9/30: Look at you!

9/30: Look at you!

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  1. Due to technical difficulties with ChristianScience.com this morning, we've lost all comments submitted for today's Daily Lift and understand they are not retrievable. We're sorry for this inconvenience.

  2. I too attended a 50th high school reunion and heard comments similar to what Norm heard. A classmate then reconnected by e-mail and commented that it made her happy to see me happy. The Daily Lift helps me focus on the real me and the real everybody I encounter throughout the day with joy. Thank you.

  3. i couldn't agree more. Thank yo.

  4. Love the music! I am spending the weekend with at least four high school "girl friends" whom I haven't seen for a year. This lift is perfect for me to see past any aging suggestion for any of us. Thank you so much!

  5. This is AEWSOME! ….I just Love this Norm
    Already put this thought to use this morning. Have to share
    One of our dogs started limping the day before yesterday. I have been praying and working for him and there has been some progress but this morning he was not walking at all on his little paw As we went outside to play with the other big dogs I was holding this little guy in my bathrobe. I then thought of your lift and I simply stretched out my arms and looked at him as you would a baby and said
    “Look at YOU!”. That was it…(so much love backing up those words) He is perfect, running, happy (no limping label or what might have happened to him to get this way label ect ALL simply removed!) WOW!

    I will try to NEVER read a badge (material label) on anyone
    or any little creature or any situation or myself
    (figure out the human scene)

    Our job it to “behold the Perfect man” right NOW!!!!
    And what a loving healing correct thing to do to see each other as complete, perfect, whole changeless

    S&H 476:28
    Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy.

    Happy Day Everyone
    Love you my Daily Lift Family
    (Love the comments that were posted Maybe they will re-post)
    Certainly Grateful for the Daily Lift!

  6. Dont worry Daily Lift team....Love is at the HELM!!!!! Thank you Norm for telling us that we are always spiritual and nothing changes. That is a wonderful Truth and backed by Divine Authority.

  7. Norm, so glad you could attend! Wish I could have been there. But really appreciate your insights as always. So important to remember "who we are looking at" each and every day!

  8. Good one, Norm. Thanks for the perspective. And, it goes without saying -- don't ever change.

  9. Love our Daily Lift Family too. What would we do without this TRUTH? My teacher
    said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT?" I listened to a short talk twice last night of
    her GOOD words. Got up this morning to Norman's timely talk. I missed my reunion
    last weekend because my Son's new wife arrived form Italy and we had a WELCOME
    HOME PARTY for her and it was TOO late to go to the reunion right across the street
    from my house, but I put FIRST THINGS FIRST. GOD, FAMILY, CHURCH.

    A friend attended and told me how OLD everyone looked. LOOK AT YOU, would
    have been a better analogy. I'm SO GRATEFUL for the TRUTHS we have to
    CORRECT our thinking about our fellow man.

    Thank you Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy and all our teachers and Sentinels,
    Journals, Weekly Bible Lessons and this DAILY LIFT FAMILY of LOVE. Thanks Norman, Gwen in Kansas City, MO.

  10. Thanks, Norm!
    Always grateful for your great reminders.

  11. What a helpful analogy. I will look at myself and others differently today. Many thanks

  12. Posting this on Facebook. I saw you at that reunion, and you haven't changed a bit. You're still perfect!

  13. Well Look at you Norm..You did it again. So simple and perfect. A great reminder to remember our perfection... Thanks for all your lovely heart warming Lifts... Jim

  14. It is impossible for lovely spiritual ideas to be lost! They are in their right place for us all to benefit from.
    I will look forward to reading them anon. and saying "Look at them!"

  15. Thank you for this wonderful Lift, Norm!! I remember looking at pictures in our alumni magazine of groups celebrating 50th reunions and thinking, "Wow, those people really look OLD". And now, that's me!! But I don't feel old, and I'm sure they didn't either....so grateful that Christian Science shows us who we really are and that we are living an eternal life, now and always. Thank you for the love and joy and fun you bring to your Lifts; they are much appreciated

  16. Thanks Norm. Last weekend I opened the front door and saw the best man at our wedding, whom we hadn't seen in many years. Had I passed him on the street, I wouldn't have recognized Ron. But as we exchanged stories, we felt the warm glow of friendship. Always a funny guy, his sense of humor had helped him over the rough patches. Wiser, we could appreciate the many qualities in a brighter light and understood why the bond of friendship had been forged many years ago.

  17. Thank you Norm for the exceptionally wonderful and inspiring lift! Yes, because sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees.

