceding sentence in S&amp;H p. 66, reads.."Love propagates anew the higher joys of Spirit, which have no taint of earth. Each successive stage..." This has been a beautiful awakening to me in many ways, and I have passed worrying exams with the support of S&amp;H p. 233, " Every day makes its ..."
    How lovely these passages are to sustain our progress. The podcasts and the lectures on the internet mean so much to me, as does this wonderful joy filled Daily Lift today.I am daily reminded that I belong to a family that spans the world in consciousness and prayer. My husband often comments how wonderful it is that the Christian Science Church includes its whole community in regular contact with Teachers' and Lecturers' developing thoughts and ideas, and in regular response with the family of man.
    Happy New Year Daily Lifters!!!Many many thanks for all the inspiring responses and talks! I can't wait to hear the 'live' versions! It is more evidence of the expanding idea that time is limitless and we are all blessed in our communion of church.Thank you too for the glorious and joyful music....can we get the long versions too in 2011!?

  19. Thank you, Ginny. Your comments today remind me of this cheerful prospect from Mrs. Eddy: "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening, and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis."

    Thank you to everyone who is involved in providing these lifts daily. They are a blessing. Happy New Year!

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    Quote from <em>Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures</em>, page 258:line 13

  20. Thank you Ginny, Love Blessings and a happy New year to all for the love and guidance from all of these lifts and comments

  21. "From love and from the light and armony which are the abode of spirit,only reflections good can come". Science and heath p. 280
    I think, it is a beautifull thought about. ! Happy New Year! for all.

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    See <em>Science and Health</em> by Mary Baker Eddy page 280, line 4:
    "From Love and from the light and harmony
    which are the abode of Spirit, only reflections
    of good can come."

  22. Ginny, Thankyou, the idea of looking for new views of goodness.is very helpful

  23. I too add my gratitude to those responsible for the Daily Lift. They truly give us new views of the Truth daily. I am in what is called my "senior years." Someone once told me that the opposite of "old" is not "young". It is "new." God's goodness is always present. Sometimes we need to view things in a new manner to truly receive its full blessing. The quotation you gave us from Science and Health is perfect for the New Year. Thank you and Happy NEW Year!

  24. Thank you so much Ginny, for your joyful, hopeful and loving words!
    Happy New Year for you and the Daily Lift Team!
    It´s wonderful to know that next monday we´re gonna meet here again for another inspiring lift in spite of the sense that something has changed or gone away forever like the year of 2010 !

  25. Thank you Ginny for your lift on 'the newness of life'. Yes, we are seeking "new views!", for a Happy New Year! "From heart to heart the bright hope glows,/ The seekers of the Light are one:" (Christian Science Hymnal #218).

  26. New uncontaminated views are such a perfect way to see the unlimited New Year, New day. Freshness, lightness, openness, and clarity are here at all times, and what a great event to remind ourselves of this and resolve ourselves to this fact .
    Happy New year!

  27. Thank you, Happy New Year. New beginnings, new ideas, new experiences. Put away the unhappiness and know that God is giving us Love, joy and new ideas.

  28. Thank you Ginny!!!! Exactly what I needed for inspiration this beautiful morning...and looking foward with anticipation to "each successive stage of experience..." and P.S. I so love sharing the Daily Lift with my 12 yr. old son!

  29. Happy New Year one and all! It's great to be starting out with new, higher views and another year of Daily Lifts.

  30. Happy New Year to all - thank you Ginny - concentrating on the New. I love Nina's comment - the opposite of old is new - will be living with that thought all day - and beyond!

  31. The lovely lift and other comments remind me of Mrs. Eddy's poem written on New Year's Day 1910. I especially like the first verse. The poem is published in collections of her poetry and in the collection of her writings called The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany on page 354.

    O blessings infinite!
    O glad New Year!
    Sweet sign and substance
    Of God's presence here.

    Give us not only angels' songs,
    But Science vast, to which belongs
    The tongue of angels
    And the song of songs.

