9/17: Christ — the healing presence

9/17: Christ — the healing presence

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  1. .......So very calming .....so very true.....and inspiring......Heartfelt thanks !!

  2. Beautiful Lift, thank you John. The Christ is more than equal to whatever task it is our duty to perform. In fact God, the divine Mind, knows our every need even before we ask. In reality, the need is already met. God alone supplies all good. Our actions, when divinely directed, glorify God and bring blessings to those concerned. We not only become a recipient of, but a witness to the eternal love and guidance of our Heavenly Father.

  3. Wonderful! A great Lift for today and any day. A "keeper" as a friend says. Thank you SO much.

  4. Lovely. Exactly what I needed to hear and will share this with a family member as well. Thank you so much.

  5. The perfect message for me today in my work with prisoners. Thank you John

  6. Many thanks John for this inspiring reminder. Yes. "Sensing God's [Love's] presence enables us to spiritually respond, rather than humanly react to any circumstance." "I know Thy presence every passing hour,/ I know Thy peace, for Thou alone art power;/ O Love divine, abiding constantly,/ I need not plead, Thou dost abide with me." (Christian Science Hymnal #7).

  7. Thank you!

  8. Wow.

    John, thank you for this.

    This lift is full of substance.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  9. Thank you, John, for this healing lift. It has helped me get back on track to seek God's guidance and more.
    Much love to you and all:-)

  10. Thank you John, responding to the Christ, a wonderful DL.

  11. Lynn, this message was written just for you. Turn it over to God.

  12. John, Your words of understanding God's words thru M.B.E. and her Wonderful words of God's Wisdom are so Great to me now. I share them with my future spouse daily as you write and say So Much, So Well and with such Clarity for us to understand. THANKS TO GOD ALSO !!!! Chuck H.
    P.S. We also share some Great linage.... As we are " The Image of God" and Reflect Him, so well !!!!
    Thanks for your efforts.

  13. John, thank you.

    The ever divine presence of the Christ; Christian Science Hymnal 136
    "..I hear Thy promise old and new, That bids all fear to cease: My presence still shall go with thee And I will give thee peace ..Though storm or discord cross my path Thy power is still my stay, Though human will and woe would check My upward-soaring way; All unafraid I wait, the while Thy angels bring release, For still Thy presence is with me, And thou dost give me peace.."

  14. Dear John, thank you, how wonderful to know "however severe" the circumstance may appear to be God is right there to comfort and to bless. Grateful for all lifters prayers which are winging their way" across continent and ocean to earth's remotest bounds." Thanks again, John and all lifters

  15. Instead of reacting humanly, Jesus would respond spiritually, because he knew that divine Love is reachable and realizable as "the" healing presence. He never doubted God would respond to every human need if asked unselfishly.

    “Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee. Therefore despair not nor
    murmur, for that which seeketh to save, to heal, and to deliver, will guide thee, if thou seekest this guidance. MY 149:31

    En vez de reaccionar humanamente, Jesús respondía espiritualmente, pues él sabía que el Amor divino es alcanzable y se puede llevar a cabo como “la presencia” sanadora. Él jamás dudó que Dios respondería a toda necesidad humana si el pedido era desinteresado.

    “Recuerda, no puedes ser llevado a ninguna circunstancia, por más grave que sea, en la que el Amor no haya estado antes que tú y en la que su tierna lección no te esté esperando. Por lo tanto, no desesperes
    ni murmures, porque aquello que procura salvar, sanar y librar, te guiará, si buscas esta guía.” MY 149:35

  16. Thank you John for your truly reassuring lift, and thank you Vito (13) for reminding us of that wonderful hymn (136) by Violet Hay. How astute that lady was in her understanding of truth, and she sets the truth that (Mrs Eddy discovered) down so clearly for us all to share. I often wonder, was she an early worker in the Christian Science movement, and if so Mrs Eddy must have been so glad to have her support and understanding throughout the early years! These daily lifts are, in my opinion one of the best things that have come about in the lives of all who seek to follow the teachings of Mary baker Eddy, and I have NO doubt that she would have fully approved! Now we have a world wide family and need never feel quite alone...To one and all concerned Many, many thanks and LOVE to ALL JUNE x

  17. Many thanks. This lift calms and is inspiring. Just what I needed today and for all times.

  18. God is love; healing manifests itself thru spirituality!

  19. A well delivered and timely message of Truth for everyone, everywhere. Thanks John.

  20. Thank you so much John. What a wonderful reminder of God's loving prescence in our lives.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful Lift coming at just the right time.. Thanks to all the Lifters.

