9/10: Am I Nehemiah?

9/10: Am I Nehemiah?

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  1. How very inspiring, thank you very much - merci beaucoup!

  2. Thank you - I love this illustration, and could hear the love in your voice.

  3. Thank you.

  4. What a beautiful concept to apply to our daily lives,and a healing corrective, especially in a week where the memories of walls being torn down is in thought

  5. love it thank you scotland

  6. Thank you Marie (and reader and DL team). I've long loved Nehemiah and your lift today reminds us that our work is not about patching up what would appear to be one's own personal walls but expressing and living God's purpose for us in all we do and encounter.

  7. Thank you, what a great way to start our day and week.

  8. Thank You

  9. Thank you for this wonderful start to the day!

  10. thank you marie

  11. Many thanks Marie for this rousing lift. Yes. "To live so the glory of God [Love] will touch and warm everyone's heart..." "Mountains and seas, great rising trees,/ echo the joyous song:/ Heaven is here, harmony’s bliss/ to everyone belongs." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  12. This is wonderful! I often want to share what I have learned in C.S. and know in my heart of God, but can never seem to find the right words to share with my friends of this great love, power and presence. The ideas and words you've given here are perfect. I can share these easily! How perfect! I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts every single morning!

  13. Thank you for the Daily Lift, Marie, and thank you for your beautiful reading, Pam. I love the story of Nehemiah: his life was calm and without any need to compete or do more than he was required. But God had His own ideas, and He needed someone with a very receptive heart to fulfil His vision for Jerusalem to represent more closely the Kingdom of Heaven. Nehemiah needed to dedicate himself totally to the task in hand with daily, hourly study and prayer, so he was able to protect himself from distractions and temptations. Walls are only a false belief of matter or mortal mind, and cannot resist the Christ, Truth.
    Thank you Nate, Pam and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters also hard at work rebuilding a better world.

  14. Thanks You; excellent perspective to our purpose in life and affirm our heirloom.

  15. Thank's Marie, for the advice to get out of our comfort zone and to help others.

  16. Really helpful and what a great perspective from which to understand the story of Nehemiah in a deeper way. It reminds me of the good work being done in the London "Olympic Reading Room" every day --- hearts touched and "built up" by sharing God's love and His power. And just like Nehemiah, the building is preceded by very humble prayer. Thank you so much :-).

  17. How very healing and inspiring...thank you Marie!

  18. Such a wonderful lift... thank you!

  19. So true and helpful. It's not just about praying for self, but I've found that challenges I face are world challenges that need prayer. When I gain a sense of peace when praying for others, my own challenges disappear as they should. They have no power over me, mine, or all. I love the last verse of the Lord's prayer which says, "For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever." I prayed this at 5:30 this morning when waking. Nothing else can influence us when we remain in God's kingdom of Love. Wonderful article by Margaret Rogers in The Christian Science Sentinel June 4, 2012, "A prayer that covers all needs," elaborates on the spiritual interpretation of The Lord's Prayer. I found it very helpful.
    Thanks for your lift today.

  20. That was very instructive and motivating! Thank you!!!

  21. Esto me sugiere una pregunta, ¿Estamos nosotros orando a Dios para reedificar el templo? como hizo Nehemias, Cristo, y nos ensaña la Ciencia Cristiana o sólo lo hacemos estamos corriendo en pos de otros logros que nada edifican, es bueno plantearse esa pregunta, para seguir fielmente a Nehemias en su oración que pidió le fuera concedido revenrenciar Su nombre, y para ello ofeció y brego para dar todo su esfuerzo a Dios en procura de reconstruir lo que se había derrumbado, bello ejemplo de renunciamiento a todo lo perecedero abandonando todo por servir a Dios usando sí la gracia que había encontrado en el rey para ponerla al servicio de Dios. Naturalmente que encontró tropiezos en el camino de quienes no querían que la obra se hiciera, ¿Ven alguna similitud con lo que acontece con quien quiere servir a Dios y reniega de lo material? acá no podemos decir que es casualidad sino que es la consecuencia directa de servir a Dios y de la lucha que representa servirlo, en contra de las creencias materiales dominantes en el mundo.
    El tentador vigila esperando solamente la oportunidad para dividir las filas de la Ciencia Cristiana y dispersar las ovejas" MBE
    "Haced morir lo terrenal en vosotros" Colosenses,
    Para edificar para Dios y sobre todo edificar en Amor. "Y el mañana coronará el esfuerzo de hoy con una diadema de gemas de la Nueva Jerusalén.

