9/30: Expect the dawn

9/30: Expect the dawn

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  1. Thank you Suzanne for this Lift filled with hope and expectation of good. Dawn represents the first appearing of light on the horizon. The light of the dawning of spiritual understanding in our consciousness brings with it a glimpse of absolute truth. This light certainly chases the darkness of mortal beliefs away. It brings with it an anticipation of the wholeness of God's idea here on earth. I'm reminded of a passage in S&H, by Mary Baker Eddy (page 209), "Nearness, not distance, lends enchantment to this view." A side note: Last week several lifters made mention of the classic article,"God's Law of Adjustment by Adam H. Dickey. I would like to share the story behind the article from the book We knew Mary Baker Eddy Vol.II. "Dickey's well-known article "God's Law of Adjustment" was published in 1916, inspired in part by these remarks Eddy made to him: "Today divine Mind adjusts me to my work and adjusts my work to me. Under the law of adjustment, God's law, my work, must be successful. Through steadfast declaration, work, and worker, buyer and seller, are brought together[,]...and God's perfect law is brought into manifestation," Dickey strove for many years to understand and demonstrate the truth of these remarks before writing about them." Thank you.

  2. Beautiful, thank you.

  3. Thank you! So beautiful a backdrop to illume the beauty of Truth, thanks!

  4. Cherishing even a small ray- this is where I will begin my day now in consciousness as I wake tomorrow to my new morning- a day holding significant challenges in a court of law, but full of God's dear love for me, mine and our so-called adversaries. Thank you Suzanne- this is our help in time of need.

  5. Illuminating,Suzanne, just like the dawn dispelling the darkness. I am grateful.
    Thank you so much.

  6. “When it rains it pours”, but we must chose if we want to stay on the rain or get out of it —though it might not always be easy to do.

    This applies to any life situation.

    We may have to make tough decisions, sometimes it may even seem the end of the world, but God is never too far away, is always ready to help us.

    Expect the dawn, the morning always comes, “joy cometh in the morning” Ps. 30:5

    “Cuando llueve truena”, pero debemos elegir si nos queremos quedarnos en la lluvia o salir de ella —aunque no siempre sea fácil.

    Esto se aplica a cualquier situación en la vida.

    Puede que tengamos que hacer decisiones difíciles, a veces hasta puede parecernos el fin del mundo, pero
    Dios nunca está muy lejos para ayudarnos.

    Espera el amanecer, la mañana siempre vuelve, “con la mañana llega la alegría” Salmo 30:5

  7. Thank you so much Suzanne. I have been thinking along these lines and it was so wonderful to hear your clear explanation. We think it is sunrise because that is what appears to be our scene, but all the while the sun has been shining and will continue to shine even when we turn our face away. Thanks for reminding us.

  8. Thank you for this beautiful peaceful message. I awoke this morning singing hymn 14
    Arise, arise and shine
    On thee hath dawned the day
    God is thy sun and Christ thy light
    Be thou a STEADFAST RAY. - such a lovely thought.

  9. And with the dawn, a great breakfast in the form of food for thought! Another glorious day will dawn . . . again and again. Thanks.

  10. It is always darkest before the dawn. Then the dawning light of spiritual enlightenment shines and we are fully aware of God's love and presence.Thank you Suzanne.

  11. This daily lift shatters all mortal thoughts, letting in the beauty of spiritual, cleansing thoughts. How harmonious!

  12. Thank you Suzanne. What a woderful way to start the week!!

  13. Thank you, Mrs. Riedel - I was kinda wakeful & not falling asleep so I got up to check the "Lift" & my email. Won't be too long before the dawn does begin to glow here - and spiritual progress continues to prevail. I appreciate that reminder! Phil in Detroit

  14. Thank you Suzanne!

  15. Wonderful! Thank you Suzanne.
    Still not able to work out the audio lift downloads.
    Good yours was so available and just what I needed.
    Shelagh ♥

  16. Dear Suzanne,

    Thank you for this Lift. I loved your conviction that "nothing can stop the progress..nothing". I love sunrises, they have always been my favourite part of the day. Over the years I have begun to appreciate the sunsets as well but the sunrise holds for me a special place in my heart.

