9/2: The most important thing

9/2: The most important thing

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  1. Thank you, that was excellent!

  2. Thank you Chet for this reminder of just how important our love for God really is. Christian Science is the key that unlocks the door to our understanding of God, and the demonstration of His spiritual laws, that govern man and the universe. To learn about Mary Baker Eddy is to learn of triumph, to learn what she had to do in order to bring the Science of the Christ to be understood and practiced here on earth. To know and to love Christian Science is also to know and love Mary Baker Eddy-you simply cant learn about one without learning about the other.

  3. Thank you, Chet, this is so simple and yet so essential and vital.

    This is a helpful thought to have with us in whatever situation we find ourselves in. Truly, "the most important thing is to know God" and, as they say in the modern vernacular, 'everything flows from that'.

    Thanks again, Chet - this is just lovely!

  4. I totally agree. Thank you Chet.
    Margaret Central Coast NSW Australia

  5. Thank you Chet. You're so right. Knowing God is the key to heaven and countless blessings.

  6. Good morning Chet ! and thank you for that lovely message, a good way to start the week. To get to know God, for , as our Leader tells us it is the right understanding of Him which restores harmony. For exact quote see page 390 of S & H line 9. Much gratitude for these Daily Lifts so thanks to all those involved and much love.

  7. Many thanks Chet for this great reminder. And we must be honest to be a true seeker. "The seekers of the Light are one:/ One in the freedom of the truth,/ One in the joy of paths untrod,/ One in the heart's perennial youth,/ One in the larger thought of God;" (Christian Science Hymnal #218).

  8. Thanks a lot Chet! Really a great lift.
    This is what I needed today.

  9. Thank you, Chet, for “The most important thing … ‘is to know God’ …” Yes!

    “And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me”(Ex 20:1-3).

    In my own search for understanding, as well as in talking with others, it’s been amazing how many different ways God has been defined. In order to obey the first commandment, we really need to know God. To Whom or What am I pledging my allegiance? In the above-referenced excerpt, God is Self-defined as the One, who has freed us from the “bondage of Egypt,” which I understand as “every ill that flesh is heir to.” We're told, in effect, that no other "god" has this or greater power, so “don’t even go there." Stay with the One and Only.

    The next nine commandments instruct us in how to specifically stay out of bondage. We’ve been given a guide to living on earth in and as the image and likeness of God, in whose image and likeness we are created (Gen 1). Mrs. Eddy’s definition (S&H 587:5) and explanation (throughout all of her writings) of this God that Jesus called “Our Father” has been extremely helpful to me in knowing God and living increasingly as God’s child.

    "Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus xx. 3.) The First Commandment … demonstrates Christian Science … by which man demonstrates health, holiness, and life eternal.” (S&H 340).

  10. Thanks Chet. The most important thing is to be awake, alert, and in sync of what God is.

  11. Chet, Thank you.

  12. Thanks Chet. Your message today gets us back to the fundamental need to love God in all His fullness. What a debt of gratitude we owe Mary Baker Eddy for researching the seven aspects of God she reveals in the textbook. We all have much to learn of His majesty! Ann K. London.

  13. Simple and perfect, thank you.

  14. Thank you, Chet! I agree the most important thing is to know what God is. Still yesterday there was a moment that sadness, anxiety overwhelmed me. Sometimes it is so hard to acknowledge that God is in charge of Life and accept that I am a reflection from what God is. Sometimes it takes much more time to grasp this fundamental concept, because almost all of us feel that there is some things we have to take care of. To know God is understanding that our Mother-Father is All in All, therefore the more I perceive that God is doing Her/His job, the fearless I would feel about life and the future. Finally the only thing that, I am in charge now and every moment is to be my self, to reflect Love. It sounds so easy to be part of God's creation, but sometimes I think I have to create, to do something significative. What if God is also feeling sad because I forget to seize my day/ my life? A daily time to affirm what God is it helps my ability to know what am I, because God and I are unite.

