9/26: Grand lessons from a sculpture

9/26: Grand lessons from a sculpture

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  1. Thank you Mary Alice for sharing this important spiritual perspective. When we see things materially we get a distorted image of the real. This is the material image of man and things, the counterfeit of the real and eternal; the human minds perception of the spiritual. The real man, God's man, made in His image and likeness; whole, complete, wanting nothing, must be understood (perceived) spiritually. A change in our consciousness reveals (brings to light) these truths. This change in thinking is what produces the healing effect.

  2. Wonderful, thank you. Man is not, can never be, a distorted reflection.

  3. Today I am going see man as the perfect, upright image and likeness, the true reflection of God, not the distorted, ailing man who appears to mortal sense. thank you for this Lift and the video which shows clearly the message you gave us, Mary Alice.Much love from Rose and Geoff

  4. Thank you Mary-Alice

  5. A great way to look at spiritual matters with the help of art. The artist Anish Kapoor is spiritually minded himself and in a recent interview specifically underlined the point that art should always do just that: Invite people to think and reflect and complete the artwork with interpretation.
    The idea of reflection is something one never gets tired of thinking about. Thank you Mary Baker Eddy for giving us this concept - and thank you Mary Alice for this great lift!

  6. Thank you Mary-Alice for a lovely example of looking at life from a spiritual perspective. My thanks, too, to #1 (Martin).

  7. Many thanks, Marie Alice. Thanks too to all the comments made.

    I would like to share verse one of Christian Science Hymn 143: "Imposture shrinks from light, And dreads the piercing eye; But sacred truths the test invite, They bid us to search and try."

  8. Mary Alice, Thank you.

  9. Neither the impressive Chicago’s metal sculpture, the smooth “Cloud Gate”, nor the open Floralis Generica in Buenos Aires, with its petals opened as if looking to infinity, could represent the ‘true reflection, God and His idea, man.

    Divine creating includes no distortion.

    God’s creation reflects the whole of Deity, the male and female of God’s creating expresses the wholeness, the completeness of divine Mind, Life and Love, never distorted.

    Ni la impresionante escultura de metal en Chicago, la fluida “Cloud Gate”, ni la Floralis Genérica en Buenos
    Aires, con sus pétalos abiertos como mirando hacia el infinito, pueden representar el “verdadero reflejo”, Dios y Su idea, el hombre.

    La creación divina no incluye distorción.

    La creación de Dios refleja la integridad de la Deidad, lo masculino y femenino de la creación de Dios expresa la entereza, la integridad de la Mente divina, la Vida y el Amor, nunca distorcionados.

  10. Awesome Lift, awesome sculpture!

  11. Thank you, Mary Alice, for “Grand lessons from a sculpture … reflection … distortion … grand lessons to be learned all around us.” Truly grand lessons!!! “Cloud Gate” has never been so beautiful as it is from the spiritual perspective you’ve shared today!!!

    “Periods and peoples are characterized by their highest or their lowest ideals … We are all sculptors, working out our own ideals, and leaving the impress of mind on the body as well as on history … to higher excellence, or … to rot and ruin ... Recognizing this as we ought, we … turn … from matter to Mind, to beautify and exalt our lives” (Peo 6:28).

    “Christ's Christianity is the chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages, maintaining its obvious correspondence with the Scriptures and uniting all periods in the design of God” (S&H 271:1).

    “Now therefore hearken … keep the commandments of the Lord your God … and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations, which shall hear all these statutes, and say, Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people … For what nation … is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day? … take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget … teach ... thy sons, and thy sons' sons” (Deut 4).

    “… form perfect models in thought and look at them continually … carve them out in grand and noble lives” (S&H 248).

    And thanks to the sculptor of "Cloud Gate!"

  12. Oh gosh - that is so illuminating Mary Alice! I LOVE it. Certainly something to ponder at length. A perfect illustration in both areas. Very pertinent to me at present as well.Thank you so much for receiving and sharing these angels.

