9/26: Final word

9/26: Final word

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  1. I will take that as the final word! Thank you, Suzanne. Very helpful!

  2. Thank you Susanne.
    Feeling a little down this morning. My son and his family flew back to the States last night (in fact they are in Doha as we speak and still have 16 hours ahead of them before arriving back in Houston Wed pm. They have been here for 14 months . How wonderful to hear your Lift and know that God does have the final word in making their decisions and choices, and guarding and guiding him and his precious family in the years that lie ahead. How wonderful to know that they go from Love Through Love to Love.
    Kay...with love

  3. Thank you, Suzanne!!

  4. Suzanne, Thank you for a deep and helpful lift - I'll leave the final word to God !

  5. Thank you, Suzanne. That was lovely inspiration for today and always. Your spiritual clarity is most helpful. With love from Norma Jean

  6. Most helpful, thank you Suzanne ! Not what this one says, or that one says, but what God says, He has the final word !

  7. Thank you Suzanne, "What cannot God do.?" This was so helpful.

  8. Good, deep prayerful responce to GOD'S everywhereness,OMNIPOTENCE! No room for doubt or
    dualism in this totality of the HOLY SPIRIT. GOD speaks and we know who is right and righteous!

  9. Thank you for this important lift. God has the final word because he is the only Word!

  10. Many thanks Suzanne for this greatly inspiring lift. Yes. 'Each individual can find his or her permanent progress under God's [divine intelligent Love's] government." "Governed by Love, you’re safe and secure;/ I am forever beside thee." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #444).

  11. Hello Suzanne and thanks for the reminder that no matter what the situation, it's a good idea to leave the outcome in God's hands! I have been praying that a loved one will make an important decision, knowing in my heart, ultimately, it's nothing to do with me...rather between him and God.. Thank you for the lift, team.

  12. Thank you Suzanne. We'll shortly be traveling back home from our holiday and its wonderful to realize that God has the final word as far as our safety is concerned.

  13. It is so comforting to know that we don't have to continue in conversations/arguments with matter or mortal mind in order to 'have' the final word. We can argue on the side of God and let 'divine, intelligent Love's' final word be revealed. We can say 'that is that' with confidence and turn our back on error. Thank you Susan for this lovely lift! I cherish my time each morning listening to each lift and reading every inspiring comment. Much gratitude to all, the BOL and its team putting together this 'morning' thought for all simple seekers of truth.

  14. Thank you!!

  15. Dear Suzanne, thank you for your fresh thought; my final Word from God for today is: 'There is a place by Me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock'' (Exodus 33:21). That's the ultimatum I can hold on to!!

  16. Thank you so much, these words are wery helpfull for all things, we have to do today.
    I will listen, to hear Gods word now.
    I send you all my love

  17. I just remembered a bumper sticker I saw many years ago, 'God said it, I believe it, that settles it!' Final answer!

  18. Thank you!!

  19. THANK YOU sincerely for this strengthen "Lift," Suzanne! Seeing thro' material lies and limitation and affirming the power and truth of God's ultimatum is both liberating and comforting!

  20. This is such a beautiful, powerful message. So inspiring and confidence building. And I must agree with #5 Suzanne, your spiritual clarity is so helpful! Wonderful ideas to carry with us today, and everyday.
    Thank you so much Suzanne!

  21. Thank you. I have moved so many times now that I know the next move will be up to God and the right place will be available. It's always in God's hands. Thank you again.

  22. THANK YOU for this strong statement of man's eternal life, eternal progress, eternal good!!!

  23. Definitivo es todo lo relacionado con Dios no dejando ninguna duda en cuanto a lo que se ha de hacer, salvo que nos hagamos los distraidos y miremos hacia otro lado, hacia el error de creer que hay otro camino o algún atajo que nos conduzca al mismo resultado, pero imagino que tus palabras se refieren a poner punto final a pensar que haya algo fuera de Dios SÏ, nada hay fuera de Él, ni palabras ni hechos que no sean espirituales, definitivos, absolutos y eternos.
    "El espíritu de Jehová el Señor, está sobre mi," Isaías.
    Su espíritu y su aliento de Vida estan sobre nosotros, para despertar consciencias dormidas porque nada hay fuera de Su plenitud, todo lo demas es una gran mentira y está para confundir diría más es una estructura creada para eso y a veces hasta las buenas intenciones quedan atrapadas en la maraña de palabras huecas de contenido pero tentadoras con promesas de realizaciones que pone el error delante nuestro, por ello la importancia de la palabra inspirada, que abre mentes a la Verdad.

