8/5: In the light of God

8/5: In the light of God

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  1. Ginny that was just so beautiful ... we just bathed in light .. each one shining ... just wonderful

  2. Beautiful!! thank you for this reminder- we are each a special light as we shine and share the pure child within us . . . have an awesome day!!!! love

  3. Physicists once said that light is made up of waves, Then, I think they said it was "strings", Now they are saying it's waves AND strings. But we are learning that light is understanding which is totally an attribute of God and which each one of us may express.

  4. Thank you, Ginny!
    Walking, singing, praying, mothering, healing ... all in the light of God!
    I love it!

  5. What a wonderful way to start the day, realizing that I am walking in the light of God and reflecting this Light!

  6. Thank you to the BoL for adding such a moment of inspiration to my day! I love receiving such uplifting, applicable messages!!! Wonderful!

  7. Let thy light shine! This reflected light is seen and felt by others bringing blessing and healing into their lives too. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder.

  8. Such a great message to have with me today. Here is a link to this hymn being sung at Annual Meeting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB_mwSncwZY

  9. I love Siyahamba as well.
    Your message was SO SWEET. I look forward to sharing it w/my daughter, who is a new mother!

  10. The brightness of this beautiful "Light" message rejoices our hearts and this eternal light of God, divine Love is constant embracing us all in its infinitude. Sharing it with others.

  11. Thanks for your enlightening, shining message of love and light. And for reminding us to shine on!

  12. :) Our grandkids (aged 4 and 2) LOVE Siyahamba. I have the segment from Annual Meeting on an video loop and they just watch, listen and sing in total abandon. And, as you say, it aptly illustrates our mandate to be lights to the world. Thanks for sharing.

  13. We are really enjoying these little inspirations, thanks a bunch.

  14. I think this is a great.

  15. I thank church members (Fran T) for sharing this link!

  16. Thank you for this en-LIGHT-ening message! It's such joy to know that we live and move and have our being in the brilliant light of God's love!!!

  17. What a lift in the midst of a demanding day. Thanks for the needed light. Keep them coming on the link.

  18. Thank you, Ginny! I love your idea of "effortless reflection". It is very helpful to me on this day....

  19. Pure Joy!!! I have a new word to wake with each day!

  20. '..darkness can't quiet a candle in a room', such powerful imagery, with the arresting ring of God's healing truth. Thank God and thank you.

  21. Just brilliant and so healing. Thank you again.

  22. Thank you Ginny. "I'm teaching in the light of God" is an inspiring way to approach Sunday School. I love these daily lifts.