9/7: Morning expectations

9/7: Morning expectations

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  1. Thank you Mary. A beautiful reminder for this morning and every morning

  2. Lovely lift Mary. "Today is Big with Blessings" S&H by Mary Baker Eddy
    Thankyou Daily Lift Team!

  3. Thank you, Mary.

    Starting the day with prayer definitely sets the tone for the whole day and in a very good way.

    Christian Science is my morning meal. Grateful the "Daily Lift" is a part of it.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity,

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  4. Mrs. Eddy says, "walk here below, and wait for the full appearing of Christ till the long night is past and the morning dawns on eternal day." (Message for 1900, page 7.) It is 3am here in Maine.

  5. 9-7-2012-Mary Beattie-Morning expectations
    Not all of us may see kangaroos waking up in our morning walk, we may not even hear the sound of bike bell ringing, depending on what part of the world we are in.
    I know that if we listen attentively, we all can hear the peaceful sound of the voice of our Father-Mother God assuring us that all will be right.
    Love gives us endless opportunities to start all over again.
    Tal vez no todos veamos kanguros en nuestra caminata matutina, probablementa ni oigamos el sonido de la campanita de una bicicleta, depende en que parte del mundo nos encontremos.
    Se que si escuchamos atentamente, todos podamos oir el sereno sonido de la voz de nuestro Padre-Madre Dios asegurándonos que todo va a estar bien.
    El AMOR nos da oportunidades infinitas para volver a empezar.

  6. I am always inspired that it is the morning meal that Christian Scientists commemorate (S&H p.35). How refreshing it is to focus on life and health instead of wallowing all day in misery and self-pity.

  7. Thank you, Mary, for this lovely morning lift. When sometimes visiting my niece close to Canberra I felt the same closeness to Gods creation when seeing the kangaroo hopping away. This was a wonderful reminder for me.

  8. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for this lovely Lift. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Daily Lift Team, Nate and all of the Lifters for their comments this past week, Nela, J.S. in Kentucky, Robert (Brunswick) & many more for all of the love and healing that you share.

    When I was a child, every morning I would listen to the CS Hymns on tapes. There were a lot of challenges at school, but I found these hymns kept my thought elevated and helped to break the mesmerism or fear that may confront me for that day. I always left home with joy and expectation.

    One of the tapes had a short poem that dealt with a bird singing before the dawn, before knowing what the day was going to bring or even if it will get fed, it was there singing. That reminded me always to start the day with expectation, expressing individuality and being first to greet the day.

    I love mornings, always have. It is 3:52 a.m. in Barbados and I am wide awake. It is beautiful to see the morning unfold; those soft hues of inspiration that never co-mingle with darkness, strengthening as dawn becomes the day.

    One Monday as I was getting ready for work I worried over a problem I might have to face at work from the previous week. As I saw the sun rise I realized that in Barbados, the sun or light, NEVER greets the previous day; I therefore ought not to worry about the past. The day and week were harmonious.

    Again thanks and much love to all. Have a GREAT weekend!


    Thank you Mary for this reminder.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful lift! Today is big with blessings to those leaning on the sustaining Infinite (Science and Health, Preface, p. vii) You have illustrated this so well. Thank you, Troy (No. 8); thank you Daily Lift team!

  11. Dear Mary
    How uplifting and encouraging is this Daily Lift.
    Much gratitude for the guidance and direction you've shared and which will stay with me each morning.
    What a beautiful way for us all to welcome our day.

  12. An interesting thought from Troy (8) that the sun or light never greets the previous day - thank you for that. I love this lift, it is a real "lifter" right when we need it, first thing each morning. Kangaroos or no kangaroos, we can jump and leap and praise God - like the man who was healed of being a cripple - right at the start of our days. Although we don't have a pouch to keep our Bible and Science & Health in! - we have all we need to fill us with joy right here within us from first thing in the morning and throughout the day - and even in the night-time.

    I would like to express my thanks for these wonderful lifts, and all involved, and to all the comments which I find so inspiring.