  32. Thank you, Ginny!

    I sometimes enjoy using Wiktionary or other online sources to fire up some ideas. There are several great definitions for the word "new", but this one got me started.

    5. In original condition; pristine; not previously worn or used.
    Are you going to buy a new car or a second-hand one? :)

    Then I go to Concord and enjoy the references to "original"...because I was thinking that it was nice to consider original conditions and not conditions another year gone by or of starting again. Surprise. SEVERAL better discoveries. First, the true "original" is God and we are harmonious by reflection rather than development, restoration or "resolutions". Well, that is humbling! Second, Mrs Eddy refers to Jesus as an "original man" when speaking about his own words "I am the way" (S&amp;H 286:9) and then ...... A New Year's note to the Teachers Association in London in 1903 from Mary Baker Eddy.

    "Your "Thanksgiving Day," instituted in England on New Year's Day, was a step in advance."......."It rejoices me to know that you know that healing the sick, soothing sorrow, brightening this lower sphere with the ways and means of the higher and everlasting harmony, brings to light the perfect original man and universe. What nobler achievement, what greater glory can nerve your endeavor? Press on! My heart and hope are with you."

    Clearly a New Years greeting which extends to the Daily Lift "association" today. Happy New Year

  33. Thank you so much to all of the Daily Lift team. It has become a significant part of our household's daily beginning. We love you.

  34. Thank you Ginny..the lift was so positive and joyful. What a great attitude to take into the New Year.

  35. Let us let go of the old and put on the new, the new views of ideas of God.
    Thank you spiritual family for the loving, uplifting Daily Lifts this year. It's been an inspiring year of good thoughts. Waiting for the new version of the DL with its inspiring new ideas. May God continue to bless us all with new views and ideas of evertthing and everyone. Happy New Views!

  36. Thank you! How exciting to think of all the goodness and love ahead for everyone.

  37. Ginny, still progressing and demonstrating from your wonderful lecture here back in Oct. Thanks for this reminder of the good new views to come this year. It reminds me of a Sentinel article I read recently about growing new!

  38. A real blessing these lifts have been for me and for many this year. Thank you so much to all the lecturers and the crew at TMC and the community of lifters. (A new word has arisen!) Joy for the New Year.

  39. Thank you and a very Happy New Year with love and new views for everyone.

  40. And a happy New Year to you as well Ginny! I can't wait to see all of the new views surrounding each and every one of us in the year to come. Thank you Nate, the Daily Lift team and lecturers for all of the wonderful views shared this year! I look forward to brighter tomorrows!

  41. l'Eternel mon Dieu je te loue toujours, merci au couple tyler et à l'eglise scientiste de boma et toutes la delegation qui ont eteaient presente chez nous à l'orphelinat et surtout à Dl nous sommes ravis de joie pour les benedictions nouvelles de 2011 pour notre vie et à vous tous, merci que le royaume de Dieu ,est au- dedans de nous c'est à dire la verité et l'amourregnent dans l'homme réel, cequi montre quel'homme à l'image de Dieu n'est pas dechu, et qu'il est eternel.

  42. Thank you, Ginny, Nate, crew, Board of Lectureship, Daily Lifters, TMC, etc.! I share the same gratitude as many of the Lifters have stated today!

    Mary Baker Eddy says in S&amp;H, plage 45: "Glory be to God, and peace to the struggling hearts! Christ has rolled away the stone from the door of human hope and faith, and through the revelation and demonstration of life in God, hath elevated them to possible at-one-ment with the spiritual idea of man and his divine Principle, Love.” May the "spiritual idea," Christ, the Day-Star, and love of Love light up the heavens of this world and be strong and deep in the hearts of man in 2011!

  43. Happy New Year Ginny, The First Church of Christ Scientist, and all the daily lifters for unselfishly sharing the wonderful ideas this past year. What great progress to lift us all up. The Bible tells us a few times to sing unto the Lord a new song;" and follows in Psalms 98:1 "...for he hath done marvellous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory."

