9/19: The fourth man

9/19: The fourth man

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  1. Thank you Elise for this beautiful and reassuring Lift of the ever-presence of God and His Christ in our lives. We are never alone. Man is never left to fend for himself no matter what the material picture seems to be. God is always present, willing, and able to love, guide and protect his creation, man. When we call upon God for help there is never a waiting period, a busy signal, or a long line. We never have to wait for material conditions to improve before we feel his presence. Infinite Mind has no conditions, or limitations. We are the object of God's eternal love and we can forever rejoice in this realization!

  2. I love that idea of the fourth man walking with them. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Elise. These Daily Lifts are truly angel messages that find us exactly where we need them. I have sat tonight, overwhelmed feeling alone and unsure of the future. Reminding myself that each day is new and it's one step at a time, I decided to listen to this Lift now and not wait until the morning. Oh, I have so much to be grateful for - a story I had not heard and truly I know that God is telling me directly, She is right here, with me, guiding and by my side. I am so grateful for Christian Science. Thank you.

  4. Very good. We ALL "Walk with Love" each and every day . . . and "it IS a holy day"*. True in the time of Jesus, in the time of these whalers, now and forever. Thanks Elise.

    *Hymn 139

  5. That was lovely, Elise. It made me think of the fiery furnace.

  6. how comforting! thank you. !..Iwill walk today with the thought of that fourth man near me

  7. Thank you Elise for the inspiration this Lift brought to me!

  8. Loved it!!!

  9. Brilliant! Thank you so much sharing!
    At Annual Meeting someone connected a healing experience of her own with "the fourth man" from the Biblical account of the three men in the fiery furnace, being brought back to safety and peace. The fourth man is evidently willing to be...everywhere, with anyone... North Pole, South Pole...Moon... Thank you for sharing, dear Elise!

  10. Thank you --- all the way!

  11. Such an inspirational story that one,

  12. Elise, Thank you.

  13. Thanks Elise for sharing those thoughts, and I will echo what Florence #6 said in walking with the fourth man and being grateful for the comforting ideas in your Lift, Elise

  14. Thank you Elise a great lift! Like Diane in Melbourne, I too immediately thought of the fiery furnace. Who was it said "There's not a spot where God is not!" and to No 3...you won't feel quite alone now that we all have you in our loving thoughts, after all we are Family! Enjoy your day, and love to everyone where ever you are. June U.K.

  15. Thank you Elise, neat story, and the truth that we are never alone. All one, present with Christ.

  16. Thank you Elise - what uplifting thoughts for today!!

  17. We are never alone, Christ, the ancient Messiah, the Son of Man, always walks with us, always patiently awaiting our unconditional reliance on His care.

    We don’t need to know when or how Divine Providence will help us, and we don’t need to outline the outcome, but calmly trust our lives to His care.

    Only then we’ll experiment the calm relief the 3 Hebrew boys felt when cast into the fire.

    This story is found in the 3rd chapter of Daniel.

    Nunca estamos solos, Cristo, el antiguo Mesías, el Hijo del Hombre, siempre camina con nosotros, siempre esperando pacientemente por nuestra confianza incondicional en su cuidado.

    No necesitamos saber cuándo o cómo la Providencia Divina nos ayudará, y no necesitamos delinear el resultado, pero sí, con calma confiar nuestras a su cuidado.

    Sólo entonces experimentaremos el tranquilo alivio que sintieron los 3 jóvenes hebreos cuando fueron hechados al fuego.

    Esta historia se halla en el capítulo 3 de Daniel.

  18. Powerfully inspiring. Thank you.

  19. What a wonderful lift, Elise. The message could have been prepared just for me ! It so precisely meets my need today.

  20. Thank you. What a wonderfuln way to start may day.

  21. Powerful Lift today, and I, too, immediately thought of the Bible story of the three Hebrew boys and the "form of the fourth ... like the Son of God " (Dan 3:25). Am knowing this truth with me (and all) today and always. Thank you, Elise, DL Team, and Lifters all!