  13. Many thanks Mary for this great reminder. Yes. "When the sun comes up, [we] look with expectation to see God's love being new every morning." "A glorious day is dawning,/ And o'er the waking earth/ The heralds of the morning/ Are springing into birth." (Christian Science Hymnal #2).

  14. I love light, the light of each day, the light of the one and only infinite, eternal day. I love Light! (That is the reason for my nickname given above). Expectation is the dawning of new and brighter light. Hymn #342 continues with instruction to: "Stand in His presence, unafraid,/
    In praise lift up your voice." For the reason that: "All perfect gifts are from above,/And all our blessings show/The amplitude of God's dear love/ Which every heart may know." A grand way to arise to each morning or new thought of understanding. Thank you Mary for this "enlightening" Lift.

  15. Thank you for for this great reminder " this is the day the Lord hath made be glad give thanks rejoice ".

  16. Thank you.

  17. What a great joy to hear this lift! And thank you to all others, especially Troy who brightened my day!

  18. Thank you, Mary.

  19. This is the day the Lord hath made so it can only bring good. Thanks for this inspiring lift, the comments, and especially that dear child speaking so distinctly at the end of the lift - it's been such a pleasure to hear.

  20. Lovely message! I also love mornings, each one a brand new day filled with God's goodness!

  21. What a wonderful reminder that we need to EXPECT GOOD, not ANTICIPATE "BAD" to happen. In reality, only good is present as evil( error) never has power/existence. Each day IS a brand new opportunity to see God's great love flowing forth to all of us, His beloved children. "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings. The wakeful shepherd beholds the first faint morning beams, ere cometh the full radiance of a risen day." ( Science and Health p. vii.)

    Thank you, Mary for this beautiful DL.

  22. The thought of fresh morning is so sweet.Thanks for a wonderful lift!

  23. Thank YOU Troy for the beautiful and profound comments you leave each day-I always look forward to reading your thoughtful insights and to hearing about your healings.
    I awoke after a restless night and was dwelling on that but your comment Troy that the sun never greets the previous day allowed me to let go of that and greet today with God-thank you
    Thank you Mary for this lovely lift this morning and the lift team for all the work that goes into delivering these lifts to us.

  24. Thanks, Mary, for “Morning expectations … emerge and show an alertness and expectancy that is particularly sharp in the morning … What am I expecting for this day? … ‘This is the day the Lord hath made; Be glad, give thanks, rejoice;’ … I look with expectation to see God’s love being new every morning.” Just before I read this Lift, I had been praying about how I might witness and express Godlikeness with greater consistency throughout each day. You have provided the answer. Thank you.

  25. Hey Troy from Barbdos (8), I beleive this is the poem you spoke of. It is one of my favorites.

    "Before the Dawn"
    By Lyle M. Crist
    From the Book by the CS Publishing Society "Ideas on Wings" 1978

    Before the dawn
    the song began!
    Before the sweep of light
    -no matter if it was moments or more-
    this backyard bird
    sang, knowing;
    his melody a harbinger.

    And I thought how
    often, only after rewards were given,
    I have sung-
    but how
    faith is a song
    before the dawn.

  26. Thank you so much, Mary. I think your ACT mornings might be considerably fresher than our Sunshine Coast early hours, where we are having more hours in each new day.
    Darren Nelson wrote a


    This day is Mind's -
    one with infinity, complete.
    Mind will impel, compel, refine, embrace,
    each hour and direction,
    every intricate design that may appear.

    Now letting go the clutch of time and space
    I move and feel and think, and have no fear.
    One Mind, one Love, which knows its own omnipotence, is All,
    is by reflection mine, and here.

    I cannot leave Love's presence, where I go
    I am already home.
    Mind makes this day,
    and I am satisfied.

    CSSentinel May 30, 1977

    Thank you Nate and the producers; the BoL and lecturers; and the ever awake and alert Daily Lifters.

  27. I am with you Troy… but not at 3:52! I find there is still time to see the day dawn by 5:30. :)

    It is wonderful to be awake to this changing view by the universal dawning of the day. It covers everyone in light.

