9/20: Sweet surrender

9/20: Sweet surrender

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  1. Thank you Jon for this great Lift with its healing and important lessons. When we surrender our thought to the Almighty, we tip the balance away from the incongruities of the human mind to the harmonious action of the divine Mind. We can then not only expect healing, but we are healed. Once we separate the tares from the wheat we witness the harvest.

  2. Wonderful lift. I have found that the still small voice of the Christ comes through awareness and stillness, and is not dependent on time, on human effort, or on human thinking. When the claim touches the Christ the healing takes place. The Christ is always present, but it is our conscious realization of this that does the work.

  3. BEAUTIFUL ! Thanks Jon.

  4. Oh, so lovely and lovingly, dear John - and very inspiring for healing which only GOD can do - thanks a very lot!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing beautiful ideas.

  6. What good advice Jon. Comes when I was feeling a little "down". Thanks

  7. Lovely message of not letting self- will but Divine will take over. Who is doing the healing anyway? God, of course! Thank you John.

  8. This is very helpful, Jon. Real. Solid. Practical. Applicable. Science. Thank you very much, indeed.

  9. Jon, Thank you

  10. Helping to form a group to establish a community organization in our trailer park of 150, it was my task to contact 30 of my closest neighbours. I left one of them until last because though I did not know him, he had spoken harsh words to me a couple of years previously, and I had avoided him ever since. But this time up close he was congenial and cooperative, and even shared some troubles he had had in the park. He seemed to have no recollection of the former incident of harsh words to me and I realized it was a case of mistaken identity. He had thought I was someone else. There had been no need of my avoidance and fear.
    I was grateful and joyful over this, but it reminded me of the importance of recognizing our true identity, and the absolute true identity of all our neighbours, whether our enemies or not.
    Talking about the new birth and the surrender of a mistaken (mortal) identity, Mary Baker Eddy states:
    "The new birth is not the work of a moment. It begins
    with moments, and goes on with years; moments of surrender to God,
    of childlike trust and joyful adoption
    of good; moments of self-abnegation, self-consecration,
    heaven-born hope, and spiritual love." (Miscellaneous Writings pg. 14)

    Thank you Jon for sharing how this kind of self surrender can also result in dramatic physical healing as well.

  11. Throughout her writings, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, teaches us to never give up, she never did and because of this striving she accomplished unmatched deeds.

    She taught us that God is Love itself and to trust that Love completely.
    Surrendering to God is not giving up but letting go of ego and trusting in the love of Love.

    On her poem, The New Century she wrote: “The dark domain of pain and sin Surrenders — Love doth enter in…” Poems 22:18

    Através de sus escritos, Mary Baker Eddy, la Descubridora y Fundadora de la Ciencia Cristiana, nos enseña a nunca darnos por vencidos, ella no lo hizo, y por esforzarse es que ha realizado hechos inigualables.

    Ella nos enseñó que Dios es el Amor mismo y que confiemos completamente en ese Amor.
    Rendirse a Dios no es darse por vencido, sino dejar ir el ego y confiar en el amor del Amor.

    En su poema, El Nuevo Siglo, escribió: “El dominio oscuro del dolor y el pecado se rinde —Entra el Amor…” Poemas 22:18

  12. Dear Jon, I am reminded of Christian Science Hymnal 324.

    "Take my life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to thee. Take my moments and my days.. Take my hands, and let them move At the impulse of Thy love.. Take my every thought, to use In the way that Thou shalt choose. Take my love; O Lord, I pour At Thy feet its treasure store. I am Thine, and i will be Ever, only, all for Thee."

    Many thanks.

  13. thank you so much Jon.This is so helpful in the face of prolonged healing.Surrender to God..but what if that has no results? We must never give up ,knowing that being spiritual idea NOTHING can touch us but the harmony of Christ,good.,thus we can surrender ourselves to this knowledge and hang onto it.
    thank you also Scott no.2.I couldn,t put it better.
    love and peace to all.

  14. What a wonderful, comforting lift. We so often put ourself in the driving seat steering towards healing and wonder why the 'inspirations' don't seem to have brought the complete healing. Surrendering to God is such a lovely way forward - He / She is always the healing power so we must just let God do the work. A great lift to take us through the weekend and beyond.

  15. A powerful ,Teaching ,inspiring and healing message to be prayerfully contemplated. Thank you Jon , much blessings to you .