  15. Many thanks for this, Chet - it led me to seek further for the shorter video mentioned after the Lift. I found it, but please could another web-link be put up to help others reach it directly? Thanks again.

    Daily Lift Team:
    Here's the video A Conversation with Mary Baker Eddy

  16. Dear Chet, thank you for this new look on MBE during Reading the textbook.

  17. Thank you, yes we do need to know God and that He Is ALWAYS with us.

  18. Thank you

  19. Thank you for your lift. It is equally important to know what God knows and what God does.

  20. Thanks, Chet. A wonderful message for us all.

  21. Wonderful "lift"===Thanks Chet.

  22. Thank you for this very important Lift. In her writings Mary Baker Eddy turns us constantly away from a personal sense of good, which would tempt us to believe we are fragmented self existences struggling to achieve some sort of limited good, to God, who is Good, and whom we reflect as His ideas, already whole and complete. "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God" (Romans 8:14), as it states in the lesson on Man this week.

  23. Yes indeed Chet, thank you so much. Knowing God is the most important thing and we can never be reminded of that too much. Because God's infinite nature is continuously unfolding in our consciousness what an exciting and joyful adventure this is, getting to know God. God is all that is good and all the words and synonyms can never express the wonder, life and beauty that is God. For me, understanding that God is Love and that love is spiritual go to the essence of what I need to understand to know God. The Bible tells us "(2 Corinthians 5:8)"...to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." And Romans 8:6 " For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." Isn't it so wonderful that we can turn away from the material senses and when we do, we find God? We feel God's peace, life and love that is ever present. Thanks again for this wonderful lift.

  24. Thank you Chet,

    Robert (#10) you are so correct that we must remain alert. Pat (#14), thank you for sharing your thoughts & you certainly shared that you are working. If you had a child at school, and they were working to grasp the concept of mathematics, would you be "sad" that they were not quite fully grasping it? God therefore does not feel sad if you "fail to seize" your day. God also does not recognize sadness just as a light bulb cannot emit darkness.

    Your daily work to know more about God, your desire to correct your thinking and align it to God's is what counts simply because you are demonstrating that God is to be obeyed. When you have good intent but fail at an endeavour, it is the good intent that is recognized. When a baby gets up to walk on her own, do you chide her if she falls or encourage her because she started to walk? We ALL are still learning, at some level, to walk..so WELCOME to the club :-).

    When I was at school my end-of-term report was no where as good as my friends'. It always deeply saddened me to look at my report. I worked so hard but never seemed to make the grade. School WAS a struggle.

    It was only when I was well into adulthood, did I realize the lesson I learnt was persistence; school was just the setting. As I learned, I sought understanding, not just to repeat things. God requires understanding and our steps in this direction are what really counts. They show what we are thinking. Press on.

    Again, thanks Chet.

  25. Thank you Chet - right to the core of what our lives are about.. Getting to know God

  26. Thanks Chet.

  27. Thank you Chet

  28. Excellent Chet, thank you!

  29. Students of Christian Science are familiar with what our Leader gives, “Those who look for me in person, or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead of find me. I hope and trust that you and I may meet in truth and know each other there, and know as we are known of God.” (The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany, page 120, by Mary Baker Eddy.)

  30. Yes, "the most important thing ..." Sincerest thanks, Chet, for this healing message! I'm finding that my prayer to know and love God supremely is not separating me from my love for others, but is bringing a stronger, truer spiritual love for family, friends, church, community, country, world, all creation. Grateful love and support for all the gifts of Church, including these Daily Lifts, the DL Team, and Lifters - shining lights all and so needed!

  31. Thanks, Chet, for reminding us that "the most important thing is to know God" and recommending reading Science and Health to know Mary Baker Eddy through her writings. I have recently begun reading Science and Health taking time to study and think about each idea presented. I look forward to listening to the new lecture "A conversation with Mary Baker Eddy." I am so grateful for all of the avenues being provided for us to grow in our understanding of our Father-Mother God.