    “The rays of infinite Truth, when gathered into the focus of ideas, bring light instantaneously,…“ S&H 504: 23

  28. Thank you Mary and special thanks to all the comments. We were listening at home and this was a very timely message, much needed today. It has made us re-think our thoughts and look forward expectantly to this new day.

  29. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot to everyone!

  30. perfect! Thanks Mary.

  31. reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

    "Watch your thoughts; they become words.
    Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habit.
    Watch your habits; they become character.
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."
    -Lao Tzu

  32. Thank you for this early morning reflection and expectation of the day that God has planned for us all.

  33. Hay una canción que dice: Cómo el sol cada mañana y sí cómo el sol cada mañana brilla el infinito Dios derramando Sus rayos alumbrando, acariciando con Su bondad.
    Siento que el Daily Lift cada mañana cumple ese rol de iluminar y inspirar acariciando nuestra consciencia con palabras certeras de amor, comprención y apoyo ayudando a despertar cada mañana con una nueva confianza que se manifiesta en el esfuerzo de realizar la tarea y que es de muchos para que nosotros la recibamos y nos benficiemos con ella, por eso el profundo agradecimiento a este lazo que nos une en una hermandad de amor hacia Dios despertando un anhelo de progreso, porque es muy importante también que podamos expresar nuestro sentir compartiendo nuestras inquietudes que son fruto de sentir la Ciencia Cristiana en todo su valor y aplicación.

    Muchas gracias Mary, que bendición que brille en nuestros corazones diariamente el Amor.

  34. Thank you so much for this wonderful, clear message, Mary. Once I was able to spend some time in Australia and I remember how amazing the kangaroos looked haloed in early morning light. Now I'll always associate the memory with this thought.
    And thank you, too, Troy, for your always-helpful, generous sharing...

  35. Thank you to Mary for this gentle reminder of our daily bread, new every morning.

    I feel great gratitude to the quiet committee that gives us a very big gift every morning -- our wonderful Bible Lesson. After listening to the sweet words of the Daily Lift, I turn to the Bible and Science and Health for the day's inspiration. This daily lesson is my morning meal of instruction, and is like taking a class in Christian Science seven days a week -- an ongoing, unfolding, growing understanding of our dear Father and my relationship to Him. I also feel great gratitude to Mary Baker Eddy for giving us the Bible Lessons as our spiritually inspired Sunday sermon, free of human opinion. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who bring us the Bible Lessons.

  36. Tom for Daytona, THANK YOU!! I was looking for it and could not find it anywhere, not even on Google. Thanks to all of the supporting comments and your healing poems and thoughts.

    I was off to work when I saw your post Tom.

    Mary this Lift (as with others) is a demonstration of the loaves and fishes; with a few small words many share and many are healed.

  37. NJB Florida

    Dear Mary, Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder that each new day has so much to offer. That it can't be the same as yesterday.. I love from Psalms 143: 8 "Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust:"

    I am so very greatful for these Daily Lifts.

  38. This is an angel message for me this morning. I am very grateful for the reminder to be open to all of God's blessings from this new day.

  39. Truly lovely. I was sitting on the patio this morning drinking my coffee, when I saw a hawk take off from a low tree. As he flew over my head, I could hear the flapping of his wings. It was an awesome sound. I love waking up with the gentleness of nature all around. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and blessings with us!

  40. Thank you for this beautiful morning thought. As I was driving along the great River Road on the Mississippi this morning there was an incredilbe and inspiring sunrise that reminded me also of the great promise of a beautiful day--a promise directly from God painted by His infinite beauty and grandeur. This is indeed the day the Lord hath made!

  41. I love it! Thank you, Mary for this wonderful reminder gracefully put to us.

  42. Muy agradecida Mary por tu magnífico Lift!!! Al empezar la jornada diaria recuerdo lo que dice el salmista:
    ' Este es el día que hizo Jehová ; nos gozaremos y alegraremos en él ' ( s 118). Por tanto, este Día debe ser bueno, lleno de bendiciones . Aunque se presenten desafíos - todo conducirá al progreso espiritual.
    El apostol Pablo expresó: '..a los que aman a Dios , todas las cosas les ayudan a bien' ( Rom 8: 28)

    Mrs. Eddy lo manifiesta así : ' Para los que se apoyan en el Infinito sostenedor, el día de Hoy está lleno de bendiciones' (cys pref ) .