    Sunrises often remind me that I must take my bed and walk, as Jesus once told a man to do (John 5: 12). While I can stay at home and see the sun rise (to some extent) I really have to leave home early to capture the first light and I love to see this first light (the light just before the actual sun rises) from along the East Coast. I often feel so spiritually awakened as the light emerges and breaks the darkness. As you said, nothing, can stop the sunrise or the risen thought (as I call it).

    Once I find an appropriate Lift, I would like to share three pictures and some "awakening" that occurred to me on Saturday as I captured the sunrise.

    Some years ago, I decided to do something different, I decided to photograph the effect of the sunrise so I headed to our West Coast. There is such a stillness along the West as the sunrises.


    That stillness is symbolic of the effect of understanding, which I began to see as also symbolic of a Practitioner's prayer that reaches us no matter where we are (mentally/physically), bringing stillness & healing.

    As you said Suzanne nothing (no thing) can stop that Light! Thx.

  17. Suzanne, Thank you

  18. Thank you Suzanne this is a beautiful "Lift" and I have just read (from the christian Science hymnal..425 Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning; I'd like to add, because of what I'm
    learning through my study of Christian Science, that JOY cometh with the dawning of Truth, whatever the hour, and how grateful I am, that I was, after over 30 years of medical nursing led (though at first reluctantly!) to read that amazing book "Science and health with key to the scriptures" by Mrs Eddy, and to now understand that all the beautiful people I met along the way are still beautiful. LOVE to ALL June

  19. thanks Suzanne for that encouraging lift, knowing that absolutely nothing can stop our progress, just as nothing can stop the sun from rising. Hymn 317 brings out that as the darkness flees with the coming of the daylight, so the conviction that God is everpresent dawns in our consciousness, dispelling all the shadows of depression and fear. "O, in that hour, and fairer than the dawning Rises the glorious thought, I am with Thee" ( verse 3 )

  20. I love this quiet beautiful film of an open road and the morning sun, thank you Suzanne. Mrs Eddy refers to 'Morning' on her definition in the Glossary of Science and Health 'Light, symbol of Truth, revelation and progress' Good Morning to one and all lifters - thank you so much for these contributions - always so spiritually 'thought' provoking, supporting and healing x

  21. Beautiful lift, thank you Suzanne - and thank you Troy for your magnificent picture of a sunrise.
    Sunsets are always beautiful too, but with the sunrise we know that we have a day of promise unfolding before us so make the most of and enjoy. Nothing can stop that unfoldment. Many thanks also to Martin(1); your comments are always so helpful, and the information on "God's Law of Adjustment" is particularly so.

  22. What a lovely way to start the day's unfolding.
    Thank you :)

  23. Expect the dawn..... This beautiful Lift by Suzanne, together with the last one [with birds riding the waves by Betty O'Neal, 9/29] brought to mind again the poem 'Before the dawn', by Lyle Crist.

  24. Thank you. I don't get to see much of the sunrise here, too many trees, but it is always great to know that the sun is always there. God is providing us with what ever we need.

  25. Thank you Suzanne, the idea that nothing can stop the light from shining through is very comforting.

  26. A glorious day IS dawning. [Christian Science hymnal 2]. Thank you.

  27. Thank you, Suzanne and thank you too all lifters for your comments.

    7 Diane made me chuckle with amusement and joy '...we think it is sunrise because that is what appears to be our scene, but all the while the sun has been shining and will continue to shine.."

    27 Pearl's affirmation "..with the sunrise we know that we have a day of promise unfolding before us.. Nothing can stop that unfoldment." is both Truth and Principle.

    Please let me also share Christian Science Hymnal 46 "Day by day the manna fell: O, to learn this lesson well. Still by constant mercy fed, Give me, Lord, my daily bread. Day by day the promise reads, Daily strength for daily needs: Cast foreboding fears away; Take the manna of today.."