  44. Such a lovely message! Happy New Year to all!

  45. WOW ~ what a wonderful way to start each day, and now look forward to a New Year!! Thanks to each member of the D.L. Team and to all the responders ~ so many blessings!!! What a feast!!

  46. Thank you, Ginny, for that inspiring Daily Lift. And a Happy New Year to you! Let us know that the comforter is bringing to all the comfort and joy that is native to its creation. Thank you, Nate, and all who make the Daily Lift possible. We look forward to another wonderful year of inspiration and daily uplifts. All the love of Love, Lorrie

  47. Thank you, Ginny! Grateful for "new views". I've been getting a lot of them here on the Daily Lift. Sending everyone out there a blessed and happy New Year!

  48. Huge thanks for all the lifts this year and for the new ones to come.
    Your thoughts are ever a gift,dear Ginny.Thank you!

  49. Dear Ginny, Happy New Year to you too! It's so good to know that our new view doesn't need to be that "ocean view" we may have wanted, but can be wherever we find ourselves. It is a higher, uplifted view of our spiritual identity encompassed in God's goodness and love. Thank you so much for these Daily Lifts along the way. Happy New View to all!

  50. Thank you, Ginny! Happy New Year to you and to all the Daily Lifters and listeners! Glorious new VIEWS to all!!

    "We expect a bright tomorrow"! (Hymn 350, from the Christian Science Hymnal, verse 3

  51. HAPPY NEW YEAR GINNY! I liked your lift today,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to the daily lift team!!

  52. Again it's wonderful hearing all of your comments and inspiring thoughts. I know you all know that Genesis is in the Bible but thought I best say so. As a lecturer I look forward to what the new year will bring to light for the Daily Lifts. Sounds like next week is one of the new views we will be enjoying!
    Thank you lift team and listeners and fellow lecturers for all you have done to aid in making this world a brighter place. See you all next year! Much love, Ginny

  53. "new views of good news" I love it. And am especially grateful for the idea that came to me from another viewer: All our good thoughts are healing the world.

  54. Thank you Ginny. Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty and holiness(H&amp;S. 246). HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Looking forward to more lifts in the New Year.

  55. Thank you again! Looking for new views, climbing higher, opening our eyes....and also discovering how new views of others changes the color and action of our own lives. It was what I experienced just yesterday...hearing a friend describe being awakened with the thought of Harmony in the middle of the night and recogniizing that that Angel though also applied to me...My view of my friend expands to include wisdom and more spirtuality than I was aware of before...I am blessed and surrounded by fine people/God ideas. Thank you for your summary of my yesterday lesson ...Happness always, from Jay in Des Moines

  56. Thank you, Ginny! What a wonderful way to view each day!

  57. Thank you Ginny and to everyone involved with giving us these wonderful Daily Lifts. They are so helpful. Nothing but Good to all in the new year.

  58. Thankyou God for a healthy year!

  59. Thanks to everyone involved directly or indirectly with producing this site. It is invaluable to me as I use it every day along with the Bible Lesson. Happy New Year to all......

  60. Thanks for this great insight Ginny!
    Thanks to all you producers-and-comment-givers in the D.L. community

    Happy New Year to you,
    and to All God's family in the whole world,
    to find the fresh new ideas God is giving each moment.

  61. Like getting a new sweater and enjoying wearing it all the time, you wonder what you used to wear and how you did without it. Starting my day listening to the Daily Lift and enjoying it so much, I wonder how else I would start my day. It truly is a blessing to listen to, contemplate and read inspiring, spiritual ideas, and to feel part of a global family who loves and appreciates uplifting and spiritualizing thought. Thank you to every one involved in producing and contributing to the Daily Lift in whatever way you do, actively or quietly.
    Blessings one and all in our continuing newness and freshness of thought.