    Buen comienzo Marie, comenzando la semana edificando para Dios.

  22. Oh Thank you, Pam and Marie! What a Beautiful thought - to help others fortify their faith in God! Lately, I have been asking God to help me tear down the walls of Fear and Resentment and Sadness and Anger that have grown up around my Heart. I have found that, often, before I can "rebuild", I must first tear down the walls that I put up so long ago to protect me from being hurt again. And, as these walls come down, I am cleaning my window to God's Light and Love which have been there all along!

  23. What a wonderful thought, re-building walls in othees, as well as our own...! Thanks for the reminder to be helpful to others as well as guarding and protecting our selves from the mental assassins of matter and malpractice. Thanks Marie, for the loving thoughts in your lift

  24. Loved that!! I have always found it to be hilarious that his enemies tried to get Nehemiah to come down to the "plain of Ono" to negotiate!! (Neh 6:2). I often think of that simple term when something is trying to draw me away from a spiritual view. I think to myself... OH NO, not going to happen!! Not going down to the "Plain of OH NO" to negotiate with a mortal, material view of the problem. Thanks for that wonderful Lift.

  25. Thanks for beautiful lift & reminder to come out of comfort zone & helping fellow-beings to rebuild walls. Thanks again.

  26. I love your Nehemiah connection! Thank you so much.

    You may have noticed during the Olympics that the show jumping riders generally never look back at a fallen jump or “wall”. They may be aware of it (by sound or feeling), but know that looking back serves no purpose and can even be a distraction going forward.

    Jesus dealt with the “wall-down” so much better. “Jesus taught us to walk over, not into or with, the currents of matter, or mortal mind..….. He demanded a change of consciousness and evidence, and effected this change through the higher laws of God.” Unity 11:3

    I love this “how to” instruction. Particularly that a change of consciousness and evidence comes through the higher laws of God. We may be think we hear the wall fall, but this must be rectified by law.

  27. Jerusalem was in shambles and the children of Israel taken away in all directions into bondage due to abandoning Moses' commandments. Nehemiah remembered that they could return to God's commandments and he wanted to help the children of Israel with this "rebuilding" of their thinking and acting. What I like about the story, (Nehemiah, chapters 1-7) is how each inhabitant of the city only had to rebuild his or her section of the wall where he or she lived, not the whole wall. The spiritual significance of this to me is that we are only responsible for our own thinking, and God takes care of the rest, the big picture, so to speak. Nehemiah, who was also away in service to the king of Persia, at this time, was great because first he prayed, then he acted courageously and did not give in to the impossible odds against his visiting Jerusalem and accomplishing the task at hand, in 52 days. His faithfulness in obeying God's commandments enabled him to do it.
    Thank you for translation, and the instrumentation, today.

  28. thank you so much! Just the other day I was sitting with a woman who said she felt everything was crumbling, and I spoke to her of Nehemiah. I will certainly take this lift to heart, as I do my part to rebuild the walls today for myself and those I serve at an assisted living residence.

  29. Thank you, Marie, for “Am I Nehemiah? … (are) there walls … that (need) rebuilding? … to convey God’s care … by my words and attitude … the real purpose of my life … I find courage to leave my comfort zone … rising up and building a better world.” For better or for worse, a “comfort zone” is simply a place in thought, word, or deed that’s familiar. Progress is God’s law. To fulfill my “real purpose” in life of conveying “God’s care” begins with obedience to unceasing prayer. It’s my acceptance and application of the guidance and subsequent protection of God/Divine Love. In this way, I, as you put it, “rebuild my own walls” before, during, and after I help build/rebuild "other" walls. And isn’t it all just one wall, really? I understand that a wall around a city was a protection for that city, against its enemies. A shield. An armor. A panoply. In Science and Health (571), under the marginal heading “The armor of divinity,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil. Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you. The cement of a higher humanity will unite all interests in the one divinity.” Coming out of any “us and them” comfort zone, no matter how long we’ve been there or how deeply entrenched we’ve been, is so many steps towards the realization that we are all one creation, in the image and likeness and embraced by Divine Love.

  30. Thanks, Marie, Pam, Nate, Lovely Musicians, Announcers, and Lifters All, for marvelous comments.

    I've connected strongly with this story in the last few years, as I've started to see how much of what we face is just distraction. Or, more accurately, just temptation to be distracted from the work of building/obeying our One God. I've noticed that Nehemiah didn't ignore those guys who felt threatened by his activity; he communicated with them in a timely manner, quite honestly and respectfully. But he didn't stop working as he did so. As #24 Pat points out above, he just kept saying "oh no," but he didn't go to Ono. Thanks, Pat, for explaining that going down to Ono is like agreeing with the the material view.