  32. Oh Chet,

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and insights on how our textbook reveals the love and spiritual qualities of our dear Leader. Once again it makes me stand in awe of her humanity and Christianity.

  33. ¡¡Lo más importante de todo, ES absolutamente y Únicamente DIOS!!

    Se me ha demostrado en muchas oportunidades, que la confianza en el Amor que DIOS ES, no tiene igual, ni siquiera parecido, podemos sentirlo, y amar Sí, pero, el absoluto ES de ÉL, y ese sí nos da la certeza de que siempre está ahí, quizás se demore, pero no por Él, sino por nuestra propia actividad, que no es como la de Él de absoluta constancia yendo incansablemente, siempre delante nuestro, abriendo sendas para facilitar el camino, que Él mismo nos abre para que con nuestro accionar mantengamos abierto, como así lo mantuvo abierto a traves de los siglos, Cristojesús para que comprendieramos que sólo en Su seguimiento encontramos la inspiración, valor, constancia, para dejar atras todo lo desemejante a Dios, como así Cristo lo enseñó en base a Su demostración, que sigue generando adherentes, a sus premisas de rechazo a lo material, en un sentir amoroso de sumisión a lo espiritual, absolutamente consciente que hay Una sóla realidad, Dios y Su infinito Amor.

    Parafraseando a Mary Baker Eddy, podemos decir que la interpretación que Dios da de Sí mismos, ofrece la Única idea verdadera y adecuada a toda realización.

    Bella muy bella, toda realización que sólo se apoya y espera en Dios, Absoluta Realidad que no cambia.

    Muchas gracias Chet, muy inspirado, y puedo decir: Qué ese es el ayuno, que yo escogí, porque con Él no hay no hay posibilidad ni necesidad de tener que ayunar.

  34. P.S. and yes, to know God better is always the solution

  35. You are so right, Chet! Thank you for your message today. It's full of humble appreciation for a great lady and her life-work. May God bless you.

  36. Thanks to everyone for your comments! The new video lecture related to this Lift can be found at the following link: http://christianscience.com/onlinelectures

  37. thank you chet.

  38. Thank you, Chet, for a really great Lift. Just to let God's thoughts come to us in answer to our need is about the most moving and humbling thing one could ever aspire to. His answer to my needs, at the moment of my asking, just makes me stop and think "Am I as immediate with my response to friends and family?" Regardless of the question, do I give it my fullest expression of compassion and respond with unconditional love and joy? When God loves me without measure, do I love my own family and friends without measure? Am I as spontaneous in my outpouring of love and humility? Is my first response to thank God for being allowed to follow in His footsteps?
    Thanks to all at TMC and the outpouring of comments from our Daily Lift family.

  39. Great reminder. What could be more important? To keep in contact with the Creative source of all of us is Life itself.

  40. Thank you, Chet.

    I had a healing of blood clot in my leg through CS treatment alone while under the care of a CS practitioner. I gave a testimony on it at The Mother Church in January 2012.

    The defining moment was when I overcame the fear and was completely enveloped with love. I felt a profound sense of love from and for Christian Science. During this moment of stillness and peace I also thought of Mrs. Eddy and all she went through to get this healing power out to the world. It was not adulation. It is just that I could not seperate her from her writings and teachings.

    Yes, I understand her asking us to look for her in her writings as I fell in love with the Truth. I have to admit it is not easy to live up to all that Truth at times. But everyone has their own salvation to work out.

    I am also filled with love and gratitude for Mrs. Eddy. She taught me about God and what God is: Love, Life, Truth, Soul, Spirit, Mind, Principle.

    I feel the most important synonym is unconditional Love.

    Love God the most and your neighbor as yourself.

    Love is the healer. Let me say that again, Love is the healer.

    I was fortunate to have had a grandmother, whom I loved dearly, as a Christian Science Practitioner. She was as beautiful as a rose and her thinking was as pure.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind from an honest seeker of Truth.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  41. Thank you for this lift Chet and also for including the video link.
    If more people got to know God better, we would not be so worried about what was happening in the world today. Instead, we would trust that God's infinite goodness was guiding all of us to do the right thing.

