9/18: Get out of the boxing ring

9/18: Get out of the boxing ring

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  1. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Jose! I love that we are in that uncontaminated atmosphere of heaven, not only where food is concerned, but uncontaminated by anything that would try to negatively influence our thought (atmosphere).

  3. Loved the idea of getting ourselves out of the boxing ring of all the negative suggestions trying to hit us - thank you so much!

  4. Thank you this gives us much to think about.

  5. Many thanks Jose for this great reminder that "Our well-being is permanently intact." "I look to Thee in every need,/ And never look in vain;/ I feel Thy touch, eternal Love,/ And all is well again:" (Christian Science Hymnal #134).

  6. Yepp, we should "throw the towel" with joy and enjoying the freedom from struggeling without wearing these boxing gloves!

  7. Yes, the fact that God's law protects us always, including getting us out of 'the boxing ring', is so full of promise and fulfillment! I love to think that we are peppered with good, with God's complete control, at all times, and we do not have to accept the limited ideas of world thought just because it is paraded in front of us continually! God's creation has the Truth that sets us free! Thank you Jose!

  8. Oh yes, the constant "talk" which we know comes from the constant "thought" of what is all around us and what we must "fight", is our constant "challenge"! As you remind us Jose, HEAVEN IS NOW ! HEAVEN IS RIGHT WHERE WE ARE AT THIS MOMENT ! Sometimes, when I am with very dear, loving and well-meaning friends, I feel overwhelmed with their constant "coversation" of their bodies and all they think we must do or not do to stay "healthy". It is this mortal thought that must be identified as the very trouble and then changed and uplifted to what God knows about us all. I love the idea in last week's Cedar's METS that suggest to us to "Take 5", (take 5 minutes before doing anything!) and "listen for what God is telling us". To think, know and see what God sees of us is "Heaven" and it is where we should strive to be each moment of everyday. Oh yes, it is a challege to "rise" above the negitive "chit-chat" we hear each day, but it is a challege worth taking and especially since we know that God is already there helping us along the way! For me, I had rather "rise-up" and "try" than lay by the pool as the fellow did in Besthesda when Jesus came along. Good grief! Let's don't wait for the "parting of the waters" and as you say Jose, let's get out of that "boxing ring ! NOW IS HEAVEN ! NOW, WE ARE LIVING OUR ETERNAL LIVES !!

  9. Muchas gracias, José por el hermoso mensaje de hoy. Lo tendré en cuenta. Sobre todo al enfrentar tantos pensamientos que se nos presentan y que no necesitamos aceptar.

  10. Thank you, Jose, for your clear thoughts of the Truth. This message came at the right time, affirming that the claims of pharmaceutical companies as well as the hype around our possible contamination from "all corners of the boxing ring" are so many tales of "folk wisdom" that need to be addressed in mortal mind first. Our wellbeing is permanently intact, and this fact is based in Truth.

  11. So helpful on many levels. Thanks!

  12. Well bless your heart Jose! Beautifully beautifully said.

  13. We should probably turn down free tickets to the boxing match. I realized recently that I had accepted someone’s free tickets into the arena when a guest from India mentioned that our clean air made him feel so much better. It was easy to accept his experience as a compliment to US environmental progress. But, here’s the catch… when he returned to India, he took up a sore throat. Ah, I was being drug into the toxic arena that there could be a dirty air cause and effect.

    Man as the reflection and expression of God means ALL man. Because there is one infinite Mind, there is also effectively one man. There is a co-ordinate wholeness of this man. This man is us. We cannot accept any portion of this man as diseased or excluded from good. If we did, we would be seeing some part of ourselves as man excluded from good. One set of rules; one Principle for all man. .where we live and move and have our being. From this basis, we can move forward as stewards of the environment.

    Ha, Mary #8 - "chit chat" free tickets. Not only do we have to tear up the tickets, we need to cancel the show!

    Boy, do I appreciate our lift conversations! Thanks all.

  14. Excellant! Thank you.

  15. Thank you.

  16. Thank you, Jóse, for the reminder that it takes vigilance on our part to maintain our purity.We can do this by knowing, as this week's Bible Lesson tells us, "Perfection underlies reality. Without perfection, nothing is wholly real." (Science and Health, pg. 353) Contamination of any kind has no reality. How wonderful to be able to affirm this truth for ourselves and all mankind, to know that purity is reality!