  28. Thank you Suzanne for the great "lift".

  29. Many thanks Suzanne for this very inspiring lift. Yes. "Nothing can stop spiritual enlightenment - progress!" "Living stones we, each in his place,/ May we be worthy such a grace,/ While Truth the wide earth enlightens." (Christian Science Hymnal #176).

  30. Really wonderful Suzanne! Much Appreciated.......

  31. Thank you.

  32. Suzanne,
    This is wonderful and SO comforting. Thank you!

  33. What beauty and spiritual power in your message, Suzanne. Thank you.

  34. Very good! Thank you.

  35. So grateful for this comforting, healing message, Suzanne, and to you, the Daily Lift team, and Lifters everywhere!

  36. Suzanne, your lift and all this beautiful imagery, certainly fills my day with a wonderful sense of goodness and stillness that only God´s knowledge can bring out!
    Thank you, so much!

  37. What a beautiful start to a new week and end of a month of very inspiring Lifts and comments. Thanks for the video of the sunrise. As many have mentioned the hymns this brought to mind, I'd like to add one more. Hymn 445 from the Supplement begins with:
    I awake each morning to brand new day,
    Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way,
    For my heart is fixed on the one guarantee:
    The love that is All holds me tenderly.
    Just as the sun is always shining, God's love is always present, we just have to be still and listen. Thanks, Suzanne for your inspiring and uplifting message.

  38. Loved it!! Thank you

  39. I heard this Lift just as dawn was breaking over Kings Lake in Naples FL. What a wonderful Lift to wake up to! The beautiful sky is showing the way to a beautiful day. God's day. Thank you.

  40. Thank you so much for this beautiful Lift. As I see now a beautiful sunrise, I look forward to seeing tomorrow's from the window of a plane, knowing that God is with us each day on each continent, in each city, town or village, bringing light and Life to each thought and experience. Thank you Lifters, too, for your wonderful thoughts, especially those on Adam Dickey and Mrs. Eddy.

  41. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you Suzanne.

  42. Yes, another glorious day is dawning worldwide, Guaranteed. No doubt or confusion about that. And consciousness awakes to see and acknowledge good, progress, growth, the Christ light radiance in and on us all. Thanks for the beautiful clear reminder of what is R E A L L Y going on.

  43. Tahnk you Suzanne for a beautiful and hopeful lift.

  44. Wonderful!, and Beautiful ! way to start your day with God's light bringing in his thoughts of progress. Thank you!

  45. Thank you! Beautiful lift!

  46. What a great expectation as we watch out the window and wait as the dawn breaks and casts its light on the mountains that we cannot see, but know are there. We know that God and his Love are there, always waiting for us to discover.

  47. En la traducción de mi diccionario de la palabra expect, dice: esperar, pero también dice: Hacer algo. Entiendo que no es solo esperar que amanezca, sino la necesidad de hacer algo, y ese algo entiendo, va más allá. como así, tú lo manifiestas, Suzanne.

    Ese dorado amanecer está indisolublemente ligado a una confianza absoluta en que no es solo una bella imagen que aparece frente a nuestra vista con promesas de buen tiempo, de un bello día, sino que es la realización de Un todo, de permanente amanecer, sin tiempo y sin final, imperecedero.

    El amaneser tenebroso podríamos compararlo con el vers. del salmo 104
    Escondes tu rostro se turban; les quitas el hálito dejan de ser"

    "Quita la escoria de la plata, y saldrá alhaja al fundidor" proverbios

    "La practicabilidad y estabilidad de la Ciencia Cristiana revelan la idea verdadera, a saber, que las discordancias terrenales no tienen la realidad de la Mente en la Ciencia del ser" MBE. No y Si

    si quitamos... la apariencia de tormenta sin duda, tendremos un bello y perdurable amanecer.

    Muchas gracias Suzanne, sería hermoso que estos amaneceres de Elevación diaria fueran permanente, sin nubes, como lo es el bien eterno.

  48. Hi Suzanne – thank you for the morning stroll to the Grand dawning!

    I love to wake up before the dawn! Although not very photographic, this time has never been “night” to me. In fact, it is a really special quiet time to listen for the spiritual call and the inevitable day arriving!

