9/10: Your light is shining

9/10: Your light is shining

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  1. Thank you Mark, what an important message for children and young adults, who often feel pressured in how to fit in. How important it is for them to understand that they fit into God's plan. In fact, they are vital to it. They are cherished by their Father-Mother God. They are needed and always loved. With this understanding, they can't help but shine and see others in their true light.

  2. Thanks so much, Mark! Love's light is shining so brightly on each of us no matter what we may think. As Mrs. Eddy taught us ... Divine Love has met and always will meet every human need! Just in case mortal thought should prompt the error of exclusion of any of God's children, may we allow the Light to shine brightly in our global village today.

    Blessed to be a blessing,

    Bob Cook
    Des Moines, IA

  3. What a great message! Thanks, Mark

  4. Thank you!!!

  5. Many mornings I feel as though I'm going back to school. Each day God reveals life and love in so many different ways. I'm working to hold thought to the 'good' and the 'very good' as it says in the first chapter of Genesis in the Holy Bible. Thanks for ending today's Lift with "Have a good day". Melvyn

  6. Thanks dear Mark.Just great.

  7. Perfect timing. Thanks Mark.

  8. Many thanks - this applies to us all as we are all in life's preparatory school. Very helpful thoughts to remember.

  9. Betty was very good at playing guitar and she wanted to be in the band, but the kids looked at her as if she was an alien from another planet.

    Strange enough, she was not upset about it, she understood that her joy didn’t depend on the kids liking her, she knew that if she sees them as God sees them, she will be helping each one of them; and that was enough for her… after all they were right, she was not of this world.

    “ I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” Juan 17:14

    Betty era muy buena tocando la guitarra y quería estar en la banda, pero los chicos la miraban como si ella fuera una extraterrestre de otro planeta.

    Aunque extraño, ella no se molestó por ello, comprendió que su felicidad no dependía de que ella le guste a los chicos, sabía que si ella los ve como Dios los ve, estará ayudando a cada uno de ellos; y eso le bastaba... después de todo, estaban en lo cierto, ella no era de este mundo.

    “Yo les he dado tu palabra; y el mundo los aborreció, porque no son del mundo, como tampoco yo soy del mundo.” Juan 17:14

  10. Thank you Mark, -even if we are not in school any longer, we still have to let God's light shine through us in what ever we do. Sometimes just a smile given to a stranger will brighten their day and help them to allow their own light to shine more brightly.

  11. Many thanks Mark for this great reminder. Yes."We are [all] the expression of God [Love]. Let our [love] shine as brightly as ever." "Walk in the light, and thou shalt see/ Thy path, though thorny, bright;/ For God by grace shall dwell with thee,/ And God Himself is Light." (Christian Science Hymnal #367).

  12. Thanks Mark!

  13. Many thanks Mark. Christian Science Hymnal 172, first verse: Lift up thy light, O man, arise and shine, Steadfast while loud the storms of life assail; Immortal ray of that great Light divine. 'Gainst whose all-power no tempest shall prevail.

  14. Karla from Germany 9/10/2013

    Thank you very much Mark. Your words will help me getting away from pain and depression.

  15. Very refreshing! Thank you Mark

  16. What a wonderful starter for the day! Though I don't go this kind of school, I do realize that the daily school of life needs this light just as much!
    Thank you very much !

  17. WOW To shine with the reflected light of God is such a humbling thing! Our goodness and potential and wholeness glow as we do our daily good. Thank you for this reminder!-- Merri

  18. THANK YOU. What a great way to start our day . We all are learning something every day God is our teacher.

  19. Thank you Mark for an encouraging ,and timely reminder .

  20. A lovely lift embracing all of God's children in God's universe.

    Thank you, Mark for this timeless message. Sweetness. Bull's eye hit the mark!


    AMEN and AMEN

  21. Wonderful Lift for today!

  22. True! True! True! So many of us struggle with pleasing others, but when we work only to please God, that is when true happiness begins.

  23. Un grand MERCI, Mark ! Voilà ce que tous les professeurs de la terre devraient mettre ''dans la tête'' de tous les élèves du monde, quels qu'ils soient.... C'est le plus grand service, le plus grand Bien qu'ils peuvent leur faire. A méditer dans toutes les écoles.... Un MERCI particulier à Elena Shideler N° 9, pour cette idée et cette citation PARFAITES pour aider et consoler ceux qui sont rejetés, et les éveiller au véritable pardon et au véritable Amour du prochain qui n'est pas que notre ami mais aussi notre ennemi. "JE SUIS LA LUMIERE DU MONDE" et "VOUS ÊTES LA LUMIERE DU MONDE". Quoi de plus merveilleux ? Encore MERCI pour vos excellentes pensées, Mark et Elena ! Avec tout l'Amour d'une ancienne professeure des écoles ! Je vous embrasse tous depuis la France... -- Michèle --

  24. Listening to this morning's Lift, I was thinking how helpful it would be to your target audience (young people in school)---then it hit me. This applies to me too!