    Muchas gracias Suzanne, pongamosle final sí a la vacuidad, y sigamos el guía cierto de la palabra inspirada de Cristo y la Ciencia Cristiana, y gracias Daily Lift, por la inspiración diaria.

  24. Gratitude for this strengthening, healing, final word of Truth - going forth to bless all! Thank you, Suzanne, Daily Lift Team, all.

  25. Thank you and to all the comments, that shed new light on the wonderful idea. I was touched by #2 and #13 perhaps because I have my children far away and I must exercise every day my ability to pray for them and for me to understand that God has the final word in making their decisions and guiding them in the years that lay ahead. We can always say: God has spoken! I accept it and I will be quiet listening to His Word, what He has to say I will obey to His command and turn my back to error of any kind that may appear and pretend to be true. Thank you so much! This is a very good beginning today. "To those leaning on the sustaining Infinite, TODAY is big with blessings.

  26. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Final word … human ultimatums are never the ‘final word’ … God, Divine, intelligent Love always has the ‘final word’ …” I’m realizing that God’s “final word” is always about “infinite possibilities.” Yes! I need to protest human ultimatums in prayer. I also need to be still; know that God is God; and expect God’s guidance and protection – protection from the human ultimatums, along with guidance into the infinite possibilities. Taking this all into consideration, there really is no “final word.” How can we finalize “the sustaining infinite?” (Science and Health, vii) There is only Divine Love meeting all our needs. (Science and Health, 494) I love it. Thanks again, Suzanne.

  27. Such a simple, pure, relevant idea for those of us listening to God to put God First in thought and deed. I thank you Suzanne, for shedding light on this idea in a new way for me. Trusting God is not new for me but understanding that God has the 'Final Word' is exalting. "I AM the first and I AM the last." What a great Lift to thought. I appreciate these morning daily lifts and the BOL for making them available.

  28. this day is going to be a challenge in many ways for me, I listened three times, and tried to hold on to God being the only governing force in this shadow life, I am living now. Thank you

  29. Very appreciated! And I am especially grateful for the love I feel from this Daily Lift community - blessings all around. Helps me stand firms knowing that I am supported and governed by Love.

  30. I'm deeply grateful for this reminder that God always has the final word. I have a little card by my computer that says:
    "What;s going on?"
    "All that's going on is God, imparting good to His idea man, and the universe."
    When there seems to be discord, disease, or discouragement, I like to hold on to this thought and now I'll add that God has the final word always!

  31. Suzanne~~ Now i have some great thoughts to use as i watch the "campaigns" & related rhetoric!!

    i.e. = Who's in control of our government?! Loving gratitude to you.

  32. One more thought...A couple of words in this weeks lesson stood out to me this morning, 'as if'. About 2 years ago, as I was making preparations to visit my parents who live about 3 hours away, there were many thunderstorms in the area between my and their homes. They were concerned about the wisdom of my making the journey as there were predictions flooding in that area. As I studied, the thought that came to me is, 'there is no 'but' in the Kingdom of Heaven'.. I told them I and my daughter were on our way. About halfway there we came to a low point in the highway where water was just starting to encroach on the shoulder. We passed with no problem. I never mentioned it to my parents or my daughter who slept the entire way there. On the way back I was concerned about what we would run into. There had been a state trooper sitting by waiting to close the road if need be. I continued to work with the thought about there being no 'but' in the Kingdom of Heaven. As we got to that spot in the highway, there was no trooper, no flooding, all water had receded. To quote a phrase that the youth of today like to use....'AS IF!"

  33. Ahh, Suzanne, you sent me to the dictionaries..
    A somewhat current dictionary says ultimatum is a “Final proposition, condition or demand.”
    From an 1828 dictionary… “the most favorable terms a negotiator can offer”… bringing negotiations to an end.