  22. Powerful ! Thank you John for this encouraging lift , full of hope and healing .

  23. Thank you John for this inspiring lift. It is exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

  24. Thank you.

  25. Thank you for taking tough cases and healing them.

  26. Great "lift" John; thanks.

  27. Thank you John. What an uplifting and powerful lift. How true that one has to just be calm in time of distressing
    situations which confronts us daily. Sometimes one just has to battle with what our Leader mentions in the Pulpit and Press 14: 9-11 "You have simply to preserve a scientific, positive sense of unity with your divine source, and daily demonstrate this". Many a times one has to switch off as it were incessant violence of tragic happenings here and elsewhere in the world and just realize the presence of the ever-presence of Chjrist's assurance "Be not afraid..."I am with thee and will help thee".

    This comfort is inadequate supplied by a human concept.of man.

    Such a comfort no one can supply

  28. This is just wonderful John, and very needed. Ever so grateful for your shared inspiration. I totally agree with June (#16) regarding these Lifts - they are precious & dear to all of us and I believe have a unifying effect with our worldwide family. I feel connected! Thank you everyone.

  29. "I walk with love along the way..." Hymn 139
    I know I will listen to this lift again and again.
    Thank you, John, and to all the Daily lift team, too.

  30. Thank you for your wonderful lift today!

  31. How swiftly discord vanishes when one recognizes in their fellow man the child of God. "Having eyes see ye not?" In Christ we can we be sure that we also are seen brother to brother, sister to sister. We then experience oneness.
    Thank you for this reminder!

  32. Sometimes God sends you just what you need to hear - through someone else.

  33. Thank you for this inspiring lift today John. Proof that the healing presence of Christ is always available to us to guide us, took place in my life yesterday. We wanted to get a new kitten and made our way to a local animal shelter. We had in mind to get a small baby cat, but on the way there I prayed and asked God to guide us to find the right kitten for us. When we arrived there were so many sweet kittens and cats, but eventually we decided on one particular kitten. However, something did not feel right, so while we were waiting to fill in the adoption forms, I prayed again and next thing a beautiful fully grown cat came to me and began to purr. Then she sat on my lap and I knew immediately that this was the right kitty for us and even though everyone tried to tell me to rather take the small kitten, I decided that Rosie was the one for us.
    Although we have only had her for two days now, she has settled in beautifully and we love her. Proving that even in small everyday things, -we can pray for the guidance to make the right choices.

  34. Thank you John. Simply great. I have already shared it with some members of my family. I agree with Connie #28, I feel connected with my world family. These DL are so uplifting and healing.The words you repeat from Mary Baker Eddy bring such comfort. Yes, we can rest assured that no matter the human circumstance, God is already there, tenderly waiting for us if we respond to the Christ rather than humanly reacting. Blessings to all.

  35. John
    Thank you so much. What a wonderful reminder! And a great way to start the day. :)

  36. Thank you for this beautiful Daily Lift! It was just what I needed to hear this morning.

  37. Dear John,
    Many thanks for this oh such straight forward guidance from Mrs.. Eddy'
    Practicing works with needs met. Satisfied

    Much love

  38. What a wonderful and inspiring message - thanks so much, John! It reminds me of the first verse of hymn 134 which reads:
    I look to Thee in every need,
    And never look in vain;
    I feel Thy touch, eternal Love,
    And all is well again:
    The thought of Thee is mightier far
    Than sin and pain and sorrow are.
    In praying, I follow this with the 3rd verse of hymn 154:
    In Thee I have no pain or sorrow,
    No anxious thought, no load of care.
    Thou are the same today, tomorrow;
    Thy love and truth are everywhere.
    And then hymn 144 the 3rd verse:
    For God, immortal Principle,
    Is with us everywhere;
    He holds us perfect in His love,
    And we His image bear.
    I just love how the hymns blend together giving us comfort and inspiration. Thanks to all who have commented - your thoughts are greatly appreciated. And to the Daily Lift team for producing this beautiful avenue for sharing.