  25. Great message! Love ya Mark :-)

  26. La Biblia nos dice que somos peregrinos y extranjeros en la tierra, también Mary Bake Eddy hace mención de lo mismo en sus escritos. Con más razón para dejar que nuestra luz brille, a traves de las nieblas del error, sin trabas, demostrando nuestro real origen, que sin ninguna duda solamente, Es espiritual y debemos gozarnos de que somos extranjeros en éste mundo material.

    Entiendo que es fundamental comprender que sí, somos extranjeros, peregrinos que deben esforzarce, pero no para adaptarse a lo humano y material, sino siendo cada día más extranjeros en una elevación, cierta y segura donde no haya confusión ni duda, que se logra justamente saliendo del mundo y sus trampas, para mi el mundo está estructurado por el error para confundir, por lo tanto, cuanto antes "salgamos" mejor. Y a los niños, jóvenes y no tan jóvenes que quieren elevarse por sobre lo humano deberíamos ayudarlos a que encuentres las armas para hacerlo, Las armas espirituales que no hieren ni lastiman y sí sanan. Entiendo que la mejor ayuda que podemos brindarle, es con nuestro propio ejemplo, a la manera de Cristo valorando lo espiritual por sobre lo material.

    Muchas gracias Mark, sigamos firmes en esta elevación que nos dan diariamente, para escapar del mundo material.

  27. Excellent ,,, thank you ! :-)

  28. Thank you! A beautiful message for those of us who are wayyyyy past school age.

  29. Thanks Mark,

    Elena, very touching and I am glad you shared. It is important that we understand the determination that others have when faced with "not fitting in"

    "Not fitting in" is something we face even as adults. Isn't there that sense that Christian Science does not "fit in" with other modes of religious thought? As our Master said, we have to "come out from amount them", not that it is a situation of us vs. them and that "us" are good and "them" are not.

    I understand that passage to mean that we need to reflect our unique individuality both at a collective and at an individual level. School is the starting point for many lessons but certainly not the end of those lessons.

    When we admit that God is our divine Source for EVERYTHING, do we fit in to conventional thought? No, though I am very happy to see that many are beginning to see Church as a place of healing so we must press on.

    What if you are alone, under financial pressure, waiting for a healing that seems not to be near do we not sometimes feel that we are not fitting in? Taking human footsteps is one thing but feeling governed by the human footsteps is another. We all have to bathe, eat, shop and maintain relationships with people.
    What if we didn't have money to afford a "proper" meal, or our water was turned off because of lack of funds or are alone with no one around; are we at risk? NO.

    Not fitting in means we can be alone, safely with God - our divine Source.

    Thx Mark!

  30. Excellent, Mark! And really love that music, makes me want to dance at 6:30 in the morning!!!

  31. Thank you Mark and special thanks to today´s commenters. Just because someone doesn´t see your value, it doesn´t mean you don´t have it. You are valuable! Wow. We just let our light shine and bless those around us.
    We do the best that we can. This DL is useful not only for young people going to school. It has been very helpful for me too. Blessings to all the big spiritual family!

  32. Thanks Uncle Mark! U rock!!!!

  33. EXCELENT!!!!

  34. May there be many "candles" lighting the whole world. Yes, to be.

  35. Thank you!

  36. It would have been great to have had you around when I had to go to school, Mark. Not my most favourite memories. I only realized not too long ago, I didn't really hate school, I was just so afraid. After I had left school and life was less traumatic I discovered I was quite a good student after all. When I started to read Science and Health after I was married, I discovered a lot of things about God, and I seemed to bask in His glory. And life improved in so many ways.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the lecturers; and the Daily Lift family. Love heaped on all.

  37. Thanks, Mark, for inspiring us to let our light shine no matter where we are. Being the only Christian Scientist in my school or other organizations I often didn't feel as though I fit it. Many years ago I joined a Sweet Adeline's chorus and noticed in the parking lot a car with a bumper sticker for the Christian Science Monitor and wondered who it belonged to. I had no idea and was unable to see when that person left. Then one night late in May during the break in our rehearsal a gal mentioned she wouldn't be there the next week as she was attending a meeting in Boston. As soon as I had to opportunity to speak to her alone I asked if she was by any chance attending the Annual Meeting in Boston, and she said yes. After that whenever our chorus traveled we were roommates and became good friends. She had a beautiful voice and sang in one of the quartets. Being her friend enabled me to be included in many activities and let my light shine.