  62. Happy New Year to you too, Ginny! Thanks for this lovely reminder "to see new"....to seek out 'the new views'. I will share it with all my FB friends too. Blessings to you and your amazing family. Love + Hugs. Alexis

  63. Many thanks to you Ginny, to all lecturers and to the staff at DL. You are bringing the world together one individual at a time. Hearing responses from people in different states and countries has made me realize more than ever, the task MBE set for us all to be of one Mind. How better than having the inspiring messages go out and sharing our individual responses. A united world, what a concept. Happy New Year everyone and most assuredly, peace in your heart of hearts for EVERYONE! Love is indeed reflected in Love. Louise

  64. Thank you! Happy New Year!

  65. thanks so much dear Ginny!
    Hapy New Year and Day to everyone!

    muchas gracias Ginny!!!
    Feliz Año y Dia nuevos para todos!

  66. Thank you Ginny. I have to ditto #1's entry, Elena, this has been the most challenging year of my life. I will say goodbye to this segment of 12 months by being grateful to Mrs. Eddy for her generous giving to all, to the staff at the Mother Church for new and interesting ways to give to us the Truth. Each moment is a NEW chapter in our upward journey.

  67. Thanks! You have a happy one, too.

  68. What a glorious day! Huge thanks to you, Ginny, the Daily Lift Team and all the Daily Lifters. What an inspiration you all are. Happy NEW Year to everyone!

  69. Thanks Ginny.....This is my first post. I feel more Blessed every day. What a LIFT! I love the idea of looking forward to a New View, I AM also Being in a New View each and every moment. A New View of my outer circumstances, and a New View of my Inner World of thoughts, beliefs and ideas. I look forward to forgiving my Inner World. It can be a real rapscallion at times. Thanks again Ginny. And a Happy New View to EVERYONE...........

  70. Prior to hearing today's lift, when reading the Bible lesson for this week, my thought gravitated towards the quote from Science and Health that was referred to namely, that "Each succeeding year unfolds, wisdom, beauty, and holiness." I realized that this was the perfect New Year prediction or resolution, i.e. to look forward to seeing, more clearly, God's goodness expressed in wisdom, beauty and holiness. Hearing Ginny's DL today, and the many comments by lifters, really showed the oneness of Mind being expressed. My gratitude for the Daily Lifts is unbounded.

  71. Maybe it's more respectful call the discoverer of Christian Science Mrs. Eddy (or Mary Baker Eddy) on first reference? Calling her merely "Eddy" in public is like saying, "thanks, Luedeman, for your beautiful daily lift." Were it not for "Eddy's" self-sacrifice, we'd have no daily lift, or lecturers, or church. Just an idea.

  72. Happy New Year Ginny !

    I enjoyed your idea of new views for the coming year. I do wish though, when referring to our leader, please use Mrs. Eddy rather than Eddy when quoting her.

  73. Using the name 'Eddy' instead of Mrs. Eddy is frivolous and giddy in comment. Young people may like it and I know, Ginny, that you are reaching them with your healing life. However, her place in history deserves deep reverence and gratitude.

    As an established Christian Scientist, I do not want the members of my church to refer to me by my last name.

  74. Thanks so much for your reminders for the New Year! However, it feels so disrespectful to hear you call Mrs. Eddy, "Eddy". I know its correct lingo for journalists, but I can't see that it's proper in a short blog like this.

    When citing authors, it is standard practice today to refer to them by their last name. For scholars and others familiar with this practice, referring to an author as "Mrs" makes her sound dated and quaint. Christian Scientists are used to calling their Leader "Mrs. Eddy" and think of it as a term of respect, but to many others the prefix "Mrs" detracts from her stature as an important author whose work is relevant in the 21st century as well as in the 19th. Lecturers are given a choice of whether to use her last name only or to include her marital title.

  75. I enjoy getting up in the morning and being greeted by new views from the Daily LIft. Yes, it does taking be alert. What a wonderful opportlunity to go deeper and see what God sees, sometimes I gain glimpses I have I have never seen before. Psalms 84:11 no good thing will he withold from them that walk uprightly. Isn't that a wonderful promise! A Happy New Years to everyone.

