9/29: God

9/29: God

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  1. God: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscience....He is and was to come. The oneness of ALL that exist. The Mother of all creation. The One who live within.In Him we live, we move and have our being.

  2. Thank you God!

  3. Our relationships to each other reflect infinity - based on God's infinity.

  4. That was lovely, Ginny. Your words expanded my recent line of thinking. I am in awe.

  5. A perfect and beautiful awakening idea this morning, much needed in a moment before rushing into the busy day. I had been feeling overwhelmed and this lovely pause has given me the space and time to take a breath and feel God's quiet presence within me.Surrounding me, and mine. And keeping the 'world' in a safe gracious sense of Life wherever we are. Thank you thank you!

  6. Wonderful, Ginny... thanks for bringing out how that one word truly says it all!

  7. Christian Science hymns are part of our everyday prayer. We call them "healing hymns" with a good reason, they praise God, help us put God first in a joyous way, with music. http://bible.cc/psalms/147-1.htm.
    One more tool to help us focus on God instead of the problems we accepted as our own.
    We don’t ask God to gives us this or that, but we acknowledge God’s presence right here, right now. Take hymn 134, "The thought of thee is mightier far than sin and pain and sorrow are".
    Isn’t this music to your ears? It describes a God that’s all-powerful, ever present, and expressed in the good given to man. His powerful presence is always with us, His Love manifest itself in His wonderful creation.
    ESPAÑOL: Los himnos de la Ciencia Cristiana son parte de nuestra oración diaria. Nosotros los llamamos "himnos sanativos" por una buena razón, alaban a Dios, nos ayudan a poner a Dios primero de una manera alegre, con música. http://rv.bibliaparalela.com/psalms/147.htm.
    Una herramienta más para ayudarnos a enfocarnos en Dios en vez de los problemas que hemos aceptado como propios.
    Nosotros no le pedimos a Dios que nos de esto o aquello, pero sí reconocemos la presencia de Dios aquí y ahora.
    Tomemos el himno 134, "Pensando en ti vencer podré el mal, la pena y el dolor”. ¿No es esto música para tus oídos? Se describe a un Dios que es omnipotente, omnipresente, y se expresa en el bien dado al hombre. Su poderosa presencia está siempre con nosotros, su amor se manifiesta en Su maravillosa creación.

  8. What a wonderful thought to start the day. Thank you.

  9. Being a new student of Christian Scientist, I love to read Christian Science Quarterly on every mornings of my day, the connection with God leads me to feel I am protected.

    You know, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." said Jesus. (Matt. 6:33)

  10. Many thanks Ginny for reminding me of a favorite hymn of mine #134 in the Christian Science Hymnal..
    "I feel Thy touch; eternal Love, and all is well again."

  11. What a great Daily Lift, Ginny. Thank you so much. Absolutely pure inspiration. I remember looking out of my kitchen window and realizing "God is All." All the words, all the books and magazines, and now all the online information goes to affirm "God is All." Such a heartfelt affirmation and joyful acknowledgement is so healing in itself. What an answer to every question!
    Thank you Nate, and your back-up bunch, the BoL, lecturers and Lifters.

  12. "What a word! I am in awe before it." (Misc Writings 249: 28) And it is enough!

  13. Many thanks for one infinite answer to all situations.


  14. Thank you Ginny I needed that embrace from God today

  15. Thank you for the perfect thoughts. Very much appreciated.

  16. This Lift reminds me of a solo we hear from time to time in my church. It talks about God's allness and shepherding care--how we are His. Thanks, Ginny--now I have your lovely thoughts, and that tune, to carry around all day! :D

  17. God is infinite Love!

    Thank you Ginny
    and DLift Team
    and my DLift Family

  18. Ginny Thank you, What a great inspiration and comfort. Just when the illusion[the passing of friend] seemed so real, I listened to your Lift "God",and realized immediately the All of God right here right there everywhere,and was filled with inner joy and inspiration.

