9/13: Last book of the Bible

9/13: Last book of the Bible

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  1. This makes me think that as I go out into the world revelations will come to me through encounters with people and situations that I can write down in my heart if not my own book.

  2. If we live the teachings of the Bible, we'll be the very proof of its utility, and our personal diary would be 'our'' last book of the Bible.
    God's presence, so evident in Bible stories, continues today in our healings, supply, protection.
    We have but to open our eyes to see that our own stories are biblical in nature, alive with the same kind of love.
    Si vivimos las enseñanzas de la Biblia, seremos la prueba misma de su utilidad, y nuestro diario personal sería "nuestro" último libro de la Biblia.
    La presencia de Dios, tan evidente en las historias de la Biblia, continúa hoy en día en nuestras sanaciones, provisión, protección.
    No tenemos más que abrir los ojos para ver que nuestras propias historias son bíblicas por naturaleza, vívidas con la misma clase de amor.

  3. Dear Rob,

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. We can always relate how something came about, not necessarily the object itself. Your inspiring words remind me of the Paralympics with which I was involved as a Volunteer in my local county. All those qualities of God, good, were present for everyone. That made it so special. And, the reason and purpose for all of us to imbibe and leave a lasting gift.

  4. Thank you, Rob, for sharing this 'story of the boots'! - This closeness, in our relationship with God, leading to such a wonderful, inspiring realisation of His Presence in similar ways, that are tangible - not because they bring us 'things' but because we have the sweet assurance that He hears us, is with us, and that he answers us, loves us. It is the same inspiration that the biblical Thomas must have experienced, when his doubtful words were heeded and responded to, by the then invisible but no less present, risen Christ Jesus, when he later appeared to Thomas, and repeated, word for word, what Thomas had said earlier. Yes, our 'diaries of the heart' would comprise those innumerable books concerning the Christ, and referred to in the Bible as 'the world could not contain them all'. May we all experience the closeness of this relationship with our loving Father/Mother, God; it is certainly His/Her intention! - Yes, One Mind: One Heart ... unfolding its story.

  5. Thank you for this loving lift!

  6. I hadn't thought of "my story" as being the same as a Bible story but it is! I've walked with Moses, stood with Stephen, sat with Bartimeus, walked many a mile with Paul...even had moments on the Mount with Peter, James and John...learning to cast my net on the right side....Yes, I do have a story...
    This is a wonderful Lift! Thank you, Ron Gilbert!!

  7. Beautiful and true, spot on, your message eternal.

    Thank you Rob and to you and all the lifters, blessings, the BOL as well.

  8. Since two days ago I have been giving much thought to citation 13 S&H of this weeks Bible Lesson " The divine Love which made harmless the poisonous viper ,which delivered men from the boiling oil ,from the fiery furnace ,from the jaws of the lion,can heal the sick in every age and triumph over sin and death . " Thank you Rob for butressing my prayerful contemplation of this Citation .

  9. Many Thanks Bob For this great reminder.. Yes. "God's [Love's] presence so evident in the lives of Bible characters, continues itself in our lives... healing and provision and protection..." "...A tender ever-presence/ Within each heart is proved./ O God, our Father-Mother,/ Thy name we see expressed/ By man, who in Thy Science/ Is perfect, holy, blessed." (Christian Science Hymnal #221).

  10. This is very good. It makes me think that healing is possible instead of waiting for the end.
    Thank you for the courage to go to prison and help men and to present on the Daily Lift.

  11. Thank you so much for this Lift, Rob. I think this Lift will give us lots of challenges for our own Daily List, where we can write our motives and acts every now and again, and twice or three times every year, review and re-think our standpoint, to see how our daily lives are responding with gratitude, humility and grace.
    Thank you for a great week, Nathan and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the World Wide Wonderful Daily Lifters.

  12. Thanks Rob. Wonderful thoughts.

  13. Just wonderful to think about! Thank you so much

  14. What a practical healing message! Wonderful to think about! Thank you so much Rob!

  15. The story of others revelations strengthens my faith and even though I did not walk with Jesus, I feel the presence of those who did still carried on today through story after story and this faith transcends time .

