9/9: God knows what to expect

9/9: God knows what to expect

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  1. Thank you Laura for this wonderful Lift. I love the idea of the expectancy of good and our acceptance of it. We must be receptive to all the good that God has in store for us in order for us to realize the reality of it in our daily lives. Sometimes our fears and doubts prevent us from embracing the healing truths that God has given us. Mary Baker Eddy made a point of saying that she healed best when she got herself out of the way. Let us "accept the "glorious liberty of the children of God," and be free!" Free, from as you pointed out, the rumors, myths, and any other beliefs that try to separate us from our continued expectancy of good. (full quote can be found in S&H, by MBE page 227)

  2. How lovely

  3. When we don’t know what to expect facing a different experience, maybe for fear of the new, like moving into a new neighborhood, job or school, we are wrongly impressed, unjustified.

    Here is recommendable to remember our heritage as children of God.

    God always expects good for us, and we can surely receive that good whenever we keep in mind that God’s image can’t do less than reflect its original.

    Cuando no sabemos qué esperar frente a una experiencia diferente, tal vez por temor a lo nuevo, como mudarnos a un nuevo barrio, trabajo o escuela, nos impresionamos mal injustificadamente.

    Aquí es recomendable recordar nuestra herencia como hijos de Dios.

    Dios siempre espera el bien para nosotros, y ciertamente recibimos ese bien toda vez que tengamos en cuenta que la imagen de Dios no puede hacer menos que reflejar a su original.

  4. Thank you Laura. How important to remember who is in control of every new step we take.

  5. Just the job! Thank you so much

  6. Thank you so much ! Good is the only reality. Since we are God's children it is natural for us to know this!

  7. God's goodness is always waiting for us whatever!

  8. Thank you. (The) Truth is found in Christian Science Hymn 149, last verse ..We know that man beloved is in God's care, Not wrapt in fear nor bowed with tired labor, But satisfied, complete, divinely fair.

    Also the whole of Hymn 160, Satisfied by our leader Mary Baker Eddy.

  9. Very lovely. Thank you.

  10. Many thanks Laura for this great reminder. Yes."Always expect good." "Come we daily then, dear Father,/ Open hearts and willing hands,/ Eager ears, expectant, joyful,/ Ready for Thy right commands." Christian Science Hymnal #58).

  11. Thank you for great expectations and with our God Consciousness all is possible.

  12. THANK YOU, Yes it is always good to expect the good, since good is always from God and then we can do every thing that needs to be done at home or at work.

  13. Thank you for this perfect lift for this perfect day!

  14. Dear Laura,

    Thank you for your Lift! Elena and Martin and the other Lifters, thank you for your comments as well.

    Laura, what I got from this Lift wa that we must expect good..not just be happy when we get it, but expect it...know it is there.....look for it..embrace it....a beautiful start to the week.

    Some years go I started out doing my Masters (online). I knew it was going to be challenging due to my later hours at work but I pressed on. I then encountered a lecturer that decided to change his grade of an "A" to a "C" because I used UK English (colour vs. color) in my work.

    As that was the third course I did I had to maintain at least a B+ average to stay in the degree programme. Needless to say I was kicked out. I had appealed but nothing happened. I was distraught. I prayed about it for many months, knowing that God led me to take the course.

    Two years after being "kicked out" I received a call while I was on vacation and the speaker said :"why have you not continued your studying?" It was someone from the University. I explained what happened and they said..."...his reason for giving you a "C" was wrong, you received an "A" in the previous course so we will get you started right away....."

    She then informed me of the course change, where I could not get my books from anywhere as opposed to having to get it from them..some serious cost savings.

    The real lesson for me, was to expect good. Thx.

  15. A wonderful reminder! Thanks so much!

  16. No need for nail biting. Yes, the Christ has already gone before to prepare the way. Thank you Laura

  17. Thanks for sharing this lift. I have always loved this Bible verse.

  18. Thank you, Laura, for a much needed message and for all of the helpful comments. Problems with my computer seem to be overwhelming and prayer just words.

  19. Esperar en Dios es lo más sabio que podemos realizar, naturalmente, hay desafíos que pueden confundir, pero depende de nosotros negar tal posibilidad, hay muchas experiencias que así lo acreditan, entiendo que cada uno de nosotros las enfrenta o las ha enfrentado en algun momento.