  39. Responding spiritually rather than reacting humanly: I'll carry that strong and lovely message with me all day. Today's "manna." A wonderful gift from you, John. Thanks.

    16 -- I also treasure Violet Hay's hymns. Perhaps a future Christian Science publication will give background biographies of some of our hymn writers.

  40. John has an absolute thought. To me, that is Christian Science. It is absolute and it heals immediately when Love is at the helm. No need for long prayers, dragged out experiences, ......immediately it heals, with Love. Thank you, John.

  41. Thank you John, as usual, you have touched my soul with your sincere message. Thank you Malcolm #5 and Elena #15 for your inspiring message.
    Love to all.

  42. Dear John,

    Thank you for this lovely Lift. The Daily Lift Team for the arrangement around this Lift and of course the Lifters, who so lovingly await the "movement of the water" or the awakening, spiritually, of thought. Special thanks to Vito (#13) as a child I worked a lot with that Hymn and to Khorshed (#27).

    Of all of the people I have to thank..I must thank my mother, for not only bringing me into Christian Science, but for demonstrating the principles of Christian Science. This Lift fully identifies with the constancy expressed by my mother in applying the teachings.

    One often feels that things will get better (humanly) as you walk the path of Christ...sometimes they do, other times they don't especially when we seem to have a long and enduring situation that just will not quit. Remember Christ Jesus was crucified, he was not saved from the Crucifixion; but with the application of spiritual thinking he demonstrated that no human circumstance could rob him of his true life, nor steal his joy hence the Resurrection (or spiritual awakening).

    Through the application of Christian Science, we begin to see more of the 'green pastures' that are already before us and we begin to recognize that those awful, foul experiences are our 'manure' that help us grow and through this growth, we see the green pastures get greener and larger as our fears melt away and our fortitude strengthens.

    We ALL must press on; our Spiritual Awakening awaits. Thanks.

  43. Thank you, John, for this reminder; and thanks to Joy (33) for testimony that God's guidance manifests itself in tangible ways as well as spiritual.

  44. Thanks John for your inspiration when the material beliefs are quiet the spiritual sense comes and the heal is instant.

  45. "God is reachable and realizable" -- thank you for that thought, John. I am grateful that divine Love's lessons are tender.

  46. Thank you for the inspiring and helpful reminder of God's presence, no matter what!

  47. Thank you very much, John ! This is a true "lift", in fact I felt it is a treatment. Which of course I can use every moment of each day ! What a blessing. :-)

  48. Thank you, John, for this wonderful calming message. As I read June U.K. 's gratitude for these Daily Lifts, tears of joy poured down my face as I feel the same gratitude! Here we are a worldwide family sharing our heartfelt love for God and man.

    June, I found this link to Longyear about Violet Hay..


  49. John, this has to be one of your very best Lifts, and I am so grateful for blessing so generously given. There are times in the early days when I could have hidden, if there had been anywhere to hide! Where I would have turned back to become that other Margaret again, but why would I? Just for the sake of being ignorant? No. Even as I opened my mouth the words came out to help and heal. In the supermarket, in a Girl Guides' camp, at home with the family, on a bicycle in the middle of nowhere, on the end of the phone - God is always there first. He paves the way, and produces the exact words, kind and patient and healing. Not me. The Christ, The healing presence does the work.
    Everyone in Scotland must have been up early this morning!. . . Wonderful!
    Thanks to you always Nate and the team; the lecturers; and did you read all the Comments last night? - the always instant in lovingkindness Lift family.

  50. Thanks John, how clearly you have shown us the ever-presence of Love, God. Seeking always to find that Christ consciousness empowers us to rise above the storm.

  51. Thanks, dear John Q.! As always your message is one of tenderness and strength and based squarely on the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and the teachings of Christian Science. I love how you brought out that the Christ gives us the ability and power to "spiritually respond, instead of humanly react". Yes, the dear Christ is forever here and near! Love and Blessings to All! Let's all keep our thoughts uplifted in Prayer for our dear World!

  52. Thank you! I really needed this message. We are in the mist of having lost our business to the floods of Colorado. This message gave me hope and some peace.