  76. Thank you Ginny and thank you all for the "new views of divine goodness and love." I loved the poems in #11 and #31. AND #32 "we are harmonious by reflection rather than development" and "brightening this lower sphere with the ways and means of the higher and everlasting harmony, brings to light the perfect original man and universe." from Mary Baker Eddy. And to quote #35 "HAPPY NEW VIEWS!" TO ALL. And a hearty THANK YOU to Nathan and the DL staff and all lecturers who have given us such thoughtful and needed inspiration.

  77. Thank you Daily Lift team for all the wonderful inspiration during 2010. I know 2011 will bring more ideas of good from God through this media.

  78. Great lift into the New Year. Thanks, Ginny, and all of you at Daily Lift. Happy New Year to all. Enjoy the new views at whatever your viewpoint!

  79. Thanks, Ginny! And a Happy New Year's Eve to All and a Happy 2011 of New Views to All! It has truly been an amazing year for all of us, eh? So much good has come and is always coming out of WHATEVER we seem to go through, as long as we are willing to see it all as part of a wonderful journey of growth and learning lessons. Didn't Mrs. Eddy say something about our journey here on earth being like attending a School? Truly, who is to judge what is Good or Bad? We always have the power of changing our perception and finding the Blessing in Everything! Thank you All for a Blessed Year of New Views seen through these Daily Lifts! Happy New Viewing in 2011, Everyone!

    <strong>Moderator's note:</strong>
    This may refer to this sentence in <em>Science and Health</em> by Mary Baker Eddy on page 486:9 --
    "Earth's preparatory school must be improved to the utmost."
    Also see <em>Science and Health</em>, iii:4 a quote from Shakespeare --
    There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

  80. Gracias Ginny ,es para mì una bendiciòn los mensajes que recibo cada dìa .
    También lo son los comentarios tan inspirados de todos los que escuchan el mensaje . Muchas veces esos comentarios me ayudan a entender con màs claridad lo que dice el conferenciante. Y Finalmente muchas gracias al equipo que trabaja allì para dejarnos cada dìa un enfoque distinto sobre diversos temas. Un saludo especial en èste dìa con todo mi amor

  81. I love knowing that the service from the Mother Church via internet goes to as many as 80 different countries/

    that a new testimony service it to start soon on line

    the daily lift &amp; the inspiration it brings

    Happy New Year to everyone !


  83. thank you and a happy new year to you and all!

  84. Thanks to the Board of Lectureship for having this wonderful resource go out to the world each day. Such a terrific way to connect with all nations and countries to express gratitude for spiritual inspiration and Truth.

    Many thanks for your music and new approach each week, Nathan, and for all those who share and support each other with comments---Happy-- New-- Year!!

  85. New views of divine love and beauty-- I remember that was the quote a dear friend shared with me just before I embarked on a new life's adventure-- and although the adventure did not turn out the way I thought it should or could, it still offered my thoughts new ways to view divine love in action. that's why this quote from Mrs. Eddy is one of my all-time favorite quotes! Each new thought-- like the new year-- is absolutely the newness of divine views of love and beauty. thanks, Ginny.

    You gave such an awe-inspiring lecture some years ago at the Lake house, and I've enjoyed listening to you since. Happy new year, one and all!

    Rob of the rockies

  86. Thank you Ginny for your inspirational lift and to all the comments from the lifters! Looking forward to more inspiration and spiritual growth in 2011!

  87. Thank you Ginny, for your "beautiful" Lift, and your thought on the "view" and the "New" in New Year's.....I'll keep both of them in my thought. Very inspiring, and true....Thank you to all of you who share your comments with these beautiful lifts....I find them all so uplifting and loving. I'm so grateful for Christian Science and for Mrs. Eddy, and the "gift" of the Daily Lifts, with Nate's thoughtful naration and all of the beautiful music, and for all the lectures and articles, we have available to us, and for all the Love shared in each one. With Love to you all ~ see you next year!

  88. Thank you, dear Ginny for this message. I love being called a
    "lifter." It speaks to me of my true purpose, that purpose which is in sync with my exact likeness to God, good. May each day be filled with fresh promise and fulfillment!