    I have tried negotiating with horses and it doesn’t seem to work. “If you just get this right, we will go back to the barn and have a relaxing afternoon with some hay”. It does work to take the time to point them in the right direction and let them discover what to do. When they have found it, it’s theirs. This is the ultimate… that they find what is important. (although I cleverly set them up to do so)

    As usual, it is not so different for us to be urged in spiritual understanding. We are pointed in the right direction by paying attention regarding the ultimatum that Life is spiritual, eternal and includes all. We need not to “spook” at the shadows, even when they appear to move. God’s ultimatum includes a trip to the barn for a perfectly peaceful afternoon of hay. Mmmm, good!

  34. Thanks Suzanne for this clear reminder of who's in charge all along.

  35. Powerful treatment of human illusion as sense suggesting our thought/experience is in the hands of soemthing outside or beyond God's, Spirit's, government of unconditional love for His/Her creation. Thanks so much Suzanne.

  36. Very helpful, Suzanne. Thank you so very much :)

  37. Thank you, Suzanne, for lifting our thoughts with Love's final word of joy and perfection always.

  38. Gracias Suzanne! cuanta ayuda y tranquilidad me ha dado su mensaje, pues sí confiamos plenamente en Dios, suya es la última palabra y quién podrá dudar de su Amor Divino? El siempre nos prodiga la dicha y el bien....

  39. Thank you.

  40. Thank you, Suzanne, When one seems to be dealing with an ongoing challenge, how wonderful to be reminded that "God, divine intelligent Love, always has the final word" And that under God's government each individual has his permanent progress.! Thanks so much for this clear message,

  41. Absolute! Love your lift.
    Woke this morning and began thinking of God unfolding my day. The lesson this week is so filled with light and I like to think of God lighting the way through my day and night. Love opens doors when we open thought knowing it's God's government - not the false mortal sense of it. We are so far above that!
    I don't watch news on TV. The CSM is the only news I read and have been blessed by that decision I made a number of years ago. The only one in charge is God and the sooner we realize that, the more we bless ourselves and others. One MIND is ALL in all.
    Thank you.

  42. I will remember this truth during the upcoming political debates and right through the US election in November. I will also know this today on the celebration of a high holy day in another religion. Thank you for this truthful reminder. There is no final word higher than our universal God.

  43. Many thanks, Suzanne. These thoughts are so reassuring during these troubled times. Special love to #26.

  44. Thank you Suzanne. I've been wrestling with a problem/thought and this Lift has really met the need. I am no longer concerned because God has the answer and will meet the need. I only have to listen and to feel God's love encompassing me. Today really is big with blessings.
    I send my love to all who bring us these wonderful spiritual nuggets every day.

  45. WOW. Thank you. One perfect, divine ultimatum because one Cause, One Mind-God. I'm grateful for this lift and for all the responses; many are close to my experiences. Thanks #2 and #15 for that verse from Exodus 33:21. Thanks again DL team for putting these today every day.

  46. How wonderful to know, and remember!
    Thank you, Suzanne.

  47. Wonderful lift, very helpful... thank you!

  48. Thank you for this simple truth

  49. How important it is to pray to realize God is the only gonernment. And that He governs us all.

  50. It's the Rock that each one stands on, to realize that divine, intelligent Love is governing each individual life and even helping us to see evidence of that care. And Kathleen, you can trust Love's never been closer to you than today. Much love!

  51. Suzanne , I always love your LIFTS . Through your lectures and talks you have shared so many of your family's trials , that whenever I see your Lifts I know YOU have walked the walk. Thanks for your humble and sweet comments. Jan

  52. A human ultimatum is like coming to the end of a rope, literally, sometimes. The importance of not panicking was illustrated this weekend when a young woman showed a couple of training exercises that new horse owners can do, using only the halter (around the horses head) and a leader rope, she showed how she could stand on the end of the rope with one foot and her painted horse did not try to jerk or throw its head when it felt that it was "caught" Also she showed how running that same rope behind one leg of her horse and pulling it taut, the horse, a young gelding, did not become frightened, but gently tried to lift his leg to get free. The importance of this she said she experienced one time when one of her other horses became tangled in a fence, out of sight of her house, and at feeding time, when he was not there, she found him, Aiken, standing still, waiting for someone (namely her) to come and rescue him. If he had not done so, and panicked, he could have gotten hurt. But he had already been taught to do what she was demonstrating to her horse-lover audience. When we are faced with a seemingly scary situation, we can be assured of God's ultimatum which has the final word, and see our own salvation under God's government. Thanks for finding me caught in the figurative fence. I have the daily lift phone number on my cell phone and I can call anytime. (1-617-450-3430). Have a happy day.