  17. Jose, thank you so much for reinforcing the atmosphere of purity.

  18. Thank you Jose and Mary ( #8) for that gentle reminder, so crucial.... It is all too easy to fall prey to that kind of thinking sometimes, so each sweet message that sets us upright is a gift to cherish!

  19. Permanently intact - I love it!
    Great analogy, Jose.
    Thank you so much.

  20. Thank you for this emphatic statement of the purity of the atmosphere of Divine Love, which is the only Light in which we can truly see ourselves and others. Self-sustaining Truth destroys foundationless error simply by being; and the shadows we thought we were boxing "vanish as a dream".

  21. Electromagnetic, atmospheric, and chemical contamination. Thank you for specifically identifying these elements -- an attitude that spews forth or applies contaminants with apparent carelessness for their effects. That mankind is not a victim of what others think or do, or don't think or don't do, is such an important concept.

    Living in the uncontaminated atmosphere of heaven, governed and protected by God's law is a very safe and vibrant place to dwell. You provide a good reminder that it isn't what's around us, but what we think and speak are the adulterants or the purifiers. God's good and pure and uncontaminated atmosphere is our home. Spiritual well-being is intact.

    Thanks so much, José for this timely message.

  22. This is so timely and helpful and given with such clarity of thought. Many, many thanks...

  23. Love it, José! Thank you so much!

  24. Thank you very much for your superb daily lift today!

  25. Pepe,
    So good...have listened to it several times to hear what individual message I should hear. What an excellent message and the way you presented it....getting us to think it through....Your steadfast trust in God's power, as always, shines through. Thank you so much!

  26. Oh to stand porter at the door of one's thinking! Yes, if my seem difficult, but it is possible. Thank you very much Jose.

  27. This lift really hit the jaw of mortal mind and knocked it out of its seeming power over mankind !
    Thanks Jose.

  28. Thank you. Strong ideas and I enjoyed the translation. Thank you to all the thoughtful comments adding encouragement and insight.

  29. Thank you, Jose, for “Get out of the boxing ring … world thought … everyday forms of contamination … we are hit continually no matter what corner we are in … we have the choice to pray to understand we live in the uncontaminated atmosphere of heaven where God’s law governs and protects … completely good and pure … heaven is … the present reality where we live and move and have our existence …” Christian Science lived, is all about getting out of that “boxing ring,” proving that there is, in reality, no “boxing ring.” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Observation, invention, study, and original thought are expansive and should promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal.” and “The admission to one's self that man is God's own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea” (Science and Health, 195, 90). Accordingly, I have grown in my conviction that there is only one Cause, God/Good and one effect, which is all good unfolding, uninterrupted. And so, I have been and continue to be healed from the effects of a belief in causes than the One. I don’t know any other way of living other than Christian Science, that proves God’s sovereignty, according to Jesus’ words and works, by overcoming world thought with the Truth of being. Mrs. Eddy was steadfast in proving the Truth of being. Living in the peace that passeth all matter-based understanding, is fighting the good fight. Out of the “boxing ring.” No carnal weapons. And “The Winnah is…” always the Truth!

  30. Thank you for the reminder to say to an evil suggestion: "you are not my thinking". That is a powerful statement, because it follows from my study of Christian Science that my authentic thinking can only reflect Mind, not the world of matter. I can choose to pick up the Bible or Science and Health instead of arguing with phantoms.

  31. Jose thank you, error including pollution is in our thought.

    Stand porter at the door of thought.

  32. Thank You Jose for showing me that the biggest challange I face is getting my own thoughts out of the way so I can hear GOD.
    I have been in a one person boxing match way to long.

  33. Gracias, Jose! This LIft, along with this week's Bible Lesson, will help me slip through the ropes. Heaven really is at hand.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this thought with us.

  35. Our purity is a given, and we have only to accept it. Thank you, Jose, for reminding us to get out of the boxing ring, by knowing its unreality and God's allness. The earth's atmosphere has no power nor reality. All is perfect - whole and complete. I am so grateful for these Lifts that, indeed, lift our thoughts to Truth.