  16. Dear Jon, thank you so much for this wonderful proof that it is really possible to surrender, even sweet!
    And more,, I am so grateful for your short lecture of 23 min. which shows in such a lively way that we CAN leave the wrong history of ourselves and others . This really touched me.

    This short lecture under "watch a lecture" indead is so , so worth being listened to!

    Thank you!

  17. So lovely and jus what I needed to hear. thank you so much John

  18. Such a healing Lift with a truth to be remembered and practiced. Thanks, Jon, Daily Lift team, and Lifters all!

  19. Thank you it is just what is needed. May all have agreat weekend.

  20. So helpful. Many thanks!

  21. Many thanks Jon for sharing your complete trust in Love." "Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life:/ Grant us that Way to know,/ That Truth to trust,/ that Life to learn,/ Whose joys eternal flow." (Christian Science Hymnal #343).

  22. Dear Jon, words cannot express how grateful I am for this DL and all the comments. It came to me in such a needed moment... When we are in pain and healing doesn´t occur as quickly as we wish, we start asking why, we begin to feel sorry for ourselves and sometimes we may even feel angry and disappointed with ourselves rather than this sweet surrender to the Father. The belief that I am a human mind trying to effect a physical healing through spiritual means must surrender, I must give up on ego and trust in Mind. Thank you Vito #12 for reminding us of Hymn 324, so appropriate!

  23. Thank you

  24. Thanks. Over the years, in asking a Christian Science practitioner to pray with me, more than one of these dedicated men and women has said to me "Yield to heal". I have always felt that meant yielding, surrendering, to God's total loving care of everything. And that has either brought immediate healing or adjustment of a problem, or has put my feet on the right road.

  25. Thank you Jon. It just so happens I was having a similar problem which your daily lift has helped me to find my own healing.

  26. Oh John, Thank you so much for this Lift! I have had severe challenges instantly healed by this sweet surrendering to God, to Love's will of harmony. Since there is no real enemy to battle, giving up the battle, we are left only in the reality of God's presence and loving control. This one will be a favorite of mine.

  27. Thank you.

  28. So well imparted! that yielding ego to divine Mind is not giving up, it's healing.

  29. Ah, wise words. And further words can show us how 'surrender' can be more than 'simplistic', but show us how 'sweet' can also be 'strategic'. Teach us the 'terms' of our surrender; the spiritual affirmations and recognition of the absolute nature of divine authority over any belief in 'broken perfection'. Awaken us to comprehend our 'reflectivity' to the law of perfection and healing. I long for those words.

  30. Rendirse, ¿a qué? A Dios sí permanentemente, poniendo en práctica todo lo que hemos aprendido, a traves de Cristojesús y la Ciencia Cristiana y principalmente siguiendo el ejemplo dado por ellos.

    Les contaré algo que me sucedió ayer: Salí afuera de mi apartamento y a varios metros entre macetas y el pasaje de gente, vi un pequeño objecto que era muy parecido a la tapita de la antenita de mi compu, negrita ella, pero de un centímetro de tamaño, no le di importancia, pensé que parecida es, al otro día me dió por tomarla y ¡oh sorpresa!, era la tapita de mi antena, la tomé y la puse en su lugar.

    Parece tonto verdad, si no fuera por la dimensión que tal hecho nos muestra... La magnitud y amoroso cuidado divino presente en algo tan pequeño, e insinificante intracendente por donde se lo mire, y sin embargo, allí estaba Él, cómo está en todo desde lo más pequeño hasta lo más importante que nos pueda ocurrir, en cada desafío y en cada ocasión en esa totalidad que abarca todo, haciéndolo inmarcesible, pero sobre todo posible para nosotros.

    Pienso que cuando nos vemos en situaciones difíciles no nos damos cuenta de esa simplicidad que abarca todo haciéndolo tan cercano y cierto, porque nos señala inequívocamente a quien debemos rendirnos, no como quien espera, sin hacer nada, sino como conscientes de esa realidad que circunda el Universo y hace posible que seamos partícipe de ella, desde el más pequeño obrero, hasta el mayor de todos, Cristojesús.

    Muchas gracias Jon.

  31. Thanks so much.

  32. Thank you John Often when I have reached the point when I believe that I have done all that I should do, I surrender to God and pray "Dear God I have worked hard and prayed about this situation for so long, I have done all that I believe I can do, please take over. Not my will but thine be done". I have in most cases seen good results or received guidance as to how to proceed along a different path. "God's Law of Adjustment" by Adam H. Dickey published by the Christian Science Publishing Society is very precious to me.