    We all can face the world's needs today, a weapon (not the carnal kind) in one hand, a tool in the other. I'm praying in support of the ability of all people to go forward with vision. Love to all!

  31. Thank you Marie, for this wonderful example of how important it is to keep the walls of our consciousness in good repair, so that we don't let in anything that isn't of God, that doesn't belong, that would bring discouragement, disease, or sin. The truths we know, love and share help us keep this wall which protects our thinking from any disrepair. That is why Nehemiah was impelled by God to go back and help, or raise thought, and repair those breaches in Jerusalem's walls so that the remnant could move forward. Thanks to all who work on these marvelous lifts.

  32. In Mathew 7: Verses 4-7 Jesus, in his Sermin on the Mount that one has to remove the Mote (wrong concept of man) before he can remove his brother's. This is the wall of materiality that has to be removed and to be replaced with the true concept man which is spiritual and perfect

  33. I appreciate this Nehemiah Lift - having it motivate us to leave our comfort zone to help others and being aware of what's crumbling in our consciousness. Also loved and will use the phrase of refusing to go "down to the "Plain of OH NO" to negotiate with a mortal, material view of the problem." from #24 Pat from N GA! Should be helpful in catching my reactions early. Thanks everyone!

  34. Thank you Marie!
    That story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall has always inspired me.
    And what a wonderful relationship he had with his "employer", the king -- so that there was no problem to let him go to rebuild the wall -- for his religion, and his people, and to the glory of God!
    Nehemiah is a good role model!
    He let nothing distract or stop the work!
    He refused to be afraid, or to come DOWN to the level of mortal errror! OH NO!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  35. What a life purpose " to bless all mankind"..Mary Baker Eddy.We had a CS youth conference recently in our community and it's inspiring and timely theme was to "Think for youself; Live for the World".Just prior to this meeting the thought had come to my thought in prayer to find a new purpose for my life " To live for God" as my life purpose. ..to share with and uplift with the qiuet expression of Godly qualities such as honesty, integrity, wisdom, appropriate knowledge etc., in my business dealings..Thank you for this extra "lift".

  36. Thank you for the lovely and inspiring message Marie. Thank you also to the Nate and the daily lift team.

  37. Thank you.

  38. Thank you, Marie! I'd never thought about Nehemiah's mental "ok" to God..."I'll go do this." For too long, I was stuck in the "That's the Nehemiah story," mode without seeing that he was leaving a comfortable situation to go and take on this God-directed work of rebuilding. As my experience becomes clearer and more unselfed, you awakened me to his sacrifice of self and his humble, obedient desire to do this work. Your few powerful words illuminate this unselfish God-directed motive inherent in each of us. I like the way you bring out how it blesses you to do this, as well as those you help. We all acknowledge this in theory, but you bring it out so clearly and with such simplicity and joy.

    Nancy from Yellow Springs, how much I enjoy your charming and helpful stories of your horsey-love that you share. You make many spiritually profound statements , combined with love and good humor from your specific viewpoint in your work and experience with these beautiful creatures and riders. I especially like what you say today about the wonderful quote from Unity of God, and your reiteration ..."a change of consciousness and evidence comes through the higher laws of God. We maybe think we hear the wall fall, but this must be rectified by law." I am on it! Thanks.

  39. Absolutely lovely! I've always loved the story of Nehemiah in the Bible, and this is such a great and different perspective to it!! Love it, Love it, Love it!
    Thank you Marie and the DL team!

  40. A good reminder to "get out of our comfort zone" and do what God would have us do...help others. Thank you Pam and Marie.

  41. Thank you MARIE for you loving kindness and your spiritual lift we need this light in our lives,

  42. Too often, when someone has told me about something that was upsetting them, I have been shy about asking if they would like me to pray about it. I like thinking about leaving the comfort zone to help repair the walls.

  43. A great lesson and ecouragement ! Thank you Marie

  44. Thank you for the inspiration to share Nehemiah's strength, stance, victory, and service to others.
    Whatever we face, we know it is universal and never personal. Our prayers and perseverance benefit all, as theirs benefit us. Just so these great lifts are blessing everyone everywhere right now.