  53. Oh Suzanne, so true and what a needed message to lift our worries during a time that "appears" rife with conflict. As both political parties challenge each others' ideas and work to expose the "lies" of the other side, it seems like life is filled with material ultimatums. I recently was concerned about a movie that came out and about some comments my ex had made to my son about seeing it. I feared it would fuel hatred and lies that I had seen affect my son in the past. Or so, the illusion tells me--as if hatred and lies have the power to affect anything.. But God, our loving creator has the final word. A friend of mine saw the movie with her daughter and they walked away seeing only the good in it. And her daughter felt uplifted afterward and had an idea to do something positive to change her life. Here I was worrying about a movie having a negative focus that could usher in lies. But you see, God has the final word. His goodness is ever present. His angel thoughts speak to people's minds and they find truth instead of lies. Thank you so much for your daily lift. It helped reinforce the ever present wisdom to put aside our worries. Turn to and trust in God--who always has the final word..

  54. Thank you so much for your Lift, Suzanne. Your words are exactly what I needed right NOW! I have already forwarded it to another. I love how you say all the other predictions and prognostications are of no importance at all. All that really is, is God and what He thinks and says to each and every one. I think we should follow this great Lift, and just leave it to God.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the Board of Lectureship and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  55. Rock of ages - here - now - all powerful!

  56. There are two places in Science & Health with 'ultimatum' in it:

    If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous.

    The second quote comes w the sidebar heading, "
    spiritual ultimatum"

    The notion that mind and matter commingle in the human illusion as to sin, sickness, and death must eventually submit to the Science of Mind, which denies this notion. God is Mind, and God is infinite; hence all is Mind. On this statement rests the Science of being, and the Principle of this Science is divine, demonstrating harmony and immortality.

    Both show the finality of the scientific facts, of God's Word, and that no matter what mortal mind would say or argue or put in the way, whether we are moving a lot (Mary from AL) or living in shadow, God's light is always shining, God's Word is always speaking to us, guiding us, living us, and God's purpose is always revealed, and it is to our benefit. It is impossible for the material circumstances "to thwart the spiritual ultimate of all things."

  57. THANK YOU so much! This was just what I needed this morning. :)

  58. Thank you Suzanne!
    God has the final word,
    because God IS the WORD,
    as the Bible tells us!
    Thanks to all who shared your insights too.

  59. Thank you, Suzanne. Exactly what I needed today!! This is one I'll be listening to again throughout the day.

    Earlier this year, I realized that, with all the downsizing I was doing, I also needed to remember to stay open to expansion! That is, upsizing my consciousness of spiritual good, my trust in God's ways and means, and my reliance on Spirit (God). That's kind of a fun project! Let go of material excess and at the same time let thought expand outward to embrace new possibilities, new friends. This expansion can include prayer for others, international situations, etc. Less distraction, more consecration.

    Loving you all. And bless you, Suzanne.

  60. "...deep and conscientious protests of truth..." (S&H pg. 12) reminds me of the widespread popular protests in the eastern world against an insulting western produced video. Such protests are resulting in violence, and like Jesus, we need to bring the final word of "peace, be still" to this atmosphere.
    The full statement is:
    "It is neither Science nor Truth which
    acts through blind belief, nor is it the human under‐
    standing of the divine healing Principle as manifested
    in Jesus, whose humble prayers were deep and con‐
    scientious protests of Truth, — of man's likeness to
    God and of man's unity with Truth and Love."
    Let's unite in this kind of protest - - it brings light and peace - it is the final word.
    Thank you so much Susan.

  61. What a powerful lift. Thank you. A short time ago I found myself saying, "I've hit rock bottom." Of course, that discouragement wasn't really my own thought; but it did remind me how often the Bible talks about God as a rock. So I was reminded in seconds that being on "Rock bottom" was a good thing! That was an ultimatum for me.