  22. Perfect. Just like the fourth man in the fiery furnace. I'm about to start a 6 day trek in the Dolomites and the 3 of us will definitely know the fourth, Christ, is with us! Bless you.

  23. Thank you Elise for your uplifting message of Shackelton's adventure! I did not know about "the fourth man" in his, what seemed to be impossible, traversing the mountains of Antarctica.
    I am reminded that the mountains of our lives are always made easy with the Christ presence.

    After listening to your lift, I immediately thought of hymn 139, as did #4, thank you.
    "I walk with Love along the way,
    And O, it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God's presence with me here;"

    Inspiring divine Love, the Christ presence, guides and keeps us clearly protected in all impossible, improbable situations.
    "The joy that none can talk away
    Is mine, I walk with Love today." Hymn 139

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team for reminding us all of the power and joy of the Christ presence.

  24. That was so helpful. Thank you

  25. Thank you, Elise. I awoke during the night as I have on many nights recently, fearful and concerned about the future as I am seeking employment after losing my job. This is the message I needed as I listened for guidance and peace in these dark hours. I am grateful also for the comments posted as they are also uplifting.

  26. I think it is interesting to note that the name of the ship that Shackelton captained was Endurance. The expedition later became known as the Endurance Expedition. Isn't it the Christ that helps us endure and overcome error? This is a lovely, inspiring and very helpful lift for me today. It is very comforting to know I can rely on the Christ to be with me today to endure and overcome whatever error throws my way. Thank you Elise! Thank you friends all for your comments! Thank you DL production team for your daily expedition in bringing us Christian Science!

  27. Just beautiful!

  28. Thank you, Elise, for “The fourth man …” I’ve never heard the Ernest Shackleton story before. An inspiring testimony!!! Ice? Fire? The king’s word? No matter.

    “… Nebuchadnezzar the king … said … Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? … Lo, I see four men loose … and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God ... Then Nebuchadnezzar spake, and said, Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants that trusted in him, and have changed the king's word, and yielded their bodies, that they might not serve nor worship any god, except their own God … there is no other God that can deliver after this sort” (Daniel 3).

    Ice? Fire? The king’s word? No matter. Expect the “fourth man,” Christ in the midst of whatever the human circumstance. “Let neither fear nor doubt overshadow your clear sense and calm trust” (S&H 495:16).

  29. A practitioner once told me that the Christ always appears to us in a form that we can understand and respond to. She then related how a large dog had once appeared out of nowhere when she was walking along on a path, that was a shortcut to her home through a subway, where vagrants often lingered. She said that as she reached the corner near her home, the dog simply went his own way and she went home. She also spoke about how protected the dog's presence had made her feel. Years later my sister mentioned a similar experience when she was alone in a park with 3 small children and three men who had been hiding in the long grass on the border of the park, came walking towards them and asked for money. She said the big dog came bounding from the opposite side of the park and immediately placed himself between them and the men and that the men then ran away. My sister also mentioned how a feeling of being very loved came over her, as she and the children made their way home singing a hymn as they went.
    So the Christ is always with us, even if we do not always recognize that it was right there protecting us and showing us a safe way to go home, or get the help we need.

  30. First listening to whales breathe, and learning of the great expeditions to the South Pole. That was a great adventure for you, Elise, and I'm sure you felt the nearness of the Christ on deck, and on the ice. I've been to Christchurch to see the boats, basic wooden life boats with oars; and their clothes, tweeds, and cashmere handknits by their wives. Regular walking boots, and handknit scarves and knitted balaclavas. And absolutely no communication until they arrived back home. If they did. These were quite recent efforts to add land and possessions to the British Empire with the promise of rewards and the excitement of being the first to explore, discover and conquer. Mrs Eddy set out to search for the key to the healings of Christ Jesus, and discovered Christian Science. She wrote our text book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which, for most of us is farther than we ever thought we would go in exploring our own understanding of God and His Christ and our inseparable relationship to Him. And the rewards are more than we ever could have hoped for.
    Thank you so much, Elise; and the BoL; and the crew of the Daily Lift.