  53. Thank you John. Just lovely, and so beautifully presented.

  54. Thank you, John.
    So beautiful, so perfect, and so well-timed.

  55. Precious message! Thanks!

  56. Nada hay que pueda amparar, protejer fuera de Dios, todo lo bueno viene del Amor divino, por lo tanto, viene de Dios, si no viene de Él no viene de ningún lado, porque lo verdadero es Dios y su idea nosotros, capacitados para hacer el bien si seguimos a Cristojesús, para realizar las obras que Él hizo, nada lo impide, sólo nuestra propia renuencia a seguir su senda lo puede impedir.

    Es verdad, que requiere de un gran sacrificio hacerlo, porque es la renuncia total a todo lo humano y material, y para llegar al gozo de estar en esa senda se hace necesario, primero... Recorrer la senda del renunciamiento, sin ello entiendo, sólo tendremos pantallazos del Bien infinito, que son refrigerio, es cierto, pero que no alcanzan para un goce pleno de entendimiento, y practica como fue demostrado por Cristojesús. Obviamente yo aun no lo he logrado, pero sí, anhelo hacerlo.

    Es bello poder oir los mensajes, compartir con todos, un mismo sentir, con matices diferentes, es cierto, pero que apuntan a un anhelo de mayor comprensión, para que cada uno obtenga su porción diaria de progreso

    Por ello mi profundo agradecimiento diario, hoy a tí John, mañana será otro u otra, pero con el mismo sentir de reconocimiento a la tarea que muchos realizan para que llegue a nosotros la inspiración de compartir experiencias y esfuerzo para llegar a tener el mismo sentir, que Cristo nos legó generosamente, desde tiempos antiguos, y que sigue dando frutos sin pausa generosamente.

  57. Thank you so much for this 'lift' today, it is just what I needed to hear!

  58. Thank you, John for your lift today. To read the Daily Lifts each morning is so comforting, and to follow up with the comments from all over the world brings a peace that I cannot describe,
    There are so many hymns mentioned today. I would like to add Hymnal Notes for use with Christian Science Hymnal as published by the CS Publishing Society is an excellent reference to each hymn.
    Love to all the ones who commented today and to all those who make these Lifts available daily.

  59. Thank you John for this inspiring message. I am greatly enjoying reading all the fruitage and ideas in the previous 55 (!) comments from listeners around the world. This message is so perfect for meeting all our daily needs. On my office door for years has been posted the words from a practitioner: "When we refuse to react, we remove the bridge over which error can reach us." Thanks for the eloquent and simple reminder of this truth.

  60. There is a small book written about Violet Hay's life in the CS movement. She was instrumental in putting the CS hymnal together. She was originally from England , later spreading CS in South Africa.Back in England she was very active in the movement. She came to America to have an appointment to meet MBE. It never materialized. She was only able to be on a porch when Mrs Eddy came by and stopped her carriage in front of the house. I don't remember the title but a search of the internet will bring it up. Thank you for all the lifts and comments.

  61. So wonderful! Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed - Naturally!

  62. I Love It! Thank You!

  63. Thank you, John. I do "seek this guidance" !
    The calm conviction you share in this lift is powerful and healing.

  64. Thanks! So helpful. The quotation you used is one of my favorites for comfort and encouragement.

  65. Thank you, John, for “Christ – the healing presence … to spiritually respond rather than humanly react … Mary Baker Eddy … shares … ‘Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee. Therefore despair not nor murmur, for that which seeketh to save, to heal, and to deliver, will guide thee, if thou seekest this guidance.’”

    “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matt 7:7).

    The ever-presence of Christ’s “healing presents!” The perfect gift. Our blessings!!! :-)

    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings” (S&H vii:1).

    “This is the day which the Lord hath made … rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24).

    TODAY is “this day!” :-)

    So … I go into “this day!” (today and every day) rejoicing and being glad with gratitude and in expectation. According to God’s promises and under God’s laws, I seek to find and am blessed by the ever-presence of Christ’s healing presents. My perfect gift. My blessings!!! :-)

    “In the scientific relation of God to man, we find that whatever blesses one blesses all, as Jesus showed with the loaves and the fishes, — Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply" (S&H 206:15).

  66. Thank you John for this reminder that Christ is ever present and is a healing presence. Your quote from Mrs. Eddy, "Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee. Therefore despair not nor murmur, for that which seeketh to save, to heal, and to deliver, will guide thee, if thou seekest this guidance." (My 149:31) includes the directions on our part not to despair nor murmur, but to seek Christ's guidance.