  13. Thank you.

  14. I look at art and sculptures daily, and today I am taking a group on a sketch and write tour in a vast outdoor sculpture park. I would hope that when we see a "distortion" of the subject or viewer in a work of art, we don't simply leap to the "man is not distorted" dogma. Distortion can lead us think about our or others' rich, multi-faceted identity. It can let us think about stretching ourselves away from rigid perspectives. It can let us reflect on the deadliness of human outlining. Art can be a wonderful window into the infinite.

  15. Thank you, Mary Alice.

    I trust you enjoyed your visit to the great city of Chicago.

    "Chicago is the wonder of the western hemisphere".

    Mary Baker Eddy

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  16. thank you for this very enlightened Lift.

  17. Living in Chicago for many years I have visited the sculpture many times. Today I will see it again but will see it from a spiritual perspective. "Having eyes they see not" will not be the case today. Thank you Mary Rose

  18. How amazing this Daily Lift is!
    Thanks Mary Alice for your inspiring/divinely inspired lesson!
    Thanks also for the DL team. The visual effects help us to understand the message.
    Good job, truly wonderful!

  19. Good Morning Mary Alice, DL Team & Lifters,

    Thank you all for your comments, putting this Lift together, the video, and Mary Alice for taking that walk to see a different perspective. What stood out to me was that you made a conscious decision to see differently.

    When I photograph I see everyday situations from a different perspective, a more spiritual perspective. I thought of two things as well as I listened to the Lift.

    First the creativity of individuality. I was om awe over the the seamless nature of the sculpture and how reflective it is. Humanity is blessed with creativity, talent and the ability to do good with this talent. At the end of the day, however, all of our grand & enormous achievements are built on some very basic, simple principles. No matter how advanced photography appears to get, it will always be based on light and the absence of light. When we think of a healing isn't it too just a matter of understanding and lack of understanding, Truth vs. fear?

    Secondly, physical man cannot see the whole picture; physical man can see only a part of the true picture and you are so right, in order to see more of the picture, physical man distorts the picture thus it no longer looks at reality. Isn't this also true of our health where "having eyes ye see not"? (Mk 8:18). Have you ever seen and been able to comprehend one complete photo or image of the world? Human eyes, therefore, cannot see the whole of man. Spiritually we can. Thx.

  20. I Googled Anish and he had visited Australia quite recently. He held an exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Melbourne. I listened to his address, and the quality was pretty rough for the first seven minutes, but then it was really good. He came so close to realizing his spiritual identity. But in fact we know that each and every one is totally awake and aware of our oneness with God, good, regardless of whatever the material senses claim. I know that welding stainless steel is pretty special, so just constructing the shape is amazing. And then the time spent on the polishing would have been similar to Michaelangelo's hand finishing of his marble statues. He thought he had created the perfect reflection, also, but unless we start from God, we only have a semblance of the Truth.
    Many thanks Nate and the team; the lecturers; and the very special family of Your Daily Lifters.

  21. Thank you Mary Alice and all the people submitting comments with their insights. Indeed there are grand lessons all around us to be learned to grasp the spiritual concept about the creation and not a distorted vision of God´s image and likeness, man. It made me think about this week´s lesson where it says that spiritual senses of man are eternal. From this statement it is deduced that there cannot be sight distortion. Yes, we look at the skyline and we see the buildings all erect, then we look at the sculpture and we see them bending... but we know it is not so! Why then should we believe what material senses are trying to tell us? Thanks Nela #10 for reminding us about what MBE says: "form perfect models in thought and look at them continually … carve them out in grand and noble lives” (S&H 248). Once again, thank you Mary Rose for this DL and the video.

  22. Thank you so much Rosemary for sharing with the world endless ways Divine Mind expresses itself through man. The video shared opens world thought to limitless Mind.