  31. Thank you Elise! I have a tough day ahead of me at work today and have allowed fear to creep in during a regular meeting that I dread every week. Today I am reminded that God is always with me and will guide me during my presentation so that I can feel peaceful and confident, instead of fearful and frustrated.

  32. Thank you Elise for this beautiful lift. Reminds me of an experience shared by a lecturer at our Church in Barbados.(as I recall it) He was lecturing somewhere in the US and decided to walk to the lecture hall. However in order to do so, he had to go through a very rough area of the city. While greeting the audience after the lecture, a young man approached him and told him that he (the young man) had seen him earlier that day walking and wanted to rob him. The lecturer asked him "Why didn't you? The young man replied: "because there was someone walking with you"
    Lifter No.3:: A truly inspiring pamphlet from the Christian Science Publishing Society entitled "Gethsemane" awoke me to the realization that like Jesus, I can feel the peace, joy and love of being "alone with God". Now when I am asked "you live alone?" I respond "Alone with God".

  33. Wow - what a wonderful story - I had not heard that story about Shackleton before - how inspiring !
    I had always loved that bit of the story of Shadrach, Meshach & Abed-nego when Nebuchadnezzar must have peered into the flames with a puzzled look on his face...

    The Christ is timeless & 'with us'....
    How comforting...

    Thank you

  34. Thank you Elise!
    A most profound lift today! One that I shall not forget in a hurry!
    There are many situations in my life where the remembrance of your story, of the fourth person, will bring peace and unwavering reassurance that I am not alone and will better be able to cope with the presenting challenges.
    Thanks again

  35. Thank you Elise! Just what I needed to be reminded of

  36. Thank you for that truly beautiful lift

  37. We always have such divine assurance and presence to guide us along the way. Thank you for this powerful reminder of the Christ presence...

  38. Thank you Elise, for such an inspiring Lift for today. Christ is certainly there for us... no matter what. Blessings to all.

  39. Wonderful! Yes the fourth man is Christ and having him guide us the true way. Thank you.

  40. Wonderful lift! Thank you Elise!

  41. Thank you Elise,

    What a tremendous lift. Thank you so much. Christ is our Rock and there is no other to give us calm
    and assurance in this our daily lives.

  42. Thank you Elise,

    What a tremendous lift. Thank you so much. Christ is our Rock and there is no other to give us calm
    and assurance in this our daily lives.

  43. Always-Ness.......the Christ presence today, every day and every where. Thanks for a great lift to start the day.


  45. Muchas veces Elise podemos sentirnos tentados de apoyarnos en nuestras ideas de las cosas que nos suceden o están por suceder, que importante es... dejar que se desarrollen y den fruto de acuerdo al cuarto ser, que sembró la semilla de la tolerancia, paciencia, confianza, con amorosa humildad, para estar a salvo de tener que andar esquivando baches, piedras, y algún trauseunte no deseado, llamese error, confianza equivocada y nos obligue a hacer un desvío no deseado, para a la postre, tener que desandar el camino tomado, para volver a depositar la confianza en Aquel que nunca yerra porque Sus soluciones son justas, perfectas, porque son fruto de la sabiduría, el Amor divino.

    Muchas veces me he sentido tentada frente a una circunstancia que requería alguna acción mia de permitirme idear soluciones, y sí, a veces he caido en la trampa, y me he confundido, sin embargo, cuando me he apoyado sólo en Dios, dejando que lo que hemos aprendido en la Ciencia divina nos guíe no ha habido problema y los hechos se han desarrollado en total armonía, no sólo para mi sino principalmente para los demás.

    "Si Dios está siempre presente, no está ausente ni de Sí mismo ni del universo", permítaseme, ni de nosotros y menos de su hijo amado para que nos guíe.

    Muchas gracias Elise, muy inspirado e inspirador

  46. I LOVED IT! Thank You!

  47. Many thanks Elise for this inspiring lift. Yes. "Christ guides us 'all the way' through every tribulation." I fear no tribulation,/ Since, whatsoe'er it be,/ It makes no separation / Between my Lord and me:/ Since Thou, my God and Father,/ Dost claim me as Thine own,/ I richly shall inherit/ All good, from Thee alone." (Christian Science Hymnal #135.)