  38. A perfect message for students going back to school. Especially those going into Jr. High or 6 th grade.
    Actually it is good for anyone anytime. All we ever have to do is to know that we are the light of God expressing. Thank you.

  39. Thank you.

  40. Thanks, Mark. Needed that message 40 years ago! (But it was still there.) How necessary for all students to go out the door today with your words in mind.

    29 Troy -- for your nice message, thanks.

  41. Thank you!

  42. Beautiful Mark. Thank you so much for your inspiring message. Hugs

  43. Awesome! Thank you...made me think of all the ways people refer to light routinely each day, Oh, did you know your lights are on? or, did you turn off the lights? or, the lights are out, but this says it all, YOUR LIGHT IS SHINING/...so wherever I go today art class, swimming laps, doing the dishes, caring for my family it's an opportunity to be sure my light is shining. So much thanks, Mark.

  44. This message is an absolute blessing today as I think about all the venues we find ourselves in... school, family, community, workplace, church, sports team, political party, club, friends....

    I continue to learn that "Come out from the world and be ye separate" means never yielding spiritual ground to matter norms, mores and opinions, but rather practicing more humbly and faithfully the important commandments and teachings Christ Jesus gave us to demonstrate the unity of God and man (me and fellow man), the unity of good "in the world."

    Going to a particular school, working in a particular industry, joining a peer group, religious denomination or political party; belonging to particular culture or socio-econmoic class; having a particular psychology, human history, childhood conditioning, are just a few examples of how the world defines itself humanly, and would try to set us up as separate, unequal, at odds, unfit, etc.

    I love that we are "all one in Christ," all equally valuable in the eyes of Love, in the unity of good, and that divine Science teaches us how to practice our divine brotherhood and sisterhood in all the venues we are in.

  45. Yes! Your unique beautiful light that is an expression of divine Love. That might be exactly what someone else needs, even though you may never know it! We are all blessings.

  46. Wonderful Lift, beautifully expressed. So great for us all to be reminded that God always loves and accepts each one of us. Many thanks for this wonderful Lift.

  47. I may not be going back to school in the academic sense of the word these days, but I am attending the school of Mind-Spirit, five days a week and then some.

    And as in days gone by, attending school, the workload remains an invigorating challenge. Mary Baker Eddy is my teacher this year, by the way, as she is every year and God is the Principal down the hall. Christ is the perfect guidance counselor I continue to turn to and a beloved Christian Science practitioner is my best friend who is always helping me out when the workload becomes a bit overwhelming.

    I bring a bag lunch to school every day, which consists of a nutritious meal of praiseworthy articles from the various Christian Science publications. And last but not least, there is always a crunchy and meaningful Daily Lift to wolf down before returning once again to class.

    There used to be a bully waiting for me in the schoolyard after class, but I am learning to love my enemies as well as my friends and this fellow in particular. Now, in fact, we are the best of friends.

    Thanks to Mark for the uplifting and inspiring Daily Lift. Wise words, to be sure and helpful ones, as well.

  48. Thanks, Mark!
    In school or not, it fits!

  49. Thank you Mark, great way to start out the day rejoicing!

  50. Yes, my light IS shining, and I did not even have to turn it on! And I can see that same glorious wonder of God's dear Love in everyone else, too, because it IS there.

  51. Mark, thank you for you wonderful Lift. Just be yourself who you truly are, do good things onto others, repent and his light shines brightly.

  52. You can not help being part of the group, or any group, for that matter since all of us have 1 father, mother God. Each individual has a unique characteristic expressing the God like qualities that is inherent in all of us. So be of good cheer and let your light shine so bright that error (darkness) has no place to exist in thought or any place else.

  53. THANKS.

  54. Thank you so much for this life-lesson for All of us. Many years ago as a young new employee for a large company, I was not accepted into a particular group on our floor. They took breaks together, hung out together before and after work. They were always laughing and seemed to be having such fun. But, I was never invited into the circle. And, if I came within close proximity, they suddenly turned quiet. Now, I knew better, but I did not pray about this. I forced the issue...walked right into the circle. Then I learned immediately why I had not been included and why I knew I didn't want to be accepted. All the laughter was over "dirty" cartoon pictures and jokes. Everyone was embarrassed. God always has our backs...is always there guiding & protecting us. A practitioner once told me, "pray, pray, pray, listen and obey"! Sometimes I forget the listen and obey part. Doesn't do much good to pray if we don't do the follow up part! I echo previous lifters. Stay in the company of Godlike qualities. Be the self that God has made you to be. And, let your light shine. Thank you Mark, Nate and the whole team for sharing.