  19. Ginny,
    Thanks ever so much for helping to start my day in suck an uplifting thought... never far from Gods...omnipresent Love...as long as this is remembered...kept uppermost in my thought...NOTHING... no error of any form...can have any hold of effect on my "Diving herritage or tresspass on Love"...
    Thans once again for the loving reminder...!

  20. Thank you. I love the hym #137 I need Thee every hour".I have several hymns taped on my wall so I can

    be refreshed quickly. We are blessed with so many ways when we turn to God for guidence.

  21. Thank you.

  22. GOD! Saying that name in time of need is powerful prayer within itself. Thank you Ginny.

  23. Ginny,
    Love this. A basic, fundamental, simple, rudimentary, 101, Lift. Very healing.
    Thank you.

  24. Wow ,wonderful. Sharing this hymn today! Thank you so much.

  25. Thank You Ginny! This is a simple, but powerful thought...All things are possible to God...God is all and God is good... I could go on & on about God and his wonderful, amazing and all encompassing awesomeness!!

  26. Beautiful, Ginny! I feel so embraced in the Love that you reflect from GOD!! Yes, it's not really the word or words (God, Allah, Higher Power, Yaweh, Love, Elohim,), but the deep inner sense and conviction that there is a Power greater than ourselves that is in charge of our lives and of the whole Universe! Wow! And that we are responsible for making that connection real in our lives, thru building a relationship with this ever-present Power, in our prayers, our thoughts and our lives. Thru just a little beginning trust, we can start to open up to really knowing that God is Real and lives in us and is guiding us to the best possible outcomes for our lives. God is truly on our side and wants the Best for each of us. Let Go and Let God work His/Her Perfect Work! Allelujah! Praise God!

  27. WHAT A LIFT!!!!!!

  28. Liked it much. Thank you.

  29. When I awaken each morning, I love to look out the window and with a smile, my first thought is "God, this is your day!" Thank you, Ginny! - you say it so beautifully!

  30. I will add this from The Mary Baker Eddy Collection in the MBE Library:

    "Go to God, rest in Love, trust Love, the infinite, all-mighty Love, ready, waiting to comfort you, and you will find peace." ("waiting" and "peace" should be italicized.)

    "Rest...Trust..." in God, Love, how sweet it is! Gratitude to all!

  31. I'm glad to be reminded how profoundly simple Truth is. "God"--as someone already commented, the one answer to all questions. Thank you for helping me get my bearings this morning by reminding me of true north.

  32. Thank you Ginny for directing my thought to hymn 134 and the power and ever presence of God. It speaks of the turn-around we get from restlessness and faltering to the serene calmness and comfort we find in the presence of God. I am so grateful for the answer to my prayer to feel close to God. It began for me by reading the CS Hymnal. Now, the Daily Lift adds such dimension to that awareness and feeling the presence of God in my life again.
    In deep appreciation for these blessings in my life and to you all who make it happen, and to God.

  33. Ginny girl, you're right on.

  34. THank you. Simple. Profound. It's all there is.

  35. Thank you Ginny!

  36. What a beautifull thought "God" to start the day and keep the thought knowing he is ever present no matter where or what we are doing. Thank you.

  37. Thank you, dear Ginny.
    How simple, how clear, how so awesomely wonderful!


  39. Thank you for that beautiful and powerful thought on God.

  40. Thanks for this inspiring lift. I am finding that the more I focus on God the less I focus on mortal things. With the many challenges that have come my way this summer, I was constantly comforted by our hymns especially Mary Baker Eddy's wonderful hymns.

  41. Many thanks, Ginny, for sharing that powerful fact of God's presence and power.
    One snowy day, I was on an icy ramp turning into heavy traffic and began a skid when I tried to stop. One word, "God" in the sense of feeling His/Her All-power, stopped the skid and protected me and the other drivers. I thanked God as I drove on to my destination, accepting with gratitude that tender care we experience in so many situations. Later, in sharing it with a non-Science friend who was extremely impressed, I realized again how blessed we truly are to have an ever-available Father-Mother God.