  16. Thank you so much!

  17. Thank you for those wonderful thoughts.

  18. Oh, Rob, that's so True! I woke up this a.m. with severe stomach cramps and was in extreme pain. As I was reaching out to God, I remembered that people had shared on this Lift how they had just called out, "God!!" and felt His/Her Presence. So I did that with all my Heart several times and then just sat quietly and listened. I heard a voice singing these lines from a Hymn to me: "What is thy birthright man, child of the perfect one? What is thy Father's plan for His beloved son? Thou art Truth's honest child, of pure and sinless heart. Thou treadest undefiled in Christly paths apart." I haven't had a cramp since! Yes, we are each living our own stories of God's Love and Presence in our lives right here and now! Thank You!

    Daily Lift Team:
    Hymn 382 from the Christian Science Hymnal

  19. Wonderful... thank you so much!

  20. Rob, I listened to this lift three times. What a lovely perspective. It's such a gift to think of our lives reverently as a diary of the Spirit of God like our Bible friend's/mentor's lives. I want to live so as to feel worthy of such. Thanks.

  21. What a lovely Lift, thank you for opening my thought in that direction! I realized as I was listening that we do the same with Science and Health--the last chapter in that book being Fruitage, the spirit and teachings of that book sustain us as well and we live out our own fruitage and demonstrations. And since the two books are sharing the same truths with us but in different ways, it's like we're always writing our own two end-chapters simultaneously.

  22. "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." Even boots! This shows the practicality of turning to God in prayer for our every need, not to outline, but to be receptive to God's graces of gratitude, joy, love, to name a few. These graces come to us each moment. They are revelations and can fill a book.

    Thank you, Rob, the BoL and Nate for the most inspiring beginnings to our mornings. What revelations they are!

  23. Thank you.

  24. To Robert in Maine (#10): Yes, yes, YES! .... Healing IS possible, rather than waiting for the end. The journey can be "sweet and bouyant with hope" as Mrs. Eddy wrote ... Healing is going on, and just like a seedling sending down roots before popping through the soil, we are continually rooting ourselves in spiritual understanding which results in HEALING---our thoughts popping through the mesmerism of materially into the sunshine of Truth, and understanding our identity as a spiritual and perfect idea of God. All is well.
    And Rob, thank you for this revelation on the BOOK of Revelation! I love the idea that we are living our own versions of these Bible stories ... of seeing evidence of God's ever-presence, protection and guidance in our own lives. Wonderful Lift today!!

  25. Thank you, Rob! Thank you, too, Margaret Sunshine Coast. (Love that name) I have never journaled, but your idea inspires me to record steps along the way for review of progress. I had just such an encounter yesterday in the most natural setting, but was still surprised by it. Why should we be surprised? We who love this Truth love it actively and continually for ourselves and the world. Should we be surprised when someone needs more than a "yeah, me too!" response? I did step up to the moment and am glad I did so. However, later I wished I had said more. Then it came to me that the "more to do" was present right now with me to see this dear one having all she needed to progress and feel God's leading. I recalled the healings that Mrs. Eddy accomplished when meeting a need for a stranger when not a word was spoken. (See We knew Mary Baker Eddy series) That is our continuing work in blessing...to treat our own thought of any belief of need until we see clearly that any lie about anyone is just that, a lie, and the truth is that our precious God IS goverrning, healing, blessing and speaking to each of His children. I will continue expectantly to LISTEN for HIS voice, to be even more awake and aware, filled with the Spirit and to be prompted by His words for the specific occasion. Thanks to everyone and happy day to all.

  26. This message hit a spot that needed to be turned over and lifted up--bringing to your life a "reverence" for God's purpose acting your life. Thanks for sharing a great motive for writing a diary.

  27. Dear Rob, This beautiful and timely message has met my need. I love that it was waiting for me as I awakened this morning. Have listened to it several times already ! Thank you!

  28. Thank you, Rob, for the “Last book of the Bible … could be seen as the diary of the one, who lives its teachings … the spirit of God couldn’t have stopped with the last book … God’s presence … continues itself in our lives … a story of healing and provision and protection …” I realized the other day how distracted I can get with “stories” – television, movies, books, video games, current events, etc. They all offer stories that for any length of time hold my attention. For what purpose? Either matter-based thinking or Spirit-based thinking is being promoted. Even my own human history, devoid of a recognition of the “healing and provision and protection” that is proof of “God’s presence,” can become a distraction from exploring my day-to-day relationship with God. Without the Christian Science perspective, there have been times when I haven’t even considered God in “my story.” I love the idea of taking the right and responsibility to write my own story as a diary – a Blessings Book. Bearing witness to God in that way has heightened my awareness of just how great a God, I/we have. What a grand spiritual adventure this earth journey is, as I recognize my own and other’s as stories “of healing and provision and protection.” I’m going to begin writing my Blessings Book again. Thanks, Rob.