  55. Thank you, Mark!
    I love the thoughts that we are all valuable to God and therefore to His whole universe!
    When traveling around in that universe of God's love, each one of us finds our special niche or place that needs what we alone can give. Never accept that all of us are very necessary to fill the circle Love has prepared.

  56. I I am grateful we are praying for our back-to-schoolers. So good to hold everyone on the school adventure close in thought with the wonderful ideas in this Lift- thanks #40 Nela for listing so many fine phrases from the Lift making it easy to pray with! As many mentioned, the ideas in this Lift are applicable to life outside of school, too. These healing ideas are good for anytime we may think we don't fit in or when we feel in the minority from others regarding a point of view. The Christ light shines making it clear we are safe and loved and clarifies the good in ourselves and others. I loved #18 Mary H comment: "We all are learning something every day God is our teacher." So happy to learn and shine with you all!

  57. Thank you, Mark, for “Your light is shining … meeting new friends … one of the best things … different people, different groups … you’re valuable … you’re the expression of God … God doesn’t separate people into groups … let God’s love show in all the ways that you think and act … be the self that God has made you to be … let your light shine as brightly as ever.”

    Not only does this sound good, it’s true! These kinds of ideas guided and protected my own “new-school” and “back-to-school” experiences:

    My being “alone” sometimes is not the worst thing. The best thing is staying in the company of Godlike qualities - sometimes familiar, sometimes newly discovered.

    I’m never really “out there” by myself. No one is. I’m always with my Godlike qualities and everyone else is, too. Let those qualities “do the talking” and make friends.

    If I don’t like how things are going, I can be the change. “If you want a friend, be a friend.”

    Because God doesn’t separate people into groups, I won’t either.

    I have the power to forgive with the strength of Love-itself! (which is like armor).

    The more I’m God-centered, instead of personality-centered, the better. School, like life, isn’t a popularity contest. Sometimes the only reward for doing what’s right is doing what’s right.

    Love God first and let God guide me, as I love others, who are also God’s children - just like me … except that we’re each individual, unique, and incomparable!

  58. Just a heartfelt thank you, Mark. "From glory unto glory" - a lovely hymn to wake up to and so expressive of the light we shine.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from hymn 65 in the Christian Science Hymnal by Frances R. Havergal.

  59. Yes! Be yourself. Everyone else is taken!

  60. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  61. Thank you Mark for your kind, helpful reminder for our children!
    In Matthew 5: 16 as in so many places in the Bible, we are reminded to " let our light shine" which is the God-Principle shining.

    And I am always reminded of an anonymous African-American gospel song when we speak of "light":
    "This little light of mine
    I'm going to let it shine
    Oh, this little light of mine
    I'm going to let it shine
    This little light of mine
    I'm going to let it shine
    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

    "Ev'ry where I go
    I'm going to let it shine
    Oh, ev'ry where I go
    I'm going to let it shine
    Ev'ry where I go
    I'm going to let it shine
    Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine."
    This song has many verses and I will not quote them all here. But the song was used during slave times by adults who had read the Bible to help children feel the protecting presence of God.

    There are so many references to "children of light" in the Bible and "Science and Health", and they are all so helpful for us to better understand ourselves as God's children.
    We, and our children too, cannot help but reflect God's omnipresent light. And it is that light that places us and our children off to school, in God's omnipotent care.
    Thank you Mark and lifters all, and the Daily Lift Team too.

  62. Thank you for all your inspiring responses! I love how, first and foremost, our identities are as a result of our being God's self-expression. No one has the right or authority to judge what God is expressing!

  63. "Clad in the panoply of love human hatred cannot reach you." Your message is very important for the children, or anyone who have faced bullying. How good to know we are always clad in God's love, protecting and guiding every moment and we are valuable to God and needed to express Him.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  64. We also have to be alert on the flip side... maybe seeing others that "don't fit in" when we think that We DO!!! Even more important maybe than trying to see ourselves as fitting in, is making sure that we embrace others, make them comfortable, see them as Love's ideas, tenderly accepting them with all of their perceived warts"!! Thanks Mark.

  65. Thanks, Mark. I like knowing that God's love is unconditional.

  66. A Light and Loving Lift, Mark! You are always On Target, for me.

    Helpful, too, are all the comments. Thanks, all. Joel from Toronto, #48: Great Analogy!!

    Happy (and Light) Day, Everyone.