  42. Have come to Peru from London England, and that is just what I needed, the thought of God. Aren´t getting to the Christian Services as regularly as I would like owing to work commitments but suddenly this has answered my prayer, just keep my thought on God. Thank you so much Ginny

  43. Wow Ginny...thank you for the powerful reminder that GOD is ALL THERE IS
    Embracing, us every moment His incomperable LoVE rules out pain & sorrow.
    After a 6 mo illness TODAY I'm grateful to be FREE yipee"!
    The Kingdom of Heaven is everpresent.. as an artist I have a canvas
    LOVE! reminding me that that's all there is for ALL MANKIND now!

  44. It is true sometimes one doesn't t get beyond calling out to GOD in a moment of need but when that cry is filled with all the spiritual truths you just described. "That is enough"

    With gratitude

  45. It is true sometimes one doesn't t get beyond calling out to GOD in a moment of need but when that cry is filled with all the spiritual truths you just described. "That is enough"

    With gratitude

  46. Thank you very much Ginny, a lovely lift for today. i love the hymns, all of them make great treatments!!

  47. I love this simple idea of God... The awesomeness of God is so peace giving!!
    Thanks Ginny

  48. Thank you for that simple truth. It is a relief to realize how uncomplicated Truth is!
    It reminds me of what I have shared with my young Sunday School class when we are discussing the question, "what does it mean to pray": Simply turning our thought to God when we are afraid or hurt is prayer. It is knowing from where our only help comes. That is the first step.

  49. Did that word "God" help the person who called so early in the morning for help?

  50. Thank you Ginny. The thought of God. All powerful and expressed.

    When I read the title "God", it made me think about names. Names are interesting, aren’t they? I once named a horse “Patience” when I knew that I needed to work on more patience in my training. It was a big help to be reminded everyday of this important aspect of my behavior. It became impossible to be impatient with Patience!

    God is a name for spiritual reality. It seems similar to my horses name Patience, or even our names, but not so much really. God is infinite good and we are never separated from or name-givers of God – rather, we are included. How wonderful that there are even more terms for God: I AM, Life, Truth, Love – which are also all-inclusive.

    I thought I was training my horse, named Patience and even myself, named N. but really God was at the helm being actively expressed as patience.“.. let patience have her perfect work.”. – James 1:4

  51. Wonderful lift today. Thank you, Ginny. That same line from hymn 134 in the Christian Science hymnal has come to me when I've needed it. And also this line from Isaiah 45: "... I am God and there is none else."

  52. Ginny - Thanks, you express God in beauty and Love. I will be blessed by your lift this and every day.

  53. Thank you Ginny. I all ways like to hear some one talk about some one talk about Christ Jesus.

  54. That is so good, thank you God, thank you Ginny.
    Also from hymn 134: Embosomed deep in thy dear love, held in Thy law I stand: Thy hand in all things I behold and all things in Thy hand. Thank you for being an infinite all-powerful God that loves and cherishes His entire creation.

  55. Wonderful! A one word prayer, for my whole day!

  56. What a great comfort to start the day! Thank you

  57. Thank you, Ginny. We grope for words to help in time of trouble and there is only one, GOD. The loving, comfortable, always available, awesome GOD. It is time to be satisfied. Other than MBE hymns my favorite is # 136. A friend did the 1st verse in calligraphy, had it framed and gave it to me. It hangs in my dining room above "The Morning Meal" where GOD's daily bread is served. I search each day for something beautiful, and today I found it here. Thanks Ginny and all who help to give us these wonderful lifts.

  58. What I needed to hear this morning, Gini. Thank you!

  59. Diana... There was good progress in the healing with person who had called me to pray that morning. It wasn't an instant healing but it was like the sun dawned and more good came to light that day..
    That thought; 'GOD', has stayed with me as I have prayed for this person and others since that morning. It just seemed so clear and powerful and simple.
    Sometimes when things seem like they come at me hard and fast, a simple idea is so quieting and wonderful. This was the best of all!
    Thank you for asking..