  23. "Man -- the male and female of God's creating -- is the accurate reflection of God." I will cherish and honor that idea today, Mary Alice. Thank you for your message from the great city of Chicago.

  24. Thank you.

  25. This is great. Have seen "the bean" and love hearing and seeing this Daily Lift about it !

  26. Loved the images from your camera!

    "The crude creations of mortal thought must finally give place to the glorious forms which we sometimes behold in the camera of divine Mind, when the mental picture is spiritual and eternal. " S&H 264:3

  27. Everyone affectionately refers to the sculpture as "The Bean."
    Thank you, Mary Alice, for your scientific statement of The Bean.
    (sorry, couldn't resist)

  28. Mary Alice, that was a fabulous lift! I love the idea that we are reflections with no distortion - not bending away from God, not imperfect in any way. Thank you!

  29. Hoy se me ha representado una imagen distorcionada de la realidad, cómo acostumbra el error, a veces con imagenes bellas que confunden y otras cómo en éste caso, la descarnada del error, que intenta y puede confundir.

    Hay que hacer un tramite para terminar la sucesión de mi madre y para ello se necesita que mi hermana renueve la cédula, ayer estuvimos planificando la ida, y nada me dijo de su intención de no hacerlo, y hoy me dice que no lo hará. No es fácil asumir ciertas cosas sin confundirse, pero gracias a Dios el primer pensamiento que me vino fue justamente éste... Es una imagen distorcionada que nada tiene que ver con la realidad que conozco, y eso me reconfortó inmediatamente, por que no importa cuan cruel parezca esa imagen, no es real.
    Pense, el error toma muchas formas para desestabilizarnos, cómo tu ejemplo, Mary Alice, nos distorciona la realidad para confundirnos, pero hay una sola realidad y esa no se distorciona, a menos que lo permitamos, quizás sea un alerta y deba tomarme un poco más de mi tiempo, para realizar las tareas que me hacen felíz, que no son humanas, ni sociales, sino desarrollarme, cómo científica cristiana, que han quedado un poco de lado

    "Hacer ésto, sin dejar de hacer aquello" Entiendo debe ser la premisa.

    Muchas gracias Mary Elice, sinceramente, tu ejemplo me ha sido de mucha ayuda, ya que me reafirma en la necesidad de no permitir que la imagen distorcionada nos domine y que sí aparezca la verdadera.

  30. Excellent lesson with a element of something new and a metaphor that illuminates. Thank you Mary Alice.

  31. Many thanks Mary Alice for this interesting illustration of completeness. Yes. "Man...expresses the fulness. the wholeness, the completeness of divine Mind, of divine Life and Love." "O perfect Life, in Thy completeness held,/ None can beyond Thy omnipresence stray;/ Safe in Thy Love, we live and sing alway/ Alleluia! Alleluia!" (Christian Science Hymnal #66).

  32. "Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see: " Luke 10:23
    And to know what you are looking at, when right and real, and when distorted.
    Thanks for the illustration and insight. Now we all have it, too!

  33. thank you mary alice

  34. Great lift. Great comments. Thank you for using art as part of this great spiritual lesson.

  35. Amazing photos of the Giant "Bean"! Thank you, Mary Alice, for giving us a living metaphor of Reflection through this sculpture! And yes, there is something wonderful about being a "Human Bean"! Emerging from my pod of humanness, I find my true Being (Bean) in reflection of the One Divine Shining Being (Bean)! Happy Being (Bean) Day!

  36. What an amazing sculpture "Cloud Gate" is. Thanks so much, Mary Alice, for the video and the inspiring message on reflection. How great it is that we as God's reflection can never be distorted, but are always perfect just as the Original.

  37. Jesus asked us in a different way
    to reflect;

    "Cleanse yourselves of all the old.
    Live without many words, keep silent and listen to your inner voice,so that you see yourselves as you are".

  38. Wonderful Lift. Thanks.

  39. WOW! Great to have such an uplifting concept of this beautiful city! Enjoyed #25's humor, too. Thanks, Mary Alice and all the Lifters.

