10/5: A radical day

10/5: A radical day

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  1. God does cause us to be!

    Thank you Kari for this most inspiring message.

    Christ Jesus was such a great example then and the message still so fresh and relevant today.

  2. Thank you Kari for helping to look at our day with such freshness!

  3. Thank you Kari for this inspiring way to start our day, reminding us that we need to be challenging the status quo, not only as we look outward but as we look inward as well. Much love to all that have helped bring us this thought and to those who are hearing it!

  4. It is good to be reminded of our spiritual status and the need to look at life from that perspective every minute of the day! Thank you.

  5. I am so grateful for this uplifting thought today - thank you, Kari! When I see the word 'radical' I think of 'roots', and this is good here, too; because when we go back to our roots - the cause for our 'be-ing', then we know, as surely as did Christ Jesus, that in this one, perfect Day, we are blessing God, the All-mighty,with our expressions - all the livelong day - of Truth. We are Truth-knowers, and we are Truth-bringers, and we are Truth bearers, to all. Thank you, and thank You, Father!

  6. Good way to start off the day Thanks !

  7. thankyou, thankyou, what a great what a great way to start our lovely day.

  8. Just to say how I love to open my mail in the morning, to find thought for the day, & now a daily lift, that I can tap into a number of times in the day.
    Thank-you all at TMC & Thank-you Father.

  9. Thank you Kari. I awake each morning thanking my Father-Mother God for another day to serve Him and spread His Love wherever I go.
    My daughter took me to a lovely tearoom the other day for lunch and the mother of the young lady running the establishment I noticed, in the other room, reading the Bible Lesson. I had been lead to a fellow Christian Scientist. As we went home another Daily Lift came to mind, Radiant Room and I kept working with this all the way home through rush time traffic. I woke early this morning and am so grateful for your thought. Radical need not be negative for in this day and age loving and serving God daily seems radical to some.

  10. A very goopd concept for me today!
    Thank you

  11. What a great foundational way to start our day. Thanks for this lift.

  12. Yeah..a complete departure from any suggestion of limitation......amen.

  13. Today's Message is perfect to start a new week.
    Starting early in the day gives a goal to stay focused in each activity.
    Thank you.

  14. I really like your thought for us to think radically, in a spiritual way, everyday.
    Thanks Much!

  15. Thank you Kari for this reminder and its uplifting thought you share to every one.

  16. Thank-you Kari. You are right that being radical is what Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and Christian Science is about. A good thought for everyday.

  17. Looking beyond the material appearance of things! What a wonderful reminder for us all. Wow, even thinking of looking beyond the "mess" gives me hope, lifts me up and now I'm smiling a great big smile!! The Truth always comes through, IF we just look and listen!

  18. I love this idea of starting each day with a radical sense of good, healing, activity, and unfoldment! I'm excited for all the good God has in store for all of us today, since we can know it's going to be awesome! Thank you for this perfect "Lift" to inspire us all!

  19. This is so helpful. Lately, I've been researching the "root cause" of crime and thinking that the economic, social and family structures are the "root cause". But to look at God as the cause of all and that God cause is always good is so uplifting. Thanks so much!

  20. Thanks for this inspiration. Its realy a needed shield and guide to daily living and its valgaries.

  21. I've recently been aiming at a radical goal -- zero fear. Not 10% less, or 20%, or 50%. Not accepting that "a little anxiety" is OK. Not accepting that a little fear keeps me safe (rather than trusting Wisdom).

    I've decided that my thought is not like the news where they try to give equal time to both sides of a controversy -- in this case, where illusion gets as much time to present its case as truth.

    No. God, good, is ALL. Thank you for the support of radical (all) good, Life, and Love.

  22. I love that idea of challenging everything that comes my way that doesn't come from God. I'll take that as a challenge today, thank you!

  23. I accept the challenge: to be radical - and "to look deep into realism" (S&H pp 129) with every thought and action today presents...To endeavor see the way Jesus taught and uncover the spiritual cause of infinite good! I appreciate your message very much...

  24. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:" Thanks so much.

  25. What a great message for today, Kari ! Thank you.

  26. Ah, Kari, with tears of gratitude I thank you for today's Daily Lift. This lift has broken the mesmerism. Thank you Father Mother God for sending this message through Kari.

  27. Thank you!

  28. Thank you Kari for that wonderful thought. I pray for the day when that is how everyboby gets up in the morning, so it will no longer be considered "radical"

  29. I have observed that when one reaches this (point of view) understanding when practiced every day, one`s experience becomes fully adventurous * , exciting and plentiful....

    *adventurous : disposed to cope with the new and unknown (Webster)

    Thank you Kari ! with loving regards, Lise M.