  42. Liked it. Nothing can keep us from knowing God, and man as God's creation.

  43. Chet, an inspired daily lift. As you were speaking about Mary Baker Eddy reflecting God in her own life as a healer, leader and teacher, I was suddenly struck with the immense presence of Christ's compassion as a demonstration of what God is. I know that you have set me on a course with your presentation to bring out more of what God is in my life as I cross paths with others. Thank you so much.

  44. Amen!

  45. So true. I knew an effective practitioner who was so very faithfully consecrated to Mary Baker Eddy's writings it seemed they were memorized. Somewhere it says to 'Try the spirits to see if they are of God'.

    Daily Lift Team:
    From the Bible, 1 John 4:1
    "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

  46. Lovely and UpLifting!

  47. Chet, your "Lift" gave me a renewed view of Mrs. Eddy, (as Leader) in parallel form to the Revelator--John of Patmos. She continues to exist in all of the capacities you described this morning, through her writings. In effect, we have the inspired words of Revelation right with us through her words and works. What she wrote in "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures" isn't coming to us through the many hands and thoughts that influenced the Bible--often cloaking it from human understanding and taking it centuries to arrive as this sacred book we know today. She gave, and continues to give, us the "inspired Word of the Bible". This Science may convulse the world as mankind grows into a fitness for it, but those who are prepared to receive the Word are benefitted beyond measure. Through her tireless efforts and divine inspiration, every man, woman and child can see God more clearly as he/she hastens toward the "face to face" view of our Father-Mother.

  48. Thank you so much Chet! Yes, yes, yes! And thank you for your video lecture link above too.

    I had not thought of, in my re-readings of "Science and Health", to read for the autobiographical content. My grandmother would often remind us grandkids to read 20 pages in "Science and Health" everyday, beginning at the beginning and then reading entirely through the book. Now I will re-read again with the focus you suggest. Thank you!

    It is obvious that Mary Baker Eddy did understand God and knew God's presence as "omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience" as she explains many times. How else could she have accomplished the incredibly complicated tasks she was able to do?

    And we can always know God better; everyday a new facet of God's care emerges. Mrs. Eddy says on p513-514 of "Science and Health", "God created all forms of reality. His thoughts are spiritual realities...nothing exists beyond the range of all-inclusive infinity, in which and of which God is the sole creator." God's all-ness need only be recognized every day where ever and how ever we can do so, to find the "infinitude" of His divine Love.

    Thank you for your comments lifters and The Daily Lift team also...wonderful forum!

  49. Thank you, Chet, for your compassionate boldness in bringing out Knowing God as the most important thing in the world! It is the very thing that will save the world! And it is truly what everyone on earth desires, even if they aren't in touch (yet) with that desire. I recently asked a C.S. Practitioner, "How Can I Love God More?" She said, "By expressing His/Her spiritual qualities in your everyday Life." This Lift and your new video is truly a Labor (Day) of Love! Big Thanks and Much Love!

  50. The most important thing my mother gave me was an understanding of God. I had my own set of books, the Bible, Science and Health, and Hymnal, and of course Sunday School. Today Sunday School is available online for children where there is no church. And these two minute lectures teaching about God with us reach the world daily. Thank God! Thank you Chet and all.

  51. And she found it all in her earnest and thorough search of the Holy Bible... The Book of God. Thank you.

  52. Thanks, Chet; Happy Labor Day to 1 and all

  53. Thanks, Chet, for this great reminder of what to put first!

  54. Thank you!!

  55. A resounding YES. An understanding of God is sooooo important. It is the fundamental answer as to our living. For without a small dose of knowledge of God, our lives are in chaos. Our relations with others is parallel to our understanding of God. Our freedom from disease are based on our understanding of God. Our protection from accidents is a direct understanding that accidents are unknown to God therefore being reflections are unknown to us.