  36. Thank you so much Jose. How wonderful that it is our determination and vigilance to pray "in the uncontaminated atmosphere of heaven where God's law governs and protects us." There seemed to be an outbreak of something not really part of anything for a while, but God's clean pure environment saved the day.
    Thank you Nate and the producers; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  37. Jose, thank you so much for your wonderful and clear message.

    Con mucha gratitud,

  38. Thank you so much, Jose, as I awoke to a very smokey atmosphere from forest fires this morning. Stopped cold any temptation to assign health risk to anyone in the community. I am also finding a great peace in forgiveness-- not assigning blame to any person or thing for pollution or harmful chemical creation or misuse. God is the Creator and all that he made is good and safe, permanently. Loved this from the Bible lesson this week: "Breaking away from the mutations of time and sense, you will neither lose the solid objects and ends of life nor your own identity. Fixing your gaze on the realities supernal, you will rise to the spiritual consciousness of being, even as the bird which has burst from the egg and preens its wings for a skyward flight." So, we can rise above beliefs that contamination can mutate God's creation and rise into the atmosphere of heaven here and now!

  39. That was fantastic!

  40. This is a very good message Jose. Thank you!
    The "Boxing ring" -- not just one, but several "boxing rings" and they all seem to have strong opponents (like Goliath)...... just trying to get us into the fight.
    It could be foods (nourishing or harmful), allergies, air, exercise, local politics, or family history, or disease -- but it is all in the THOUGHT ARENA....
    It is what we believe about it all.
    I need to go right back to the first Commandment... One God!

  41. Thank you so much, every day we hear of something else that is "not good for you' or your child. Getting out of the thought is so important. Now is Salvation.

  42. Oh! Every lift is such a "TREAT" every weekday morning; deep thanks to all of you! How true to not only stay out of the "boxing ring", not listening to disturbing thoughts, and as Nancy # 13 says, stop the "chit chat free tickets"; tear up the tickets, cancelling the whole show. Instead, stay out of the boxing ring and carry out our duty as Christians to live by the Golden Rule: "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." (Matt. 7:12.)
    Mary Baker Eddy says, "Love is the liberator."
    Special thanks to Malcolm #5, I love the hymns you pick with the subject; I stop, and read the whole hymn and many times sing it.
    My last # is 19, I had to leave, so this took longer.
    Glorious gratitude to all.

  43. Lovely.Jose.Reminds me of the court case at the end of the chapter on Christian Sciencse Practice In Science and Health-the court of error and the Court of Spirit.There is only one for us:the latter!!

  44. Great Lift..... Thank you so much. Great metaphor for lifting our thought above
    the argument and the battle ground to the purity, clarity and oneness of God's everlasting arms of Love.
    Thank you again.

  45. What boxing ring are we in? The only one is the kingdom of heaven, where all is harmony, peace, beauty, safety--and, no contest! Only Love Divine. As I checked into a hotel room the other night, I could not help but to smile at my room number--148, the same as our hymn: "In heavenly love abiding." What a beautiful reminder of our permanent residence!

  46. Thank you so much Jose, I got so much out of your Lift! I appreciate especially the thought that we have the CHOICE to pray to understand that we live in the uncontaminated atmosphere of heaven! We are not stuck in any mortal "boxing ring"! Great!
    Judith from Reno NV

  47. Thank you Jose,
    Your loving Lift immediately brought to thought hymn # 144 ...
    In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move, and breathe;
    Though mortal eyes may see it not,
    'Tis sense that would deceive.

  48. Thank you, Jose, wonderful and so helpful to everyone!

  49. Thank you for your thoughtful ideas and excellent choice of words.

  50. As always, a most helpful Daily Lift, and such uplifting and encouraging comments to follow. Thank you to one and ALL. June U K.

  51. Lovely, clears the air around us!

  52. Oh THANK YOU for your timely lift. There has been so much attention around me and talk given to unhealthy foods, but being lifted out of the boxing ring, the mortal sense of food, is what Love is doing to us all the time. THANK YOU for reminding me of this!!!