    Over the years, I have toyed with pre-dawn spiritual receptivity versus jumping right into human activities and I can definitively say Get Up, Settle Down, Rise Up works best.

    Martin #1, thank you so much for elaborating on Adam Dickey’s work.
    And Troy. Great renditions of special moments!!

  49. I used to run in those early morning hours,Suzanne. I ran into the waning moon with the rising sun on my back. As you say, it was so beautiful. And many perfect, spiritual ideas would reveal themselves to me: birds with their breakfast of a dead rat hung over a branch; and snakes resting in the shade of the grid I had to walk over; and the little meadowlarks with their glorious song. Tiny cisticolas as long as my thumb in long dry grass, I thought they were insects when I first became aware of them, but they were mature adults birds so light they wouldn't bend a blade of grass.
    What glorious gifts from God are ours just for the joy, the exuberance of illumination!
    thank you Nate and the team; the lecturers and The Mother Church; and the early bird and late to bed Daily Lifters!

  50. Such a great way to start this day. Lift magnificent. Comments uplifting. A morning thank you to everyone. I am glad you are here as is the dawn.

  51. I love everything about this lift. It is physically beautiful and spiritually so powerful! Thank you so much. I will be watching and listening to it again.

  52. Thank you, Suzanne, for this great reminder!
    I was so happy to see that this Lift was in video form, as I was not able to download the audio Lifts last week....no idea what the problem was (I've been receiving them for years) but hope that this week will see a return to normal.

  53. Thank you, Suzanne, for helping to bring the Dawn into our experience and thought, today! The dawning of spiritual facts in our consciousness is what Christian Science brings into being. The true Awakening of Being - of the One ever-present Love - is the Dawning we are All experiencing every moment, Now. And Nothing can stop it. It's Inevitable. Always! A Glorious Day is Dawning.......!!

  54. Oh, Suzanne, this is a keeper!

  55. Suzanne, this was a beautiful lift. Many thanks!

  56. Thank you so much. I just love to watch the sun rise and now will think of your beautiful way of interpreting this spiritually as the thought of expectancy of good and progress that CAN'T BE STOPPED!! . . . "A spiritual symbol of illumination . . . the darkness ALWAYS goes."

  57. Thank you for the gentle lovely reminder of our life as the dawn of light.
    Especially ending with 'nothing can stop its progress'.
    That took me back to basis of my hope and faith as Paul wrote in
    I Cor 10:13
    There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. Your lift thus lead me to MBE's writing in S&H
    There is neither place nor opportunity in Science for error
    233:1 of any sort. Every day makes its demands upon us for
    higher proofs rather than professions of Christian power.
    Profession and proof These proofs consist solely in the destruction
    of sin, sickness, and death by the power of
    Spirit, as Jesus destroyed them. This is an element of
    progress, and progress is the law of God, whose law demands
    of us only what we can certainly fulfil.
    Divine Love is guiding us past any so called thick or thin.

  58. Wonderful analogy, Suzanne! Thanks a bunch!

  59. Thanks so much for your dawning.Most effecual

  60. Thank you Suzanne. The dark thoughts of the night can't stand in the way of the morning light.

  61. Suzanne, thank you so much for your reminder that with prayer we always progress and we always draw closer to God. Sometimes it seems as though 'the dawn' will not break, but it, like the "still, small voice" always appears to immortal man with "...infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love" (MBE "Science and Health" p465). I am grateful for your kind words for us all for today.

  62. Wow, thank you so much for the REALITY of light expectancy this morning!

  63. A Big Hello Suzanne~~ This Lift shoved me further - to expect - to express more love today.

    Much gratitude for your message. LOL/jim.

  64. Sunrise and Sunset could also be simply expressed like so;
    SUNRISE: The dawn of a spiritual truth awakening in
    SUNSET: That spiritual truth is fixed never to be removed through
    Temptation of a mortal false belief.
    Therefore the dawn of spiritual awakening is already here.

  65. Thanks so much for inspired lift. This idea of sunrise to open our thoughts towards to light not darkness it is very valuable! Mario Vicencio Sao Paulo,SP

  66. Thank you to Suzanne for this lovely, loving Lift - such tenderness and encouragement expressed. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, too, that, as always, enrich the message and bless my day.