  40. Such a wonderful truth, that reflection is compete, whole and full. I often go to the statement in Science and Health, "Principle is not found in fragmentary ideas" (p. 302). How comforting to know that God's wholeness is seen in the wholeness of His image and likeness -- man and all creation. "He [man and woman] is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas" (p.475).

    Thank you, Mary Alice. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  41. Thank you Mary Alice for your insightful video and words about the sculpture by Anish Kapoor, of God along with reminding us of our clear, non-distorted reflection in Him.
    Knowing our distortions come from material sense, and never reflect the eternal divine goodness, I give thanks today and everyday for Mary Baker Eddy's inspired interpretation of the Bible. In "Science and Health" she says on p470: "God is the creator of man, and, the divine Principle of man remaining perfect, the divine idea or reflection, man, remains perfect. Man is the expression of God’s being". Perfect God and perfect man!

    Thank you lifters for your comments and the Daily Lift Team also.

  42. I love this analogy. I love learning grand lessons for art all around us. Let's look for them today. What a joy!

  43. Actually, before Mary Alice's Lift today, I only knew the sculpture as "The Bean." So, 23 Bob in Kansas and 25 Norm, based on your colloquial input RE: "The Bean" added to Mary Alice's profound insights RE: "Cloud Gate," I'm inspired to add a little humor to my prayerful consideration of it all. With the sculpture in mind and a twinkle in my eye, I'll be challenging myself daily with, "Am I beholding a "mortal BEAN?" Or, a "spiritual BEAN?" :-) How about times when I feel a need for greater spiritual progress and seem to be back-pedaling? "BEAN there, done that" ... and move forward! Then there's, "How have you BEAN?" or "BEAN thinking about the situation." ... from a material or spiritual paradigm? I could go on :-) but I think I heard someone shout out, "Amen!" or was it "Uncle!" :-)

  44. Every time I visit Chicago I make sure to visit the Millennium Park and see this this inspiring sculpture. Thank you for your uplifting insight on reflection Mary Alice.

  45. I hope the sculptor doesn't mind his/her anonymity in this lift! Seems to me that if we can reference the material components (steel) and method of making (welding, etc) we can give a shout out to the human individual who made it. God is the only Mind but we need individuals, practitioners, artists, and scientists to demonstrate this. Thanks for the lift though, and the photographs are very good.

    Daily Lift Team
    Cloud Gate (title of Sculpture was mentioned in the Lift) was created by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor.

  46. Wonderful message, Mary Alice....your ideas are always so clear. I will be awake to lessons in MY day.
    Absolutely beautiful music at the end....want to hear more of that piano!

  47. Thank you, Mary Alice, for this perspective from a spiritually-minded tourist.

    Maybe there IS something in a name. Locals casually refer to Cloud Gate as "The Bean" and probably don't look for or expect any profound spiritual lessons from that shiny tourist attraction. Yet true reflection expresses Life's fullness and completeness with no distortion, no deformity, and that's an amazing discovery.

    Your Cloud Gate photos illustrate your Lift so perfectly.

  48. A thought came to me during my sleep last night of a mathematical equation, that the material = the unreal and the spiritual = the real.
    Also an Amusement Park that I visited in my childhood had a "HOUSE OF MIRRORS" which, when one looked at himself, one would look distorted. Oh! That House of Mirrors really symbolized the distorted view of man. Let us see it for what it is and have the correct view in thought of the true image of man in God's image and likeness.