    Lo fundamental que tenemos que ver, es, que Dios no los pone, sino nuestra propia renuencia a confiar en que haya un camino que no ha sido considerado o anhelado por nosotros y que pueda ser Uno mejor, Una mejor ocasión, Una mejor decisión, y por eso la sabiduría de estas palabras de la Biblia: "Estad quietos y ve la salvación de Jehová" Estar quietos y esperar confiados, por muy adversa que parezca la situación en que nos encontremos, porque siempre hay Una luz al final del tunel. Porque al igual que en el tunel, que es un tramo engañozo, así nuestros desafíos también lo son, y basta con recorrer el trecho que separa la oscuridad de la luz confiadamente, sabiendo, como sabe el tren que no se puede desvíar de su senda, salvo que se descarrile, (desafios, no corregidos, dudas, temor)) y que si nos mantenemos sin descarrilar, al final igual que el tren en el tunel, inexorablemente brillará la luz, y podremos seguir andando en ella confiadamente.

    Muchas gracias Laura, siempre es grato comezar bien inspirados los desafíos que podamos tener.

  20. Thank you Laura for helping me think about the expectation of good in my life when sometimes it seems mundane and purposeless. To expect good is to trust in God.

  21. Thank you for the lift, and especially the Bible reference in Jeremiah 29:11--which in the KJV reads "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end". Whether it is a new venture like the high school beginning you mentioned, or perhaps just a new way of looking at a continuing challenge we haven't quite met, we can be uplifted by what we read in the Bible.

  22. Nice.

  23. Thank you for a much needed lift ! May "everyone" prosper today with this spiritual guidance and Divine Love !

  24. As a child, Laura, every new day was a huge challenge. To put it squarely, I just dreaded every morning. It was years later that I realized I didn't hate the school work, I was afraid! I have been in many situations since then when I faced new conditions, new - previously unthought of situations - but with prayer and gaining in understanding, I've been able to face these challenges and benefitted so much from each one. You simply can't do this by yourself, you must ask God to show you the Way forward, and you can't miss the lesson, the experience and the joy of victory!
    Great music, Nate, and thanks to you Laura, and all those involved with the production of these wonderful Daily Lifts.

  25. I love it! Thanks!

  26. Thanks for the daily lift. Whenever we are at work in school we always expect good to come, there is always harmony to all from the pupils to the teachers, parents and the community.
    Thank you very much.

  27. Thanks for this lift. It sets such a positive tone for today and every day. I don't know what version of the Bible that quote comes from, but it prompted me to check it out in The Message. Here's a snippet of what it says: “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for."

    My definition of hope is the expectation of obtaining future good. Thanks for reminding me of that. It will be the keynote of my day.

  28. The most wonderful thing about the study each day of C/S is that it literally takes away all fear of changes to come. It teaches that "God is too pure to behold evil." So how can we, who is in God's image and likeness, expect to have evil come into our lives because of a change. WE CAN'T NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE WORRY THAT WE MIGHT, only because we reflect God's goodness. Now I ask you, ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL?

  29. Life is good because God is good, and we are never separated from God/good. Sometimes outside influences try to tell us something different but that's when we have to "stand porter at the door of thought" (S&H) and know that we are always in the care of God/Love
    Thank you Laura, and thank you to all who bring us these gems.

  30. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your friend's experience. I love the translation of Jer 29:11 you used clarifying what the King James translated as "expected end" is referring to a happy future. Sometimes I feel anxious just starting a new week! It came to me this morning to pray with the "omnis." Remembering that God is omnipresent (filling all space, therefore always with us and also where we are going!) omnipotent (the only power, thus, our nerves are powerless!) and omniscient (God knows everything about the unknown in front of us and thus, is our source of understanding & ability for whatever new thing lies ahead!) I found this a reassuring prayer. I also appreciated your friend sharing she felt "satisfied." A good reminder to acknowledge and foster a calm contentment and gratitude at the end of my day. Great way to start our week! Thanks Daily Lift team & commenting community!