  67. Thank you Mark! It was just what I needed to hear today.

  68. Thank you Mark for this encouragement to just be yourself. It reduces the pressure to make an impression, or to have to persuade others how great you are!
    I liked Linda"s experience (comment 55) which reminds me to think of the qualities of character we appreciate. Then we will be drawn to those who express those good qualities, and vice versa.

  69. Thank you for the beauty of perfect Love.

  70. Thank you for the clear and straightforward truths expressed! Another helpful thought I heard once was the idea to include yourself in the group. We are already ideas in divine Mind, so we are included, in reality! We aren't a 'part' of divine Mind, we're included! Every real thought comes from God and ideas build upon one another and don't really compete although it could appear so. Never fear, only include your expression of good and let the construction of the structure of Truth and Love ever grow.

  71. Thank you for the lift of Love.

  72. Just to consider and understand ourselves as God's self-expression is huge, and wonderful. We have everything we need from God always! To see this is the same for others can be hard at times. Maybe we should change this thought around and know that this is what we do best. Then we understand what self-expression is better. Jesus is our example.

  73. And from Mobile, Alabama, What a beautiful reminder to always keep one's LIGHT of LOVE shinning forth. That is giving out Love and brings forth protection. I could relate to #54, Linda. looking forward to your Lectures in New Orleans Area

  74. How good to know that even when you are cast aside because you are not appreciated by a certain kind , it could be those you expect to understand, but it may be that they have not been blessed themselves as yet and cannot see within consciousness what you have already become aware of. Simply thank God for the blessing, and keep on shining. Many did not understand Jesus's actions, but he just went on loving his parent Mind no matter what they did to him physically and so they who judged him had to go through other experience's to soften them for the gift. God is working His purpose out.

  75. Thank you for this esteemed, beneficial and important daily lift!

  76. Mark, how I vivid

  77. Been there and done that on the side where 'they drew a circle and shut me out, heretic, rebel, a thing to flout; However it took me a few Christian Science lessons and living to practice the flip side of this beautifl poem; 'but love and I had the wit to win, we finally drew a circle and took them in. There is a lot to learn when you are learning to love. I am so grateful to finally make the demonstration.


  79. Thank you so much for this beautiful "Lift". There are so many wonderful comments made also.

  80. thank you mark

  81. "O man, greatly beloved, peace be unto you. Be strong, yea, be strong." (Daniel)

    For many years I regretted going along with the crowd, which is just the false belief that "everyone does it." Now I better understand that keeping in tune with God and His guidance leads to joy and success. As this school year begins, I am praying that each child stays close to God for inspiration and daily direction..

    Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  82. Thank you Mark for this great and important. "Let us put on the full armour of light." Romans 13:12

  83. I didn't grow up in Christian Science. If I had, I would have found great comfort (as I do now) in Mrs. Eddy's words as mentioned by Beverly (#63). I was almost always the last one chosen by whatever game team captain was involved. But my "light" shined in other ways and there was no stigma that lingered by not being the most athletic person. Thanks Mark for this great reminder. And thanks to the Daily Lift team for this week focussed on going back to school.

  84. Thank you so much for this lift. I just retired from a long teaching career and I found this a helpful reminder that I shouldn't feel a separation from my "group" of teaching professional friends or feel devalued just because I retired. God always values me and guides me along to other connections and worthwhile activity.

  85. Yes- Thank you, Mark! In school,I tried a lot of strange art experiments that the kids of my day thought weird. Today, I see them in fashion magazines! Mind, you didn't make me crazy! I'm glad Mind loves us all regardless!

  86. Thank you a lot Mark for this great message. Spiritual value is real, no else.

  87. Not too long ago, I received an invitation that came in a silver envelope with my name printed on the invitation inside. I hadn't been receiving very many invitations, so it felt special. Then I realized that I'm ALWAYS "inside the silver envelope" of God's constant inclusion of everyone. You're invited, too!!

  88. How freeing to be oneself! It gives to all we meet such joy, and a quiet, strong presence. Thank you Mark for reminding us of this precious gift!

  89. What a sweet embrace for our youngsters as they return to school. And of course for all of us as life long learners.

  90. Just standing in a grocery line the other day and thanking God for his provisions I was buying, the woman behind me looked so sad. She looked at me as I had turned around to get things out of my basket and I asked her if she would like a hug. She nearly squeezed me in two. She had recently lost someone dear to her and she said this hug meant everything in the world to her. We talked a little about God loving us and the departed one and that God's love heals. So as our lights of prayer take place, those needing that comfort will reach out. El Paso Patt

  91. Thank you -- a timely message for many!

  92. Great to know where our worth comes from. Thanks Mark see you in November!

  93. Such and inclusive and helpful message. Thank you.

  94. Precious message speaking to every listening heart.

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