    Siendo justos y agradecidos podemos ver que cada instante del día somos bendecidos por el Padre .
    El va guiando cada paso del Camino hacia un desarrollo mas elevado y mejor entendimiento del Ser.
    Por tanto, las expectativas diarias tendrían que ser ' lo mejor ' para todos .

    Agradezco los inspirados comentarios previos y al equipo que hace posible estos Daily Lifts.
    Un abrazo grande y mucho Amor a todos, Ma. Cristy

  43. Thank you for another wonderful lift,full of reminders of God's love.Not long ago I experienced a restless Saturday night where if I closed a window the room felt hot and close,and if I opened it there was humidity and too much heat with intermittent heavy,heavy rainfall. So by morning,I felt quite bashed around!
    However,I would be reading at our morning service,so leaned heavily on God.As I headed downstairs for breakfast,I happened to look out at my garden. There was the most beautiful lily spreading itself out in glory,facing the sun and simply shining.Well, I thought, that pretty thing has lived through the same heat and humidity and pouring rain that I experienced.What a lift that was to me!.Just what I needed to go forth and shine.And I felt I really did.How blessed was the day that followed.

  44. Lovely, Mary. Many thanks................ and for me, the comments (which are always wonderful) were over the top inspiring. What a good day God has given us!

  45. I used to love to run every day from Joseph McNabb House at Principia College down to Elsah and up the river to Chautauqua and back. It was 14 miles as I recall. Always I was looking for eagles, and finding them from time to time. I liked to sing familiar hymns to myself to keep myself company if I was alone.
    It is amazing what good things we remember from long ago. With the Daily Lift on my cell phone I can hear the podcast in the early morning at stable or diner or anyplace that the cell phone towers reach.
    Thanks for the podcast.

  46. This is such a beautiful Lift. Morning brings God's love anew. That love had never left us but the morning brings to light all the blessings that await us. Yesterday I was disappointed over workmen who didn't show up to finish a project as had been planned but decided the God had other plans since I had turned the whole project over to him. The disappointmentI didn't last as I had a most constructive day and accomplished many things I wouldn't have been able to.
    Thanks Mary for this reminder of God's love for each of us fresh and new each morning.

    Thanks to Nate for his cheerful greeting each morning and for all the hard work the team does to bring us these Lifts.

  47. I want to thank you ALL for sharing ... after 20 years of absence from Christian Science I can listen to the weekly bible lesson and hear wonderful and inspiring real people YOU ... I fell welcome and happy, Thank you and thank God for his everlasting presence.
    Carlos Diaz
    Mexicali, Mexico

  48. Thank you for another great lift, and thank you Troy... beautiful imagery and spirit! Thank you Jackie (31)... For the essential reminder that our thoughts and words are the "creators" of our immediate experiences and material surroundings, so focus on God, Good, and pray without ceasing!

  49. In spite of being very tired, I went to bed last night restless and disturbed about something and had to pray to quiet my thought for rest. This morning, before I heard & read the Lift, the concerns started to replay. What a beautiful antidote this Lift and wonderful comments were! Thank you. The prayers and appreciation inspired by these Lifts expressed here from around the world, brought a new sense of "praying without ceasing" to my consciousness - aware of the prayers by others as I rested ; waiting to greet me when I opened the Lift. I am moved to keep my thought filled with fresh "morning expectations" not just to smooth out my day, but with the added understanding that my clarity and prayers may reach someone in need of support and encouragement; that we all participate in divine Love's unbroken chain of prayers that never cease.