  89. Thank you, Ginny. Keeping our thought open to all these good ideas, lets in the constant sunlight of Truth and Love. It's this constancy and continuation of God's goodness universally too that we can recognize each and every day no matter what day or year it is....each day offers fresh opportunity.

  90. Happy New Year Ginny, and to everyone here. You have made me think of the phrase, "...leave behind all else and strive for this great achievement."

    It's time for me to take a new look at this long familiar statement. It is found in a letter by M.B. Eddy to one of her better healers James Neal. The "great achievement" refers to healing. A previous line states, "A real scientific Healer(italicized) is the highest position attainable in this sphere of being."
    This entire letter was published in Lyman P. Powell's "Mary Baker Eddy A Life Size Portrait" page 322 in l930.

  91. I believe Mary Baker Eddy would be pleased to be referred to as "Eddy" because it is current with the times of 2011! In fact, wouldnt it be wonderful if that just saying "Eddy" would immediately established in everyone's thought....she is the woman that discovered, "spiritual healing" and /or Christian Science.

    If there is OPRAH there can be EDDY!!!!!

    Now for a blessing of my heart..." Thank you dear Lord, for this year of Daily Lifts. Thank you for all the support and gifts from the First church of Christ Scientist. Thank you for all the givers that shared from their treasures of thoughts. And blessings to Nate and the Christian science Lecturers. Thank you for our Master, Jesus Christ. Thank you for Eddy and her band of followers that are united all over this beautiful universe. You are the Best Dear Lord, Forever and Ever. Amen".

  92. Thank you, Ginny. I just love your spontaneous joy and positive encouragement to all of us listeners.

  93. Mary Baker Eddy was the Founder, and is the Leader of the Christian Science Church. We are all scholars before very long after we become students of Christian Science. We find increasing use of the Bible, and other writings and continual progression. Mrs Eddy is the term for the love and respect of those who are devoted, and have been so blessed in their lives by healing, in all areas of their lives. Eddy is a current term by academics, but as in the use of nouns and pronouns, WHICH Eddy should be first explained. Given the current state of society, it's nice to know, yes, she was a married Woman. Quaint? yes, but only in the meaning of scrupulously correct in the use of words.

    wishing all of us new views of divine goodness and love.

  94. As our Leader says in the definition of "man... includes all right ideas",
    it is a lift to know that the new views we are to see are included within us-- not outside us--within spiritualized consciousness. Such blessing! intact.
    Thanks to everyone.

  95. Thank-you Ginny! Happy New Year!

  96. Thanks so much. Your joy is a treat as well. And I love being a "lifter!

  97. Many thanks to Ginny and the Daily lift team and to all the commentors! These lifts have been such a blessing to me in the past year and I do look forward to them in 2011. Happy New Year to all!

  98. Although I'm not a Christian Scientist, I recieve so much inspiration from the Daily Lift!! I love being a part of this spiritual community of lecturers and commenters. There is so much love and goodwill that emanates from the Lifts and the comments. I think it's important not to get caught up in how Mary Baker Eddy is referred to as it's the MESSAGE and not the messenger that is important. To me, the rest of the details beyond the message are trivialities that mortal mind can get "stuck" on. As someone who tunes into these Lifts but recieves most of their spiritual inspiration from other resources, I really focus on the message and not the messenger. I can't imagine MBE getting too caught up in the form. In any case, THANK YOU GINNY for a wonderful message for this coming new year of NEW VIEWS!! And THANK YOU Daily Lift team for all the work that goes into producing these gems which daily help us to take the high road.

  99. I just can't end this year without a great big thank you to all involved with the Daily Lift: the whole staff that works so diligently to bring the Lifts to us; the lecturers that are so prayerfully prepared that each Lift brings blessings to thousands around the world; those who listen and then give us comments of gratitude and/or insight; and those who listen and then go live the word they have received whether leaving a comment or not.

    These lifts bless so very many. I don't think a week goes by when someone does not refer to the Daily Lift in our Wednesday testimony meetings.