  29. Rob,
    Wonderful ideas to carry with me on rhis, a busy day!

  30. It's a wonderful and inspiring idea that we are living as part of the whole Revelation of the Christ on earth today.I am beginning to realise that we are all Idea,and as we adhere only to the guiding ideas of the divine Mind our part in the revelation of Christian Science is manifested.

  31. Wonderful perspective. Thank you. I love the continuation and relevance it brings connecting us to the bible.

  32. Thank you for this wonderful lift. It gave me a new way of thinking about my own study and practice -- that even today, thousands of years after events in the Bible, our work is every bit as important as those who lived then, and that we should each look at our lives as if we are living a new book of the Bible. Every day, I am writing a new page in the book of "Rita". I need to be sure it is worthy of inclusion in the living Bible.

  33. Dear Rob, As I pondered your Lift I remembered many instances where God was with me and caring for me. Put all together they could fill a book. How blessed I am that I went to a CS Sunday school and the lessons learned there have been with me all though the years, and will continue as I progress and continue to grow.

    Much appreciation and thanks to all who provide these wonderful daily lifts.

  34. Thank you, Rob, for giving a new perspective on how I can look at my life and its true purpose.

  35. Today is big with blessings - from God - infinite Love.
    Thanks for the blessings on the Daily Lift.

  36. Hi Rob, Thank you for this great message.
    It is God doing the writing -- just the same as it was the "finger of God" that wrote
    the 10 Commandments on those tablets of stone. TWICE!!!!!
    This is good! God is writing (has already written) OUR story, a good record!

  37. This wonderful lift reminded me of John Denver's beautiful song, "Gospel Changes". "Now we got new names and faces this time around. Gospel changes Lord, still goin' down". I get goosebumps whenever I hear it.

  38. RE: #28 nela - Here's an update …and so, I have just made my first entry into a new Blessings Book: “I begin in deep gratitude for the Daily Lift, which inspires me every day and the Daily Lift community that makes every morning a testimony meeting filled with blessings. Thanks to all!" :-)

  39. Lots of food for thought! I'll want to read Revelation again and look at my life through this perspective.
    Thank you. I'm sure you didn't pray for boots.

  40. Thanks Rob! Great lift!
    I like to think all of us are Bible characters :-) We are going about following Jesus' example, healing and teaching and expressing good throughout our world today - just like those in Bibical days. Thanks again.

  41. Thank you Rob and for all of the commentators today in which each person has found a new perspective on their life and connections with the Christ. Seeing how God has guided, loved, directed, protected, provided and cared for us each day in numerous ways & situations gives me pause. All of those moments are a narrative of God's continuing uncompromising and unconditional love for us and can be seen altogether as a narrative of " walking the talk" as Christ Jesus did. I want to share this idea with my Sunday School students and have them feel they too are part of the continuing Biblical story of "God with us" and that they can share this good with others in their daily life and activities.

  42. You have heard that history repeats itself. There are so many stories in the Bible that parallels our lives today. Joseph's brothers who, because of their jeloualousness, captured him and threw him into a pit, or Jacob who tricked his father, making him think he was Esau.
    Over and over again, mortal man's greedy nature is being repeated today. We can even say our lives is the Bible. But now we have C/S, which, when seriously understood, can improve our lives by showing us our real immortal God like self hood.

  43. In my experience, when God provides the boots, they even match the clothes you already have (or are about to receive)!

    This may sound ridiculous to some, but in humbly following daily guidance about where to look for something needed, or even in just asking what I should be doing that day, I've been provided a shower curtain that wasn't even close to the colour I thought I wanted, but which turned out to be the perfect colours to match the room and the towels I already had. It was the only one like it in the store, and it was quite affordable! I almost didn't buy it because it didn't fit my plan, but I knew that God had led me there, so I did buy it, and when I got it home I understood the Designer's plan.