  18. Material sight reads the name tag; vision embraces the I AM.

  19. Thank you Norm.

  20. Thank you, Norm. Another wonderful, applicable, Lift for the day! Great. And we'll help our Lift Team get through the "wrinkles" of updated technology. :-) Luv to all.

  21. Good one Norm. Let's look to God for our validation.

  22. Nice! Thanks, Norm.

  23. Wow, i needed that! Seeing my unchanged image of God is soooo freeing! No need to go any further! Thanks Norm.

  24. Yahoo!! What a great message.

  25. Thank you, Norm.

  26. So many ideas came from this lift. When I attend my high school reunion in October, I will be thinking of many of these things with great joy. Thanks, everyone.

  27. Thank you Norm, for talking to our Daily Lift Family reunion, held each weekday. Looking at myself gets tricky, if I don't take steps to get a pure & perfect view. My reflection in water makes me look wet. Water currents or wind cause distortion. In a mirror, I have a glassy look. Dust, smears, or scratches on the mirror will appear to be part of the face. A older Christian Science book for children, “The House with Colored Windows”, (don't remember author), tells of children in a house where each window is a different color, so a white horse looks blue to one child, while it looks yellow to another at a different window. Some lights on mirrors cause a shine, or even blind our view, but good light is needed to see better. (“There is none good but one,” Mark 10:18) There's no physical way to get a perfect look at ourselves. Defects in thinking, and defects in what object we try to see ourselves in, give defective views, a defective looking man. You wisely tell us to look to God to get clear views of His creation. Job 11:13-19 (to ;) describes man, God's perfect idea. It says to prepare our hearts, and reach toward God. It says if iniquity is in our hand, put it far away. Iniquity is not in us, but an error we may think we have to hold. Following this council, it says we SHALL lift up our head without spot. No aging (verse 17) or danger, for it says we'll be in safety,. We'll be seen unchanged from creation, in the one good light of God. Wonderful WOW! Heather!

  28. Kathryn

    God the unchanging (hymn 359) > man the unchanging. Love it!

    It doesn't matter if you click the X or OK, the comment is still submitted.

  29. Norm - thanks for that great message. I did notice, however, that some your hair has slipped from your forehead to your chin.
    NORM'S NOTE:Ah, gravity. But that's a subject for another Lift.

  30. Yes, this is a perfect, ageless message for us to
    hold close. Today is my birthday and my gratitude
    includes the best gift I ever received that has
    lasted my lifetime -- my parents. They also
    introduced me to our universal parent and through
    them, Christian Science.

  31. What a great handle to have ready in thought! Thanks!!!

  32. Love the message.

  33. That's great! Our ID is intact, the image of Spirit, God!
    Thank you Norm!

  34. What fun to hear your voice, Norm, with the beautiful reminder of the perfection of all of God's creation.
    I shall put it into practice at my 65th reunion next week.

  35. Nate, this time you & the DL Team receive our healing prayers. I'm expecting good. Nothing is lost to divine Mind. I've prayed already for 14 comments not transferred to Lyle Young's Lift, and Evan Mehlenbacher's count to match the 115 comments (not missing) when the change was made (I sent this in). One,14, or a day's comments are not beyond God. I wondered if (for Lyle's) the one who commented they printed Daily Lift comments, had printed those later ones. If so, it could be sent to you to replace. We've had several recent Lifts that apply to today's claim of technology error. Thank you for your honesty. I hadn't submitted mine until minutes ago. You've taken the 1st step, God does the rest. S&H 215: “If Spirit, Soul, could.....be lost, then being and immortality would be lost, together with all the faculties of Mind; but being cannot be lost while God exists. Being, definition: “Existence; Substance, or essence of anything existent; That which exists as an actuality or entity in time or space, in idea or matter; also that which is logically conceivable, hence capable of existence.” Those comments were ideas of God, His words to the ones receiving them and typing them out for us. Isa 55:11says, “So shall my word that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” See also S&H 302: 8-9, 359: 29-3, 470: 28-5. I can't wait to read the testimony!!!

  36. What a wonderful reminder to see the real, spiritual man as each of us was created by God, and not to pay heed to the "badges" and masks that mortal man would have us wear. Thank you, Norm.

  37. Nate, again, maybe submitters can re-submit the lost ones on other Lifts posted late yesterday & early today. I read them around 6AM, give or take an hour or so. Mine is not on Ginny's, she had 101 early this AM, now shows 78 count. Mine was about at that place number. It was submitted around mid afternoon yesterday.I can send mine again. Mark's is short 1, counted same time, and Martha's is short 2 in count. I haven't counted the postings, so maybe the count is wrong & the correct # is showing in the comments. Let us know if we can help recover these, too.