  30. Wonderful! Thanks, Kari, and every one at TMC.

  31. Thank you Kari! This is the Divine Loving thought that meets my need today.

  32. Thanks, Kari, for that wonderful thought. It reminds me that for God to know is to be. Therefore, I am being known and loved and motivated by Truth,Life, and Love today and always, and so is everyone and every thing else. So good to ponder. Scripture tells us in Luke, that Mary pondered all these things in her heart. These are wonderful companioning thoughts! Thanks again.

  33. Thanks Kari! Radical is the word for the day for me. Just came back from Chapel at Prin and it was on being radical :) God is the only cause and that cause is good. Love it! Hugs. Chrissie

  34. Thank you so much For this ever so needed reminder. lots of love from Athens

  35. Thank you Kari. I just finished studying this week's Lesson-Are sin, disease, and death real? The very thoughts you emphasized about how Christ would approach each moment with a radical (deeply rooted), spiritual view, really stood out to me.
    I feel like your remarks beautifully dove-tail with The Lesson and contribute to the message that we can hear and ANSWER the call each day for "higher proofs of Christian power"
    Wow! We are getting the support we need to heal and live with joy in so many beautiful ways...this Daily Lift being one of them!

  36. With gratitude I send this to you and all those that respond daily.
    Radical living reminds me that moment by moment we experience new birth. Why not live radically with each one?
    Thank you.

  37. I look forward to the daily lift. Its presented in a cheery manner and shares confidence that we really can trust in the infinite one. Thanks!

  38. Thanks so much for this inspiring beginning to our day. My local newspaper seems to start every day with the passing of someone as a result of the swine flu or ecoli poisoning. It's so good to know that we do not have to be taken in by these false, fear-filled, headlines. There is only one Cause, one Truth. As Christian Scientists, we do not need to be "impressed" by such headlines. We just need to pray, and dig deeper to know that all of God's children are safe and pure, and that their innocence cannot be taken away or invaded. I love these Daily Lifts.

  39. So grateful for this message today. It reminds me of the glory of God. The word "glory" was in my mind from seeing a very favorite movie of mine last night, "Glory," which showed the soldiers' strong faith in God...even on the eve of a horrible battle the next day

  40. Thank you for this message. We need to know each day is a day with God and we can follow the path of rightousness.

  41. Thanks so much Kari for this reminder. I like to think of it as God's day that I am stepping into each morning, and since it's really His day, it must be perfect in all respects. No fear can enter into it, or limitation, or discouragement, etc.. etc.. "I can do nothing of myself"... as Jesus said, and since God is doing it we cannot fail!

  42. Thank you, Kari. I go on my way today rejoicing that I place "radical reliance" on God - to keep me tuned in for His voice, and rejecting any lie that would try to get my attention. How grateful I am for these "Daily Lifts" and the joy in which they are presented - what a wonderful way to start each and every day!

  43. Thank you , Kari, for the great message. My day was needing a 'jump-start", and your words are just what I needed to hear. God is the doer, and I must listen and follow His leading through the busy day ahead. I love the Daily Lift, and I love reading the comments. Thanks, everyone!

    Kari, it is wonderful to check in to listen to the "Daily Life" and especially find you there today. I love the "Radical" reliance on God for "God is All in all", there really isn't any other way. How grateful I am, to God, for the Comforter, Christian Science, that teaches us that Radical is sticking to the Truth of being, healing sin, disease and death. Knowing that this triad is not real. Your thoughts are on target! Thank you!

  45. Thank you for this radical thought on radical reliance on Christian Science./God..Merrilyn M..

  46. Thanks Kari! Your thoughts helped me.

    Glad you talk about God as Cause. That is God's sacred Name.

    God's most sacred Name in Hebrew, YHWH (Yahweh), is so sacred it is substituted by LORD over 8,000 times. It is not given by man, but is to be revealed from God to us.

    YHWH is the causal form of TO BE, closely related to His other Name "I AM". They are both verbs, not nouns. This Name YHWH, which contains His power, translates to "HE CAUSES BEING".

    Jews know to substitute "HE CAUSES BEING" every time they read the world LORD or God, or pray to Him. Always pray to God as CAUSE. This guarded Name that unlocks the power of God is the Key to bring the Scriptures alive. It makes them work.

    Mrs. Eddy defined God as Cause, and I love the way you used it. But this bit of Jewish knowledge is the major element lost to orthodox Christianity, and it is the major link between metaphysics and orthodox Christianity. I am surprised that Christian Scientists do not participate in promoting this biblical fact. It is the biggest possible "open door" into our way of thinking.

    God is Spirit and God is good. God is the only Cause of all that is. We see dimly as if through a dark lens.

  47. Yes, it's so important that we all dig deeper into God, the divine Principle. As Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "This Principle makes whole the diseased, and brings out the enduring and harmonious phases of things."
    Sounds like we are all getting on with this work today! thanks for everyone's comments, we are in the law of Life and Love together.

  48. Wow!! What an inspiration!!! How this applies to Everything we go through everyday of our lives. Thank you for this great thought!!!