  50. We're glad you are back, Carlos. Welcome home!
    This is a lovely lifting reminder.

  51. Thank you - for the lovely Lift and for all the contributions. You have all lifted my heart.

  52. How joyous and comforting !!! Thank you Mary.

  53. Thank you very much! I'm ready for this day now and expecting only God's goodness!

  54. Thank you for this invigorating wake-up call.

  55. Thank you for the morning refreshment!

    In Ps. 30:5, we read: "weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning".
    We hear those same words in Hymn 425 in the Christian Science Hymnal. It was one of Mary Baker Eddy's favorite hymns.

  56. Thanks you Mary,
    Thinking of the Christ , first thing in the morning, starts the day right.
    The Bible studies are next, and i am ready to meet the days "doing"

  57. "This is the day which the Lord hath made;
    we will rejoice and be glad in it," (Psalms118:24 KJV)

  58. Thank you so much for this beautiful 'morning lift'. There are three 'morning hymns' which I play over almost every morning on the piano and their message is truly inspiring: Nº 2 (A glorious day is dawning), Nº 317 (Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh), and Nº 425 (Joy coming in the morning). And I love Mary Baker Eddy's definition of "Morning" (Science & Health, p. 591) as "Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress."

    There is an old saying that "the sun never sets on the British Empire". When the sun is setting here in Canada, it is rising in our fellow Commonwealth countries of Australia and New Zealand. But, more importantly, the sun never sets on God's creation. What a wonderful thought that no matter what the clock says, it is always morning somewhere on the globe! There is nowhere in God's universe where spiritual dawn is not unfolding and where revelation and progress is not taking place!

  59. Thank you Mary for a lovely lift! And as always thanks for the comments from others which add so much to the podcast. Thanks especially to Margaret from Sunshine Coast, I love that poem! I'll look it up on JSH online - another wonderful resource! Blessings to all this Christly community!
    Judith from Reno NV

  60. Mary,
    How beautiful is your (and our) vision of dawning and awakening to God's radiant goodness! Thank you for sharing. I love the scientific definition of God's DAY in Science and Health, p. 584:1 This CS hymn continues to inspire. The words are by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the renowned author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

    Hymn 317
    Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh,
    When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee,
    Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight,
    Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.

  61. Hey, hey, Mary from Canberra! That was Terrific! I could almost see those sleepy kangaroos hopping to it! I couldn't get into the Daily LIft this early a.m. (I'm a 4:00 a.m. riser) - so I went for my hour run and it was amazing! I "got" the Daily Lift thru God's messages to me this morning! I heard things like, "Keep your thought uplifted and expectant of Good." "See All Good everywhere!" The wonderful ideas just kept flowing and when I got back and was able to get on the Lift - there it all was again! Is there just One Mind or what? Yes, "Morning has broken, like the First Morning....." - a favorite song of the '70's by Cat Stevens. All the comments today seemed to just bubble over with Joy! Now I know why Christian Scientists are so Joyful! Lovely Weekend of endless Mornings of Good to All! XOXO

  62. It is so true that morning brings us light and renewal. I always wait until morning to make a final decision because I expect the best answer to come from God, and I seem to realize the Truth better in the morning. It just comes so clear and obvious, and I am confident that the decision I make is from God.

    Thank you to Mary, and the entire team.

  63. Mary and Lift Team, thank you for this wonderful and True message!! This is the day the Lord has made, and it is beautiful and full of promise. Wonderful comments too (thank you all). I will expect good that God gives all of us!
    Beautiful day to all :-)

  64. What lovely thoughts about the morning! Yours were my first "listen" this A.M. ... Thank you, Mary.

  65. Thank you.

  66. What fun to join this "Wake-up and give God the glory" community. Blessings galore on each of you "lifting" commentors. Bindi (my "winter" dog) and I go to the beach to get the sun up each morning. Yesterday we had a whale-of-a-tail splashing splashing splashing as the sun gently rose from the ocean horizon. Earlier this week a kangaroo had "first tracks" and we followed him all the way to the river! Joy to the world! The Lord has come! Glory: blossoming of every Godlike quality. Thank you dear Mary. Thank you, Nate. Thank you Board of Lectureship. Thank you all involved.

  67. Mary ,
    Thanks for the morning fresh perspective , innocent animals awakening is the kind of thought that I want to let into my consciousness .It will help me see God's real man throughout the day ! Great work !!!