  53. Thank you.

  54. Thank you José. What a good mental response to those who fear contamination. I love the words from Hymn 144, which begins:
    "In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move, and breathe;"

    Here in BC we have a few people who say they are afraid of contamination from the "smart meters" (electric meters that measure home power consumption and send that information electronically). The electromagnetic signal has been measured at about 1/100 that of a cell phone.
    And then there is the more dangerous and harmful contamination from hate promoting videos which
    spread so quickly on cell phones and internet worldwide in just minutes or hours.
    To get out of this "boxing ring" of hate and fear, we must destroy the mortal sense - see Hymn 144 Christian Science Hymnal:
    "The mortal sense we must destroy,..."
    "He holds us perfect in His love,
    And we his image bear."

  55. Great! Thank you for a wonderful concept of heaven now without any outside influence .

  56. Thank you!

  57. Your message comes at a helpful time for me. Yesterday I heard a report about water contamination causing
    physical problems in a town in India. The government had not yet helped the local people who were suffering with physical effects to change their agricultural practices that were polluting their water sources. And, in talking with local people, it was clear that no information had yet been disseminated to them. Listening to your lift helps me to have a practical path to praying for healing, not only in this particular instance, but more broadly in other reported instances of problems in our world. Thank you for this practical and relevant message.

  58. I loved what Mary (#8) said about not waiting for the parting of the waves, etc. As you said Jose', get up and get out of the ring! "Rise and walk" away from the negative...and take everyone else with you in divine Consciousness (God's ever-presence and all-power). Thank you so much for a very timely directive.

  59. Wow! This is an updraft for my day. Muchisimas gracias Jose and all Lifters.

    When I remember and practice staying off the battlefield, since the "response ability" lies with God, I have amazing demonstrations. When I forget, it's a "do-over!" Blessed progress, I'm grateful that you are law.

    I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. (Phil)

  60. l !
    The boxing ring is a great metyphor
    no one can confine us
    Each are an individual Kingdom
    liviing in all life thru space.

  61. Thank you so much! That is so needed and helpful.

  62. Thank you Jose and daily lift team.

  63. Muchas gracias, Jose, for reminding us that the mental pollution has to be handled within our own consciousness and doing that always has a healing effect on the outward. It is always an inside job and the correction beings with us. What a beautiful and powerful CS treatment you shared with your heart. It can't help but to bear its Christly fruit. "In atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and breathe.."
    Hymn 144

  64. Christ Jesus tells us in the Sermon On The Mount, Take no thought for what ye shall drink, eat or put on: This is reassuring not to be afraid and to give these things no thought. I think that is the basis of your message today , this Truth from Christ Jesus. thank you.

  65. This is excellent timing...world thought would seem to throw one into a boxing ring of confusion, fear, fragmented thinking...

    A perfect reminder, Jose, to remain alert and stand porter at the door of thought. One Mind, intact!!

  66. This is timely for those of us who are downwind of the forest fires burning in the Cascade Mountains of OR and WA, and for another big issue here, that of barging coal down the Columbia -- and plenty of other environmental threats as well. We can dance through these attacks as a good boxer does, sparring and punching effectively toward a graceful triumph. We need not be KO'd by mortal mind, i.e. the death mind. Gracias, Señor!

  67. Thank you, Jose, for this lift. It has ideas that I can pray with for a wide range of imposing problems. I was so interested to hear you mention 'charged atmospheres'. It helped me to pray for a pet that seems so "beat up" by the thunderstorms moving through our area. I wasn't thinking along those lines at first, but why not since we live in the pure atmosphere of heaven! Thank you.

  68. Our well-being is permanently intact. Thank you so much, Jose. I am new. I have been floundering. This idea is so radical in today's daily life with others. What good news you have to share!

  69. Thank you Jose for this reminder that our environment is completely uncontaminated, heavenly and holy, safe and pure and free. AND that evil has no place within or without. thank you.

  70. A blessed message - needed to be heeded

  71. Thank you for the English. I listened to the words and music 4 times to get the full meaning since every line of work requires a specialized vocabulary. Mrs. Eddy writes;
    "Looking over the newspapers of the day, one naturally reflects that is is dangerous to live, so loaded with disease seems the very air...More thought is given to material illusions than to spiritual facts." (Miscellaneous Writings, pages 7&8.) Thank you Mr. lecturer sir for the lesson to go with the cadence. It is working, still.