  49. Thank you to those who have listed artist Anish Kapoor as the sculptor behind "Cloud Gate". Yes, the sculpture is also known as "The Bean" -- in fact, I didn't know the actual name of the sculpture until I visited it; I had always heard it referred to as The Bean. And thank you, everyone, for your insightful comments, including the humor. Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love — be it song, sermon, or Science — blesses the human family with crumbs of comfort from Christ’s table, feeding the hungry and giving living waters to the thirsty." (Science and Health 234:4) So, be it sculptures or humor, I rejoice that these things are turning us heavenward today. :-)

  50. Having a distorted view of legal justice being presented to me at this very time, I am so grateful for your wake up call to not accept any distortion of our true reflection as the beloved child of God. With God as the only judge and lawgiver, there can be nothing but God's mercy and blessings for all involved in any situation. El Paso Patt

  51. Very interesting lift...thank you!

  52. Chicago is where I first found Christian Science. Or where it first found me!
    This was many years ago, so “the Bean” sculpture was not there, but it was here I learned the grand lesson that man’s being… that my being reflects, as you said Mary Alice, the fullness, wholeness and completeness of Divine Mind, Life and Love – being that is a forever true undistorted, upright living reflection of God. Thanks Mary Alice for your Grand Lessons lift. The next time I’m back in ‘Chi town’, my spiritual re-birth place, I will especially enjoy and be inspired when I visit Millennium Park and see again the scientific statement of Bean/being sculpture [sorry Norm I couldn’t resist either :)].

  53. As has been said many times in these Lifts, I really needed this. When I got up this morning I had a distorted view of myself in that I wasn't reflecting God's perfection, but hobbling around in pain. No more of that! I am and will always be God's perfect idea.
    Thank you so much Mary Alice for the wonderful Lift and the beautiful video which really brings thought to where it should be. Thanks also to Nate and his crew who provide us these wonderful gems.

  54. Wow! Perfect--no distortion in spiritual reflection! I cannot be sick, sinful, unhappy, discouraged, lacking supply of anything in this reflection because I'm not generating anything of myself but reflecting all that God is, and because I'm an idea, not a body, there is no distortion or blemish of appearance or character in my being. Thank you so much, Mary Alice! and thank you Anish, Kapoor who provided the sculpture that provided the inspiration.

  55. Helpful analogies. Thank you.

  56. Thank you. This is timely as I am visiting my family members on the West coast. Because, I have a lot of time alone, I have not felt as tho, coming here was such a good idea. Listening to your lift this morning gives me hope, that there are lessons for me, even tho, I am alone much of the time.

  57. It never ceases to amaze me that just thinking of Man as God's reflection, even for a moment, lifts one's thoughts to an optimistic view of the upcoming day ahead of us.
    Thanks for the Lift!

  58. That is a marvellous art lesson and a Life lesson -- exploring the Cloud Gate sculpture --
    and an opportunity to examine our (my) own thoughts.
    Clear reflections of God are not bent or distorted!!!
    Thank you Mary Alice!
    My very senior friend was a pilot. She says that in those days they would assess a day's flying conditions as C A V U . Clear And Visibility Unlimited! That fits with this Lift! So CAVU to all!

  59. Thank you! Beautiful inspiration!

  60. Thanks Mary Alice.Your lift is lively and refreshing and penetrating. And I'm just delighted in the vast way people comment, the lines chosen from hymns shared, the individual stories shared, the poems, the various quotes, the healings, the metaphors. Thanks one and all. Hey, Kathleen # 55, try attending 10th church or visiting their Reading Room. AND thanks "dear Mother Church" and the DL team for putting these on.

  61. Thank you Mary Alice for illustrating the concept of being a perfect, clear reflection of God contains no distortions or abnormalities. The human senses present this picture just as the skyline in the Bean tries to make us think the buildings are bending and leaning. We must constantly check our perspective, what we are thinking, how we are viewing everything and every idea. The standard is in Genesis 1 "God made man in His image and likeness." And "it was very good." I will keep this in thought throughout the day to measure each idea by Genesis 1.
    Note to #55 commenter. Embrace being at one with God, with goodness and seeing His love embracing you and your family. You can not be alone because God is ever present. Reach out in prayer to the world which needs your good thoughts and uplifting ideas. Be active in the Truth. You are dearly loved!