    When the website went down we had to use a saved older version of the site. That is why their are comments missing from a number of Lifts. We're happy to re-post any that are submitted.

  38. Thanks, Norm. I appreciate this lift - so important to remember during 'reunions'!

  39. These comments make me think of the Broadway Musical --- IS THERE LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL?
    There certainly is! But at every step of experience we must focus on infinite Life and Its infinite manifestation. If we loose that focus, even for a short time, the events of the day may become overwhelming. When that occurs a moment of divine inspiration will "turn back the clock." Mary Baker Eddy used the words "measurements"--- "opinions" and "limits" in the glosary definition of TIME (S&H p.595}. So there really isn't a "clock" when we look at our true self.

  40. I love the explanation of this "Look at You" statement. Muchas gracias Norm :-)

  41. I love this!! Thank you for sharing. I worked with this similar idea for a family member this week...and the healing was quick.

  42. Thank you very much Norm, for your wonderful lift!
    Nate, my yesterday comment was also missed but, never mind!
    Everything I´m supposed to read, learn and assimilate is always at my hand since God cares for me ever!

  43. It brought a tear—of recognition. thanks Norm!

  44. I thought I knew where you were going with this, Norm, and then I got a curve ball :) I was thinking at first that yes, we (I) can ALWAYS go back to my original being, consciously, as the child of God-----if I've gotten off track or lost my way-----there is absolute recourse to come home, to remember the Truth of my Being, and become again the unchanging reflection. Being a work in progress is so well begun with the initial understanding. Your lift today is in tandem, with me, with Evan Mehlbacher's 9/19 lift, which to me meant God as the One, original Creator and Principle. Thanks so much, Norm. I love your deliveries so much and you have a wonderful tone! Blessings.

  45. .....and you REALLY haven't, Norm! Thank you so much. Terrific reminder.

  46. Thanks for a powerful, loving message, applicable to all......
    peace and blessings, C

  47. I have found that when I go to reunions everyone seems so much better than in the old school days. I have found that as people mature they discover more and more of their real identity. There isn't any longer the desire to impress. As we grow we drop the fake and let the real man shine through.

  48. Thank you.

  49. This is my lost comment from early this morning.
    Many thanks Norm for sharing " That expression of completeness is permanent...You haven't changed a bit!" "In heavenly Love abiding,/ No change my heart shall fear;/ And safe is such confiding,/ For nothing changes here." (Christian Science Hymnal #148)

  50. Thank you, Norm!

    The new chgs to Your Daily Life are fine except that it is harder to read the comments because they go beyond my view on the screen and I have to go back and forth with the arrows to see it all. Guess my computer needs a face lift!

  51. Thank you Norm that is wonderful to here we are awesome, makes you day start real well to know your are AWESOME Just to feel Gods presence with you right now lifts you up to be closer to God.

  52. Thanks, Norm, as always you give us a great lift, with much to think about! What a wonderful way to think of ourselves--God's perfect child!

  53. I’m so vain!
    A friend recently told me of a facelift she had and immediately I thought, " I could change my..." then I thought of the words of the familiar CS hymn 148, "In heavenly Love abiding, no change my heart shall fear" (it continues, "and safe is such confiding, for nothing changes here".)
    I thought, God's Love for His children never change. God created each of us complete and completely good. That was the man Jesus saw right there where everyone else saw the sick or the sinner. Jesus never let appearances stop him from seeing God’s perfect image and we can do the same, so go ahead, look in the mirror and see God's unchanging image.
    ESPAÑOL: ¡Soy tan vana!
    Una amiga recientemente me contó de una cirujía estética que se hizo en la cara y yo inmediatamente pensé, “Yo podría cambiarme…” entonces pensé las palabras del familiar himno de la Ciencia Cristiana número 148, “No teme cambios mi alma si mora en santo Amor” (sigue, “segura es tal confianza no hay cambios para Dios”.)
    Pensé, el Amor de Dios por Sus hijos nunca cambia. Dios nos creó a cada uno de nosotros completos y completamente bien. Eso fue lo que Jesús vio allí mismo donde los demás veían a enfermos y al pecadores. Jesús no dejó que las apariencias le impidieran ver la perfecta imagen de Dios y nosotros podemos hacer lo mismo, asi que atrévete, mírate en el espejo y verás la imagen de Dios que nunca cambia.