  31. What a wonderful message to start off the week!! Thank you, Laura
    And my dear friends, your comments are so helpful. I'm filled with gratitude.
    Love to all,Jen

  32. Thank you for the beautiful lift. We are, perhaps, always in school, always growing, always challenged to understand that God has only the good in store.

    We were going to have a simple job done of having help taking down some rooms that have wallpaper, and painting them instead. It has now turned into an enormous project of some remodeling; floors coming up, new "mud" on the walls where they surface wouldn't be good to paint on. In the middle of feeding the small crew, all of whom looked like they had been out in the snow due to the sanding dust, I felt momentarily overwhelmed thinking that there wasn't any place in the house that was not a mess, and we're not even halfway finished. Then it occurred to me that the only thing I had to do was to was to keep the present moment holy, and to lean on God for the next direction. Putting God in charge of every moment dimished the fear of not finding the right people to help as we move through this, getting finished before the rains begin and so on.

    Thank you for all the helpful comments as well.

  33. Love this lift! Especially love that version of Jeremiah 29:11 talking about God knowing His plans for us, and those plans being completely good. This is so great to think about because then we don't have to fret about which steps to take; we can just listen, knowing God will direct us. Thanks for brightening and deepening my day!

  34. Thank you Laura and yes, we "can expect to feel satisfied" with God's all knowing care and protection.
    How incredibly true is this statement. There is no fear of the future with God. Knowing and relying on God is the key, always.
    "The chief stones in the temple of Christian Science are to be found in the following postulates: that Life is God, good, and not evil; that Soul is sinless, not to be found in the body; that Spirit is not, and cannot be, materialized;....Science reveals the glorious possibilities of immortal man, forever unlimited by the mortal senses..." (Mary Baker Eddy, "Science and Health, 288).
    Good is good, God is all, can we ask for more?
    As always, thank you lifters and The Daily Lift team for this inspirational forum.

  35. Thank you, Laura!

  36. Thanks Laura.

    " God knows, and God shows"
    I am quoting from Colleen, a fellow university student at a CSO meeting over 30 years ago.

  37. Thank you, Good DL, All joy.

  38. God's plan is that we know His thoughts! We need only turn to Him - that's His plan. It's no mystery novel. Like plants turn to the sun naturally, we can know God's loving thought toward us! And no other thought than His exists.

  39. Thank you Laura,

    Your message works not only for first days of school, but any new adventure. How many times over many, many years have I felt nervous anticipation...only to learn that "all is well." Yes, expect good. God leads us to good only.

    And -- from Mary Baker Eddy's poem/hymn called SATISFIED: First verse: "It matters not what be thy lot, so love doth guide; For storm or shine, pure peace is thine, whate're betide." And the third verse: "Aye, darkling sense, arise, go hence! Our God is good. False fears are foes — truth tatters those,
    When understood."

    All five verses a wonderful treatment for "false fears".

  40. I love the quote from Jeremiah
    Thank you so much, really useful to share - many thanks Jx

  41. Thank you Laura for such a wonderful lift- great for each day's "unknown". While reading Tracy's (#30) comment and mention of the unknown it occurred to me that when we dream of our special career we would like to pursue when we complete high school, when we think of going to some exotic or different place to visit or live, we don't think "unknown", but rather "adventure" "promise", "privilege", "opportunity". It is only because the mortal mind system of doom, gloom and frankly fear often equates "unknown " with negative expectations, when linked to certain experiences, . However, in reality if we bare in mind Jeremiah 29:11, and the fact that omniscient God, Mind, knows all we should see new and different experiences not only as an "adventure" "promise", "privilege", "opportunity", but because God already knows all ('knows what to expect') we must also be absolutely safe and provided for in that new, different experience. That goes for adults as well as any children either in your care, or "whom your thoughts rest upon".

    My. 210:7
    Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited.

  42. Thank you.Expect good.A simple,wonderful truth.

  43. A lovely Lift! I deepened my prayer today: "Thy Will be done." How often do I say that prayer, but with a whole lot of finger-crossing behind my back?

    I pray to mean it and trust that his Will is amazing!!! Way better than my plans...just like the high schooler's wonderful first day.