    Thank you all!

  100. Thank you, dear Ginny, for the lovely Lift and to all the listeners for your "new views of divine goodness and Love". Such a treasure we have here. Happy New Year filled with blessings to everyone.

  101. When I hear the word "New" I always think "fresh". Like a deep breath one takes of fresh washed air after a rain, or a brisk snowy morning when one first steps out the door. There is no second thought about anything wrong with the deep breath. The air just is fresh. That is what is so true about God's love for us. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just always uplifting, giving us a new, fresh outlook for the day. My added thanks to the Uplift team, and all the lifters sharing their inspiration so freely. Yes, a Happy New Year as we all look forward to more unfoldment and healing.

  102. Thanks for your Lift Ginny in New Zealand we are already in the New Year
    the hymn 236 came to mind ( A Day of fresh promise break over the land)
    something good to think of today.

  103. The sweetest appellation I heard was once when chatting with two ladies from another denomination. They spoke so lovingly and with reverence for
    Sister Eddy, as was common in their customary way. I felt loved and included in this sisterhood, and a huge sense of oneness, even universal oneness.

  104. Gracias a la idea del daily lift dia a dia tenemos un amigo en nuestros oidos!..............dia a dia celebramos el amanecer de nuevas ideas que nos a;proximan del Hogar.........! Gracias por este anho eterno

  105. Happy New Year Ginny. I've relished all your new views during 2010 and look forward to more in 2011. I know all the New Year DAILY LIFTs will be a contribution to "the wide horizon's grander view." (see words of Samuel Longfellow -- Hymn 218 CS Hymnal).

  106. Dear Ginny and Daily Lift Family,
    I loved your beautiful message, the comments, and music. This is giving us a kind of "pre-view" of good things to come in 2011. Looking forward to the unfolding of newness and freshness for all of us individually and collectively. And the idea of "Your Daily Lift" has certainly been one of those "views of divine goodness and love" emerging on the human scene in just the right, God-impelled way to bring blessing to all mankind.
    Much love, freshness and happiness to all.

  107. Thank you Ginny and everyone for a past year of inspiration and blessings.

  108. Ginny Happy new year to you too. thansks you for the blessing mensaje.GOD Bless you!

  109. that's such a good thought to start the New Year with. I always enjoy your Daily Lifts as you sound so joyous and positive. Thanks !!!!

  110. New Views - love it!
    Thanks Ginny, etc.

  111. I agree, Ginny, that using "Mrs." as part of Mary Baker Eddy's name doesn't convey her stature as an important woman of history. Can you think of any
    other prominent woman of history or of today who is referred to as "Mrs?"
    It is hard to change, but we must be sure we are presenting her in the best way to meet the thought of today.


  113. thank you! :)

  114. Happy New Year Ginny and All! This lift was so fresh, clear and invigorating to me-like a mental detox to start the New Year! Thanks so much for what you and the other daily lifters are giving expression to. Sending thanks and Love!!

  115. May your year be blessed, also, Ginny. This Lift is a blessing itself. In my teens, my Church youth group had Watch Night program. Each would write him/herself a letter which got mailed back to us months later. It let us know if we were keeping true to inspirations we'd had that night. How nice there's no calendar year with God. This holiday is a good time to reflect on our closeness to the Father, and make spiritual resolutions, as you suggested, digging deeper in study and to understand. Because of Daily Lifts, I'm aware of more friends across the world, and through the Lift and provision for comments, I truly feel I have met them personally, if not “in person”.Tonight, as I write this before midnight, I think not only of all the helpful &amp; inspiring comments, but also of the ones that reached out to the lecturer and/or to all of us to be helped a little more. Instead of wondering about them, I'm praying to KNOW Truth about them, still. I'm still grateful to those who reached out to me. May everyone's New Year be better than ever before (spiritually understood and seen). If this page weren't electronic, and if gratitude were measurable in avoirdupois or troy weight, a basket or even floor would be bending from all the gratitude expressed in the comments above mine. My dictionary says troy is Precious metals, jewels, etc. Gratitude is the Precious etc! What a way to transfer from 2010 to 2011 -with so much gratitude and love for all!