  54. To bd: To fit the whole page in your screen you might need to change the screen resolution or
    make the font smaller.
    You can also try holding the Control key and hitting the minus sign how many times you need till it fits comfortably. This also works to enlarge the font, however, this works only in your PC with Internet Explorer or Firefox, with the Mac I am not sure.

  55. I also attended my high school reunion, so this really rings a bell. It was a joyful occcasion for this very reason.....we had not changed; at least "metaphysically". I am grateful for the perspective Chistian Science gives to our human experiences. How wonderful to look at things from a spiritual viewpoint. Thank you for this refreshing analysis.

  56. Technical difficulties are not going to deter me to stop saying thanks. Apparently my comments for the last three 'elevating thoughts' have disappeared (I have been very busy and made comments to 'Stand Still', 'God' and 'Look at you!' late yesterday). As I don't normally keep record of what I have written, I am going to put a new message which combines all three in one:
    God is All-in-all and man is His image and likeness, as we learn in Christian Science, therefore it is easy to grasp how healing occurs by spiritual understanding: I stand still, listen only to God and look at myself and all others as spiritual and perfect. That is all. Thanks to Martha, Ginny and Norm for those really inspiring messages.

    En español

    Las dificultades técnicas no me van a disuadir de dar gracias. Aparentemente mis comentarios de los últimos tres 'pensamientos elevadores' han desaparecido (He estado muy ocupado e hice comentarios a "Stand Still”, “God” and “Look at you!” ayer tarde). Como normalmente no llevo un registro de lo que escribo, voy a poner un nuevo mensaje que combina los tres en uno
    Dios es Todo-en-todo y el hombre es Su imagen y semejanza, como aprendemos en la Ciencia Cristiana, así que es fácil comprender cómo la curación ocurre por el entendimiento espiritual: Me quedo quieto, escucho solamente a Dios y me veo a mí mismo y a todos los demás como espirituales y perfectos. Eso es todo. Gracias a Martha, Ginny y Norm por esos verdaderos mensajes inspiradores.

  57. Great point!!!

  58. Love this daily lift and I love the way you presented it. Thank you!

  59. Thanks so much Norm. This lift has meant a lot to me today. To bd - I had the same problem until I changed the zoom level (see bottom right of your screen) from 100% to 75% . It worked! To all you commenters and the BOL - what a wonderful family to be part of. Thank you all.

  60. Thanks, Norm. I like the look more each day proportionately as my acquaintance with my Father/Mother becomes clearer. "They" changed the Windex formula, so I understand. Still a good buy.

  61. Thanks, Norm. This Daily Lift is so good. You reminded me in such a way to continue to look at myself and all as God's Perfect Children, like Our Father, Mother God made us....you reminded me and it did lift my spirit....thanks, again......

  62. Gracias, Norm! What a thought-lift! Much needed encouragement to see our perfect selves, regardless of how others may see us. And a touching reminder and assignment -- to see everyone we meet (or hold in thought) as "the perfect man" -- and to expect healing results!

    Science and Health, p. 476: "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy."

  63. Thank you for that beautiful Lift. When I read all the comments I feel like i'm being reunited with each and everyone of you, for we were all together "When the morning stars sang together." (Job 38:7)

  64. Long ago, my grandmother must have attended a lecture. There was a quote from the talk on a blank page in her Science and Health. It said: "Remember, the you who's really you has nothing wrong with it." Our real identity is in our O.R.I.G.I.N......O.nly R.evealed I.n God's I.nfinite N.ature...changeless. So, here's lookin' at you, too, Norm, and thanking you for this sharing!

  65. Hi Norm, I loved it! It made my day! I always enjoy hearing your uplifting thoughts on our Daily Lift.

  66. This is such a good Lift that i wish to forward it to a classmate but not seeing the way to proceed.

    To forward any Daily Lift by e-mail, please click on the image of an envelop below the Daily Lift player.

  67. Many of my school year are still good friends, and enjoy a reunion every year - we are now up to 54 years.

    It is so good to remember the qualities of each one as I knew them back then. It makes it easier to lift off the 'stuff', the events, that have accumulated since then and not confuse that with their real identity.

  68. Daily lift always helpful---sometimes we slip away from the correct perspective,but you and your bring us nicely back.

  69. Thank you Norm. It is always good to Look at You! I appreciate your uplifting thoughts.

  70. here's lookin' at you Norm! Great lift. Good to hear you! :) lots of love, Ann Benson - and Jim too :)

  71. Thank you for this inspirational reminder!!!!!

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