    In other words, be quiet, stay alert, be receptive and pay attention. It is one thing for Love to prepare a tender lesson for us, yet quite another thing for us to be humble enough to trust and learn the lesson.

    Perhaps the "demands" being placed upon us are simply a sharp call to attention and the duties placed before us are always accompanied with the wisdom and resources to successfully accomplish the assigned task.

  67. I LOVED that Daily Lift. Thank you so much. Just what I needed!

  68. Thank you John for this powerful message. AND thanks all for sharing. Thank's Malcolm for the hymn which fit perfectly with John's lift.

  69. Dear John,
    Thanks so much for this healing message. I too, feel that the Daily Lift so blesses my life and so many others around the world. My thanks and gratitude to all who bring this to us.

  70. Wonderful reassuring lift today! Thank you!

  71. This is the best lift ever...the message and the delivery are so simple, pure, and calming...thank you so much John.

  72. The healing presence that removes pain, calms anger, replaces sickness with strength is the Christ.
    What a privilege to experience it, what a joy to share it.

  73. Thank you, I've experienced what you said but was unable to put a handle on it. You know, repeat the part that I had done right to access the experience, and therefore missfire and sputter my spiritual engine through many occasions that could have been much more GraceFULL. I will replay this several times and hopefully it will stick.

  74. As a recent widow, I really appreciate your calming, uplifting, comforting message, John. I also appreciate all the references to the specific hymns that are so comforting. Listening to each Daily Lift is a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you all!

  75. Thanks, John and those who hear this lovely lift before I do. The strength behind these prayers is palpable!
    After a trip of a month's duration where I could touch hearts in 6 states, it is so obvious to me that Love guides, no matter what it looks like.
    I was tempted by a belief of stomach cramps when I'd been on the way only a few days. The wonderful Bible Lesson that week was on "Christ Jesus" and a citation jumped out at me. It's from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. On page 167 I read, "The scientific government of the body must be attained through the divine Mind. It is impossible to gain control of the body in any other way. " I know I have read that countless times but this time I SAW it! Wht do we do when we try to find reasons for a physical challenge in matter? We loose control! Wow, the opposite of what we want. The wonder of an instant healing when I surrendered to Mind to tell me who I was, is still blessing me. God knows us so well and always meets the immediate need.
    This is the best message, a grateful heart! Thanks to you all.

  76. My take-away: Maybe it's not so much my "personal" response that matters so much...

    as witnessing the Christ responding to the whole situation, including embracing and upholding me.

  77. Wonderful reminder! Thank you...

  78. Infinite gratitude for this incredible lift, John.

  79. Thank you so much for this lovely Spiritual Idea. It surrounds us in everlasting Divine Love.

  80. Thank you,John.Your encouraging message of the Christ's ever presence and power is a sure healing "lift"out of the belief of life in matter.Very,very helpful to me today.Bless you for blessing us with your good work.
    Gratitude for all who produce"the Lift".and those who respond.

  81. Thank you for this timely lift! --Merri

  82. Gosh, John, this Lift went directly to "where I am," it hugs me, holds my hand, and it is walking w me; how loving and immediately practical! It offers a "freer breath" (S&H) in the midst of (imagined) fettering circumstances.
    I was presented w a difficult decision not long ago, and what vaporized it was the Christ-delivered question, God, how can I best glorify You right this moment?! And this line from S&H rang true.."Starting from a higher standpoint, one rises spontaneously, even as light emits light without effort;..."

    Much love to all involved w this Daily Lift!

  83. Thank you John for your inspiriting lift! And thank you lifters all. It seems that as long as we keep the Christ-idea presence close in our thought, the reminder of divine Love guiding, will always respond and protect. The "tender lessons" are always for our benefit and God directed.
    Thank you Daily Lift team also.

  84. So appreciate this message, John. Very reassuring and calming!!
    Thank you to my world wide friends- you are truly loved!!

  85. What a wonderful, loving message.just what I needed today concerning a relationship opportunity.I will remember that there is no condition where God is not present. Thank you once again for your loving thought.