  68. One day when the sky was alive in glorious colors, my little grandson remarked, God sure does paint beautiful doesn't he? The sky in Idaho is just thrilling to see everyday. The smoke has caused everything to be glowing in a pink cast. The cattle, (brown and white ones) are pink and brown the way the light hits. Thanks everyone for your input. Thy kingdom is come. with love.

  69. Thanks soooo much Mary & the wonderful
    lifts around the world... i n s p i r i n g!

  70. Thank you.A lovely wake-up message and lovely voice.

  71. Yepp, innocent morning expectations - so lovely -
    and each day a new start with confidence and Love.
    Some time ago my mornings had always started with my meowing cat, which was sitting in front of the kitchen-door, waiting outside after an active night, stretching each of her legs - with a fresh expectation of a hug and nice food - and all was well for her. She felt safe and loved and just at home.
    So, we can feel safe and guided too in God`s kingdom - He always has an open door for us.

  72. Just superb...Mary and all! What a rich blessing to read and feel and share as we witness this reality, God's allness, new every day.

  73. What a great practice. What a wonderful reminder! Thank you

  74. Thanks for this treasure chest inspired by your dear message, Mary.

  75. Thanks Mary....your quote of our Hymn #342..."This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad give thanks rejoice...." is something I say each morning before I put my feet on the ground when I get up....AND, many times during the day....as a reminder of who is in control of my day.....THANKS FOR SHARING THIS.....

  76. Every morning, before waking up, I thank God for this day, and for the care that I am getting from 4 devoted Nurse Aides. I pray for them to reflect God's love for them. They are not C/S. So what! They are dedicated, really dedicated in their work. I feel very fortunate, to have the care that I have. To be home, and not in a care facility. Believe me, the days go very harmoniously. Even my son can't believe it. Taking every thing to God, no matter what the material circumstances, does make a difference. That difference is seeing every thing as a blessing, instead of what mortal mind sees. The most wonderful thing in this world is the discovery of C/S by Mary Baker Eddy.

  77. Thank you Mary.

  78. Thank you, Mary. I needed this early today. It has been hectic, with remembering my auto insurance expires after Sunday. My agent's contract was terminated. I'd lost track of days & learned I can't renew the same policy with a different agent in time to be covered, yet must use my car daily to get ice until I get a fridge. Ice would melt if I had to walk 1&1/2 miles. So I didn't do what you wisely tell us in this Lift, and I already knew I should. However, reaching for help, I found comfort in your last words, about God's love being new every morning. It came to me that His love doesn't grow stale or weaker as the day progresses, so this afternoon, I still can reach for & receive that renewed goodness for me. That is what I 've done, and it is helping. I'm finding reliable insurance, with better coverage, at much less than I was paying, and it will go into effect right on time. Most important, I've once more proved God's love is here right now. I'll start tomorrow with morning expectations! #8 Troy , Thank you for so many inspiring thoughts and kind words, and for the poem which #25 Tom fully provided, so Thanks Tom, too! Thanks to EVERYONE for today's CHEERFUL comments! Thanks #26 Margaret, for another inspiring poem! #31 Jackie, Thanks for sharing! #47 Carlos, Welcome back, now you'll find this is family here.! Can't afford JSH-online, so thanks to those who share. #76 Tobias, you are very much up and about with your sharing and love!

  79. What sincere and generous sharing! We are truly enriched by everyone's confirmation of God's Love available to mankind all the time. The response of the lifters has reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy's statement, "... to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good." Warm thanks to everyone for their contributions that bear out this fact.