  44. Thank you Laura!

  45. Thank you Laura....God is forever our infinite goodness.

  46. Thank you, Laura, for “God knows what to expect … ‘I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future …”

    When I began high school, I felt like all odds were against me: I wasn’t looking forward to becoming a teenager. My parents had just separated. I was in a new neighborhood. I wouldn’t know anyone at the new high school. I didn’t have money for “cool” clothes and other things. My whole support system was either totally gone or radically re-arranged. For the first time, I felt abandoned by God.

    Then I backed up and stopped my downward-spiral thinking. With all the variables, there was one constant – God/all-Good/Love-itself! God would not abandon me. It was I, who must not abandon God, especially when I needed God the most. Then came a scary thought: “What if there is no such God and you're on your own?” I answered that question with another question: “What if there is such a God and I can prove this God, I so hope is for real?”

    Guided by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule; I moved forward proving such a God and had an amazingly wonderful high school journey – in every way!!! In fact, those years of learning to consciously yield to a good and loving God, has been an ongoing, growing strength for me. I’m a life-long learner, trusting this trustworthy God, practicing and proving with Christianly Scientific certainty that all odds against us our health and happiness should and can be overcome!

  47. What a great lift. Thanks for putting this forward and thanks for Jeremiah 29:11-- "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end".

  48. II really needed this DL this morning. I have a major hill to climb and this lift is helping me to rely on GOD
    to show me the way. I found great comfort in #30's praying with the 'omnis''. " I'm not to fret nor fear nor plan, GOD wants me where and as I am. Thank you so much for all the calming thoughts.

  49. We know what to expect-- on-going infinite good for all. We know that because God is in control, blessing all. Therefore, we can commit to see and be God's grace. What a liberating relief.

    That thought-by-thought choice based on truth has the power to replace fear and all its manifestations (freezing, appeasing, fleeing, fighting, avoiding, psychological denial/self-deception, apathy, cynicism/despair, scapegoating, blame/shame/guilt/punishment, zoning/dulling out with moral deadness/addictions/zombyism/hypnotism, tv/Net/computer games/constant noise/radio/busyness/distractions, overspending/wasting, irritation/annoyance/quick temper/defensiveness/hostility, self-justification/self-will, sickness/sin, enemy mentality of us vs them, etc.)

    This self-repeating cycle of lie and fear and helplessness/disobedience is replaced with hope, trust, peace, joy, power, aliveness, individuality in harmony within our divine oneness. That means we become more mindful of the emotions and bodily sensations and others' responses telling us to change what we are thinking/doing. We are willing to let go of our old mistaken beliefs, become curious and willing to empathize with or love ourselves and others, and be open to the lessons and blessin's in this current and future new individualized lesson plan from God. That is why we feel and share more inspiration. More growth and healing.

    Learning, growing, healing requires stretching out of our current comfort zone of the known.

  50. Thank you Laura. Once when I had particular concerns about the new school year for my children
    I called my incredible practitioner and he said, "God gives divine love and no one is left out." This
    God's ever-present love and all powerful love are right with the children and the entire school community
    and we can trust this truth to unfold great joy of learning for this school year.

  51. Thank you Laura & Edie and other lifters, too. Even those of us further along in our education seem to reach plateaus where we realize we're drifting and not growing. So we pursue once more a line of study, or set a goal to reach or take on new tasks. Part of the fear, I believe, of trying new things comes from some of those terrible sayings people teach their children. I remember at a time when I took music lessons being told "practice makes perfect." Since I could never play perfectly, I gave up. Of course, practice only makes us better, little by little -- and perfection is a spiritual idea that is never possible by human beings. Another saying was, "if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well." Actually, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly. We should be failing at about half of what we are doing -- that is because if we are learning new things, we are not going to do it right at the beginning. Whether you are learning how to grow roses, how to dance to latin music or learn to fly an airplane, because these activities are new, mistakes will be made in a safe environment and you will grow as you persist. Finally you can judge for yourself what a long way you've come and how much further you have to reach your own goals. Fear sets in if you allow others to be your judges or if your learning atmosphere does not feel safe. God's tender mercies make it possible to learn everywhere you are because divine love is everpresent whatever you are learning.

  52. Thank you.

  53. and as His immediate expression so do we!! Thank you!!