  72. Jesus warned us that if we take in negative thoughts the outcome won’t be pretty.
    He gave more importance to the thinking than the stomach, he said, “That which cometh out of the man, defileth the man” Mark 7:20
    Animals with hormones, food with preservatives… we are not in a boxing ring at the mercy of others to survive. God’s image dwells in the uncontaminated atmosphere of heaven, governed and protected by God’s law.
    Speaking of our Father-Mother God, Paul taught, “in him we live, and move, and have our being” Acts 17:28
    Jesús nos avisó que si aceptamos pensamientos negativos el resultado no sería bonito.
    Le dio más importancia al pensamiento que al estómago, dijo, “lo que del hombre sale, eso contamina al hombre” Marcos 7:20
    Animales con hormonas, comidas con preservadores… no estamos en un cuadrilátero a la misericordia de otros para poder sobrevivir. La imagen de Dios habita en la atmósfera incontaminada del cielo, governada y protegida por la ley de Dios.
    Hablando de nuestro Padre-Madre Dios, Pablo enseñó, “Porque en él vivimos, y nos movemos, y somos” Hechos 17:28

  73. Excellent. I love that there is no boxing ring in heaven. Thank you so much.

  74. So freeing! Moving out of that boxing ring will benefit the environment too.

  75. Thank you, José, If anyone reading this is newly learning Christian Science, this Lift highlights one of many reasons I'm so grateful Mrs. Eddy took time to write so we could understand and really follow Jesus. I'm not in CS because she said this is so. I love CS because I learned on my own that what she taught is true and provable. I don't follow her blindly, and don't need to (nor think she'd want me to) for she taught me to pray and follow angel messages (thoughts) or other ways, like S&H, God reveals His answers to me. This Lift reminds us we are free of mortal beliefs, chemical contaminants, and other matter based reasons to be fearful. I've noticed some of my 11 children didn't stay with CS, but don't have many fears the mass public believes it must avoid or cure from contaminants or other food issues, or weather & other circumstances that "cause colds" (or worse). Mine also have no fear of reptiles, they'll catch and remove them (even "poisonous" ones) if found in inconvenient spots. The list is longer. They live with truths taught in CS, and seem unaware where credit goes for their, & their children's lives free of extra fears. They are less ringed in than if they hadn't had CS during all or part of their childhood. I never enjoyed boxing, so this Lift helps me be extra alert not to step in the ring. The crowd can put us there if we don't take a deliberate stand when reading or hearing dire "causes & results". Oh! To get José's accent mark, I cut & pasted!

  76. Thank you

  77. Thank you for this excellent reminder, Jose.
    I needed this message today. Bendiciones!

  78. Your lift instantly brought to mind a contamination issue we are having with air quality due to a forest fire that was started by an 18 year old volunteer fire fighter who, supposedly, wanted his father's attention or recognition.

    This situation has prompted me to earnestly pray to see this individual clearly as God's perfect child. His true Father, Mother, God, always pours out Divine Love's attention and recognition, even right now as this lad sits in a jail cell. His name, incidently, is Nathaniel Bartholomew. From a Biblical definition, I found out that Bartholomew is the name of one of the twelve apostles of Christ Jesus. He is generally supposed to be the same person as Nathanael and Batholomew was one of the disciples to whom Jesus appeared at the Sea of Tiberias after his resurrection. He was also a witness to the Ascension. (Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:14; Acts 1:13).

    Questions: What does this mean to me and what about those who have already lost their homes because of this act of arson? And what about the other homes in harms way and lives the terrible air quality poses to threaten? What would Jesus do? Answer: Pray with humility to know and accept that, as you eloquently point out, heaven is right where we are...the present reality where we live and move and have our existence, where our well-being is permanently intact.

    Thank you José and to the rest of the comments from the Lifter audience. All these "offerings" are so helpful to the community at large.

  79. Wow! Beautiful. Thank you Jose! So beautifully put. :-)

  80. Thank you Jose. The spiritual fact of no evil 'within' or 'without' demonstrates itself through your message. And clearly it's applicable across a multitude of issues!