  86. Thank you!!!

  87. Oh! How many times those words have come to me, to protect me from ever getting ruffled from error, MY 141:31! And another, "God's
    Law of Adjustment." A CD that I listen to by Adam Dicky. We don't have to react toward any mistake made when we know that either we learn positively from them or a law of God rightly understood will correct it.

  88. Really helpful Lift. Thank you with all my heart.

  89. To Heidi, #40, I would add, when there are larger issues that seem to take time, I am comforted by two statements by Mrs Eddy:

    “To-day, though rejoicing in some progress, she still finds herself a willing disciple at the heavenly gate, waiting for the Mind of Christ.”


    “Individuals are consistent who, watching and praying, can “run, and not be weary; . . . walk, and not faint,” who gain good rapidly and hold their position, or attain slowly and yield not to discouragement."

    These allow me, like the man at the pool of Bethesda, "to run with patience the race that is set before me."

  90. What a loving reminder to turn to God no matter what and find the right solutions. Thank you, John and all the sharing from you lifter partakers. El Paso, Patt

  91. Thank You

  92. Wonderful, beautiful and so pleasant to listen too. I keep all of my Daily Lifts in a special folder in My Documents so I can play them again whenever I wish to. This is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for the inspiration, it is so uplifting. Jan Van Hook Fairfield, Ohio

  93. I have enjoyed the Daily Lifts for a long while now. This one is a keeper.
    About time I joined the 'verbal' family, with some overdue thanks.

    Nancy of Yellow Springs, as a fellow horse-person I love your equine references & humour.

    Troy - your comments always bring something extra to the lifts for me, Thank you.

    Margaret, Sunshine Coast - wonderful wonderful news about the new church in Maroochydore.
    Shall definitely visit when back on the coast (three+ hours away at the moment)

    Janice (48) Thanks for the link about Violet Hay - read her hymns this morning & thought I'd like to know more about her - shall get the book.

    Tobias (87) I read GLoA most days - love it - so comforting/strengthening.

    Joy (33) Loved your experience re. Rosie.
    Yes, I've had that happen too.
    Years ago when 'shopping' for a teaching horse I went to see a grey horse in NSW & while in the paddock was drawn to a little palomino saying 'please take me'
    She was very thin, late teens & unkempt & I was told 'too old' but I listened to HER (the still small voice within) paid buttons for her & lead her 17klms home.
    She was perfect, best teaching horse ever, kind & gentle with small children & was with me until she was 33.
    Her name was Si don Rose of Alethean Pride. Rosie to me & her pint-sized riders.

    This hymn describes the lifts !

    O longing hearts that wait on God
    Through all the world so wide;
    He knows the angels that you need,
    And sends them to your side,
    To comfort, guard & guide.

    Violet Hay (9)

  94. Thank you!

  95. Thank you, John. Really needed to hear this today. Appreciate # 33 - Joy's comment. I'll seek God's guidance when I go to the animal shelter to get my new kitty, too.

  96. Good one, thanks, John. Thanks. We are all reminding ourselves of this.

  97. Perfect Lift. Thank you so much.

  98. Listened to this Lift yesterday and again today - and so appreciate its healing message. I shared it with my grandchildren - and know the truth affirmed and expressed is going forth to bless all. Abiding thanks!

  99. Beautiful!! thank you John!!

  100. The Violet Hay book was written by Peter Hodgson. I have the book, knew Peter, a wonderful man, and recommend it highly. A wonderful tribute to A remarkable woman. Available on Amazon.

  101. Perfect Lift. Thank you John. Obrigada Jonh.

  102. This is so timely - not to react to human experience, but to know the spiritual reality - it is a beautiful "Lift" John, as were your lectures in England two years ago - so helpful. Thank you
    Hilary, Castle Cove, Sydney, Australia

  103. Thank you so much John.

  104. Thank you for guiding us to GOD'S GUIDANCE!

  105. Thank you John for this beautiful lift I needed to hear this today

  106. What a healing massage, Thank you.

  107. Dear John,
    Thanks to you for that clear, concise message on the Christ. I always love your lifts.
    to #52 Sharon, I send to you" floodtides of Love" regarding loss of your business. I know that the Divine Principle Love is present with you to bring you peace comfort and restoration.
    I'm so grateful to the Daily Lifters who help reinforce each of the inspiring Daily Lifts and to the DL team.

  108. A beautiful and comforting message. Thank you.

  109. Thank you for your lovely message.

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