  45. thankou so much MARIE

  46. I used Nehemiah's words on my answering machine: ' "I am doing a great work and cannot come down" --- at the tone please leave a message'. (see Neh 6:3). During that time, I was asked to come to the Coast Guard base at Governor's Island, NY, and serve as chaplain for several weeks. I accepted the request. While on the island the clerk who made calls to meet their need told me that when he heard that message he knew I was the one for the job.

  47. thank you

  48. Thank you Marie for this thought-provoking Lift. Got so much out of it! I'll add my thanks to #26 Nancy from Yellow Springs about the show jumping illustration - don't look back at the wall that fell! I was grateful to be reminded of the passage from Unity of Good about walking over, not into or with, matter/mortal mind! So helpful!

  49. I love the thought of building a better world and knowing the elements of thought that contribute to that end. Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  50. Pam #24, still laughing out loud, your comment is so wonderful!
    "OH, NO" that's not going to happen to me either (grace through faith). "Not going down to the "Plain of OH, NO" to negotiate with a mortal, material view of the problem, either.
    Just when i thought I couldn't love these Lifts more, I am proven wrong. Glorious day, everyone!

  51. Thank you, for the reminder of why we are here. Love for our fellow man, as Mrs Eddy said, is the most iimportant.

  52. Merci beaucoup,Marie.The thought of leaving our "comfort zone"was a lift that helped me very much.Forgetting"self" and aiding others is a perfect goal.(Pau is beautiful)

  53. Rebuild
    ~ with rubies, sapphires, pearls (signifying both beauty and strength, from the Bible)
    ~ with "the structure of Truth and Love..." (definition of church, Science and Health, by MBE, p 583)

  54. Good one Marie. Every day for many years I have been rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The spiritual definition of Jerusalem is: "Home, heaven." but like Nehemiah we sometimes get the message that bad things are happening in our home. There are no watchmen, the walls and gates are destroyed, and bad things have gotten in: "Mortal belief and knowledge obtained from the five corporeal senses; the pride of power and the power of pride; sensuality; envy; oppression; tyranny." (S&H pg. 589) Nehemiah had a long and dangerous journey to even start the work. He needed letters and modes of transportation from the King just to get there. He had to keep his mission secret by surveying the city in the dark of night. He had to find children of Israel and make sure they had honest hearts and faith in God's care to help with the work in a timely manner.
    This lift is a good reminder that once we have the wall built and gates in place, we need to keep watch on the wall, not fall asleep at the gates, and survey our home at night to make sure nothing unwanted has crept in. Like Nehemiah we can leave our Jerusalem, our home, secured and filled with "Heaven. Harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul." (S&H pg. 587.)

  55. HOME: Harmony Of Mind Expressed

  56. Thanks for the Monday Morning Lift! It was just great!

  57. Obrigado pelo ensinamento, Marie.
    Você me ensinou a ver Neemia com os "outros olhos".
    Sim, agora percebo que em nossa vida temos muita coisa em comum com Neemia. Vejo que posso progredir conhecendo melhor o sentido espiritual dessa história bíblica.
    Thank your for your The Daily Lift.

  58. Nehemiah’s wall was for protection, not of separation like the the walls of Jericho.
    Even in modern times, when we don’t build fortresses, we still need the walls of protection. The best place for this wall is in our own thought, blocking the entrance to thoughts that suggest that God doesn’t care about our situation, and never letting in hate nor self pitty.
    La pared de Nehemias era para protección, no de separación como las paredes de Jericho.
    Aún en tiempos modernos, cuando ya no construimos fortalezas, todavía necesitamos paredes de protección. El mejor lugar para esta pared es en nuestro propio pensamiento, bloqueandole la entrada a los pensamientos que sugieren que a Dios no le importa nuestra situación, y nunca dejar entrar el odio ni la lástima por uno mismo.

  59. Thanks for this joyous message. The story of Nehemiah was our son's favorite when growing up. He listened to the record and book from our Publishing Society over and over. He became a healer at an early age blessing many, especially taking an interest in classmates that seemed unpopular. I'm so glad that this book is still sold in our Reading Rooms.

  60. Thank you for this lift and for the perceptive comments that open it out - understandings that lift up countering suggestions that we give up, or come down from the daily work of reinforcing the applied consciousness of our unassailable Oneness with God.