  81. YES to this lift... thank you

  82. Thank you for this protective lift.

  83. Perfect. And not only can I step out of the boxing ring or awaken to know there is no ring or opponent or fear or pain or vulnerable mind to be knocked out... I can also make sure I don't ring folks in and I don't swing at or hurt/scare them. While we can be free from being scared of, or indifferent to, or hurt by, others' decisions, we can choose to do our part to stop the very poisoning of the atmosphere with fear, gossip, hate, scapegoating, self-justification, gossip, cynicism. We can stop the physical, economic, political, emotional, mental poisoning. We can prove we are not helpless to prevent/stop fracking, bombing, chemical weapons, toxic foods and medicines, unsafe work and home or schools and parks, toxic waste, adding industrial waste to drinking water, poisonous surveillance, sonar and microwave weapons, etc. To not be hurt by ourselves or others and to not hurt others. And to not stare mesmerized at, or to profit from the exploitation of others, if for their conflict minerals for harmful cell phones or whatever. We always have the answers we need to replace self-deception with compassion and honesty, laziness with accountability, helplessness with sovereignty, cursing with blessing. Love reflected in love. Thanks for specifically mentioning what is needed to be addressed.

  84. Thank you! You support an idea we got at my Association: "Get off the battlefield!"

  85. Thank you, Jose. How important it is to 'guard' our thoughts - MBE always stressed that - and thanks for another reminder.

  86. Thank you, Jose, for getting us out of the boxing ring. We don't need to even LOOK into it from the outside.
    Thank you again.

  87. Jose, you are clearly a paradigm buster! All of us must, in various degrees, work to keep our thoughts in the place you are addressing. Indeed, "place," is to harsh. It seems difficult to me to put this into language. Prayerful thoughts are the "place," where we are constantly; God's thoughts!

    Bueno, Senior! Muchas gracious.

  88. Thank you. I am applying your insight to life in the Middle East. Very helpful.

  89. Very helpful ideas this morning...thank you! Now to put them into practice!

  90. Thank you, and thanks to those who shared the comments I sampled, especially # 21 for:

    "That mankind is not a victim of what others think or do, or don't think or don't do, is such an important concept."

    Concerned recently about another's misapprehension about my work, and more broadly about mob hatred that seems so easily stirred, this statement of safety in purity of thought kindles hope and direction for my prayer today. Perfection, God, is power.

  91. Wonderful.... thank you so much!


  93. This Lift also addresses contamination from genetically modified organisms in our food supply and concerns about the dangers to the environment from cross polination from GMO plants.

  94. This daily lift is woundful it made me really think I feel like I am in a ring and the family I live with is the lions I am fighting like what Danyl had to do when he was put in the lion den.

  95. Thank you, this is straight-out truth. Healing for me.Sorie

  96. Thank you Jose, I loved this lift. So often it seems like we need to fight one thing or another- fight for our rights, fight for freedom, fight to protect animals/children, fight for our environment. We need to fight adversity. Then you talk about atmosphere... it would seem that man is a bi-product of his atmosphere- families and external environments. People are believed to be a product of DNA and circumstance.

    Your ideas about atmosphere and reality state that it's an atmosphere of Love that we live in. There is no inharmony, abuse, hatred, fear, disease or contamination there. Heaven, harmony is at hand! Here, now! We don't have to live in fear or anger. Fear and anger don't benefit anyone- they are negative feelings that are medically proven to cause physical problems. "We can let go, and let God!"

    God is caring for/guiding each family member, all the animals, all the governments, neighbors, the planet, or atmosphere with one Mind. So we can live and move and breathe in Love... where no fear or hatred lives. It's not from God. Neither is chaos or unhappiness or malice. Love protects each one of us! We can pray to know that God is right there in the different places that come to thought... and recognize the harmony and care that is there. This heals and protects!

    Thank you again, this was so perfect for me to day as I've been learning about colonization and it's affects on the world. In reality, God is the one cause and caring for all ideas with perfect Love.

  97. Thank you, José

  98. I love the idea of Mr. Mata's "Boxing Ring." "Ladies & Gentlemen, on this side of the ring stands the world champion, Spiritual Truth, Love & Life. On the other side stands the challenger, Mortal Mind, Deception, Discouragement & Self Pity, Hate & War. All right, you two, come out fighting and may the best thought win. The fight is on, suggestion after suggestion battles with Truth, Love and Life. And finally Ladies & Gentlemen, Truth, Love & Life knocks out Deception, Discouragement & Self Pity, and still stays the world champion.