  67. Always there! Dark thoughts CANNOT last.

    And, thanks, Troy, what photo!

  68. I cannot get the audio either but gathered the message from the sunrise images and wonderful comments. So, I was still able to get a lot from the DL today with all the sharing. A day of illumination to all!

  69. Lovely, a "keeper" meant to be shared!

  70. Suzanne thank you for this good Daily Lift, "because you want to do that," may-be the biggest sentence in this DL, being willing to "want to" expect good or turn to the "dawn", may be the biggest step for some. Thanks.

  71. This was just what I needed this morning. I have watched and listened to the video twice, and will now go off to pray, listen, and read our weekly Bible Lesson on "Unreality" and expect a dawn in some stressful circumstances. I was reminded of hymn 460 in the supplement to the Christian Science Hymnal: We are walking in the light of God...." Thanks so much.

  72. Thank You Suzanne. How perfect. Beautiful.

  73. Our dawning of the day was not of the sun's rays, but of raindrops bringing needed moisture to the earth, but just as beautiful, bringing spiritual cleansing to yesterdays' problems.
    Thank you Suzanne, your Lift and video brought dawn's beauty to this day. Rain or shine, we are always in God's love and care .
    Thanks also to the daily lift team that brings us joy to start each day..

  74. Ahhh . . . the inevitability of dawn . . in the physical world around us, and in the kingdom of heaven within us. Thank you with all my heart.

  75. Thank You Suzanne for this morning's lift

  76. Thank you Suzanne for your calming and comforting thought.

  77. Thnak you - very beautiful -

  78. Dear Suzanne

    What a great way to start the week, with the unstoppable light breaking through the darkness --
    as dawn -- and as our progress spiritually.
    Thanks for getting out there, and taking that early morning walk!

    I appreciate the comments, always so helpful -- Martin #1 and Margaret # 48 sum it up well!

  79. Thank you, dear Suzanne, for this very helpful Lift.

  80. Very lift this morning! Thank you.

  81. Really beautiful! Thx!

  82. There are moments when we feel life's burdens falling in around us, and we are tempted to "throw in the towel", especially in times of sadness when we have just lost 'to human sense' a very dear relative. The lift on enlightenment this morning has a very special mean for me, and especially the last three lines of Hymn # 176 in the Christian Science Hymnal referring to church where we read; "Living stones we, each in his place,/ May we be worthy such a grace,/ While Truth the wide earth enlightens.)

  83. Oh, how perfect a message and at a perfect time, of course. I am working on a big project and it requires sensitivity and patience above all else even though the details say it is about matter. I like the way you said "always" and several times "always" the dawn comes up and removes the darkness. The light of Truth guides and governs. than you Suzanne.

  84. Thank you. Dawn is my most favorite time of the 24 hours. I watch each and every day no matter if it is at 4:30 in the morning or at 7:30. It is the highlight of all my energy. doesn't matter it is cloudy, foggy, clear, or pouring rain, It is Love!! and I love it. Thank you.

  85. Thank you Suzanne.

  86. I knew Lifters would take the symbol of unstoppable dawn and embrace even more deeply its spiritual meaning. The uniquely lovely ways that each individual cherishes the inevitability of divine care appearing in the human experience is awe-inspiring. Not one of His/Her children are left out, no matter what the human experience has said. And Malcolm (#80) I know you are being lifted to know a clearer sense of the Life that is ongoing, present light. A wonderful article in the III Anthology of Classic Articles by Barbara Cook (Spencer), "Individuality--its eternal presence" (Journal,Feb 2001), has mean much to me. Much love and light to each!

  87. Dear Suzanne,

    In the last days, our area has been in a huge storm, and last night for the first time in the twenty years that we have lived here, the house actually shook, which has never happened before, We live at the top of a hill on a ridge, so we have always felt the wind. This morning, as I was playing the lift, the winds are still high, but there is a "Bow of promise on the cloud." (From the hymnal, Mrs. Eddy's poem on Love, number 30.) Nothing can keep the dawn from coming in our thoughts or in this world.