  48. Wonderful ... thank you!!! :-)

  49. Elise, we know that story . . . but I have never heard it related so meaningfully that it brings tears to my eyes. This is a saver, and I hope I can get it into the jail for the men. Much gratitude.

  50. Splendid! Shackleton's story as shared by Elise is a slam dunk!

  51. I had not heard that part about the Shackleton expedition before. What a wonderful lift and very inspiring! Whether experienced as fire like in the Bible story, or frigid cold as with Shackleton; "man's extremity is God's opportunity."

  52. Thank you so very much. Wonderful Lift.

  53. Thank you Elise for this thrilling message of Christ presence, his glorious rapture, his goodness supreme, the reflection of the one and only true God. When our daughter's aircraft was missing and down on a ME border not long ago, she and her crew of peacekeepers felt that certainty of the fourth man, we felt it at home as well, as did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego so long ago, servants of the most high God, witnesses to the only good(Daniel 3). Thank you Margaret(number 30) for your lift today, to the DL and all lifters contributing. Grace be with you everyone.

  54. Yes. Thank you for this powerful lift. Thanks everyone who has shared. Walking with Christ in all things today and every day.

  55. Thank you Elise for this story of the divine presence having a tangible presence (for all three - Shackleton and his two men) in their daily life, and to all those here who have expressed similar experiences in their own lives. The Shackleton expedition of 1914 - 1916 was largely forgotten because it did not contribute much to the colonialism of the day. But in recent years his example of leadership, the fact that he never lost a single soul on the expedition, and possibly because of the spiritual dimension - the fourth man - Sir Ernest Shackleton is now receiving more attention. Wikipedia has a comprehensive report worth reading, and includes this statement: "In January 2013, a joint British-Australian team set out to duplicate Shackleton's 1916 trip across the Southern Ocean. Led by explorer and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis, the team was assembled at the request of Alexandra Shackleton, Sir Ernest's granddaughter, who felt the trip would honor her grandfather's legacy." (It doesn't mention that this trip took three days compared to the original "fourth man" trip of 36 hours.)

  56. Thank you so much Elise.

    Who is the third who walks always beside you
    When I count, there are only you and I together
    But when I look ahead up the white road
    There is always another one walking beside you

    TS Eliot

  57. Thank you Elise for your clear and inspiring ideas presented today! And many thanks to all the DL Comments that are also very rich! Thanks Joy #29 for the testimony of the dog's protection - the Christ always present with us-!
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  58. Thank you so much, Elise

    This Christ presence DL has lighted the way for us all, I read. To realise, feel ithat everrpresence is beautifully comforting. transforming us, supplying each need with a sense of calm, of foward, and always with a blessing. "Even the night shall be light around me"
    Thank you all so much for your individual experiences with the fourth

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Psalm 139

  59. Thank you so much for this reminder. What a wonderful companion to share our days and nights with. I've felt this presence even in the darkest nights. I too have found the story of the three boys in the furnace inspiring and more than once found healing in the inspiration

  60. What a wonderful story, Elise - thank you for sharing it! In recent times the idea of Immanuel, meaning "God with us" has been coming to me with the assurance that God is ever with us through His Christ, the perfect image and likeness. Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health that this is "a divine influence ever present in human consciousness" (MBE, Science and Health, p. xi) . Ever present! It delivers us from every challenge, just like Ernest Shackleton and his men. And it was refreshing how the story shows that people of a pure heart can see and feel the divine presence in clear and tangible ways in every age.

  61. Thank you, Elise.
    So comforting to know that the Christ is always with us.

  62. I'm so grateful to you for that lift and the comfort it has brought. People feel so alone sometimes with problems that appear insurmountable---to be re-assured that the Christ is there, beside us is such a help. Thank you

  63. Great Lift. With God all things are possible. As Audrey Hepburn said. Nothing is impossible, the very word says :I'm possible."