    I woke with Bible thoughts re bearing witness -- the commandment " Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour", opening into "Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, ,,, that I am He... ". Nehemiah did not let himself be distracted by false "witnesses" who questioned his motives or abilities in rebuilding the wall that sheltered Jerusalem, because he was continuously listening to and obeying God. His work carried out, and bore witness to, God's direction and protection. His mission was accomplished, because it was God's doing, God's being, expressed in ways that could be humanly understood -- Nehemiah's obedience, vision, leadership, focus, and diligence.

    Mary Baker Eddy notes, in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 191:21, "The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes that achievement possible". Thanks for this Nehemiah- reminder of how good things get done, by tending (and bearing witness to) what is true about ourselves and others.

  61. Merci beaucoup, Marie, It's a special way to look at helping others. It brings confidence of blessings God gave for Nehemiah's work. It also highlights urgent needs. Thank you Pam, for reading this to us. Half-way through listening, I realized there may be more wall work than just building. Some seem imprisoned by walls holding them to error's claims. These need torn down to build beautiful walls of protection for them. We must show walls of incurability, lack in many disguises, age, belief in or victim of racism, injustice, inefficient or violent governments, failure, etc., are not solid walls, but can be walked through with understanding. As we remove error, we replace with protective building blocks of Truth, Love. (S&H 415:-26) Wall building may not be finished in a day, but we can resist error's thwarts. This Lift starts projects. For some, we may be passing without more meetings, but can metaphysically build on, even absent. Also, walls are raised and strengthened, stone or brick at a time, so we can add stones, or lay foundations for later work. We never know, but sometimes the stone we place is simply needed because others have built, but one bit crumbled, so we may complete what is needed to restore someone's faith and hope. Bottom line is, we just build! We can carry along big supplies of stones, for ours weigh not even an ounce. #24 Pat, Thanks! #26 Nancy, we told our runners not to look back. #27 Robert, Thanks for only my section. #46 Bob, That's neat!

  62. Thank you.

  63. Merci milles fois, Marie. We were "lifted" with your post this afternoon.

    Michel et Nancy Mastagni

  64. I love your message, Marie. Merci, merci!

  65. Jesus too was mocked for his missionary work saving mankind from themselves. Mrs. Eddy says, "This was the very thing he was doing, coming down from the cross, saving himself after the manner that he had taught, by the law of Spirit's supremacy; and this was done through what is humanly called agony." (Unity of Good, page 58.) In his lecture, Christian Science: life Unafraid, John Tutt says, Life unafraid is joyous to walk alone if need be, in a path apart from the mass. Life unafraid is the life unashamed by the finger of scorn, the tongue of ridicule. Life unafraid is more than physical bravery, even more than moral courage. It is this and it is spiritual consciousness of God-given dominion--consciousness of--to quote Mrs. Eddy, "Union with the infinite capacities of the one Mind." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 94.) Dr.Tutt said, "Even more important than knowing what to do is to "know that all things work together for good" to them that are spiritually minded, that is, divinely inspired, "to them that love God"--that love good. (Christian Science; Newness of Life. by Dr. John M. Tutt, C.S.B., January 6, 1939 Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's Spurs to the fur and whips to the hips.

  66. Thank you, Marie!
    I love to hear about ways to build a better world.

  67. Thank you, Marie -- We need a better world, don't we?

  68. Dear Marie. I found this Lift so inspiring and galvanising: we are being exhorted to actually BE a Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of those whose lives are in a state of disrepair. Nehemiah has always been an inspiration. Like him, I must be prayerfully attuned, and thereby exercising the qualities of courage, alertness, perception, timeliness, order, as he did in his work. I like the OH NO idea from Tracey C-K, and the never looking back at the fallen wall from Nancy in Yellow Springs. Thank you to the Daily Lift Team, and to all contributors.

  69. A needed and inspired call to action. Thank you, Marie!

  70. Thank you, #65 Robert, Brunswick, Maine USA: I copied and pasted yours to take with me today.

  71. Thanks for the wonderful lift and to #55, Gary - thank you.

  72. Beautiful and timely, merci Madame.

  73. I think there is a great deal of Nehemiah in me and I wouldn't change it for the world! Thank you for this
    wonderful Lift!

  74. What a great lift! I can see how important it is to repair my own walls, by helping my fellow man - we're "all in this together" so to speak. Thanks again Marie

  75. Rebuilding the wall reminds me of the metaphysical work we must do to rebuild walls between our nations and our people-- all of whom are Father-Mother God's children. As I am. And I am so grateful. Thank you, Ma'am, for drawing us in to the relavent experience of Nehimiah-- the work continues. Blessed day, one and all-- Rob of the Rockies

  76. LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY! Thank you so much for sharing!

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