  88. Thank you so much
    I can't tell how much reading this meant to me today
    I feel like I am walking through a thunder storm right now - this moved me so.

  89. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Expect the dawn … a spiritual symbol of illumination … nothing can reverse its progress … spiritual dawning is inevitable … expect it …”

    Once when looking out at a sunrise, I realized that unless I expected the DAY to unfold, a sunrise looks just like a sunset. I can’t tell the difference in the moment. That had me consider spiritual symbolization more deeply. When I have a sunrise/sunset moment in my experience, I can accept it as a decision point. I can expect and so choose either "day" or "night" to unfold and fill my consciousness, accordingly.

    I love that Mrs. Eddy quoted Shakespeare, to indicate the power of our thinking on our experiences.
    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (S&H iii:4).

    Sunrise? Sunset? Up? Down? Beginning? Ending? Hope? Despair? Truth? Error?

    “Truth and Love enlighten the understanding, in whose ‘light shall we see light;’ and this illumination is reflected spiritually by all who walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense” (S&H 510:9).

    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings ... first faint morning beams … the full radiance of a risen day” (S&H vii:1).

    “… ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts" (II Pet 1:18, 19).

    “… for there shall be no night there” (Rev 21:25).

  90. Suzanne, thank you for your message and for the creative manner in which you delivered it. Russ of Wellesley

  91. Grateful for always
    in a new day
    with progress
    Thanks for sharing. Special.

  92. How great it is to witness the dawn together. I am in awe.

  93. I thank you so much Suzanne for sharing those good ideas with us.

  94. Thank you Suzanne. Just lovely as was the lecture you presented once in California that I was
    privileged to hear.

  95. How truly lovely! Thank you so very very much!

  96. Such a beuatiful Sensing of Spirit here in your message of Light! It LIFTS me for sure! Thank you!--Merri

  97. Great lift. We can't experience the sunrise unless we are aware of it. We can't experience God unless we are aware of Him. Awareness comes through mental stillness and expectancy. When we open consciousness to allow the Christ to enter, it is like lifting the curtain in a darkened room, the light comes in. We realize then that the light was there all the time and the darkness wasn't real, it was just the absence of light. Darkness or spiritual ignorance has to flee before spiritual understanding. HAS TO. When Truth dawns in our consciousness, it is a God experience, a direct experience, just like experiencing a sunrise.

  98. Beautiful sunrise and beautiful ideas! Thank you so much!!

  99. Thank you for a very beautiful, comforting Lift, even a gentle reminder to LET spiritual reality, 'peace and joy and power', reorder our mental universe and establish it, before "jumping right into human activities," as Nancy from Yellow Springs has it. My particular challenge has been to not launch myself from bed to internet or TV's morning news. The latter can have especially dire effects; I've seen twenty minutes of breaking (often dismal) news color an entire day. Even a subtly demoralized thought can offer no support to those whose hearts and minds we would prayerfully release from fear and suffering in so-called 'hot spots' around the world. But the tranquil scene opening and revealing itself all around you, Suzanne, brings to mind words of Hymn 317, 'Strength and Stay', adapted from Harriet Beecher Stowe: "Alone with Thee amid the changing shadows... Alone with Thee... in the calm dew and freshness of the morn. ...O, in that hour, and fairer than the dawning, Rises the glorious thought, I am with Thee." As we stay individually with the still, stately calm of dawning Truth alone -- listening for, expecting and accepting only Good -- perhaps we can hasten that hour for our sisters and brothers, "when hearts awaking see the shadows flee", and know they hear God's promise "I am with Thee!" Thank you Suzanne, for inspiring me to contemplate these beautiful truths today, to turn from the tube to the Hymnal, and to find peace. It is now lunchtime on Long Island ....

  100. Nothing is right...Thanks Suzanne.

  101. Thank you so much for this inspiring and reassuring lift. Beautifully done and the spiritual conviction shines through. Thanks - just what I needed to hear today!

  102. Thank you all for the dawn of fresh inspiration rising in my heart and mind this fine day. What a great blessing the Daily Lift affords us. A huge breath of fresh air ... the light has come again.