    Another time, I was impelled to go into a store that I don't like very much, where I found well-made placemats at a huge discount. When I got home, I understood the leading: they completed the table in a way I would never have guessed on my own. To me, these examples of provision stand as examples of the "minutiae" of our experience being governed. Like the man who received boots, I'm glad for the harmonious supply, but mostly I am moved by God's care of even the tiniest details.

  44. Thank you Rob for 'the last book of the Bible'. Thank you you 32, I too pray that my story is worthy of being included in the Bible. It is also relevant to add that not all scripture is spiritually inspired word of God. I feel that as long as I am listening to Divine Mind, then I can be assured that what I record will be expressions from God. I would like to note that the provisions for further healing, prayer and worship is a Journal, Herald and Sentinels all diaries for the world. Thank you Mary Baker Eddy for leaving the world with an everlasting provision for the world to write and publish the "last books of the Bible". We should all feel free to write and leave a testimony, article or poem as our legacy, our diary.

  45. Yours is a wonderful message and thank you so much Rob. The Spirit of God, His presence continues in my life indeed in a very unique way, making it a story of healing and blessing. Christian Science has brought to me the assurance that by His Love, prayers are always answered fulfilling all my needs as He directs. Thank you for your insight and blessings to you.

  46. Thank you....

  47. This is a unique way to look at the book of Revelation. Thank you Rob for shedding a new light.

  48. Thanks Ron for the reminder that we are all expressing
    the wonderful revealing truths of the Bible
    Nela f- or starting a Blessing List - love that idea
    24 Greatful Listener - the wonderful metaphor
    sooo many neat prospectives!
    of growing seedlings

  49. Thank you so very much Rob. Your thoughts have certainly lifted me aloft today. What enriching ideas to contemplate and live out. I am very grateful to you, all the other Lifters, supporting staff and Christian Science.

  50. A beautiful message, Rob, and an "alet" reminder that I can know my divine purpose TODAY and walk with God along the way. Ann Botts, Banning, CA.

  51. Thanks, Rob, for bringing out so beautifully that the Bible, and especially the book of Revelation, is every man's story. This book represents the fulfillment of the 4 Gospels and man's awakening to the presence of the kingdom of Christ on earth, in his and every heart! How wonderful is that!!?? We've all journeyed and advanced spiritually so that we don't have to accept being subject to the Adam-dream in Genesis 2. Today, every day, I am full of "reverence" and gratitude for the divine purpose at work in my/our lives, for its healing, provision and protection. Many thanks to all the Lifters, including staff and commentators.

  52. When one develops a lift you try so hard but just can't get everything into 90 seconds. that's what makes the lifters so very important. They develop the nuances and the things that you wish you could've said but didn't have time to say. the lift and the lifters are so very important for a full expression of the message. and to think that that happens with every list. Just wonderful isn't it.

  53. Thank you. We are ideas in His story.

  54. Great lift, Rob. You always has such an interest spin on the Bible, and great insight from daily experiences of God's love.

  55. Oh, of course! Eternal life and eternal love from God. You are always so logical. Thanks!

  56. An interesting & useful Lift, Rob, Thanks! I could call Revelations "the lasting" book, for it continues in lives ever since. I've said many healings my family had would not look out of place had they been in the Bible, except for some modern details, not the healings themselves. They were that profound! I regret I was too busy to keep a diary. Isn't the title, Revelations about revealing what is (then), was, and would yet unfold? The Lift opens my eyes wider to the significance as it relates to us. A poem/hymn I've quoted in full before, by Annie Johnston Flint, says it well in one verse: "We are the only Bible the careless world will read, We are the sinners gospel; we are the scoffer's creed; We are the Lord's last message, written in word and deed; What if the line is crooked? What if the type is blurred?" This awakens me to know that God, who revealed to John what was important to understand and foresee, will reveal to us according to our need and receptiveness. God's purpose, provision protection and healing is ever present with us today. Through this book, John, too, lives on very close to us, if we will pay attention. You did, Rob! #21 Christy, Thanks! #52 Rob (again), Thank you for the gracious comment. No one tries to stretch or improve a Lift. Comments, I'm certain, are "Revelations" brought by the lecturers, inspired by Mind, and what Mind helps us see & share. The world-wide family enriches my life daily.

  57. Maravilloso y sanador Lift !!! Muy agradecida Rob por este ingenioso , práctico y elevador mensaje .
    Nunca lo había pensado de esta forma , que nuestro diario personal podría considerarse como 'nuestro' último libro de la Biblia.