  62. In responding to Kathleen 5 I am visiting my family in CA and am alone some of the day after getting my daughter and children off to work and school. I am enjoying the time alone to study, be helpful in the home, and enjoy the beauty of the Santa Monica mtns. I am so grateful for the Daily Lifts and the loving thoughts and responses which support me each day.

  63. Thanks Mary Alice for wonderful lift as well as video. I liked the idea that man is perfect, complete & whole. That's true.Whatever we perceive with material senses is an illusion, a distorted view of man. But when we lift ourselves above material senses, the whole scene is changed. Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy has written"Man is God's reflection,needing no cultivation,but ever beautiful & complete. Thanks again & thanks also to the whole team for beautiful lifts which are source of inspiration to us.

  64. Thanks for this delightful and educational lift this morning. Thanks Mary Alice, well done. It was like being there, both physically and metaphysically. Also as I said before, I appreciate the humour in the comments. I've noticed people generally seem to like looking at distortions, whether it's in the bent mirrors in the carnival, the ipod camera effects, or the "bean". It's fun when we know the distortions are not real.
    The hard part is when we see "distortions" in the world around us or in our loved ones, and we believe they are real. That's when the use of metaphysics is so important; to help us know and see all distortions (or discordant conditions) for what they are - unrealities; for the purpose of healing and loving and laughing.

  65. Thanks Mary Ellis for your FANTASTIC Metaphor...a beautiful one.!!!!!!!!

  66. What you've related here, Mary Alice, is the spiritual fact of being. It is beautifully expressed, and the example is right there before the listener, complete, and immensely inspiring. Thank you so much for this!

    BettyJo from Corona del Mar, CA

  67. Thank you Mary Alice that was awesome engaging the senses to inspire the thoughts.

  68. Thank you Mary Alice. Obrigada Mary Alice.

  69. Thank you.

  70. Very nice - substantive message. Thanks very much.

  71. In The Christian Science Journal of May, 1959, God's Orbits, Julia Johnston gives us, "Man, moving in God's orbit of ultimate intention for him, is never alone. He is conscious of Principle's activity with him; he feels the animation of immortality throughout his identity; he reflects divine purpose as the innate pulsing of his being. He is conscious with omniscience, active with omnipotence, and existent with omnipresence."

  72. Great use of the Chicago skyline, Mary Alice!! I grew up there, and it always inspired me.

  73. Thank you to Mary Alice and all the commentators.

  74. THankyou for that wonderful lesson .
    Much gratitude

  75. What a healing lift! Thank you, Mary Alice! God's creation reflecting the completeness of Divine Mind. To that I would add the constancy of Divine mind. This is something I struggle with- to always be in Mind.

  76. This was great, Mary Alice, and I will look with fresh eyes for new ideas around me that teach spiritual lessons.
    Thank you so much for this inspiration.

  77. Love that sort of metaphysics, straightforward and not at all bent!

  78. Loved the video and the lift!

  79. What a nice lift- I love the statement you end with about when you pay attention, there are grand lessons all around us, even if we are "merely" playing tourist. It makes me think of the movie, "Michael", in which there was a very strong message to always stay alert to seeing, being aware of, and acknowledging the messages from God... They are multiform, and beautiful, and everywhere; we just need to pay attention to see them.

  80. Amen to all these wonderful comments and sharing statements..... what a grand and loving bunch of

    INQuisitives WE ALL ARE !! GOD does have a sense of humor, that's for sure...... just keep looking

    ahead...there's much more to Infinite Being(BEAN) than we can possibly imagine!!!!! AMEN

  81. Thank you so much Mary for sharing those beautiful and instructive ideas with us.

  82. OUTSTANDING & brilliant. This is really educational and Spiritual. Totally unique. Thank you for this treat. Glad to know you're a Christian Scientist. Mary Alice Rose! What a great name! I love plants and gardens. Your name sounds like a special kind of Rose. You're certainly a special reflection of Good.

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