  103. This is so empowering. I love the unstoppable action of the dawn as the earth turns. I like the thought that the dawn and its timing is fully predictable way into the future vast. This teaches me that God, divine Principle is showing us Its stability and precision making us feel its tender and exact care.

    An article entitled "The Activity of the Christ" by Gwalter also uses the dawn as a symbol of the irresistible Christ.

  104. Hi Suzanne,
    Our sun is up and so am I, expectant that each moment in the day gives me the opportunity to shine with the love of God and help to eliminate darkness from someone else's day. Looking forward to hearing your lecture here in Traverse City.

  105. Thank you, Suzanne, for this inspiring Lift. The sun rising every day isn't something I'm often consciously aware of; your ideas inspired me to not only be aware of the dawn, but to realize that it is a dynamic, active, unfolding of light - Mind in action. Dawn isn't static, it doesn't stop, it blooms into the radiance of day.

  106. Dear Suzanne, I know that a new day is dawning for you and everybody in Colorado, after the tragic flooding there.

  107. Suzanne,
    I deeply appreciate your inspiration on that beautiful time of day that is my name as well, engaging in the spiritual significance of the word. May Dawn each day enjoy such a dawn as this! Many thanks for this gift.
    Warmest love,

  108. I awoke this morning with this hymn seemingly singing itself:

    I awake each morn to a brand new day, Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my day,
    For my heart is fixed on this one guarantee: The Love that is All holds me tenderly.
    Tender mercies, oh――tender mercies, Tender mercies are holding me.
    Tender mercies, oh――tender mercies, Tender mercies are holding me.

    (Hymn # 445, Christian Science Supplement)

    Every day "A glorious day is dawning".

    Thank you, Suzanne. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  109. Thank you for this dawn awakening.Visually and spiritually beautiful,and very healing.

  110. Thank you, Suzanne, for this affirmation of Light and Love...

  111. Nothing can stop the dawn...
    Thank you for this saving Lift!!

  112. Thank you God, thank you Suzanne

  113. Thank you Suzanne. What a sincere and touching daily lift. A great way to start the week. Gods Blessings to you and all.

  114. God, divine Love's Christly angel message came to me with these words "nothing can stop the dawn" that lifted me out of a mentally dark time many years ago. I love to watch the dawn too... I watched it at the rim of the Grand Canyon, hearing the wind whistling through a large bird's feathers aloft right above my head, and to see the colors of the Canyon come to life was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for reminding us of that powerful truth.


  116. Felt so alone in my darkness and reading this lifted me at this very challenging time in my life. Thanking you seems an inadequate expression to tell you how much it brings in the dawn of spiritual enlightenment. Have been away thousands of miles from where I have established living quarters, visiting family members. I usually always start my day with dailylift on home computer but since coming four weeks ago missed it. My son gave me a wonderful gift . Now, with it, I can log into these inspirational lifts, which have become spiritual nourishment. Thank you for helping me to see the truth.

  117. Beautiful lift, as you are Suzanne. Blessings to all.

  118. Suxanne....what a blessing you are today as God's perfect idea expressing! I appreciated your
    emphasis on the ALWAYS.....GOOD/ GOD always manifests in our lives, even when we can't
    immediately see or recognize it. I have always loved walking at the time of both sunrise and
    sunset because it reminds me of the PERFECTION of GOD's creations, ALWAYS reliable
    and dependable. Thanks you for your visually gorgeous video, and your inspiring message! :-)
    (and you look vibrantly beautiful walking at dawn! )

  119. Thank you for the inspiration!

  120. Great Up Lift Suzanne, thank you very much !!!

  121. This is a beautiful example of the words of one of our Hymns " The dawn of all things real is breaking o'er me, my heart is singing I have found the way!" Steadfastly and faithfully it breaks through the darkness and covers us with light leading us to the perfect day.

  122. "Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh,
    When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee;
    Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight
    Is the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee."

    Christian Science Hymnal 317:verse 1

    Thank you so much.