  33. Perfect Lift! Thank you, Jon!

  34. Wonderfully helpful lift, Jon, thank you!

  35. Thank you for this very healing, helpful and beautiful message!!!

  36. Thank you so much, Jon. This thing about surrender has certainly brought healing to me on many occasions, When it came to others, too, it , worked' pretty well effortlessly. But there were still times when I needed to pray. And pray earnestly and honestly. Others who prayed year in and year out were the group in East Berlin. My copy of "Christian Science in East Germany The Church that Came in from the Cold" by Gregory W Sandford, arrived in the mail today, and I know I will have something better than the usual to do this weekend! Heartfelt thanks to all those who wrote this book. It will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the lecturers; and Our Daily Lift family.

  37. Oh Jon, thank you so much. I'm dealing with a great pain in my arm and your thoughts are so very good for me right now. So very very grateful for all who keep looking up to God and never give up the good.

  38. Fantastic - just what I needed to hear today!

  39. Thanks, Jon. Particularly useful at the moment.

  40. Thank you, thank you!

  41. Thank you so much Jon for your inspired daily lift!
    As you say, the surrendering to, "Give up ego, trust to Love", always brings loss of human sense and a clearer recognition of God in our "at-one-ment" with divine presence. "Truth spiritually discerned, is scientifically understood. It casts out error and heals the sick", says Mrs. Eddy in "Science and Health" p275. She goes on to say, "...cling steadfastly to God and His idea" (p495).

    Your lift also reminds me of the first lines of "Mother's Evening Prayer", a poem/hymn by MBE:
    "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power;
    Oh, Life divine that owns each waiting hour..."
    Allowing ourselves to give up on personal ego and trust God completely brings the "gentle presence".

    As usual, thank you lifters for your comments and the Daily Lift Team also, for this forum.

  42. Dear Jon, thank you. I have experienced the same thing a lot. A problem would overwhelm me so much that I would turn to God, and say "You take this one. There is nothing else that I can do." The problem would always heal! Now I know why. I love the idea of surrendering to God, and I see now that that was what I was doing. From now on, I will pray so that this occurs a little earlier in the process! I am so grateful that you shared this wonderful insight with us.

  43. Thank you Jon for sharing this loving Lift. I am thinking many of us can relate to your experience of the "midnight agony". I know I can. Now, if we can just follow through with that humble surrender to God. Love what Alison UK (#14) says about the drivers seat -- I very much relate to that. I have to work hard to get myself out of that seat, and let God "drive". That's our answer & the true surrender! Love to you all.

  44. Bless you, John, for caring, and sharing your own example of effectual, practical Christly surrender.

  45. Beautiful, beautiful; thank you !

  46. Dear Jon, A very good message for me today. I need to get 'me' out of the way and let the Christ message of God's perfection take over. Thank you so much for this awakening.
    Thanks to the DL team and all commenters for a wonderful week.

  47. What an inspiring message, when all else fails simply surrendering to God can bring healing. Not my will, but Thy will be done - ALWAYS! Thanks so much, Jon.

  48. Thanks, all you Lifters. #32 Coral, Barbados, thanks for the reminder to read "God's Law of Adjustment."

  49. Good morning and thank you!

    This week another Lift author shared the same truth of your message after listening to me for a few minutes over the phone. I so appreciated the clear and concise direction from a "brother" I didn't know. I loved the calm and light that dawned after I hung up and listened. I shared what I had gained Wednesday evening in church. Now here is the same idea again for all Lift listeners.

    I'm reminded of this part of the definition of "Day" in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:
    "The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God's day, and "there shall be no night there."

    Part of the doctrine of Christian Science is that divine Mind cannot be deprived of its manifestation or object. That object is spiritual and pure reflection, not an object of time and sense.

    So grateful for perpetual and purposeful unfoldment of who I am, sometimes revealed by a member of our precious family of man, all childlike ideas reflecting the one Father-Mother, Mind, cared for, watched over and connected.

    Thank you, thank you, God!

  50. Absolutely wonderful, John, with points to well remember. Thank you!
    Good Day and Happy Weekend to all:-)

  51. Thanks Jon. Your lift brings stanza 2 of hymn 109 to thought; "till through joyful self-surrender we in Love's pure likeness shine."

  52. So enlightening. Thank you and all of the above comments.

  53. Thanks John for a wonderful lift!! Surrender to God!!

  54. Ahhhh . . . what sweet truth and comfort . . . am headed out the door in a few seconds to fly to my CS Association, but felt led--strongly--to come downstairs to the computer and be fed by whatever the Daily LIft had to offer . . and ohmyohmy . . .I am truly satisfied, inside and out, by this invitation to surrender, sweetly.