  80. Greetings to my fellow-born Canadians. I am now a U.S. of A. citizen since 1979, but still have cousins in BC and Ontario. I spent today at my reading room shift, and one caller wanted help with her birds.
    She was worried about chicks that were absent from their parents due to turkey vultures. She had bought bird seed, but I cautioned her that without knowing what kind of chicks she was dealing with, she could give them something that is bad for them. Not all birds should be fed by humans without knowing their diet in the wild. Also feeding them will make them stay at her window, which may not be healthy for them in the long run. Dependency on humans is not always right and sometimes it is not what we are allowed to do, such as in state or federal parks. It is best to leave them alone, and watch, or perhaps get the management wildlife officer to investigate.
    I take care of chickens sometimes, and dogs and cats and horses should only be handled if they are domesticated and someone can help with the food requirements, which are different for each individual animal.
    Thank you for all the helpful Daily Lift Podcasts. The Lifts always get me above the picture of lack that seems to be real. We can rejoice that between dawn, and dawn, and dawn, some good is unfolding. I love the great musical interludes too.

  81. What a gem of a lifting thought! thanks Mary for such a great approach. Who said that Christian Science is difficult to put into practice?

    en español

    ¡Qué joya de pensamiento elevador! Gracias Mary por tal hermoso enfoque. ¿Quién dijo que la Ciencia Cristiana es difícil de poner en práctica?

  82. Dear Mary,
    After hearing your waking message and having seen many of those kangaroos in the bush ...I thought I would just say a simple little thank you to you a nd all who make Daily Lifts possible......BUT how many thank yous
    I had to scroll down past ....so many thanks to start a day...I thought it would never end....God bless you dear Mary for your love to us all

  83. Thank you Mary for the wonderful Lift. Also thanks for all
    the helpful comments. I am also so grateful for all that
    the Mother Church is doing including making these Lifts

  84. Mary, this was such an inspiration. I'm going to try to wake up like the deer. Thanks so much.

  85. A belated thank you Mary and everyone; just getting back to the daily lift after a trip and away from the computer. For years I've kept a collection of "morning" notes of inspiration from hymns, Bible verses, poems, passages from the writings of MBE and elsewhere and these sharings have added to that collection. What a joy to know so many who are awaking each day with specific thoughts about the blessings of for and of the day. Amen. Thanks Nate and your DL team.

  86. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....I have always been a "sunset person". My view faces west overlooking Lake Erie and I enjoy magnificent sunsets. Listening to your morning expectations I am now inspired to get out of bed when I awake at 4:00am and can't get back to sleep. I am excited.....this could open a new world of thought to start my day. Oh yes.....I must share an evening expectation I experienced in Australia on St. Philips Island many years ago! After a long bus ride we gathered on the beach awaiting the fairy penguins arrival.....we were to be very quiet and were not permitted to use flashlights. After a period of time we saw these tiny creatures start to come up out of the water! It was breathtaking. As they passed by closely you could see their cheeks filled with food that they were bringing back to their babies who were waiting in their nests along the beach. Thank you for bringing back that lovely memory. What a blessing.

  87. Love to receive lessons from our fellow creatures.
    Always palatable.
    I like the music this week.

  88. Mrs Eddy speaks of "... there is no night there." If you take away the night, there is only left the "glories of one endless day" And that is where we dwell, actually.
    Thank you for the joyous lift. and to each who brought something wonderful to our morning meal.

  89. Awesome... thank you for this wonderful lift!

  90. Mary - a beautiful lift . . . love the idea that the "new" day never touches the "old" day - it is like having a clean chalk board each day . . . we should erase ALL of the negative thoughts from the day before.

    Keep up your good work as we do appreciate it!

    Best from,

  91. Thanks Mary for such a wonderful reminder of morning refreshment and just living in the now. The past is gone and a new awakening comes with a new dawn. I also love all the inspirational comments this one generated ;-)

  92. wow! running late certainly has its benefits! taking time to read all the inspiring comments - what a rich feast of inspiration as i start this day. Thank you again Mary, and all those wonderful Cs family members who reach around the world and make this 'meeting'happen. so beautiful.
    Now I am off to walk along a little piece of our beautiful coastline and wonder at the never ceasing power and life of our oceans and beautiful beaches

    another wonderful day!

  93. Morning refreshment! Love thinking of the waling Kangaroos, too. Thank you!

  94. Thank you Mary for this Daily Lift!! It was perfect!!

  95. Thanks for this post. I don’t know a large number of links to forums but my friends seem to be able to spend a lot of time on them that’s for sure.

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