  123. Thank you Suzanne,

    That's just beautiful....& of course nothing can stop the dawn, the light, progress...
    That's a very helpful uplifting concept for me....

    Enjoying the sunrise in rural Australia in the warmth of Spring is not difficult - 'my' sunrise will find me in the paddock removing light night rugs from my horses & it's easy to linger in the beauty of a lightening sky...& just 'be still'...
    'My' sunrise moments then move on gracefully & become 'your' sunrise moments wherever you are - but the sun is always 'risen' always present as a full glow....

    Thank you Diane (7) Yes 'even if I turn my face away' for a while....I may see glimpses of the truth but the fullness of God is always with me....

    Great picture Troy (16) - your photos are full of life & beauty....

    And Martin (1) "It brings with it an anticipation of the wholeness of God's idea here on earth"
    Thank you - & also for the bit about God's Law of Adjustment & Adam Dickey...

    "A glorious day is dawning" always.....all over the world.....

  124. What a beautiful Lift in its visual of the dawning and its message of hope and conviction. Thank you.

  125. Thank you, Suzanne.

  126. Loved it - thanks Suzanne!

  127. I often hesitate, for various reasons, to post comments. However, #68 tells how he/she had no audio, but how everyone's comments helped to interpret the wordless images for him/her. A great encouragement to each of us to lift not only our eyes and our thoughts to the dawn of enlightenment, but also to share our upLift. One little ray of light contributes to a massive sunrise.Thanks, #68 and All.

  128. wonderful lift thank you

  129. What an inspiring Lift! Thank you, Suzanne. I don't remember ever hearing a Lift that inspired so many comments with hymnal references. Loved it!

  130. Wow, that was so moving. Thanking you, I must send this to my sister, also Suzanne.

  131. I'm late expressing gratitude for this lift. A problem holding me down mentally and physically needed this ' " dawning." My spirits are lifted. Thank you and all you lifters. You never know when your loving sharing heals, and we know it does because that love reaches out just like the dawn to the receptive thought. El Paso Patt

  132. Thank you soo much, dear Suzanne! I can use your thoughts and assurances very much! Just the right time.

  133. Direct, simple, sweet, uncomplicated, inevitable, powerful, profound, cosmic -- just like the coming of the Christ to all mankind, just like healing; reminding us all to wake up!

  134. There's a wonderful article in Vol I of the Anthology of Classic articles about the dawning Christ, and how there is no power on Earth to stop the approach of the dawning Christ.

  135. As #103 said, it's an article by L Ivimy Gwalter about the dawning of the Christ in Classsic Anthology I that is a great article

  136. Thank you Suzanne .... the response too reflects "Dawn". Just wonderful! Thank you everyone. I too will keep this one!

  137. So helpful for me to be reminded to remember to think about the reliable visual source (the sunrise) & remember God's ever-present light "in him is no darkness at all."
    This goes well with last week's lesson on Reality, Bible Lesson Section 3. (12) John 8: 1, 2, 12. and
    (13) First John 1: 3- 5 ..."God is light, and in him is no darkness at all."
    Thank you very much SUZANNE RIEDEL!

  138. Suzanne - God's timing is perfect! I needed to hear exactly what your lift had to tell me this day ~ a friend encouraged me to see this.....thank you for your dedication to sharing God's love to all.....and God's light!

  139. Perfect. Conviction, clearly from the depth of your own experience. Thanks for the strength of conviction, an awareness of God's presence in your life and ours.

  140. So beautiful.

  141. I like to be among kindred souls who at the least share the same experience. Once enlightened, anyone else cannot hide. Everyone becomes transparent by their Divine Identity. That recognition is progress according to Christ consciousness. I never thought that enlightenment was disassociated from Christian Science: they are the same to my mind. Good to see you too.

  142. Wondeful thoughts. Thank you. Hope to see you again in Milwaukee.

  143. so good - thanks Suzanne.

  144. Joseph Solomon Ghorpade India - 30-10-2013

    Most Beautiful, Inspiring, How Great is the LORD who made , the dawn, the rising of the Power of the Lord, the Holy Gost. I greatly appreciate you thank you very much. Hope to hear from you again quickly.

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