  64. Thank you very much Elise for a very inspiring Lift and thank you also for hearing for the very first time about this expedition.A story I once heard about an individual whose life was in danger from an assassin, was told in a self confession by his would be killer that whenever an attempt was made on his life instead of him being alone the would be assassin always see two people and thus could not carry out his plan. Again thank you for bringing in my thought the second, third and fourth man as the case may be it was something I had forgotten.

  65. This is so lovely, so comforting. Thank you Elise. To Jamie (#25) I too have experienced that fearful & concerned feeling about the future, not regarding employment but with respect to retirement - will I have enough, will I manage okay? This lift has a calming effect for me, knowing that the Christ (fourth man) is ever present with us. I am humbled by these precious lifts, and the dear people commenting. I want to say "fear not" to those struggling and in saying that, I am helping myself to acknowledge God's care for us. Much love to everyone from the bottom of my heart!!

  66. thanks Elise for a great lift. I will think on the fourth man today.

  67. So very inspiring. Thank you.

  68. Thank you Elise,
    I saw a bumper sticker once that said, "If God is your copilot, you're sitting in the wrong seat."

    Your story brings to mind the question, Who leads the leaders or more bluntly, Who's in charge here?

    Adding Christ to our lives, as individuals or part of our team or group, makes our success more attainable. I'm certain we all understand from a spiritual standpoint that Christ was not the "fourth" man in Shackleton's journey, but the "first" man as he must be in our lives as well.

    It is one thing to consider Christ as the motivator or inspiration in our lives, whispering advice and directions in our ears and constantly pushing us forward, but it is quite another thing when we learn to relinquish all sense of self and let Christ lead while we humbly follow.

  69. Thank you for this God sent message. Truth is so powerful that it cannot ever be denied. Precisely meets this days' needs and encourages the "endurance" needed to go forward. Again, many thanks to one and all of the DLers whose comments bring "it" home.God bless us all!

  70. Thank you for this comforting and very inspiring lift.

  71. Thank you, dear Elise! You always have such a positive, firm outlook on Life! I thought of a line in one of the C.S. Hymns: "Alone with Thee, amidst Life's changing shadows....." What a comfort to know, feel and see the Presence of God, the Christ, always with each and everyone of us every moment of every Day! We truly DO live in the Kingdom of Heaven! Now, let's get the whole World Knowing and Seeing this! It's Time!!!!

  72. Lonliness looms large to many widows, retirees, divorcees, etc. Lonliness is labeled and thought to be kind of expected by this group of people. My Christian Science teacher helped his class by reminding us that "lonliness" is a distraction. A distraction that pulls our thought away from the joy and warmth that is ever ours from our Father-Mother God. This wonderful lift today helps us see that no matter where we are, the Christ is right with us guiding us, loving us, fulfilling us with purpose and joy. Don't be fooled! Thank you, Elise!

  73. Thank for this inspiring account and for the reminder that Christ is always with us.

  74. This lift is a grand slam! Thank you.

  75. Wonderful! Thank you!

  76. Dear Elise, how much I needed this Up Lift of today. Thank you so much for the assurance of God ¨s everlasting presence and care.

  77. I only needed to read the first sentence in message #29, from Joy, “A practitioner once told me that the Christ always appears to us in a form that we can understand and respond to,” when I immediately thought of some very special cats. But, as I read on, I was reminded of another time, when there was a dog.

    I was in grade twelve, and lived on tiny Cormorant Island. I left there on Christmas eve to spend the next day with my aunt who lived in the interior of British Columbia, first taking one ferry to get to nearby Vancouver Island, and then continuing on by Greyhound Bus down the island to another ferry to get to the mainland, where I would continue by bus to my destination. However, an unusually heavy snowfall forced the bus trip to a halt until the next morning, and passengers were advised to stay in hotels. I didn't have any money to do this, but two fellows about my age who were also stranded, said they had a friend's house where they could stay, if I wanted to go with them (which meant hitch hiking a ride to get there).