    This morning, reading the Christian Science Bible Lesson on the subject of "Unreality", I felt the first section of the Lesson made it very clear that God is good, and what our Father-Mother creates is good. So evil (for instance sadness, lack of any sort, death, immorality, a feeling of emptiness, etc etc) is the unreality. The ultimatum in any situation is good.

  62. Thank you Suzanne, final word God is good!

  63. A powerful thought and one with deep moral conviction. Thank you for this heartfelt message that awakens thought to what is real.

  64. God in charge. Guiding us, providing for our every need. Thank you for this great lift Suzanne! Great comments as well.
    Beautiful, joyous day to all :-)

  65. Thanks, Suzanne. You and the Daily Lift team are doing such a wonderful job as I saw this summer in England and So. Africa. There are many grateful listeners and Lifters among our CS friends everywhere!
    I loved the thought I got this summer in an Underground in London. I had two suitcases and a long flight of stairs loomed above me! If I carry one up I have to leave the other at the bottom! But, I saw a sign, "WAY OUT"! There is always a way out, I thought. Just then a dear angel of a man came up and asked, "Need help"? I gratefully said "Yes, please."

    He not only took one he took both suitcases, one on top of the other and in seconds he was at the top. I said, "Thank you, you are an angel. Would you like..," and he said, "No," thinking I would offer him money. I said, "a candy?" He laughed and said, No but thanks!
    This was the way the whole summer went. Help was always at hand and a Way Out was always found. God doesn't need a backup plan, you know. Just trust the one He gives you when you start out and He will provide the final WAY OUT.

  66. Thank you so much for this deep message, so important to realize when we read the news of the world.

  67. Lovely, Suzanne and thank you for your comforting words of Truth. Much love to you.

  68. Thank you! This is so helpful. A powerful thought to counteract human ultimatums.

  69. Thank you Suzanne,

    Angels are very comforting.

  70. I am so grateful for a clear and strong Lift full of conviction.

  71. Thank you. What a way to start my day.

  72. Father-Mother God's ultimatum to me: goodness--right here--right now--everywhere--always!
    and for you, and everyone!

  73. This inspirational Lift is consistent with a verse I've been praying with and applying to several situations that are troubling me this week. From Mary Baker Eddy's "Miscellaneous Writings" (page 280): "As we commonly think, we imagine all is well if we cast something into the scale of Mind, but we must realize that Mind is not put into the scales with matter; then only are we working on one side and in Science." One side, divine Mind, issuing the ultimatum of GOOD! This is universal and applies to each and every one of us today, and always. Many thanks sent on virtual hugs to our Daily Lift community of lecturers, commenters as well as listeners who strive to use what they hear without commenting, and the DL team that produces these gems!

  74. Thank you and all responders.All your good thoughts and prayers are very helpful.


  76. Thanks.....Suzanne.......Also Thank you Nancy for the great horse storry..

  77. Thank you so much, Suzanne.
    You all - Have a great day!

  78. This is a wonderful reminder that, although many outside influences try to convince us that there's IS the last and final voice, God's voice is still and small, but powerful and DONE! Our Lords prayer, whose power Mary Baker Eddy refers to as "instantaneously heals the sick" (Science and Health P.16:23) says "Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven" then she expands this spiritually by interpreting it "enable us to know,-as in heaven, so on earth- God is omnipotent, supreme.". I love to just turn to these passages in a time of conflicting human verdicts, then yield my thought and heart to these words' gentle power, over ruling every other voice! God's will is done, here and now, just as it will be always! Thank you for reminding me of this today! A wonderful "Lift" indeed!

  79. I am so grateful for each & every Daily Lift. They are so inspirational and comforting ----- a great way to start the day. Thank you Suzanne !

  80. I loved this lift Suzanne. Thank you. It truly meets a need in my life at present. Thank you too to the BOL, the Daily Lift team, and all the contributors. Wonderful!

  81. This lift is particularly meaningful for me. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration.

  82. Thank You

  83. I loved hearing from you again, Suzanne........what a wonderful thought that is that God, Love has the Final Word! That definitely puts an end to all materiality.