    Thank you, infinite Love, for being the fount from which this marvelous healing activity--the Daily Lift--flows.

    And thanks to all Love's beloveds who take part in the human production of this activity.

  55. Thank You

  56. It is so important to surrender our misconceptions of the individuals we meet in life and recognize them as reflections of the all and one, loving God, for as soon as we do this, we get along with our fellow man, and no more arguing, falling into the trap of discord that mortal mind loves to cause.

  57. Just what I needed this AM. Thank you Jon

  58. Thank you, Jon, for your powerful testimony of “Sweet surrender … ‘Father, I can’t do anymore! It’s up to You! Take over!’”

    “I can of mine own self do nothing … because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me” (John 5:30).

    “This scientific sense of being, forsaking matter for Spirit, by no means suggests man's absorption into Deity and the loss of his identity, but confers upon man enlarged individuality, a wider sphere of thought and action, a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace” (S&H 265:10).

  59. Thank you,thank you.

  60. Thank you, Jon, for another perfect message!

  61. "Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him?"

  62. Very profound, and very helpful. A false sense of self is all that must be surrendered. We gain reality when we do. Thank you!

  63. Absolutely lovely Lift! Thank you.

    So vitally important to know that we can surrender without fear to an the infinite wellspring of divine healing.

  64. "We are opening up in Sweet Surrender to the Luminous Love-Light of our Lord.....We are Opening, We are Opening......" - an old Sufi Song we used to sing in a Circle in the Park under a Full Moon - in my "Hippie Days"!! Truly, Surrender is the most Grace-Full act a Human Being can fall into! How to Surrender? Let Go! How to Let Go? Trust and Lean and Fall into the Space of Love - even when you can't see it or hear it or feel it or touch it. Not always easy....I like to Know, I like to be in Control, I like to have my hands on the Brakes......I like to Figure Things Out.....I like to Think, Ponder and Contemplate........Drop It All......Give It Up.......Trust that Love is All and Take That Leap into.............??!!

  65. In transferring the title to copyhold land during manorial times, the land would be 'surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the Manor' before it could be given out again. The Divine Mind, being the only Mind there is, is the only authority capable of harmoniously governing all thought, and we do the right thing when we put ourselves in His hands. Thank you for this Lift and for all the helpful comments.

  66. Yes, thank you!

  67. There is such a loving comforting feeling after the sweet surrender and letting God take over. Try it, you'll llove it. It's like taking the deepest, sweetest breath you have ever taken. El Paso Patt

  68. Dear Jon- thank you for your outstanding DL. So comforting and freeing!! I surrender!!!!
    Love to all, Jen

  69. Thanks Jon, much needed lift as I have been grappling with a similar physical belief. Surrender, Let go, Let God, he's in charge, not us. Great thoughts!

  70. Wow!! I think that says it all!

  71. That is right!!! I often work so hard to get my thought right. I try to fix things. It's a lot of drama. Then I remember that the answer is in letting God be all, to let God be the only Cause. When I surrender, God awakens me to what IS. It takes no effort for God who "IS".

  72. Thank you for this lift. It validates a healing I had. I had been hemorrhaging for a very long time. I prayed continually and felt close to God, but it still persisted until I felt I couldn't continue to go to work each day. When I went home that day, having prayed everything I knew, I too completely surrendered to God. It was like being out on a limb and letting go and letting God catch me. And, He did! The hemorrhaging stopped, like turning off a faucet. I didn't know at the time exactly how it happened, but it was like in the Bible when the man says all I know is before I was blind and now I see! Thank you again for sharing.

  73. That's it--best example of CS I have heard in awhile-surrender to God-how hard is that? It works for every need, relationship problems, muddling through human directives, health challenges, lack, etc.
    Thank you for this fabulous testimony.

  74. Never give up!!! I love that giving up ego and letting Love to enter in! Thank you, Merri

  75. How blessed I feel to hear this lovely lift today and benefit from the promise.

  76. John 5:19 "the son can do nothing of himself but what he seeth the Father do" .....thank you, Jon, for this beautiful lift.

  77. Thank you.

  78. Jon, that is truly a great "Lift", and I thank you for the healing lecture too!

  79. "Simply" the courage to surrender. Simple is not usually simple. Thanks for your inspirational DL.