    When we finally arrived, the only occupant at the house was a lovely black lab. I phones my aunt to let her know I would be arriving late. What I mostly remember is how we listened to a Dean Martin Christmas album, that the room I slept in had a water bed, and how in the morning, the fellows said the dog slept by the door of my room the whole night. So, that's my own snowy adventure with a “fourth man.”

    Love to all.

  78. Yes, a powerful Lift. I love how it shows the Christ TRULY present anywhere, and the Lifters for showing us how the form of the Christ is adapted to every need, but Christ's substance and intelligence and power of performance are permanent.

    I I don't always read the comments, but today I am so, so grateful to see how our web of Lifters more and more encompasses the whole planet. Pakistan, Laguna Hills (CA), Scotland, Australia, Canada, Buenos Aires, New Jersey, Cape Town, small towns, big cities . . . what a family!!!

  79. Thank you. A great illustration of the Christ being forever present and this Lift sparked wonderful, interesting comments. I feel calmed and encouraged. Thank you.

  80. Thank you, Elise,
    After a hard, dark night your lift was truly the light. The Christ is always with us, always guiding us and guarding us.

  81. Thank you for this powerful lift and all the comments!

  82. This reminds me of the fourth man that Nebuchadnezzar saw in the fiery furnace who stood with Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego! The Christ, Truth is ever with us and protecting us, for nothing in God's kingdom can harm us.

  83. Beautiful story, remembering we are never alone, in all things we do.

  84. Thank you, Michael #68 - excellent point! Let Go and Let God! Let God take the Lead! Do we really Know there's Only One of Us Here?

  85. This is an extremely powerful lift and will stay with me forever! Thank you so much. A few words cannot describe the impact of the Christ, the fourth man walking beside me and mine. I am deeply grateful!

  86. Yet again Elise you have delivered a wonderful timely lift! It never fails to shock me when I think about it, how Mary Baker Eddy, over a hundred years ago, put in place the Christian Science board of lectureship so mankind would always receive her message of hope and healing. You guys have really stepped up to the plate.

  87. A slight parody from hymn #139 came to thought after reading this powerful message:

    The joy that none can take away is mine, I walk with ... the fourth man ... today. Thank you
    for sharing.

  88. thanks Elise for this inspiring reminder of the Christ presence always with us. Love the Lift!!!

  89. Elise,thank you for your message. I've always enjoyed reading and watching the movie about Shackelton's expedition but never knew about " the fourth person". Your added fact makes it even more special. I appreciate all the comments
    Love to all, Jen

  90. Thank you, Elise.



    He had great leadership skills and we know the truth to this story. The Christ not only was with them but led the way. He didn't let fear or discouragement win.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  91. There were so many instances where the Christ was present to protect me from harms way. An incident occurred way back in the early 1960's when I was on my way, bringing my Fiancée home very late at night when I was hit from the rear of my car. It was quite a bump and thou I saw no damage done to my car, damage was done to the car that hit me. A feeling I had, urged me to get out the car to exchange Insurance information and licenses. There were 3 other men in that car, but the driver wasn't cooperative and was quite belligerent when I requested for him to follow me to the nearest Police Station. He backed up and drove away and I quickly got out of his way. Upon reporting this to the Police, I was told; "Young man, you should thank God many times over. This guy just robbed a store and we were chasing him as he got away. You could have been killed. "The 4th man, the Christ," was my protection that night and I shall never forget it. It just proved to me then as it does now, to carefully study the C/S Bible Lesson every morning, not later, to insure one's mental state in case of adversity.

  92. I had never heard the Fourth Man story - but now I have a better understanding of the loving presence I have felt since I became a widow and shortly after that returned (after a long absence) to the study of Christian Science. Now, when I think about being lonely I find that I am just NOT lonely - God has his arms wrapped around me and I feel the love and happiness that His presence brings into my life.

    I have so much to be grateful for I don't know where to start - but the DL is a good place. The comments are soooo very helpful and on point. Grateful, grateful, grateful to everyone involved!