  84. Thanks Suzanne, for highlighting one of my favorite words in Science and Health. I love your bringing out that God has the first and final Word... I AM THAT I AM!
    That is everything; it is enough.

  85. "I am the first, and I am the last" (Isa.44:6). Thank you Suzanne, for reminding us that even after turning to prayer early, we must get His final word as well.When it seems we can't go forward, we've lost all that is dear to us (or are facing the threat that will be so) God has a final word, a final plan that will be good for all involved. To yield to this in extreme circumstances, when there seems to be no reversible solution, and we are stuck with the effect, is submitting to mental surgery. Expecting God's final word on how things are and how the future will go, is letting divine Mind remove the hurt, pain, fear, and frozen ability, even the memory of all that is bad, and remove the negative expectation of how things are currently going, which will bring us to see good, to feel blessed, to know all are equally blessed no matter where they are, or even how they believe now, or believed when we last saw them. I've scheduled some mental surgery, and some therapy prayer sessions to stop the need for more mental surgery. I'll be busy applying what this Lift is about, to many thoughts on the back burner, that smoke up now & then. #60 Gary, I like how you're going with this. To #30, Lori;17&32 JD; 33 Nancy; 52 Robert; & 53 Alabama, Thanks for sharing! #61 Reaching, Thanks for a fresh way to think of reaching rock bottom. #65 Sally, Sweet testimony!

  86. Thank you, Suzanne! Well said.

  87. Thank you Suzanne and thank you God for having the final say-so!

  88. Thank you very much for this lift!

  89. Jesus revealed against any physical or moral ultimatum, knowing that only God could have the final word.
    He taught the “Lord’s Prayer”, the prayer that protested any claim but the spiritual ultimatum that each individual can find his permanent progress under God’s government.
    “It is neither Science nor Truth which acts through blind belief, nor is it the human understanding of the divine healing Principle as manifested in Jesus, whose humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth, — of man's likeness to God and of man's unity with Truth and Love” S&H 12:10
    Jesús se reveló contra cualquier ultimatum, moral o físico, sabiendo que solo Dios puede tener la última palabra.
    Enseñó el “Padre Nuestro”, la oración que protesta cualquier reclamo, excepto el ultimátum espiritual que cada uno puede hallar su progreso permanente bajo el gobierno de Dios.
    “No es ni la Ciencia ni la Verdad lo que obra mediante la creencia ciega, ni es tampoco la comprensión humana del Principio divino sanador manifestado en Jesús, cuyas humildes oraciones eran profundas y concienzudas declaraciones de la Verdad —de la semejanza del hombre con Dios y de la unidad del hombre con la Verdad y el Amor” CyS 12:11

  90. There's so much to think about in this lift. I'm going to listen again, but not before thanking you for the vital reminder to pray and keep praying and never to accept the material pretense of a final word!

  91. Dear Suzanne and the Lifter family - Thank you for such reaffirming Truths that God IS providing for each of us - right here, right now. It is sometimes easy to think that His "Final Word" is doled out as though we are standing is some long line waiting for our turn. It is so comforting to understand that His "arm encircles me and mine and ALL" simultaneously - no exceptions. This is "the sustaining Infinite" that we all know, and we can go through our day trusting that we and those we love are covered by His Final Word. He truly does have "the whole world in His hands"!

  92. A real keeper - so important in all of our daily affairs and relationships! Thanks!

  93. Ready for that blessing...giving thanks :-)

  94. God always has the final word. When Motal Mind haggles, this is not the right way of doing this or that. Who has the final word? GOD. When a desicion has to be made. Who has the final word? GOD. No matter, what is or not needed, GOD always has the final word as to the correct way to go.


  96. Spoken with such depth of understanding
    and demonstration. So so very grateful.

  97. This really helps me understand Mrs. Eddy's use of the word "ultimatum." I have studied this but didn't get this clear sense of it. Much gratitude, Susan and all Lifters. You have helped me on THE WAY.

  98. Love always has the final word....how grand! Thanks so much!

  99. Thank You. Very helpful.

    Jay Steinberg

  100. Thank you very much! This really helped me today. :)

  101. Great one! Thank you so much!

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