  56. Thank you for this message, Chet The important thing to know God leaves with this writer, an overwhelming sense that
    God's goodness and allness is full-timei embracing the world from top to bottom, totally. Wow, what a glorious thought; just think on that
    It calls for an amen.
    Lecture and biography comin' up next

  57. As I read everyone's comments--especially the reference to the "omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence" of God--I glimpsed God's onliness and allness, and this inspiration followed:

    We can greatly support the decisions that are being made in Syria and about Syria by seeing clearly that each individual who appears to have been poisoned by chemical weapons in fact lives on, as the permanent representative of his/her Father-Mother God. There is no poison in God, and nothing can interfere with God's (Life's) continuous expression. God's love for each child, each scared perpetrator, and each decision-maker is active and present. The Christ is here to advance and redeem. Ever-present Mind is supplying fresh and principled steps to all. Our refusal to be impressed, horrified, or mesmerized is a support to ourselves and others. There is never a vacuum of government; God governs everywhere, always.

    Love to all of you...and as always, gratitude goes to the DL team for offering Lifts even on holidays. They mean so much to me, and my heart (and eyes) are overflowing with gratitude for all of you who comment in such love and wisdom.

  58. The most important thing in the world is to know God and to know what God is: The essence of Love.

    Many religious figures throughout history recognized this fact and tried to teach it to people.

    How much gentler, less painful, would have been the history of the world if more people would have put God first in their lives!!!

    Lo más importante del mundo es conocer a Dios y saber lo que Dios es: La esencia del Amor.

    Muchas figures religiosas reconocieron este hecho atravéz de la historia y trataron de enseñarlo a la gente.

    ¡Cuánto más suave habría sido la historia del mundo, menos dolorosa, si más personas hubieran puesto a Dios primero en su vida!

  59. Thank you, Chet. I really appreciate your gentle, loving "reminder" to express great gratitude and humility for the wonderful gift of Christian Science!

  60. I needed this one, Chet!!!!! I am eternally grateful for what MBE has left for us (JC too of course!), and for people like you for carrying on this important movement. So crucial to remind ourselves how simple this life really is, and how simple we need to keep our thoughts.

  61. Thanks so much, a fresh new view of S&H too. Much appreciated.

  62. This is a wonderful Daily Lift . . . and the link to the lecture, "A conversation with Mary Baker Eddy" is well worth listening to! Thank you!!

  63. Thanks Chet!

  64. Such an inspiring message. Much thanks Chet.

  65. For those interested, the quote about knowing God comes from Volume I of the newest edition of "We Knew Mary Baker Eddy" on p. 292, recounted by Sue Harper Mims. I also want to add my special thanks to the members of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boca Raton, Florida, for hosting and sponsoring the related video lecture that is now available on the Web. A tremendous amount of work went into this presentation as we all feel that Mary Baker Eddy's life deserves to be rediscovered by new and broader audiences today!

  66. What a lovely Labor Day gift! I so enjoyed this theme and the 30 min. lecture. Thank you for both!

  67. Thanks Chet, no cute analogy, just a simple, clear, honest insight into our church's leader.

  68. To know God is to know his allness. As my son says frequently, "It's all God, all the time." That has helped me on numerous occasions when an opposite thought is trying to assert itself into my mind.

  69. Sincere gratitude Chet. For some reason my Daily Lift has not been coming to my computer. Lois M. in
    St. Louis sent your Daily Lift to me today and I am so grateful to be able to listen to it and to the on line lectures that you mentioned: no 36. The Most Important Thing (knowing God) is so important to me, all of us.
    Peacefully, Carol

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  70. Thank you Chet for this inspired and timely Daily Lift and lecture link. The whole world will soon know all about Mary Baker Eddy. Blessings to you for helping to make this possible. The lecture is so well written, produced and executed by you and Anne - and thanks to the Boca Raton Church for its prayerful and financial support.