  93. Thanks Elise, I look forward to reading further about Shackelton.

    Also, the night used to represent fear, doubt, uncertainty, SO solitary; but now, w the presence of the Christ, I thrive in the bowels of the dark. It is where my dialogue w God has been strengthened.

    Thank you very much for all of the Comments, what wonderful stories, insights, augmentations, expounding on Elise's Lift!

    And thank you to Bob, #56, whenever you can work in a TS Eliot line of poetry you're doing alright, :-)!

  94. So clear. One of the best examples. Thank you!

  95. There is a documentary film about Shacklleton and includes the "fourth man" story, but I never connected it with the fourth man in the fiery furnace. Thank you for sharing this through The Daily Lift. It surely gives assurance of a protecting power, always with us!

  96. Thank you Elise, for this very comforting Daily Lift. It is so appreciated.

  97. Thank you. We are never alone.

  98. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is an old favorite because of their refusal to bow down to a golden statue but to uphold the belief in one God resulting in the divine presence protecting them from being wrongly and unjustly prosecuted. Thank you for this reminder of the fourth man!

  99. Outstanding lift. I am increasingly grateful for all the avenues the Truth is being shared, fresh ideas are feeding humanity, and God's love IS shining forth for all. Truly grateful.

  100. Grateful for today's message and when I read the comments, was reminded by Joy # 29 and Deidre #77 of another dog story worth sharing. Years ago, a friend of the family was offered night employment at a bank and accepted the job although she feared for her safety. She trusted God and went forward to find that nightly, a German Shepherd would appear near her door and escort her to the bus stop and wait with her until the bus arrived. When the job ended and she went outside the following night to glimpse and say goodbye to the dog in her own way, the dog could not be found. Whenever she mentioned this angel companion to neighbors, no one could account for this dog belonging to anyone in the neighborhood. God's protection is always apparent in ways needed when our motive is right and we trust Him.

  101. thank you elise

  102. This verse from our Bible Lesson brings to mind the fourth man, perhaps in angel or dog form, who is probably always with us, if we will but look:

    "The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares." (Science and Health, p. 574)

    Thank you, Elise.

  103. Thank you!

  104. Wow --- how powerful!! Thank-you, Elise!

  105. Our Leader gives us, in Seedtime and Harvest, "by knowing the unreality of disease, sin, and death, you demonstrate the allness of God." (Unity of Good, by Mary Baker Eddy, pages 9-10).

  106. Elise, I was really moved!

  107. Thank you for sharing this powerful lift, Elise. Joy #29 and Deidre #77 wonderful stories/insight and so helpful to me and I am sure many others as well. Comforting, enlightening and expidetes understanding.
    Gosh I love the DL !

  108. What a beautiful image of how the presence of Christ is a distinct reality that spiritual sense recognizes and can rely upon for God's safe delivery of man from all fear of peril. Thank You Elise. This is a keeper!

  109. Thanks, Elise, what a great way of reminding us of the constant presence of the Christ! Abrazos

  110. That was wonderful.Thank you so much Elise
    Love Pippa

  111. thank you Elise. It is encouragement to keep walking forward.

  112. What an inspiring story - thanks so much Elise. And thanks for all of the dog stories shared as well. The Christ is always with us in whatever form is needed. The last words of all three verses of hymn 136 came to my mind which read:
    My presence still shall go with thee And I will give thee peace.
    For still Thy presence is with me, And Thou dost give me peace.
    Thy presence ever goes with me And Thou dost give me peace.
    As the stories related here His presence brings us peace and protection.

  113. Just a short comment from France_ I found myself on my own after a difficult divorce o,ver 20 years ago and in very difficult financial situations; I have rarely suffered from loneliness and have always had wonder ful provision for all my needs. i discovered Christian science, and I attribute my health and "joie de vivre"at what some people might call "old age" to our wonderful religion and knowing the constant presence of the ChristThankyou Elise

  114. So helpful! Thank you. Recently saw a Netflix movie on Shackelton's project. What hardships they endured. The Fourth Man was with them on the entire journey.