    Sin duda, un enfoque renovador y que brinda mucha luz a nuestra experiencia diaria . Su Presencia con c/u de nosotros , en todo momento.

    Agradezco los inspirados comentarios previos.
    Un abrazo grande y mucho Amor para todos, Ma. Cristy

  58. It is like a gift basket with the lift being the basket and the lifters adding their own special gifts resulting in the perfect present!!!!!! And the best part is that it is a present that everyone receives with love!! Thanks to everyone for giving so much!!

  59. Great idea! Tells us that our lives do matter and that the same spiritual laws as in Biblical times apply today.

  60. So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you so much Rob.

  61. Thank you for this continuing idea.

  62. Healing, provision and protection...yes. Thank you.

  63. I remember a sunday school teacher saying that when we read the Bible stories we can know we are the Davids, the Moses, the Josephs in our time. That has stayed with me and is helping me today as I plan a Memorial Service for my brother. Every thing is falling into place, the colors, the Hymns and the dear ones helping me.
    the speaker is expounding on the Book of Drummond's The Greatist Thing in the World. Which is Love. Thanks to all on the Lift. Lovingly Marilyn

  64. thank you Rob........

  65. Yo siento que las historias de la Biblia son un punto de referencia para nosotros una expresión de cómo debemos conducirnos, ellas son ejemplo de renunciamiento trabajaron para que el protagonista fuera Dios el Único protagonista de esta historia y ellos como nosotros testigos de ese protagonismo, y el testigo más valedero ha sido Cristo Jasús el que entregó todo sin pretender guardar nada para sí testificando cual es la historia verdadera que no está escrita en ningún lado porque la historia verdadera es intangible, inmarcesible, pero cierta y está en la consciencia de cada ser intocada por historias humanas intrascendentes, vanas y que no hacen a lo verdadero, el espíritu que no está escrito en papel sino en el alma, en el sentir de todos los que nos legaron su ejemplo que trasciendo tiempo y espacio, hablamos de miles de años hacia atrás y aún hoy siguen vigentes no como historias sino como ejemplo de amor a Dios. Anhelo sí, ser un punto o una coma en el libro de la vida, sin nombre sin genealogía humana.
    “Porque no tenemos aquí ciudad permanente, sino que buscamos la por venir” Hebreos
    “Y que todo lo que parezca ser bueno, y sin embargo yerre, aun cuando reconozca el camino verdadero, es en realidad malo” MBE
    Muchísimas gracias Rob por tocar un tema tan profundo e inspirado y al Daily Lift por abrir un espacio donde compartir bellos pensamientos.

  66. Thank you, Rob. So much appreciated...

  67. "Diary of one who follows Jesus' teachings"—a super concept and one I will use with the men I minister to in jail. It is akin to a concept I sometimes use, "Taking the covers off the Bible" because there were lives and stories and relationships with God before the book of Genesis, and relationships with God continue to develop since John wrote on Patmos. Thanks Rob.

  68. Thank you Rob for this so very good message.

  69. I just recently signed up to receive the Daily LIft. Now I can't wait to hear it each day. This was, like the others, so inspiring. and certainly an interesting spin on the book of Revelation. It gives me food for thought all day long. Thank you, Rob.

  70. Thank you Rob. So nice to be reminded that our lives, today, are as relevant as those of the prophets of yesterday!

  71. Excellent perspective. So true and guiding. We need to recognize in our own lives the experiences that link us to all the followers of Christ throughout all time.

  72. Thank you so much for the reminder of ongoing Divine Love that transcends time and space.

  73. This was terrific inspiration for me today -- thank you! It tells us how "connected" we are to Biblical Truth.

  74. What a gracious idea to express great peace and gratitude each day. So many blessing. It begins with the Daily Lesson and the Daily Lift, taking a moment to write down and acknowledge daily grace.

  75. Thank you Rob for this Daily Lift!!

  76. Thank you.

  77. Thank you for this wonderful message. I like to think that I may be the only "Bible" they have heard, and that my inspiration will lead them to our Bible and Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy for their further inspiration. I may not be the last, but the way is pointed out for them to also inspire others.

  78. thank you for a nice lecture!

  79. Thank you for the "fly by" prayer. I love these short, clear statements that represent "be(ing) instant in prayer." They express thought held in the "kingdom of God that is within us." Gratefully....

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