  80. Great message, Jon.

  81. thank you so much, dear Jon! How did you know that this is a wonderful answer for me today? At times I get involved too much personally instead let God do the healing.
    Thank you again. It is so pleasant and enjoyable to listen to you.

  82. How wonderful are God's gifts of unlimited Love and Health and Truth!
    Let us let the Christ Child in and feel the warmth of his Love and Joy expand through every sinew of our being! Deo gratias

  83. The Internet describes a theory that animals react to threats with a general discharge of the sympathetic nervous system, priming the animal for fighting or fleeing. This is called the fight-or-flight response. How appropriate that we learn to recognize man has a third option upon which he can rely, obedience to God. This sweet response is the only one which provides lasting peace, while the other options simply prolong or postpone the battle with error. A no-win situation.

    Thank you for explaining that reliance upon God is a win-win situation. Not giving up, not giving in, not giving anything, but receiving everything from the source of all good.

  84. Thank you so much John.

  85. Thank you Jon

  86. Thank you for lifting the burden, John!

  87. Thank you

  88. Thank you Jon for sharing your healing. It will bless so many.

  89. WONDERFUL experience, and hugely peace giving to all through your sharing.

  90. Very very good. Just what I needed to hear. I was praying for my kitty cat who recently had a problem with a very enlarged and painful ear. I prayed the best I could and after two weeks I completely turned it over to God and 3 days later good results began to happen. The ear drained and most of the fluid is now gone. He is much better now. I had to know it was not me who was responsible for a healing. It is always God that unfolds the truth his ideas to us. It was my job to believe that it would happen and accept no less perfection. It makes no difference if it about my self or my kitty. God created kitty cats too. Thanks so much, Jan Van Hook Fairfield, Ohio

  91. Yielding to the fact spiritual existence is the present reality and exists because Spirit exists is so painless. Because Divine Mind exists, intelligence exists not only here but everywhere. If Divine Mind weren't everywhere, God, Principle or law, would be inequitable.

  92. Thank you!

  93. Thank-you, Jon, for the clarity & power of your Lift! Spot-on helpful!

  94. Wonderful message and wonderfully presented!, Jon. Your voice is calming, gentle and reassuring. I will strive to demonstrate "Sweet Surrender"! Thank you!

  95. Thank you....great lift!

  96. Hi Jon, you have taught me much,and I'm hungry for more. Thank you for sharing!

  97. In my family, it sometimes seems that male egos are given the right of way...that somehow the women in the family have to play small so that the men won't have to change or admit to having made any mistake. It's kind of exhausting to be "made wrong" all the time just so someone else can feel okay about himself. I guess that's domination, and it has no place in God's plan.

    Today, I'm going to surrender to the one Ego: God, the only Mind, the source of all cause and effect. If I'm obedient to God and trusting in the only will (God's) that's really all I have to do. And if I"m meant to stand up in some way, God will show me the right (harmonious, maybe humorous) way to do that.

  98. Exactly what I needed to hear and ponder. It is difficult not to yield to discouragement when long-standing challenges don't appear to improve in spite of much effort, prayer, and study. What a huge relief to be reminded to simply yield. "Let go and let God" - not as giving up, but as trustingly as a child who expects only good from its loving parent. Thank you, thank you!

    Thanks also to Gary #10 for the reference to "the new birth" in Misc. Writings.

  99. Thank you Jon!

  100. Thank you...this is just what I needed.

  101. Jon, After listening to this inspiring Lift, I had to look up all of your audio recordings on JSH-Online and listen to all of them. Thank you for sharing!!!!! I love it! With much gratitude, Karen

  102. With a seemingly long standing and stubborn problem I sometimes have trouble being grateful. Not getting out very much gives me plenty of time to pray and study for which I can express gratitude. Another thing to be grateful for are these daily lifts. Not only am I grateful for the wonderful lecturers but I truly love the comments that are shared, I feel the love expressed so clearly. Thank you all for your generous sharing of your experiences and inspiration. BJ

  103. A practitioner recently reminded me that we do not go to human will because it is opposed to God's will.
    Mrs. Eddy gives us, "Science separates the tares from the wheat in time of harvest." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 207.) I remember helping with the wheat harvest on my late Uncle's farm in Ontario, Canada, when I was 14 years old. But the corporeal senses alone, not the truth of being, sees the tares and the wheat. This Lift is very helpful for me.

  104. Lovely, just lovely, and oh so simple!! Thank you so much!!!

  105. This is wonderful! Thank you so much.

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