  54. Thank you Laura -for reminding us to expect good and not to just hope for good to come our way.

  55. Thank you.Expecting good silences fear.

  56. Thank you. This message is exactly what I needed today as I began online courses presenting new and extra demands. Grateful for all of the other healing, encouraging comments as well.

  57. It is interesting to me that yesterday I was thinking along the same lines as today's lift. We must expect and accept the best from God and use and expand this best in our lives so that we and everyone else may benefit!
    If a friend gives us a box of chocolates as a present, we happily accept it and eat and enjoy the chocolates with family and friends.Why is it so hard for us to receive God's gifts so freely and happily and be fulfilled by them? After all, is not God the most trustworthy and most loving friend of all? God's gifts not only lead us to success, but more importantly restore us and maintain us in health, harmony and happiness! This is real Life!
    "But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever." (Psalm 52:8)

  58. Thanks for sharing your friends first day experience....after her "concerns" the days leading up to that "first day".....only good is going on each day....for ALL OF US! A great 1 liner: "God is, this isn't, and that's that"!

  59. What a helpful lift, Laura! Thank you. :)

  60. I've lived a life of expectancy through believing this promise:: "As it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (I Cor. 2:9) Even though circumstances in my early life didn't look good for much abundance in any way, I always believed that God had great things prepared for me. The promise has been kept. Each child of God can expect to feel God's loving plan as his life unfolds.

  61. Loved the quote and what you did with it

  62. Back to school, Monday morning, or simply on to the next activity... each moment is new and Jeremiah 29:11 is a beautiful prelude.
    Thanks, Laura and all who have commented. Thanks, Nate, for the lively intro and the good music.
    Love and blessings to everyone everywhere always!

  63. Expect good? Yes, since there is but one God. What else can come our way?

    It stands to reason why the first Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me..." was Mrs. Eddy's favorite text.

    Thanks for the upLift!

  64. What good advice, Laura -- Thank you.

  65. Thanks Laura. Timely and so helpful to remember that we don't have to fear the unknown. In so many instances we face situations that we have not faced before and become concerned about what we would be expected to do, how to act, what steps to take. Thanks for this good reminder!!

  66. Thank you, Laura, for the perfectly timed excerpt from Jerimiah - "I know the plans that I have for you -plans to prosper you and not to harm you - plans to give you hope and a future". Your friend was very fortunate to have such an immediate sense of goodness. Sometimes, it takes a while to realize God's perfect plan for us, and that can seem very discouraging. Joyful expectation is a must, but so is patience and never ever giving up on God. You will never know how perfect this quote is for me today, as I am still waiting for His "plans to prosper", "plans to give . . . hope and a future". The wait has been three years and counting and at times I feel so weary from the wait. Thank you to all for inspiring words of encouragement. I feel blessed.

  67. Thank-you, Laura for this very thoughtful & helpful Lift! Enjoyed reading the comments! Thanks DL team!

  68. Thank you for a lift especially focused on new beginnings.When I was in Sunday School in about 10th grade, my teacher's favourite hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal began: "Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to Thee." It talks about our feet being "swift and beautiful for Thee" and letting hands move "at the impulse of Thy Love." My teacher was also a high school principal at that time, and, as an educator myself since then, I know this prayerful approach to asking God to show the way and inform our thoughts and actions applies to staff as well as students! No matter if you're starting at a new school or a new stage in your experience, look for evidence of Soul's beauty, Mind's intelligence, Spirit's warmth, Principle's order, Life's vitality, Love's attentiveness, Truth's purity in those you meet, and in yourself, and you'll find yourself companioning with and enriched by our Father-Mother God's great ideas. Mrs. Eddy starts off Science and Health with "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings. Worth close reading and applying this lead.

  69. Just want to say Thank You.
    with love

  70. I just now opened Monday's Lift and it is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. It has silenced any doubts and fears which were trying to creep into my consciousness. I am so grateful and thank you!

  71. Thank you for this lift...Its on-going and so helpful!

  72. Thank you Laura, I started a new job recently and this was a perfect thought for me.

  73. Thanks Laura - an inspiring lift and good advice for new beginnings.

  74. Thanks Laura and everyone for sharing. this is belated but ever so grateful.

  75. Many can relate to this message. Thank you for this helpful Lift.

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