  71. To know God is to know that God loves me!

  72. Thank you very very much for this new and courageous Idea for alive communication. It´s great !

  73. A very good Lift! Thanks, Chet

  74. Thank you for this Lift. Rob, #40, you are so right. So happy that you have felt that Love and understand. I too, have had that feeling and it corrected my eyesight. I want that feeling everyday. Sometimes it is there so easily, and other times I have to work at it. But you are right, it is that Love of God that fills you up, literally warms your heart, and brings the necessary adjustment. Keep that Love going! Thank you.

  75. Thank you for putting first things first and reminding us of our priority, understanding God.

  76. Thank you for this Lift and the lecture. Both were wonderful.

  77. I love this message! Getting to 'know God' is, for me, an on-going never -ending process. It's a journey that I love, is both beautiful, fulfilling and so rewarding. And on this journey I am always learning new truths about myself and my fellow man. Thanks to MBE and her revelation to 'unlock' these truths, and for Christ Jesus in showing us the way!

  78. Chet, Greetings from Fresno, CA! Thanks for the wonderful thought, that knowing God IS the most important thing. It brings peace to the world, and healing to all who use it.

  79. Thank you Chet for reminding me of the importance of our Leader's life and experience. Every time I have read a biography about her I have been strengthened and inspired and spiritual growth has followed.

  80. Chet-
    That's just what I needed to hear today.

  81. Wonderful, WONDERFUL!

  82. What can I learn about God, my Life, now? This inspired focus has brought me many answers.

    Yesterday I realized that I was missing my credit card and another card, which indicated that I had misplaced them when buying gas. I sat down to listen to Mind's direction knowing full well that omnipresence could not be overcome by the falsity of mystery. Immediately I saw a picture of the pants I had been wearing when purchasing the gas, and that is where I located the two cards.

    What can I learn about the 4 omnis . omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, omniaction?? What a grand opportunity is mine today and everyday!

  83. Dear Chet and fellow Lifters - thank you for opening the thought process of discovering our true identity. I have learned from so many of the following comments that "The most important thing in the world is to know God and what God is" (or can do) as:

    The essence of Love,

    God's infinite goodness is guiding all of us to do the right thing,

    God's goodness and allness is full-time embracing the world from top to bottom, totally,

    God governs everywhere, always,

    Turn away from the personal sense of good tempting us to believe we are fragmented self-existences struggling to achieve some sort of limited good, to God, who IS Good and whom we reflect as His ideas already whole and complete.

    It is all God, all the time,

    To know what God is affirms what I am - His perfect reflection.

    Should one doubt whether something is happening as quickly as one would hope for is to know what God IS NOT ABOUT - God is not about lack - Lack of health, lack of love, lack of companionship or friends, lack of employment, lack of world health & peace, lack of anything. God is simply ALL - all Life, Truth, Love over us all, So we must reaffirm that if this is so, then all our needs are met exactly within God's perfect plan, today and always. Amen!

  84. Thank you for helping us focus!

  85. Dear Chet, thank you GOD, thank you Mary Baker Eddy and thank you all the daily-Lifters for all
    their LOVE.

  86. Just getting to this lift and what a lovely important reminder to put God first. Thank you.

  87. Tank you Chet.

  88. What a refreshing way to read Mrs Eddy's writings next time round. I will be taught of God by our Leader!

  89. I loved it! What a tremendous way to bring Ms. Eddy into modern day life. I wish I could share this with our whole congregation. I've tried. I am still working on it

  90. I LOVED IT!!! AMEN!

  91. Much love Chet
    Your message is very important and the most important thing is really to know xho we are for God and the humanity.

  92. Just saw the video. So very good. Thank you Chet and Anne.

  93. Thank you so much for the good reminder and also for sharing this with us.

  94. Yes Indeed!
    The more we know GOD the more HE teaches us about ourselves.
    Our innermost sense of who we are is inseparable from GOD this is The I AM.
    With this inner sense of reality comes the end of conflict the inner state of war.
    The peace of GOD comes to us through the death of self as we understand HIM.
    Thank GOD for Chet...

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