  60. Thank you Ginny for the reminder that healing is super simple. An inspired recognition of Truth, God.

  61. I LOVED IT! I will keep that THOUGHT all day. THANK YOU!

  62. We live and move in God, our very identity is the reflection of God, so let us SEE life, movement, and our ourselves as the God-inspired actions that they are! She is ever-present...and that is true comfort.

  63. Ginny, many thanks for this beautiful lift. God! Omnipotent, omnipresent good. The simplicity and yet profundity of this Christ message is so calming and comforting. God and His thoughts constitute reality.

  64. What a powerful message, Ginny! Thank you! If every thought begins with the allness of God, the we can be sure we are on the right track, and peace and harmony are sure to follow.

  65. Oh thank you for this lovely thought. It has brought just the right balance to my busy morning. I went back and read the entire hymn (134). So, off I go . . . with a song in my heart. "I look to Thee in every need -- Thou here, and everywhere".

    Thank you, Ginny, for answering and sharing that call with us.

  66. Very powerful. Very sufficient. So very well said. Thank you, Ginny.

  67. That was pure gold Ginny, thank you.

  68. Thank you Ginny for reminding us of the healing messages in our hymnals, bringing us close to God. In the Bible Lesson this week we have the account of David playing on the harp and "Saul was refreshed , and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him." Mary Baker Eddy said; "Harmony in man is as beautiful as in music, and discord is unnatural, unreal." Much gratitude to all !!

  69. Amen!

  70. Thank you, Ginny. If we only need one word to start and end a treatment, it is the word God. That one word is so filled with blessings, truth and safety. And thank you for bringing the healing message of hymn # 134 to my attention this morning -- very helpful.

  71. Ginny this one says it all...Thank you.....

  72. Thank you Ginny. When one says, "God" it its like pressing the on button to your Mind of Christ
    "It wakes a white winged angel throng of thoughts, illumined by faith, and breathed enraptured song, with love perfumed."

  73. ...the Designer, the Inspiration, the Solution, the Cause, the Imagination, the Gift, the Giver, the Strength, the Harmony...so many ways God is and is shown in our every moment. God, God, God!!! Thanks for sharing Ginny:)

  74. This lift brought to remembrance what came to me in a time of dire need. The words " Teach me to Love" came to me and carried me thro the funeral, the court case and the care of family members. It was a time of loving when you didn't think you could. All were embraced in God's infinite Love.

  75. Thank you so much Ginny, for the great and helpful message. The powerful presence of God and all the goodness that bring to us. Thanks again.

  76. Kathryn, AZ, USA

    I just want to think like this and feel this truth every moment! I'm off on a solo trip and have been feeling somewhat anxious, so this is a joyous place to focus thought. Many thanks, Ginny, Lift producers and all the Lift quilters, making such colorful patterns of peace and joy and power.

  77. My teacher's first words in class were"keep it simple".You did just that,and it was more powerful than a thousand words.It is a great '"shot" to the very core of our being, and awakens us immediately to the truth that"God Is".Thank you.

  78. God - ultimate reality - the only reality - ALL
    thank you

  79. Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder to simply call out in times of need. I remember being a small child and calling "Daddy" at night, when I was frightened or disturbed in my sleep. He would always come to me, with such reassuring words to make me feel safe, and I knew I could trust his words. So it is with God!

  80. thanks for putting a big smile on my face, inside and out......peace, love and blessings--C

  81. This is a late thank you, but I'm really grateful for the simplicity of this Lift. I think its simplicity is why it comes across as so powerful! Thanks!!

  82. Thank you Ginny! I am going to start my day with hymn 134!

  83. Thankyou Ginny for this wonderfully inspiring lift.love sue

  84. Thank you, Ginny. Just what I needed for my blog today! Love, M

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