  49. Your last comment #46 really resonates with me right now. "We are in the law of Life and Love together." That means there is no separation from good, even if the mortal belief tries to demand that a loved one is lost. The Principle which bases that statement is a rock to stand on. Mrs Eddy states in Miscellany pg 131:20 - "Where God is we can meet, and where God is we can never part." Thank you all for sharing.

  50. Pam Dwinnells is right.

  51. That's exactly what I needed this morning! Exercising my radical reliance completely on God. I just lost my dearest mother last week and I've been having a very difficult time letting her go. After listening to your excellent message, I am now ready to move on. I am going RIGHT now for my regular daily walk with God....and just thanking Him for EVERYTHING!!! "The joy that none can take away, is mine I walk with Love today"!! Thank you, Kari, I'm thoroughly inspired and supremely grateful.

  52. Awesome! So powerful and so true! Father Mother God, the only cause and creator, is good! There is no room for error, sin, disease, mortal mind or material thinking! I'll be radical each and every day! Thank You!

  53. Thanks Kari, a fabulous "jump-start."
    I also appreciate all of the wonderful comments.
    The sharing multiplies the good and expands my thoughts through the Daily-Lift.

  54. That's a good one.

  55. Thanks, Kari, by going deep into the roots of God as Spirit, Spirit blesses the multiplication of its own inmaculate ideas and transfer these ideas to us this very day in abundance.

  56. Thanks for all the thoughts today...new ways to be radical...and know we are truly one in God...the one cause.

  57. Ah, one of my favorite words: radical! I love not only the way you explained being radical every day, Kari, I also am nodding my head extra vigorously at the comments of #5 Joan, #21 David #29 Lise (what a cool definition of "adventurous"!!!), and #46 David (friend of sandhill cranes, as I recall!).

    What I also like to realize about Jesus is that part of his radical rightness involved striking at the roots of wrong! (Whatever is unlike the supreme Cause and Creator.)

    I mean, Jesus was NOT afraid to root out hypocrisy big-time, was he? Wonder what he'd say were he to see the pitiful condition that God's pigs are put in these days, stuffed in claustrophobic crates in ammonia-filled "factory farms," from whence the swine flu virus supposedly originated?

    Would he gloss over that, unconcerned and uncaring? Or would he bring the extreme abuse to the attention of his disciples (or the Pharisees and scribes), and demand that the sin that seems to be the cause of so much fear and suffering (on the part of all species) be healed, too?

    Just a few "radical" questions that I entertain as I go about my "radical" day! :-)

    YHWH vs. H1N1? No contest!

  58. Thanks for a new, good perspective!

  59. Your confident knowing reaches out to bless. Thank you. Being radical definitely has it's place!

  60. Today did prove that God is the only Cause. TY TY TY
    I am filled with gratitude and joy!

  61. I've always been focused on doing. Sometimes too focused on trying to get others to do :) Being radical with God and demanding God's good cause throughout the day are great ideas..........thanks

  62. Also in Greek! and some in other languages! Hurrah!

  63. Thanks for sharing source of my true cause: God and his goodness.

  64. THX a lot!!

  65. Even though I am unable at this time to view the daily lift, I got a gist of what it is all about from the comments; and I am in agreement on being radical and also never, never, never give up. Thank you for all of your comments, and this daily lift forum, God bless!

  66. Thank you Kari for this wonderful thought. To be radical in this case, accepting only one point of view, doesn't mean to be narrow minded as many people would think today, but it means to give God all the power and to accept that there's no other power but the power of good. Now here goes a radical statement, said in Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

    Gracias Kari por este maravilloso pensamiento. Ser radical en este caso, aceptando solamente un punto de vista, no significa tener la inteligencia limitada, como mucha gente pensaría hoy, sino que significa dar a Dios todo el poder –y aceptar que no hay otro poder más que el poder del bien. Aquí va una declaración radical dicha en Filipenses 4:13: Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.

  67. Thank you for this reminder and for the comments. The Science of Being is about how things ARE. Striving to demonstrate the Science or Truth of Being about EVERYthing (=EVERYthought), as permanently as God is Permanent--to see each thing as a thought, made of tangible yet perfect spiritual substance is a radical (maximum, ultimate) goal but how can Truth be anything but radical (to/from the root, complete)!
    Gracias por este pensamiento y por los comentarios. La Ciencia del Ser es acerca de como las cosas SON. Esforzarnos por demostrar la Ciencia de la Verdad del ser (es decir, de la existencia real) de todas las cosas (o sea, de todos los pensamientos), de forma tan permanente como Dios es Permanente: ver todo, cada cosa, como un pensamiento hecho de sustancia espiritual tangible pero perfecta es un objetivo radical (maximo, final)--pero como puede la Verdad ser otra cosa sino radical (hasta y desde la raiz, completa)!

  68. Thank you, Kari, for this invigorating message and for the Daily Lift spoken in the Greek language. I’ve sent it to my sister in Athens. Good just keeps growing.

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