  115. We should constantly remind ourselves that God's loving arms are always around us. It takes only a second and it can be a life saving second in circumstances being harmoniously settled. Sometimes an answer seems so remotely far off that we might let fear in about the outcome, but as we actively turn consciously in thought to our loving Father-Mother God, we will be taken care of and feel this loving presence that is always with us. Thank you Elise and all you lifters. El Paso Patt

  116. A wonderful message Elise. Yes, the Christ is "doing the rounds" with us. Thank you so much.

  117. What a precious Lift, and the comments and sharing from fellow Lifters around the world so inspiring and helpful. I, too, have a dog story to share! When in high school I participated in many band activities. One night after a football game where we performed, my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up but didn't show up. After waiting for awhile I angrily started walking home, a two and a half mile distance! I had been trouncing along for a little and suddenly noticed a large dog walking alongside me. I was so mad at my boyfriend that I hardly gave the dog a second thought. But he walked with me until a friend riding with her mom spotted me and gave me a ride the rest of the way home. It was only later that I recognized the angel presence of protection by the dog, and realized the impact of God's ever presence even in spite of myself. I also recalled that he disappeared once I climbed into my friend's car. I am so grateful for Love's protection and guidance no matter what the situation.

  118. ITHE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale has lots of real-life material where prayer brings positive results and is interesting to read with the Bible references.

  119. I loved this. Thank you Elise.

  120. I also have witnessed a doggy experience. Whist visiting Alsace(in France), a beautiful terrier, crossed over to the café where we were sitting from the other side and made a beeline towards the friend I was with, put his paws on his knees and looked at him with indescribable love I recognized the dog from a photo I had seen as my friends long gone pet. But in the photo, it was scruffy and aging I knew that this dog had been adopted by my friend in spite of it's difficult character.and he loved it. A year later my friend passed on quite suddenlyand I felt it had been telling him to quiet down and be more peaceful

  121. So grateful for this Lift, and for all of the sharing of experiences, poetry, and thoughts by the Lift family. In the school district where I am a substitute teacher, 5th graders read about the Endurance Expedition from Shackleton's journal. I was familiar with the story from teaching several classes when they read it; however, I had never before heard about the Fourth Man. (Guess it isn't considered PC for public school.) When I first read the title of today's Lift, I assumed it would be about the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace. Am so glad to have my knowledge of Shackleton's expedition expanded, and to see the spiritual presence that he knew was there. What a wonderful lesson for us all!

  122. A bit late, folks, but I have just listened to this lift, loved it and found a short summary in front of my computer here, that I had made after listening to an interview on the ABC in Feb, 2012, with a scientist/engineer working on sustainability who had spent time alone in the Antarctic and referred to being aware of "an omnipotent, external being, or some unexplored part of my personality", that he had "sensed a presence". I thought at the time it was worth recording, and now I am so glad I did, and can share it. I also loved the contributions made by the other lifters. Many thanks, Elise.
    "The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking,
    Unloosing bonds of all captivity." May all be aware of this healing Christly presence in wilderness experiences, whether we call ourselves Christian Scientists or not. How wonderful!

  123. This was one of the better Lifts.

    Great job Elise. I could FEEL the Christ stillness when you got to the fourth man being the Christ that was right there with them.

    This lift had one of the most responses from all the wonderful lifters.

    Special thanks to the CSPS and whoever listened to the Christ idea to start these Daily Lifts.

    I plan or learning more on Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and sharing it with others who are thirsty for the Christ message.

    Absolutely inspiring!

  124. What an inspiring story. The fourth man, as in the fiery furnace, is made modern and presently available in this story.

  125. This is one of the best daily lifts I heard, very inspiring and I was moved that I thanked God immediately.

  126. Thank you Elise, for this message I will carry with me.

  127. May we all walk with the fourth man, always.
    Thank you, Elise.

  128. Thank you very much for this lift as you have confirmed my understanding of the forth man olso in the story of the three men in the firey furnace.

  129. Thanks so much, Elise. The story of Shackleton's expedition is one of my favorite books and I remember the Fourth man being mentioned. I also appreciated the experiences of No. 29, 32, 77, and 117.