  116. One special thing I like about these "lifts" is that I can wake up in the middle of the night...........and there you are !! thank you.

  117. I love these Lifts as sweet expressions of love ... evidence of the prayers of so many wanting to see an expansion of the spiritual idea of church beyond the stone walls of conventional human "wisdom."

    I have just committed myself to the prayer of desire to see challenges as fresh opportunities to grow in my own understanding that empowers God and His grace in my thought and experience. Praying this way leaves me expectant of something really cool to come to light that I hadn't seen before. Remaining open to those original ideas unfolding in divine Mind appearing new to me, as those very individuals I come into contact with, or even think about, on a daily basis is very exciting and invigorating. All the "drag" is taken out of the landscape of familiarity with the "samo samo" It takes all the drudgery out of the "routine" and opens up all sorts of wonderful possibilities supplied and overflowing with good.

  118. I thank you very much for your wonderful message . A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  119. A heart full of gratitude for our "Daily Lifts"...and love to all who share them with us...and a special thanks to the announcer...I love his enthusiasm and gusto!...Happy New Year

  120. Thank you so much Ginny. I have been having a wonderful New year's Day "feast" enjoying all the joyful and loving comments and greetings.
    Thanks and love to you all.

  121. Thanks for Genesis 1. Where to begin but at the start of everlasting GOD, good.
    A fresh new start indeed. I wish to concentrate my prayers for those who are at this very moment affected by the floods in Queensland, Australia. I had tears in my eyes yesterday when I saw that many children evacuated form their homes were still smiling and playing, trying to celebrate the New year regardless of their precarious situation. My thoughts, in the knowledge that divine Love blesses them, are directed to those people, no matter where they are or what human conditions they experience. I know that nobody is abandoned by God.I also extend good wishes to every other person under similar situations around the world. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

  122. I add my humble voice to the rousing chorus of LIft-giver Ginny and LIft-responders. What a joyous time to celebrate new views of goodness...

    And I certainly appreciate the concern of some responders, who think "Eddy" might not be a respectful way to refer to the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science . . except that from what I have read about her in biographies, she loved staying on the cutting edge of things, and might well be the first to refer to herself as "Eddy," were she still with us humanly today. And personally, I think the way she might most want us to "respect" her is to take all the Truth she labored for so sacrificially and live our own lives similarly . . .

  123. Thank you, Dear Ginny, for all your Daily Lifts during 2010. and, thanks to the DL team and the CS Publishing Society for the outpouring of good via Internet. We are truly blessed each day wherever we are!

  124. Thank you, Jenny, happy new year to you too.
    Best wishes to you all.

  125. Thanks Ginny! Looking forward to seeing more of God's goodness in a deeper way! Hugs. :)

  126. Love and gratitude to the members of the Board of Lectureship, to those who have shared their inspiration and insights, and to all involved in making this web site such an inspiring and vibrant motivator of thought.

  127. Thank you so much Ginny for the lift as to see the goodness in everything.Thanks once again

  128. I know I'm late - but my gratitude for Ginny and the Lifts and the comments isn't. It is so grand to read the comments from all over the world! We will heal it - everything: climate change, war, etc. Because we will be as one in the "structure of Truth and Love. The Lifts help to bind us to that infinite structure.

  129. Love the Daily Uplift - it does just that.
    I am grateful for all who participate to bring this gift of light to the world.
    I have never heard Mary Baker Eddy's name referred to as just "Eddy"
    and don't think it is a good idea to promote it.
    Thank you for your unselfish support of the Movement in this way.

  130. happy new year,

  131. a happy new year to you too Ginny:) xoxo

  132. Happy New Year to all. We have appreciated every Lift from Day One. Thank you to all.

  133. Dear Daily Lift producers and friends, Daily posts in this New Year are
    comforting, encouraging, inspiring to many Internet users, I am sure, including me! Thank you for sharing.

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